TATA DOCOMO is Tata Teleservices Limited's TTSL telecom service on the GSM platform arising out of the Tata Group's strategic alliance with Japanese telecom major NTT DOCOMO in November 2008. Tata Teleservices has received a panIndia license to operate GSM telecom services, under the brand TATA DOCOMO and has also been allotted spectrum in 18 telecom Circles. TTSL and has already rolled out its services invarious circles. India is the fastest growing major mobile market in the world.Building on leading position in the market,TTSL. Aims to capitalize on the growth potential to significantly increase the subscriber base and market share. The telecomm sector is increasing day by day and the competition is getting more and tougher. Initially tataservice was providing CDMA and after tighup with DOCOMO they come up in GSM as TATA DOCOMO.

The project is about customer satisfaction for Tata Teleservices Limited with special Reference to GSM prepaid customer in Bhubaneswar. As the title suggest , how thecustomer is satisfied with the service of Tata teleservice through GSM prepaid mobile. The primary objective of this rcsearch project is to find the satisfaction level of GSM prepaid mobile user and to find out the reason why user prefer any particular technology. The second objective was to study the features of the technology. The research was carried out in survey method. The data for this research was collected by two methods. Primary data was collected with the help of questionnaires and interviews. Different questionnaires were used for GSM and non existing

users. Secondary data regarding company profile and GSM information was collected from internet. The sampling technique used was random sampling. The sampling size was 200 for each GSM, non existing user. Working for Tata teleservice tough for a limited period was a pleasure for me not only because I worked for one of the largest company but also because I learnt a lot about Tata. I came to know about the different behaviors of the customers.

Theoretical Framework Customer Satisfaction
The 21-century belongs to the service sector. The customer of yesteryear was a silent person who uncomplainingly purchased the goods from the market place. There is a new customer emerging today. Customer satisfaction can be defined as, customer satisfaction is the feeling derived by the consumer when he compares the actual performance of the product’s with the performance that he expects of it. The measurement of the customer satisfaction typically begging when a company realizes that their customer s are the people who provide the revenues that, hopeful, will cover expenses. Most companies start by establishing a customer satisfaction baseline. Then they taegat year by year improvement. Understanding customer requirement and delivering superior quality goods and services to achieve composer satisfaction lead to the retention and growth of the customer. General Idea about the satisfied customer : Satisfaction is a persona’s feeling of the pleasure or disappointment. It is resulting from comparing a product’s perceived performance with his or her expectations from it. Satisfaction is more of an emotional concept. Today organization are aiming at high satisfaction rather then at customer delight because customers who are just satisfied still find it easy to switch over when a batter offers comes

In a competitive marketplace where businesses compete for customers.  Products with a high service component. customer satisfaction is seen as a key differentiator and increasingly has become a key element of business strategy. . Increasing competition (whether for-profit or nonprofit) is forcing businesses to pay much more attention to satisfying customers. These companies are aiming at TCSTotal customer Satisfaction. high satisfaction or delight creates an emotional bound with the brand and customer starts looking at an offering emotionally and just rationally. Customer may state their needs and wants but act otherwise. Those who are highly satisfied are much less ready to switch over . They may respond to influenchat to change their mind at the last minute.  Higher-end products where price is not the primary buying factor. The aim of marketing is to meet and satisfy target customers needs and wants but knowing customer is never simple. Some of today’s most successful companies are raising expectation and delivering performanses to match.along. They may not be in touch with their deeper motivations. Customer Loyalty  These four factors will greatly affect your ability to build a loyal customer base:  Products that are highly differentiated from those of the competition.

