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Dear Brethren, Greetings to you in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. We are privileged to be the members of St. Thomas Evangelical Church of India, because our church stands for real faith based on 66 books of Bible. God has called us to worship the Lord, in truth and spirit, edifying each other by fellowship and Bible study-not only that, evangelizing the world is our responsibility. I am so happy to write in the first bulletin of the Delhi centre youths union which is publishing now. This bulletin may enrich and enlighten the young people to know the Lord more and more. The Lord wants people to help in His great work of saving the perishing and yes, in His even greater of preparing a glorious church. He is looking for people who understand the burden in His heart. The Lord needs people to share in every facet of the big job He has in hand. The group of twelve who responded to Jesus’ call when He was on earth, were with Him all the time-so they could partake in all His work [Mark 3:14,15]. Jesus commissioned the disciples to ‘make Christians’ of all nations. Paul, who joined the band of workers a little later, was told that he has been sent to the people to turn them from darkness and from the power of satan to God. This ministry is like the responsibility of a mother and father concerning their child - nourishing, instructing and bearing the people till they grow to the measure of the stature of Christ. Do you see how great the burden in God’s heart is? Will you take up His cause? You can be ‘any man’; the Lord is calling you to join His service. If you don’t take up the work the Lord will get someone else. It is no ordinary task - working together with God! It cannot be done with physical strength, intelligence, knowledge or skill of any kind, but we must have strong confidence in the might, wisdom and ability of God to lead you, equip you and fight your battle against evil powers. So, dear child of God don’t despise the great cause of God. You will regret it later, if you do like Esau, when it’s too late; enough of the old life, the old friends circle, the old plans and ambitions, the old cell phone and internet pleasures. If you share the burden of God’s heart, you need to share His mind too. Having been one with the Lord in heart and mind in everything, in eternity, you will be literally one with Him in the very place He is in, sharing His very glory, His very joy. Let’s pray that Lord help us to be a person after our own heart. I wish all success to the youth’s union as you are going to involve in many activities of the Church. May God bless you abundantly!! Yours in His service, Rev. Dr. V. V. George Delhi Centre President


Chapter 21 " When the rain of the Words poured on this world the darkness was removed garden of life was raised we call it "EDEN GARDEN " Seven days of God’s love and Word life started with two hearts garden where God walked where life can be seen through His art.ST THOMAS EVANGELICAL CHURCH OF INDIA Page 2 GARDEN OF LIFE THEME : This song is about the life in the garden of Eden. Two hearts became the ray of life. ABRAHAM DELHI CENTER BULLETTIN . The song also explains about the God's revelation to the people of earth regarding the New Eden Garden (Earth) that god is preparing for us. how God created His beautiful creation and how it became the ray of life and how that life became life without god. tree that shattered the garden of life. BY BIJO J.Chapter 2 verse 8" and "Revelation . till their eyes saw the tree of life. New garden will be raised by the blow of the horn where the glory of the God is shone garden where God will be praised. It is based on "Genesis .

