Market Entry Strategies



Student names: Ming Zheng & Chen Zhao Student numbers: 357386 & 301897 Coach: Wim Speulman Date: 18-03-2011

This report is written by two Hanze IBS students, who are required to study the MES which stands for Market Entry Strategies. And furthermore, we are asked to use the theory and knowledge into the real business world. From the name of this course we can generally know the main objective of this subject. According to every group¶s preference and advantages, we are divided into 8 groups and assigned different business situations. We group 9 as the only one extra group that only consists of two persons, have been given an extra assignment that is seeking one or more appropriate vegetable oil suppliers for Sandostine, a Dutch local import-export company. In Mr. Wim Speulman¶s lecture, we learned that before you start doing business in the brand new market, you shall study the culture background of the people who you are going to deal with or at least learn their habits and customs first. But since both of our group mates are Chinese, therefore there is no culture barrier at all. Besides, one group member from south and the other from north, such combo will make the culture background more completely. As a result of this, we know quite well of the Chinese people and China. By the precious opportunity to write this report, we have gained the knowledge of market entry strategies deeply in our minds. We really appreciate this course that brings us to the interesting real business tour.


EXECUTIVE SUMMARY ..........................................................................................4 1. 2. 3. 4. INTRODUCTION................................................................................................5 COURSE CONCEPTS.............................. ..................................... ......................6 METHODOLOGY...................................... .................. ............................... .........7 CHARACTERISTICS OF THE TARGET MARKET...................................... ...8 4.1 Culture background of China.............................. .............................. .8 4.2 Doing business in China..................................................................... 9 4.3 What to pay special attention to....................................... ................11 SELECTING IDEAL SUPPLIERS....................................................................12 5.1 Summary of suppliers in China..................... ................................... 12 5.2 Production scale........................................... ....................................12 5.3 The developing trend of vegetable oil in China...............................13 CONCLUSION....................................................... ................................ ............14 RECOMMENDATION.............................................. .........................................1 5 IMPLEMENTATION PLAN................. ............................. ................................16 APPENDIX................................................................................................ .........17


6. 7. 8. 9.

sunflower oil or peanut oil. which kind of product you want to import. And we both can speak English. In the analysis of company profile we provide you a list of 50 different vegetable oil suppliers with classifying them by different standards. locations and contact information. we will give you an introduction and general information of the import and export company Sandostine. etc. In this part. There you can see their company scales. etc. a detailed procedure will be given that how we search and choose the ideal vegetable oil exporters in China for Sandostine. By the end of this report. All these advantages lead us to a professional position in conducting business between Holland and China. The detailed information and profile of all the selected companies can be found in the appendix. a revised and detailed recommendation and implementation plan will be given.EXECUTIVE SUMMARY In the beginning of this report. main products. Thank you. . you can easily find your ideal business partner by different requirements. one of us can even read and speak Dutch. We believe that by following the instruction and rules of this guideline a new route of business can be discovered and one after another business will be made. For instance. After that. The principal advantage makes our group the best consultancy for Sandostine is that both the group partners from our group are Chinese.

sandostine. we will furthermore give a guideline of how to conduct a successful business in this industry with Chinese businessmen. they are interested in Chinese vegetable oil suppliers. dairy. energy drinks and alcoholic beverages. with offices in the Netherlands and on the Canary Islands. flower. After having a general glance of this industry. This company established in 1990. 1 http://www.1. Their main markets are Eastern Europe and Western Europe. importers and other production factories. INTRODUCTION Sandostine1 is a Dutch import-export company. At this moment. All the purchase and sales are broadened to world-wide. Their products include: frozen foods. They deliver products to wholesalers. They hope to develop a brand new business area in the vegetable oil industry in China. This report mainly introduces the characteristics and features of the vegetable oil industry in China. diverse soft-drinks. canned products and products that don't require cooling or freezing such as: .

therefore. Entering a new market which is as big as China seems like a huge project for a lot of small and medium sized companies. some businesses could achieve increased sales. It is a special science in marketing area: Market Entry Strategies. . But there are still many companies and investors come to this land every year because they know it has a big potential. These examples of success are not just happening by a chance. becomes the initial research objectives. number of opportunities and sheer geographical size often leave a company wondering where to start. However. brand awareness and business stability by entering a new market. How to make this first step correctly and also save as much as expenses. At MES we understand that it is the first step for the small to medium size companies entering this market and finding a right position to locate.2. The size of the country. COURSE CONCEPTS Many companies successfully operate in a new market without ever expanding into new markets.

reading piles of books finding data. This method also saves plenty of time for us. Since the number of the suppliers is very huge. It¶s not hard to find hundreds of online international trading websites which offer thousands of alternatives¶ company detail and contact¶s information. actually it went well and smoothly. And actually we both prefer this method. Besides. The only thing a bit time consuming is reading the information of every company. Great Britain ISBN 978-0-273-71686-0 . we have used a few methods that we consider are helpful and useful.3. we can do some indirectly research. We send out online questionnaires to our friends and acquaintances. so we cannot conduct some directly primary research. What we have done more is secondary research. But regardless of this weakness. There is a tiny shortage that currently occurs. from their replies we collect data and find out what is popular and famous in China in the vegetable oil industry. that is we are in Holland at this moment. we don¶t really need to stay in the school library for couple of days. 2 Saunders. The methods we have used are recommended in the text book of Business Research Method 2. All the references will be put in the appendix. Even though the primal research is somehow limited. METHODOLOGY In order to find out dozens of alternatives for our client. M et al 2009 Research Methods for Business Students (5th edition) Prentice Hall. we can only pick up several companies and call them randomly. we have made phone calls regularly to the goods suppliers in China. the result of it is still adequately. But we know this is necessary and useful. no matter books or websites. Everything nowadays can be found in the internet. Different from the last few decades.

