The First Volume Unedited

The Mahglud: The Accounts of the Royal King Anatheses Maghigetus and the Malevolent Lord Dali Hurstinwu
By Quentin Puckette

Excerpt taken from the Jastu, the third chulu prophecy given concerning the arrival of the Maghigetus.

The Sumatra: Verse 3 Chapter 5 In a world of war Turmoil and gore Tales of heroes are long forgotten The youth grow old while still so young

The Sumatra: Verse 4 Chapter 5 War plagues the lands And bands of men bent on destruction Are their only instructors , yet out of the ashes of a war torn land Will come forward One of the sons of Challenggge, that god of old

And seed of the clan of Hurstinu , that noble blood And his name will be called The chosen of the deep Which is the Maghigetus The Sumatra Verse 5 Chapter 5 He will save his people from destruction , he will teach those who are young and in the war of destitution And he will plead the cause of the causeless and hopeless

The Sumatra Verse 6 Chapter 5 He will stand against the ruthless kings that plague the land The lands will be under his finger And he will establish righteousness

The Sumatra Verse 7 Chapter 5 To the throne of the deep he will be caught up to But only for a times, times and time Then he will be seen sitting on the throne of men judging both god and man for their deeds

The Book of Anatheses

Chapter i: The Days of Old

1. n the beginning, men were peaceful, loved and beloved by the gods, who sat on high; they were filled with love towards them. 2. Then began man to make such use of the Earth and the things which were therein, for the purpose of fulfilling their carnal desires. 3. Then began man to make murder and love was cast out of the hearts and minds of men. 4. So it was that being betrayed by the lust of men, the hearts of the gods recompensed the treachery of man and forsook them and turned themselves away from man, for by his actions man had revealed to the gods what had become of him and what was yet to become of him. 5. They left man and came not again unto him, but revealed themselves only to those chosen from amongst men but the promised to return and to send one of their own to help man remember the true way.

6Among the gods who most championed the revival of man¶s spirit was the high king Challanggge, who spoke concerning the plight of man,saying,³I will send my son to man and he will be great among them and teach them and lead them, and he will be the chosen elect of the deep so that all of the metabeings, the gods, the eternals and the high ones will bow down to him and acknowledge him as king´.

Ch.ii: The Birth of Anatheses Maghigetus


After the wars had destroyed the cities of men, there was a young maiden, whose

name was Carrollll- .She lived in solitude and performed penance, for she was a righteous and holy woman, in all the land there was not a woman like unto Carrollll.Thus it was that because of her penance, the high good saw Carrollll- and that her countenance was as her heart, pure and undefiled, so it was that she was chosen to bear a son. 2. And Challanggge appeared before her one morning while she watered her plants in her garden and she was much afraid, for the countenance of his visage was exceedingly terrible and dark so that she bowed her face to the ground and shut her eyes. 3. And Challanggge said to her,´ Noble Carrollll- , I have seen your strength and love that you have showed towards me, more so that any of the gods and with greater intent than any of the daughters of men. That is it great , thus I will be put seed into you and out of you will grow a tree that will stand among the oaks of Vilsayid and Kirioth and your oak will be caught up from the places whereon I will cause his roots to sit and he will be taken to the city of the deep , that dark and terrible place that is dreaded by god and high one alike and he will become great .And the power of the deep will rest on him and cause him to be great and strong and he will rule both god and man and lead both into the halls of his kingdom. 4. When hearing these things, the heart of Carrollll- was struck so that she said to the king, ³My lord take pity upon you servant girl, for she is weak and knows not what great things that you speak of, strengthen her in your sight lord and let her have the strength to understand yourwords, for they are mighty and great.´

5. Then was Carrollll- strengthened in the sight of the king of the gods and she spoke saying, ³My lord, when are these things that you have spoken to me to be, for I am with no man and you servant girl is soon to become a maiden in the clan of my family, how will it be that I will be with child?´ 6.Then answered the king , ³ Be at peace concerning this matter my daughter , for I will visit you in the night not far from now and will cause my seed to be planted in you as you do now plant seeds and I will cause it to grow and I will strengthen the boy and make him a man and I will teach him but when I am done , the Deep shall take hold him and as he was before he was taken he will be no more , for so do the scriptures speak also concerning him so that my words are true´.

7. And indeed the words of Challanggge was true so that all that he spoke and prophesied concerning him was fulfilled as it was written in the scriptures, saying, ³My father has told my mother of my arrival and of all that I should do while I am like to the sons of Caiden but it is the deep who had hidden from him the full mysteries of my advent ³. 8.So , it was that after Challanggge had made an end to speaking these things that he was caught up into the heavens by a strong gust of wind , and Carrollll- did pray in intense passion , for she feared that she might be sick or the like for she had seen the king of the gods and those who before had seen such things did not live too long afterwards , then she remembered of all the things given to her to accomplish and how she would needs to be alive in order for them to be accomplished and her fear was put away.

9. And Challanggge visited Carrollll- as he said and she was with child and she loved him, for he was a vigorous child in the belly of her.

10. Thus it was that in the seventh month and on the sixth day of the seventh month, that the woman Carrollll- gave birth to a boy and she named him Anatheses, which means ³Lord of the Hurstinwu clan´.

11. Now the boy grew in strength and his visage was of a golden countenance and he was exceedingly good to look upon and he grew in wisdom and knowledge, for the favor of his father was upon him and the power of the deep was upon him. 12. And when the boy was turned twelve, his mother was visited in a dream by the boy¶s father. 13. And he said to her,³Send the boy into the land of the east, there he will be instructed in the lost knowledge of the ancient viyas, for there I have reserved me one who has not forgotten me nor the mandates set forth by me nor had he dishonored the covenant between god and man.Now I will place my hands on your son that he will be great and wax strong in all matters of mind and body. Now go and do such things as I have commanded you, for the one whom will instruct him wait for him, for I have given him word concerning such things as I have told you´.

14. So, Carrollll- awoke and readied herself, for it was the twelfth hour and she went and did awake her son as she had been commanded too and told him all that was spoken by his father concerning him. 15. And the boy arose as his mother had instructed him and saddled him a horse and sent him forth with flasks of water and bags of food for the journey. 16. Then the boy went forth thence to journey into the land of the east and as he went, there went before him a star that rode above him as he went along the road.

Ch.iii : The Journeys of Anatheses

Now, after many months of traveling and passing through many of the cities, the boy

desired to worship so that he searched for a temple. 2. And, it was so that the boy came to a temple in the olden city of Gashwith, and he went in to worship, for he had been visited by his father, the night earlier, and he strengthened him with assurance of the near end of his journey, for though the boy was strong yet was he still a boy raised by a woman and besides all those things he had never undertaken so long and broad a journey as he was upon. 3. Now, Anatheses prayed on the floors of the temple for seven hours and when he had made an end to his prayer and worship, the boy went out of the temple and out of the city where at the temple was and his spirit was renewed for the deep was upon the boy and he grew strong in mind and body. 4. Yes and it was the seventh day after he had left the temple that the boy stood by a brook to drink of it, for he was very thirsty. 5. And as he stooped down to cusp a drink of water with his hands, there came down from the sky, a creature, who had the appearance of a man in his upper parts but who had the legs and hind parts of a bull and also the feet of a bull and upon his back were the wings like unto those of a falcon, thereby and therewith he flew and was able to be caught up into themiddle heavens. 6. AndAnatheses was amazed as he drunk still from the cusps of his hands, which were as they were folded as in prayer. 7.And the creature came to the ground and came near to Anatheses and spoke in a loud voice saying ,´ Lo , you , young one, you are he , he whom it was tolden towards methat I should teach and it was said concerning him by him who visited me saying , ³Go and you shall see him by a brook drinking the water of the brook from the cusps of

his hands which will be folded as they were as if he were in prayer and he will be stooped down beside the brook and he whom you will see as such will be he whom you shall teach and learn in the ways and olden covenants that once were between god and man´. 8. And when the creature had made an end to his words, Anatheses replied saying, ³My master it is I, Anatheses, your servant, look now on your servant´. 9. Then went the boy after the going forth of the creature, and the name of the creature was Ababadu, which is Atharaic for the servant to the gods.

Ch.iv Lessonsof Ababadu

Now these are the lessons that were taught to Anatheses by the contritaur,

Ababadu. 2. Myson, wisdom is a great ruby, took for a wife as a present at the times of marriage. 3. Do not forsake to satisfy your mind with knowledge, for books are plenteous and making them strengthens the heart. 4. Honor your father and your mother, for had they not consented to each other in obedience to the other¶s will, you would not have been. 5. Consider those that are not of the race of men nor of the royal race of god and look upon them as your brother, ready to service them according to their desire and wishes. 6. Love and hate not, for if you hate then, why should you be my student and deed my words?´ 7. The gods will always be by your side, but consider he whose life is but a breath and have mercy towards him continually. 8. Life is short but if you are in favor with the gods, then how can anyone not know of you ages from now, for by winning favor of the gods you will live to be thousands of years old. 9. Forsake the common woman and live. 10. Just words are more satisfying than cool waters taken to drink from a clean brook.

11. Words exchanged by man and god are like water exchanged between earth and heaven. 12. Forsake wisdom and die. 13. Foolish words are rubies to foolish hearts. 14. Only the dull minds conceives of riches as tarsyx and barnu. 15. If you are thirsty,drink, if not do not waste water. 16. Wasted food is a sin and the gods will not overlook the offense. 17. Warriors are for the defence of the people¶s people and weak souls remember this and the gods will remember you. 18. A child born of a man is sinful among all creatures but a child born of the progeny of the gods will rule over all under the heavens. 19. Learn and you will teach but forsake instruction and the wrath of the gods will be upon you. 20. In my old age, consider me, leave me not to ponder the life that awaits me or perhaps I will look after you when you leave this realm and happily return the favor.

Ch.v: Lessons to Antitheses

Then Ababa told to Anatheses, the words of the man Torid, who was the son of the

sun spirit, for he was born in the old chulus, those times of old when the spirits of the heavenly bodies walked the earth in the form of the sons of Caiden and like unto the sons of the gods, in the olden days of lore and yore and legend. 2. I am rich and all I should ever desire is set before my eyes. 3. I am fulfilled to every taster my tongue should hunger for, yet I thirst. 4. I, thirst to see the day of my brother, the son of the gods who will walk in this realm as king among them and he will be greatly beloved. 5.In whose eye , man will become something greater , for I have seen it , these days will not be forever , these days of unspeakable beauty , for though I know the words I cannot utter them , least a man remember and tell them to his grandson , who in turn perverts the sacredness thereof and become greater than he is.

6. Yes, his day will be plenteous in glory and beautiful in bounty. 7. He will restore the broken down places and the kingdoms and thrones of the wrongful kings he will overthrow. 8. And he will save the sons of Caiden from their own sins. 9.Look Elthon and Talumny , look upon the earthen realm , amongst the sons and daughters of Caiden and Evelyn , look and see what she will carry , for men was she made , but lest I over speak and tell of things that as of now must not be told , I must say only she will rejoice and greatly so. 10. For in sorrow she must needs be for times and times and times again, until it is decreed for the fulfillment of that which was written, principally his birth. 11. For these things I cannot speak, lest a bird hear it and carry the matter to one with a lesser set of reason and of a baser heart and he be empowered and we be subject to his will and he is to ours. 12.When he will judge and cause equity , who will resist , when he goes to establish , who will deconstruct his hope , who will be against him , for it is decreed from old, what has be spoken will be. 13.Rest now , leaves of the anterbark tree, and owls of the lotus hill , you forests rest, for soon dismay will be upon you and who will be able to resist , who will save you then , lo , he cometh , I see him from beyond , your hope , your redeemer, be at peace now and rest once more , for this rest will be upon you, lest and all will be well but the cities of men will be no more , rejoice my abode I cometh. 14. Then he gave to wards Anatheses the book of Joshun, the seer, who was called the son of none and the scrolls of Lotsmits, the archkeeper, from the dynasty of WuLong, of the southern confederate nations, who lived in the third chulu.

