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I would like to take an opportunity to thank all the people who helped me in collecting necessary information and making of the report. I am grateful to all of them for their time, energy and wisdom. Getting a project ready requires the work and effort of many people. I would like all those who have contributed in completing this project. First of all, I would like to send my sincere thanks to Mr. Vivek Ahuja for his helpful hand in the completion of my project.

Dhruv Verma


The study, which I conducted on the “In-depth Analysis of Hero Honda Motors Ltd” in the area of Marketing & Human Resource Management has been a very gratifying experience at the outset, the objectives were to cover the whole marketing strategies and Human Resource policies adopted by HHML. The entire report has been effort to do just that. Through out the study I found Hero Honda bikes are very new & use modern technology in their bikes. As a result they give better performance then other bikes in the market & required less maintenance. Hero Honda also provides good after sale service to the customer. Hero Honda has managed to put in spectacular performance going from strength to strength despite increase in competition, the company’s sales have witnessed an up trend, registering an average growth of 42% in the three years under review. Hero Honda has managed to achieve this because of its strong brand image and proven product quality underpinned the performance growth in recent years. Apart from the strong brand “Splendor” the company’s presence across the spectrum of the motorcycle market helped it exploit the growing demand for 4-stroke motorcycles. In view of the increasing competition due to globalization and the expansion of the economy .All industries need to constantly add more attributes and features which consumer wants in two wheelers of their company .In context company had to adopt more innovative and consumer friendly attributes so that there product should be more popular among the customers. Today in this present world the Marketing Strategy of Hero Honda in two wheeler segment of India and are leading as the world number one two wheeler company from the past three consecutive years.


There are many features which effect the two wheeler company but important among all of them are the following :(1) Fuel efficiency (2) Maintenance (3) Availability of the product (4) Resale value (5) Look and style (6) Image and brand 4 .The research assigned to was to study the parameter ore the features that effect most of the customer satisfaction in the Hero Honda motors limited & BAJAJ Automobiles .

RESEARCH METHODOLOGY • Research Objective • Research Design • Data Sources • Primary Data • Secondary Data • Questionnaire Design/Formulation • Sample Design • Limitation of the Research 3. COMPANY PROFILE • History of Hero Honda comp.TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapter No. 5. 1.W.O. ANNEXURE 5 . DATA ANALYSIS FINDINGS / CONCLUSION RECOMMENDATIONS • QUESTIONNAIRE 7. Topic INTRODUCTION • • About The Industry Products 2.T Analysis 4. 6. • S.


This trend too is in for a change. Most Indian players in the two-wheeler industry had been into some kind of strategic alliance. (till June 2007). Other companies too are adapting the strategy of designing and developing products indigenously. which has been Successful at designing models in-house. Hero Honda and TVS Suzuki. The other players including Kinetic Engineering. Hero Honda is the market leader in the motorcycles segment and in the segment of mopeds. have been able to bag the scooter of the year award for 2006 and 2007 respectively. Bajaj-Kawasaki a joint venture between Bajaj Motors and Kawasaki. of Japan. Leading the pack in this arena is Bajaj. motorcycles and mopeds. In the scooters segment Bajaj is the market leader. its Spirit was adjudged the "Indigenous product design of the year" for the year 2000. and Yamaha-Escorts. Indian companies have been dependent on their foreign joint venture partners or collaborators to provide them with the technical know-how. Hero-Honda. TVS-Suzuki was an alliance with TVS and Suzuki Motors (till September 2006). The industry can be divided into three broad segments: Scooters. TVS's Victor is yet another 7 . mainly Japanese firms. albeit in tandem with Japanese design house. LML and others account for the remaining 20 percent of the market. Bajaj has been laying increased emphasis on its R&D so as to be able to launch new products to tap the markets at all possible price points.INTRODUCTION The Indian two-wheeler industry is dominated by three players. is yet to come to a stage where all the models are developed indigenously. Tokyo R&D. Indian automobile market. who account for 80 percent of the total two-wheeler market. be it the two-wheeler segment. In fact. a joint venture between Escorts and Yamaha Motor Corp. The recently launched Pulsar from the Bajaj stable is yet another home-grown product. Bajaj. Bajaj's Safire and Spirit. is a joint venture between the Munjal-promoted Hero Group and Honda Motor Co. technical collaboration or joint venture with foreign players. For years now. the three-wheeler segment or the car segment. TVS controls the major chunk of the market.

mopeds. are among the most popular mopeds in the country. Hero Cycles Ltd. Modern technologies for systems have transformed the profile of HERO. Hero Motors Ltd. Highway Cycle industries: manufacturing free wheels and Sunbeam Castings: making precision non-ferrous castings. ABOUT THE INDUSTRY Their operations cover spectrum of consumer and industrial application including motorcycles.: Major O. Yet the formula for success is unchanged –A drive for quality and economy. Munjal Showa Ltd. In each of these areas Hero is a pioneer and a leader.E. PANTHER and ANKUR produced by majestic auto Ltd.development in this direction and this indigenously built model has been a success in the markets. automotive components and industrial supplies. HeroPACER. supplier of the stock industries: brand leader in shafts and hubs. makes Hero-PUNCH: the most advanced light motorcycle. A commitment to ancillary development and uncompromising attention to the common man’s need 8 . Other companies in the HERO galaxy are Gujarat Cycles Ltd. is in the Guineas Book of World Records as the world’s largest bicycle manufacturer.: Indian’s most advanced bicycle manufacturing unit.

collaborators: Malguti.. Italy. Ltd. motorcycles steyr punch. Japan Ludhiana Product : Ghaziabad Product: motorcycles mopeds & fitness mini daimler austria scooters.HERO GROUP BUSINESS HERO LIMITED CYCLES HERO LIMITED II) Bicycles Established in 1956 in Ludhiana Product : Bicycles BUSINESS HERO CYCLES GUJARAT (UNIT CYCLES LIMITED Established in 1988 Established in 1988 in Sahibabad in Baroda Product : Bicycles Product: Bicycles HONDA MAJESTIC AUTO HERO MOTORS LIMITED (A DIVISION OF MAJESTIC AUTO LIMITED) MOTORS LIMITED Auto-Two Wheelers Established in 1983 New Established in 1978 Established in 1988 Delhi Product: co. product: Collaborator: collaborator: Honda motor equipment BUSINESS ROCKMAN CYCLE INDUSTRIES LIMITED HIGHWAY CYCLE MUNJAL INDUSTRIES LIMITED Established in 1971 LIMITED SHOWA Bicycle and Auto Established in 1960 Ludhiana Components Ludhiana Product: Established in 1985 Product : Stock Absorbers Freewheels & Special Gurgaon Product: Automotive Machine Tools 9 .

