( embutidos, quesos y tostas

paN coN tomate – 5 Toasted bread rubbed with tomato surtido de emButidos iBéricos – 12/19 Selection of 3 or 5 Ibérico cured meats surtido de quesos artesaNales – 12/19 Selection of – 3 or 5 artisanal cheeses tosta matrimoNio – 9 Black and white anchovies, slow-roasted tomato, sheep’s milk cheese, aged balsamic tosta Buey de mar – 12 Crab, sungold tomato, avocado, pickled peppers, herbs tosta erizos – 12 Sea-urchin, goat’s milk butter, grilled jalapeño tosta huevo roto y jamóN iBérico – 10 Crushed egg, Iberico ham tosta setas – 9 Marinated mushrooms, smoked ricotta, pine nuts

( tapas y sartenes )
Nuestra tortilla española – 7 Classic tortilla, egg, potato, onion pimieNtos de padróN – 8 Spanish roulette: Peppers fried in olive oil with lots of salt tomates de Nuestro mercado – 14 Heirloom tomatoes, lemon cucumbers, fresh cheese, lots of herbs BereNjeNas reBozadas – 12 Fried Fairytale eggplant, citrus yogurt, hazelnut and pepper sauce Fritura de alcachoFas y aNchoas – 13 Artichokes and anchovies fried in olive oil, crispy lemons, sage croquetas de jamóN – 11 Ibérico ham croquettes mejilloNes Bravos a la sidra – 13 Spicey mussels, guindilla peppers, sidra de Asturias coca – 15 Grilled flatbread, sobrassada, carmelized onion, Mahon cheese, quail eggs caBalla y FaBes – 12 Spanish mackerel, fabes beans, roasted pepper cocochas y verdiNas – 13 Hake cocochas, verdina beans, salsa verde almejas a la Brasa – 15 Grilled clams, txakoli and ham broth, grilled bread Nuestras patatatas – 9 Crispy fried potatoes, Pimentón de la Vera alBóNdigas de cordero – 14 Lamb meatballs, red sauce, queso fresco de oveja pez espada a la Brasa – 16 Grilled swordfish, sungold tomatoes, summer squash, herbs and citrus pulpo a Feira – 15 Grilled octopus, potatoes, apple, Pimentón de la Vera sepia y guisaNtes – 14 Marinated cuttlefish, sweet peas, mint, Aleppo pepper gamBas al ajillo – 14 Sweet shrimp, garlic, olive oil codorNiz a la Brasa – 13 Grilled quail, Pardina lentil salad, grilled peach costillas iBéricas – 16 Grilled Ibérico ribs, cucumbers, king oyster mushroom, Pedro Ximénez arroz a la plaNcha – 16 Crispy rice, snails, wild mushrooms, celery, fennel, Ibérico ham

platos familiares
arroz del mar – 42 Bomba rice, sepia, lobster, clams, runner beans chorizo criollo – 25 Garlic sausage, Pedrosillano garbanzos, Cabrales FaBada asturiaNa – 26 Asturian fabes beans, chorizo, smoked morcilla, cured pork neck rodaBallo a la Brasa – 39 Grilled whole turbot, heirloom summer squash Nuestro cochiNillo asado – 34 Roasted suckling pig, braised Treviso, wild mushrooms chuletóN de Buey a la Brasa – 65 45 day aged prime rib, grilled on the coals, slow-roasted tomatoes, crushed potatoes

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