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Economic Trends - Good news! The pet industry continues to be one of the few industries successfully navigating our current economic recession, while many industries are struggling to survive. Many pet industry and retailer analysts¶ predictions for 2011 continue to point to an increase in overall sales of US pet products and services.Even during the darkest days of the recession, spending on accessories and OTC medicine grew at 2%, showing that pet parents will cut back on their own expenses before those of their pets. The APPA (American Pet Products Association) projects growth levels back to pre-recession levels of 5.8%. Whether we see a rebound to this level remains to be seen, but there¶s no doubt it will pick up again in 2011. WalMart has rolled out pet grooming facilities but not with the characteristic aggression you might have expected. Pet travel services, such as temporary day care for pets, are definitely a niche with plenty of room to grow. Who better to pioneer the idea than Disney, which has finally caught on to the trend of vacationers travelling with their pets, opening the Best Friends Pet Care luxury dog and cat resort right across from the Walt Disney World Resort. While the total numbers may vary, there is no doubt that the pet industry overall is a growing industry. We are already seeing 2011 as showing great signs for continued imperviousness to the down economy. My expectation is that this trend will continue as pets grow more solidly and widely in their position as cherished family members, and aging baby boomers look to pets to fill a void left by empty
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horses. comes passionate pet lovers talking about what they like and don¶t like in the way of products and services pet businesses provide. ferrets and other pets are online. 2|P a ge . cats. digital aquarium kits. Twitter.High-tech products including computerized identification tags. With the availability of social networking at their fingertips 24 hours a day. Products designed with convenience in mind lead this trend. self-cleaning litter boxes and self-warming pet mats let pets virtually care for themselves! There is no doubt that social networking. this trend will continue to grow and expand. automatic and battery-operated toys.Paws Fur Beauty & P¶etcetera would without a doubt do well under these circumstances. From Dogster/Catster to Facebook. network with like-minded pet owners. and keep informed of pet related news. as they look to share their beloved pets with the world. These readily available resources will help make changes to our business in an effort to keep it current and to help provide the services our customers are seeking. enhanced reptile terrarium lighting systems and touch-activated toys help pet-owners take care of companion animals with ease and precision. and other forms of online communication will continue to play a major role in many pet loving families lives this year.Krupali Patel Paws Fur Beauty & P¶etcetera nests. information. through various devices. blogging. seek out respected and recommended information. hamsters. Technological/Social Trends . interacting with other pet lovers at an unbelievable increasing rate. Also with that availability. blogs and online groups and forums. pet loving parents of dogs. Programmable feeding and drinking systems. products and services. automatic doors and feeders.

S. This segmented demographic allows my business to have a broader range and market parts of the services we provide to specifically targeted groups within this age group. Four in ten (or 40 million) U. The largest age group in this area range between the ages of 35-69. households own at least one dog. veterinarian. A pet owner has at least one dog (63%) and more than one-third (37%) have more than one dog. and processingof dog registrations and tags for any dog or cat within the jurisdiction of a municipality. pound. but only if the kennel. The diversity allows us to diversify our products and services to better satisfy our 3|P a ge . Lyndhurst already has a large number of people that come into town because of its famous Lyndhurst Animal Hospital and the neighboring East Rutherford Animal Shelter. The bordering towns we intend to provide service in would require us to register within their towns as well. This can inevitably help thrive our business and enable us to offer more services than the conventional pet groomer in the vicinity. or pet grooming establishment has received approval in writing from the municipality to do so. accepting.Krupali Patel Paws Fur Beauty & P¶etcetera Political Trends± Introduced on May 13. 2010 were amendments to legislations that now allowed soliciting. pet shop. y y y y There are over 77 million baby boomers reaching their golden years in the near future. Paws Fur Beauty & P¶etcetera will be located in the township of Lyndhurst of Bergen County. shelter. Demographics ± According to the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association (APPMA) National Pet Owners Survey: There are over 68 million dogs in the United States. A vast majority of these individuals with large amounts of discretionary income have pet and are a part of our target market. NJ.