15. And he gave Anatheses toknow the knowledge of the learned men of the age, previously destroyed, those who were called scientists and priests, those of the third chulu. 16.So it was that Anatheses grew in knowledge and subtlety of speech and reasoning so that in all the earth there was none like unto him and his father was with him and the hand of the deep was strong upon him. Visions of Ababadu


Now during the time that Anatheses would read, Ababadu would sleep and

therefore the father of the boy took special occasion to visit him and to instruct him in what knowledge should be received by the boy. 2. Thus, it was so that on one occasion, the father of the boy visited Ababadu in a dream and gave him a vision concerning the boy and this is what the chiroltaur saw. 3. One man standing as it were before millions of men and there was behind him those life unto the gods, demigods as well as every kind of other creature given to a mind to search out and find matters of subtle undertakings. 4. Before the man stood the spirits of the high ones and they went before him whosesoever he desiredst to go. 5. Then Ababadu saw the man lead the high ones to do battle against god and man and he was victorious, for the hand of the deep was upon him. 6. Whilst still eveninhis vision, Ababadu turned to the god and asked,´ What is the meaning of the vision, pray tell my lord lest you servant cause a folly because of ill knowledge concerning such things as your lord has concerned me therewith. 7.And the god answered Ababa saying , ³ He who you saw is the servant of the deep , the whole of the creation below the fourth realm have sinned and those of power have forsaken those that under the rule of them who are in power , thus the deep has decided to bring about a restoration of timespast , yet not by the hand of either god of high one but through the power he will bestow upon his chosen two, for the deep will cause one of the house of the noble bloodline to rise to prominence and power in the eyes of god and man and he will be great before them both, but he who under you shall stand up against him and defeat him , for he whom is your pupil is he to whom the prophecies concerning the Maghigetus are of.

8. And Ababadu was in turmoil, concerning this vision, for the truth of it was very great, thus he meditated on what was revealed to him for many days.

Ch.vii:The Prophecy of Anatheses


Thus, it was that on a hot day after a sparring session that the boy, whose name

was called Anatheses, arose and went to the place whereupon his teacher sat and gat for him a flask of skins. 2.For in his heart , the boy reasoned saying , ³My master is thirsty for today has been a hot day and it is good for him to rest from his thirst thus I will go and fetch for him water for the flask of joust skins will hold the water as sufficiently.´ 3. And Anatheses came near to where his master was laying down and laid the skins down beside him, for the place whereat Ababadu was, was in a cool brush, where often wild animals would come. 4. Thus awakening in a hurry and thinking, Anatheses to be such an animal, Ababadu rose and slung his spear over his head and down upon the crown of the boy¶s head. 5. But, the spear head did not touch the boy but rather fell straight through him and hit the ground so that the head of thee spear lay between the legs of Anatheses. 6.Now while these things were so , Anatheses spoke saying ,´ Do not alarmed master ,I have only come to fetch you water , do not be alarmed for after all of that fighting , surely you are thirsty and you countenance appears famished, so come and drink. 7. Then was Ababadu fully awoke and having realized what had transpired stood up to inspect the boy and he searched for the point whereupon the spear head must have landed but he could find none and Ababadu was amazed but he sent Anatheses to hunt somegamef or to which he should prepare so that both he and Anatheses should eat and rest from the lessons they had studies that day. 8. Now while the boy was away, Ababadu was visited by the high god, who descended out of the high heavens in a golden cloud and he spoke these words to Ababadu, concerning his son. 9. ³My Friend´, so spake Challanggge to Ababadu,´You have seen his magic, for the hand of the deep is heavy upon him, such things as you have done have been done by all of the great ones, do not lament in thought concerning what has occurred, it was so to be so that you may see in truth who the boy is´. 10. Then spake he thus to Ababadu as he was rising from whither forth he had come from, and he said ³When he returns follow him, for the hand of the deep is upon him so that to train him you must understand him, now go forth to prepare the fire for I have provided a large game for you and he so that you both should feast well tonight, go and do as you have been commanded´.

11. Thus, it was that the boy returned and returned the flask to the tent of the chiroltaur. 12.Then went the boy into the forest and as he walked , he was taken up into the air and Ababadu beheld this and was astounded for all of his reason was gone from him and he stood as a beast beholding the boy, 13. Now as they things were so, Ababadu reasoned within himself saying, ³Truly this is the boy named in the prophecy concerning that one that should come and restore the realm of the sons of Caiden´. 14. Then went Ababadu back to the place whereat his and the boy¶s tent was and rested for it was late. 15. Not soon from thence, the boy returned with fresh provisions for the night.

Ch.viii: Anatheses Returns Home

And Anatheses grew in strength and spirit and according to the wisdom that was

given to him wards from Ababadu his teacher, and by the grace of his father and the power of the deep, he grew wiser and wiser. 2. Then came the day wherein, Anathese was become a man and Ababadu sent him away to bid farewell to his mother, for in a dream, the high god, son of the high ones had appeared and told him of how the man Anatheses must be caught up to the heavenly cities of the Vilsayid and Artabohnx, the cities that are the abodes of the gods and the high ones and there he will be instructed. 3. Thus, it was that Anatheses set out to return to the home of his mother, in the western lands. 4. And he journeyed for four nights and for four days, for he was caught up into the air. 5. Now when the fourth day was come, Anatheses came to the house of his mother and she saw him walking for afar off, she left the place whereupon she sat and ran to him, for her heart was greatly merry and glad concerning the appearance of her only son. 6. Now after these things were done, she took him into the house and there they ate and talked all the night long, concerning various things and the heart of Carrollll- was exceedingly merry. 7. On the next morning, Carrollll- arose early for to go to fetch berries and to see whether the snare set for rabbits was fully set.

8. Now as she passed through the forests, there appeared before her a goddess and Carrollll- became weak in her knees and she bowed herself before the goddess. 9. And the goddess spoke to Carrollll- saying, ³Daughter of man, I have come to deliver a message to you, your son has been chosen, in five days from hence he will be taken up into the heavens to the city of the gods, for it is the will of your father¶s son, there he will be taught in the knowledge of the gods, thus it will be so that in his young age he will excel all men in the area of knowledge´. 10. Then Carrollll- spoke saying,³Mylords, my body is weak and before you I am broke and my body is weak thus I can barely breathe, please strengthen me so that my body and mind will be revived and so that I may comprehend your precious message´. 11.And the goddess said unto her , ³ Be strong and receive these words that I have spoken for you , and know this also daughter of Hurstinwu , for a brief time will you have your son then it must needs be fulfilled what I am spoken concerning you and him , but fret not , chosen and blessed woman , for not oo long after this you will behold him riding wiwtht he high ones proclaiming throughout all under the fourth realm his sacred tratra , to both god and man , beagod and chiroltaur ; but know that while the blessings of the deep will be upon him , know also that the anger of the deep will also rest upon him. 12. The hour was yet early and the goddess was no more as Carrollll- considered her words. 13. And with a heavy heart, Carrollll- returned to her cottage, for it was told to her by the goddess that she had a little time with her beloved but afterwards, she should see him no more, for he was to be taken by the gods. 14. Distressed, Carrollll- returned to her cottage, and as she thought on those things which were told her by the goddess, she saw her son from afar off and it was as it were that he sat upon the air and when Carrollll- saw these things she thought within herself, ³Truly this boy will ride among the high ones for who among men can do that which my eye reveal to me concerning his deeds.

Ch.ix: Carrollll- s Message

Thus, it was that for the next four days, Carrollll- laughed and ate with her son and

outwardly she was merry but within, she was mourning, for she was sad that she should spend so little a time with her son after she had not seen him for so long.

2. And Anatheses lifted from her heart the weariness that the truth concerning him and their time together had brought to her. 3. And he told her of the ancient wisdom that he had learned from Ababadu and he also revealed to her the truest meanings of it. 4.He also told her by what power he was able to sit on the air and to be caught up into the sky and she was amazed , yet she understood so that she herself was able to both sit on the air and to be caught up into the air, though wings she had not. 5. Now within the spare time that was left together, Anatheses loved his mother so, that she began to forget the pain that she felt on occasion of the words spoken by the goddess. 6. And Anatheses further instructed in the knowledge that he had also received by instruction from Ababadu.

Ch.x:Anatheses returns to Ababadu

Now, at the end of the time that Anatheses was there, he captured for his mother a

small flock of deer and doe and also two wild cows. 2. But, she did not eat them, but rather, she set them within a fence and made them to prosper and to be fruitful and multiply after their kind. 3. Thus, it was that at the end of the fourth day, Anatheses left his mother¶s cottage and went back to the land of the east, which is called Lorium, for it was told him by a messenger of the gods that it was for the time for him to return to the presence of his teacher and master, Ababadu. 4. Now as it were, as he journeyed through the lands of Athara, whereat his mother was, he sought to take another passage to the land of the east. 5. While he passed through the city, he was awed by the condition of the city, for they were as ashes and was utterly broken down. 6. Then Anatheses considered the ways of men and he remembered that all the history of men had but lent itself to nothing but continual destruction, for he thought, what knowledge can man learn that could take these ways of destruction from him, yet not once did he consider within himself, he had the answer, for he longed inwardly only to

search for the knowledge, for he knew that this was the only means by which a man could be transformed. 7.So , Anatheses journeyed and came and went in peace to many cities that lay along the path to Lorium , and when he came across those who were sick and afflicted in their bodies he healed them and to the hungry he caused the sky to rain bread and the offspring of the tamed cattle to bear lively and vigorous offspring, for inwardly he reasoned that what he was doing was the right thing for man to receive .So it was that while Anatheses did these things and much more , the fame concerning him went out round about the country and his name became great in the land of men.

Ch.xi :Anatheses is caught up into Heaven

The next morning , Anathese awoke and behold , his master conversed with Achilles

, one of the heroes of old and within himself , he reasoned , for how can this be , seeing that Achilles is dead and the gods of his age are no more in this realm , but indeed do sit on high as those among the eternals. 2.But , Ababadu seeing the inward thoughts of Anatheses spoke in a loud voice saying , ³ Be not constrained in thought my son , he whom you see is eternal , hold thy tongue and mind your thoughts , lest he be angry and smite thee , for although you are a son of a god , you are not past the correction of an eternal 3.From then on , Anatheses began to putaway the inner reasoning of his heart and mind for he was discourage by the words of his master and hew as in confusion concerning the use of the speculative and reasoning sciences. 4. Thus, it was that when Ababadu had finished talking to the eternal Achilles, that he went into the woods and as he went, he beckoned that Anathese should follow him. 5. Now it was about the third hour of the day, when Ababadu went into the forest and beckoned that Anatheses should follow him. 6. Thus, it was so that as they were walking, Ababadu¶s legs began to change and though they were as those of a bull, they became as the legs of a man and though he had the wings of falcon, they became as the wings of an oblash and as these things were so, Anathese wondered in himself.

7. After the passing of these things, Anatheses spoke to his master saying,´ My father m what is the meaning of such things as I see ³.

8. But Ababadu did not answer, for his gaze was upward for he knew that the time of Anatheses¶s departure was at hand and soon the chariots belonging to the high good would appear and descend to take up Anatheses from the realm of men. 9. Then as Ababadu were thinking upon these things,lo, Anatheses was caught up in a vision, and saw in the vision, he did, the things concerning his self and the days of the revelation of the Maghigetus. 10. Now as these things were being shown tot Anatheses, Ababadu knew not that his apprentice was in the midst of a vision, for it was as if he was thinking inward ly for as they walked neither a foot upon the legs of Anatheses turned not to the left nor the right nor did his pace of walking become abated. 11.So it was that when the moment of the conclusion of the vision was come , Anathese was caught up to a chariot that was driven by the great god Challangge , the high god , the only son of the high one , and he was taken from Ababadu in that moment , and as he was taken Ababadu shouted with a loud voice , ³ Be at peace my son , for the time will come when I will see you again and there will be more lessons for you to learn´. 12. Then it was that as he beheld his son being taken up from him , that Ababadu began to dance and celebrate , for the beginning of the events that were showed him in the visions that he had seen were coming to fruition and in jubilation he did dance. 13. And as he danced, Anatheses looked down and threw his cloak to Ababadu as inwardly he desired for his father to have it, for it was the cloak that was indued with the power of the deep.

