CURRICULAM VITAE Name: Father’s Name: Date of Birth: Marital status: Experience: SURENDRA KUMAR ROUT.

Batakrushna Rout. 24.11.1967 Married. Total-13 years Orient Paper Mills -9years AES-CESCO7months CESCO4years

Educational Qualification. Examination Board/University/Department School/College H.S.C I.Sc AMIE (Electrical) Energy Manager B.O.S.E, Orissa Utkal University Institution of Engineers (I) Bureau of Energy Efficiency,Min.of Power,Govt of India M.S.Academy, Tirtol S.V.M.College, J.S.Pur College of Engineering & tech, Madras National Productivity Council Of India, Chennai. Year of Pass 1982 1984 1989 Percentage of Marks 59% 72% 61%



Medium Voltage License: Training: Computer Knowledge: Specialization:

4146 (SCC) from Electrical Licensing Board of Orissa. English Electric Co, Madras Adequate Knowledge on operation. Metering, Operation of DC drives through Semoreg-K converter panel,

5.2001 Team Member (Electrical) Responsibility of an Electrical Sub-Division (Both Maintenance & Commercial). 2. OCBs. 8.6 KV HT & LT motors (AC). restoration of power supply in the entire sub-division.Maintenance of 33KV. which comprises 4 electrical sections. EOT Cranes. Brajarajnagar.4KV lines. Maintenance of 33/11KV S/S. Employment-2 AES-CESCO: Designation: Responsibility: . Recovery boiler. Orissa. Rectification of VCBs.3. About the Company: OPM. Boilers (FBC & Stroker fired) 3. Administrative control over all 4 sections. Powerhouse maintenance.2001 to 31. Accountability to revenue collection. 11KV & 6.12. 4.1989 to 31. DC panel. 1. HT & LT distribution panels.OPM is equipped with modern technologies and having turn over of 75000tones per annum. 11KV & 0. Brajarajnagar is an integrated pulp & Paper manufacturing unit of Orient Papers & Industries Ltd managed by Birla Group of Industries.6 KV). ACBs.08. 6. Coal handling plant. DC motors operated through Thyristor converter panel (Siemens make Semoreg-K converter panel).99(opted VERS) Assistant Engineer (Electrical) Maintenance of the following equipments.Employment-1 Orient Paper Mills. OCB (33KV. 7. 6. Designation: Responsibility: 01.09. Power transformer. 01.

4.Maintenance of 33KV. Designation: Responsibility: 01.About the company: AES is an American Multinational Electrical Distribution & power generating Company. Power& Distribution transformers.Maintenance of 33KV. Energy loss calculation of 33KV and 11KV & Energy audit. OCBs 7. 2. PT Units 6.2001 to till date. 11KV & 0.Independent handling of project implementation on feeder metering. VCBs. 11KV & 0. 5.AES Cesco is one of the sister concern of AES Transpower. SURENDRA KUMAR ROUT.4KV lines. Distribution transformer metering. Intelligent AMR. 3 .Commissioning & Testing of 3-Phase meters & metering Installations both HT & LT in the consumer’s premises as well as in the laboratory. Automatic meter reading. The above information are true to the best of my knowledge & belief.10.4KV S/S. Reason of leaving: Employment-3 (Present) Central Electricity Supply Company of Orissa ltd. Repairing & testing of 33KV & 11KV CT. Electrical Engineer (on contract) 1. AES withdrawn its management from CESCO. . Testing of the meters in the lab using SemiAutomatic and automatic testing benches.

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