I had a reason for opting for the pedicure and manicure session at Bliss. Pedicure because that is self-indulgence I permit myself on every possible occasion. Manicure because my nails would need nothing less than expertise or intense workmanship for the effects to show. In case you wonder, I am a chronic nail-biter, hence have tiny (yet neat, mind you) nails. The staff at Bliss had no clue of the challenge they were about to take on, I thought, smiling secretly as Liliana Matic, the chatty, warm Spa Manager took us through to our respective treatment rooms, explaining why Bliss was one of the most sought after Spas in the country. In the white pristine clean rooms of Bliss I finally exhibited my nails to my therapist, Maria and waited for some reaction from her. But I was thoroughly disappointed! I have to say the staff at Bliss Spa are the professional to the point of being politically correct. Maria was unaffected and looked at my nails as she might have any other long well-maintained hand. Maria donned gloves as she worked on cleaning and pruning my non-existent nails. But here is the one step in her treatment makes Bliss a bit different from the rest: She dipped my hands into a plastic bag which is filled with a warm fluid. The product, Liliana later explained is used for softening the hands. "It is heated Bliss hand cream which contains macadamia oil and grape seeds extract which brighten and soften your skin. It is used under certain temperature as then the cream penetrates deeper in your skin," she said. The hand cream is an ultra-hydrating, non-greasy, antioxidant rich dry-hand soother, softener and smoother. It also has a light citrus scent and the balm smoothes rough cuticles too. This treatment leaves the hands soft and supple and the feeling lasted for a few days. An algae extract, rich in minerals, was also used to normalise the skin's moisture level and make the hands supple and firm. At the end a hot paraffin pack with rose oil was applied to soften the hands. After all this, my hands with the shiny healthy if short nails were ready for its daily grind on the laptop. Moving on to the pedicure treatment, I climb to a seat, which looks great as a design element but is not so convenient functionally. The space seems constrained and allows minimum movement, even for the therapists especially if the adjacent space is used. Here too, the treatment is excellent, products innovative and service up-to-themark – with a little more warmth, the experience would have been just perfect. I would have loved a treatment where the masseur would spend a good half-an-hour on massage, kneading out the pressure points and energising my tired feet. Liliana spoke about a special ingredient that was used to refresh my feet, the rosemary and lemon foot smoothing balm. She explained the process, "We filed and scrubbed your feet with Dimacel (diamond dust) files, which are the best in the world. After this scrub, the feet and lower legs are scrubbed again with a "hot salt scrub" – a self-heating, oil-free, sea salt body scrub, spiked with eucalyptus and rosemary." Last word: Bliss Spa is indeed one of the most hygienic and professionally run Spas with the treatments and the products adding to its reputation. If it would up its personal element, then there is no beating it! (Reviewed by Sindhu Nair)

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Three of us from The Woman Today Team played hookie from work To review The services aT w's Bliss spa. leT's jusT say iT was a very well-groomed Team ThaT worked on The summer issue!

You always start a facial treatment with hopes of emerging with skin as smooth as a baby's bottom. However, the first look at the mirror will only throw back a slightly greasy, puffy eyed face. It's generally a few hours or even a day before the expected radiance or hint of it emerges. See, the perks of being a female journalist in Doha is that in no time you do become a connoisseur of spa treatments and facials. And with experience of savouring the best, comes a little bit of wisdom, that also show up as fine lines around the eyes. So I lay down for the treatment, and the Bliss therapist started on me with almost clinical efficiency, I knew well enough to not expect a traffic-stopping difference in my skin. Also, at that point, my frail ego was hurt at being suggested a Youth facial! Come again, I was tempted to tell Liliana Matic , the Spa Director. But Liliana is not to be questioned, because she obviously knows her job ("next time the brows," she spoke directly to the fuzz that protects my eyes from the sand storms). So there I was on the narrow bed, smarting at the need to be advised anti-ageing treatment, after all I am still at a tender number well short of 40. Boy, was I glad I bit the bullet. The sand, dust, heat and air-conditioner play havoc on the best of skins; and when you throw in lack of a daily skincare regime, then you most definitely are in need of this treatment - The Youth As We Know It. This anti-ageing treatment targets tone, elasticity, volume, fine lines and wrinkles – all the way to the décolleté. The treatment includes a mushroom enzyme peel, a high-tech cell-regenerating moisturis-