Ch.xii: Journey to the realm of the gods

1. Now it was the fifth hour of the day when Anatheses was taken up into the heavens and as he went he pondered over the men whom he had met when he passed through the cities of the kingdom of Atanka, wherein the home of his birth Atharia was. 2. And he thought on the question which was what was to become of them, and in his heart he was grieved. 3. Seeing the countenance of his son lowered , the high god , son of the high one began to speak saying , ³ My son do not let your mind be calloused on account of the children of men , for their plight will be healed by you in due time and only let your heart be glad , for the time has arrived whereupon you will be trained in the arts and knowledge of the gods and you will be made great , like unto the high ones , for so it was spoken in the word , thus must it be fulfilled , now ready yourself , for these things must needs be fulfilled so that the things which must come after can come after. 4. So Anatheses heard and listened to the counsel of his father but in truth he was not comforted, for in his heart, he knew that some among them would die before his training was complete. 5. Yet, Anatheses lifted up his face, for it was become of him to prepare himself inwardly to come into the heavenly city of the gods, for it was foretold concerning him saying, ´The son of the god·s king, rides regal to the throne ¶ that will be given him by the hand of the deep, for the hand of the deep is heavy upon him and the s strength of the hand upon him is not abated or dwindledµ.

Yet, was the mind of Anatheses solely upon the desire s of his father and of the gods.

Ch.xiii: City of the gods
1. Now the city of the gods was as it were pure gold, and all of the buildings that were in it were also of gold and the wall around the city was made also of gold so that all of the buildings of the city were as it were gold. 2. And the shape of the wall that was about the city was as a square and the gates of the city were positioned at each of the walls, besides the columns. 3. Now the city was high and lifted up, for it sat in the realm between the third heaven and the realm of men, for this was the appointed domain of the gods. 4. And as they rode into the city , it was so that many gods came down from the third heavens and from the forests surrounding the city and from inside from the houses that were within the city to greet their king , Challanggge, the high god , the only son of the high one and his son Anatheses. 5. And the gods rejoiced greatly, for many of them had heard of the things that should be in the realm of man and concerning the one by whom such of these things might and should be accomplished. 6. And they shouted, Alunath, Alunath, Tumi Calnath, which is interpreted in the language of men as being Praise, Praise, to the son of the king . 7. And it was a glorious day in the city of the gods so that the countenance of Anatheses was lifted up and in his heart he was exalted.

Ch. xivThe Temple
1. Now as they rode through the streets, the eyes of Anatheses were fixed upon the temple which sat in the center of the city. 2. And the measurements of the temple were five hundred feet long and two hundred fifty feet wide. 3. The style of the design was Brothzen , so that the height of the columns were three hundred feet and the thickness of them were two hundred feet wide , for they were shapen in a tube and there were twenty four columns throughout the temple.

4. And the front doors of the temple were set in gold and they stood the both of them, at the height of fifty feet tall. 5. Now these were the only doors for they were both entrance and exit. 6. And the trim of the outer walls of the temple were decorated with murals of past gods who had moved into the realm of the eternals. 7. Above the murals were graven images of ancient high ones, hose who inhabited the heavens above the fifth and fourth heavens. 8. Among those pictured were the sun spirits, Aloxinuxh, the elemental Alishanx and the olden inspirationli Antonianillioniel. 9. On the entrance, above the columns were as they were triangles bordered by the stone onlium, which served as the trim that pieced together the roof and the columns. And the trim on the entrance side of the temple was made from onlium blocks fifty feet tall and sixty feet wide and there was four of these blocks that sat upon the six columns at the entrance of the temple. 10. Now above the trim sat the living stone 11. Now the living stone had the appearance of a man, and it spoke as a man yet it was stone now it was so that two of such stones sat on the entrance of the temple. 12. Part these living stones as it were behind these living stones was the great dome, now the great dome was made of pure gold and it was crowned with a maltium obelisk. 13. Now the color of the trim of the outer walls of the temple, and their color were red and the color ran along thin lines of white color.

Ch.xv The Outer Walls of the Temple
1. Now the outer walls of the temple were decorated with statues of as it were gods of the past ages , long before man was , for they were those who had ascended into the realm of the eternals and the color of these states were as they was yellow gronzx. 2. Above the statues , the color of the wall was deep amethyst 3. The heighth of the walls were three hundred fifty feet in thickness, and they were made of pure gold. 4. Now the columns stood at a distance of fifty feet from the walls of the temple and the ceiling that was in the space between the columns and the outer walls was set lower than the full heighth of the wall was, which in length and height were



7. 8.

both twenty feet and the columns stood on ovals whose diameter was a measure of two hundred and fifty feet at the base of the stairs. On the ceiling in the space between the columns and the outer wall were murals of ancient temples and the lectures given by the great god philosophers Atoniuch and Plalatavchx. The temples were painted in the colors of purple, gold and yellow and the gods presenting the lectures were painted in yellow and blue according to the natural colors of their forms and nimbuses that surrounded their heads. The stone used in the constructing of the walls was alu and the items in the statues were made from wood inserted into the stone. All four of the outer walls were made from alu except the one that serves as the entrance wall.

Ch.xvThe Entrance Wall
1. Now the entrance wall to the temple of the gods was made of gold overlaid in amethyst stone. 2. And the doorpost within which stood the entrance door was covered in jewels and in scripted with sacred sayings of the high ones. 3. Without the door on the left side, stood a small heroisin base filled with an Alaba drink, which was naturally sweet to the tongues of man but was used as washing water for the gods before times of sacred deliberation. 4. On the right side of the doorpost , stood a living stone in the manner of a sphinx and it spoke continually , saying, Come gods of great , gods of the 133red quadrant , come and awaken within yourselves the gift needed to ascend into the realm of the eternals. 5. Now although the gods heard the words of the living creature and knew well within themselves the truth of what was spoken, none went towards the temple in numbers that one would reason, for the current business of the gods was the creation of a new abode in the fourth realm.

Ch.xviAnatheses Begins Instruction

1. After both Anathese and the high god, son of the high one, whose name was Challangge had made an end to their tour through the city, they came at a rest in the district of Sehlah, wherein the mortal descendants of the gods resided and Anatheses was led into a house built by Challangge, for it was determined that here it was that the young man would stay. 2. In the morning, early Anatheses arose and began to do his meditations, those that were taught to him by his earthly master Ababadu. 3. So that when Challangge entered, the house he found Anatheses sitting on the air, and he was pleased for in his heart, he knew that few men had ever understood the godly scriptures to enact sufficiently the transcendental yogas perfectly. 4. Anatheses,spoke Challangge , Today you are to begin instruction in the Universifatex , the school of the demigods , for the next ten years , you will live among the demigods and goddesses, the children of the gods of this realm and you will be instructed in the high knowledge , are you prepared within yourself for such . 5. My lord and king , answered Anatheses, I am for in my heart I have meditated upon that which has been provisioned apart for me and my innards are fretful of failure, thus I am compelled to greatness . 6. Then spoke Challangge saying , Be not fretful of failure , my servant , if not for failure , how could you desire to succeed , but you are wise , for inwardly you have recognized the relationship between the two and submitted your heart to succeed , yet heed my words , be always conscious of failure , for by it you will understand fully the cunning arts of the sly goddess Success. 7. Thus, it was that Anatheses began to receive instruction from his father and they spoke more of such wisdom as they walked to the Universifatex.

Ch.xviiChallangge s Wisdom Concerning Women

1. And as they walked , Cahlangge seeing the beauty of the goddess s and their daughters and how his son was enraptured by them spoke saying , My son be not desirous to be in the sight of the goddess , for consider , you respect their beauty more than my company , for your eyes are always on them , but consider , what is a goddess to you , you salivate over them and they cause you distress but you hold them in high regard yet inwardly you know they are not special , you look after their outward forms but then your weakness becomes strong , you desire to be recognized but then you are no longer a god , value goddesses and the children as precious you will die though the poison they give you will make you drunk and in your drunkenness you will say , Lo I am rich and eternal , listen my son and go not that way , but I see though speak with the wisdom of ges, you cannot listen , for you are anointed m, thus you must see for yourself , but mankind will rejoice when you do for you must be bathed in light to be dirtied and afterwards you will shine as none before you did , lo , I foresee you attaining to the realm of Christ , who is above and in all , thus my son when these woes that I speak will come upon you , but remember , it is only for a time and then the light of the deep will manifest in you and you will become whole , lo there shall be none like unto you in this realm nor in those to come , for the finger of the deep has written your verse, you must only say it and be completed , lo , we are here , thus now I bid farewell for a time unto you my son, be at peace and learn well ,dedicate your all to the lessons , seek Sophia in her impersonal and apply yourself to madness , know both my son so that all will be known to you.

Ch.xviiiThe Universifatex
1. Now the Universifatex was the third largest building in the city of the gods, for it stood five hundred ft tall with a diameter of six hundred twenty ft., for it was made according to the design of a circle and upon its roof stood a cross in honor of the Christ, who had once studied in its halls. 2. The outer walls were built of altoid brick, a mixture of gold and althium mud, found in the Northern lands of Alasia, each brick was inscripted with the words of ascended gods.

3. The main entrance doors were made of silver and inscribed with writing baring the deed of the gods of old who had founded the universifatex as an educational facility for the children of the gods. 4. Behind the doors, in the buildings were four large rooms which served as theatre for the demigods who wished to serve as inspirational muses to both god and man. 5. In the second chamber, stood portals to eternarealms, places where demigod aspirants could practice domination over the physical laws of nature, these portals led to forests, large canyons, deserts and other types of terrain that could be found in the realms of god and men across the universe. 6. The third chamber, served as a lab wherein the demigod aspirants could study the metals and hard earth elements, here the demigods students would learn how to create and amalgamate various substances to create either tougher or more efficiently elements to be used for various activities. 7. The final and fourth chamber served as a lecture hall, wherein the greatest of the four arts was practiced, the mastery of the word, it was here that many of the great gods learned their wisdom, both from study and learning the wisdom of past ages .Such notables as La-Zun, Christ and Timonedes studied here and received inspiration from the deep, of all the chambers this one was the most respected by the gods and was taught to be the more revered by the demigods as well.

Ch.xix.Anatheses s Study
1. Thus it was that for five years m Anatheses studied and grew in wisdom and knowledge, so that in the impersonal, he transcended the knowledge of his compatriots and was well respected by both instructi and student. 2. Yet, within himself Anatheses contemplated the deeper truths of existence. 3. Thus these were the words of Anatheses at the age of Twenty five 4. In all of my study, I have found no reason for all things, thus I conclude that all things are nothing, yet to grow in wisdom and knowledge satisfies my soul .Yet the illumination of the high ones eludes, I desire women yet I know that I desire myself, for we are one .I suppose that this is no law and I can do as I will. 5. Thus ,Anatheses began to study madness , and he began to be a harlot and he took to himself the daughters of Crion and Sartus and Oligu and Bendi and he was pleased , for he reasoned that he knew all things , and could thus act as he pleased 6. Yet , he was not as he thought he would be , for soon he became weak of spirit and began to slack in context to his studies ward, and his appearance waned , so that , although he was among the gods he appeared as a sickly man , ordinary and weak.

7. Misery and wrath came upon Anatheses and he was vexed constantly, so for years he wandered in soul and spirit and eluded all of the gods including his father, yet his father knew what was happening to Anatheses and he waited in eager expectation for he knew that all of the anointed ones endured what was being thrust upon Anatheses, for though Anatheses thought it was brung about by his own self, his father knew that it was not of his son s doing. 8. So, for five years, Anatheses grew weak in spirit and soul and all that pertained to him floundered so that he became a byword , a laughing one , one whom was called upon for the purpose of mocking and jeers and his words were cast aside as mere breath.