You heavens above. The clinics at Galmi serve up to 300 men. I closed my window. Here I will relate an experience that will never be etched out of my memory. It wasn't lush but there so much beauty to it. It was 5 pm and I was whipping something together for the picnic we were about to have. went outside and closed the door behind me and just stood amidst all the crazy dust blowing everywhere. Springs of living water. managed just two because too much sand got into my camera and it wouldn't work after two pictures. and all I could see was different shades and hues of black and gray. I looked up. On my toe. CANADA In 2005. to serve as a nurse in Galmi Hospital with SIM (Serving in Missions). THOMAS EVANGELICAL CHURCH OF INDIA Page 3 EXPERIENCING GOD IN DRYNESS BY KAREN HESKA. Harvesters have been praying that there wouldn't be another famine. and my body just surged with joy as I smelt the rain in the air. it's a dust storm close all your windows and door. this 120-bed hospital provides compassionate care to Nigeriens from all walks of life. We unloaded all the picnic stuff on to the big black boulders. The reservoir was almost this faded blue colour. That their crops would finally grow. most of whom are Muslims. I looked up and there were dark looming clouds overhead. when one of the missionaries told me. the Lord. I had the privilege of going to Niger. when I heard the wind literally howling outside. I took a deep breath and took in my surroundings. Good thing I had my head scarf. Providing medical care meets a real need in Niger where there is one doctor for every 30. I ran to grab my camera and took pictures. The first drop. Life. I went outside and all I could see was a red haze. Niger is currently the third last country in UNICEF’s Human Development Index. I ran and barely gasped a hello. Located on the south edge of the Sahara in Niger. Rain down righteousness Let the clouds shower it down Let the earth open wide Let salvation spring up Let righteousness grow with it I. It was finally going to rain. and children daily. have created it Isaiah 45: 8 A few of us finally left for the picnic site. while the greenery around it was this stark emerald colour that looked so refreshing. DELHI CENTER BULLETIN DELHI CENTER BULLETIN . Then I felt it.ST. I felt like I was looking at something I've only read about in novels or seen in movies. That there would finally be some income.000 citizens. and promptly the phone rang. women. which would be up this hill overlooking a reservoir. It felt so good.

By the time I was in bed. He was walking me through it. but he refused crying for his mommy. Joel with his mother. Everyone's laughing and shouts of joy became a distant hum to me as I twirled around knowing no one was watching me. I just ran from boulder to boulder wanting to experience the rain in all its fullness. I felt dust in my eyes and mouth and rocks were pelting us. It seemed like a blur but all of a sudden. I felt calm. closed my eyes shut. and all I could hear was the torrential rain against my corrugated tin roof... and I went to the highest boulder. and lifted my arms up. Let Your glory fall Open up our hearts. was in so much pain. so much so that I knew I was crying.. I kept trudging forward. and how he was in the roughest part of the boat during a storm.and closed my eyes and leaned against the window pane. as if the world has just slowed down. so I tried to pick him up.Joel asked his mother if there really was something called gold. the power went out. with his arms to his ears and crying. Could see the flashes of lightning even with my eyes closed. and had no desire to watch it for the second time.. and turned around cautiously. We were caught in the middle of the rain and dust storm. with the rain lashing against it I heard was Joel asking his mother. so I opened my eyes and lowered my arms. But then Joel (one of the missionary children) was running around. If only I could describe what I felt. I took a step towards the edge. I couldn't breathe but the car was so far away I had to get there. slipped a few times. and then the roaring thunder a few seconds later After our dinner on the compound. I smiled whispered a thank you. That we would know You DELHI CENTER BULLETIN . everyone went to the Z's house to watch Narnia. Then everyone's voices was raised. Mommy why did God send a scary rain. It almost seemed as if the rain was trying to outdo the thunder in the monstrosity of sound. but I was overwhelmed with happiness. THOMAS EVANGELICAL CHURCH OF INDIA Page 4 Then came the downpour.panting a little. It was coming fast. I heard one person say that doesn't look good.. I wouldn't say I felt a tear down my cheek.but I thought of Jesus. We finally reached the car..ST. comfort. I walked back in the drizzle.. turned my eyes heavenward. scared to death in case I slipped and fell. Open up the heavens. the stern. The rain started to feel cold. Since I've already seen it... Was in and out of conversations. Well except for Them. me safe in the arms of Jesus. we better head back. There was a whirlwind of dust.