Non. Collaborator: Manufacturing Japan SUNBEAM CASTINGS HERO COLD DIVISION Showa Co. Steel & Aluminum Hubs.& Bicycle Chains.ferrous Castings Rolled Steel Sheets and Coils HERO CORPORATE SERVICES MANJAL SALES BUSINESS HERO EXPORTS CORPORATION Services Established in 1993 Established in 1995 Established in 1975 Ludhiana Product New Delhi Product: Ludhiana Product: : Corporate Service in Sole Selling Agents of Parts for India. HDR. IT & Bicycles and Bicycles Company dealing in Strategic Planning Commodities’ Engineering Items & 10 . International Trading Finance. BUSINESS MANJAL CASTINGS CYCLESROLLING Castings and steel Established in 1981 Established in 1987 Established in 1990 Ludhiana Product : ferrous Castings Gurgaon Product : Ludhiana Cold Product : Non.

forthcoming and friendly. 1923. is a first generation entrepreneur of 1950’s. Honda has become the large Japanese industrial concern among those companies incorporated after World War II. Mr. At this pinnacle of accomplishment. After partition Mr. but his demeanor is unbelievably warm and loving. generators and Outboard motors. In his 50 years of career as an entrepreneur. business associates or government officials. Honda5s other areas of product excellence include Automobiles and Power products (Lawn Movers. Mr. 140000 crores.) Honda motor company has 83 overseas production facilities in 35 countries looked after by 93000 strong force. Born on July 1. Mr. Since its it with workers. Brijmohan Lal. Recognized the world over as a pioneer. the Honda name is guarantee of the technological and the manufacturing excellence of any product.HISTORY The Honda motor company was incorporated in 1948. Chairman of Hero Group of Companies. Brijmohan Lal advocates corporate governance and ethical and value-driven management practices. He has been successful in steering the 11 . professionals. commanding 25% of the motorcycle market and nearly 50% of the Japanese market. In 1995 its consolidated sales amounted over Rs. he is accessible. Today Honda is acknowledged as the undisputed leader in the motorcycle technology. Lal has a trail of successes. It has also been established itself as the world’s Largest manufacturer of the motorcycles. Munjal along with his brothers started the business of bicycle components manufacturing in a humble way at Ludhiana at a time when the country was beset with bottlenecks of industrial infrastructure and investments. CHAIRMAN PROFILE Profile of Chairman of Hero Honda Ltd.

It has a committed workforce of over 15000. Besides managing a large organization. educational facilities and infrastructure. Mr. which is unique in providing quality management and enterprise to Indian industry. Brijmohan Lal Munjal and his brothers have nurtured the family by training younger generation members into a distinct culture. He has set up various medical. advice in their business strategies. REWARDS AND RECOGNITION ⇒ Mr. Brijmohan Lal Munjal received the “Business Man of the Year” award by the Business Indian Group of publications for the year with innovative ideas. ⇒ He had also received the most admired “CEO” award from Business Baron for the year 1999. Mr. Today. Munjal was also presented the “National Award for outstanding contribution to the development of Indian Small Scale Industry” by the President of India in the year 1995. ⇒ Mr. actively leads national business associations and also adds value as Board members of Reserve Bank of India. 12 . Lal spends consideration energy. Munjal’s Chairmanship. Munjal was awarded the “Indians of the Century award” by Times of India in 2000. He continuously provides group companies foresight. The group companies have been honored with best industrial governance and safety awards under Mr. ⇒ The “XLRI” Institute (Jamshedpur) has conferred on him with the Honor of “Sir Jahangir Ghandy Medal for Industrial Peace” in 2000. ⇒ Mr. Munjal has received several prestigious awards in his illustrious career over 50 years: ⇒ Mr. ⇒ He was also awarded the “Honorary Membership of the Indian Institution of Industrial Engineering” in 1992. the group produces 5 million bicycles and I million two-wheelers annually. time and resources to strive for social upliftment of communities and villages around the factories.

⇒ Mr. Brijmohan Lal has also been the member of many important industrials and business delegations led by Prime Ministers and other ministers to project the image of the country and also make others aware of the business opportunities in India. Brijmohan Lal Munjal is also the president of “Dayanand Medical College and Hospital at Ludhiana.⇒ Mr. 13 .

features. design. The ideal product mix is an issue that varies from firm to firm and may be hard to define and come by. PRODUCT LINE A product line refers to a group of product clubbed together because they have one of the above described characteristics in common. technology and production techniques. variety. packaging.PRODUCTS A Product is something of value that is offered for sale or hire with the aim of satisfying customer needs. colors. PRODUCT CONSISTENCY This is the degree of similarity between product line in end use. The number of product lines carried by a firm at a given point in time is a function of its resources and competitive position. PRODUCT WIDTH This refers to the number of different product lines marketed by a firm. It may also be intangible such as provision of a service like training or education etc. 14 . etc) offered in each product line. For example Daewoo Cielo car is the tangible product and after sale services and mobile repair anywhere is an intangible service. which includes product quality. It is a bundle of satisfaction that the customer buys. Many products may have tangible as well as intangible attributes. PRODUCT DEPTH This refers to the numbers of product items and their variations (like size. A product may be a tangible offer to the market. distribution channel etc. branding etc.

symbol. intended to identify the goods or services of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them form those of competitors.POSITIONING OF THE PRODUCT Positioning concerns what is in the minds of consumers. Branding is a way of labeling your particular product offering to distinguish it from other competitors product offering. and the brand occupy in the minds of particular group of consumers. It is about the position your firm. and they have concerning the product. the product. It is what the consumers think of the product or the firm or there perception of the product offerings of a firm. BRANDING A brand is a name. in particular in the minds of your target group(s) of consumers. term sign. the attributes they associate with your product. or a combination of them. Positioning is something that goes on in the consumers mind. TYPES OF BRAND NAMES One name Many different names Umbrella corporate Name Family Umbrella names Range names Separate individual brand names 15 . or design.

) Hero Honda has launched the following motorbikes in the Indian market. ⇒ Hero Honda CD 100 ⇒ Hero Honda CD 100 SS ⇒ Honda Sleek ⇒ Hero Honda Splendor ⇒ Hero Honda Street Smart ⇒ Hero Honda CBZ ⇒ Hero Honda joy ⇒ Hero Honda passion ⇒ Hero Honda Ambition ⇒ Hero Honda Karizma ⇒ Hero Honda Dawn ⇒ A brief description of these bikes is as follows: 16 .PRODUCT DESCRIPTON (HERO HONDA LTD.

