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Early Humans Name: _____________________ Group #1 HR# _____

Number of class days unit will last 13 days Test December 3rd Objectives: 1. Evaluate the impact of the Nile River on life in ancient Egypt. 2. Compare the Egyptian calendar with the cycle of the Nile River. 3. Analyze the relationship between the religion of the ancient Egyptians and nature. 4. Evaluate how the pharaoh contributed to continuity in Egyptian life. 5. Synthesize the information abut innovation in Old Kingdom tombs with new ideas emerging in Egyptian religion. 6. In addition, geography packets and current events will be completed to expectations. Total points available: Advanced: A layer activities completed Proficient: B layer activities completed Basic: C layer activities completed Minimal: C layer activities not completed Layer C assignments: Total 100 points Lecture: 7.5 points each (Listen and take notes) ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________ Importance of the Nile River Egyptian calendar 3 seasons Life in Ancient Egypt Pharaohs

*Reading and Guided questions: (10 points each) ___________ ___________ TAG Sheet 1 TAG Sheet 2

Other Activities available: (All will require an oral defense. Please refer to individual activity directions) complete 50 points for layer C ___________ 1. Create illustrated vocabulary flashcards (10 points). ___________ 2. Create a Help-Wanted ad for a pyramid worker (10 points). ___________ 3. Research hieroglyphics and create your name in hieroglyphics on a piece on construction paper (10 points). ___________ 4. Create a pyramid poem about anything you have learned about ancient Egypt (10 points). ___________ 5. Write a letter to Punt describing what Egypt was like (20 points). ___________ 6. Make a list of three things about ancient Egypt that you think mark it as an important civilization. Be prepared to give reasons why you chose these three (15 points). ___________ 7. Explain how the shape of Egyptian society was similar to that of a pyramid. Them describe the groups that made up the Egyptian social pyramid (20 points) ___________ 8. Write a paragraph about the effect of the Nile River on ancient Egyptian civilization. Tell about the problems the Nile caused and what people did to solve them (10 points). ___________ 9. With a partner, read and play the ancient game of Senet. Write a paragraph describing the game. Who won? Is it similar to a modern day game? (10 points) You can find the game at ___________ 10. Read 2 myths and write 2 different poems based on the myths (10 points). ___________ 11. Research the different types of pyramids and explain the differences Include sketches of each type (20 points). ___________ 12. Create a timeline using 25 important dates to ancient Egypt (10 points). ___________ 13. In comic strip format, illustrate the 3 growing seasons of Egypt (15 points). Level B Activities: Complete 2 Activities (40 points each) To start, you must have 84 Level C points. __________ 1. Create a timetable of the ways an ordinary Egyptian spend a typical day. Then create the same for an Egyptian Pharaoh.

__________ 2. Research the Curse of the Mummys Tomb as it relates to the discovery of Tutankhamuns tomb. Create a reaction paper or oral presentation about these curses. ___________ 3. As a Pharaoh, you yell, Alduch, you worthless slave!! I have been calling for you! Change into your clean tunic and present yourself for duty in five minutes. You are to serve the head table tonight. Ach, what an honor for a slave such as you! In story form, write about the banquet, describing the food, the way people behaved, and the entertainment. Yes, it will require research for authenticity. ___________ 4. How did the Egyptians build an Empire? Explain orally with written or illustrated cues. This can also be done as a powerpoint. Level A Activity: Complete one activity (80 points) You must have completed 2 Level B Activities ___________ 1. Choose an identity form ancient Egypt. Write a weeks journals from that persons point of view. Be creative in you entries, so that they reveal the character, attitude and actions of your chosen subject. __________ 2. Research and write a report on ancient Egypt. Include the following information: a. Importance of the Nile River b. Religion c. Government d. Innovations (inventions and technology) e. Daily Life f. The Old and New Kingdoms g. Important leaders h. Entertainment Or you can complete the following webquest and it will count for levels A and B. You may complete this project with a partner or in a group of no more that four students. All students must be finished with layer C before you may begin.