Role & Responsibilities [Hint: Describe the Challenges, Key Result Areas, Decisions he can make, Team Size, Fut

ure growth in our organization. Give the Project/Account Description, wherever possible, else describe the activ ities scheduled in the Project/Account. Mandatorily specify the domain/technology areas the candidate will work on.] Required for Storage L2 administrator for account in Offshore. Person will perform L2 activities of Storage Administration. Person will be using SSH based remote console, Native administrative tools of EMC , Storage Manager, Native commands of SAN and NAS devices. Collaborate with various application areas on design requirements and interfaces . Monitor STORAGE systems and check for failures Check disk space on STORAGE systems above thresholds Creation of STORAGE user accounts Log of email alerts into Remedy Sign off of daily checks. Create weekly capacity reports Simple RFC s and releases driven by process Investigate and resolve Remedy Tickets Respond to email alerts from subsystems. Regular checking of STORAGE console management solution Meeting SLA in time to fix the errors and problems Problem determination and resolution on a 24x7 basis. Perform system administration activities on a Production Environment using SSH based Remote Console Operations Creation and updating of Document when required AIX system administration (development and production servers). Account administration. Interface with IBM (coordinate P-Series hardware repairs). Support TCP/IP for AIX/Linux. Disaster Recovery for AIX/Linux systems. Collaborate with Project Managers, Architects, Infrastructure staff and Applicat ions areas to determine business and technical requirements. Required Candidate Profile (Job Requirements/Descriptions)

[Hint: Mandatory to specify what Domains/technology areas/skills/projects the candidate should have worked on. What Knowledge of job, Market/Industry knowledge he must possess. Specify the required skill levels he must possess w.r.t Communication, Team Mana gement, Business Development. Etc. Describe in detail what his current role should have been in his current organiz ation.] Profile: ? EMC Storage Administrator ? Experienced in Production Server Environment.

CRM/SCM/ ERP. Platform skills required] Key skills required: (in the order of priority) 1) Very Good Working knowledge on SAN administration 2) Understanding on Exchange environment Specific Domain/Technical/Functional skills Could be one of the following Wireless.monitoring & analyzing event. C lient Server/Mainframe IT Infrastructure Sales & Marketing. Skills: Good hands on experience on SAN. Datacom. VoIP. ? Pro-active measures and preventive measure for storage problems/errors. VLSI/ System Design. HR/Recruitment. Good Communication skills Certifications: Technical Skills Required (only for technical hires) [Include languages. Switchi ng Systems Telecom Service Provider Applications WAP Gateway. OS. strong trouble shooting skills in storage environment and solving pro blems in a very short time. Optical Networks. OS / Platform Tec hnologies B2B/ B2C/Mobile commerce/ Web Security. alert logs and appropriate actio ns taking. Intelligent Networks. ? Configuration . Datawarehousing. Bluetooth Solutions. storage space management.? Proficient in SSH based Remote Console Operations ? Experience in using EMC command central ? Experience in using Storage Manager ? Expertise in Volumes/Luns creation. NAS and DAS Storage on EMC. Quality /Administration Others § Space and quota § Upgrades and patches § Installation and decommissioning § Maintenance and troubleshooting § File Server administration § Vendor coordination for break fix § Performance Tuning § Troubleshooting RAID and Mirroring § Creating Disk Groups/RAID/Pools § Create/Modify LUNs § Assign LUN to a FC port § Configure a Switch in existing fabric § Create/Modify Zone sets § LUN Masking § Expose a LUN to specific host HBA § LUN Expansion/MetaLUN § Working with Storage management tools § Manage Disaster Recovery Solutions .

§ Establish remote server management .§ Configure and troubleshoot hardware break fix § Software license tracking and reporting.install server management firmware / softw are agents and configure alerts § Establish Backup and Recovery Procedures for in scope servers. § Install or upgrade necessary applications § Troubleshooting Fileservers boot up problems § Perform Microcode upgrades § Technology updating § Provide SPOC for remote server backup and restore service requests § Document Monthly Customer Performance Report on established service .

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