Answer ALL questions. Write your answer in the answer scripts provided. (60 MARKS/MARKAH) Q1.

a) The first three terms of a sequence are 2, p, 18. Find the positive value of p so that the sequence is i. An arithmetic progression

ii. A geometric progression (6m)
b) Find the effective rate that is equivalent to: i. 12 % compounded weekly

ii. 12% compounded daily (4m)
Q2. Farhia is investing RM300 at the end of every three months in a scheme which pays 6% compounded quarterly. The accumulated amount at the end of five years will be enough for a down payment for a new house.

a) How many deposits will Hashim needs to do in these five years? b) What is the value of this down payment? c) What will be the amount of interest earned in the scheme? d) Find the effective rate that is equivalent to the nominal rate above. (10m)
Q3. Fara bought a new set of home theater worth RM8260. She received an invoice dated 26 October 2005 with trade discount of 7 %, 2 % and was offered cash discount terms 3/15, 2/30, and n/60.

a) Calculate the single discount equivalent to the trade discounts given. b) Calculate the last day to receive the 2% cash discount. c) Determine the total amount due if she paid the invoice on 17 November 2005. d) If she paid RM4000 on 3 November 2005, how much is the balance due before the credit term
ends? (10m) Q4. A car was bought at the price of RM220, 500. The expected life of the car is 20 years. If the scrap value of the machine is RM9, 500. Find: a) The depreciation rate using straight line method.

b) The book value at the end of year 10 using declining balance method.
c) The book value at the end of year 15 using sum of year digit.

d) If at the end of year 17, the owners receive an offer from a buyer for the lorry at RM15, 000,
should he sell the machine? (Assume that market price is based on sum of year digit method.) (10m)

b) If she would like to settle all her debt immediately after making the 50 payment. a) Calculate the cash price of the car. 0805 Due: 14 February 1987 Zulhairi Bin Radi In the promissory above. (4m) . No.Q5. RM100 000 17 November 1986 ___x_days__ after date _I_ promise to pay to the order of Marina Binti Ahmad Ringgit Malaysia: One Hundred Thousand Only for value received with interest at the rate of ___5. a) c) Who is the maker of the note? How many days the note will mature? b) Who is the payee of the note? d) Calculate the maturity value of the note.5%? (8m) Q6. She is charge a flat rate of 5. Find the annual depreciation and annual rate of depreciation for an items with cost RM60 000 with salvage value RM10 000 after 6 years. Sally bought a car using a hire purchase agreement in which she has to pay RM850 a month for 108 months.00 %__ per annum until paid. how much should she pay under the Rule of 78? 8m) Q7.5% per annum. e) What are the proceeds if Marina discounted the above note on 9 December 1986 at a discount rate of 3.END OF QUESTIONS / SOALAN TAMAT- .

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