iMedPub is a new approach to scientific publishing. As an
open service to scientists, it is driven by researchers for
researchers, while serving the interests of the general
iMedPub disseminates research in a tiered system,
beginning with our specialty journals and working upwards.
Our research evaluation system is democratic and objective,
and based on the reading activity of not only scientific
communities, but that of the general public. It drives the
most outstanding and relevant research up to the next tier,
the field journals.

To provide a new publishing system that:

drives an increase in the quality of science world-wide;

disseminates science freely;

distills academic excellence;

delivers the most outstanding and relevant science to the public;

provides a new academic model for review.
To provide an evaluation and recognition system for authors that is

rapid and efficient;

fair and constructive;

rigorous and prestigious.
To provide a new business model that

serves publishing needs of researchers;

obtains sponsors to support open access research publishing,

aid pharmaceutical companies in reinforcing their brand messages,
and to produce customized content to integrate with global and local
communication plans.

iMedPub has partnered
with other publishing
houses, such as
BioMed Central and
EDIKAMED for better
developing and
spreading our
We are a member of
ALPSP and CrossRef.


iMedPub collaborates
with a range of
outstanding publishing
institutions, including:
Asociación Española de
Médicos Internos
Residentes, Asociación
de Estudiantes de
Medicina de Panamá and
CEDEPAP, Fundación de
Neurociencias, CEDEPAP,
and many others.


We publish journals combining both traditional
and innovative models. Instant academic
publishing with transparent peer-review.
iMedPub enable researchers to reach wide
audiences in each field of expertise covered by
the journals.
Running titles include:

Open Journal of Medicine
Archives of Medicine
Archives of Clinical Microbiology
Translational Biomedicine
Archivos de Medicina
Journal of Neurology and Neuroscience
Archivos de Psicología

We publish medical books both in English and
Recent titles include:

Casos clínicos. Semiología y publicación.
Cerebro, mente y conciencia
Legítimo fibrocemento
La salud y los medios
Tratado de Anatomía Humana
World Health report
Guía Aemir de Actuación en Urgencias
Atlas of BIomarkers for Alzheimer's disease
Social Medicine
Alzheimer Biomarkers
Point of care

We sell print copies of out titles at:
• Amazon
• Lulu
• Bubok
• Print on Demand Worldwide

With the growing popularity of ebooks there has never been a
better time to look at your e-resource strategy. As much as
we all love a real book that we can hold lovingly in our hands,
there’s no escaping the fact that a growing proportion of the
reading public prefers to have their books in a handy mobile
format - so they can read on the go, on their laptop, iPad or
mobile phone.
If your book’s not available as an ebook, you could well be
missing out on a growing market! That’s why all our titles are
available as eBooks.

We sell our publications through a range of
repositories and distribution channels,
 EBSCO / Netlibrary
 LibreDigital
 eBook and eLibro
 Marketing & Research
 Ingramcontent / Lighting Source
 Print On Demand Worldwide
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