CD 100 is available in four colors candy Ruby red. CD 100 is an improved. The bike is priced at Rs. CD 100 comes in a four speed constant mesh – all foot shift gears. The bike has a 97.rpm engine. It has separate oil circulation in the engine. spark plug and no silence to worry about. for every 1000 kilometers. 37000(ex-showroom Delhi) and at Rs 36000 (ex showroom Mumbai. Black. It is an economical and reliable bike which has the ability to go on and on. Forget it” bike is India’s first 4-stroke bike and is still the India’s foremost.2 cc. 17 . It gives the maximum speed of SO kilometer per hour. Shut it. The CD100 4-stroke engine is derived from Honda’s tough economic series range of engine. Amazing Blue metallic and sierra green metallic). fuel-efficient.PRODUCT AND SERVICES HERO HONDA CD 100 CD 100 The original “Fill it. The bike confirms to the year 2000 Euro emission norms. It has an electronic ignition and it weighs at 107 kg (kerb weight). The bike is economical and easy to maintain with optimal oil circulation of 50ml. with illuminated speedometer with a colormarked “economy zone” indicating cruising range. Hence no possibilities of carbon deposits on piston rings.2 hp at 8000. year after year. which makes it. easy to ride bike. 7.

to grip the road in any condition giving it improved cornering stability and safety.8 liters reserve). mud and stones. The CD 100 SS adds a new dimension of strength to Hero Honda’s world famous four-stroke technology. Sierra Green Metallic and Classy Maroon Metallic).HERO HONDA CD 100 SS The CD 100 SS is a bike that is meant to take on the toughest riding condition. CD 100 SS also has an engine guard. The CD 100 SS has wider tires. The bike comes with a transmission of 4-speed. 39. to protect the bike and to give the ride more comfort. 7. The bike has a 97. It has a large ground clearance of 165 mm and it weights at 112kg(kerb weight).000(ex-showroom Delhi) and at Rs. all feat shift gear and it has an electronic ignition. constant mesh. to soak up bumps on unkind roads. The bike is available in the following colors (Candy Ruby Red. The CD 100SS has a fuel tank capacity of 10. to protect and engine from the assault of sand.2 cc. Black. CD 100SS is priced at Rs.1 liters (including 2. Amazing Blue Metallic.000 (ex-showroom Mumbai).2 hp at 8000 rpm. The bike has large reinforced shock absorbers. 37. 18 . therefore giving it improved performance. while continuing to enjoy the legendary fuel economy.

19 . air-cooled bike. The bike has a ground clearance of 165 mm.HERO HONDA SLEEK Hero Honda Sleek is a 97. 4-stroke.3 liters (including 1. all foot shift gears. And It has a dry weight of 100 Kilograms. The Sleek has a maximum power of 7. The bike has a Multi-plate wet clutch and it comes with a transmission of 4-speed constant mesh.0 hp2 @ 8000 rpm and it gives a maximum speed of 85 Kilometers per hour. The Sleek has a fuel tank capacity of 10. It has a Backbone frame type.4 liters reserve). that comes with a Electronic Ignition.2 CC1. single cylinder.

The Splendor conforms to the year 2000 Euro emission norms. Blaze Blue silver Metallic.5 Ps at 8000 rpm and it gives a maximum speed of 85 kilometer per hour. Candy Ruby Red. Splendor comes with a transmission of 4-speed Constant Mesh all foot shift gears. It has a well-cushioned Longslung seat that helps the rider to rest and ride at the same time. that one may never be able to find out what happens between the tires and the bumpy roads. It has smashing good looks and gives excellent performance. which works so well. Splendor is a bike that met the pollution control standards of 1990’s.HERO HONDA SPLENDOR Hero Honda Splendor the world’s largest selling motor bike is a 4-stroke. Hero Honda Splendor is priced at approximately RS 41. The Splendor has a tabular double crable type frame. The Splendor is available in the following colors (Black.000 (ex-showroom Mumbai). Sierra Green Metallic and Hi Granite Blue Metallic). 20 . Splendor has very good suspension. It has an Electronic Ignition and it weight at 90 Kilograms (Kerb weight). The bike’s new engine gives unprecedented fuel efficiency.000 (ex-showroom Delhi) and at RS 39. The bike has a wheel base of 1230 mm and a ground clearance of 159 mm. The bike has a maximum power of 7. 100cc driving machine.

21 .HERO HONDA STREET SMART Hero Honda Street Smart is a 4-stroke. 100cc bike which delivers great pick-up. The Street Smart comes with trendy front shield. The bike has Rotary gears and Auto-Clutch. which makes it sturdier safer and smarter. It has a ground clearance of 133mm and it comes with a transmission 4-speed constant Mesh all feat shift gears. The bike also comes in a self-start model. It is available in the following colours (Candy Ruby Red. which helps to reduce load on the battery and enhances its life. which makes it easy to carry bags.000 (ex-showroom Delhi) and Rs 36. Street Smart has a wheel base of 1205 mm. which makes it easy to start. Sierra Green Metallic and Purple Metallic). which makes it amazingly maneuverable. It’s a sheer convenience for riding. Hero Honda Street Smart is priced at approximately Rs 32. Black. the bike is reasonably priced. lunch boxes etc. The Street Smart has Electronic ignition and a background tubular type Frame. The Street Smart also has an automatic decompression.000 (ex-showroom Mumbai). It has a storage box.

8 CC engines which generates 12. It also has a large 130-mm drum brakes.000. and also has an option of front disc brakes. The bike also incorporated the zero crank case evaporative emission. pollution control feature so advance. Tahitian Blue. The bike also has the trip meter. which ensures that the ride is smooth and easy. that it is seen for the first time in India. The CBZ also has a multi-lever lockable seat which provides storage space and doubles as an anti theft mechanism for GDI unit RR unit and the battery. The air injection system in the CBZ injects fresh air in to the exhaust part. which measures the distance traveled in a trip. Tasmania Green.HERO HONDA CBZ Hero Honda CBZ is a bike that is equipped with five gears and 156. The bike reaches from 0 to 60 kilometers per hour in just 5 seconds effortlessly touches the top speed of 100 kilometers per hour. The CBZ also has the Transient Power Fuel Control (TPFC) system which helps in giving the bike quick acceleration. Candy Sparkling silver and Candy Blazing Red). with a unique tread pattern that is not available on any Indian motorcycle. The CBZ also has the widest rear tyre. It also has the dynamic vibration dampers incorporated in the handlebar. which enhances its braking performance. The unique trapezoidal headlights gives CBZ a stylish look and helps the Rider to see clearly in the darkest to nights. The bike is available in the following colors (Black. The Hero Honda CBZ is priced at approximately RS 57. 22 .8 Ps power.