Instant Feedback Recently. This has been shown to be useful as it allows companies to improve their customer service before the customer defects. Multiple products for the same customer. technical support. Many companies give a lot of attention to retaining sales people but little to support people. many organizations have implemented feedback loops that allow them to capture feedback at the point of experience. It is especially important to retain those employees who interact with customers such as sales people. Is there anything more exasperating than telling someone what you want or what your problem is and then discovering that that person hasn’t been paying attention and needs to have it explained again? From a customer’s point of view. This builds no personal loyalty and probably less loyalty for the firm. National Express. The increasing trend today is to send customer-service and technical-support calls into queue for the next available person. one of the UK's leading travel companies invites passengers to send text messages whilst riding the bus. I . and customer-service people.  Loyal Customers and Loyal Workforces Building customer loyalty will be a lot easier if you have a loyal workforce-not at all a given these days. be sure this is what your customers prefer. Listen to your customers. Before going this route. For example. thus making it far more likely that the customer will return next time.

Lost customers analysis: . less than 5 percent of dissatisfied customer will complain. Can the sales pitches and the product babble. Many restaurents and hotels provide forms for guests to report what they liked and disliked there. Most customers buy less or switch over to other suppliers. They send questionnaires or make telephone calls to a random sample of recent customer.doubt it. Let the customer talk and show them that you are listening by making the appropriate responses. such as suggesting how to solve the problem. Companies are also adding Web pages E-mail to facilitate two way communication Satisfaction customer survey: Studies show that although customer are dissatisfied with one out of every four purchases. Some companies establish hot lines whit toll-free telephone numbers. TOOLS FOR TRACKING AND MEASURING CUSTOMER SATISFACTION Complain and suggestion systems: A customer centered organization makes it easy for its customer to deliver suggestion and complaints. Responsive companies measure customer satisfaction directly by conducting periodic survey s.

and frequent flier miles. but brand awareness.Companies should contact customer who have stopped buying or who have switched over to another supplier to learn why this happened. Not only it is important to conduct exit interviws when customers first stop buying . However. Conveniently. Many different promotions have come under criticism. coupons. promotional activities today include various forms of advertising as well as promotional gimmicks such as dirigibles at football games. Baitand-switch refers to the practice of advertising one product at a low price. Putting aside the issue of promotional activities that are illegal. but it is also necessery to monitor the customer loss rate. or perhaps merely prejudicial. PROMOTIONAL ACTIVITIES Promotion is fundamentally a tool to help apprise consumers of products and services available to them. more expensive products available. The potential for this arises when promotional activities are not directly associated with the product or service that is ostensibly . this technique results in the seller having other. there remain examples of promotions that may be unscrupulous. The goal of promotion is no longer simply product awareness. product loyalty and even corporate image. but having none of that product on hand when consumers arrive to make the purchase. similar. particularly when they are judged to be illegal or unfair.

stock/gold prices.  Press Releases of company/product. SOME WELL KNOWN WAYS OF PROMOTIONAL ACTIVITIES: Notes of Testimonials it gives the user a clear idea of how/what has been the feedback of previous users. chat room. free space. message boards.  Personalized features like address book.  Ad-banners/ link exchange . The sport of tennis received the financial backing.newsgroups. sports. As an example. e-mail.being promoted. cultural)  Links to other sites respective to their field. links to various channels (news. newsletter. entertainment. job vacancy. Virginia Slims sponsored a women's tennis tournament for many years. mailing lists.  Mention of awards/ social activity/ donations/ welfare activities. and the cigarette was associated with a popular sport and received considerable publicity as its name was mentioned in legitimate sports coverage. cool pages.

events. discounts. . The usage of the value added services is to be know by the organization in order to implement new innovation in future services.  Multi Lingual site. free offers. coupons).  To study the benefits that the product was offering that the competitors were not offering and to study if the customer were satisfied with the benefits. If target audience is in other countries. concerts. It also helps the organization in analyzing the perception of individuals towards communication business.  To study customer satisfaction level regarding the value added services.  To study the customer satisfaction regarding the customer care services and after sales service. OBJECTIVES OF THE PROJECT  The objectives of this study/project as follows:  To study customer satisfaction level regarding the product and the product must be known. Event promotion: taking advantage of upcoming festivals.  Promotional activities (gifts. Need of the study The present study is beneficial to TATA Teleservicesas it provides an integrated compact and comprehensive report about response towards telecomm sector in particular and overall organization activities in general. than a web site in that country's language becomes a must.