Ch.xxThe Illumination of Anatheses
1. At the age of thirty, on the second hour of his birthday Anatheses withdrew himself from the presence of the gods for he was led by the deep into the desert real of the world of the gods. 2. Now as he wandered, Anatheses ate no food nor did drink any water for as he walked he prayed and as he sat he meditated. 3. And when the forty days were come, Anatheses arose, for he sat underneath a tree and he was caught up, so that he was within the confines of the city within two hours. 4. Thus , he walked about the city and all who saw him jeered saying , Is this Ana , the son father king , where is this thesis , isn t it time for him to graduate and the mocking was sore so that Antitheses was wounded in his heart. 5. And he returned to his house and sat and as he sat, he was visited and before him stood a figure as the appearance of a man, with the facial and bodily countenance of a shadow. 6. Ad it spoke to him saying , Be at peace , son of Challangge , for I am one come to anoint you , for you will rule over god and man , for I have seen your study , you have known both wisdom and folly , knowledge and foolery , strength and weakness , so that now I confer on you my spirit , for I am the Deep , all who see me have known me before , I will live in you , my soul and you soul will be one , for it was written eons ago by those who I commissioned , now arise and close your lids. 7. Then , Anatheses did as he was instructed and the figure entered into him , so that Anatheses was transformed , his face began to darken and the nimbus that overshadowed his crown disappeared and a fear fell on his aura , so that when he

walked those around bowed their heads and when he spoke those who heard trembled within themselves. 8. So it was that at the age of thirty, Anatheses became Anatheses, the son of the deep.

Ch.xxiWords of Anatheses
1. Soon word spread throughout eh city of the gods , concerning the visitation of the deep and the conferral of son ship upon Anatheses, 2. So that the saying concerning Anatheses became, son of the high god, descendant of Caidan, he is the high one, son of the deep. 3. Then began Anatheses in those days to teach among the gods and he spoke many words to them , so that all were amazed by his wisdom , for his words and power was that of a high one , which is called Haliwaim , meaning transcendental personage. 4. Now these are the words of Anatheses, sorrow and happiness, which do you like? 5. Is it better to walk with men or live with gods, I prefer to do both though currently the world men is in turmoil, there I am needed most. 6. Wise words are wise to a fool but he has his own wisdom , and it is called foolishness 7. You laughed at me for mockery now you laugh at me for love, which is better, is here a difference? 8. Men and gods will live in peace on the Earth that I will rule. 9. Serve me and I will pay you good , do you not remember me , Ana , son of the king , where is your these , I am soon to graduate. 10. I show you a house and tree but what do you really think of it 11. I am dark and my words are wind but I am not night 12. I am Anatheses but what does it mean , son of the deep 13. You listen to my words because you thing I have attained something that you can attain, what if I haven t and what if you can? 14. Remember me for what I am, what I do you will read about, where I go you can go but forget me not, for I am what you see. 15. I can create a world with a word and create creatures to live in it with another but from where will I draw the first breath. 16. If I disappeared, some of you will see me but if I die none of you will see me, then I am gone to learn again, this I will do and you will not longer think so fond of me, for you will say, How is it that he being a high one has died, are they not all eternal, this fellow was a n illusionist god, but behold.

17. Then after he had said the word , the heavens above opened and there was darkens and all about Anatheses bowed and a voice came out from the heaven and said , This is my anointed , Honor him and then all there knew that Anatheses was he , the Anointed One , the son of the Deep , spoken of in the vatic scirptures.

18. So Anatheses went to meet and eat with his father for since his return he had long desired to go. 19. My son , said his father , It is becoming will known about the city concerning those things that you do and say , what have you to say about it? . 20. Then Anatheses said, Soon I must leave you, my father, for the hour of my work is near and so too the redemption for the world of men . 21. The redemption thereof, but lo, spoke Challangge, the world of men have become a den for the demeted souls of the netherealm and for the fallen one, what is your work there . 22. Behold my words , my father ,I go to redeem the lost , the ones derided by derision , I will be their hope and trust , I will make them to walk amongst your king and some will join me in the obstrapox , the realm that above yet within all realms , I will reveal to them secrets they considered not and their vision will be changed , I will do this and l will know that I am he , but for a short time for after these things are fulfilled. 23. I must put down the mantle of Anathess and become he f whom the eternals alluded to in their writings , yes , even he , the Maghigetus , but be at peace for this time is not near but you will see the sons of Caidan dance in jubilation for the hour of their redemption is nigh. 24. Now when Anatheses had spoken these words to his father , the high god son of the high one , his father said , I believe my son , for I have known of you since I was a child and how these and those things that you speak only bear witness to my soul that I have known truth since a young age . 25. Then Challangge embrace his son, Anatheses and they sat down to eat.

Ch.xxii.The prayers of Anatheses and his
1. Now it was the lasthour when Anatheses rose from the table to go out into the garden, for he went to pray and his father rose, to go to bed. 2. Now the garden of Challangge was lush, for it was made in the pattern of a square and in the center of it was a small pond and around the pond were small orbitz stones and around the orbitz stones were langu bushes and vines as well a garu trees and intimitus trees. 3. So, Anatheses went and knelt behind one of the longu bushes and looking into the fourth heavens he began to pray. 4. And as he prayed , lo the fourth heavens were opened up and he saw the fifth heavens and s he prayed continually , lo the fifth heavens were opened up and he saw the sixth heavens so that for the time between one hour and the next , the heavens were opened up to Anatheses and he saw into them. 5. Thus it was that as these things were happening, Anatheses was transplanted and he was in the realm of the deep, that heavens that is above yet within all heavens, which is called the Obstrapox. 6. And Anatheses¶s figure became as white and bright as the alton (the sun of the gods) and he was alone, for the Obstrapox is a realm of darkness, for it is the entrance to the realm of the deep, whose name is unutterable. 7. Then Anatheses heard a loud voice say to him, ³Come within, my chosen, for I am much things to teach and show you´. 8. Thus did Anatheses go into the house of the deep, that place whose name is unutterable and the deep taught him many things so the space wherein Anatheses remained with the deep was period of five months and all of the gods wondered after Anatheses while he was gone, but his father knew for the deep had given him solace concerning the situation and his father was at peace.

Ch.xxiiiAnatheses Passes through the 7
1. Now after Anatheses had been with the deep for a period of five months, he was given leave, for it was revealed to him that his time with the gods was for a short time.

2. Now it was that while Anatheses was in the presence of the deep, his nature was transfigured fixedly to the persona of an eternal, though in truth he remained in the archetype of a demigod, nonetheless, he was changed. 3. Thus to return to the realm of the gods , which was fixated in the second heavens, Anatheses was forced to descend through the five heavens that lay above it 4. In order to descend, Anatheses was forced to put on the persona of a demigod, for it was not possible for him to descend into the lower heavens as he was for in the presence of the deep he was changed. 5. Thus he fell through the seven heavens and was again in the garden of his father. 6. Now when he was come again to the realm of the gods, Anatheses remembered the presence of the deep and assumed the persona of an eternal and his body was changed so that he became a god and like not an eternal but was like to one of them.

Ch.xxivThe Word is bestowed upon
1. Now weeks passed after the day that Anatheses was come into the world of the gods again and he spoke to none, for in the presence of the deep had realty so that his mouth was dumb. 2. Secretly, it was the will of the deep that such things should come upon Anatheses, for he had purposed such a time wherein he should bestow upon the god, the word and reveal the secrets thereof. 3. Thus as Anatheses sat in meditation one day, there appeared before him man in white and he spoke saying, ³Behold, son of Challangge, I have come to bestow upon you the power of the logos and you will become the living word, thus nothing will be restrained from you and what you purpose to do only say it and you will have the power to do it´. 4. Then Anatheses tongue¶s tongue was quickened so that he said, ³My friend, what is your name so that I may remember you´. 5. Then he was clothed in bright light said, ³My name is not important, only my words for I am the word´. 6. Then Anatheses knew to whom he was talking and he perceived that it was the Christ. 7. Thus from then on ,, did Anatheses speak I power and authority , for whatever he said , it was done and whatever he said , it was done and

whatever he purposed to do , he only said it and he was strengthened with the power to do it´´.

The Book of the Acts of Anatheses in the Realm of the gods

1. Not long after thee things, did Anatheses set forth to journey in the land of the gods, for he was led by the unction of the deep into the remote parts of the realm. 2. Thus by day he walked and conversed with hose that were by the eternals and by night he slept upon the ground. 3. Now it was so on one occasion, Anatheses was passing through a forest, whose canopy was a covering of thick leaves. 4. Thus he saw sitting on the branches , a bird alone and Anatheses reasoned to himself that it was not good that the bird should be alone and Anatheses also saw that it was a male bird. 5. So he stooped low to the ground and made a circle in the dirt then he stood up and lifting his eyes to he said softly, ³Rain´ and it began to rain. 6. Now when it had rained enough for the dirt to be turned into mud Anatheses again lifted his eyes to the heavens and said, ³Let the rain stop, and it stopped´. 7. Then again he stooped to the ground and picked up a large coin of mud and with it he fashioned a likeness of the bird that he saw and when he was finished fashioning the mud into the likeness of the bird that he saw, he said, ³Live and be as bird, fit for producing more after the kind of the bird. ³Then the things that held the likeness of a bird became as a bird and it flew up to the branch whereon the bird whose likeness it shared sat and Anatheses continued his passage through the forest. 8. After these things were done then did Anatheses began to contemplate the creation of an animal kingdom ,for he reasoned to himself saying , lo the gods have a consort of sorts , a kingdom to rival , thus did Anatheses began to build out of stone and wood and mud , creatures in the likeness of the beasts of that realm and he spoke upon them saying to each one he had fashioned ,´Live and be as ³ , and he put in them seed to reproduce after its kind saying , ³Let seed be within you and reproduce after your kind´. 9. Thus did Anatheses shape the Onlion , the creature whose head and face bore the similitude of a lion and whose beast and arms bore the similitude of a lion and beast and arms bore the similitude of a bear and whose legs and feet bore the similitude of a horse and he made of it pairs both male and female and he taught it knowledge such as was and is common among men so that it prospered and built for themselves cities both in the forests and in eh deep caves which lay in the ground beneath the realm of the gods.


The Kingdom of The Onlions

1. Now after Anatheses had made the living creatures, he gave to each of them a name to the male he gave the name Caidan and to the female he gave the name of Susevelyn. 2. And he taught them the knowledge of the mathifatex , that knowledge which pertains to the numbering of things seen and unseen and archifatex , the knowledge which pertains to the building of things seen , he also taught them the knowledge of the spoken yet he did not bestow upon the logos that was within man , for he reasoned to himself that it was not due to give to such a creature the powers of man , who had experienced greater sorrow and pain , this he only gave them partiality oaf the power of men. 3. And looking on them, Anatheses said to himself, ³I will make for them a soul, I will call upon the deep and he will live in them so that they may live and learn and love and cry and know the pleasures of life as well as it¶s pain and he did as he had spoken and it was so just was the words that he had spoken´. 4. So Caiden and Susevelyn became living creatures and they were taught knowledge of numbers, building and of the written and spoken word by Anatheses. 5. Thus, Anatheses decided that it was good for them to possess a city and he began to build for them a city and he positioned it in the caves beneath the ground for the onlions were at most peacefull in that land and Camden called the land Nilius and he said, ³My god have given me and my consort a land and here we will establish our kingdom and we will be great in the land, only let our god speak it upon us and it will be so´. 6. So Anatheses built for them a temple and a place to teach their offspring as well as their neighboring creatures , for Anatheses had made more creatures to roam the land , both on the ground and beneath the ground and he called the city ³Chrishlion ³ after the Christ and the symbol of his personage. 7. Thus,after a year with the onlions, Anatheses left them and at the time of his departure, the number of the onlions were fifty for he had blessed the womb of Susevelyn according to the request of Caidan and they were firmly established in the land and their kingdom began to prosperous.

