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Project Infrastructure Requirements Mannindia



Project Room Requirements
# Requirement description Status/Remarks

1 Number of available room spaces and/or locations. The ideal project room should be one large space to accommodate the project management team, business process team members and the technical team members. 2 The plan should also account for available conference rooms and a proposal for training rooms. A particular location can be utilized as both a conference room and a training room. 3 Number of tables with PCs with proposed location in the room. If possible, the tables should be grouped and tagged for project management team, project administration resources, business process team members, and the technical team as appropriate. 4 It is recommended that only one PC monitor be placed on a table to save working space and that sufficient space be left between PC’s to accommodate a comfortable working area. 5 Free walls (for white boards, presentations, and printouts) to be made available in project room, conference rooms/training rooms. 6 Location of shared equipment such as fax machine, copy machine, water source, and refreshment area. 7 Location of project team scheduling board or calendar to visualize team member availability. 8 Approximate square footage reserved per person.

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Additional (long) phone cords. Status/Remarks Communication Logistics Phone list of all SAP ERP project team members with the following information: # 1 Name Requirement description Title/responsibility Project Room Phone Ext. Office Phone Number Mobile Number Company E-Mail Address Personal E-Mail Address Internet Address Fax Status/Remarks Presentation/Training Equipment # 1 Requirement description White boards with magnets and tags to be attached Pin board Multiple color pens. Fax machine Copy machine Additional power outlets for laptops Access to the company mail system Approximate square footage reserved per person. erasers. and cleaning solution for white boards Overhead projector Status/Remarks Page 2 of 4 . Project Infrastructure Requirements Mannindia RELEAS E DATE: 12-July-11 VERSIO N: 1. optimal is one phone line per three-six team members.0 PAGES : 4 Equipment required Communication Equipment # 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Requirement description Internet Connectivity & Public IP for dev & production servers Phones.Mannindia 01.

Mannindia 01. Excel.0 PAGES : 4 PC Configuration # 1 • • • • • • • • • • • Requirement description 1 PC per project team member (7-8 Nos) All PCs networked Shared drive setup At least one CD-ROM drive accessible via PC network 1 Laser printer and 1 DMP for testing Invoice and other outputs Operating system requirements: Windows 2000 or Windows XP Software requirements: MS Office installed PowerPoint. Status/Remarks Servers The following servers also need to be in place: # 1 • • • Requirement description IDES Server Development Server Production Server Status/Remarks SAP Software # 1 • • • Requirement description SAP Software to be installed on IDES server SAP Software to be installed on Dev server SAP Software to be installed on Prd Server Status/Remarks Page 3 of 4 . Project Infrastructure Requirements Mannindia RELEAS E DATE: 12-July-11 VERSIO N: 1. Outlook) Lotus Screen Cam (recorder and player) Business Modeling Tool – Microsoft Visio Access to R/3 System Access to R/3 Online Services. MS Access . Project. (Word.

Project Infrastructure Requirements Mannindia RELEAS E DATE: 12-July-11 VERSIO N: 1.) Access to building and room on weekends and late evening hours for every project team member Large wall mounted calendar used to note the scheduling of common team meetings.0 PAGES : 4 Office Supplies The following office supplies should be available in the project room: # 1 • • • • • • Requirement description Printer and copy machine paper Writing equipment including mechanical pencils. and highlighters Staplers and tape shared by multiple team members. Information about how and where to get food and beverages with timings of availability and non-availability Be aware of air conditioning and ventilation needs with multiple PCs running and large number of people in one space.Mannindia 01. pens. Paper clips ‘Post It’ notes Conference rooms reservation sheets Status/Remarks General Needs and Recommendations # 1 • • • • Requirement description It is recommended that an administrative assistant be assigned to the project and located in the project room Security for building access (provide name list. Calendar software could also be used. badges etc. Status/Remarks • • Page 4 of 4 .