ASSIGNMENT 2 Due date : 8 July 2011 30% of total marks for the subject Ms Ng Shu Min

Weighting : Facilitator :

Expected Learning Outcomes Assessed  use a Gantt Chart for planning and tracking schedule information, find the critical path for a project, and describe how critical chain scheduling and the PERT affect schedule development (Learning Outcome 3); explain and apply tools and techniques to help manage a project team (Learning Outcome 5); and identify IT project risks and develop risk mitigation strategies (Learning Outcome 7).

 

Part 2: Planning (continued from Assignment 1) 1. Review (or improve upon) your project characteristics and requirements from Task 5 from assignment 1 and develop a list of at least five measurable quality standards related to meeting the requirements of the project, and a brief description of each quality standard. Include quality metrics as appropriate. (10 marks) 2. Develop a communications management plan for the project. (10 marks) 3. Create a risk register for the project and identify at least 5 potential risks. Plot the risks on a probability/impact matrix. (10 marks) 4. Develop a risk response strategy for each of the risks in the risk register, including time and cost estimates for each strategy. (10 marks)

Part 3: Executing Tasks 5. Prepare your digital story. Write and submit a summary for the selected topic. You should provide information about your sources for the topic, problems faced by students for the topic, introduction to the topic, what your digital story about the topic aims to achieve. From this summary. Develop the storyboard and script showing how the text, images, narration and clips will be integrated into the digital story. (10 marks) 6. Use the video editing or presentation software to create your digital story. The actual video presentation produced should match the storyboard and script developed in (5) above. (10 marks)

Part 4: Monitoring and Controlling Tasks 7. Create and update an issue log. (10 marks) 8. Update your project Gantt chart from Assignment 1 (Task 10) with the actual dates. Write a short summary to justify any variances (It is expected that a project should have some variances) from the original baseline schedule. (10 marks) 9. Update your cost estimate from Assignment 1 (Task 8) with the actual costs and calculate the cost variance. Write a short summary assessing any variances from the original estimate. (10 marks)

Part 5: Closing Tasks 10. Prepare a 20-minute final project presentation to summarise the results of the project. In your presentation you should describe the initial project goals, planned versus actual scope, time, and cost information, challenges faced, lessons learned, and key products produced. You should also present your digital story. (10 marks)

For each task, enter the peer assessment factor for each individual team member (e.g. 0.5 for 'half' contribution or 1 for 'full' contribution) in the table below. The lecturer awards a shared group mark, which is adjusted according to the peer assessment factor and the lecturer’s discretion. The individual team member's mark is based on the group mark multiplied by the peer assessment factor (eg. x 0.5 for 'half' contribution or x 1 for 'full' contribution). Task 1 <Team Member’s Name> Peer Assessment Factor (fill in with value from 0 – 1) <Team Member’s Name> <Team Member’s Name>

2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10




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