4. If you intend to conduct business with Chinese people. \ Talk about the China¶s business culture. but in China this relationship means much more. it is considered necessary to study the culture background and business habits of Chinese people. The literal translation for Guanxi is relationship.1 Cultural Background of China There are many potential hesitation and unfounded fears about doing business in China. The number of foreign companies and individuals that seek information about both the rewards and risks of doing business in China is increasing every day. 4. CHARACTERISTICS OF THE TARGET MARKET China's business culture is very much different from Western business practice. By determining and understanding a particular group of people which is your business cooperators.2 Doing Business in China The Chinese business practice is quite different from the Western method that most of . you can create a stronger and better business. the first thing that must mention is ³Guanxi´. it¶s not strange because this is a really famous and important element in Chinese business culture. We hope that by collecting useful information we can help our client overcome the obstacles and challenges of doing business in China while providing them with a healthy concept about what it will take for them to succeed in today's China. In the appendix. we have prepared a beautiful article for the topic of ³Guanxi´. Perhaps you have already heard of this.4. Based on the special situation. importing from China has become more and more popular for the foreign companies. the bigger you develop this network. there you can see how important it is throughout the whole business world in China and how to master it and let it work for you. it is good advice if you can learn some basic Chinese business culture before making the decision. As a result of this. You have to build up your own relationship network which is Guanxi. Here we conclude three different aspects that may help our client in dealing business with Chinese people. cheap material cost and labor cost. the more benefit you get from it.

aloof. Unlike Western business relationship which just remains professional and perhaps.2 Seniority is important in China Seniority is very important to the Chinese especially if you are dealing someone in a high position of that company or who¶s working in the government. if you are buying gifts for the first meeting. You must give the appropriate respect according to rank and seniority.1 Business Relationship in China Chinese business relationship usually becomes a social relationship even the business has ended after a while.2. observe others¶ move and then reflect appropriately rather than impetuous making the wrong move. so and so. Chinese business relationship becomes a social one. China will always have their own unique business culture. Sometimes. China's joining of WTO and the Olympics in 2008. This is also representative of Asian business culture. aspirations.2. Since culture differences do exist. If necessary. Similarly. given their unique history and background. When giving out a name card or receiving one. It is good to hear some advice before attending your first meeting with Chinese.3 Giving Face or Gei MianZi Giving face (showing respect) is a very important concept in China. They are more likely to be called Chairperson So and So or manager so and so instead of Mr. However. 4. hobbies. The more you share your personal life. the closer you are in your business relationship. even after a long time. with the Chinese economy opening up. 4. make sure you buy better gifts for the senior managers instead of buying same gifts to all the people you meet. 4. but then a lot of time. To avoid similar cultural disasters. or Mrs. including family. For example.2. sitting positions in a meeting room or a dining table is accorded accordingly to rank. political may be used to. many Chinese business practice are now beginning to align with more international ways. importance and seniority. . a lot of time is spent discussing matters outside of business. here are some tips on how you can conduct a more successful business in China. make sure you start with the most senior person first before any other young people. Of course. When giving out name cards or brochures. some awkward consequences may be caused by this. ensure that you are stretching out with both hands with the card. Remember to face the card you are giving out in a manner. the other party is also making up his mind about your deal based on how much he sees your personal relationship with him.

. ever challenge a Chinese into a drinking contest. But there comes another topic: drink or not to drink. your Chinese friend could have invited you to the restaurant even before any business discussion take place. followed by red wine and beer. Better yet. No matter how good a drinker you may think of yourself. Better start to say ³no.2. alcohol is a must.5 Lunch/Dinner in China There is no business talk in China without at least one dinner together in a restaurant. you are expected to pick up all bills for the night. It is polite and wisely that not to refuse. Inevitably. Chinese wine is more like fuel than liquor.6 Drinking with the Chinese The Chinese are big drinkers especially in Northern and Western China. This is a very important aspect of a formal dinner and it is important that you follow the rules accordingly. Similarly. if you are the host for the night. as long as a meal is being hosted. This will let you off the hook with little or minimal drinks. Chinese wine is the favorite. receiving gifts from the Chinese also shows your respect. It is often seen as rude not to drink with the Chinese in a formal dinner. thanks´ before you still haven¶t lost your mind. never. Sometimes.4. it seems that the Northern Chinese are very particular to this formal seating arrangement while the Southern Chinese has loosened the formalities steadily these years. someone is going to pay it all. having an alcohol concentration as high as 60%. 4. Similarly. especially if it is not of too high a monetary value. It does not matter if it is lunch or dinner. no need to worry about the whole expense. especially Chinese art products. 4. There are fixed seating positions for the host and the guest and then they are seated again according to seniority. In contrast.4 Gifts and Presents Although giving gift is very common in China from the ancient time till now.2.2. will continue to play an important part in your business relationship. bring a partner who is a good drinker with your to the dinner. the restaurant will always be a deluxe one and you are likely to be hosted in a private room. gifts are always appreciated and especially in the smaller cities or towns. either claim to be a non alcoholic or plead medical grounds as an excuse. However. There is an elaborate seating arrangement for a Chinese business meal. To maintain your sanity.

