Microsoft Dynamics AX

Statement of Direction

June 2007

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BUILDING THE CONNECTED BUSINESS .......................................................................... 5
1. Software that adapts to your business ............................................................................................................................... 5 2. Regional features for a global economy ........................................................................................................................... 5 3. Works together with other Microsoft technology ........................................................................................................ 6 4. Performance and scalability ................................................................................................................................................... 7 5. Software that fits your needs ................................................................................................................................................. 7 6. Connecting people with data ................................................................................................................................................ 8 7. Connecting your company with your community ..................................................................................................... 10 7.1 Dynamics Live Surround Services .................................................................................................................................10 7.2 Microsoft Dynamics and SaaS .......................................................................................................................................10 7.3 Microsoft Dynamics online community .....................................................................................................................11 8. Rapid implementation support: Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step ........................................................................... 11

MICROSOFT DYNAMICS AX FUTURE ROADMAP ......................................................... 12
1. Microsoft Dynamics AX 5.0: Industry and verticals .................................................................................................... 13 2. Microsoft Dynamics AX 5.0: Core enhancements ....................................................................................................... 14 2.1 Role Tailored user experience .......................................................................................................................................14 2.2 Business intelligence and reporting tools .................................................................................................................16 2.3 Improved support for compliance ...............................................................................................................................20 2.4 International companies and Enterprise support ..................................................................................................21 2.5 Web services and Service-Oriented Architecture ..................................................................................................23 2.6 Reducing TCO for the application life cycle ............................................................................................................26 3. Microsoft Dynamics AX 5.0 - Scope ................................................................................................................................. 26 3.1 Financials in Microsoft Dynamics AX ..........................................................................................................................27 3.2 Supply chain management in Microsoft Dynamics AX .......................................................................................28 3.3 Customer relationship management in Microsoft Dynamics AX .....................................................................30 3.4 Human resources management and payroll in Microsoft Dynamics AX ......................................................32 3.5 Project planning in Microsoft Dynamics AX ............................................................................................................32 3.6 Expenses in Microsoft Dynamics AX ...........................................................................................................................33 4. Beyond Microsoft Dynamics AX 5.0 ................................................................................................................................. 35

CONCLUSION ................................................................................................................... 36



Microsoft Dynamics™ AX is a highly customizable, global business management software solution. This document outlines the future direction of Microsoft Dynamics AX through the year 2010 for our customers. By leveraging the planned innovations in Microsoft Dynamics AX, organizations can connect your business vision with your software, connect your people with your processes, and connect your company with your community. This is the value we are committed to delivering to our customers, and this is the vision that guides our investments in Microsoft Dynamics AX. Core enhancements planned for Microsoft Dynamics AX 5.0 include a RoleTailored user experience, new workflow engine and rules configuration capabilities, enhanced business intelligence and reporting tools to enable improved personal and team insight, corporate performance management, developer productivity, improved support for compliance, improved multinational/enterprise support, and an expanded set of Web services that support the most common business-to-business and application-to-application scenarios. In addition to these enhancements, Microsoft Dynamics AX 5.0 will include substantial new functionality. Major functional areas, such as Financials, Supply Chain Management, Customer Relationship Management, Human Resources Management and Payroll, Project, and Expenses will be expanded to deliver best-in-class feature breadth. In addition, tools are planned to help make implementation, migration, and upgrade quicker and more reliable to complete the product offering. For example, Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step will provide rapid, reliable implementation, migration, and upgrade of Microsoft Dynamics AX solutions and can help deliver quicker implementations and savings to our customers. Enriching the application with integrated hosted services, Web services, communities, and tools are our priorities to enable our customers to realize their full potential through their business software. A key product strategy for Microsoft Dynamics AX 5.0 is to provide industry-enabling features as part of the core product and have independent software vendors (ISVs) and partners build vertically relevant solutions on top of the core product. Five industries have been selected as key markets to be addressed with the Microsoft Dynamics Industry Solutions: Manufacturing, Distribution, Retail, Public Sector, and Professional Services. We will continue to deliver on the commitment of Microsoft Dynamics Wave 1 and 2 for major improvements in usability. Design improvements are targeted at all points in the application life cycle, from installation to everyday use, maintenance, and upgrade. New features and enhancements are already being planned for future releases beyond Microsoft Dynamics AX 5.0 in the areas of Web services, mobility, contextual business intelligence, and collaboration. To provide a comprehensive solution to international companies as well as larger organizations, Microsoft Dynamics AX 5.0 plans include enhancing Enterprise-capable features by increasing user capacity, transaction volumes, localizations, and industry specific solutions. Microsoft Dynamics AX 5.0 will support new business scenarios, deployment strategies, and localizations, and can be an important piece of your IT Governance Model providing a single solution to your IT strategy. The flexibility, integration with the

Microsoft family of software products, and capacity to connect to legacy systems through its Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) can enable your company to fulfill your IT and business requirements. As we develop future Microsoft Dynamics AX functionality, we remain committed to extending and supporting the broad horizontal capabilities of the Microsoft Dynamics AX platform. We will continue to encourage our partners and ISVs to do what they do best: design, build, and implement the specific functionality that you need to run your business. The Microsoft Dynamics AX Team



Microsoft Dynamics AX can be a key component of your IT strategy and provide the solution to meet your goals. We expect to enable Microsoft Dynamics AX for additional geographies in future releases.0 will include support for bi-directional languages. and human resource management. and the vision shared in this document. our customers. We provide this horizontal localization in countries where there is an official Microsoft Dynamics AX release. This is a major benefit over our competitors. Continuously updated as tax and regulatory requirements change. The strategy for Microsoft Dynamics AX includes continuous expansion into new markets with new localizations. Microsoft added Unicode support and two new regions— People’s Republic of China and Brazil. This is the value we deliver to you. as the ability to tailor Microsoft Dynamics AX with add-on functionality while maintaining a low total cost of ownership provides significant and quickly realizable value. Microsoft Dynamics AX can help you build a truly connected business. such as general finance.0 will take another step forward in supporting multinational organizations by merging or consolidating the Global layer functionality for Iceland and the remaining GLS 5 MICROSOFT DYNAMICS AX . or city regulations and for vertical markets (such as insurance. The localized version for Japan is targeted for release in June 2007. In addition. as well as unique support for a specific line of business. customer relationship management. Regional features for a global economy Microsoft Dynamics AX provides local and global functionality to meet geographic requirements. global business management solution that supports a comprehensive range of business processes based on the latest advanced technology. Our partners possess deep expertise and knowledge of customers’ needs that are required to define business processes and build relevant industry functionality. As evidence of our continued commitment to expand into new markets. horizontal governmental and financial reporting obligations.0. provincial. For example. and agriculture). 2. Vertically focused ISVs together with our partner ecosystem are supremely qualified to build solutions for various industries.BUILDING THE CONNECTED BUSINESS Microsoft Dynamics AX is a highly customizable. Software that adapts to your business To achieve operational and business goals. This brings the total list to 40 language versions and 36 country localizations. Microsoft Dynamics AX 5.STATEMENT OF DIRECTION . most companies need a mix of broad ―horizontal‖ functionality. our business solution helps you meet your country-wide. With the release of Microsoft Dynamics AX 4. The highly flexible architecture of Microsoft Dynamics AX allows our partner ecosystem to effectively extend and customize solutions to ―vertical‖ or industry needs. real estate. Our partners focus on providing specific vertical and municipal regulatory enhancements and features. Microsoft Dynamics AX 5. When combined with the familiarity of the Microsoft product line. 1. For mid-size and large corporations. while Microsoft focuses on delivering regulatory enhancements that are required by the majority of customers in a country. our partners provide add-ons and customizations for specific state.

Microsoft Dynamics AX will take advantage of public APIs in the Microsoft Office system. Microsoft BizTalk Server enables instant access to a wide variety of industry-standard integration protocols and trained integration partners so that you can connect to the systems of your business partners.NET. 3. Visual Studio. Microsoft Dynamics AX uses standard adapters that are based on SQL Server Reporting Services. and Microsoft BizTalk® Server 2006.features for Norway and Sweden into the Core code layer. Figure 1: Microsoft technology stack In the future. offering high-speed server-side performance and the ability to easily scale IT infrastructure so that the solution can grow with your organization. and other software to provide even tighter integration between the Microsoft system of products and further enable our customers to realize more value from investments in Microsoft technologies. The complete list of available country localizations and languages is included in the Appendix section of this document. object-oriented architecture of Microsoft Dynamics AX integrates with other Microsoft technologies. We will provide additional detail on our ―merge and consolidation‖ strategy later in 2007. Windows®. and we will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. such as Microsoft SQL Server™. Note: Microsoft Dynamics AX also supports a version of the Oracle relational database. Unlike business management systems that force the use of specialized toolsets. Windows Vista™. 6 MICROSOFT DYNAMICS AX .STATEMENT OF DIRECTION . Works together with other Microsoft technology The three-tier.

