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Dark Energy By James D Tippett This piece of writing is not about proving that undetected forms of energy exist

around us; many before me have already done that. The intent here is to stimulate further discussion and to delve deeper into a range of energy frequencies often referred to as negative or dark energy, and its nature. This is the first in a series that will explore Dark energy, what it is, how to recognize it and perhaps most importantly how to protect ourselves and loved ones from it. I do not profess to be an expert, far from it, but I do present a strong interest in exploring this concept more given the undeniable impact on our daily lives and on society. Some call it bad luck or karma and some view certain manifestations as physical or mental afflictions, yet I feel that these are rather random, ill defined excuses for what may be actually happening. I am simply asking questions and putting forth hypothesis that are no more implausible than the existence of a God. I will admit that there is much more available information on the topic than I had imagined when I began writing. Astronomers, psychics, the religious, political activists and George Lucas have all expressed their views on Dark energy and it is easy to become lost in thought and mired in philosophy or religion when exploring this topic. I have none the less attempted to connect these perspectives given the fundamental intent of this series, which is to illustrate that the energy is the same and universal to all, the difference being how we use or channel it. I thank you for joining me in this quest for knowledge and understanding. First a review of what we do know. Our bodies, our world and the universe are largely viewed by the common observer as being comprised mostly of water and/ or empty space, empty being a word developed by mankind to explain that which exists beyond our perception. Water aside for now, the space between objects, which we call air, appears generally empty to us. We can only perceive a narrow range of stimulus frequencies through our commonly thought of sensory organs consisting of eyes, ears, tongue, nose, and skin. A simple example of this is presented by sound. How we hear is explained as an impact which causes vibrations. Vibration exists because there is matter to vibrate against, in our case air that is comprised of 21% oxygen molecules and 79% (or so) Nitrogen molecules. Sound as we know it is the result of billions of molecules impacting one another to create formal well defined waves of energy.

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These invisible waves travel from the source of the sound through space to our ears. If this sound is within the frequency to which our ears have been attuned, or functionally capable of detecting, we hear the sound. Radio waves, magnetic fields, radiation, Wi-Fi and a host of other energy frequencies operate in the same way but largely exist beyond our sensory perception, void of a specially attuned device, i.e. your I-Pod. If we think of that which we can detect, most of these frequencies have some sort of impact on us. Music frequencies stimulate endocrine secretions that can make us feel happy, sad, energized, confident or mellow. Our brain, below the radar of conscious thought and foot tapping, sends millions of undetectable impulses throughout our bodys electronic network orchestrating shifts in blood flow, breathing and a host of physical reactions. Colors, temperature and tasty food all produce similar bio-physical responses; it is a wonderfully complex, effectual system. Another aspect we must discuss however is that which we really do not know at this point. How about our feelings such as love, hate, fear or our level of selfesteem? They produce roughly the same bio-physical responses as the sensory based stimulus frequencies do, the difference being these manifest on a more cerebral level, or so we presume. When we think of our spiritual or religious beliefs, do our physical bodies not respond? So what stimulated these mental based responses? Is it a stretch to think that frequencies which we cannot readily detect could have similar impacts producing positive or negative reactions? The question then is from where do these frequencies of energy emanate? For this lets start by asking ourselves what good is. A simple question and some may say the opposite of evil as coined in the historic phrase All that is necessary for evil to triumph is

for good men to do nothing. In this quote Edmund Burke verifies a commonly held belief that
there is good and there is evil. For our purposes we will interchange good with light energy, or The Divine, and evil with dark or negative energy. Simple terminology, I know, but an important distinction for this work. In our world, the view of which side of this statement we are on is commonly in the eye of the beholder, defined by a variety of different societal norms and values, created by mankind. We do not like to talk at any real depth about it and we surely are never the ones that are on the dark side yet it exists as surely as we do, the concept of light would not exist without dark. For mankind generally there is one side or the other, us or them, our ego demands it.

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To examine this a little further without hopefully getting too far off track, consider political parties, Republicans and Democrats, or the prejudicial views that exist in all races and creeds, or the numerous battling religious sects in the world, who is dark and who is light? The definition by which these groups generally justify their actions by is typically for the greater good! This is not to be confused with the higher good which I will discuss in the next segment. This greater good is of course for the good of their group defined again by societal norms and values created through a mental evolutionary process. This process produces energy frequencies that stimulate reinforcing bio-physical responses within the members of the group. The key question is then can these bio-physical responses also produce barely perceptible waves of energy, at a specific frequency, that emanate from individual to individual throughout the group? Can these frequencies also travel beyond the group sending out a collective wave of energy? How Far? All questions for which there may or may not be quantifiable answers. A part of these answers may lie in the feeling you get when you walk into a room where two people are having a heated debate. Each spewing forth their energy volleys in an effort to sink the others energetic battleship. Facial expressions, tone of voice, body posture and motions all enlisted into their arsenals. As you pass through the door into the room your being is bombarded by these negative frequencies, you an innocent bystander become a casualty of the war, collateral damage. At some level you are unavoidably impacted. In this situation you are witness to the event, your sensory organs do the bull work in processing the waves of energy being given off, making the bio-physical response produced within us understandable. Yet there are, as with love and hate, other energy frequencies impacting us at a level below our conscious perception. In preparation for the next segment, think of these three situations. First think of a time when you have entered a room as above. Next recall a time when you may have gotten a sense that something was just not right, only to find out later that a similar situation had happened before you arrived. Lastly recall a time when you found the calmness and inner strength to intervene in such a situation to disperse the volatile energies. For each of these situations recall how you reacted, how your body reacted, the thoughts you had, how it impacted your day and your relationships with the individuals. Once you complete this task you should be able to see energy a little differently than before you began reading just three short pages ago. The next segment will further explore these situations and provide additional thoughts on energetic transference. Copyright2011 Tipson Enterprises, LLC 3