ing cocktail and a soothing collagen mask. At the end of the hour, still with little expectations, I stepped out of the room. My skin felt instantly tighter, and because of the nature of the products used my skin looked matte – which I love, but felt slightly oily to the touch – the therapist of course warned me against touching my face too much, but you know how it goes when someone says don't... By the next morning, my face felt really soft, and attracted enough comments on how 'fresh' I looked, though the word I was looking for was 'young'. While at the spa, do explore their range of products. I particularly recommend the Elemis sun screen (spf 30) which is tinted and translucent, so apply that over your moisturiser and you really don't need any other make-up. Note: 60 minutes, QR850 (Reviewed by Vee Ess)


Summer 2011

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75 minutes of Bliss!
I sit patiently in the waiting room of the serene Bliss Spa of W Hotel Doha. A few minutes earlier, Liliana informed me about the treatment I would undergo – Blissage 75. "This massage is an excellent all-over body massage treatment that blends a tension taming massage, a foot massage and a warm wax foot softening pack. It works as a wonderful detox too," she said. The massage lasts 75 minutes, hence the name. While I nibble on the scrumptious chocolate cookies, Khadija – my masseuse, gets the room ready. The bed is warm, comforting. Khadija wraps my feet with 'shrink wraps' – a paraffin bag soaked in South African grapefruit essential oil, great for detox and increasing circulation. "It will also help moisten your feet," she says. She then covers my eyes with a warm cloth. Squirting the oil in her palms she begins circulating her fingers on my scalp, gently massaging it. I start drifting away into a trance; the soft music in the background helps me further. Khadija moves to my neck, it hurts. "That's because of sitting for prolonged hours in front of your PC," she informs. I agree. She holds my hands now, massaging the greasy oil from palm to arm. My hands are raised, stretched and twisted in turns. My muscles crackle and I endure the minute of strain in silence. When it's done she gently places my hands back inside the warm blanket that enwraps me. Khadija aims for my legs next, removing the wraps. My feet feel soaked. Is it dripping, I wonder. She then massages my feet, gyrating them every now and then, pulling each toe and 'crack' the muscles go again. Her knuckles press into my sole, but it feels like pebbles somersaulting. "Are they your knuckles?" I ask puzzled. (My eyes are covered). Khadija laughs and reassures me. As my feet enjoy the soothing after-effects of a much needed massage, Khadija rubs the oil to the rest of my legs, gently massaging it all the way. I am worried – in a few seconds, my legs would be up in the air, just like my hands were. My legs stiffen. "Relax," she tells me. Leaving apprehensions behind, I leave my legs at her mercy. One, two, three... my right leg is lifted up, then folded at the knee till my ankle touches my thighs. "Crack, crack, crack" – my muscles pop mockingly, reminding me of the years of stretching that I kept my legs safe from. Confident with the fresh experience of my right leg, I unhesitatingly let my left leg perform similar acrobats. It's been a relaxing experience so far, and I wait impatiently for her to massage my hapless back that I have tormented over the years with my gawky sitting and poor postures. Khadija's greasy palms gently press into my back, I drift to trance again. No sooner she prods my flesh with her elbow, and I wince with pain as the tensions in my back come to a staggering end. "It's done," she says and I open my eyes, gradually coming to terms with the invigorated and relaxed new me. I make my way out from the cosy and serene Bliss Spa. The hot lazy afternoon that awaits me doesn't seem lazy anymore (Reviewed by Cassey Oliveira)

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Returning guests can choose from a massage with super hydrating butter 'Bliss Body' or with slimming body balsam 'Fat girl slim'. A new add-on service to the treatment includes the popular Kinesology tape (QR300) for guests with acute pain problems like arthritis, lower back pain, migraine and muscle pain. For pregnant women, the treatment is modified into a combination of Shiacu and Swedish massage that includes pre and post massage stretching.


Summer 2011

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