000+ lines per hour for this industry standard benchmark scenario.0 Benchmark Microsoft conducted the Microsoft Dynamics AX 4. In this benchmark. Software that fits your needs Delivering innovative and high-value solutions through our integrated platform is the key driver of Microsoft investment and research. and system response times including 165. and events. server usage and system response times showed good concurrent user-level. This toolkit works with any . and provides run-time capabilities along with sample scripts for partners and customers to extend for their own specific use. Server usage was less than 50 percent and response times were less than one second (with the exception of Sales Order Invoice which was between 1 and 2 seconds). including enterprise Standard Distribution Benchmark Study to measure the performance and scalability characteristics of Microsoft Dynamics AX 4. each AOS instance was hosted on a separate server. Microsoft Dynamics AX 4. the AOS processes business logic in communication with clients and the database. the benchmark showcased 55. The Microsoft Dynamics AX 2006 Benchmark report is available at http://www.4. Without the occurrence of locking. Additionally. working groups. The scenarios generate load on an Application Object Server (AOS). 5. In essence. server usage. data manipulation for concurrent execution. the framework is a platform for enabling performance testing as a preproduction and run-time phase.000+ lines per hour for these scenarios. We gather requirements through communities.NET-enabled load testing tool to provide extensive load testing and benchmarking capabilities for Microsoft Dynamics AX. special programs. this benchmark provided the results of the 3. in addition to Procure to Pay processes from purchase order creation through receiving of goods. Performance and scalability Microsoft Dynamics AX 4. The toolkit supports scripting through Visual Studio.STATEMENT OF DIRECTION . Our Microsoft Dynamics AX research and development efforts are focused on addressing customer pain points.0 in a simulated distribution scenario. This benchmark exercised core Accounts Receivables scenarios from order entry through invoicing. These improvements make the latest release of Microsoft Dynamics AX better suited for larger organizations.0 combines improved security with enhanced performance and scalability compared to previous releases.mspx A benchmark toolkit called the Microsoft Dynamics AX Benchmark Add-in Framework is also available to help with benchmarking. In a Microsoft Dynamics AX installation.000 concurrent user level. At the 1. the database server provides data to the AOS. 7 MICROSOFT DYNAMICS AX . We are committed to continued investment in security and reliability.

only 15 percent of the employees have a license to use the software and only half of these licenses are actually used. Software enables people to turn data into insight. This new offering brings together next-generation Integration with the Microsoft® Office PerformancePoint™ Server 2007. see the Microsoft Dynamics AX Product Roadmap section later in this document. Even organizations that have a well designed business process software environment will not realize maximum business value if most of the employees do not use it. Prepackaged cubes and key performance indicators (KPIs). o o For more information about the planned enhancements in Microsoft Dynamics AX. Another aspect of the People-Ready business is employee access and use. analytics. At Microsoft. globally integrated and interconnected world. for most companies that have a business management system. Role Centers for each major persona from the Microsoft Dynamics AX Customer Model. To learn more about People-Ready business software. 8 MICROSOFT DYNAMICS AX .0 will map to the following categories:  Improved application fundamentals Features added will address customer pain points and strengthen the core offerings to provide the greatest return on investment (ROI) for our customers. transform ideas into action. According to a 2006 study by AMR Research.The features in Microsoft Dynamics AX 5. To reach out to the rest of the employees who typically do not have access to a business management system and to bridge the gap to meet their information needs. Microsoft Dynamics AX will deliver on new business intelligence content and tools. including: o o o o New navigation menu and improved user interface.  Improved collaboration and business intelligence Along with the completion of our product portfolio and more advanced and planning capabilities in a complete performance management application. Software is instrumental to a People Ready business. Microsoft is building the new generation of breakthrough business applications designed to amplify the impact of your people. Microsoft has embarked on several exciting offerings. New Reporting tool. visit www. and turn change into opportunity. a performance management solution that is scheduled for general availability in the fourth quarter of calendar year 2007.STATEMENT OF DIRECTION . which is the lifeblood of business today. Workflow and configuration rules framework. Connecting people with data Software provides tools to enable the harnessing of increasingly large volumes of information. we believe organizations that put people at the center of information are better positioned to meet the challenges of a fast-changing. 6.

Outlook®. and fully supported version to be released during the second half of calendar year 2007.STATEMENT OF DIRECTION . Microsoft Dynamics Snap is a collection of applications known as ―snap-ins‖ that can help users easily coordinate and manage data in Microsoft Dynamics AX by "snapping into" the Microsoft Office suite of applications.0 plans include the Role Tailored user experience. and SharePoint® Server into Microsoft Dynamics AX Outbound enablers. In addition to the integration of the core Microsoft Dynamics AX solution with other Microsoft software offerings. The supported version of the Snap-in applications will be available in English. which export data from any grid and form in Microsoft Dynamics AX into tools. Time Sheet Management Snap-in.mspx. Microsoft is also developing Microsoft Dynamics Snap. Danish. Latest news about Microsoft Dynamics Snap and the new tools that are ready for download can be found at http://www. There are three categories of snap-ins:    Inbound enablers. Excel. finance clerk. easy to deploy. such as Microsoft Office. such as Microsoft Office. familiar user experience awaits them. because workers can perform tasks within the applications that they're most familiar with. and the Custom Report Generator Snap-in into a robust. These snap-in applications can help improve productivity by providing direct access to Microsoft Dynamics data across the organization. or VP of Operations. Additional snap-ins are under development and will become available as soon as they are ready. such as Microsoft Office Excel®. French.Integration with the Microsoft Office system Whether employees are working in Microsoft Dynamics AX or the Microsoft Office system. In addition. there is less need for additional This means that the software is designed for the specific job of each user role. Outlook. Reporting and business intelligence are expected to be a native part of the experience that is tailored for each user role. we plan to combine the Business Data Lookup Snap-in. Role Tailored user experience Microsoft Dynamics AX 5. which import data from tools. Vacation Management Snap-in. And. and Spanish. whether a warehouse worker. they save time and help reduce errors because users don't have to switch between systems to access or modify data. so that users require less training to enable them to be productive. 9 MICROSOFT DYNAMICS AX . or Word Composite applications. a consistent. which combine data and processes in Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Office Several snap-in applications are available in technical prerelease. In addition to the snap-in applications that are available today. Microsoft Dynamics AX is designed to work like other familiar Microsoft software.

and how rich to make the user experience. including Microsoft Dynamics For the first time ever. and flexibility. 10 MICROSOFT DYNAMICS AX . enabling collaboration and reporting scenarios that are easily integrated into your broad base of To address the information needs of such employees.” Ray Ozzie Chief Software Architect Microsoft Corporation Microsoft Dynamics will extend the value of core business applications with a rich set of complementary online business services from Microsoft and its partners. to deliver customers seamless experiences that shield them from technical complexity and improve user experience.For more information about the usability improvements planned.1 Dynamics Live Surround Services “Microsoft’s Live strategy is based on the use of powerful software. see the Microsoft Dynamics AX Future Roadmap section of this document. combined with Internet services. payment service. based on factors such as security. More information about Microsoft Dynamics Client for Microsoft Office and SharePoint Server can be found at http://www.STATEMENT OF DIRECTION . Microsoft is evaluating opportunities to develop business services in eCommerce service. and Office Live collaboration. mobility. Microsoft added a subscription-based pricing program and new use rights for Business Process Outsourcers (BPOs) under the Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA) program. nearly 85 percent of the employees in an organization typically do not have access to the business management system. where to put the data. including a subscription-based model for all of our enterprise resource planning ERP products.mspx 7. This will provide customers many choices when they decide to move a particular business process online in a secure environment. Companies can deploy any type of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server or custom Microsoft Office Business Application as a front end to Microsoft Dynamics AX. Microsoft Dynamics Client for Office and SharePoint Server According to a 2006 study by AMR Research. From a licensing perspective.2 Microsoft Dynamics and SaaS Microsoft Dynamics is promoting a ―Software as a Service‖ initiative through a partner model for hosted applications. a new ―thin‖ client called Microsoft Dynamics Client for Microsoft Office and SharePoint Server is available. Connecting your company with your community 7. Online business services will also offer you an alternative approach to integrate innovative business processes at a low cost. This offering will provide employees access rights to rich data and process information managed by Microsoft Dynamics AX at an affordable cost. we can consider how to intentionally balance where to put the application. 7.