 The scope of the study is to analyze the brand preferences and consumer perception.  The scope of the study covered an in-depth analysis of the satisfaction of the customer in the city of Bhubaneswar.  The scope of the study is also to know.  The studies proceed only on the prepaid customers of Tata communication. what the customer expect from the company and what they provide. .  The scope of the study only was confined to find out customer satisfaction.SCOPE OF THE STUDY  The study was conducted in the city of Bhubaneswar to find out the level of customer satisfaction of Tata users.

eg. .PROMOTIONAL ACTIVITIES Following Promotional Activities have been done:  Performed canopy activities and leaflet distribution for brand promotion as well as product promotion.30.  Putting banners on autorikshaw for product promotion.  Introduce GPRS pack to create demand in youngsters. (Target-1200 activation in two months.)  Started lucky draw for customer for every SIM card purchased.  Leaflet distribution through newspapers.  Launched Bangkok trip for retailer on SIM card sales target achievement. Rs. 10/day with 2GB download.  Hired persons (male & female both) for A+ category outlet for the promotion of product. Bangkok trip either Rs. 000.

Over the years. NTT DOCOMO has played a major role in the evolution of mobile telecommunications through its development of cutting-edge technologies and services. as also products and services like the imode TM. Tokyobased NTT DOCOMO is one of the world's leading mobile operators-in the Japanese market. under the brand TATA DOCOMO and has also been allotted spectrum in 18 telecom Circles. Today. mobile payment and a plethora of lifestyleenhancing applications. the company is clearly the preferred mobile phone service provider with a 50 percent market share. that club will give discount on authorized restaurants and hotels in Rajasthan. as it stands to redefine the very face of telecoms in India. COMPANY PROFILE TATA DOCOMO is Tata Teleservices Limited's TTSL telecom service on the GSM platform arising out of the Tata Group's strategic alliance with Japanese telecom major NTT DOCOMO in November 2008. technologists at DOCOMO have defined industry benchmarks like 3G technologies. Tata Teleservices has received a panIndia license to operate GSM telecom services. Created achiever club for retailers. TTSL and has already rolled out its services invarious circles. For achiever club membership every retailer has to sale 200 Docomo SIM card every month. The launch of the TATA DOCOMO brand marks a significant milestone Indian telecom landscape. while most of the rest of the .

DOCOMO is also a global leader in the VAS (Value-Added Services) space. DOCOMO has already started conducting LTE trials in physical geographies. Despite being a late entrant. particularly integrating services at the platform stage.how on helping the company develop its GSM business. TTSL's CDMA brand. Today Tata Teleservices Limited.industry is only beginning to talk of LTE technology and its possible applications. The Tata Group-NTT DOCOMO partnership will see offerings such as these being introduced in the Indian market under the TATA DOCOMO brand. The committee is responsible for identification of the key areas where the two companies will work together. . not just inside laboratories. TATA DOCOMO has also set up a 'Business and Technology Cooperation Committee. Incorporated in 1996. has already established its presence and is the fastest-growing pan-India operator. Tata Teleservices Limited is the pioneer of the CDMA 1x technology platform in India. the world’s leading mobile operator will work closely with Tata Teleservices Limited management and provide know. DOCOMO. comprising of senior personnel from both companies. both in terms of services and handset designs. Public Booth Telephony and Wire-line Services. Wireless Desktop Phones.000 towns and villages across the country offering a wide range of telephony services including Mobile Services. serves over 37 million customers in more than 320. along with Tata Teleservices (Maharashtra) Ltd. Tata Indicom.

after Loop Mobile (formerly BPL Mobile) discontinued their 'pay per second' service which was introduced in 2004. Incorporated in 1996. and includes over 90 companies.1 tele service brand Tata Teleservices Limited spearheads the Tata Group’s presence in the telecom sector. The Tata Group had revenues of around US $75 billion in financial year 2008-09.50.From October 2009 TRAI announced that TATA teleservice is India's no. It has embarked on a growth path since the acquisition of Hughes Tele. over 3.000 employees worldwide and more than3. It has also emerged as the first mobile operator in India to have re-introduced ‘per second’ pulse. Tata Teleservices Limited is the pioneer of the CDMA 1x technology platform in India.com (India) Ltd [renamed Tata Teleservices .HISTORY NTT Docomo holds 26% share in the jointly formed company.5million shareholders.

