keno upanishad

om apyayanthu mamangani | vak pranachchashu; chrothram atho balaminthriyani sa sarvani | sarvam brahmobanishatham | maham brahma nirahuryam | ma ma brahma nirakaroth | anirakaranamasthu, anirakaranam mesthu | thathathmani nirathe ya upanishathsu tharmas-they mayi santhu, they mayi santhu om santhi om santhi om santhi ............

let all my parts, speech, life force, energy, all my senses like eye ear etc be doing their duties well. all these are only the brahmam (god). god will not leave me. i cannot leave god. i pray that this relationship will be permanant. let the duties done by the renowned souls who are permanantly happy will be with me also. let there be peace in the three world...............

student asks: why the mind is falling upon materialistic pleasures? why the soul is engaged in desires? which god control senses? teacher: all these things are controlled only by the supreme one. your eyes, sound, senses and the mind cannot enter into that. we cannot explain that. it is different from the things we known and it is beyond the things we unknown. brahmam cannot be explained by words. what we are praying as brahmam is not at all brahmam. for which mind cannot reach and by which the mind is controlled is brahmam. ie:the eyes are controlled by the life force. the life force can see the eyes but the eyes cannot see the life force. similarly the life force is cotrolling the mind. the mind cannot see the life.(ie:athma) nothing is bigger than the soul it is the infinity. 2nd paragraph: if you think that you have understood well then that it is not at all brahmam. similarly if you identify the brahmam with some gods then also it is wrong. you will have to analise more student replies: now i can say that i understand brahmam because i am not thinking that i know brahmam and at the same time i am not have the feeling that i don't know the brahmam. .........2.2 ......2.1 it can see the mind but .....1.8 ..... 1.6 .....1.4 .....1.3 .....1.2 .....1.1


ie: one who already understand brahmam will not say anything, he will only be in silence one who says that i dont know the brahmam may know it. the more one is educated he will be more away from the brahmam. ........2.3 ie:new science is darkness. one who realises that he does not know the brahmam will only reach brahmam and he will not die in this eternal world. .........2.4 one who knows this truth will not perish. and others will die for ordinary causes. in the third and the fourth para how the agni(fire) the vayu(air) and the inthran(god of the east) cannot find the brahmam is explained. this is a symbolic story that explains that the more wealthed and the more knowledged can not also understand brahmam. like a thunder flash it comes in your mind. it is the first stage. you will feel that you have reached it but it disappears after some seconds. it is the second stage. you will feel the zeroness within you during that time. one who is doing his penance without any ambitions, one who is silent at all situations (happy or sorrow), and one who is doing his duties without any expectations will reach it in due course. and he will be in the eternal bliss permanantly. .......2.5

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