8. Thus, did Anatheses journey up out of the land of the onlions and he turned his face west, for he had been travelling south from the city of the gods. 9. So, Anatheses got up and went to the sea of the gods which is commonly called among them, the Unseh, meaning the great sea.

Ch.IIAnatheses makes a sun for the sky
1. Now as he journeyingonwward towards the great sea , Anatheses looked up and saw in the sky , a dimming alton , for it was the season of Tulu , wherein the alton became dimmer , thus Anatheses being wearied by the decreases in light , yelled out into the sky , wherein the alton was , ³Let there be another of you kind to help you and let your lights be great ,´ then there appears another alton and its light was more glorious than the light of the first alton so that the sky was exceedingly bright and Antitheses continued his journey westward towards the sea. 2. Now the sea was blue and the appearance of the second alton made the waters to have the color of topaz, for before they were the color of beryl. 3. Thus , Anatheses journeyed and came to rest on the sands of the shore and there he prayed for thirty days and the thirty days were come to an end Anatheses arose for he had purposed that it was the time for him to return to the home of his father¶s for at the time ,Anatheses had been gone out of the city of the gods for two years and those within themselves saying , ³It is Anatheses , perhaps the deep has called him away again ³ and then began Anatheses to understand the meaning of all things , and he was thirty three.

Ch.iiiAnatheses returns to the City of the gods
1. Now when he had got up, after the thirty days were ended up into the air, and he was taken by a strong wind to the city of his father, King Challangge on the high one. 2. And when the wind was near to the city it became still air and Anatheses was put down upon the ground again and he walked to the house of his father and his father embraced him for he was happy concerning the return of Anatheses to the city of the gods.

3. Now Anatheses had been in the realm of the gods for 8 years and a matter was upon him in his heart concerning the fulfillment of his destiny. 4. Thus he questioned in his heart, the way of his destiny and whether the time to fulfill it could come eventually. 5. That right there appeared to him in a vision a messenger from the deep and he had the likeness of an onlion so that Anatheses was utterly surprised for he reasoned within himself,³what mischief is this, that the soul of my created creature should haunt me´. 6. Then the creature spoke saying ,´ Lo , my servant , I have appeared to you as your work and reward of your determination to deliver this message , you chosen beloved , so fret not at the current time wherein you are or be not dismayed by the feeling of uncertainty, for you will fulfill all that is for you to fulfill , be at peace and prepare your soul for not many days hence you must be put to death but be of comfort , for in the lad of death , you will be taught the secret knowledge and then I will give all power over both the seventh heavens and seven hells and you will be my supreme servant, for I have ordained you to be the Maghigetus and there shall not be one like to you in all of my creation , in this book , but lo , rest for your father calls for you tomorrow to journey to the fourth heavens , for he has a desire to have you meet his father so that the high ones , those whom I ordained will be aware of the fulfillment of the two prophecies , for they do not know that it is such´. 7. Thus Anatheses obeyed the words of the messenger and he rested, for it was the twelfth hour. 8. So , Anatheses arose in the morning , being awakened early by the power of the deep and he clothed himself and made ready his countenance , for he knew what was to be in the day , for a messenger of the deep had foretold him. 9. Then Challangge, son of the high one , came into the room of Anatheses and spoke to him saying , ³My son , ready your personage , for today I will take you to the city of my fathers and you will be shown to the high ones and their king , who is called d/fg. 10. So Anatheses rose up with his father, immediately, for he was already prepared, for the messenger of the deep had foretold him the things that should happen on that day, and together they went out of the house. 11. Now as they were walking through the city, both Anatheses and his father Challangge was caught up in the sky past the realm of the gods for it was the time for them to be in the fourth heavens, now those who saw them were not astonished, for it was common thing in that realm for one to be taken up for this was a common thing it was not uncommon.

Ch.ivCity of the High Ones
1. Now Anatheses was taken up with his father to the abode of the high ones, that place that is called Oturo and it was the third hour of the day. 2. Yes and the city of the high ones were more majestic in appearance than the city of the gods. 3. Now the city of the high ones was enclosed within a single wall, for the city was in the shape of a circle so that the wall encircled the great city. 4. And the diameter of the city 14, 00 miles and the height of the wall was 3 miles high. 5. And the wall was half a mile thick and the wall was made of pure gold, so that the birds were fashioned out of pure gold and each brick weighed 50 pounds and were 1 ft. in length and height. 6. And the city had two entrances, one on the eastern quadrant and one on the western quadrant. And the gate of both entrances were, made of balton wood, which was found in the lands beneath the fourth heavens, whereon the departed saints from the world of men lived, for they were such that gave to men, messages from the gods and authored the books which men took as scriptures and guides to reach the abode of the high ones. 7. And the faces of the left door bore statues on the left and right side of it and the face of the right door bore statues on the left and right sides of it and each door was decorated with asunderinscriptions, which was the language of the high ones. 8. Now there was no guardian for the door of the city, for those among the saints were always welcome to enter into the city, for in former times thesesouls were the servants of carriers of the messages form the high ones,thus they enjoyed a greater privilege than the gods in that they resided in a closer proximity to the high ones, who were the custodians over the lower realms.

Ch.vAnatheses is taken to the capitol
1. Thus it was that Anatheses was taken to the city of the high ones by his father, Challangge, who was a prince among them; although among the gods he was king.

2. And they walked through the streets observing the buildings in the city for they were great, and they walked past the pyramids of Aesos and the Universifatex wherein knowledge taught there was not easily accessible to those belonging to a lower place of existence and Anatheses was amazed, the secrets of the experience touched him more deeply that his revelaed knowledge. 3. Thus they walked for three hours until they came to the center of the city, for there lay the capitol. 4. Now it was the beginning to be a great crowd around the capitol for many of the high ones had heard concerning the arrival of Anatheses and Challenge for to meet the high king. 5. Now as they approached the entrance to the capital, the guards of the capitol came out to meet them and led them into the building. 6. And they were taken to the innermost chamber which is called the White Room for it was there that the high king met with the visitors of the city. 7. And Challangge was greatly excitied when he was come into the room wherein his father was, for it was with much joy to have his son to meet his father for inwardly he knew how long and with much earnest his father had desired to see the young one. 8. And the High King spoke saying,³Myson, welcome back to the seat of your throne, for when I am ascended into the upper realms you shall replace me and afteryou, your son and likewise after him his son, so that the great white throne shall not have a man to sit upon it that is the loins of the Sheslinges dynasty. 9.And they embraced. 10. Now after Challangge had hugged his father, he turned to Anatheses and reached out to him with his right hand. 11. Myson, he said, ³Behold your father¶s father, the great king of the White city m Sheslingithes, my father and your father ³. 12. Then Anatheses bowed himself before the king and was in humility before him.

13. Seeing the humbleness of his son¶s son, Sheslingithes said, ³Stand, seed of my stalk, what is your name?´ 15. And Anatheses said, ³It is Anatheses ³. 16. Yes , said the great king , and he beheld Anatheses in awe for though he had the visage of a god , his countenance shone as one elevated above the gods then began to reason the great king within himself the nature of the boy¶s heritage. 17. Come, said the great king, ³we will eat I have had a great feast prepared on our honor, I am sure that you both are hungry, for a journey from the realm of the gods to the realm of the high ones is a quite arduous one´. 18. Thus they went withthe great king and his court to the palace and feasted and were with great merriment all the while, for there is no night in the realm of the high ones´. Ch. Vi Anatheses is Examined 1. After he had rested from their dining, the great king summoned Anatheses to his chambers for he intended to examine, for there preceded him talk of the Maghigetus, the chosen one of the deep who would bring about a new order and make his kingdomamong hiskindred, men and would rule all of the seven realms from the lowliest, the realm of men. 2. Then both Anatheses and the great king left the chambers to go to seek out Challangge for they had left him in the open chambers.

Ch.viiAnatheses before the Wise ones
1. So it was at t he sixth hour after the feast, Anatheses was brought before the council of the seven, those wise ones who instructed the great gods and mortal men concerning the will of the deep. Now the chambers of the wise ones were not in the capitol but lay in the Panihexilon, the great temple built by the eternal Forschilus. 2. Thus it was that many of the high ones had heard o f the god who was chosen by the deep so that word began to spread concerning Anatheses and hi calling.

3. So it was that many of the people gathered before the council of the seven to hear whether or not the claims concerning Anatheses were true, for many was concerned. 4. Now after much debate the council took their seats and spoke saying, ³Lo, inhabitants of the White City, we of the council of seven do adjourn today to test the words of Prince Anatheses, future King of our White City, to see whether or not he is the Maghigetus, the chosen one of the deep. 5. Now as they gathered themselves, the spirit of the deep fell upon Anatheses so that he was not himself nor could he speak the words of himself but only those words that were given him by the deep. 6. Then spoke Tarticulus, ³My son, son of Challangge, the high god, is it so that you are the Maghigetus, the chosen of the deep and ruler of the seven realms of the creation´. 7. And Anatheses replied,³You are a wise one and the words you speak are without error´. 8. Then the people wereamazed, for he spoke not to support the rhetoric but spoke to exhort the council. 9. Then the wise one who is called Particulus spoke saying, ³My son, Anatheses, is it true that he spirit of the deep is upon you, for your words are carefully chosen and the power that is upon you is not your own, for I perceive a knowledge upon you that it have not seen since Getu, the son of Manix, was among creation, ³Tell me Anatheses where are you to come into your kingdom´. 10. Then Anatheses replied,³My kingdom is not my own, for all that I have is not my own but belongs to he who is above all yet more abase than he deepest depth but lo not far from now, this son of Challangge will be taken away from you and received by he who is above all and more abase that the deepest depth, he will return as righteous one to govern the kingdom of the one who gave it to him tog govern´. 11. It is true, spake out Tarticulus, who was the chief learned one among the seven wise men, ³for the prophecy spoke of the lineage of Admanu, the first of the gods to ascend to the fourth realm, begin the bloodline out of which the Maghigetus would emerge´. 12. If he is , spoke Quanto ,´Let a sign be done before us for all of us know a great sign , one that neither 13. So when Anatheses was come into the king¶schamber, the great king beckoned fro him to sit down. 14. And he spoke to him saying, ³My son, I have heard from my wise ones that you are the son of a daughter of Evelyn, the woman called Carrollll- , is this so?´

15. Anatheses answered him saying, ³It is my lord, I am the son of Carrollll- , of the Hurstinwu lineage´. 16. So, said the king, ³It is that you are the chosen one, he who will become the Maghigetus ³. 17. But Anatheses spoke no words to the king, for he was humble before the father of his father and this caused the great king to be in even more awe of Anatheses. 18. As those things were happening , Challanggge began to search for his father and son for they had arisen and went into the king¶s chamber before he had arisen 19. Then Anatheses walked and stood beside the window and looking toward the High ness and said, ³My origins are of your loin¶s great king, but it is not your son¶s son that is to become the Maghigetus, I am he for I have always been, I have chosen your son¶s son for he cannot become who I am´. 20. Then inwardly the great king was filled with fear for the words that Anatheses spoke penetrated into the deepest realms of the great kings head so that he knew that to whom he spoke was not his son¶s son but the incarnation of the deep, for these things spoken were not things that a god nor a high one could speak. 21.Then Anatheses spoke saying , ³No sign will be shown you on this day , Quantofor the time is not come not is it the will of he whom is above all and more abase than the deepest depth , only believe that he who is chief among you have spoken and you will have done good. 22.At these words , the wise ones were amazes , for these words , they reasoned collectively were not that of a god man , a high one but were of those whose realms were unknown by both high one and gods. 23.Than Tarticulus stood and spoke to the crowd saying , ³This meeting is new , you have heard the words of this god , now choose for yourself , whether you will believe for yourself whether you will believe the rhetoric or no , but let each return to that which he was about the before the meeting.´ 24. Then went each person about that which was about before and the wise seer went with the great king to his palace for they sought is further question the personage of Anatheses.