MARKETING STRATEGY 4|P a ge . It is about the creating the ultimate experience not only for the pet but for the pet owner. trusting and convenient pet care and grooming available to them to keep up with the demands of their hectic schedules. Focusing on targeted segments is the key to our future. There is a need for one-stop convenience for all consumers. not restricted to only one pet per household.Our target customers are pet owners. we will not be successful waiting for the customer to come to us. Therefore. We will develop our message. we must focus on the specific market segments whose needs match our offerings. and fulfill our commitment to excellence. They are working professionals that need reliable. Instead. our focus and marketing message will be the services offered. Offering the option of mobile services (we bring our service to you to avoid discomfort to you or your beloved set of paws) will offer convenience and loyalty. There is also a severe decline in marriage rates. Sounds a bit sad and almost lonesome however this means more and more people will be inclined to share that love and compassion with their pets and this means success for us. communicate it.Krupali Patel Paws Fur Beauty & P¶etcetera customer¶s needs. In an effort to create value while providing the aforementioned. Pet owners will see how we are about offering convenience to them and so upon calling us they will have a broad range of menu items (as if ordering take-out) and will select a personal package of pamper treatment they would like to gift their pet. Target Market and Create Value .

Like any good parent. 2. 5|P a ge . They would also want to know how up-to-date our equipment is and how safe it is. According to a recent study. Prices and hours would be a concern as well. Potential Customers: A typical pet owner is going to want to it to be about the experience. Little things such as petting. every pet owner is going to seek for the personal touch we have with the animals checking to see if we treat the animals as if they were our own. through our focus in the following three areas: y Deliver a superior quality grooming service to our customers by ensuring our equipment is state-of-the-art and personnel are professionally trained and capable of meeting the highest standards. reassuring and even treats would be a part of creating that experience and adding the personal touch. pet owners prefer to pay more at a local smaller shop than going to a bigger chain simply because people are a millions times more friendly. Goals and objectives: It is the Mission of Paws Fur Beauty & P¶etcetera to become the recognized standard of excellence in our field by consistently exceeding our customers¶ expectations.Krupali Patel Paws Fur Beauty & P¶etcetera Strategy Overview 1. They say it feels like they get more of a personal experience and even get to know each other on a first name basis and this is what pet owners are really paying for. Paws Fur Beauty & P¶etcetera understands these needs and is based on providing just that experience. y Deliver the highest level of humane care to each pet entrusted to our care by ensuring that we use only the safest products and grooming techniques.

Loving hugs and kisses for our furry friends.Products/services: Full-service pet grooming by experienced and caring professionals at your home or office for your convenience. but also for community and charity involvement. being receptive to implementing new ideas. and professionalism. o Our services include:  Professional mobile pet-grooming services such as shampoo and soothing conditioner  Bathing 6|P a ge y . integrity. 3. and maintaining a willingness to adapt to changing client needs and wants. Our marketing objectivefor the first year of operations is to become a landmark in the Bergen County community. Competitive pricing based on the breed and condition of your pet. friendliness. y y y y A scheduled appointment usually within one week of contacting us. y y Caring and prompt customer service. The most up-to-date equipment and supplies to make your pet's experience a joyful experience. Paws Fur Beauty & P¶etcetera is dedicated to operating with a constant enthusiasm for learning about pet nurturing. 8 different types of shampoos and conditioners for the specific need of your pet. Clean grooming environments for your pets. We have a vision to innovate the mobile pet grooming industry in a way that allows all pet grooming to be a painless and positive experience. adhering to the highest ethical and moral standards in our industry. known not only for our four pillars of quality.Krupali Patel Paws Fur Beauty & P¶etcetera y Conduct all of our business relationships in an honorable and fair manner.