they are primarily technical and specific to Microsoft Dynamics AX. and services that are designed to help maximize and protect customer investments in Microsoft Dynamics solutions. While these existing online communities are successful and active. The Sure Step Rapid Configuration Tool is available in English only. configuration.mspx In addition to the existing product-specific communities. Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step has taken a leading stand in unifying project management principles with implementation methodology and associated tools. Some of the robust community feature sets include forums. Training and Support The Sure Step Rapid Configuration Tool for Microsoft Dynamics is being released as a tool outside of the core Microsoft Dynamics AX application and is unsupported by Microsoft. blogs. The Microsoft Dynamics Live Community for Finance is a community that shares the goals of enabling finance professionals to interact with each other and to share best practices. and structured networking. reliable implementation. partners. methodology. More information about the Microsoft Dynamics AX Online Community can be found at http://www. Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step provides partners and customers with end-to-end business process flows that guide users through field-tested best practices. and learn from each other in a community environment. it does function with localized releases of Microsoft Dynamics AX. tags. and upgrade of Microsoft Dynamics products. and Microsoft to broadly connect. Microsoft Dynamics AX has enjoyed an active online community for several years that comprises partners and customers who share their experiences and knowledge. More information about this initiative can be found at http://www. More information about this community can be found at http://community.3 Microsoft Dynamics online community Our vision for Online Community is to make it easy for OF DIRECTION .The Software as a Service initiative builds on an internal partnership between the Communications Sector Hosting Business and Microsoft Business Solutions (MBS). 11 MICROSOFT DYNAMICS AX .com/serviceproviders/solutions/ 7. migration. and userfriendly tools that enable faster Additional online communities are planned to go live later in 2007. and upgrade of Microsoft Dynamics AX. These tools provide rapid. Microsoft is launching a set of functional communities that help users increase their business productivity by allowing them to effectively collaborate online. however. proven project management principles.microsoftdynamicslive. RSS Feeds. This community was launched in March 2007. collaborate. 8. Rapid implementation support: Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step Microsoft Dynamics™ Sure Step is a new suite of tools. migration.

0 Application Functionality (1H 2008) Microsoft Dynamics AX 6. Note that all of the dates that are listed in this calendar timeline are speculative and do not constitute a promise to deliver any given piece of technology at a given time.0 Scalable & Global (2H2006) Product release timeline in calendar year timeframes . The roadmap for future releases of Microsoft Dynamics AX is presented in this section for industry and verticals support.MICROSOFT DYNAMICS AX FUTURE ROADMAP Microsoft is committed to delivering People-Ready experiences to mid-size and enterprise organizations in support of customer relationships.0 .0 SP2 Service packs and Service packs and (Summer 2007) Extensions AX Extensions (4Q2007) Extensions >CRM Integration >Lean Manufacturing * Product release dates and content subject to change Release dates and enhancement and support details will vary by geography Figure 2: Microsoft Dynamics AX product release timeline Figure 2 shows the Microsoft Dynamics AX product release timeline. and the Product Roadmap per major functional area. Microsoft Dynamics AX Roadmap Microsoft Dynamics AX 4. operational excellence.STATEMENT OF DIRECTION . 12 MICROSOFT DYNAMICS AX . and supply chain management.NET Technology Platform 2006 2007 2008 2010 AX 4. Microsoft software uniquely helps businesses achieve their goals with products that are familiar and easy to use.0 SP1 (Q4 2006) AX 4. product and services development. widely supported. product-wide enhancements. and innovative to meet real customer of March 2007 * Microsoft Dynamics AX 5. easy to connect.

STATEMENT OF DIRECTION . multinational enterprise customers.0 is to provide industry-enabling features as part of the core product. Microsoft Dynamics Industry Solutions are designed to offer an attractive value proposition to customers working in our focus industries. five industries have been selected as key markets to be addressed with the Microsoft Dynamics Industry Solutions: Manufacturing. Figure 3: Current core solution functionality and focus industries for Microsoft Dynamics AX As of May 2007. Retail.1. Distribution. with ISVs and partners building and delivering vertically relevant solutions as additions to the core product. Microsoft Dynamics AX 5.0: Industry and verticals The product strategy for Microsoft Dynamics AX 5. and Professional Services. Microsoft Dynamics Industry Solutions will be subject to the same level of 13 MICROSOFT DYNAMICS AX . Microsoft Dynamics Industry Solutions Microsoft Dynamics Industry Solutions help you tailor Microsoft Dynamics AX and run your business with industry-specific and vertically relevant functionality. The solutions are also packaged with a Microsoft customer support offering. Select ISVs and partners develop these solutions in accordance with Microsoft quality standards. but also the demands of larger. Microsoft Dynamics Industry Solutions are designed to meet not only the demands of mid-sized companies focused on specific industries. Public Sector.

14 MICROSOFT DYNAMICS AX .1 Role Tailored user experience The software user experience is a core component of the Microsoft Dynamics application strategy. and exceptions in a unified task list. These solutions are distributed and supported by Microsoft Business Solutions Support Services globally. If the Microsoft Dynamics Industry Solutions partner ISV goes out of business. and Retail. The Role Centers comprise more than 30 out-of-the-box pages that are tailored to the major roles that are defined in the Microsoft Dynamics Customer Model. We currently support solutions in Discrete and Process Manufacturing. Microsoft will have the right to acquire the Microsoft Dynamics Industry Solutions module intellectual property and find another partner to support and enhance the module. Benefits The industry solutions code for Microsoft Dynamics Industry Solutions will meet the same quality standards as Microsoft application code and will comply with technical guidelines created by Microsoft development.STATEMENT OF DIRECTION . including the core modules and Microsoft Dynamics Industry Solutions.quality control as that of internally developed Microsoft Dynamics products. which are sold on the Microsoft price list as Advanced Management Enterprise modules. customers will have a single point of contact for support of their Microsoft Dynamics AX solution. Beyond 2007. The partner ISVs who participate in the Microsoft Dynamics Industry Solutions are contractually required to follow the Microsoft development path. Professional Services. approval tasks. In addition. o Easily comprehend users’ relevant business information. o Become aware of critical changes. Microsoft Dynamics AX 5. The benefits of the Role Centers are two-fold:  Help users organize their work. This minimizes risk while protecting your investments.0: Core enhancements 2. The Role Centers will provide users with up-to-date content and functionality that is critical to performing their job on a daily basis. we expect to support 10-12 solutions across these five industries discussed earlier. we are planning to release vertically focused solutions for Public Sector and Distribution. while continuing to expand and deepen our existing offerings. Role Centers The concept of the Role Center is to provide users with one place to see an overview of their work and to take action on their areas of responsibility. By the end of calendar year 2007. 2. Create a comprehensive view of each user’s area of responsibility and present it in a structured and more intuitive manner to help users: o Plan and prioritize users’ work.

similar to Microsoft Office Outlook navigation model Single Document Interface (SDI) Task Pages where each window contains its own menu or toolbar Clicking in navigation pane changes the content area Benefits Similar look and feel to Microsoft Windows Vista and the 2007 Microsoft Office system Easy-to-learn. User interface component Visual appearance Application controls for     New. Users will be able to: o Personalize the content of the Role Center. Client user interface refresh Microsoft Dynamics AX 5. Empowers users to personalize their views.0 is expected to ship with an improved user interface design. Delete Print List Query Better navigation through area pages in addition to the existing navigation pane Tree View    First-level folders expanded by default. o Add industry-specific content through Web parts. more intuitive interface   Locate commands easily Improved discovery of Filter lists Navigation Similar to Windows Vista navigation model  Travel buttons and breadcrumb bar Leverage window management features of Windows Vista   3-D window switcher Enhanced support of multiple monitors Task pages no longer constrained by Multiple Document Interface frame Access to information     15 MICROSOFT DYNAMICS AX .STATEMENT OF DIRECTION New filter pane Locate commands related to a list easily Increasing use of lists as the place to go to do work Ability to use the list pages instead of printing reports .