Speed Frame Suspension 4-stroke. HERO HONDA Motors Ltd.5 Ps at 8000 rpm 4 Speed constant mesh Multi-plate wet type 85 kmph Tubular double cradle Telescopic Hydraulic fork Swing Arm with 5 step adjustable hydraulic damper 2. It’s a feast for your eyes… 23 .2cc 7.HERO HONDA PASSION Engine Displacement Maximum Power Gear Box Clutch Max.8 liters (Reserve 1.1 ltrs) Front Rear Tyre Size Final Drive Battery Ignition Starting Wheelbase Ground clearance Length Width Height Kerb weight Fuel Tank Capacity Front Rear SPECIAL PHYSICAL FEATURES OF NEW BORN …PASSION PASSION is one of the classiest looking bike HERO HONDA Motors Ltd. has designed & introduced a bike truly for the youth of the new century.75 x 18 x 4 PR 3.5 AH Electronic CDI Kick Starter 1235 mm 159 mm 1980 mm 720 mm 1060 mm 116 mm 12. Truly going by the traditions of its Corporate Image … Leading The Way. single cylinder air cooled OHC 97.00 x 18 – 3/6 PR Roller Chain 12 V. has ever made.2.

1 litres. SHOCKERS The rear shocker can be adjusted according to the terrain and the ride is as comfortable on a village road as on a city highway. The matching graphics gels very well with the overall sporty look of the motorcycle. 97. MUDGUARD – FRONT PORTION Enhances safety for the rider.8 litres with a reserve of 1. STORAGE KIT A large lockable storage space for imported items. single Cradle Tubular Frame’.2 cc. THE SIDE COWLING The integrated side cowl gives a stylish look to the motorcycle. 24 .SOME OF THE PHYSICAL FEATURES THAT ARE DESIGNED IN BIKE …PASSION HEAD LIGHT Trapezoidal head light with a multi-reflector lens in a well-designed visor gives the motorcycle a stylish look. THE ENGINE 4-stroke. FUEL TANK Newly designed knee grip fuel tank has a capacity of 12. The headlight also has a position lamp. It comes in handy* when you head light bulb is not working and can go a long way in providing that extra safety at night.

SEAT A wide and comfortable seat makes for tireless riding. A helmet holder is also provided. 25 . The seat is lockable – tool kit and important papers are safe under it. BACKLIGHT A new design taillight with multi reflector makes PASSON the first two wheeler to use multi reflectors.

HERO HONDA AMBITION ⇒ This 133cc engine gives you the lead. there's no looking back ⇒ The 133cc engine with an 11 bhp thrust.Advanced Microprocessor Ignition system.5-litre capacity fuel tank. A mileage of 79 kmpl"makes sure you stay on the road. and is topped with a Regal Crest. along with mileage that ensures you comfortably cross many milestones! ⇒ The styling has a touch of royalty. Ensured through AMI. 26 . ⇒ It's time to Move up in life. With Ambition. ⇒ A superbly shaped 12. And the Regal Crest styling makes you feel kingly.

27 . 17PS power pack that accelerates you from 0-60 in 3. Distinctive styling and Mag alloy wheels make this bike stand out before it races away from the pack. 89. Priced at Rs.8 seconds. Digital ignition and a constant vacuum carburetor facilitate better control of ignition timing.on road Mumbai the Karizma is available in seven attractive shades.220/.HERO HONDA KARIZMA The Karizma features a 223cc.

28 .

In this final project the topic is related to the Marketing Research and analysis. 29 . the data was collected primarily through secondary source. and some information was collected through an unstructured interview. 1. Analysis of Data 6. As my study was more focused on the strategic position of the key players in the industry.RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Research Methodology is a way to systematically solve the research problems. The study of my research is descriptive and is related to the motorcycle industry. Though some dealers and showrooms were informally visited. Define Research problem clearly 2. Collect Data 5. competition. strategies and other policies of motorcycle Industry. This is the topic. Develop Research design 4. Following steps have to be taken to obtain a correct result. Interpret and Report These steps were not fully followed in this study as the research was not numerically inclined and was not based on primary data. which falls under market leadership. Formulate Hypothesis 3.

Look into the Motorcycle market. because the study required an in depth. Research Design - The project was designed to be a Descriptive Research. Data Source - All the information was primarily collected through Business Magazines. It is an attempt to put forward my study in easy and simple language. In order to get the view of those related in this market. 2. some dealers and showrooms were informally visited. 30 .METHODOLOGY USED 1. 3. Internet sites. Newspaper cuttings. Data collection Method The basis of this project is the information collected through Secondary data. The structure of this research was decided while keeping readers in mind. its structure and Status.

RESEARCH INSTRUMENTS Selected instrument for Data Collection for Survey is Questionnaire. SECONDARY DATA For the company information I had used secondary data like brochures. DATA SOURCES There are two types of data.RESEARCH DESIGN TYPE OF RESEARCH: . web site of the company etc. PRIMARY DATA The data that is collected first hand by someone specifically for the purpose of facilitating the study is known as primary data. he can only report what has happened or what is happening. So in this research the data is collected from respondents through questionnaire. The Method used by me is Survey Method as the research done is Descriptive Research.DESCRIPTIVE RESEARCH Descriptive research includes Surveys and fact-finding enquiries of different kinds. The main characteristic of this method is that the researcher has no control over the variables. 31 .

Close Ended: Pre-specify all the possible answers & are easy to Interpret and Tabulate. It can be Closed Ended or Open Ended Open Ended: Allows respondents to answer in their own words & are difficult to Interpret and Tabulate. TYPES OF QUESTION INCLUDED: DICHOTOMOUS QUESTIONS This has only two answers “Yes” or “No”. RATING SCALE A scale that rates some attribute from “highly satisfied ” to “highly unsatisfied “ and “very inefficient” to “very efficient” 32 .QUESTIONNAIRE DESIGN/FORMULATION Questionnaire: A questionnaire consists of a set of questions presented to respondent for their answers. MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTION Where respondent is offered more than two choices. IMPORTANCE SCALE A scale that rates the importance of some attribute.

General public of different age group.SAMPLE DESIGN Who is to be surveyed? The marketing researcher must define the target population that will be sampled. The sample Unit taken by me. different gender and different profession EXTENT:⇒ Where the survey should be carried out? ⇒ I have covered entire residential area of Delhi city for the survey TIME FRAME:⇒ When the survey should be conducted? ⇒ I conducted my survey for 8weeks from 10th may to 10th july SAMPLING FRAME:⇒ The source from which the sample is drawn SAMPLING TECHNIQUE: ⇒ How should the respondent be chosen? ⇒ In the Project sampling is done on basis of Probability sampling. different gender and different profession SAMPLE SIZE/ POPULATION SIZE: How many people should be surveyed? My sample size is 75 33 . ⇒ Because in this survey I had stratified the sample in different age group. Among the probability sampling design the sampling design chosen is stratified random sampling.