It launched mobile operations in January 2005 under the brand Tata. being the first to pioneer the persecond tariff option-part of its ‘Pay for What You Use’ pricing paradigm. The company plans to launch pan-India operations by the end of FY 2009-10. TATA DOCOMO marks a significant milestone in the Indian telecom landscape. The company has rolled out GSM services in 14 of India’s 22 telecom Circles in a quick span of under six months. The company is also the market leader in the fixed wireless telephony market with its brand Walky. through its joint venture with NTT DOCOMO of Japan. Tata Teleservices Limited now also has a presence in the GSM space. the . Indicom and today enjoys a pan-India presence through existing operations in all of India’s 22 telecom Circles. TATA DOCOMO arises out of the Tata Group’s strategic alliance with Japanese telecom major NTT DOCOMO in November 2008.(Maharashtra) Limited] by the Tata Group in 2002. and offers differentiated products and services under the TATA DOCOMO brand name. The company has recently introduced the brand Photon to provide a variety of options for wireless mobile broadband access. The company’s network has been rated as the ‘Least Congested’ in India for last five consecutive quarters by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India through independent surveys. Tokyobased NTT DOCOMO is one of the world’s leading mobile operators-in the Japanese market. TATA DOCOMO has received a pan-India license to operate GSM telecom services—and has also been allotted spectrum in 18 telecom Circles. and has already redefined the very face of telecoms in India.

wireless desktop phones. used by over 50 per cent of the ountry’s mobile phone users.  KK .Pay for the First Local/ National SMS everyday and get the next 100 Local/ National SMS free for the day. Tata Teleservices Limited announced a unique reverse equity swap strategic agreement between its telecom tower subsidiary. with a bouquet of telephony services encompassing mobile services. wire line services and enterprise solutions. . and Quippo Telecom Infrastructure Limited-with the combined entity kicking off operations in early 2009 with 18. Wireless TT Info-Services Limited. serves over 58 million customers in more than 410.company is the clear market leader. Tata Teleservices Limited.000 towers by the end of FY 2010-11. thereby becoming the largest entity in this space-and with the highest tenancy ratios in the industry.000 towns and villages across the country. In December 2008. Today. SMS offers  AP . The WTTILQuippo combine is targeting over 50. along with Tata Teleservices (Maharashtra) Limited.000 towers. public booth telephony.Pay for the First 3 Local SMS everyday and get the next 150 Local SMS free for the day.

ISD and National Roaming without rental. Tata Docomo mobile services available in these following circles: . We will also generate value for our capabilities beyond Indian borders while enabling millions of India’s knowledge workers to deliver their services globally. We will offer unparalleled value to create customer delight and enhance business productivity. TN . Market Competitors of Tata Docomo: Airtel  Reliance Communication  Idea  Aircel .Pay for the First 3 Local SMS everyday and get the next 750 Local SMS Free for day Pre-STD. Vodafone SERVICES & NETWORK AVAILABLE:  Currently.  Automatic alerts when your Balance is Low. VISION We will leverage our strength in executing complex globalscale projects to make leading edge information and communication servies affordable by all individual consumers and business in india.

 Bihar & Jharkhand  Tamil Nadu  Orissa  Andhra Pradesh  Karnataka  Kerala  Kolkata  Maharashtra & Goa  Madhya Pradesh  Chhattisgarh  Haryana  Chennai  Eastern Uttar Pradesh  Western Uttar Pradesh  Punjab  Rajasthan . Recently Launched. .Recently Launched  Rest of West Bengal.

and end up saving money on unused seconds. Now while this plan might sound unique. This means that consumers are charged on a per second basis.01/second is a marked change from the Re 1/min and Rs.MARKETING STRATEGY Tata Docomo appears to be banking heavily on its tariff plans – the company is offering a 1 second pulse instead of the usual 1 minute pulse that other telecom operators are offering. appears to have been shelved. Tata Indicom had launched 1 second pulse plans.49/min charges that usually applies. instead of a per minute basis. • Tata Indicom storms pr-paid market launches True Paid . which going by their current plans. 0. A nifty little application “How much can you really save” on Docomo’s website explains how this works. Rs. 0. it isn’t that it hasn’t been tried before: back in 2004.