2 Business intelligence and reporting tools The business intelligence vision for Microsoft Dynamics AX is to take a leading position in the business management solutions market by delivering an integrated business performance management solution and platform. To deliver on this vision. The new workflow framework comprises three major components:    Workflow templates definable per business process and document Workflow configuration setup allowing the definition of basic and advanced approval rules.0. and audit trail Unified task list for the approver The key benefits from the new workflow framework include:   Reduced TCO when configuring existing or new workflows. including delegation. leveraging the usability advances of the next release of Microsoft Office and Windows Vista.STATEMENT OF DIRECTION .Beyond Microsoft Dynamics AX 5. Compliance enforcement with the policies and procedures defined in a company is a key scenario. More agility to react to change in the workflow rules or to adapt to specific needs. Microsoft is committed to investing in a rich and satisfying user experience. personal and team insight. This new feature is part of a larger vision around business processes execution and modeling tailored to customer needs. New Workflow engine and rules configuration Microsoft Dynamics AX 5. Microsoft Dynamics AX leverages the Microsoft Business Intelligence platform that comprises product offerings from Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Office. 2. and corporate performance management. 16 MICROSOFT DYNAMICS AX .0 will leverage a new Workflow infrastructure—Microsoft Windows Workflow Foundation—and deliver an integrated tool for the definition and the execution of workflow rules. escalation. and includes products and technologies to enable optimized data integration and storage.

Embedded Microsoft Dynamics AX business intelligence solution offerings are integrated in the core product. Rolebased business intelligence content is delivered out-of-the-box through prepackaged reports.Figure 4: Microsoft Business Intelligence offerings Microsoft Dynamics AX integrates with the Microsoft Business Intelligence platform offerings and delivers on the following core value adding fundamentals that differentiate our ERP business intelligence solution offerings. 2. Navigation paths to business intelligence data views and models are surfaced seamlessly in a role-based 17 MICROSOFT DYNAMICS AX . extensibility. RoleTailored Microsoft Dynamics AX enables users to easily gain access to the information relevant to their functional roles to enable contextual business insight and confident decision making across the organization. and Microsoft SQL Server Report Builder Ad Hoc Reporting Models for self-service reporting. In addition.STATEMENT OF DIRECTION . 1. 3. and management. it includes an integrated and robust set of model-driven developer/IT tools and frameworks to streamline continued customization. Out-of-the-box Microsoft Dynamics AX includes rich business intelligence functionality to meet the specific requirements of business users across all levels in an organization. analytical views. Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services cubes to enable Microsoft Office Excel integrated explorative data analysis. deployment.

Customizations to the base data model can be passed through to application user business intelligence data models and views with minimal investment of time and effort. 5. modeldriven business intelligence frameworks and tools will enable upgrades to more advanced business intelligence solutions from Microsoft in the future. Sustainable Business growth can result in demands for increased technology investments in the Microsoft Business Intelligence solutions. In addition. localization capabilities. The unique model-driven and metadata-based architecture of Microsoft Dynamics AX enable its business intelligence solution offerings to deliver on this requirement. 18 MICROSOFT DYNAMICS AX . 6. Scalable A fundamental goal for Microsoft Dynamics AX is to deliver integrated business intelligence solutions that can scale to address growing business needs and leverage related technology investments. Microsoft seeks to deliver solutions that scale seamlessly to meet the functional requirements and Microsoft platform technology investments of mid-size and enterprise businesses. These solutions will also continue to evolve at a rapid pace to provide the foundation for richer and more sophisticated business intelligence scenarios. Features planned for 5. Developer/IT productivity  Model-driven framework to autogenerate Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services dimensional models and cubes from the Microsoft Dynamics AX transactional system (metadata and data). and seamless business logic integration. Both of these factors drive demand for a business management solution that can adapt to new technology investments and simplify technology upgrades. All core semantics that are defined and embedded in the Microsoft Dynamics AX metadata will flow through to the dimensional models and cubes that are generated by the framework. Customizable The unique.and contextual manner within the Microsoft Dynamics AX client and Enterprise Portal.STATEMENT OF DIRECTION .  New production reporting tools that integrate Microsoft Dynamics AX deeply with Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services and deliver value adding services like auto reports.0. 4. comprehensive model-driven and metadata-based architecture of Microsoft Dynamics AX enables easier customization. The embedded experience enhances discoverability and enables targeted explorative analysis by using Microsoft Office Excel and Microsoft SQL Report Builder integrated ad hoc reporting and analysis capabilities. report style templates.0 The following list summarizes the Microsoft Dynamics AX business intelligence solution offerings planned for Microsoft Dynamics AX 5. These architectural attributes also apply to the Microsoft Dynamics AX Business Intelligence solution offerings.

operations. SharePoint Server lists. IT managers can drive better adoption and compliance by enabling organizations to better associate business intelligence and corporate performance. and plan activities with an integrated and collaborative solution. In future releases. we will enhance metadata-based search and enable model-driven role-based navigation paths to business intelligence content. Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server 2007 data integration PerformancePoint Server Monitoring and Analytics can access and combine data from a variety of data sources. Other planned enhancements include the optimization of relational Reporting Data Marts and Data Warehouses to enable advanced enterprise-scale data integration for reporting and analytics. With Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server 2007:    Business executives can drive accountability and alignment across and up-and-down the organization. analytical views.STATEMENT OF DIRECTION . is intended to help companies manage performance in a single. analytics. Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server 2007 is expected to support score-carding.  Out-of-the-box Role Tailored and data bound Microsoft Office Excel Report books.  Visually rich and interactive out-of-the-box production reports built on Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services that integrate transactional and analytical views of data. consolidation and forecasting that can reach across all employees in the business and across finance. scheduled for general availability in the fourth quarter of calendar year 2007. Role and context-aware navigation paths to newly added reports. This enables you to bring data from Microsoft Dynamics AX cubes into a rich dashboard environment that is hosted on Microsoft SharePoint Server. and human resources. analyze.Personal and team insight  Out-of-the-box Role Centers with BI Dashboards and rich data views for more than 30 business user personas. which gives you the ability to easily monitor the performance of your company and conduct richer analyses of your data. marketing. Corporate performance management Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server 2007. and ad hoc reporting models will be seamlessly displayed in the Microsoft Windows client and Enterprise Portal. SQL Server database. sales. Analysis Services and any ODBCcompliant source.  A more extensive collection of out-of-the-box SQL Server Analysis Services cubes with Role Tailored perspectives to enable explorative analysis in Microsoft Office Excel and the Microsoft PerformancePoint™ Analytics Client offerings. 19 MICROSOFT DYNAMICS AX . built on Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server. The solution will help businesses to broadly deliver performance management capabilities across the organization by bringing together the power and ease of use of the Microsoft Office system and the performance and scalability of Microsoft SQL Server. planning. integrated application. budgeting. Information workers can monitor. The data source wizard of PerformancePoint Server Monitoring and Analytics can connect to data from Microsoft Office Excel.

including budget transactions. Analytics. budget.STATEMENT OF DIRECTION . starting with the CEO Dashboard. point-and-click interface. Empower the CEO for to take corrective actions and make fast and informed decisions. charts. These Web parts will directly integrate with Microsoft Dynamics AX to provide: • • Reliable and timely alerts and controls on business process execution. and forecast based on the complete set of corporate data. The Business Intelligence and Enterprise Portal infrastructure to be delivered in Microsoft Dynamics AX 5. This tool is 20 MICROSOFT DYNAMICS AX .aspx New dashboard: The CEO Portal Along with the introduction of Role Centers.0 release will enable the creation of industry-specific dashboards through additional Web parts.  Improved visibility of internal controls Microsoft Dynamics AX 5. and Planning can be found at http://office. such as Chief Executive Officer (CEO). and alerts. from Microsoft Dynamics AX to PerformancePoint Server Planning by using an easy to use. quick links. 2. including the Microsoft Dynamics™ Solution Accelerator for Compliance Management. allowing business users to monitor. Support for user-defined and centrally managed controls. Other capabilities are expected to include sharing compliance documents and evaluation of controls. The value of the CEO dashboard is to:    Provide visibility into overall company performance by using high quality content.0 is expected to deliver several compliance-related Web parts that can be used for a compliance-specific home page. analyze. The comprehensive business intelligence repository built on the business intelligence framework and personalization capabilities of the Enterprise Portal will empower CEOs to personalize the CEO Dashboard for short-term and long-term needs for information and unique needs based on their industry.A data import wizard will allow customers to move transactional financial data. plan. Microsoft will deliver the first dashboard for C-Level personas. More information about Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server 2007 Monitoring.3 Improved support for compliance Microsoft Dynamics AX will continue to improve the framework and tools to help businesses manage the challenges of compliance more effectively. such as key performance indicators. The data import wizard will allow you to integrate Microsoft Dynamics AX data with other business data. Highlight exceptions (poor or exceptional performance) and provide drill-down capabilities to identify root as well as used on other home pages.

