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90% ofpupils were able to understand lesson. The other pupiis who did not understand lesson r,vere given model answers/asked to copy notes/given extra exercises,

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All pupils understood the lesson - active participation of pupils and they rvere
able to answer questions.

Lesson was satisfactorily canied out. Pupils were guided during the lesson through group work/listening to CD/use of OHP/VCD.

Able to arouse interest of pupils in lesson through oral activities/group work.


Pupils were able to understand lesson and could answer questions in their written exercise. Pupils understood lesson as reflected in their ability to answer questions in their written exercise. Majority were able to answer correctly. The minority who were unable to do the exercise will be retested.

Majority ofpupils could not understand lesson. Lesson will be repeated.

Lesson was not effective. Explanations were unclear. Weak pupils/pupils who did not understand the lesson were shown examples work by excellent pupils/given extra class.


50% ofpupils understood the lesson while the rest did not. Extra class will be carried out.

Weakerpupils were given more exercises to compiete/were that they could be given more affention during lesson.

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