You must not mention that Taiwan is an independent state or a country. 3.4. Taiwan was. You must not praise this area in front of natives from another area and similarly vice versa In conclusion. I have seen many nasty arguments as a result of these topics: 1. you are pretty safe to converse with the Chinese now. You¶d better not praise the Japanese or be seen to be good buddies with them because Chinese have personal vendetta and regional conflicts with Japanese. if you are not quite confident about your acknowledgement of Chinese history and politics. and always will be a part of China. although a lot of people don¶t like him because his violent domination. 4. is. that is Chinese people¶s own business. . Try to avoid these conversational topics as much as possible if you are not sure if your opinion will satisfy your Chinese friends. Remember that. but do remember that. so they don¶t like outsiders to judge their leaders. Never condemn some controversial history characters such as Mao Tse Tung. 2. Other than that.3 What to Pay Special Attention to There are some controversial Issues in China which we strongly recommend to at least learn some by heart so during a meeting with your Chinese business partner you won¶t say something awkward. There are some bound topics areas in social conversations with the Chinese. avoid those sensitive topics.

corn oil. which kind of product our client wants. As shown in the company information index (see appendix). company location. Furthermore.5. The randomly choices of our interview companies. which is successfully entering the Chinese market and conduct business there. we finally target on 50 companies that can be representative for all the conditions and aspects. In this part. there we have gathered 5 companies for each kind of product.2 Production capacity analysis Since we have already known that our client is interested in finding vegetable oil supplier in Asia and meanwhile they are selling oil as well. bean oil. 5. We have made several phone calls already. In addition. Although Sandostine is interested in the final product which is vegetable oil. the reason is based on the prediction that we made by ourselves.1 Summary of suppliers in China After a serious searching and filtering. It is also possible that we can make phone calls to the companies in China according to our client¶s wish since it is much easier for us to communicate with them. etc. tea oil. We did some research of Chinese vegetable oil market and industry. and varies possible contact information such as telephone number. or production capacity. rapeseed oil. By tracking on this index. production capacity. Except some classical royal brands we know that most of the manufacturers are producing large amount of oil without luxury package and a famous brand. sesame oil. it also provides our client a convenient access to all the other information. our client can simply find out which group of suppliers is there ideal trading target. and walnut oil. Some of them have shown a positive attitude of willing to conduct business with Dutch companies. olive oil. e-mail address. peanut oil. SELECTING IDEAL SUPPLIERS 5. which includes: packaging information. and some of them have already been making business overseas so they have some experience in this area. we still have to prepare both kinds products: vegetable oil with famous Chinese brand and luxury packaging and . etc. we can get known the core of the purpose of the whole report. There are palm oil. we also have got some other native advantages. fax.

By the technology support and investment China has got the leading producing technology already. So we recommend our client to keep focusing on the manufacturers whose main products are these. trademark. Nowadays. for instance. etc. . the main market of Chinese vegetable oil industry is still dominated by rapeseed oil. Recently. ³Gold Arowana´. The vegetable oil industry is growing steadily these years. vegetable oil is an indispensable consumable for people. if they just import vegetable oil without brand. we can discover a much more profitability area. This will both minimize the logistic cost and other cost related with brand. However. In addition. etc. 5. etc. We recommend them to import huge amount of good quality oil but without any brand. soybean oil. big capacity production manufacturers. several large enterprises have started producing tea tree oil. ³Fu Ling Men´ and ³Lu Hua´.3 Developing trend of the vegetable oil in China As we know. by a further processing on such products. as one of the top three vegetable oil consuming countries. will they package it and put their own brand on it? Or they just export it or sell it to supermarket or restaurant without making any changes? After a discussion. It is also the hottest place for foreign companies to invest. walnut oil and olive oil which contain higher proportion the nutrition. we would like to suggest our client to contact raw vegetable oil. We also would like to know further. has also the biggest vegetable oil production in the world. ³Hu Ji Hua´. Several famous vegetable oil brands have been built during the past years. These products also have a long history and experience in the past. sunflower oil and peanut oil. the consumers in China are more likely to care about the nutrition and healthy factors rather than the taste or kind of the oil.normal vegetable oil produced from huge plant and stored in big container. China.