Ch.viiiAnatheses and the Wise mind
1. Now the wise ones carried a mortal key with them to the palace of the great king, one of the lineages of CAIDEN. 2. And it was the seventh hour when they were come to the palace of the great king so that the great king, Challanggge king of the gods and Anatheses together with the wise seven were taken into the secret chamber to speak concerning the things that had recently transpired. 3.Now when they had come into the chamber and each of them had taken to a seat , the wise ones became as one and set their mind , each of them upon the persona of the boy so that he became exceedingly wise and his countenance shone as a sun. 4.Then the spoke saying , ³T hank you my great king for allowing me to stand in your presence and likewise to you great king of the gods , for we are honored to converse your presence with he who is more blessed among mortal s, gods and high ones. 5.Then the boy turned of Anatheses and spoke saying , ³My Lord , you are the chosen one , for I have seen it earlier but we were unable to speak the truth for I was not as I am now as you do see and hear and can thus testify too´. 6.You are the Maghigetus ³, said the wise ,´Only we ask to be clarified concerning the holy writing that spoke of your return , for it is written that in each nayow and xaxys chulu of each tayow you are born among the lowliest of creation , thus in this tayow , you were born among men and chose you dedicated ones to follow you in battle against he misled ones , we ask of you to tell us concerning the soul of this one you have chosen , Anatheses of the lineage of the great king , whose name is unspeakable clan of the lineage of CAIDEN

7.Then spoke Anatheses under the direction of the deep , ³This son of Challangge is a most gifted soul , for his is to be reconciled to me when his word is over the officeMaghigetgus is held by the soul who has overrun all the rigors of polarity and able to see the personage of the deep in all things , to see the deep in truth , the person of the Maghigetus is myself , let it known that this Anatheses is high favored for in past lives .,he was among your ranks in past tayows but has learned the lessons allotted for him to learn and has been chosen for ascension.

He is not blessed, consider him not among the gods, as equal in character more among the high ones in knowledge but consider him he is Anatheses, chosen of the deep, for he is my servant and respect him, for he will be great among the nations and will rule all that is under my throne´. 8Then the wise one bowed and kissed the feet of Anatheses and began to sing saying, ³All praise be to the son of Challangge, chosen of the deep to lead to elect into battle against the misled one, Praise be to he, Praise be to he ³. 9. So it was that within himself,Challangge reasoned that the time had come to take his on back to the realm of the gods for it was impressed upon his heart to do so by the spirit of the deep, the same spirit that was upon Anatheses.

Ch.vixAnatheses speaks with his father
concerning the Night
1. Thus it was the eighth hour after the past that Anatheses removed himself and beckoned to his father to accompany him on the balcony of the king¶s palace. 2.Now the heart of Anatheses was heavy , for he perceived that the time of fulfillment concerning his ascensionintot he high realms as near , yet in his heart , he caught solace from his father , thus he spake to his father the issue his heart and he spoke saying ,´My father , the spirit of the deep is upon me , for it is heavy on me and I am unable to discern that I would feel and that I do feel .The hour of my ascension and separation from all that I do know is come , console me for you are my father , surely if the deep is upon me then it upon you also , tell me your words of comfort for an only son´. 3.Than Challangge spoke saying ³My son be not in awe of the things that must transpire nor consider yourself a soul so afflicted with duty , for there others before you who knew greater turmoil and did not go astray from going straight , consider the founder of Atharia , Onlius , who was giventhe task to build a city in the honor of his father , the god Pelia , who journeyed out of the land of his brethren into a northern country and learned new things from Proto , the thinker and put those things to deed and so founded the first great kingdom of men´. 4.Consider my son ,said Challangge,³All the heroes of the Manex Eternica , the book of your father and how they were tried and tested by the gods to see

whether or not they were fit to hold the office for which they were chosen .Be of good cheer and no worry , my son for these things must first be of the holy writings to be , did you not read the book of Jonad , who spoke concerning the Maghigetus saying , ³He is of small heart and great worry , he sees his death and birth on the same path of sanctification , he prays for hell yet he receives none , out of the basest souls he chooses his band of warriors to accompany him to battle the misfit lords of the Earth, he is swift in battle against the one eyed one , yet he is worried in the presence of his father and slow to words in the company of such ³. 5. Then Anatheses was strengthened, for he received strength fromt eh words of his father that were spoken by inspiration of the psirit of the deep. 6. Then a voice came from under the feet of Anatheses and his father as they stood atop the balcony of the king¶s palace and it said, ³I am above all my chosen one, be of good cheer, for it is I that you must rely upon and my solely, for who is able to lift you up as I am or to be humble as I may´. 7. Then his father spoke saying, ³He is with you my son, who can be against you, life up your voice to him in praise and worry and rely not neither on god or man´.

Ch.xxThe Departure from the White City
1. Now the time had come from Challanggge and his son Anatheses to leave the great city of high ones, that place which is called the White City. 2. Thus it was that the great king sat down to eat with his sons before they were gone back to the land of the gods. 3.And they were both of them failed within themselves of were in comfort. 4. Thus on the steps of his palace, he sent away his two sons to return to the land of the gods. 5. And it was about the third how after the meal that both Anatheses and his father, King Challangge passed through the gates to return to the third heavens under the guidance of the deep.

Ch.xxiAnatheses Prays
1. Now as they were journeying back to the land of the gods , Anatheses turned away to within himself and began to pray , the throne of the deep and he spake saying , ³ O great one , that is above and within all , you have called me to be your servant and to complete these things therein , you have mandated .Now upon me is the time that you yourself , not by the hand nor he eye of a seer have shown me must be for the things concerning me to be fulfilled .Strengthen me and let me not falter for I am in need of your help , for I see before time , the death of this body and the birth of a new one , I see the hell of the netherealm whereto you shall send me so that I might be like yourself,give me peace to be in accordant with these things whereof you have shown me , but let me not be among those you detest , for lack of vision. Hear me , please my maker to show kindness of spirit upon your servant , your vessel ³ .And when he had said those words heis prayer was completed so that theholy writings concerning him were fulfilled which spoke saying ,"To you great one , you chosen stretches botherect and prostrate before you in prayer , hear him and healhim of his words lest he fall in battle before you for lack of strength and his enemies overcome him and destroy him utterly him.

The Book of the Advent of the Devi

1. Now it was that while these things were so in the realm of the enlightened ones , there came upon the realm of men a ghastly horror 2. For it was written m, that during the time of the Maghigetus , there would arise one like to him , also chosen by the deep ,a great one to oppose the greatest one , a selected one to oppose the chosen one 3. Thus it was that to the family Hurstinwu of the clan of Tomo. 4. Now to the daughter of Leius and to Maxtis the god was born a boy and Leius called his name Dali. 5. The boy Dali grew up and was adept at all of the tex¶s taught to him. 6. Now the boy¶s father ,maxtis saw his son and the quickened growth of the boy and now he was great in subtlety of both hearing and speaking , so that the god thought to take him into the higher heavens, the realm of the gods to be trained as a demigod. 7. Now while these stayed on the minds of the god, the young boy grew and ventured much into the realm of men.

Ch.IIDali smokes the TImsu Herb
1. Now when Dali was come to the age ofthirteen, he went to the market to purchase some timsu herb, for in the land of Lorium, the lawful age required to purchase some timsu herb. 2. And he took himself to the forests that were near to where his family and he lived. 3. Now when he was come to a spot of solitude, the boy took a pipe and after filling it up, smoked the herb. 4. Now while he was smoking, the boy was caught up into a vision and this is what he saw. 5. Before the boy stood millions of both man and god and before them stood a single man , dressed in purple and gold and before him stood another man clothed in white and behind him were hundreds of gods. 6. Then the boy saw he who wore purple and gold taken and thrown into the nether realms and his throne was given to the man who wore white. 7. Then the boy saw he wore purple rise from the realm of the nether realms to from whence he was taken and he once again held a throne, and the vision was done. 8. Now the boy was in awe , for although adept of mind and understanding subtle matters ,t eh meaning of the vision was not revealed to him 9. Now these were the first of many visions that was revealed to the boy, for the hand of the deep was upon the boy and to him shown many things that must needs take place in both the near future and the distant future.

Ch.iiiDali is taken to the city of the gods
1. Now times had past and the boy grew in statue, both among his family and also among the people of his city so that his father watched him and thought privately how he might take him away to the higher realms to show him his godly origins. 2. Thus, it was during one afternoon, the god maxtis descended and took upon himself the form of an old man whose leg was stricken sore and thus laid he on a path in the woods frequently traveled by Dali at a certain period of the day during which such period was come. 3. Now it was so that as Dali was passing through, he saw the old man whose leg was stricken sore but he was unaware that in truth it was his father.

4. This, Dali being moved with compassion turned aside from his way and went to help the old man. 5. And the old god said,³Oh, thank you young man, for I have injured myself while venturing through this woody realm and have fallen, I have no person to carry me back to the city´. 6. Then Dali said , ³Be at ease , my lord , a strong one is in your presence so that you will not miss any appointments but will be returned to your quarters in peace ³. 7. Now as they were walking, a strong gust of wind descended from on high and blew heavily, upon both man and god so that they both fell. 8. And while Dali lay on the ground, the elder god Maxtis stood and caught hold of Dali left leg and was lifted up into the heavens. 9. Now when the boy came too, both he and the god were in a field not too far from the kingdom of the onlions. 10. And Dali sat up and looking upon the god who had reverted back to his regal form spoke saying, ³Who are you and what have you done to the old man, whose leg was sore from injury?´ 11. Then the god Maxtis spoke saying ,´Be at ease my son , for I am he who appeared to you on the wooded path , I have decided to bring you to my own realm , the kingdom of the gods´. 12. Now DALI questioned within himself the words of this fellow and standing up, stood against the god so that they wrestled for the space of two hours. 13. Now when the two hours were done, Dali received a blow to his knee and was wounded,this he received because towards the end he sought to hurt the god rather than defeat him in honesty and goodwill. 14. Then Maxti took Dali upon his shoulders and carried him to the city of the gods, wherein much talk was being made concerning the king¶s son, Anatheses. 15. When they were come to Maxti¶s house, they were greeted by his servants, Ontus and Prali. 16. Now, Dali was taken to a room apart from that of his father's and rested, for the wrestling had greatly weakened him. 17. In the morning, Maxti arose early to greet his son but when he entered his room, he found him awoke peering out of the eastern room. 18. Then Maxti spoke saying, ³My son be of ease, I have fetched you from the realm of men because I have been watching you and have seen your character and piety towards the gods mature. You are my son, although you do not believe me nor understand how I inflicted your knee with a touch of my finger, You must understand that I have brought you to my city, the city of the gods to teach you and when you are ready I will send you back among your brothers the sons of Caiden to rule over them´.

19. Then spoke Dali in anger and disbelief, ³Do not expect me to believe you, my father died from onlitu and as this talk of gods surely you speak concerning ancient times is quite amusing but not expedient for I have business to attend too, I am a Hurstinwu now let me go or dire consequences of the which you shall not approve shall be inflicted upon you´. 20. Then god took an apple that sat in a bowl on a table beside the door and said, ³What will you for it to be´. 21. Then the young man jokingly replied, ³Oh, well make it a bird´. 22. Then the apple became a bird 23. And Dali lay himself prostrate before his father and said, ³Father King, Challangge, I have heard of your greatness, do not punish me for my lack of faith, forgive your servant ³. 24. ³Rise my son ³, spoke Maxtis,´I am not Challangge, I am Maxtis, the learned one, most wise among the gods and you shall be my son, most learned in the realm of men´. 25. Then Dali sought to question the elder god but seeing this, Maxtis said simply, ³Now be at ease my son, the servants shall furnish you with enough food to restore your being, your questions shall be answered but now is the time for you to rest, for the realm of the gods is not like that of mortal man that the god in you shall reveal itself, when it fully does, we shall begin´. 26. Thus, it was that for three months, Dali read from the libra of his father and meditated in preparation for the months of training he was to undergo at both the home of his father and the Universifatex of the gods.