It librates both the forgiver and the forgiven. Matthew 6:15 “But if you do not forgive men their sin. Esther. So we just need to offer our anger and hatred to God and let Him do the judging. a friend or a Church member. We all must have said a thousand time during our Sunday service or while praying— Matthew 6:12 “Forgive us our Debts. THOMAS EVANGELICAL CHURCH OF INDIA Page 5 FORGIVENESS BY SEBAN BABU When I was asked to write an article. But why is it so important to forgive? The Bible also tells us why we should forgive. The Holy Bible also teaches us to forgive others for their sins. your father will not forgive your sins”. Once we forgive someone all the hatred and bitterness we have for that person will vanish and this helps us to start our life afresh. But few people that I know personally or I have read about really helped me to understand what true forgiveness is. If something like this happens to our family we will surely not be able to forgive those who are responsible behind such an act. Stains and her daughter had no anger or hatred for those people. It could be someone within our family or from office. But is it the RIGHT Christian attitude? Is there something that cannot be forgiven? Well most of might say YES. it is possible for us to forgive others. As we have forgiveness in our life (Jesus died for our sins on the cross).com). He and his two sons were burnt alive for their faith in the Living God. it says that with GOD everything is possible. Jesus Christ Himself set an example for us when He died on the cross for our sin. “She cannot understand how they (the world) can’t understand why we have forgiven”. I thought what should I write about? So I pondered on what we really need in today’s world and that one thing that most of us youngsters lack is FORGIVENESS. Graham Stains. Everyone thought how they could forgive the wrong doers but the question that her daughter. We all sometimes in our life find it difficult to forgive someone for their act or action. However as the Bible teaches us that we should not judge others or God will use the same measures to judge us too (Matthew 7:1). We all remember the Australian missionary Mr. Forgiving does not mean forgetting. Forgive‐ Means to grant pardon or to cease to feel resentment against someone (Dictionary.ST. we all need forgiveness from GOD. DELHI CENTER BULLETIN . It’s about time we understand the true meaning of these words and put them into practice. asked her mother was. even at that time He asked GOD to forgive those who are persecuting Him as “They don’t know what they do” Also it is written in Matthew 5:7 “Blessed are the merciful for they will be shown mercy”. Let’s first understand what it means. as we also have forgiven our debtors”. But Mrs. As we all are sinners. It might be difficult but sooner or later we will realize that forgiveness brings healing in our life. But that’s not what Bible teaches us.

Importance of knowing God’s will • • • One will concentrate his or her effort and energy on what is important leading to greater effectiveness. excluding other human beings. When God created us He had certain things in His mind that He wanted us to achieve exclusively. “It is in Christ that we find out who we are and what we are living for. The easiest way to discover the purpose of an invention is to ask its Creator. He had His eyes on us…part of the overall purpose He is working out in everything and everyone” Ephesians 1:11 (Message) Thus we may chose our career. So is the case with us humans. Long before we first heard of Christ and got our hopes up. for Him. Whenever man makes an invention he does so with the knowledge of what he wants from his creation. THOMAS EVANGELICAL CHURCH OF INDIA Page 6 “KNOWING GOD’S WILL FOR OUR LIFE” BY FEBIN MATHEW If we notice anything around us. Hence if we were to ask the question “what is the purpose of our life? We should rephrase it as “ what is God’s purpose in my life?” and the only place from where we can find this answer is from God Himself. hobbies but we don’t get to chose our purpose. We are not on earth to create a legacy for our self but for an eternal life in heaven that God has prepared for us. we can easily conclude that the thing has a purpose or it can be used in a certain manner to achieve certain objective. When one does God’s will one will bring glory to God. spouse. DELHI CENTER BULLETIN . from the tiniest of insects to the largest of animals. visible and invisible. “For everything. • One of the basic purpose for which God has sent us is to spread the word of the Lord (the great commission).ST. no matter what other purpose you may have in your life. Knowing God’s will motivate our life. everything got started in Him and finds its purpose in Him” Colossians 1:16 (Message) Hence ask God of His will in your life and unless we do that life is not going to make any sense to us. Knowing God’s will prepare you for eternity. our Creator.