. • True Paid is India's first T-SIM based mobile service offering optimum value for Money.• True Paid symbolizes the only "honest and transparent" pre-paid offering available In India. Tata Docomo provides both postpaid and prepaid services. PRODUCT : TATA DOCOMO having good range of services. Tata Docomo having good quality network which provides clarity in voice. • Tata Indicom launches 2 T-SIM-enabled and 4 non T-SIMenabled handsets. MARKETING MIX 4P’S OF MARKETING MIX :  Product  Price  Place  Promotion.

ADVERTISING MEDIA CHANNELS : India . It has wide range of channels of distribution to sell TATA DOCOMO services. The launch of Tata Docomo also announced the intention of the brand to associate with the thought 'do'. PROMOTION : Advertising: TATA DOCOMO following different style of advertising pattern in TV’s and newspapers. is Presently banking on its services to garner visibility and a share in the telecom pie. offered pay-per-second billing. the youngest among telecom players in India to offer GSM.PRICE : It having attractive tariff plan: TATA DOCOMO having 1paisa /sec it is applicable for both prepaid and postpaid. though other telecom providers have followed suit since.Tata Docomo. Due to that reason it was reaching public very fast. for the first time in the country. The . PLACE It having good range of channels of distribution: As Tata already exist in this field of telecommunications as Tata Indicom. Tata Docomo.

where everyone is doing their own thing. SWOT ANALYSIS  STRENGTH  WEAKNESS  OPPORTUNITIES  THREATS STRENGTHS: First to introduce seconds’ tariff plan (seconds pulse)  Good brand image of Tata services . A couple of the travelers don't like the solemn mood and start humming the Docomo tune. others pitch in and soon most of the train is singing along. Slowly and steadily. The ad ends with the super. The latest from the GSM provider is the 'Friendship Express' TVC. 'Why walk alone when we can dance together'.company has carried out a few adverts that highlight the brand's unique features and some other topical advertising during Ganesh Chaturthi and Diwali. The ad opens inside train.

. Having large variety of plans  Plans are affordable by any common person.49 life long CALL RATES: Local rates Tata Docomo Tata CDMA Other GSM Landline/CDMA STD rates Tata Docomo Tata CDMA Other GSM 2 2 2 paisa/sec 1 1 1 1 WEAKNESS: Signal strength. TYPE : Pulse rate Price pack Validity 1 sec Rs.

 Postpaid connections are not available as of now. THREATES:If signal strength is not increased it may lead to change in the network service by the customers.  To introduce new combined plans like.  Introduce 3G compatible services. Heavy competition from all other network providers. Tata has to clarify whether this 1ps/sec will continue till its lifecycle. Calling integrated offers.  Concentrating only on rural areas. SMS. OPPORTUNITIES: Have a great opportunity to expand its services. Internet. .  To introduce any new plans for internet users.  Customer services are not satisfactory.

The research has undertaken a comprehensive plan of the sequence of operation for the descriptive study to achieve the research objectives with the arrangement of condition for collection and analysis of data.RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODLOGY Research Description A research design is the determination and start of the general approach and strategy adopted for a particular study or project. Methodologies  The methodologies of the study are following:  Developing the problem and research objective. .  Developing the research plan for collection information.