BIASES AND NON-COOPERATION OF THE RESPONDENTS ⇒Due to limited time period and constrained working hours for most of the respondents. 34 .LIMITATIONS OF RESEARCH The geographical area was very much limited to residential area & so the results are not particularly reflection of the current behavior. the answers at times were vague enough to be ignored in Hero Honda Auto Mobile Com. ⇒Most of the people in India take their policies in the period preceding March (for tax saving purposes) & so the response to initial contacts were not all encouraging and that has been the primary reason in the inability to quantify the results large enough so as to deduce any relevant outcomes.

35 .

The company has a wide network of dealers and service points with emphasis on customer care and service. Hero Honda promoted a company. to provide lease finance to its customers. The company 36 . Hero Honda has acquired around 43% market share in the Indian motorcycle market. which has introduced automated workshops at all major dealership showrooms.Hero Honda Fin lease. Hero Honda motorcycles have become synonymous with economy and set standards in the Indian two-wheeler market for their fuel efficiency. the “Street Smart”. After the launch of the first motorbike. The company has 220 automated workshops in India. Hero Honda is today the largest 100-cc motorcycle selling company in the Indian market. low emission levels and better quality. “Hero Honda Splendor” and the “Hero Honda CBZ”. In 199091.COMPANY PROFILE – HERO HONDA MOTORS LIMITED Hero Honda Motors Limited was incorporated on 19th January 1984 as a result of joint venture collaboration between the world’s largest manufacturer of Motorcycles “Honda Motor Company of Japan” and the world’s largest manufacturer of bicycles “Hero Group”. Hero Honda Motors Limited launched its first motorbike “Hero Honda CD 100” in May 1985. All this along with the fact that the company’s products are designed for the Indian market and driving conditions gives it a distinct competitive edge. motorcycles in the Indian market. with the rest being with the public. The Honda Motor Company of Japan and the Hero group both contribute an equal 26% share in the equity. The company has 360 dealers in India. it introduced the “Hero Honda CD 100 SS”. Hero Honda was awarded the “Best Productivity” performance award by the National Productivity Council for the Automobile industry for the year 1990-91. Hero Honda is the only Two-wheeler Company.

37 . The company has. a trust to work exclusively in the area of socio cultural and educational developments. Hero Honda also conducts eye-camps each year also cataract operations on a charitable basis. also established the Raman Kant Foundation. The company apart from being the market leader in the Indian motorcycle market also fulfills its obligation to the society. It operates a mobile dispensary van in the service of those living within 10-Kilometer radius from its plant. Hero Honda Motors Limited under its Chairman “Brijmohan Lal Munjal” has made tremendous growth and expansion in the Indian two-wheeler market and has been successfully maintaining its position as the market leader over the years.also received the Economic Times “Harvard Business School Association of India” award against 200 strong contenders.

614321.07% 38 .000 sq. Vasant Vihar. 2.Tel:0124-372129-29 Fax: 42399 Distance of Work International Airpot : Head Office Area Total Covered Technical & Financial Collaborators : : : : 54 Kms.7& Honda Motors Co. Community Centre Basant Lok.48.360 sq.200 sq. Minato – Ku. 61. 28 Kms. mts. Tokyo – 107.200 sq. Ltd. 24. Gram: HONDABIKE DHARUHERA PLANT GURGAON PLANT 69th Km.OVERVIEW GENERAL INFORMATION Registered and Corporate Office : 34. Stone DelhiHighway Dharuhere-122100 Jaipur Highway GurgaonDist.) 6144121 Works : Fax:6143321. mts. Stone Delhi-Jaipur 37TH Km. 18. Rewari (Haryana) Tel: 122001 Haryana 01283-42131-35 Fax: 0128. Japan Tel: 3-3423-111 Telex: J22678 HONDAMATR Fax: 3-3423-2442 0124-373141-42 22 Kms. No. 60 Kms.1 –1. mts. 2 Chome Minami – aoyama. 2. 51.83. New Delhi-110057 Tel:6142451 (9 lines.

After treatment the water is pumped into artificial lakes used for horticulture. Advanced integrated technology can be seen at work in every operation be it Press shop. Weld shop. Another highlight is the efficient water treatment plant. 98. The culture has evolved through a unique synthesis of the Indian and Japanese styles of management. HHML has faced capacity constraints and lost significant market share to competitors during FY95 and FY96. The factory building itself is refreshingly different. amidst clean industrial surroundings with wide open green areas and lawns.000 vehicles to 350.Y. As the modern and technology in the world would come to naught without the corresponding development of the human values and attributes. Maximum attention is paid to the employee’s convenience and mobility.000 vehicles pa in FY97.000 vehicles during F. Hero Honda management has realized this need and have made a conscious effort to create unique work culture in the company. With demand for motorcycles on the upward curve. the company commissioned a new plant at Gurgaon. Frame assembly and final inspection. An outstanding feature is the most sophisticated and advanced Engine Plant for the manufacture of the engine components. Engine assembly. The plant layout is so designed as to ensure maximum movement of men and material. EXPANSION PLANS AND FUTURE OUTLOOK Earlier. with a capacity of 150. The emphasis on quality is apparent in the clean and congenial working environment in which the employees can put in their best. Unit II is located at 37th km stone from Delhi on DelhiJaipur highway at Gurgaon (Haryana). Capacity at Dharuhera plant in Haryana has also been expanded from 300. In the future too the company has indicated to invest in capital equipment and regularly introduced new models.THE ORGANISATION Hero Honda Motors Ltd. The future outlook for the motorcycles segment looks positive with it 39 .

HHML is well being intended entry of Honda in the two-wheeler market two year hence. By doing so we can rural income. Materials cost is relatively high and overheads are lower. includes the training of 400 employees and codification of guidelines for the control of wastage of resources. their preference has shifted towards bikes. generate employment and can profit basic amenities in the rural areas. The tree plantation plan of the company continues with the same vigor. HHML has indigenous more than 95% of its components. by assimilating our rural sub systems to the main steam of development. With adequate manufacturing capacities and a leading world player as its partner. HHML source most of its component requirement from third party vendors. In line with Honda philosophy. inter alia. During the Year under review Guatemala. Also there are dedicated vendors like Rico Auto. The response of the product shown in the fairs was very encouraging & the company expects to clock higher exports sales during the current Financial Year. Hero Honda Motors participated in SAARC & CII Trade Fair’s. In the process of procuring the ISO 14001 certification the company has implemented the environment management program which. ANCILLARIES HHML has a strong network of ancillaries comprising inter alia. EXPORTS In continuation of its pursuit to increase its Export Base. believe in a wholesome approach towards development in a large agrarian economy like India. With customers having become more discerning in terms of features and aesthetics. 40 . and Munjal Showa. Chile & Costal Rica was added as new product & service markets. a number of Munjal group companies such as Munjal Castings. SOCIAL CONTRIBUTIONS: Hero Honda.capturing a larger share of the cake from scooters. This allows greater flexibility in production planning.