We hope that in the long term Sandostine can have a stable and healthy business relationship with some Chinese companies. CONCLUSION By the chance of learning this subject. we simulate as two real businessmen that we are going to negotiate with Chinese companies. When selecting the right companies. We are highly looking forward to see its future progress. we provide both Chinese people¶s business behavior and some common senses about the business area in China. Sandostine could successfully find an ideal business partner out there in China. we also take it into consideration. . we know that a lot of Chinese companies also want to conduct business with western people. We are really glad to forward this information to our client. Although it is just a trial.6. Since our client Sandostine has no experience doing business with Chinese people or in China. We really hope that by our research and guidance.

just like alibaba. Company reputation and brand identity of Sandostine . Sandostine¶s reputation and company identity will be known by many more companies. It should at least post its company profile on some famous trading website. So in a certain period. but Chinese trading websites.70% 8. RE E T It i : li t t t l il t t l il i il t il 9. If Sandostine is ready to enter the new market. According to our interviews with the Chinese vegetable oil 39% l i t il ll t i t l l C i t il Leading production in China soybean oil palm oil rapeseed oil peanut oil the rest Market division 21% 22% R t t t ti C i t l t t l l il i t ll titi it ti i t C i t t ti i t ill i t ti tt ti i l il B t t i t lit i ti l Focus on China¶s expertise in vegetable oil industry In order to enter t e C inese veget le oil market we shall let the Chinese suppliers know more about Sandostine. we notice that none of them have ever heard of Sandostine.

Sometimes legal obligations and change of local or international business Business Implementation Plan Sample . certainly at the end you will find a way out to success. Problems are the eventuality of any business venture.3 The main thing of business implementation phase is to focus on your business goals and having a strong mind-set and ability to adapt in changing economic situation. There are some important aspects which have already been well-defined that need to be considered as following. or do they have the purchasing capacity of such amount? Finally. These transportation companies are well-known and with good reputation as well. while executing many constrains and obstacles are likely to come. We assume that the large-scaled manufacturers have the experience and contacts of transportation and logistics. 3 www. For example. Their main business objective is vegetable oil transportation. we should make a budget and a sales prediction. might seem to be the biggest hurdles to cross.. they usually use their own logistic line for their business. no matter how carefully you design your business implementation plan. and shortage of budgets. ineffective marketing decision. Another factor is setting annual sales or quarterly sales target. The price is also reasonable since they have been conducting business with a lot of companies in a lot of places in China and overseas. IMPLEMENTATION PLAN We draft up an initial implementation plan for Sandostine. shortage of manpower.8. By the product information that offered by the suppliers. this prediction should also based on the client¶s information. do they like the vegetable oil produced in China. the last step of finishing the implementation plan is to execute it..hubpages. As we know from the online interview.

frustrations. however. especially in the long run. I¶ll scratch yours. Often it is acquiring the right "Guanxi" with the relevant authorities that will determine the competitive standing of an organization in the long run in China. That is why the correct "Guanxi" is so vital to any successful business strategy in China. Even domestic businesses in China establish wide networks with their suppliers. this boils down to exchanging favors. and disappointments when doing business in China.html . pay close attention to your immediate Chinese network. and when you¶re in need. APPENDIX 9. cigarettes. They can indirectly link you to new acquaintances and 4 http://chinese-school. The Chinese businessmen mentality is very much one of "You scratch my back. In the Chinese business world. It is very common for individuals of an organization to visit the residence of their acquaintances from other organizations. What your business could get in return from the favors for your partners are often more much more valuable. The importance of "Guanxi" Regardless of business experiences in one¶s home country. the time and money necessary to establish a strong network is well worth the And moreover.1 Article of ³Guanxi´ Chinese Business Culture 4 Guanxi. and try to establish good "Guanxi" with them.netfirms. which are expected to be done regularly and voluntarily. By getting the right "Guanxi". An Important Chinese Business Element ³Guanxi´ literally means "relationships". and local government officials. banks. stands for any type of relationship. the organization minimizes the risks. in China it is the right "Guanxi" that makes all the difference in ensuring that business will be successful. as you spend more time learning the Chinese culture. To start. bringing gifts (such as wine.).9. Therefore. While this practice may seem intrusive. the inevitable risks. retailers. barriers. it is an important concept to understand if one is to function effectively in Chinese society. it is also understood as the network of relationships among various parties that cooperate together and support one another. Although developing and nurturing the "Guanxi" in China is very demanding on time and resources. and set-ups you¶ll encounter in China will be minimized when you have the right ³Guanxi´ network working for you." In essence. etc. it will become easier to understand and take part in this practice that is so central to successful Chinese commercial activity.