to be loved as to love.) These convey a selfless and basic love our Father in heaven. there should be a limited space for talking about ourselves and create more arena for speaking with passion about the concerns of very individual whom we come across. however. THOMAS EVANGELICAL CHURCH OF INDIA Page 7 DEAR LORD…. we are also bound to give back the same to His children. “Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us. ”Then Job arose.ST. we realize that our prayers have stated reeking of egocentrism (our prayers center around. The question raised here is not just to ponder over the lack of substance in the prayer but also realize that a prayer need not be ornamented with superfluous but must understand that it is only passion and selflessness that will be heard by our Father in heaven. BY REENA ABHILASH JOSEPH DELHI CENTER BULLETIN . and even the prayer of the St. Where there is hatred. let me sow love. One of the finest examples of an ideal prayer is the Lord’s prayer (Mathew 6:10-14). my car). lacks the effort to bond with the Almighty as we put weights of a vicious circle of conditional love (Dear God I will light 100 candles for you if you give me a better job).” It is a high time. through prayer God expects us to drive beyond requisitions and summonses. Yet another perfect citation of a humble prayer is the Job’s prayer (Job 1:20-22. to be understood as to understand. When we talk of striking a conversation with our God. the most remarkable element in the prayer is an acknowledgement that as the God has taken care of us in each dimensions. myself. The grammatical analogy would throw light on its usage and content. here prayer is highlighted as a request. and worshipped”). WE NEED TO TALK!!!! Prayer is the most powerful method for a conversation with the God Almighty.Lord. O Divine Master. my family. Francis of Assisi (. as the most humble line says. my job. and rent his mantle. make me an instrument of your peace. and fell down upon the ground. and shaved his head. grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console.

NIV) This is probably one of the most quoted verses of the Bible and no doubt it certainly is a front runner at deserving to be so. THOMAS EVANGELICAL CHURCH OF INDIA Page 8 “WHAT’S SO AMAZING ABOUT GRACE?” BY JUCIN LIJO JOHN But He said to me. What do you see? I see suicides on the rise because people feel a lack of something they can’t even name. hoped to gain the approval of other mere mortals (who can give us only approval and not GRACE) when all we had to do was look to Him who was always ready to grant us all three-approval. imagine a world that can’t comprehend the concept of grace because it does not exist there-a grace-less world. I see an increase in the number of broken people probably feeling set adrift in a stormtossed sea called life with no anchor and no destination. It is our protection when faced with the herculean task of handling the mammoth called life. do we ever take the time to ask ourselves what grace precisely means? What would happen to a grace-less world especially as we take His grace for granted more often than not? The Cambridge dictionary defines the word ‘grace’ as ‘approval or kindness or help of God’. He chose us to showcase His power.” (2 Corinthians 12: 9. However. your imagination works just fine! Now. for My power is made perfect in weakness. people feel ‘set adrift’ because they do not acknowledge grace or haven’t been made aware of it yet. kindness and help? Do you have a good imagination? Can you fly like the birds. isn’t it? Only the best writers and lyricists can pin down the multi-faceted aspect of grace and one of the most successful in that field is probably John Newton (1725-1807). isn’t it ironic that many of us crave approval and kindness but look to the wrong source to satisfy that craving? The Bible clearly states that all we have to do is to look to Him to satisfy that need for approval. Acknowledging God’s grace is an important aspect of our journey. How precious did that grace appear The hour I first believed! DELHI CENTER BULLETIN . “My grace is sufficient for you. build castles in air. Furthermore. step out of that imaginary world.ST. However. in the real one. And grace my fears relieved. because of who He is and the grace which is a part of who He is. It’s obvious that ‘grace’ is a term that is associated only with God and it encompasses a lot more than just approval. This English slaveship captain turned poet and clergyman is well known today for this poem (now a hymn) of his: Amazing grace. A humbling thought. However. how sweet the sound That saved a wretch like me… 'Twas grace that taught my heart to fear. haven’t we all at various points in our lives. However. Do you notice the similarities between that world and the real one? Both worlds appear the same except for one difference—in the imaginary world people didn’t know grace because it didn’t exist. swim like the dolphins and read the stars? Well. Now.