Ch.iv Dali attends the Universifatex /Maxtis¶s
1. Now it was so on the nineteenth year of Dali¶s life that his father sat him down to impart wisdom to him and he said to him these words. 2. My son, women are the path to thenether realms, avoid pleasure and find understanding. 3. Knowledge is the food of the god but it is the excrement of the high ones, attend to the presence of the deep and be eternal in nature. 4. My son,Caidan was first created as an attendee to the creation realm of the gods but the high ones took pity upon him and so taught him all the ways of understanding and wisdom.

Ch.vThe Comforting of Dali¶s Mother
1. Thus m it was that Dali began to attend the universifatex in the old city of the gods. 2. Now it was many years since Dali was among his kin and many of Hurstinwu clan took the young man for dead because he had appeared to them for many years. 3. Thus it was that the god Maxti appeared to the mother Dali one afternoon while she sat in her garden drinking wine. 4. ³My love of old´, said the old god ,´I have come to deliver news concerning our son Dali , he is alive and well and is with me in the city of my forbears , now be at peace concerning this issue for not long from hence he will return to you and will be the ruler of men´. 5. Then was the woman, whose name was Katchta, humbled for she was a pious woman dedicated wholeheartedly to the service of the gods. 6. Then Katchta spoke saying ,´ My lord it is good that you have come to me to deliver to me , these words of truth , stay a while that I may offer sacrifices to the great deep in your name so that your maid servant should better understand these words my lord have spoken´. 7. Then Maxti answered her saying,´No my beloved, for it is expedient for our sakes that I return to my city and to our son, for the hour of his revelation is nigh upon the face of the realm of men, only be patient and withhold within your heart earnest expectations for his greatness, for the deep is upon him, now be comforted, with these words´.

Ch.viThe Deeds of Dali
1. Now , Dali was an astute student in the eyes of his father so that he excelled in the wisdom of the past tayows and chulus 2. So that he learned the teachings of Damaclerous the god and how he had taught men in the lasil chuli how make what is in the thought of man into a material substance. 3. Now he excelled in the tex of the gods, it was so that the character of Dali began to change so that with knowledge he grew more arrogant, with the wisdom of the ancient gods he grew more cold hearted so that his countenance was changed.

4. And the hand of the deep was upon him but it was not the hand of the light but of darkness that rested on Dali, but he grew in power daily. 5. So that one day while walking among the gods , Dali was caught up into the air and carried to a distant woods by the hand of the deep , for the deep was with him and gave him power and understanding of the dark sentences. 6. Now it was so that as Dali was in the forest, there appeared before him one like to the beagods of the realm of men, those creatures bred of both beast and god and it was a the bioton, of the seed of Aeagen the lioness and Tenten the god who lived amongst the mortal in the fields beneath the city of the high ones in the fourth heavens. 7. And as the creature spoke saying , ³My son be at peace , for I have chosen to show myself to you for the cause to reveal to you such things that shall be in a times and those things which must be before the time of those things which shall be in a times , I have chosen you Dali , son of Maxti to serve me , you will be great in the realm of god and man and although you were born to a mortal woman , I shall make you into a god and you will stand against my servant whom I shall reveal before all of creation so that you will be the completion of his glory and the crown of his understanding , thus today I give you power over all in the realm of men so that before them you shall be as a god and before the gods as you were among men and before the high ones m as you were before your father before I sent him to bring you hither´. 8. ³Now´, spoke the creature, ³pick up a small coin of mud and fashion it in the likeness of a bird so that I will give you the power to cause it to become a bird´. 9. Then Dali took up from the ground a small coin of mud as the creature had commanded and with it he formed the likeness of a bird with the mud and he held it. 10. Then the creature spoke to Dali saying , ³Now , I will put my logos into your mouth , only open and hold towards me your tongue and whatever you speak , will be as you say it ³. 11. And Dali stretched forth his tongue toward the creature and immediately there appeared above his head a golden nimbus. 12. Then Dali spoke saying a word to the mud and it became a living creature and flew out of the hand of Dali whereupon it was. 13. After these things, the heart of Dali was lifted so that he began to seek out prophecies concerning him, for he remembered what was spoken by the creature concerning the destiny of him. Studies the Scriptures

1. Now it was so that Dali began to be in the librafatex for many hours for may days and he became learnt concerning the ancient prophecies of the olden gods. 2. So that he learned of the Devin , the great god chosen by the deep to rule the realm of men for a time until his battle with the Maghigetus. 3. Now , the heart of Dali was pure , so that he began to see himself as the Maghigetus and the creature¶s message as a prophecy of his forthcoming kingdom , but it was not so , for he was the Devi and secretly , Dali knew this but within himself made himself to be foolish concerning this truth. 4. So that he increased himself in his heart and made to himself as a god greater than the King of the gods Challangge, but the power within him grew, for the hand of the deep was upon him and it was heavy upon him so that the power upon him was great.

1. So it was that when Dali was turned twenty one years old that he went up to the uniiversifatex of the gods and became a student among the demigods. 2. And he excelled among the demigods, so that among them all he became known as one of the most learned. 3. And he was fellows with such as Tantus andMarxlon, the gods who as patrons of the arts had inspired great works among the children the Caiden and Evelyn. 4. Now the hand of eh deep was heavy upon the young son of Maxti and he found favor with both teacher and student so that he was brought before the king to meet him for among all of the demigods, Dali was the most gifted. 5. Now it was on one occasion, that the king sat down upon his throne to meet the great learned gods for he desired to see those gods who was to be among the great ones of the succeeding generations. 6. And Dali stood before the throne of King Challangge and saluted him. 7. Then said King Challangge unto Dali , ³My son , you are most favored of the demigods by the deep so that you have excelled in your studies to such a level that none in the previous generations have exceeded you , son of Maxti , you are most blessed , I request that you should dine with I and my son Anatheses in the king¶s chamber in the capitol building this evening , won¶t you attend ?´ 8. Then said Dali to Challangge, ³My lord it is an honor to sit and feast witht eh likes of yourself and your son the esteemed Prince Anatheses, heir to your throne´. 9. ³Then it is so ³, spoke Challangge, then went Dali away to his father¶s house to tell him of all the things of the day and what was to be that night.

Ch.viiiDinner in Honor of Dali
1. That night , many of the gods attended the feast of the king given in honor of the learned demigods of the city 2. And Dali was among those honored so that he sat at the table of the King, for he sat next to the son of the king,Anatheses, so that they spoke concerning diver matters as the gods feasted. 3. And when the feasting of the gods had come to an end , the son of Maxi and the son of Challanggge both arose and went together into the garden which was in the center of the capitol for the shape of the building was as a hollow circle. 4. And as they talked according to the tradition of the gods but knew not that they were each of them conscious. 5. So that Dali said to Anatheses, ³My friend, how is it that you are not a son of a mortal yet trained as demigod before being awarded your god ship´. 6. Then Anatheses answered saying, ³I am of the clan of Hurstinwu by way of my mother, for she is a pious woman as are all of the womenfolk of my clan, so that I have been told ³. 7. Being amazed concerning the revelation of Anatheses, Dali lowered his head and meditated concerning the words of Anatheses and spoke saying,´Tis true, and then are we cousins cousin, for I am myself of the clan and lineage of Hurstinwu and it is true as you say that the womenfolk are pious´. 8. Then know this was he of whom the deep had foretold, ³Behold, my chosen of the seed of Challangge, there will come out of the loins of Hurstinwu a mighty one like unto yourself and I will greatly increase him so that he will stand against you but be comforted for you are my choice among my selected ones, my prince among my scions, but know for a certainty that he it is that shall come upon you will be of your own clan, the Hurstinwus. 9. Now as Anatheses considered these things withinhimself, the spirit of the deep revealedthose considerationsof Anatheses to the mind of Dali so that Dali knew within himself who Anatheses was. 10. But they both kept the knowledge ofthe other to themselves so that they changed neither in word nor deed towards the other. 11. After that, Anatheses and Dali often met to eat and converse concerning the interpretation of the old holy writings, for they were both gifted in knowledge and wisdom concerning these things. 12. And they grew in friendship as brothers birthed of the same mother and together they grew in love, none of the other¶s truth was told to the other.

Ch.ixThe Vision of Dali
1. Now, Dali was greatly in though concerning the inward message that he had received from the deep so that each night he began to pray in hopes of receiving a word. 2. Thus, it was that one night, while in the midst of prayer, Dali was caught up into the vision and he saw the deep who had appeared to him in eh form of a beagod of the line of Tartaechus , the liongod king. 3. And the deep spoke to Dali saying, ³Behold, son of Maxti, are you offended that he answers I have given you are not as you desire, what it you seek is?´ 4. Then said Dali to the messenger , ³I am content my lord , with such as you have provided , I only ask for clarity regarding the vision , for I am not as the other gods who you have blessed with a mind understanding concerning subtle things´. 5. ³My son´ , spoke the deep , ³I am with you , for among all the demigods , those offspring of the gods I have chosen you , you are my elect , of all things that you should ever ask me , I will grant it , be not confounded at this truth , as you desire , simply ask of my and it shall be , I am with you , shall you not understand these things and be blessed , surely you will and surely you much for I have decreed it for you before you ever was´. 6. Then being comforted ,Dali asked the deep ,´My lord concerning the words that spoken saying , ³ Oct ta vad Gentis ³ , of the tongue of the gods this word has no bearing or origin and among the beagons in the earth¶s belly , these letters hold no significance , for I have studies and could find no translation , whence comes these words my lord , reveal their meaning to your servant so that my mind might be clarified. 7. Then the messenger of the deep spoke saying,³My son behold now these words that I will say to you, In two months hence from now, four since I revealed this sentence to you, there shall arise a revival among the gods and when it is come, you shall be anointed as a ruler among them, fro I have greatly increased your knowledge concerning many things so that he gods will knowthat I have chosen you´. 8. Then spoke Dali concerning Anatheses, for he greatly desired to know concerning Anatheses, the son of Challangge, but the deep would not answer him for it was not mete that he should have knowledge concerning Anatheses, for he was the scion to all creation and all things had been committed to his hands, as of yet Dali had not yet obtained his complete god ship and was not able to understand the destiny of another god in truth. 9. And the deep departed from Dali, and Dali was awakened, for he had fallen asleep in the garden of his father while praying.

The Book of the Deeds of Dali

1. So it was that after Dali would in the walk in the realm of men andperforms for them deeds of awe so that the men would worship him and cause their children to bear his name. 2. Now on one occasion, it was so that Dali, son of Maxti, of the clan of the Hurstinwus, seed of Caiden, descended from the city of the gods down upon the Earth wherein men dwelt. 3. And he came to the city of Athara, of the ancient kingdom, when beagod and men both inhabitant the world and stood in the market, for it was half-day so that there were great crows out and the number of the people was a great number. 4. And Dali took to him appearance of an elderly woman and was great amused as he passed through the crowd, for they took him to be an elderly for he had taken upon himself the visage and countenance of an elderly woman. 5. And lo, there a group of men standing in front of a statue that was meant to bear the image of Anatheses, for since his many deeds in times past, may seers and writers had spread word of him being a new god great and powerful. 6. Now, Dali was amazed when he saw the men preaching to the crowd concerning the deeds of Anatheses and his name being equaled with that of the king of the eternals and he went nearer to them to hear their message for he as greatly enamored to hear men praise Anatheses as they though he was not from among them. 7. And the men spoke saying ,´ Behold now Anatheses , son of Challangge , the son of the high king he walked among us to heal our sick and teach his words of everlasting truth , we do see his glory , for as it was written in the past age , the Maghigetus must come and make all of the seven realms his throne in the realm of men , this Anatheses , is he for he is the one spoken about , he it is of whom the prophecy concerns and he it is that will alleviate the hand of the gods from off of men and set men as they were in many chulu¶s ago and all the families of men will be blessed by him´. 8. Now after much preaching and teaching, Dali spoke aloud to the men saying, ³If so it is that this Anatheses is the Maghigetus, show us a deed of awe for to cause us not to forget his name, if you are his messengers, surely he had empowered you from on high, from the white city of the eternals if he approves your words, indeed´.