new features and enhancements will include additional outof the-box reports related to compliance. creating new branches. The new workflow framework will provide templates per business process.based on the framework for internal controls recommended by The Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO). Integration between all of these components can lead to lower maintenance costs. for the different components of their business management solution. such as the 2007 Microsoft Office system. Microsoft understands that large organizations and enterprises face more complex functional requirements and the need to support large volumes of users and transactions. additional horizontal and industry-specific functionality. For future releases of Microsoft Dynamics AX. Microsoft Dynamics AX 4. PowerPoint®. Microsoft integration for the enterprise Many companies prefer to rely on a single vendor. All notifications and alerts will be unified in one task list for the ease of review and action.4 International companies and Enterprise support As your company grows. 2. your organization can attain a single vendor solution with the backing and support of Microsoft product support. and tighter integration with other Microsoft infrastructure and productivity tools. and more elegant interaction between the various systems. where possible. and robust development tools based on Microsoft . Furthermore. Microsoft can also provide a wide range of productivity tools businesses need. improved support for compliance standards such as Sarbanes-Oxley and IFRS. Future releases of the solution will focus on even greater scalability and performance. including the delegation and escalation of approvals. With Microsoft Dynamics AX as the business management solution.  Improve internal controls and reduce the cost of compliance With Microsoft Dynamics AX 5. you will need to implement business processes and have insight in each of your operations to better manage your expansion and achieve your goals. A new Microsoft Dynamics Expenses solution is expected to provide out-ofthe-box configurable rules to alert on potential travel policies violations. support for compliance-related workflows. Task Recorder for fast and easy documentation of user activity for important compliance-related tasks in a variety of popular Microsoft Office formats (Word. Visio®). IT support costs. new capabilities are expected that will help enforce security and compliance to corporate policies and procedures.NET and Microsoft Visual Studio. the infrastructure of the Microsoft SQL Server database. including a flexible rules definition setup and audit trail. Microsoft tools enjoy a large base of existing users. leading to quick adoption by employees and lower training costs. In addition.0 is an excellent business management solution for many large organizations and enterprises. 21 MICROSOFT DYNAMICS AX . Windows Server operating system.STATEMENT OF DIRECTION . so most companies may already have many employees and consultants who are familiar with Microsoft technology. and an improved dashboard for compliance to provide visibility to key compliance-related information and to easily track and manage compliance activities. subsidiaries and/or manufacturing plants globally and making acquisitions. and BizTalk Server business process management system.0.

the ease of upgrade. While supporting multiple divisions.Microsoft Dynamics AX solutions are built on a truly global platform that supports the architecture. accounting. and inventory tables if needed. Microsoft Dynamics AX can be rolled out 22 MICROSOFT DYNAMICS AX . vendor. Microsoft Dynamics AX still offers the same user interface. statutory compliance. low total cost of ownership. Some enterprises that run Microsoft Dynamics AX across multiple divisions have found that Microsoft Dynamics AX can provide a lightweight and flexible solution that can be tailored to support the needs of each division. smoothly integrate the multiple internal companies into an overall headquarters implementation of Microsoft Dynamics AX. This scenario allows our customers to create multiple regional instances in order to address flexible deployment needs. languages. Even if some divisions of an enterprise continue to operate their legacy systems during a global rollout of a Microsoft Dynamics AX implementation. while allowing business data to roll up into a unified chart of accounts and unified customer. and then at their choosing and on their own timetable. and when the time comes. the Microsoft Dynamics AX General Ledger is specifically designed to accommodate external sources of accounting information. currencies. The critical benefit is that an enterprise can roll out Microsoft Dynamics AX in a multiple division scenario. and reporting capabilities that enterprises require to compete in the world economy today. Central to Microsoft Dynamics AX product strategy is the delivery of one single global product that encompasses the requirements and languages of the world’s largest economies. Figure 5: Multisite deployment of Microsoft Dynamics AX Unlike many other business management solutions that either require an implementation to be built all at once or are prohibitively expensive to modify after going live. Multiple division enterprise scenario: Multiple instances The multiple instances scenario is supported within Microsoft Dynamics AX. therefore enabling a central place for performing eliminations and consolidation while maintaining separate instances and synchronization of master data between the different regions.STATEMENT OF DIRECTION .

The result is a predictable and manageable rollout of Microsoft Dynamics AX over time. involving less risk of failure and provable return on investment (ROI) after each implementation. as well as providing one central place to enforce compliance and monitoring of internal controls.  Continued investments for better performances and scalability.5 Web services and Service-Oriented Architecture Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) is an architecture principle in which IT resources are exposed as a portfolio of reusable services that are accessible over the network in order to be composed into larger end23 MICROSOFT DYNAMICS AX . Microsoft Dynamics AX is committed to supporting the single instance scenario by delivering incremental but substantial improvements in future division at a time. fast book closing. 2. Figure 6: Single global implementation of Microsoft Dynamics AX The single instance scenario is considered by many of our customers and analysts as the targeted architecture to guarantee the lowest total cost of ownership TCO. while continuously improving scalability and performance to allow even more concurrent users and higher transaction volumes. This allows you and your implementation staff to learn the best approach for business process management and implementation management at your specific company.  Improved mass configuration and update tools. Headquarters enterprise scenario: Single instance Our enterprise strategy for the future focuses on increasing the value of the solution to larger organizations that want to use Microsoft Dynamics AX in either the multiple division or headquarters scenario.  Multi-GAAP enhancements.  Time zone support. Such planned improvements include:  Continued integration of additional localizations into the core layer. better control over processes and data. and reporting.STATEMENT OF DIRECTION .

AIF can be used 24 MICROSOFT DYNAMICS AX . including the Microsoft Dynamics AX Application Integration Framework (AIF). BizTalk Server. reverting to proprietary interfaces and protocols to overcome Web Services limitations. At the same time. the 2007 Microsoft Office system. Rather than forcing customers into major infrastructure reworks and application upgrades.NET Framework 3. and Office SharePoint Server to deliver business processes that are consumed by systems and people. allowing individual customer needs to be modeled with ease and at low cost. Microsoft Dynamics AX typically becomes part of a broader application landscape. we aim to significantly expand the scope of available Web services to provide comprehensive support for the most common business-to-business and application-to-application scenarios.‖ This suggests a step-by-step approach with a focus on leveraging and extending the use of existing IT assets guided by concrete business drivers and a broad vision in order to be successful. For core and upper mid-market and enterprise size companies. Windows Communication Foundation and Windows Workflow Foundation. . Microsoft Dynamics approach Microsoft will remain focused on partner and customer business benefits in executing on our Web services and SOA strategy.0. we are enabling companies to expose Microsoft Dynamics AX as part of a portfolio of business services and flexibly create end-to-end crossapplication processes as part of a Service Oriented Architecture strategy by using Microsoft technologies or third-party technologies. Increased business agility The object-oriented design and robust development environment of Microsoft Dynamics AX has historically delivered superior flexibility and affordable adaptability. read. Service-oriented architecture components Along with our investments in Microsoft Dynamics AX. Through Web services. compose. middle-out approach as part of ―Real World SOA. and technologies that enable our customers and partners to expose. consume. Microsoft will continue to promote an incremental. while leveraging the data consistency and deep integration that stems from a single database and common data model.0 In Microsoft Dynamics AX 5. tools. Microsoft Dynamics Snap. and update (CRU) operations as part of the Application Integration Framework (AIF). Thousands of small and mid-sized businesses around the world that rely on Microsoft Dynamics AX as their primary business backbone have leveraged this flexibility to build sustainable competitive advantage. we plan to enhance the existing functionality to support. Web services in Microsoft Dynamics AX 5. in particular. we are leveraging integration with other Microsoft technologies. Microsoft will make use of standard Web services where they offer advantages.0 and its extended components. Furthermore. create.STATEMENT OF DIRECTION . and manage Web services as part of innovative composite applications. SQL Server. Streamlined A2A and B2B integration Our investments aim to streamline application-to-application and business-to-business integration and enable collaborative business processes across trading partners.

