APPLICATION FOR EDITORIAL EMPLOYMENT- FALL 2011 This form must be included with your application to the CU Independent

. Applications are to be turned in via email or snail mail (478 UCB, Boulder CO 80309) as soon as you can get them in. Please fill out the following information and attach the requested materials. If you don’t have clips, don’t worry -- submit any sample of writing/photography as an example of your work. Contributors will be contacted for brief information sessions and an interview with the editor of the section you wish to contribute to. Contact editor-in-chief Sara Kassabian at with any questions or concerns. I. Contact Information Name and Grade: __________________________________________ Phone: ___________________________ Email: ______________________________ II. Editorial Position of Interest We encourage a crossover between sections to give reporters and editors the best learning experience possible. Please indicate at least two positions and you’ll be trained according to your preference and our recommended placement. News Reporter, Sports Reporter, Entertainment Reporter, Columnist, Opinion Writer, Photographer, Multimedia production intern, Copy editing intern, Breaking news reporter, Social Media intern, Marketing intern. 1. _________________ 2. __________________ 3. __________________

PLEASE NOTE: In the spirit of transparency, it is important to acknowledge these positions are currently unpaid — however — working for the CUI provides real world journalism experience, a daily dose of news and a competitive application process for editor positions. We also have a whole lot of fun. III. Cover Letter and Optional Resume Please include a brief cover letter explaining why you are interested in working for the CU Independent, and where you first heard about the CUI. We seek the most talented, passionate journalists to cover the news and reflect the voices of CU’s student body, and want to hear yours! If you have experience in journalism, editorial production or

writing/photography, attach your resume. However, no previous journalism experience is required to contribute to the CU Independent – we’ll train you. IV. Clips Please attach any clips from previous journalism jobs or internships. If you don’t have clips, attach a sample of your writing or photography/video. If you are applying for a marketing or social media outreach position, no clips are required but the cover letter is, and the resume is option. If you are interested in a marketing or social media intern position, please indicate why you think you’d be a good fit for these positions in your cover letter. Thank you for your interest and you will hear back from an editor soon, The CU Independent editorial staff

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