Marketing is challenging and exciting. The solving of marketing problems required insight, experience and analytical ability. Take the case of a company faced with the problem of increasing its sales. Increase in the sales at the expense of profits may not be a desirable objective. Again there are many ways in which sales can be increased, e.g. by finding new customers or selling more to existing customers, by increasing advertising and by reducing the price. The marketing manger must decide which strategy or combination of methods he should adopt for increasing his sales profitably. He must also keep in touch with the changing needs and desires of the consuming public as well as his competitors’ activities. Thus marketing is interesting, as it required the marketing manger to be dynamic and not complacent for continuous prosperity of his organization.

However the meaning of marketing is not often clear to people who use the word. To a salesman it means selling whereas to an advertising manger it means advertising. High-sounding definitions have also been advanced. For example, Paul Mazur defined it as “the delivery of a standard of living of society”. Thus was expanded by Prof. Malcolm McNair to “the creation and delivery of a standard of living. “Marketing is the primary management function which organizes and directs the aggregate of business activities involved in converting customer purchasing power into effective demand for a specific product or service and in moving the product or service to the final consumer or user so as to achieve the company-set or other objectives”.


⇒ Consumer habits. ⇒ Consumer attitudes and motivations. ⇒ Trade structures and practices. ⇒ Trade attitudes and motivation. ⇒ Types of competition. ⇒ Relation of supplies and price to demand. ⇒ Position and share of the market. ⇒ Trends of competitive behavior. ⇒ Government controls, which are applicable.


Presenting CD Dawn, the true-value 4 stroke, 100cc motorcycle from Hero Honda. A motorcycle that encompasses the legendary Hero Honda values of fuel-efficiency, economy and rock-solid dependability

The CD Dawn comes with a unique suspension that smoothens and absorbs bumps on unkind roads and provides you with continuous riding comfort.

Its double tubular-cradle frame by imparting extra stability to the motorcycle ensures an exceptionally stable ride. This and other features - like the legendary Hero Honda mileage, the first-of-its-kind 2-year warranty in the category and a price that will make you smile, is what makes the new Hero Honda CD Dawn - Value Nayae Zamane Ki

Hero Honda shifted its focus from catering to the fuel efficient conscious consumer to try and occupy other segments of the motorbike market and therefore the new product launches from Hero Honda in the last three year have been in this direction. The company has also upgraded some of its bikes to stay in contention and to meet Euro emission norms. The new underlining theme for the company “One for everyone” has led to the launching of new products, which are as follows: 1) Street Smart: Hero Honda introduced its Street Smart in 1997. The company who were more inclined towards the scooters and who thought that the scooters were safer than the motorcycles, thus Hero Honda decided to launch the Street Smart. The bike was built in such a way that it resembled more like a scooter, than a motorcycle, but actually it is a motorbike i.e. it is a “hybrid” 2) CBZ: Hero Honda introduced the CBZ in 1999. The bike was launched as a result of the changing trends amongst the Indian customers from fuel efficient bikes that


Hero Honda continues to have the strategy of parity pricing. This was done to cater to those customers who wanted to buy motorbikes for fun. 44 . The company keeps on making changes in the pricing of the bikes. trendy. as the company did not have any heavy motorbike. more powerful. stylish and sophisticated. whenever there is an increase in inputs. CBZ was also launched to acquire the market share from the heavy motorbike segments. Hero Honda’s strategy is to get into those segments of the motorcycle market where they have not made inroads earlier.were heavier. They have neither taken the root of doing heavy discounting nor have they tried to occupy the premium position. However with the launch of CBZ the company is gradually getting into the area of premium positioning. With the launch of these two motorbikes and various other motorbikes in the pipeline. It was the first time that Hero Honda had made a shift from 100 cc bikes to a 156cc bike. thrill and great driving experience rather than being cost conscious.

PRICE Price is one of the important elements of the marketing mix. PRICING STRATEGY OF HERO HONDA Hero Honda continues to have the strategy of parity pricing. Price is the amount of value a product a masses in the market. whenever there is increase in inputs 45 .The company keeps of making changes in the pricing of the bikes. Pricing is the only elements in marketing mix that creates revenue. Every firm has different Pricing objectives. price represents quantity of money received by the firm or seller. the other generate costs. However. with the launch of CBZ the company is gradually getting into the area of premium positioning . They have neither taken the root of doing heavy discounting nor have they tried to occupy the premium position. but lately. To a customer. it represents sacrifice and hence his perception of the value of the product. Maximize current profits and return on investment Balance price over product line Maximize sales growth. The amount of money that customers have to pay for the product is called price. To a manufacturer. A firm can choose from the following a) b) c) d) Survival in a competitive market. it has come to occupy the centre-stage in marketing wars.

00 43.579.513.00 55.260.00 52.00 48.00 47.500.00 City Bangalore Calcutta Chennai Delhi Mumbai Pune Ambition ( Disc & Kick ) Prices (in Rupees) Ex.034.367.413.666.00 52.00 51.300.192.698.00 54.964. Showroom Price 51.00 On Road Price 51.00 46.00 57.474.066.00 46 On Road Price 48.00 47.00 49.00 City Bangalore Calcutta Chennai Delhi Mumbai Pune Ambition ( Disc & Self Start ) Prices (in Rupees) Ex.00 53. Showroom Price 51.00 51.00 49.00 CBZ Prices (in Rupees) Ex.00 45.00 52.973.514.00 56.City Bangalore Calcutta Chennai Delhi Mumbai Pune Ambition ( Drum & Kick ) Prices (in Rupees) Ex.820.71 57.767.612.993.667.865.343.00 57.400.663.912.00 52.275. Showroom Price 43.00 44.469.73 54.00 45.00 50.283. Showroom Price 46.73 58.512.00 48.806.00 52.870.530.00 On Road Price 48.00 .314.00 49.00 45.857.00 City Bangalore Calcutta Chennai On Road Price 56.00 46.814.461.00 48.873.770.09 53.939.

26 42.550 45.530.494.Delhi Mumbai Pune 53.155.896.739 41.05 42.027 47 .05 38.507.950.213 56.68 42.915.68 39.80 40.657 City Bangalore Calcutta Chennai Delhi Mumbai Pune SPLENDOR Prices (in Rupees) Ex.00 38.948 41. Showroom Price 38.763 44.705 51.612 41.932.322 On Road Price 45. Showroom Price 36.080 41.003.74 63.799 55.88 37.26 39.375.831 40.122 City Bangalore Calcutta Chennai Delhi Mumbai Pune CD100 SS Prices (in Rupees) Ex.199.992 On Road Price 42.00 39.74 58.76 41.664. Showroom Price 40.709 37.91 39.797 41.410.00 40.295 City Bangalore Calcutta Chennai Delhi Mumbai On Road Price 40.310 43.800.340.00 37.281 45.722 CD100 Prices (in Rupees) Ex.54 41.811.76 38420.023.331 44.