we provide many different services. We also understand that there will still be those traditional customers that will want to bring their pets into a location as opposed to having a groomer visit them. 7|P a ge . As mentioned before our products are green and this means we are already starting on a positive note. Yes. we are a Green pet grooming service which other groomers haven¶t fully evolved into. This includes management as well. 4. Our entire staff is trained by a professional dog groomer and has received their certification. We have the vet hospital and animal shelter within a half mile radius.Krupali Patel Paws Fur Beauty & P¶etcetera        Massage Full-scissor cut (hand scissored) Nail-clipping and nail-polish Gentle tooth-brushing and breath freshener Anal-gland expression Cleaning and/or plucking ear hair if necessary Cleaning and trimming the pads of the paws Our products are different and better from other products/services on the market because we use environmental and pet friendly products. Distinctive competencies: Our location is in a very ideal place. For these pet owners and for the sake of our own business to thrive in all aspects we would have the grooming vehicle we would travel in as well as the base location. Most mobile pet groomers don¶t invest in an office or one primary location other than their vehicle they would be providing service out of. However.

two playground supervisors and a groomer will be added to the payroll. The groomer and trainer will work on contract. In the second year. Potential partners and employees:Approximately 10% to 15% of U. check-in pets. or regional grooming associations. We are one of them. Two front desk reception to greet customers.S. All of our employees are mandated to have a portfolio of their finest work to show potential clients the work they have done. These standards will help us to remain a consistently coherent and up-topar family of friendly pet groomers. The personnel plan will be as follows: y y One manager to oversee and fill-in for all areas. pet grooming businesses belong to national grooming organizations. receive payments for services/products. keep area clean.Krupali Patel Paws Fur Beauty & P¶etcetera 5. answer phones. Two will be on staff full time and two will work part time. Contract Employees: y y One pet groomer. In the first year. and the manager will serve as part time receptionist and night personal until the business can build. four playground supervisors. One behavioral trainer. assumptions are that there will be only one receptionist. walk and exercise. y Four playground supervisors will feed and water pets. set appointments. collect pets at check-out time. 8|P a ge . a second receptionist. distribute wash your own supplies and maintain files of clients with data entry.

9|P a ge .Paws Fur Beauty & P¶etcetera offers complete and total services at one location. one-stop high-quality pet care for customer convenience. Create specified packages = one day. Potential competitors: There are several mobile groomers around our area that service the same areas but don¶t seem to have heavy marketing. None of our direct competitors utilize environmental friendly products either. We will establish our business offering as a clear and viable alternative for our target market. They all seem to have the same generic offerings as far as services go and none of them have a commercial location other than their mobile unit. This makes us truly unique to begin with. Example: y y y y y y 10 wash your own = one free day visit gift certificate.Krupali Patel Paws Fur Beauty & P¶etcetera 6. Multiple pets from the same family = family discount rate. We will offer discounts after a specified number of visits for the first six months to establish a client base.00 discount. 20 visits = $10. Monthly business card drawing = one free visit. Three referrals = one free day care visit gift certificate. Product (Positioning): Paws Fur Beauty & P¶etceterawill differentiate themselves from other animal care facilities. Communication (Promotion): We will host an open house with a business card drawing for one free service. 8. Strategic Details 7. one wash for a special discount price.

grooming costs about $30 to $50. with Paws Fur Beauty & P¶etceteralogo imprinted. etc. we are letting them know that they are our priority. By bringing our services to our clients. Location and Distribution channels (Place): We have both a storefront location and a mobile unit which will help with the distribution of the service we want to provide to our prospective clientele. 9. y For mid-sized breeds. One has to mark their territory before blooming and we intend to do just that. Cocker Spaniel and Labrador Retriever. Of course social networks such as Facebook and Twitter also have to be included in our modern marketing mix as we intend to target our savvy technologically savvy pet-owners who love blogging and bragging about their furry pals. Miniature Poodle. 10. competing with similar types of services in the area as means of penetrating the market that is already in place.Krupali Patel Paws Fur Beauty & P¶etcetera y Use promotional items such as frisbees. Pricing: Paws Fur Beauty & P¶etcetera will be priced at the upper edge of what the market will bear. We offer convenience for the pet owners of today who are just too busy to provide all the treatment to their pets as they desire to. Typical costs: y For small breeds or mid-sized breeds that do not have thick hair or require a complicated cut. collars. o Examples include the Bichon Frise. Maltese. or larger breeds that do not have thick hair or 10 | P a g e . coffee mugs.