I trust in YOU LORD. I strayed all along.ST. THOMAS EVANGELICAL CHURCH OF INDIA Page 9 WANNA BE NEAR TO YOU BY LATHIN K. Oh LORD. for YOUR unfailing love Hear my prayers. but hold my hand Don’t change the burdens. about the burdens I carry Keep it resolved on my shoulders. now YOU show me the way. change me. make me pure renew my faith and bring me above Teardrops may fall when trouble comes but I will find my bliss in YOU. Oh LORD. I am lost in a disarray. Oh LORD I know that I can count on YOU. Hear me my SAVIOUR. DELHI CENTER BULLETIN . now I take refuge in YOU and wanna be just near to YOU I don’t wanna stray away too far wanna be just near to YOU. oh LORD. If sometime I complain and grumble.

and fed you with manna which you did not know nor did your fathers know. Neither their garments nor their footwear wore out.. goats and other livestock probably without number. but man lives by every word that proceeds from the mouth of the LORD. •Limited food supply (probably just about enough for the first few weeks).. apart from the others who have time just to complain about the cruelty of life.. that’s only because we don’t hand over the reins of our life to God. Our God has never once told us that a Christian life would be devoid of problems and tribulations. So He humbled you. allowed you to give me a heart-attack !!! Just imagine you being there with •Approximately 3 Million people . Your garments did not wear out on you. I'm not sure about the others but I've always wondered what I would have done if I were Moses. on an epic 40 year journey. We paint a horrid and catastrophic picture of the problems we face and sometimes wonder .does it make sense to even exist? We always worry about the way life unfolds before us and wonder what would happen if something were to go wrong. and led approximately 3 million odd Hebrews . The very thought of feeding them (let alone the other problems) gives me Goosebumps. But The LORD was faithful. whether you would keep His commandments or not. that He might make you know that man shall not live by bread alone. God provided. I guess. And yet..ST. then surely he could take care of us now because He is faithful and has not and will not change. to humble you and test you.. CSI. All we need to know is this – If our God could take care of 3 million odd people in the midst of trouble. We must understand that we face these trials and tribulations for the strengthening of our spirit. HYDERABAD It’s an age old saying . THOMAS EVANGELICAL CHURCH OF INDIA Page 10 HE IS FAITHFUL BY KEVIN VARGHESE JOSEPH.. we get so weary and worn out by the insignificant problems we face in life. Let's just go back 3400 years. I know for a fact that if I knew the sheer time-scale of the journey at hand with over 3 million mouths to feed and an unforgiving terrain deprived of food and water. The first few verses of Deuteronomy 8 : 1 – 4 says – And you shall remember that the LORD your God led you all the way these forty years in the wilderness. it would have been plenty enough .. Moses was told to lead the Hebrews out of Egypt into a land flowing with milk and honey. to know what was in your heart.Life is not a bed of roses. Moses took that leap in faith.including infants. mind and most importantly place our trust in Him..young and old. DELHI CENTER BULLETIN . And flocks of sheep. faithful and faithless alike. teenagers (Yikes !!! ) and the extremely old people. nor did your foot swell these forty years" The Bible says that our God provided for the Hebrews more that what they had ever imagined and fed them and took care of them.

To understand the reason why. “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him. We should have faith in Him that He is trying to build us into stronger persons. beyond all the dark doubts that we have in our minds that when we follow GOD. It is not about having the highest education qualification. The only way to know it and fulfill it is to follow Him. Many people who are not taking the path that God has planned for them to take have troubled times. When we have the blessings of Christ. acquiring the highest drawn salary. THOMAS EVANGELICAL CHURCH OF INDIA Page 11 WHY DOES IT HAPPEN TO ME? When Everything Goes Wrong BY PRINCY VARGHESE There always comes a time in everyone’s life when all things goes against what is planned and the most frequent question that comes into one persons mind is that WHY DOES IT HAPPEN TO ME? This is the most common one question and also the one whose answer is never straightforward. and the greater our problem greater will be HIS Help and Support. This does not mean that everything that happens to us will start off beautifully. God's promises that all things will work together for good when we love Him. God can turn it into something good not only for you but also for someone else. who have been called according to His purpose. It is all about how we follow our MASTER. Our Almighty GOD is “GOD OF LOVE AND PEACE” and hence if we are suffering HE is affected too. We don’t always know why things happen but whatever bad has happened in our life. But. HIS way is straight and pointed towards the light of Heaven. both good and bad. God’s thoughts and God’s ways are higher than our ways. But there is one thing that we need to know. And the good that all things are working together for is to conform us to the image of Christ. He works out all things for our good. to claim this promise we must be under God's protection willing to obey HIS authority. We always simply see one side of life. We always think that God is doing injustice to us but we never think or know about others who are experiencing similar situations. or whom we fall in love with.ST. The world's way is crooked and leads to darkness and destruction. we will be able to discern why things happen to us. Let us not confuse the two! Only when we are in God's light can we see the reason for our problems.” ROMANS 8:28 DELHI CENTER BULLETIN . but it will end up doing good to us. God has a plan for each of our lives. we must look from the view point of GOD. Every person has his or her own race to run.

