Study of LOGISTICS systems in North Eastern States

Approach to carry out the study 1) Selection of Distribution System I had selected the model adopted by the Government of India to study the various marketing and distribution system for Horticultural and Agricultural products such as paddy. shopkeeper to understand the entire Supply chain and logistics system existed in North Eastern States. I plan to tap that opportunity and will present business opportunities out of it for consulting groups. It throws lot of scope and business opportunities. functional and physical infrastructure aspects. apple etc. 2) Overview of the Agricultural distribution system existed in the North eastern States Agricultural marketing is a complex phenomenon. the attitude of farmers towards the selling of their produce and to get immediate returns is the main factors governing the whole market operations. So. existed in North eastern states especially in the state of Meghalaya.Statement of Interest I had already done so many researches in this field regarding Logistics and distribution system as part of my projects in Strategic Supply Chain Management and a national competition at IIM Lucknow to explore opportunities and make a B-Plan out of it. As part of our project I did lot of resarch byreading previous research papers on the same and also by talking with people such as transporters. Involvement of a number of trade channels in the procurement of agricultural produce. There are different types of problems in the marketing of agricultural and allied products pertaining to organizational. The organizational aspect is mostly concerned with the state intervention in agricultural marketing by implementing the market regulation as an instrument to offer better price to the farmers and . This programme was conducted by the government in 2004 and took 5 years to get implemented in some areas but it did not bring the changes perceived by the government. pine apple. Assam and Tripura and then carry out the necessary changes in the existing system to develop the socio economic conditions of the farmer.

3) Major Variables access during Primary research The major issues covered during Primary research included major horticultural crops marketable surplus. private transporters. marketing Institutions. It promised a huge development in the existing distribution system existed in the north eastern states by making way to develop backend infrastructure. The other stake holders are Private traders. and save poor people. marketing finance etc. all such parameters were absent when the primary research was started and even if after lot of value proposition offered by the primary research. rural godown . But in the North eastern states. The functional aspects are concerned with the bottlenecks found in transaction during grading. Most of the above thing was identified during primary research and also got implemented in some area as a secondary plan but due to some major problem majority of it was still to be implemented. poor distributors etc. better credit facilities etc. weighing. little was achieved till date. warehouses. Hence. processing infrastructure. payment and other marketing operations.feeble the lobby of private traders. transportation. pricing. . 5) Value Offered by this study The whole model was developed to give greatest values to poor rural farmers and small distributors at one side and on the other side it was aimed to limit the role of private traders. it was having a significant stakes in this model. procurement pattern. Apart from these the whole model was aimed to improve the image of Government of India in the north eastern states. infrastructure. improving the role of regulatory authority at various stages. improvement in the transportation system. logistics such as cold storage. money lenders etc. 4) Major Stakeholders The first and foremost stakeholders are the poor farmers and the rural people. retailing. middlemen. pricing. middlemen. The whole study was done to improve the socio economic condition of them. money lenders. packaging.

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