Briard. Chow Chow and Golden Retriever. costs between $10 and $30 more than using clippers. which is time consuming. grooming costs about $50 to $70. or giant breeds. o Examples include the Wheaten Terrier. Bouvier Des Flandre. y Hand cutting. depending on the size of the dog. and Great Pyrenees. Afghan Hound. a groomer will brush teeth or express the anal glands. For about $10 to 20 extra.about $10 to $15 extra. groomer will use flea-killing shampoo or skinsoothing colloidal oatmeal shampoo or do a hot oil treatment. y For mid-to-large-sized breeds that have thick hair and require complicated cuts. 11 | P a g e . y y For about $10 extra. y Mobile grooming service charges a convenience fee -. Additional costs: y y De-matting for long hair costs about $7 to $9. For $3 to $10 extra. It offers a different look. Collie. groomer will remove skunk odor.Krupali Patel Paws Fur Beauty & P¶etcetera require a complicated cut. grooming costs about $70 to $90 and up. o Examples include the Standard Poodle. Bernese Mountain Dog.

Clients always want the peace of mind to know that the service provider is dependable and will arrive on time when scheduled to groom their pet. This will especially benefit the pets that require special care. entry level business to start in. y Dependable: Being a pet owner myself I understand how much pets mean to their owners. We would make it our priority to show up early when scheduled to make a great first impression. Strengths y y y Exclusive service to home Provide convenience to pet owners with mobile concept Offers less stress to both pet and owner to travel from their home.Krupali Patel Paws Fur Beauty & P¶etcetera Risk Analysis: 11. y Low cost. Compared to the startup costs of other businesses this business is fairly attainable. y Knowledgeable: Staff and management have expertise and the clients would be aware of that. Weaknesses y Not having an established reputation in the mobile pet grooming industry 12 | P a g e .

pet groomers.Krupali Patel Paws Fur Beauty & P¶etcetera y Competitors with established brand and clientele may already have large percentage of the market y Low barriers to entry include low startup capital and new competitors with a large network who can easily provide similar services. A possibility of over-booking and lowering quality of service. vets.S. pet stores. y Booking too far away from home which can later lead to higher transportation costs. Threats y Growth may be rapid but must be controlled. y New competition can cut our profits 13 | P a g e . These strategic relations will help to build a repeating business pattern with returning clientele as well as building new clientele by referral. y Positive cash flow can be expected after the first few mobile pet grooming appointments. y The large number of pet-owning households and increasing demand for dependable pet care in the U. etc. Opportunities y Create strategic relationships with friends.

our strength is to provide convenience for both pet and the owner and to eliminate travelling or taking the dog in the car. Weaknesses may inevitably surface which we would have to overcome. secondly. Low startup costs. threats of substitution could surface based on entrance of the new competitors or lack of understanding of the consumers for the value being offered. the company could consider expanding the product lines to be deliver dog food or tick and flea control/consultation service. Staff skill and ability is crucial for the business. Last but not least. However. it can be concluded that there are many strengths for Paws Fur Beauty & P¶etcetera to be a successful business. Starting form a unique service which is a new concept for many pet owners as far as our green products go. mobile grooming is a well equipped with qualified groomers who have been trained on how to handle animals properly. Porter¶s Five Force Analysis: Factors Rivalry amongst existing firms Potential entrants Degree of the Forces Low Medium Details Use of Green products is new in mobile pet grooming Economy of scale is a key factor. 12. 14 | P a g e Threat of substitutes Medium High Bargaining power of suppliers . Mobile dog grooming is fairly accepted now as a service provider.Krupali Patel Paws Fur Beauty & P¶etcetera  Building client loyalty would be essential From the SWOT matrix outlined above. once the return on investment is positive.Lastly.

15 | P a g e . Switching cost is low for pet owners. Bargaining power of buyers Moderate Customer base is higher than the supplying industry.Krupali Patel Paws Fur Beauty & P¶etcetera Great service is key.

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