Fourth. There are risks with this system. Chinese feel obligated to do business with their friends first. the heavy reliance on relationship means that western companies have to m ake themselves known to the Chinese before any business can take place. though declining to some extent. Treating someone with decency while others treat him/her unfairly could result in a good relationship. It is completely legal in their culture and not regarded as bribery in any way. frequent contacts with each other foster understanding and emotional bonds and the Chinese often feel obligated to do business with their friends first. So. it starts with and builds on the trustworthiness of the individual or the company. and friendships quickly disappear. The relationship is not just before sales take place but it is an ongoing process. If they are not getting any help from the government they are more reluctant to be influenced by government officials. Furthermore. the company is showing trustworthiness and the Chinese would be more inclined to deal with them again. this does not seem to be much different from doing business in the Western world. companies with wide "Guanxi" and relationship networks often have much higher performance than companies with little or no relationship with the Chinese. If a company promised certain things and delivered as promised. Frequent contact fosters friendship as well. there is no need to feel uncomfortable about it. So government "Guanxi" may have less influence with these companies. How business is conducted The Chinese culture is distinguished from the Western culture in many ways. Trustworthiness of both the company and individual is an important component. When something goes wrong. including how business is conducted. Treating someone with courtesy while others treat him or her unfairly is another aspect. . More and more companies have found themselves on their own surviving without government subsidiaries. this relationship is not simply between companies but also between individuals at a personal level. Third. How relationship is established First of all. Political and administrative interference in business have declined. it does not have to be based on money. "Guanxi" or relationship with high rank officials are still important for doing business in China. It is like being friends. Since "Guanxi" and relationship could function as an information network. On the surface. A good example is related to the 1989 political instability in China. "Guanxi" can also be very one-sided. The company has to maintain the relationship if it wants to do more business with the Chinese. the Chinese prefer to deal with people they know and trust. Final Words on "Guanxi" Keep in mind that "Guanxi" can take on many forms. thus helping you to develop other right "Guanxi" you need. But in reality. Second. and friends can count on each other in good and tough times. Companies that stayed found their relationship with the Chinese strengthened as they were viewed by the Chinese as friends who did not abandon the Chinese when they needed friends. being dependable and reliable definitely strengthens the relationship. For example. the relationships are challenged. When "Guanxi" is involved.information resources. It does not have to be based on money. as well. Following through on promises is a good indication of this.

there is a risk of obtaining an invoice of twice the amount that you bargained for. Contact information: E-mail -xyz4565@126.How An Outsider Succeeded in China .000 tons per year Export or not: yes Address information: Shanghai city Wulong road number 2080 Contact information: fax021-54821673 Phone_13761352640 Fax-0574-86875932 Phone-13306502660 5 Article from: Vincent Lo. the world 500 enterprises Export or not: yes Address information: Beijing Chaoyangmen south street number 8 china grain group building.5 Fax.057487283908 2Producer: Shanghai liang you hai shi you zhi group Packaging information: small packaging Total production: 180.2 Company Profiles Category. the King of Guanxi .com 3Producer: Yihai(Yantai) grain industry group Packaging information: both Total production: unknown Export or not: unknown Address information: Shang dong province Contact information:e-mail-13905359320@139.Palm oil 1Producer: china grain group Packaging information: medium packaging Total production: unknown but huge.0535-6745084 Telephone_13905359320 4Producer: Jinguang food LTD Packaging information: unknown (foreign owned company) Total production: unknown Export or not: yes Address information: Ningbo province Contact information: e-mail-coco_wwl@126.

com Phone.000 tons per year Export or not: yes Address information: sanding province Contact information: E-mail.025-85759210 Category.000 tons per year Export or not: unknown Address information: Nanjing province Contact information: Fax-025-85759210 E-mail-zhenyu_xiao@rgei.000.5Producer: Xinshili food technology LTD Packaging information: unknown Total production: 200.0543-2126788 2303277 3Producer: Tianxiang group Packaging information: unknown Total production: 150.wqwq365@163.000 tons per year Export or not: unknown Address information: Beijing city Contact information: Fax-01051879393 Telephone-13911893305/01061595818 2Producer: Shandong Bohai vegetable oil LTD Packaging information: small packaging Total production: Phone-13589759271 Fax-0535-6811272 4Producer: Shandong Jinfeng group Packaging information: unknown .com Fax -0543-2308027 2168680 Telephone.000 tons per year Export or not: yes Address information: Qingdao city Contact information: E-mail.Bean oil 1Producer: Sanhe Huifu grain group Packaging information: both Total production: more than 3.bh_wsj8858@163.

wangchuanneng@126.307341580@qq.rapeseed oil 1Producer: Hunan Jinhao group Packaging information: small Total production: unknown Export or not: unknown Address information: Hunan province Contact information: Category.000 tons per year Export or not: unknown Address information: Qinhuangdao city Contact information: Phone-15232383301 Fax-0335-3866822 Phone.07928329725 Phone.13953915069 5Producer: Xianghai grain group Packaging information: medium and small packaging Total production: fax0731-84895651 Fax.Total production: unknown Export or not: yes Address information: Shandong Contact information: E-mail-angle_xuwenli@hotmail.13970216378 3Producer: Anhui Daping group Packaging information: unknown Total production: more than 300.13786189210 2Producer: Jiasheng grain group Packaging information: small packaging Total production: 300.000 tons per year .000 tons per year Export or not: unknown Address information: Jiangxi province Jiujiang city Contact information: E-mail.000.