with an opening prayer by our Delhi Centre President Rev. may it be to be as You have said”. George. Achen shared very crucial thoughts of being appreciative as parents. He also quoted the example of Susanna Wesley who used to pray for her nineteen children DELHI CENTER BULLETIN . it indeed turned out to be a blessing for all those who attended. Sevini Leelakochama encouraged each one of us to be willing and available to how the Lord wants to use each of us to be a blessing. It was indeed a time of blessing as we all poured out to the Lord our concerns believing He would answer the prayers according to His will. Safdurjung Parish THEME: WOMAN IN FAMILY. participants divided themselves into groups of 5-6 each. Sevini Leelakochama and Achen shared from the Word for the retreat. V. Mother of Jesus. The meeting started at 9. But this was something different. THOMAS EVANGELICAL CHURCH OF INDIA Page 12 REPORT Report on Sevinisamajam Retreat February 26th 2011. SOCIETY Woman Empowerment. In the following session. On February 26.ST. It was a session on parenting.m. women’s role in fighting for their rights are some of the contemporary topics that has been voiced in the recent past. families and other individual prayer concerns. on how to bring up children showing them the need of a Saviour and how to make them grow in the fear of the Lord. Church and society where God created woman to be a blessing than a burden and to understand their roles in exalting God. to be positive and to be model parents. CHURCH. Different prayer requests were brought together from different parishes and all pleaded to the Lord for the various needs of the Church. V. 2011 Delhi centre organized a one day ladies retreat at Safdarjung Parish. She shared this based on Luke 2:38 and exhorted us to be submissive as Mary said ”I am your servant. When the women of the Delhi centre decided to come together on a specific theme of a woman’s role in family. chapter 1. Dr. The first session was based on the book of Luke. and the character she introduced was that of Mary.30 a. She shared how Mary was chosen for the role of being the mother of Jesus and the situations she had to go through for this important role and how she humbly accepted to be available for this purpose without any complaints. The second session shared by George Achan was a time of encouragement for all mothers.

how we as women should be a blessing to the Church and people whom we are involved with. Dear Readers. The third part of the role of woman in society was given based on the Biblical examples of Abigail who had good judgment. After the lunch break a very interesting song quiz was held. Delhi Centre thanked all those who attended. cartoons and games by sending an email to the above address. Aquilla & Priscilla. THOMAS EVANGELICAL CHURCH OF INDIA Page 13 REPORT daily and how some of her children like John Wesley and Charles Wesley turned out to be a blessing for the Church and society. Marykutty Thomas. The second part of the role of a woman in church was explained quoting Phoebe. All returned spiritually revived. Sevini Samajam Secretary. Jolly Saju led the quiz. Achen made an announcement about giving and that we should not have any deficits for the program. Participants were divided into two groups and all the women participated with great enthusiasm. We feel delighted to present the first issue of Delhi Center Bulletin. articles.ST. He is Jehovah Jireh!! The retreat concluded with prayer and Mrs. We committed ourselves to His experiences. there were no deficits and God gave more than what was needed. should be a wife in this home of love as one who has a submissive attitude and should have a noble character. Mrs. Jochebed and Louis who were blessed mothers who brought up blessed children like Samuel. Esther who took a whole nation and Deborah who stood in the gaps putting in everything as their contributions to the society. Moses and Timothy . Kochama emphasized that woman in a family should have love which is of utmost priority. She quoted the examples of Hannah. Before we departed. A contribution was made by all the ladies who were present and praise God. In this quiz a team had to provide the reference Bible verse against the song sung. photographs with verses. All are also requested to contribute to the next issue by sending poems. Church and society. The speaker challenged us to be available for the Lord. He emphasized and urged the families to be Christ centered and children centered. to the service of home. Church and society was shared by Leelakochama. It was a neck to neck but a very healthy contest where the losing group was just a point behind the winners!! The final session of the theme exposition based on the role of woman in family. We request you to let us know what you think of this issue by sending an email to soosa_george@yahoo. Thanks .

