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CLIENT DETAILS Name: Male/Female: Age: Medical History: Reason for Treatment: Norman (Surname Withheld) M 66 See attached Norman has Diabetes, Prostate Cancer, Atrial Fibrillation, Osteoarthritis, Blood Pressure and Gout. 6 x consecutive weeks of Reflexology treatments on the feet


By Samantha Ruiz-Avila

Overview Norman is a lovely gentleman, who is suffering from Diabetes and Prostate Cancer for which he has had hormone treatment for in the past but is not currently receiving treatment. He also has Atrial Fibrillation, Osteoarthritis, and he also suffers from High Blood Pressure along with Gout and bad back pain restricting his ability to sit and carry out certain activities. He has never had Reflexology before. He is currently taking 7 different medications (see attached form). A special hospital chair is required for him to be able to sit comfortably at any time as he is unable to sit in a regular chair. Although he has been tested and confirmed that he has gout he has no pain and there is no physical evidence to be seen on his feet. I really enjoyed working with Norman and his lovely wife and hope to see them in the future.

Week 1 – 19/04/08 TREATMENT PLAN OBSERVATIO NS: PHYSICAL (REFLEXES UP) Digestive System, pancreas, kidneys, adrenals, glands, lymph, prostate, spine especially lumbar Right foot Significant edema around the entire foot and some to the lower leg. They are extremely swollen and hard with 1 significant wound and 1 small cut to the right foot on the action toe. Skin darkened on the legs and dorsal side of feet, circulation very bad Spine – unable to feel, very swollen Bladder – up very puffy Prostate – up and spongy Low back extension and referral – up Hip - up Knee – clicky and large Shoulder – Crunchy Brain – Hard and Crunchy Neck – very tight Jaw – tight Lungs – crunchy Heart – 2 splits, 1 large and 1 small Diaphragm – up SP – up Liver – up Stomach – up Pancreas – up Kidney – up tender Adrenals – up tender Sml Intestines – crunchy and lumpy Colon – Crunchy and lumpy Left Foot – Note colour significant colour difference in feet now that circulation is brought back to the Right Foot Edema same in this foot Spine – unable to feel Hip – hip reflex on this side appears to be more swollen Knee – clicky and large Shoulder – crunchy Brain – hard and crunchy Neck – really crunchy more than right Jaw – tight

Lungs – crunchy Heart – 2 splits, 1 large and 1 small Diaphragm – up SP – up Stomach – up hard Pancreas – up Liver – up Spleen - up Stomach – up Pancreas – up Kidney – up tender Adrenals – up tender Sml Intestines – crunchy and lumpy Colon – Crunchy and lumpy OSERVATION S: EMOTIONAL IMPROVEME NTS ZONES OTHER NOTES Client seemed very tired, appeared to almost sleep during treatment. Client commented that the treatment was very very nice. His mood appeared uplifted afterwards N/A All zones showing

Week 2 – 26/04/08 TREATMENT PLAN OBSERVATI ONS: PHYSICAL (REFLEXES UP) Lymph – need to move the fluid, kidneys, adrenals pancreas, spleen, glands, digestive Right foot Client commented that he still had feeling in his feet until Wednesday which is 4 days after treatment, especially to the right foot. The client’s feet are allround a lot softer, not as tight as last week. Spine – Lumbar and Sacral area not as swollen, dorsal side puffy and swollen but improved since last week Bladder – up puffy Prostate – up spongy Low back extension and referral – up Hip - up Knee – better not as swollen Shoulder – unchanged Brain – crunchy and lumpy Pituitary – up Neck – up Intuition toe (eye) – up and there is a deep crease here Toes – all toes puffy Jaw – improved Lungs – little crunchy but improved immensely Diaphragm – improved SP – unchanged Liver – improved a lot Stomach – up but feels slightly less hard than last week Pancreas – up, slightly improved Colon – huge improvement Sml Intestines – huge improvement Adrenal – up and more tender than kidneys Kidney – tender Bladder – up Urethra - little tender towards bottom near bladder Left Foot Hip – improved Spine – same as right foot Knees – I don’t think up so much now as much as knobbly was hard to tell b4 with the swelling

Shoulder – unchanged Brain – same as right foot but not as crunchy Neck – clicky near head Eyes – gone, no pain this week client expressed Ears – up tender Communication toe Jaw – improved Lung – puffy spongy in the top half only Heart - same Liver – up in this foot only Spleen – up Stomach - very tender Kidney – up tender Adrenal – tender Pancreas – up Colon – up but improved a lot OSERVATIO NS: EMOTIONAL IMPROVEME NTS Client seemed in good spirits was happy to see me Swelling – overall improvement, can feel more Circulation improved Knee Jaw Lungs – little crunchy but improved immensely Brain Eyes Colon – up but improved a lot All zones


Week 3 TREATMENT PLAN OBSERVATI ONS: PHYSICAL (REFLEXES UP) Kidneys, adrenals, lymph, stomach, colon, small intestines, heart, brain, glands, liver, lymph Left foot appears more swollen than right which has been good all week apparently. Client reports the pain in feet is improved all round this week. Right Foot Hip – less swelling but still puffy around lateral side Spine – less swelling Knees – better Shoulder – little tender on dorsal side Brain – not as tight Neck – improved softer Eyes – intuition toe swollen/puffy and crease still there, other eye puffy although not as bad Ears – puffy Jaw – still tight but improved a lot Lungs – little crunchy but improved Heart – good much less tight SP – up Stomach – improved a lot Kidney – up but not as tender Adrenal – up but not as tender Liver – good Small Intestines – good, tiny bit crunchy on medial side still but improved Prostate – up but not as much as last week Bladder - improved Left Foot Very puffy fluid around medial ankle (hip and low back) Spine – very hard to feel lower spine due to the above mentioned swelling, dorsal side of foot improved Shoulder – not as tight improved Brain – not as tight a little improved Neck – a little softer but toe still cracks/clicks Eyes – puffy Glands – up Stomach – up Spleen – up


