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Hadoop classes offered byte-sized, 3 hours each, after work hours, conducted by industry veterans with a practical fromthe-trenches

Hadoop Class - Basic Administration Learn how to setup a Hadoop cluster from scratch. We will go over the steps involved in getting a Hadoop cluster up and running on a few nodes. Basic configuration parameters will be discussed. We will also talk about tools you can use to automate most of the grunt work involved. Then we will show some basic tests and benchmarks to kick the tires of your new shiny Hadoop cluster. Instructor: Sujee Maniyam is a seasoned software engineer, consulting as a BigData architect. He writes about Hadoop and other technology stuff at his site. Lab Work: We will go through deploying a cluster in the lab. Prerequisites : Basic Linux command line skills. Audience: Developers, IT Administrators Recommended Readings: Running Hadoop On Ubuntu Linux (Multi-Node Cluster) Chapter Setting up a Hadoop Cluster in Hadoop book by Tom White

Class Dates: August 25th 2011 Class Timings: 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm Class Location: Third Eyes Offices at 2900 Gordon Ave, Suite 100-20 Santa Clara, CA 95051 Price: $150 - 25% off if bought two weeks before the class $180 - 10% off if bought one week before the class $200 - Full price if bought within a week

For further information, please contact: Dj Das 408-431-1487

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