ISL TASKS WEEK 1 TASK Group work Choose a text to discuss the relevance and purpose behind the use of conjunctions, prepositions and interjections found in the text. Individual work Students select and complete at least one exercise for each part of speech Group work - forum Research the topic on the assigned roles for a forum to be presented in the next lesson. Individual work Write a reflection based on the forum presented Group Work 1. Select a variety of text types 2. Write the similarities and differences of the main ideas and supporting details presented in different text types. Group Work Complete the following task based on the story • Identify the setting • List adjectives that describe the characters • State tone/attitude of the writer • State the moral value(s) in the story • Write a conclusion to the story Individual Work Select poem to be used in the next lesson. Group Work 1. Read a story of your choice. 2. Write your personal response to the story Individual work 1. Complete the report 2. Present the report for peer feedback on: • Format • Purpose/objective • Language • audience Individual Work Complete and submit the summary to your lecturer in the 10th week.

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Study the academic paper and discuss its language aspects Pair Work Paraphrase the highlighted sections of the given text Distinguish facts from opinions in the exercise given Download and read an article on “reflection/critical reflection” Individual Work Write a critical reflection on your English learning experience Compile all your materials and assignments into your portfolio.10 11 12 13 14 15 Individual work Write an informal letter Group Work Download an academic paper related to learners’ major course. .

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