In sampling instead of examining all the time only a few are examined as representation and the conclusion are draw. Sampling Design: In this research the convenience sampling is used which is essentially a nonprobability sampling. The concept of sampling can be explained with an examination of the tea testing when a person takes a sip of tea . The respondent are surveyed as per their convenience those who can be the prospect for becoming customer. The survey that is carried on using the given sample is called as survey there are methods of sampling used for different methods of sampling used researcher.collecting and analyzing the data. developing sequential questionnaire togeather or collect data. Here the researcher select the easiest members from which to obtain information and persuading them to become customer of the company .He is actually testing the whole tea by testing of a part of it. Sampling The term sampling means a part of population or subset from a set of unit which is provided by some process or other usually by deliberate selection with the object of provided by some process or other usually by deliberate selection whit the object of investigating the properties of the parent population is impossible task hence sampling . Sampling Unit .  Implementing the research plan.The researcher used his judgment to select population member who are good prospect for the company.

The research was carried out with the help of types of data namely: Primary Data : In it we study various steps that are generally adopted by researcher in studying a research problem along with the methodology of research a long and . each of them are being targeted as per the convenience residing in Bhubaneswar. Sample Size The sample size of the respondents was taken as 200 considering the scope and constraints of the study. SOURCES OF DATA COLLECTION. The sample size selected for this study appears to be adequate.This combines all those segment of the society who can be the prospects of becoming customer. In total 200 questionnaires were completed who can be considered to be the prospect by the researcher. Sample Frame Two different sets of Questionnaire were prepared for interviewing the prospects. The one was for the existing TATA customer and other for ordinary customers who were using the competitors service. Some of them are who come at web world to pay the bill and for some queries etc.

This was done by personal interview of the respondents. The research derives it after completing certain activities. LIMITATION Geographical Constraints . This is this is the process where first hand information was collected. questionnaire is prepared and the person to be interviewed is questioned on its basis. The basic reason to interview to know the satisfaction level of the TATA DOCOMO prepaid mobile users. Secondary Data The secondary data is readily complied data from statistical statements reports etc.The data can be obtained from either published or non published sources www. For that.com. This process is highly time consuming and also expensive.The method of data was the way of survey method.Tata docomo. For this very purpose I had prepared the questionnaire the was directed towards the customer of Tata docomo prepaid mobile in jodhpur city. The method adopted by me in this research was personal interview method. Under the survey method of collecting primary data a detailed examination is carried out to go get the require data.

 Improper decision.  The study was limited only to know the level of satisfaction of the prepaid Tata customer and no further action was taken to make them satisfied if they were not satisfied. So sample size was limited.I had very less days time for project it was insufficient to reach every segment and prospect.  Inadequate information.many respondent could not have sufficient time to answer/fill the questionnaire. Sample size was restricted to Bhubaneswar as it was difficult to approach people outside that because of time constraint.  Time limitation. The management did not disclose the confidential data. Limitation of the study  The study was limited to Tata docomo prepaid mobile user only. .some of the questions were not answered/ filled properly or accurately.  The study was limited to only for few days so each and every aspect of satisfaction could not be covered.

FINDINGS  It is found that TATA Teleservices is the first company to launch prepaid 1 pec. services in the country. p/sec. ANALYSIS AND INTERPRETATION OF DATA .PRESENTATION. .

 GSM users are satisfied with good coverage strength anywhere.  While conducting a survey it was found that still many people are not aware of the term GSM and CDMA even they basic difference between them. call hold. .  The availability of the recharge voucher was found good.  The voise clarity of GSM is batter than CDMA.  The queries and problem of the customer were solved but not immediately.  Supplementary facilities like call wait call forward. But some time it is not available. there is a scope for improvement. call conference is satisfied the users.  Most of the respondents found the customer care service is not satisfactory. The call rates are found to be at par with the other competitors.  More stress was given on customer acquisition then satisfying the Existing customers.  Nearly all the respondents told that Quick Problem Solving is desirable quality in the customer care Executives. As internet connectivity and data transfer is cheaper with GSM.  It is found that international roaming facility is not so good as is should be. When CDMA phones are near any digital or magnetic instrument the poor crack due to interference and also cross connection problems are faced by some of the users. call divert.  Many people who are interested in internet connectivity and data transfer services get attracted to GSM .

As this give the good impression about the company. It is found that overall performance of GSM technology is good.  The network coverage is another asset for the company’s image. which needs to be preserved in future. . SUGGESTION  The availability of recharge voucher should be made available when required by the customers.