13797997630 5Producer: Hefei Fuyongquan grain group Packaging information: unknown Total production: Fax.000 tons per year Export or not: unknown Address information: Hubei province Xiangfan city Contact information: E-mail.sjx13615531487@163.05386538008 Phone.531300383@QQ.0565-2391233 telephone0565-2367806 4Producer: Hubei Yuanda grain group Packaging information: unknown Total production: more than 300.0551-7756888 Phone.163 Fax.zhucaizhi@sina.Export or not: unknown Address information: Anhui province Contact information: E-mail.07102121888 Phone.18653725001 2Producer: Beijing Guoliang grain group Packaging information: small Total production: 30.0551-18955108485 Category-corn oil 1Producer: Shandong Guoxin group Packaging information: unknown Total production: unknown Export or not: yes Address information: Shandong province Contact information: e-mail33895061@qq.000 tons per year Export or not: unknown .000 tons per year Export or not: yes Address information: Hefei city Contact information: Fax.

com Fax.tea oil 1Producer: Anhui Lvjian biotechnology LTD Packaging information: unknown Total production: 15.000 tons per year (corn oil) Export or not: yes Address information: Shandong province Contact information: E-mail.04163589784 Fax.020-82672899 Fax.05434619378 Phone.01080214432 Phone.bjglsyy@126.leekooo@163.Address information: Beijing city Contact information: E-mail.000 tons per year Export or not: unknown Address information: Anhui province .13605431637 5Producer: Guangdong Tianlong food group Packaging information: small Total production: unknown Export or not: yes Address information: Guangdong province Contact information: E-mail.chishui0929@163.13464640199 4Producer: Shanxi Xiwang food group Packaging information: both Total production: more than 300.01080214599 3Producer: wangxiang corn oil LTD Packaging information: unknown Total production: unknown Export or not: yes Address information: Liaoning Shenyang city Contact information: E-mail.020-82674333 Phone.

com Fax.0746521122 Fax.0564-6497345 .Contact information: E-mail.jiajin189@163.0563-4186168 Phone.0878-3388533 Phone.000 tons per year Export or not: yes Address information: Hunan province Contact information: E-mail.0735-6635466 Phone.18956386709 2Producer: Xianghao tea oil biotechnology group Packaging information: unknown Total production: Fax.15125857385 13629489058 4Producer: Jianhe Jiajin Company Packaging information: normal packaging Total production: unknown Export or not: yes Address information: Hunan province Contact information: E-mail.15807473338 3Producer: Yunnan Guangtai biotechnology group Packaging information: normal Total production: unknown Export or not: yes Address information: Yunnan province Contact information: E-mail.13786541288 5Producer: Anhui Datuanjie edible oil company Packaging information: small and big packaging Total production: 900 tons per working day Export or not: interested Address information: Anhui province Contact information: E-mail.yuyan19821208@163.xuhui770715@163.laishanghui@163.

com Fax.0564 6483999 Category.1986@163.010-83131900 Phone.13584876941 2Producer: Beijing Fudetaihe Trade Company Packaging information: unknown Total production: unknown Export or not: yes Address information: Beijing city Contact information: Fax.021-62889253 .0512-67028228 Phone.0532-83502987 Fax.sunflower oil 1Producer: Meigeer Olive oil Company (the subsidiary company of HEAL THE NET which is top 500) Packaging information: unknown Total production: unknown Export or not: yes Address information: Suzhou city Contact information: E-mail.xujiahui0611@126.010-59797678 3Producer: Qingdao green Oliver Trade Company Packaging information: unknown Total production: unknown Export or not: yes Address information: Shandong province Qingdao city Contact information: E-mail.liming860120@163.021-62883198 Phone.0532-85781231 4Producer: Shanghai Mengteweier Trade Company Packaging information: unknown Total production: unknown Export or not: yes Address information: Shanghai city Contact information: E-mail.Phone.solan.

ma.yongshun@hotmail.xiaoyang_tong@hotmail.5Producer: Ningbo Ningxing international trade company Packaging information: unknown Total production: unknown Export or not: yes Address information: Ningbo city Contact information: Fax-034958742243 Phone-0034665787014 4Producer: Hongda grain group Packaging information: both Total production: unknown .022-22523500 2Producer: shanghai Kailink food LTD(wholly foreign owned enterprise) Packaging information: unknown Total production: unknown Export or not: unknown Address information: shanghai Contact information: E-mail-shaohong@kailinkfoods.13805896753 Category-sesame oil 1Producer: Tianjin oriental Leige Trade Company Packaging information: unknown Total production: unknown Export or not: yes Address information: Tianjin city Contact information: E-mail.022-22513336 Fax.L Packaging information: negotiable Total production: unknown Export or not: yes Address information: branch in Spain Contact information: Fax-0086-21-58188381 Phone-0086-21-58185731 3Producer: JORLEMOT S.0574-87275930 Phone.

olive oil 1Producer: Abeite Packaging information: both Total production: unknown Export or not: yes Address information: shanghai city Contact information: Fax-010-61226237 Phone-13120081698 5Producer: Frazzle Olive Oil Trade Company Packaging information: Total production: 800 tons per day Export or not: yes Address information: Chengdu city Contact information: Fax-028-84323997 Phone-028-81851960 Category.02223788788 Fax.0513-85203535 .aceitesalbert@gmail.Export or not: yes Address information: Shandong province Contact information: Fax.yuanjie8368@sina.021-60831155-120 2Producer: olive manor technology Trade Company Packaging information: unknown Total production: unknown Export or not: yes Address information: Tianjin city Contact information: Fax.02223788791 3Producer: Jiangsu golden sun trade LTD Packaging information: both Total production: unknown Export or not: yes Address information: Jiangsu province Contact information: Phone.