494 45.592 46.231 40.237 48.857 44.111 41.885 43.853 On Road Price 49.212 45.822 On Road Price 44.328 44.920 46.788 46.365 44.816 42.198 City Bangalore Calcutta Chennai Delhi Mumbai Pune PASSION PLUS DISC Prices (in Rupees) Ex.232 On Road Price 46. Showroom Price 44.549 46.150 49.482 46.223 40.732 41. Showroom Price 40.541 44. Showroom Price 41.321 42.Pune 37.127 47.447 41.882 49.762 City Bangalore Calcutta Chennai Delhi Mumbai Pune PASSION PLUS Prices (in Rupees) Ex.500 45.579 42.403 45.950 50.666 48 .574 42.898 42.818 46.048 City Bangalore Calcutta Chennai Delhi Mumbai Pune SPLENDOR+ DRUM Prices (in Rupees) Ex.351 40.

856 43.899. Showroom Price 31.00 On Road Price 35.200 48.00 33.516 CD DAWN Prices* (in Rupees) City Bangalore Calcutta Chennai Delhi Mumbai Pune Ex.800.00 30.290 47.065.379.899.175 45.749 43.001 45.SPLENDOR+ DISC Prices (in Rupees) City Bangalore Calcutta Chennai Delhi Mumbai Pune Ex.899.653 49.880. 1001/- PLACE 49 .00 35.944.00 30.00 32.076 43.00 31.00 *This price includes the Celebration discount of Rs.00 33.043 43. Showroom Price 43.00 31.444 On Road Price 47.311 49.899.999.00 34.

channel management and physical distribution. It consists of a manufacturer selling directly to the final customer. Assortments. etc. wholesalers. Coverage. It also understands the various types of retailers.The place element of the marketing mix concerns decisions regarding how the company or firm makes their products available to the consumers. Manufacturer Agent/dealer/retailer Consumer A Two level channel contains two intermediaries Manufacturer Wholesaler /dealer/Retailer Consumer A Three level channel contains three intermediaries. and physical distribution. Inventory. CHANNEL STRATEGY A channel is a ‘pipeline’ through which the product is passed to get from the manufacturer to the end-user. It involves the various activities a company undertakes to make the product accessible and available to the target customers. LENGTH OF A CHANNEL The numbers of intermediary channels are used to designate the length of a channel. A zero level channel (also called direct-marketing channel). There are three broad decision areas in distribution. These are channel strategy. This is the distribution element of the marketing mix. Transport. Manufacturer Distribution Wholesaler Retailer Consumer CHANNEL MANAGEMENT 50 . Locations. Manufacturer Consumer A one level channel contains one selling intermediary such as a retailer. Place in broader term includes Channels.

PHYSICAL DISTRIBUTION Physical distribution concerns the logistics of getting your product from the factory floor to the end user. whether to use trucks or train to transport the products. whether it is better to have one factory and several dispersed warehouses factories from which the firm transports the finished goods direct to wholesalers and retailers. the training and support they provided and the activities and service that the firm requires from them in exchange.Channel management ensures that the firm manages there intermediaries so that they can get the best out of them. It is about the issues such as the re-ordering of stock by intermediaries. 51 . the margins they give them. It is about the relationship that the firm has with their intermediaries.

A. Situation of show room 4. Tinsukia (Assam) and Bhagalpur (Bihar). B and C depending upon the status of the town.CHANNEL OF DISTRIBUTION IN HERO HONDA Hero Honda continues to have the same policy of directly approaching the dealers. Authorized dealers Etc. Hero Honda distributes its products through Regional officer. Experience 52 . 1. The company has also increased the number of dealers from 350to 400. Hero Honda has made some regulations and its dealers are bound to fulfill specific requirements for their showroom and workshops in terms of area. The company has now divided its into three categories. Past record 5. DISTRIBUTION CHANNELSHero Honda has very strong Distribution channel in India. However the company has made some changes in the dealership requirements. Financial position to the distributors 2. HERO HONDA IN INDIAN HAS 3500 AUTHORISED DEALER Criteria for selection of distributions. The company has also started focusing on the rural marketing such as Agartala (Tripura). Goodwill 3.

stimulates demand. differentiates the product and influences public behavior. although the absence of promotion might be that a good product is not successful. Promotion includes all the activities or tools a company uses to communicate or promote its product in the market. It provides information and persuades people. It creates awareness. 53 .PROMOTION Promotion concerns the message the firm sends out to potential consumers. Promotion won’t make a bad product that no one wants a success.

ADVERTISING: It is defined as a paid non-personal communication with a target (usually mass) market. There are various forms or mediums through which firms can advertise. 54 . BROADCAST MEDIA ⇒ Television ⇒ Radio ⇒ Cinema PRINT MEDIA ⇒ Newspapers ⇒ Magazines ⇒ Leaflets OUTDOOR MEDIA ⇒ Posters and Billboards PUBLIC RELATIONS AN PUBLLICITY: A public relations is an umbrella term and refers to the totality of the organization’s behavior with respect to the society in which it operates.PROMOTIONAL TOOLS OR PROMOTION MIX PERSONAL SELLING: It involves personal confrontation either by phone or face. It is cost effective and can reach a large number of people. It is an expensive and time consuming tool of promoting the product. It can also be used for long term or short term objectives. They maybe regarded as good or bad and is reflected in the company’s reputation and image.

It is directly related to sales and induces an immediate response from the consumers. 55 .SPONSORSHIP: Sponsorship can be seen as a part of public relations and it is certainly the case that some sponsorship goes on to generate positive publicity for the organization. ⇒ Home shopping of various types. ⇒ Trade promotion: These campaigns are run for the trade (intermediaries who stock or push the product) to encourage them or stock or push the product. Factors that guide a marketers decision in selecting a promotion mix: (A) Nature of product (B) Overall marketing strategy (C) Buyer readiness stage (D) Product life cycle stage. DIRECT MARKETING INCLUDES: ⇒ Direct mail ⇒ Telemarketing ⇒ Door to door selling ⇒ Direct response advertising: ‘Phone now’ or ‘fill in the coupon’ ads. DIRECT MARKETING: It is an interactive system of marketing which uses one or more advertising media to affect a measurable response at any locations. ⇒ Mail order. SALES PROMOTION: It is direct inducement which offers an extra value of incentive for the product. ⇒ Consumer’s sales promotion: These are sales promotions aimed at the end customer.


develop new market share. Huge sale network (3500 Dealers) Better sale service WEAKNESSES ⇒ ⇒ Suppose to be very sophisticated Not fit for rural India. OPPORTUNITIES ⇒ Hero Honda is the first manufacture to launch eco-friendly bikes with 4-stroke engines.SWOT ANALYSIS STRENGTHS ⇒ ⇒ ⇒ ⇒ Hero Honda introduced first-stroke bike in the India market Hero Honda gives 80 km/litre. Hero Honda being 4-stroke bike manufacture have great opportunities to explore its new innovations and technologies. it has huge potential to retain existing consumers and As Government policies are amended against pollution in metro cities. ⇒ ⇒ Therefore. THREATS ⇒ ⇒ ⇒ ⇒ Main Threats for Hero Honda are their competitors like: Bajaj Auto TVS-Suzuki Escorts Yamaha 57 . They have attained a strong good will and popularity in the industry and the consumers.