 The company should be more prompt in handling the queries and problem of the customer. many tine it happens that a person doesn’t know which technology satisfied his need.  After sales service is required to be maintained properly. but majority of them are not aware of the technology they are using .while dealing with the customer. call hold. The overall image of the customer care services was found to be good but with some loopholes related to delays in problem solving.  Supplementary facilities like call wait. call conference should be made more effective to attract customers. Hence awareness should be created among them regarding advantages and differences in the technology. call forward. which is not up to the mark.  Call rates is affordable so it should be maintained at this level.  The customer care executives should be more efficient in handling the customer and also more friendly and polite their conversation . which is vary essential for the prepaid card so as to retain the customers with the company in future.  Many people are using mobile. call divert. .

In some reference and in other they are not satisfied.CONCLUSION After analyzing and interpretation of the various graphs and findings I have arrived at the conclusion that the overall satisfaction level of GSM prepaid customer is good. As TATA communication is a brand name in itself so customer feel good for that and also expects a lot from that. And when .

their expectations don’t match with company service.  I wish that company would achieve its goal with all their effort. ANNEXURE Questionnaire . but between what value they add to their products in the form of maximum customer satisfaction. persisting over long period of time and is capable of resisting competitors. For long run process brand image and price plays a vary important role in success and elements of brand equity are: The awareness it enjoy. Successful development of brand equity that drives the mark position. they become dissatisfied. advertising association and symbol. after sales service etc. the advertising viewer ship it has the image or perceived quality in the mind of customer. The new competition is not between what companies produce in their factories. whatever they provide.

call conference on GSM mobile connection? a) Excellent b)Good .Male ( ) Female ( ) Q1) Are you using mobile? a) Yes b) No Q2) Does it really matter whether you go for GSM or CDMA? a) Yes b) No Q3) How would you rate the voice quality of your GSM mobile connection? a) Excellent c) Average b) Good d) Bad e) Worst Q4) How would you rate network coverage strength on GSM mobile connection? a) Excellent c) Average e) Worst b) Good d)Bad Q5) How would you rate supplementary facilities like call wait.Personal details:Name:Address:Occupation:Gender: . call forward. all divert. call hold.

c) Average e) Worst d)Bad Q6) How would you rate international roaming facility on GSM mobile connection? a) Excellent c) Average e) Worst Q7) How would you rate internet connectivity and data transfer service on GSM? a) Excellent c) Average e) Worst Q8) How would you rate security and confidentiality regarding call theft on GSM mobile connection? a) Excellent c) Average e) Worst Q9) How would you rate dual personal and business number facility on GSM mobile connection? a) Excellent c) Average e) Worst b) Good d) Bad b) Good d) Bad b) Good d) Bad b)Good d) Bad .

Q10) How would you rate the price of your GSM handsets compared to CDMA? a) Expensive c) Cheaper Q11) How would you rate tariff rate of your Tata Docomo prepaid connection? a) Excellent c) Average e) Worst Q12) How would you rate STD tariff plans of Tata Docomo communication? a) Excellent c) Average e) Worst Q13) How would you rate the customer care service of Tata Docomo mobile connection? a) Excellent c) Average e) Worst Q14 How would you rate the overall performance of GSM technology based on your experience with it? a) Excellent c) Average b) Good d) Bad b) Good d) Bad b) Good d) Bad b) Good d) Bad b) same as CDMA handsets .

e) Worst Q15) According to you what is the biggest strength of GSM mobile? Voice clarity cheaper internet facilities with less expensive handsets? Cheaper handsets with more features. International roaming very limited? Q17) Based on your experience with GSM technology are you likely to recommend GSM technology to your friends and relatives who may be planning to purchase a new mobile? a) Yes b) b) No c) c) can’t say Q18) Do you think GSM will dominant in the future? …………………………………………………………………………………………… . . Less chances of handset theft. Q19) Is Tata Docomo prepaid voucher easily available at retailer outlet? …………………………………………………………………………………………… r. Q16) According to you what is the biggest weakness of GSM mobile? Less flexibility of changing service provider.

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