 Microsoft Dynamics AX multi-instance deployments: Customers running multiple instances of Microsoft Dynamics AX can leverage master data services to simplify master data maintenance across instances. campaign. 25 MICROSOFT DYNAMICS AX . product. but also enrich business processes by leveraging external services. PerformancePoint Server. including bill of materials and routing information  Field service management. and we plan to make investments that will help enable SOA strategies and reduce TCO by streamlining application maintenance. leave request. including service agreements. Beyond Microsoft Dynamics AX 5.0 Future releases of Microsoft Dynamics AX will further emphasize the creation of People Ready composite applications by leveraging the expansion of both Web services support in Microsoft Dynamics AX and the broader Microsoft stack. customer-facing processes that are based on consistent customer.  Hub and spoke: Customers who use a hub and spoke model can leverage support for common master data and business documents that are associated with hub and spoke scenarios. Office SharePoint Server. and time and attendance  Finance and accounting Application-to-application integration  Integration between Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Customers seeking a familiar. including payroll. BizTalk and Workflow Foundation. and inventory information across applications.STATEMENT OF DIRECTION . Outlook-based customer relationship management (CRM) front office application while leveraging Microsoft Dynamics AX back office will benefit from end-toend. and others. and meter reading  Project management  Human resource management. Customers should expect Web services support to be an integral part of forthcoming feature development and can look forward to increasingly richer services that not only expose Microsoft Dynamics AX business logic. We encourage customers and partners to leverage our Microsoft Dynamics AX investments and the integration across the Microsoft technology stack to build additional composite applications. and to build new services to accommodate specific implementation needs. We understand the increasing importance of master data easily customize and extend existing Web services. including request for quotation (RFQ) and sales quotation  Subcontracted operations for configure-to-order. including our investments in Office Business Applications (OBAs) and the 2007 Microsoft Office system. Supported business scenarios  Order-to-cash  Procure-to-pay  Sourcing events. service orders.

Ongoing research and investment in improving the phases of the application life cycle—installing. we also are focusing on reducing the total cost of ownership for customers.As we enter new applications categories. and planning Ease of servicing and maintenance Ability to add. and upgrading—remains a top priority for our product development team. maintaining. such as Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS).Scope Microsoft Dynamics AX 5. 2. Microsoft. configuring.0 . and global coverage. such as Windows Workflow Foundation and Microsoft Office Project integration. customers can expect Microsoft to increasingly leverage SOA concepts and Web services to provide incremental deployments. using. Windows SharePoint Services.STATEMENT OF DIRECTION . and partner-hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) offerings.0 is expected to include substantial new functionality as well as quality improvements. products. and IIS compatibility modules Support of multi-instance application installations to the same directory Simpler installation of AIF Web services Addition of new components. analysis. modify.0:          Simplified installation of Enterprise Portal and Role Centers Automated installation of prerequisites. and to further simplify integration with third-party line-of-business (LOB) applications to create end-to-end business processes across on-premise. This section highlights the key enhancements in Microsoft Dynamics AX 5.6 Reducing TCO for the application life cycle While expanding the Microsoft Dynamics AX feature set. customizing. Microsoft Dynamics AX 5. The following list summarizes the key improvements that are planned to help customers install and maintain Microsoft Dynamics AX 5.0 for each of the following functional areas:       Financials Supply Chain Management Customer Relationship Management Human Resources Management and Payroll Project Expenses 26 MICROSOFT DYNAMICS AX . such as supplier relationship management (SRM). and remove components Improved data migration Improved data upgrade 3.

and increased support for large enterprises in various areas. consolidation and a new automated budgetary control. Centralized payment receipts across companies. and support for public sector. Ability to post net income to multiple equity accounts (account + multiple dimension combinations). Budget revision capability.STATEMENT OF DIRECTION . Planned features include:      New enterprise model visualization. Combined with the localization enhancements for tax reporting and continued support for existing electronic bank formats. Ability to drill back from Microsoft FRx® reports to details in Microsoft Dynamics AX We are committed to delivering best practices and functionality in the future. Support for automated back-end allocations. such as multi-GAAP. Credit card processing for accounts receivable. business intelligence and reporting.1 Financials in Microsoft Dynamics AX In addition to the system-wide enhancements—compliance improvements. Such best practices may include enhancements to the financial supply chain. allowing large or growing businesses to manage globally distributed and complex organizations. and improved workflow—Microsoft Dynamics AX 5.3. Key enhancements include:  Support for shared services scenarios for: o o    Centralized payments across companies. integrated business scenarios.0 is expected to include major enhancements in all financial areas. fixed assets. Role Centers for various personas in the finance department. 27 MICROSOFT DYNAMICS AX . Additional enhancements address more advanced financial needs. compliance. Consolidation and eliminations enhancements. allowing our customers to more easily embrace best practices in managing their businesses. providing streamlined end-to-end. Microsoft Dynamics AX delivers on the promises of automating the financial supply chain. treasury. Support for three-way matching for accounts payable. business intelligence.

demand forecasting. Addressing these objectives can have a direct impact on return on investment. and flexible planning options. such as demand fluctuations and machine breakdown.0 for each major area. 28 MICROSOFT DYNAMICS AX . working capital management.STATEMENT OF DIRECTION .  Achieve higher throughput by identifying and mitigating bottlenecks through better process insight.2 Supply chain management in Microsoft Dynamics AX Future releases of Microsoft Dynamics AX are expected to help customers adopt the latest advances in Supply Chain Management (SCM) technologies. and net profit. and finance Improved execution processes The following section highlights the key features that are expected to be delivered in Microsoft Dynamics AX 5. To deliver on these expectations. and driving efficiencies in execution processes. through better process control and dynamic multisite order fulfillment.3. thereby eliminating excess and error-prone processes. and reducing inventory levels. sales. we are focused on delivering key features that span over the following major areas:    Demand and supply planning Collaboration and integration among engineering. operations. The following are our objectives for future releases:  Reduce the impact of variations that are generated by external and internal factors.  Reduce waste by streamlining the value chain through better value stream visualization and crossfunctional and partner collaboration. raising the reliability and responsiveness of the demand and supply plans.

scheduling. routes. operations.STATEMENT OF DIRECTION . and reporting Improved procurement: Purchase requisitions and request for quote (RFQ) Improved warehouse processes for better usability Multisite product configuration Future releases of Microsoft Dynamics AX are expected to help customers drive supply chain process excellence through the integration of quality management. including key performance indicators (KPIs) Improved cost tracking. and technicians using the Enterprise Portal based on Windows SharePoint Services or Office SharePoint Server Better integration o o o Sales-to-service integration (integration of sales orders with service management) Multisite support (transfers. trade/purchase orders and sales orders. and shop floor control) Web services enrichment for procure-to-pay and order-to-cash processes 3) Improved execution processes         Lean processes: Lean sales and purchase order management. bucketing. project manufacturing. allocation. subcontracting. including Kanban and Taktime calculations Electronic signatures Customer returns management.1) Planning and scheduling     Multisite supply planning Improved planning for bottlenecks New Gantt chart component with improved usability Service dispatching and scheduling 2) Collaboration and integration among engineering. sales and operations planning that is fully integrated with Microsoft Office and more lean principles. 29 MICROSOFT DYNAMICS AX . and variances Improved shop floor control for costing. and finance  Better collaboration o o o  Role Centers for various SCM personas Workflows (approvals. bill of materials. suppliers. sales. Together with our partners who leverage these robust core processes by developing innovative vertical solutions. supplier relationship management. we will continue to deliver functionality that meets the requirements of global organizations. task notifications/alerts. picking. and task lists with drill-down capabilities) based on Windows Workflow Foundation Collaboration with customers.

create quotations. and manage the sales pipeline. to enhance the value proposition for an integrated CRM solution. thereby reducing the cost of pursuing inappropriate deals.  Opportunity management Opportunity management enhancements will be available in both Enterprise Portal and the Microsoft Dynamics AX client. transactional. Inbound e-mail will be processed against a set of rules to assist in bridging the structured and unstructured worlds together by providing Microsoft Dynamics AX context-relevant business information within Outlook and associating e-mail to Microsoft Dynamics AX entities. and providing foundational elements for enhancing the value 30 MICROSOFT DYNAMICS AX . and operational information in an easily consumable manner.3 Customer relationship management in Microsoft Dynamics AX Microsoft Dynamics AX 5. It serves as the conduit from the front office to the back office. and turn those leads into well qualified opportunities for sales personnel. and increase the return on marketing investments. allowing anyone who travels to work while out of the office.STATEMENT OF DIRECTION . thereby helping to increase their overall closure rates. based on the user’s role in the company. sales methodologies. we will be offering a direct inbound and outbound Microsoft Exchange integration. Planned key enhancements include:  Customer 360° view A central view of the customer combines analytical. provide consistency into pipeline data. better manage closure rates. By focusing on adding value to the suite.  Hierarchical process templates The hierarchical process templates are used for creating reusable lead qualification processes. Users will be able to create and manage all of their sales leads. Portal to flexible process definitions that can help manage and marketing organizations. create unique sales processes. Users will be able to create and manage all of their sales opportunities.0. appointments.3.0 is expected from increased exposure in Enterprise control execution across your sales and we are increasing the overall depth proposition of CRM.  Microsoft Exchange integration Building on the Microsoft Office Outlook integration in Microsoft Dynamics AX 4. This will allow for server-side processing of e-mail. create unique lead qualification processes.  Lead management The lead management enhancement will be available in both Enterprise Portal and the Microsoft Dynamics AX client. providing a permanent history of the interaction. and campaign processes to better focus on the right deals. and contacts that will enable easier assignment of tasks and appointments and sending mail.