Kidney – up same as last week Adrenals – up same as last week Bladder – improved Pancreas - lumpy Small intestine – medial side lumpy Colon – large improvement Good spirits Spine Knees Brain Neck Jaw Lungs Heart Stomach Kidneys Adrenals Liver Small intestine Prostate bladder Norman has informed his Dr that he is having Reflexology treatment. I asked him what his Dr has said about his circulation and colouration of his legs, he said the Dr told him that his circulation isn’t too bad and it’s not unusual to have more discolouration in his legs than his feet. Client also


informs me that he is having a colonoscopy next week, Dr looking for Polops and Cancer. His treatment for Prostate Cancer was Hormones but currently not having treatment.

Week 4 – 10/5/08 TREATMENT PLAN OBSERVATIONS: PHYSICAL (REFLEXES UP) Colon, kidneys, adrenals, spleen, pancreas and glands, lymph Client reports no changes thinks week, skin colour has improved on feet. Every week low back hip area get a little more swollen and puffy. Spine – low back and hip area badly swollen hard to feel spine Prostate – gone down a lot better Shoulder – little tight Scapula – dorsal side feels tight but is a bit softer, skin colour there was very dark before has now improved greatly Brain – good Eyes – good Ears – good Neck – softer Jaw – unchanged since last week Lungs – good Heart – good, still callus but feels nice and soft Diaphragm – good SP – good Liver – good Stomach – little firm and little crunchy Pancreas – up Kidney – greatly improved Adrenal – greatly improved also Bladder – good no longer puffy Colon – improved more again just 2 spots now Spleen – up little tender OSERVATIONS: EMOTIONAL IMPROVEMENTS ZONES OTHER NOTES

All improved except spine and jaw Colonoscopy didn’t happen.

Week 5 – 24/05/08 TREATMENT PLAN OBSERVATI ONS: PHYSICAL (REFLEXES UP) Kidneys, adrenals, spleen, pancreas, stomach, colon, small intestine, lymph Client reports still has sensation in both feet, swelling on dorsal of feet almost all gone. Right Foot Spine – improved swelling Prostate – unchanged since last week Knee – good Shoulder – little crunchy still, little tension Brain – tight Pituitary – still up Neck – much better really starting to soften, most tension on the medial side now Lungs – good Eyes – good Ears – good Thymus – down this week Liver – unchanged Pancreas – little gritty Stomach – little tight Small intestines – tiny gritty on medial side Colon – much better lump near appendix almost gone very soft Kidneys – better but still feels it Adrenals – down Left Foot Spine – tight all thru low back, can actually feel it now properly for first time Scapula – lump Bladder – little swelling Prostate – unchanged slightly spongy Knee – swelling improved Brain – not too tight, good Pituitary – up Jaw – much softer Diaphragm – good SP – good Stomach – up but improved Spleen – good Kidney – up Adrenals – up Urethra - little crunchy

Colon – softer and the little hard lump on left foot is still hard but a bit smaller OSERVATIO NS: EMOTIONAL IMPROVEME NTS ZONES OTHER NOTES Very relaxed All improved but no changes since last week for Prostate liver kidneys and adrenals

Client had colonoscopy last week, still awaiting results

Week 6 – 31/05/08 TREATMENT PLAN OBSERVATI ONS: PHYSICAL (REFLEXES UP) Colon, small intestines, brain, glands, stomach, pancreas, spleen kidneys and adrenals No changes noticed Right Foot Spine – slightly improved Prostate – slightly improved Knee – good Shoulder – improved not as firm still crunchy Brain – unchanged Pituitary – up unchanged (possible bone spur) Eyes – good Ears – good Heart – good soft Lungs – good Diaphragm – good SP – good Pancreas – up still but improved a little Kidney – improved Adrenals – more tender than kidney but improved Bladder – up Small intestine – little lumpy medial side Colon – improved again Liver – good Left Foot Spine – improved Shoulder – same as right Brain – not bad less tight Pituitary - still up possibly bone spur from osteo same on right foot Neck – improved again much better Spleen – up tiny bit Adrenal – up more than right foot more tender than kidney Kidney – up more than right foot In really good spirits, very happy with the treatments and expressed he want to come to me as a client in the future when I open my business. Expressed gratitude and how good it makes him feel. All improved since last week with the exception of the brain, kidneys and adrenals


NOTES OVERVIEW OF IMPROVMENTS Over the six week treatments Norman showed an incredible improvement in the overall swelling of his feet, he also showed significant improvement all round but in particular his Colon and small intestine. It is interesting to note that I did not see much change in his Kidneys and Adrenals over the 6 week treatment plan. LESSONS LEARNT
 Clients won’t always verbalise or express their thoughts,

sometimes you here it from the partners or family. Norman’s wife approached me after the 3rd week to tell me that he was so impressed by the treatments he was telling everyone he knew about it and how good he thought it was, he was amazed at the feedback I gave him about certain areas that he had not discussed with me previously, although he did not express this to me himself.  The strain on the partners and families of people with illnesses such as Normans can be a lot to bare, and sometimes the carers need as much care as the person with the disease.  Sometimes clients keep quiet to test your knowledge, perhaps thinking that if they give you too much feedback they will be giving you the answers, I actually enjoy this aspect of my work and find that Reflexology speaks for itself.

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