Before long a member of the church came by and saw the man lying there. anyway? Everybody knows you’re a target for trouble along here. God helps those who help themselves. THOMAS EVANGELICAL CHURCH OF INDIA Page 14 HUMOR: ~~~ WINNING FRIENDS FOR CHIRST ~~~ A man was travelling from Jerusalem to Jericho and fell among thieves who robbed him of all that he had and left him lying by the side of the road. too.ST. Speak up man.If you’d clean up a bit and come to my church. Next time you should. Did they get all your money? I only travel with bare necessities. and I leave my credit card at home. Hello There! I’m Sam and I’m a member of St Ridley’s Karunya Church Owww… What were you doing on this road. I can’t seems to get my leg moving GROAN Mmmmmmmm Dialogue courtesy: Kurt Rosenhagen DELHI CENTER BULLETIN . You look very dirty…. We have parish nurse program that could be of some real help.

I don’t want to read a prayer. That’s the last time I try to share my faith!!!! GROAN Mmmmmmmm A FRIEND LOVES AT ALL TIMES (PROVERBS 17:17).. And I don’t want any part of your church or your God!!! Hey. and all that? Didn’t your mother teach you what’s important? The Bible says. AND LOVE YOUR NEIGHGHOUR AS YOURSELF (LUKE 10:27).. supplication.confession. wait a minute.. Here’s a tract! Call the pastor if you need anything. I guess you could just go to the Bible store when you get to the city and look in the prayer section. “……………. don’t you? You know…. intercession. I don’t want to go to any Bible store.. THOMAS EVANGELICAL CHURCH OF INDIA Page 15 Dialogue courtesy: Kurt Rosenhagen ~~~ HUMOR CONTINUED ~~~ When I’m having trouble. JESUS SUMMARISES GOD’S MORAL LAWS IN TWO “EASY” COMMANDS – LOVE THE LORD YOUR GOD …. I pray about it. WE MUST SHARE LOVE (1 CORINTHIANS 13:13) BEFORE WE CAN SHARE OUR FAITH AND THE HOPE GOD HAS GIVEN US. Owww… I guess you just can’t help some people. DELHI CENTER BULLETIN .ST.. You know how to pray.

THOMAS EVANGELICAL CHURCH OF INDIA Page 16 GAMES EASTER CROSSWORD PUZZLE Note: Please refer to John chapters 18-21 and Acts chapter 1 to fill this crossword DELHI CENTER BULLETIN .ST.