15920058669 5Producer: Xiamen Zhongsheng group Packaging information: unknown Total production: unknown Export or not: interested Address information: Xiamen city Contact information: Fax.Phone.adela79111@yahoo.13338823635 4Producer: Changyi Yizhu international trade company Packaging information: unknown Total production: unknown Export or not: yes Address information: Shenzhen city Contact information: E-mail.0591 88306712 2Producer: Suzhou Hualun edible oil company Packaging information: unknown Total production: unknown Export or not: yes Address information: Suzhou city Contact information: E-mail.000 tons per year Export or not: yes Address information: Fujian province Fuzhou city Contact information: Fax.051252122266 Phone.13825865959 Category-peanut oil 1Producer: Fujian Jiaji food group Packaging information: both Total production: more than Fax.0591 88081505 Phone.yfh@xmzhsh.051252122799 3Producer: Shandong Guoxin bionomical protein LTD Packaging information: small packaging .0755-29631881 Fax.0592-7018333 Phone.

com Fax.0434-3600977 Category-walnut oil 1Producer: Hebei golden dragon edible oil company Packaging information: unknown Total production: Fax.Total production: unknown Export or not: yes Address information-Shandong province Contact information: E-mail.000 tons per year Export or not: interested Address information: Jilin province Contact information: E-mail.oilhzy@sina.000 tons of walnut oil per year Export or not: interested Address information: Hebei province Contact information: E-mail.hbl@hongzui.0310-3893103 .0310-3893103 2Producer: Yunnan Guangtai Biotechnology Company Packaging information: unknown Total production: unknown Export or not: yes Address information: Yunnan province Contact information: E-mail.0531-69985558 Phone.0539-7238799 Phone.15269121635 4Producer: Shandong golden ridge group Packaging information: unknown Total production: unknown Export or not: yes Address information: Shandong province Contact information: Fax.hong_wei_zhao@163.jessicaxu_2009@126.huangjinlonggongsi@163.13953915069 5Producer: Hongbao peanut oil Company Packaging information: unknown Total production: 200.0434-3601222 Fax.

0574²86867292 Phone.0551-3490620 Phone.18606611756 5Producer: Shandong Luhua branch group Packaging information: both Total production: unknown Export or not: unknown Address information: Shenyang city Contact information: E-mail.15125857385 13629489058 3Producer: ANHUI green food and Beverage Company Packaging information: both Total production: unknown Export or not: yes Address information Contact information: E-mail.0878-3388533 Fax.0551-3532786 4Producer: Ningbo Zhengda oil group Packaging information: small packaging Total production: unknown Export or not: interested Address information: Ningbo city Contact information: Fax.245708747@qq.E-mail yihe194@163.13909882202 Phone.

and Beijing. specialized and industrialized group with international competitiveness. the Yellow River. grain and oil processing.3 Largest Oil Producers in China 1 China Grains & Oils Group 5 key domestic business areas. The major business of the Company is in grain and oil. and grow into a large international. purchasing and sales network. storage and transportation. CGOG has built close relations with domestic grain departments and business organizations at various levels. and technical development. CGOG keeps frequent contacts with tens of specialized institutions and nation-level societies and organizations internationally. storage and transportation. 4 business lines. trade. namely areas around the Pear River.9. i. equipment and engineering. grain and oil food and feedstuff processing. 5 national first-class scientific research and design institutes specialized in grain and oil related projects. Tianjin and Tanggu Zone. Northeast and Inner Mongolia. Its business activities include domestic and foreign trade.e. realize an integration of grain and oil scientific research. the construction of 4 industry chains specialized in grain. feedstuff and technical engineering respectively. a nationwide marketing network. and futures and capital market operations. The development target of CGOG is to: give a full play of its strengths. the Yangtze River. The Company has 21 full.asp . holding and overseas subsidiaries. Company profile: China Grains and Oils Group Corporation (CGOG) is a large state-owned grain and oil marketing enterprise under the direct administration of the State-Owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council. industry and agriculture business. oil and fat.cgog. CGOG undertakes also real estate business and other business as well. Website: www.

a total investment of 228 million. rice. special oil. 2. 2008. small package . Japan. won the" 2007-2008 National Food Industry outstanding leading enterprises ". and exported to Korea. soy lecithin. production of "Fortune" brand cooking oil. full production in August 1997. Since 2001. ISO22000. In 2009. rice. United States. Vietnam. selling COFCO Company profile: COFCO East China Sea is the world's top 500 companies .com. "China Top 500 Enterprises". is the "Chinese famous brand "Fortune" series one of the main production base of edible oil. COFCO East China Sea has been turned over to the state total of 12. flour and rice. OHSMS18001 other management system certification. "top ten food industry enterprises in China. the main product had won "China Top Brand".php .eogi. is the world's largest integrated food processing base of grain and oil. "China Top 500 Enterprises". COFCO East China Sea Oil has been for many years among the "Top 500 Chinese enterprises with foreign investment". "universal". Malaysia and other countries. the company achieved sales of 17. "Jiangsu Famous Brand" and other titles." the ranks. HACCP. won the " national food industry. "universal" brand soybean meal. in 2007. the company passed the ISO9001. Founded in May 1993. refining.491 billion Yuan. and other specialized production factory.COFCO Limited to jointly invest in the construction of Singapore KENSPOT foreign joint ventures. Production since 1995 to December 2009. "Five Lakes" brand feed grain and oil products . feed. flour. oil processing and deep processing projects. wheat.767 billion Yuan in tax revenues. mainly in soybeans. with oil extraction.493 billion Yuan turned over to the tax. covers an area of 1267 acres. ISO14001. rice oil Expo 2010 only designated production enterprise. Website: www. AIB. food safety credit system excellent pilot enterprises ".