58 .

DATA ANALYSIS 1.Above 36 Above 10% 18-20 9% 31-35 37% 26-30 11% 21-25 33% 59 . Please mention your age group  21-25  31-35 18-20  26-30  36.

) Please mention your income group (per annum in thousand)  75-100  125-150  175 & above 100-125 150-175 150-175 11% 125-150 11% 175 above 4% 75-100 17% 100-125 57% 60 .2.

3) Gender  Male Female Female 45% Male 55% 61 .

 Bajaj Auto Ltd. 45 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 Yamaha LML TVS Bajaj 62 .4.  Escort Yamaha Motors Ltd. Name three motorcycle companies that come to your mind  Hero Honda Motor Ltd.  Royal Enfield  TVS Ltd.

What are the things that you look while purchasing a bike? Fuel efficiency Looks Low maintenance cost Reliability(less chances of breakdown) Least physical efforts Low price 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 71 66 33 14 Maintenance cost Looks Physical efforts Fuel economy 63 .5.

Which other bike would bike you have preferred to buy?  Yamaha Tvs motors LML Bajaj Pulsar 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 71 66 33 14 Maintenance cost Looks Physical efforts Fuel economy 64 .6.

65 .

Last three data show that demand of Hero Honda bikes increase & market trends indicated that in future more demand for Hero bikes expected. The entire report has been effort to do just that. As a result they give better performance then other bikes in the market & required less maintenance. as the company has constantly managed to increase its market share and also increase its sales . Hero Honda also provides good after sale service to the customer. Thus one may say that the marketing strategies adopted by Hero Honda have really paid-off. in the area of Marketing & Human Resource Management has been a very gratifying experience at the outset. the company’s sales have witnessed an up trend. Hero Honda has managed to put in spectacular performance going from strength to strength despite increase in competition. end. The CBZ the CBZ range is targeted. at the premium segment. registering an average growth of 42% in the three years under review. 66 . At the lower. passion & joys. which I conducted on the “In-depth Analysis of Hero Honda Motors Ltd”. Hero Honda has managed to achieve this because of its strong brand image and proven product quality underpinned the performance growth in recent years. the company has CD 100 and CD100 SS and at the middle level splendor. the objectives were to cover the whole marketing strategies and Human Resource policies adopted by HHML.CONCLUSIONS The study.Which is really amazing for a company which has been a market leader to maintain its strong position in the wake of growing competition from its competitors who have been trying to grab a strong share in the market by launching latest technology products. Through out the study I found Hero Honda bikes are very new & use modern technology in their bikes. Apart from the strong brand “Splendor” the company’s presence across the spectrum of the motorcycle market helped it exploit the growing demand for 4-stroke motorcycles.

R.Hero Honda has been very understanding to its employees. 67 . Also the non-monetary incentives given to the employees are such as to maintain the motivation to an time high. which the company employs. policies are made to ensure that the best of talent. It treats all its employees as the biggest asset of the company. Its innovative H. which the company employs. receives the best of remuneration. receives the best of talent.

68 .

Hero Honda should go into the manufacture of 2 stroke bikes. therefore Hero Honda should target this upcoming market. ⇒ The company should work more on public relation. The suggestions can be proved useful for the company as they have feasibility and viability. But in the rural sector Escorts. who want a better pick-up bike. I have some suggestions to offer. After completing my report on new Hero Honda motors Ltd. But in my opinion 2 stroke bikes have a better pick-up. ⇒ The company has always targeted urban sector of Indian population. The Recommendations are: ⇒ Hero Honda Motors only manufacture a wide range of 4-stroke bike. These are shortcoming of every company.RECOMMENDATIONS No matter how much on organization progresses it always lack something. So in order to letter to the need of a large segment of customers. 69 . Rajdoot enjoy a great market share.. ⇒ Hero Honda should keep a strict watch on competitions. So. For instance Yamaha has introduced a 4-stroke bike “YBX” whose features are almost same as Splendors.

70 .

71 .ANNEXURE QUESTIONNAIRE CONSUMER SURVEY Name: ______________________ Address: _____________________ Q1. Please mention your age group 18-20  26-30  36.) Please mention your income group (per annum in thousand)  75-100  125-150  175 & above Q3) Gender  Male Q4) Martial Status Married Unmarried Female 100-125 150-175  21-25  31-35 Q5) please mention your occupation 0 Officials Student Clerical or Salesmen First Jobbers Retired Q6) Name three motorcycle companies that come to your mind  Hero Honda Motor Ltd.Above Q2.  Bajaj Auto Ltd.  Escort Yamaha Motors Ltd.

 Royal Enfield  TVS Ltd. Q7) What are the things that you look while purchasing a bike? Fuel efficiency Looks Low maintenance cost Reliability( less chances of breakdown) Least physical efforts Low price Q8) How did you get to know about Hero Honda that you having at present?  Advertisement  Family information  Friend’s recommendation  Dealer’s recommendation Q9) Which other bike would bike you have preferred to buy?  Yamaha Tvs motors LML Bajaj Pulsar Q10) Prefer Hero Honda splendor than other bike because of:  Fuel economy  Less physical efforts  Better looks  Low maintenance cost Q11) Would prefer TVS Victor to Hero Honda Splendor because of:  Fuel economy  Price  Brand image 72 .

 Low maintenance cost 73 .

Q12) what is the image of HERO HONDA in your mind? Economical Durable Smooth Bike Safe Bike Rough and Tough 74 .

75 .

BIBLIOGRAPHY BOOKS ⇒ Marketing Management – Kotler Philip ⇒ Marketing – Ghandhi J. C. MAGAZINES ⇒ Business World – June 2006 ⇒ India SEARCHING SITES – ⇒ www.webcrawler. NEWS PAPERS ⇒ The Economic ⇒ ⇒ ⇒ ⇒ ⇒ www..June 2007 WEB SITES SPECIFIC SITES – ⇒ www. ⇒ Principles of Marketing – Palmer Adrian ⇒ Marketing Management – Ramaswamy V. ⇒ ⇒ 76 . ⇒ The Times of India.

77 .

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