Jesus crucified at ________ 9. Poor widow put in two small ________ coins 8.” 3. Feast of the Unleavened Bread 16. Thomas CROSSWORD PUZZLE CONTEST Send in your entries suggesting a NAME for this BULLETIN along with a brief description The best entry would be given an attractive prize Last date of submission of entries is 31 JULY 2011 Submit your entry to soosa_george@yahoo.. Stone Pavement (in Aramaic) 15. ______ denied Jesus thrice 4. Jesus prayed at Mount of _____ 11. Jesus arrested at ___________ 17. Judas _________ 18. Simon of _____ carried the Cross of Jesus 23. Third day post crucifixion DOWN 2.. Jesus rose from the dead 27. Mary ________ 19. ___________ was put on the animal for Jesus to sit 16. ___________ beloved that there is no Resurrection 25. “The stone the builder rejected has become the _____ “ 20. Day of crucifixion 21. Jesus of _____ 13. Joseph of _________ 22. After arrest. Jesus appeared to His disciples the third time at the Sea of ________ 14. “If they keep quiet the _________ will cry out” 26.ST. The Last ____ EASTER 7.. Field of Blood 10.. THOMAS EVANGELICAL CHURCH OF INDIA Page 17 GAMES ACROSS or sms 9968057460 DELHI CENTER BULLETIN . Jesus rode on a ______ 5. “My house will be a House of _________. Jesus was taken to the _____ 6. Jesus wore the crown of _______ 12.

Example of how tongue can be uncontrollable 6. Rich man taking pride in his position is like the 10.ST.Mention any two things God gives as mentioned in James DELHI CENTER BULLETIN . ______ is temporary (corroded and rotten) 3.Everyone should be QUICK to _______. Man who perseveres under trail receives ______ 9. ______ leads to SIN.______ believed God and it was credited to him as righteousness BIBLE QUIZ 14. DOUBT is like the _____________ 5. THOMAS EVANGELICAL CHURCH OF INDIA Page 18 GAMES EPISTLE OF JAMES 1.The prayer of a righteous man is ______ and ______ 13.Wisdom that comes from Heaven is ___________ and _______ (mention any two) 17.TESTING leads to ______.Give the name of the other Biblical character who was considered righteous for what she did 15. FAITH without _______ cannot save a person 7. Good and bad thing done by tongue (just one each) 8.Resist the evil and he will ______________ 11. SIN leads to DEATH 2. An example of patience in the face of suffering 4. SLOW to _____ and SLOW to become ______ 16. which leads to MATURITY 12.

ST. The words can be in the following order: horizontal. diagonal. reverse etc. Fill the blank cells using the leftover alphabets. THOMAS EVANGELICAL CHURCH OF INDIA Page 19 GAMES WORD SEARCH PSALM 23 Find the listed words in the table below and circle them. ANOINT the top left to the bottom right. COMFORT CUP R E T H O U S E R U T S A DAYS DEATH E N R A C D W O L L O F H DWELL V E U A A S O T U O N U S ENEMIES EVIL E M M E P B L R E L R S O FEAR FOLLOW R I L S U E F R I D E H A FOREVER O E S T Y V R V S N A E R GOODNESS GREEN F S S A I A E P S G H P E GUIDES HEAD T H E F A L V U T W E H N HOUSE A D N F D L O Y C G D E A LEADS LIFE N W D R S E R O T S E R A LORD LOVE O E O N T Y M A H R H D V OIL I L O H S F B A G E A R E OVERFLOWS N L G Y O L D T O F L A W PASTURES PATHS T I A R E O S O I L R F D PREPARE R D T M W A T E R S E C U QUIET RESTORES RIGHTBIBLE VERSE EOUSNESS ROD “ SHADOW SHEPHERD SOUL STAFF TABLE VALLEY WATERS After you find all the hidden words the left over letters spell out a Bible Verse reading from P A T H S A T M T E F L I O P E G U I D E S A H I Q U I E T A “ P S A L M S 9 0 : 1 2 DELHI CENTER BULLETIN . vertical.

Delhi Center Youths Union Ph: 09958008479. THOMAS EVANGELICAL CHURCH OF INDIA Page 20 Leadership Training Camp Organized by St. email: DELHI CENTER BULLETIN . Dehradun Focus Area: Prepare and Equip our YOUTH to Take Leadership in Church and Youth Activities Sessions to cover the following areas: • • • • Homiletics (Preaching of the Word) How to prepare and lead a group Bible study Doctrinal session Practical sessions For more details please contact: Mr. Thomas Evangelical Church of India.john@gmail. 23rd to 26th June 2011 Presbyterian Theological Seminary.ST. Joezac John Zachariah. Secretary.

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