The Web services include synchronization of customer information. prospects. product unit information. organizations. This holistic perspective of the enterprise network will allow for consistent. sales orders and quotations. The application will model people. regardless of whether they are internal or external to the enterprise. and internal organizations. inventory. and their relationships with each other. competitors. This information then can be used to:      Identify new sales opportunities. Integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Microsoft is planning to release the connector between Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics CRM in the fourth quarter of calendar year 2007. The global address book lays the foundation for the evolution of Microsoft Dynamics AX customer relationship management. shipping methods and warehousing. The connector is expected to include a set of Web services that allow real-time synchronization of information between Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.STATEMENT OF DIRECTION A large sales force as part of their organization. so that appropriate action can be taken. Identify potential conflicts of interest proactively and provide early visibility into potential organizational or people bottlenecks. Global address book The global address book is expected to be the single location for viewing and defining relationships between customers. Graphical depictions of the relationships and fuzzy logic search capabilities will enable the linking of relationships that would otherwise not be possible. even if the participants are competitors. The next evolutionary step for Microsoft Dynamics AX is to become the enterprise business relationship management solution. A mobile and remote work force. A call center environment. regardless of the nature of the transaction or the type of interaction. By shifting from focusing solely on customer relationships to focusing on all business relationships. vendors. enterprise-wide decision-making by providing secured access to all activity. not just sales or purchases individually in one company. employees. Microsoft Dynamics AX customers may consider supplementing their solution with Microsoft Dynamics CRM in scenarios where they have:    31 MICROSOFT DYNAMICS AX . . Negotiate purchase and sales contracts that take into account all activity across the entire enterprise. Identify potential strategic partnerships. Provide a navigation path for closing a particular sale. invoices and discounts. Microsoft will lead the way in redefining the value that integrated CRM brings to business management solutions.

compliance to provide support for the Americans with Disabilities Act and Form I-9 (Employment Eligibility Verification). the combined use of Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics CRM can provide a compelling solution for broad user adoption of CRM. Enhancements also will be made to Human Resource Management for U. and Marketing Automation.0 is used by a wide variety of customers and industries. job. jobs.S. The following planned human resources management enhancements will allow organizations to be more efficient in managing their workforce:   Role Centers Integration between Human Resource Management in Microsoft Dynamics AX and Payroll  Combined employee table Combined organizational structure and job/position Effective dating for employees. and organizations 3. 3. Microsoft Dynamics AX 5. The integrated CRM modules provide a powerful solution to customers who need a CRM solution that is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics AX.5 Project planning in Microsoft Dynamics AX Project in Microsoft Dynamics AX 5. Sales Force Automation. contact information. Telemarketing. The integrated CRM modules provide integration with Microsoft Office. Integration to Microsoft Project Server Microsoft Project Server is used by organizations to gain visibility into and effectively manage project resources. Several key features are expected to be introduced in this next release:  Integration to production This feature will enable project-based manufacturers to gain early visibility into manufacturing costs as a fundamental part of their projects. and employee.0 is expected to offer enhanced integration and usability across the core areas of organization.4 Human resources management and payroll in Microsoft Dynamics AX Microsoft Dynamics AX includes a full suite of human resources management and payroll functionality. In addition to this connector. Under these scenarios. including Microsoft Office Outlook. positions. Seamless.  A services company (such as financial services).STATEMENT OF DIRECTION . In addition. A high volume of leads and have a practice for leads management. customers will continue to benefit from the integrated CRM modules in Microsoft Dynamics AX: Sales Management. bi-directional integration with Project in Microsoft Dynamics AX will extend 32  MICROSOFT DYNAMICS AX . Role Centers will allow users to have a customizable view of the information that is important to their jobs.

new methods are being introduced that will allow users to post directly to the balance sheet instead of having to run the estimate system first. and other stakeholders.0 we expect to introduce a new Expense Management module to the product portfolio. Cash flow Users are expected to have the ability to budget and analyze the actual cash flow on a project by project or a group of related projects.0 is planned to allow Project users to charge their travel-related expenses against projects. users are expected to be able to create a hierarchical work breakdown structure to better manage and control project costs and deliverables. making it more attractive to an increased number of industries. Expense Management provides the ability to automate the process of managing one of the largest discretionary costs a company incurs—travel and entertainment (T&E) expenses. subcontractors. Direct balance sheet posting for fixed price and investment projects To increase flexibility for how work in process (WIP) is posted.  Hierarchical activities Complementing the existing project/subproject structure. Integration to Expense Management A new Expense Management module in Microsoft Dynamics AX 5. we will continue to expand the horizontal capabilities of the solution. 3.project and resource management capabilities to Microsoft Dynamics AX and offer an end-to-end business solution for project-driven businesses.        In the future. but also to customers. Export to Excel from statistics forms Users will be able to create PivotTable views directly from the Statistics form in Project to perform more detailed analysis or distribute the results to non-Microsoft Dynamics AX users. User-defined project stages Users will to have the ability to configure project stages and processing capabilities based on their business processes. Cost control Purchase order and production committed costs provide insight into projected costs and enable tighter control over potential cost overruns.6 Expenses in Microsoft Dynamics AX In Microsoft Dynamics AX 5. Employee utilization Managers will be able to gain insight into the overall effectiveness of employees and projects. Expense 33 MICROSOFT DYNAMICS AX . extending the reach not only to the project manager. Increased functionality available in Enterprise Portal is planned.STATEMENT OF DIRECTION .

It is also possible to reduce per diem allowances by percentage for breakfast. Per diems Companies can define per diem amounts that are available to employees based on multiple criteria.Management is integrated with the financial modules and Project in Microsoft Dynamics AX.        34 MICROSOFT DYNAMICS AX . Cash advance administration This feature allows employees to submit a cash advance request in whatever currency they need. reducing the total cost of processing expense reports. Expense policies To enforce compliance with T&E policies and guidelines. Mileage This feature allows for reimbursement of mileage expenses incurred when using a personal car.0 features and benefits include:  100% Web enabled By delivering Expense Management in an easily deployable Web browser solution— Enterprise Portal—Microsoft Dynamics AX can provide an out-of-the-box. Expense entry Expense entry in Enterprise Portal enables employees to enter and submit expense reports online. when the employee is traveling. Key Microsoft Dynamics AX 5. This includes the ability to track miles traveled. so both employees and approvers can view them at the time of entry and approval. and more. and set minimum hours for per diems. low TCO solution to all employees. This includes flagging expenses that are out of policy. Hotel wizard The hotel wizard is a feature that allows users to easily allocate hotel charges to multiple expense categories to meet regulatory and accounting needs. Approvals This feature allows expense reports and cash advance requests to be routed to managers or other approvers. which can determine the amount of mileage reimbursement received. lunch. The request flows through an approval process as necessary. The cash advance administrator can consolidate requests that are submitted by all employees for easier management of cash distribution. Expense Management provides the ability to define company policies and apply them during expense entry.STATEMENT OF DIRECTION . and is delivered through the Web-based Enterprise Portal. and dinner. This includes the ability to give a per diem allowance based on the country where the employee is traveling. who can approve them with the click of a button.