our industrial park project began construction in March 2009. We formed a marketing network covering the whole country. adhere to independent research and innovation.000 tons of sesame oil and 200 million tons mechanical press pressed high-grade non-GM edible oil production capacity. both inside and outside the advanced production technology. will spend two years to complete the construction of industrial park. In order to strengthen and expand the city's oil companies. combined with the country. Wuhan Fuda Co. developed a "Fuda Square" brand sesame oil. strong brand affinity and the rich connotation of the brand. product quality and quality continue to improve. and its high quality products. occupational health . we will have annual output of 40.3 Wuhan Fuda Edible Oil Condiment Corp. also engage in other edible vegetable oils and edible oil processing enterprises spices. peanut oil.. strengthening quality management for enterprises to survive quality goals. under the guidance of experts. passed the ISO9001 quality management system. adhere to independent research and innovation. olive oil. Ltd. Ltd Edible spices. Companies adhering to the centuries-old tradition process. "Fuda Square" broadcasted a few sesame oil product commercials on the China Central Television which greatly improved the "Fuda Square" brand awareness. customer-centric. adhere to the talent. the" old tradition process. provide good service for the customer satisfaction. corn oil. and take the road of scientific and technological development. is a production of sesame oil. promote the development of oil industry in Wuhan. and promote regional economic development. HACCP food safety management system. the process of industrialization of agriculture. establish a strong quality assurance system We . We promote local employment. The company located in Hubei province which is rich in resources of raw materials sesame. we implemented edible oil brand management system. Companies adhere to market-oriented. edible oil. to advance the concept and actions. reputation and market influence. sunflower oil. ISO14001 environmental management system. walnut oil. management of large-scale production to meet market demand. insist on manufacturing quality products to customer needs. increase the visibility of local edible oil brand. when the project is completed."Fuda Square. more than 20 series 200 products. We continue to expand company size..

html . Fuda company has been sticking to our "customer-centered. we will continue to manage and technological innovation. Looking ahead. "the same price of our better quality. and furthermore "Fuda Square" sesame oil is consumer¶s favorite brand. and gradually the company has nearly 200 different products. Website: www.and safety management system certification. as "Fuda Square" is the most professional group of sesame producer.fdf8. same quality at lower our prices. We promise to provide quality." marketing comprehensive nutrition with the name of ethnic characteristics of edible oils and spices. Step by step. continuous improvement" management principles.

the brand has been known to the public and became the first . by the National Center for Public Nutrition and Development. Lu Hua Group sets China's first brand of high-quality edible oil as a goal. through the CCTV and other high-end media to establish a brand image of the flower Lu. the Chinese national brands. we formed 5S technique which successfully created a pressing process of pure physics. rice wine vinegar. sesame oil. peel pressed sunflower seed oil." the honorary title. municipalities and autonomous regions. During the development process. 2004. 2005.000 employees under its jurisdiction based on various regions. We have organized a group of experts and built partnership with those excellent science institutes as our scientific support. soy sauce. "Lu took" trademark by the state as "Chinese Famous Brand". formed a brand driven market. Ltd. nuts. In 2010.4 Shandong Luhua Group Corp. Lu spent massive resources to increase brand awareness. we have 8. Our company Sells products in more than 30 provinces. awarded the "nutrition and health advocacy products". Lu spent peanut oil by the state as "Chinese famous brand" products. After 6 years of technological breakthroughs. Now has more than 8. mineral water. Brand strategy. 2003 become the "Great Hall of the state banquet in oil".. the same year. Ltd Company profile: Shandong Lu Hua Group Co. FD food and other products. we always adhere to the scientific and technological innovation and the implementation of brand strategy which are very important part of our overall development strategy. The company's main products are pressed a Luhua brand peanut oil. Now.56 billion Yuan sales income. Technology innovation strategy. Luhua 2002 by the "National assured oil. cooking oil. is a large private enterprise. annual production capacity of 90 million tons of peanut oil. sunflower seed oil production capacity of 10 tons.. agricultural industrialization leading enterprises in key state.

asp .cn/QiYe/QiYeJianJie.brand of peanut oil. Plentiful party and state leaders have visited Lu Hua. Next period we plan to implement the development strategy of diversification of oil to ensure the annual production capacity of 100 million tons of peanut oil.luhua. Lu Hua Group's development and growth has been widespread concern at all levels of leadership. sales income of 200 billion. Website www. to solve China's oil shortage so we are given a high degree of recognition. and the construction of our 1000 acres peanut planting base. other edible oil production capacity of 100 million tons. cause we driving farmer¶s income. medium and high-end consumer¶s first choice.

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