as well as infrastructure. companies can import transactions on a regular basis. approving. business processes. enhanced multinational support and compliance support for SarbanesOxley and IFRS. best of business process integration across the application. 35 MICROSOFT DYNAMICS AX . Credit card and travel account transaction import By providing a framework to import credit card and travel account transactions charged to corporate cards. Beyond Microsoft Dynamics AX 5. New features and themes are already planned for future releases beyond Microsoft Dynamics AX 5. We plan to expand Microsoft Dynamics AX capabilities across additional industries and deliver additional enhancements to the product suite. Microsoft Dynamics AX plans to expand its Enterprise-capable features to provide broader support for international and large organization requirements in terms of functionality. industry specific-features. 4.0 in the areas of Web services. Features that make the process of entering.0 Future plans for Microsoft Dynamics AX call for more Role Tailored functionality. Expense Management helps companies analyze and audit their discretionary spending by providing out-of-the-box analytics. Efforts to centralize and gain more control over spending categories.0. along with an expanded corporate performance management solution. Some key areas of focus will be:    Features that help reduce T&E costs. Microsoft expects to continue to expand the Expense Management functionality. Part of our future strategy is to Web-enable Microsoft Dynamics AX to allow users to access 100% of the application in a Web browser. mobility. and collaboration. Employees can then automatically add these transactions to expense reports at the time of entry.STATEMENT OF DIRECTION .  Beyond Microsoft Dynamics AX 5. Reporting and analytics A key benefit to automating the expense management process is the ability to easily report on the total expenses that flow through the system. and managing expense reports more efficient. contextual business intelligence.

along with implementation methodology and tools. offering a long term relationship through a clear roadmap. supports your IT strategy while maintaining a low Total Cost of Ownership by:     helping minimize risks and reduce implementation costs. and large numbers of users. make it possible to build a connected business. Microsoft Dynamics AX can fulfill requirements of midmarket companies to international companies as well as larger organizations. handle large transaction volumes. Microsoft Dynamics AX is a comprehensive and scalable ERP solution that. Our goal is to provide a complete solution that can scale to support your growth and company strategy by delivering an adaptable solution that remains flexible and capable to cross borders. combined with the familiarity with other Microsoft products. we remain committed to extending the broad horizontal capabilities of the Microsoft Dynamics AX platform.STATEMENT OF DIRECTION .CONCLUSION This document outlines the future direction of Microsoft Dynamics AX through the year 2010. enhancing usability and user acceptance. enabling integration and communication scenarios. It also shows how leveraging the planned innovations in Microsoft Dynamics AX. 36 MICROSOFT DYNAMICS AX . As we develop future Microsoft Dynamics AX functionality. This is the value we aim to deliver to our customers and the value that guides our investments in Microsoft Dynamics AX. and we will continue to encourage our partners and ISVs to do what they do best: provide and implement the specific functionality that our customers need to run their individual businesses.

Swiss German. Canadian French Danish Finnish French German English Italian Malaysian English Mexican Spanish Dutch New Zealand English Singapore English South African English Spanish Swiss French. Swiss Italian UK English US English 37 MICROSOFT DYNAMICS AX . Belgian Dutch Canadian English.Appendix Microsoft Dynamics AX country localizations SYS layer geographies and languages Country Languages Australia Austria Belgium Canada Denmark Finland France Germany Ireland Italy Malaysia Mexico Netherlands New Zealand Singapore South Africa Spain Switzerland UK US Australian English Austrian German Belgian French.STATEMENT OF DIRECTION .

STATEMENT OF DIRECTION .0. The solution is in the process of being reengineered and redesigned to use the SYS layer tax engine. While the current Microsoft Dynamics AX solution continues to be available. but contain some remaining features in the GLS layers. the reengineered solution is planned for availability during the second half of 2008.0. 2 The release for Japan is targeted for release in June 2007. 3 The Arabic-language version is targeted for release with Microsoft Dynamics AX 5. Microsoft plans to have all remaining GLS features for these countries in the SYS layer in Microsoft Dynamics AX 5. Iceland Icelandic Country-specific GLS layers and languages Country Languages Brazil People’s Republic of China India1 Japan2 Thailand Turkey Non-country specific3 Brazilian Portuguese Simplified Chinese English Japanese Thai Turkish Arabic Note the India GLS layer does not lend itself to a multi-national environment because it relies on its own tax engine. Norway Sweden Norwegian Swedish The following country is planned for merge and consolidation into the SYS layer in Microsoft Dynamics AX 5.SYS layer geographies and languages (continued) Country Languages The following countries are in the SYS layer. 1 38 MICROSOFT DYNAMICS AX .0.

South Africa. it is important to note that there is some functionality that currently exists in the GLS (global) layers for the above countries that may not be compatible with a global deployment. Austria. AvtaleGiro and File archiving features  Sweden: for the Price Calculation and External Documents features Note that for New Zealand.0 release. United Kingdom. France. Thailand. 5 39 MICROSOFT DYNAMICS AX . New Zealand. Ireland and South Africa. Lithuania.STATEMENT OF DIRECTION . 4 Note that there are some remaining issues that make it challenging to deploy multiple Eastern European countries in a single GLS layer. eInvoice. and the United States 4 .0. This functionality will be provided separately for partners to include as necessary with national deployments. OCR Payments. Switzerland. Mexico.Single Eastern Europe GLS layer and languages Country Languages Czech Republic Estonia Hungary Latvia Lithuania Poland Russia Czech Estonian Hungarian Latvian Lithuanian Polish Russian Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0 will initially release with the following independent GLS layers:  A Central and Eastern European GLS layer for Czech Republic. Microsoft Dynamics AX 4. Paying vendors.0. Ireland.  Norway: for most banking functionality including the eGiro. Sweden (see exception below). Spain. Singapore. Requirements are covered via features from the UK and Australia. the following country-specific functionality was included in the SYS (core) layer: Australia. Estonia.0 SYS and GLS Layers With the release of Microsoft Dynamics AX 4. Italy. Poland and Russia5. but will be fixed as part of the Microsoft Dynamics AX 5. Finland. Hungary. Denmark. Latvia. Germany. there are no local features in Microsoft Dynamics AX. Norway (see exception below). Netherlands. However. With Microsoft Dynamics AX 4. Canada. These issues can be addressed today by partners. an upgrade program is being provided that will migrate data associated with these country localizations into the appropriate SYS tables. Belgium. Malaysia.

Consolidate into the core SYS layer or make redundant the remaining GLS features for countries that are already in the SYS layer: – Norway.0.0: – Brazil. Arabic. Iceland. China.       Iceland India Turkey Thailand: Withholding tax and Unrealized VAT Brazil China – a new country localization available Japan – a new country localization available Microsoft Dynamics AX 5. We intend to create a single GLS layer that works in single instance deployments together with the single core SYS layer: 1. consolidated GLS layer the following countries in three phases up through the first half of 2009: – Eastern Europe/Russia. Consolidate the following versions into a single GLS layer for release with Microsoft Dynamics AX 5. Japan 3.0 SYS and GLS Layers The following layer consolidation work is planned for the release of Microsoft Dynamics AX 5.STATEMENT OF DIRECTION . Sweden. Merge into the single. 2. Thailand. India and Turkey 40 MICROSOFT DYNAMICS AX .

trademarks. Microsoft Dynamics. BizTalk. Complying with all applicable copyright laws is the responsibility of the user. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES. this document should not be interpreted to be a commitment on the part of Microsoft. FRx Software Corporation. Because Microsoft must respond to changing market conditions. adaptable business management solutions that enables you and your people to make business decisions with greater confidence.Microsoft Dynamics is a line of integrated. EXPRESS. copyrights. Excel. and Canada Toll Free 1-888-477-7989 Worldwide +1-701-281-6500 www. the furnishing of this document does not give you any license to these patents. or other intellectual OR STATUTORY. copyrights. or other intellectual property rights covering subject matter in this document. IMPLIED. recording. patent applications. Dexterity. Visio. or Microsoft Business Solutions ApS in the United States and/or other countries. Microsoft may have patents. © 2007 Microsoft Corporation. The information contained in this document represents the current view of Microsoft Corporation on the issues discussed as of the date of publication. the Microsoft Dynamics logo. U. Without limiting the rights under copyright. Microsoft Business Solutions ApS and FRx Software Corporation are subsidiaries of Microsoft Corporation. Visual C++.S.STATEMENT OF DIRECTION . Except as expressly provided in any written license agreement from Microsoft. stored in or introduced into a retrieval system. without the express written permission of Microsoft Corporation. InfoPath. Visual SourceSafe. or otherwise). automating and streamlining financial. or transmitted in any form or by any means (electronic. trademarks. Visual Studio. Outlook. All rights reserved. Microsoft Dynamics works like and with familiar Microsoft software. Visual Basic. PerformancePoint. no part of this document may be reproduced. Windows Vista and Windows Server are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. and Microsoft cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information presented after the date of publication. AS TO THE INFORMATION IN THIS DOCUMENT. or for any purpose. 41 MICROSOFT DYNAMICS AX . PowerPoint. Windows. FRx. mechanical. Microsoft. This White Paper is for informational purposes only. photocopying. customer relationship and supply chain processes in a way that helps you drive business success.

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