9. Then were the men ashamed, for they could do a deed of awe to prove to the people not give them reason to believe aside their word´. 10. Then Dali increased his statue and became as a giant in the eyes of all that were there and the number of those present were twenty thousand and all were amazed, even some fell asleep for the wonder of the deed was great. 11. And then spoke Dali saying, ³Behold, in your presence today had been a god, understand that it is I, Dali, that is the chosen of the deep and I will be your ruler, not a week from hence I will return to you and for two months I will teach you, for it is true the gods have forsaken you but I am come to make you great and through my seed, you will become gods and likened to the eternals´. 12. Then began fame concerning Dali began to go out throughout the land. 13. And behold two weeks passed and the people were assembled in the market to sell and buy and many remembered the words Dali had spoken concerning himself and his return. 14. And behold it was so that Dali returned to the market and once more took upon himself the visage and appearance of an elderly woman and many in the crowd remembered him when he was come before the statue to the place where the men had spoken before. 15. And Dali stood before the statue that was dedicated to Anatheses and began to speak,´ Behold,Atharians, I have returned to you, my chosen people, to show you a special way by which I myself have a for you and of all the families in the earth I will make you great, and you will be a gem before the eyes of all gods because of me´. 16. Then began Dali to teach men the ancient and sacred wisdom of h the gods and they prospered and magnified Dali above all gods and sought to make him as one of the eternals. 17. And the gods heard not that Dali had become as a king among them for they had forgotten men and cared not for either them nor their worship nor the events of their daily lives. 18. And Dali healed their sick and taught me how to do so that within the space of one year there was not a lame in the all four kingdoms of men and the kings of men sought to make Dali a king but he would not for it was not yet his time but heavy was hand of influence upon the hearts of men that secretly he stirred them up in rebellion against the gods. 19. And Dali established himself firmly in the heart and minds of men so that he set up temples and great statues in his name but he did not reveal to no man that he was of the clan of Hurstinwu by descent.

Ch.II Dali Exhorts Manicracy

1. Now during this time all the kingdoms of the Earth were ruled by kings and the people had only a voice through the shihire magistrates and governors of the provinces. 2. And it was so that the son of Maxtis saw that this was not good and so he began to teach among the poor the ancient political system of manicracy, whereby a kingdom was ruled by the people of a council chosen by the people enacted laws that were accordance with the desires of the people. 3. And the kings of the Earth was wroth with Dali for he had betrayed them and sought to give their power into the hands of the people. 4. But Dali was strong and caused all that could hear his message to prosper and those that would not to become of want, so that the kings who opposed him died of starvation though those in their court who loved Dali were able to feed their dogs with extra portions. 5. Thus when all the enemies of Dali had passed , he stood up and proclaimed each kingdom to be a manicracy and ordered all of the ruling houses , which were kin to the Hurstinwus to be converted to a acting manicracy. 6. And it was so and for a year all of the kingdoms of the realm of men were changed to that of a manicracy. 7. Now all the while that such things were occurring Anatheses began to look upon the realm of men to see what things were. 8. And he was amazed at all he saw, that his brothers had taken to themselves to do, for they had become as idols to themselves and had greatly polluted the knowledge of the gods. 9. And Anatheses saw that they were not alone in their corruption but were led by Dali, and Anatheses was sore in his heart concerning these things for then he knew that it was the time for the fulfillment of those things which were written concerning him. 10. Then began Anatheses to withdraw from the kingdom of the gods and he journeyed unto the fourth realm for to receive instruction of yet greater knowledge in the White City of the High Ones , and Dali increased himself in the sight of the all men.

Ch.IIThe State
1. Thus it was that in the period of five years, the governments of the men became manicracies and under the eyes of Dali all things prospered so that



4. 5.





there was no shortage of anything but rather there was a surplus of many things. And behold, the chief rulers of the four nations of man came together and sought to make the many tongues of man one tongue and the many nations of man one nation and they were all agreed. Then began the nations to speak concerning the chief ruler ship of the one kingdom and they sought to make Dali the chief ruler for the cause , under his eye had all the four kingdoms prospered such as never prospered before and all was well and he was a god and well-beloved among he people. So in the fortieth week of the New Year, the rulers assembled themselves in Athara and laid foundation for the establishment of the state. And they were of all one accord and set the capital of the kingdom in Athara, for it was the most beautiful of all the cities of man and well beloved by both god and man. And they called the name of the new kingdom, the State and without the approval of the people of all four nations did the rulers not such things and there was much mystery concerning the end of such things for the rulers began to speak concerning the prophesy of the Devi and the one nation to rule the realm of man and the return of the Maghigetus to overthrow the rule of the Devi. Then Anastides stood up and spoke saying ,´ My brethren , sons of Caiden , and of the family Hurstinwu , be at peace for should this be the conclusion of this chapter of men , let us rejoice rather than weep or wail , for the full redemption of man cometh and none shall impede the advent of a new age wherein man shall sit as gods and the rulers of men as high ones and the elder men as the eternals and in our presence shall sit the chosen of the deep , the Maghigetus , who shall be as the deep to us and to the gods and those that rule them as they once thought enough of us to be rulers over us´. And the hearts of the rulers were comforted concerning the speech of Anastides, for he was a great man of the clan of Hurstinwu and most learned among them all and it was well known that his mother was a goddess; however, he was not taught among the gods but rather lived the life of a man. Then began men to speak concerning Dali as oneof the great gods of old, for he was great and the hand of the deep was upon him.

Ch.iiiThe State is Setup

1. Then began the governors and magistrates to take censures of the people, to take up a number of the people. 2. And they began to reorganize the shihires provinces and districts according to the number and the number of districts in Lorium were one hundred and fifty 3. In , Thracia , the number of districts were one hundred and fifty 4. In Lameau , the number of districts were two hundred 5. And in Tulu, the number of the districts were two hundred and fifty. 6. And according to the number of the districts did the rulers appoint able magistrates and established regional councils so that mandate of manicracy upheld. 7. Then began the rulers to change the laws and times, for the emergence of Dali had inspired them to do so. 8. And the four kingdoms of men prospered. 9. Now after the district had been established and the people counted, the high rulers began to exact new boundaries father kingdom. 10. And it was so that in the fifth year after the establishment of the districts the rulers did away with the boundaries for they desired to make all the nation one nation all tongues one tongue. 11. And the rulers sought to make Dali the chief ruler and for themselves establish a supreme council for to rule.

Ch. ivDali Mother Dies
1. Now is was so that while these things were occurring that Dali¶s mother fell ill and died and there were none to help her , for she prayed not a healing , believing that the time of her end was sure and not seeking to make a mockery of the gods by asking for help. 2. And when Dali heard it, he was stricken with grief, but he hid it, for he desired that none should know abouthim, concerning his relation to the house of Hurstinwu. 3. And Dali mourned for thirty days apart from the house of Hurstinwu and the house of Hurstinwu mourned for thirty days and knew not that Dali was the son of Kachta, of the lineage of CAIDEN AND Pelias, the ancient god of yore and lore. 4. Now thaw grief of Dali was great so that he commissioned within himself not to return to the city of thegods but rule the realm of men and raise an army against them so that he might establish himself as King and as the Maghigetus.

5. These things thought Dali because he knew that the death of his mother was the will of the gods and they considered not to tell him so that he might heal himself, thus was Dali wroth and sought revenge on eh gods,those offspring of the deep. 6. And Dali withdrew himself into the deserts of Mamidha to meditate and to seek a word from the deep , for it had been many years since he had heard of anything from the deep , but the hand of the deep was upon him nonetheless. 7. And for forty days and forty nights, Dali fasted and meditated and he became strong such as not before, for the hand of the deep was greatly upon him, for the time of fulfillment of things spoken generations ago were come. 8. Then began the countenance and visage of Dali began to darken and his face became as night so that he creatures of the desert would not look upon him. 9. Thus it was that while Dali was asleep one night, he was caught up into the realm above all realms and he stood before the throne of the deep and was likening unto a man but his face was exceeding dark so that neither his lips nor eyes were visible. 10. And Dali fell forward upon his face and kissed the ground whereupon the feet of the deep was. 11. And the deep spoke to Dali saying , ³My son , behold , I have decided to cause you to inherit all the kingdoms of the realm of men and you will rule , but only for a time , for soon I will send my elect and chosen and he will reign over all of my creation and I will walk among men through him , for I will possess him and make him to be strong I all that he desires to do , but to you , son of Maxtis , I will send you thither into the nether realms wherein the beagods reside and for a season you will learn of them , my most deepest secrets and I will resurrect you and bring you up out of the grave wherein my servant will put you and you will rule in his stead for he must follow you so that my mandate many fulfilled , wherein it is written saying , ³Whosoever says my chosen must be slain´, but he will rise and sit with me where you see me now , and when he does , all power shall be given him so that all must bow before him but you will not and I will take you and make you as one of my sons , I will take you and none shall know whence it is that you are going´. 12. Now when Dali heard these words , he began to weep , for he knew what it was that he must do , for to be killed , he must kill and by this the heart of Dali was made sore for in truth , he was a goodly person and in spirit , purest besides all , even more pure than Anatheses. 13. And Dali was given power over all the realm of men so that all he thought he was given power to do, even to make men as gods and gods as men and he was great so that none could stand against him.

Ch.viThe Passion of Dali
1. Now when Dali was come to power, he sought to decrease the population of the state, for to make room for a new generation. 2. And he ordered that all persons above the age of fifty not among the noble families, the cultured ones on the politicians to be killed, and the number of such persons was 20 million throughout all the land. 3. And it was so that never before nor after was there such a sound of horror throughout the realm ofman and in the space of two years, two hundred million persons were killed and Dali grew great in the eye of his servants for they said of him, ³Dali is the chosen,lo, he has brought down the number of men I order to bring up the race of men to be equal with the gods´. 4. And it was so that Dali caused men to become as gods in his sight so that they performed great deeds before him and many worshipped him as the Maghigetus. 5. And Dali caused all the inhabitants of the Earth to be marked and numbered so as to create a new type ofman, and knowledge increased in those days. 6. And all things under his hand prospered , but the gods began to fear Dali , for they saw that those things that he did so that none among god nor high ones could do such things and they were exceedingly fearful and the other things which Dali done , are they not noted in the book of Jaxsux , the seer?

The Book of The Return of the Maghigetus

1. So it was that as things were so upon the Earth, Anatheses was being taught the basics of the rules of the realm of men. 2. For the high king was old , older than any of the other high ones and like unto the eternals , so that he knew the base laws of the creation for he was there when the deep set them into place. 3. And Anatheses grew bitter within himself so that the high king saw this and asked Anatheses concerning it saying, My son, why are you so wroth and bitter within? 4. Then answered Anatheses , My Father , behold the realm of men and observe those things , which Dali son of Maxti does , and yet there are none among gods nor high ones that is able to stand against him , have you seen what he has done to Mockson and to Totoltu , how he stripped them of their godship and killed them , what manner of being is this that can make a god as a man , and a man as a god , with a look or a word , who can stand against him , and throughout all of his murders and ill deeds , he is made to prosper so that in the realm of men , not even you can stand against him , now am I not supposed to be worth , seeing that he persecutes my blood and flesh? 5. Then spoke the king , Anatheses , be at peace and consider these things , have you not read of the deeds of the Devi and how he is empowered by the deep for three years to do such as he please and is made to be as the deep in the realm of men , have you not read of his deeds , of his murders and lies and il deeds upon women, consider it my son , for his time is but a little , place your faith and concern upon the deep , for I will reveal to you a secret , these things which your cousin does is not by his choice now will but is solely determined by the desires of the deep. 6. For had it not been authorized , it could not be, mourn not too much , for those souls lost to Dali s murder , for they will live again when the Maghigetus is come and will thrive under his hand.

7. Then was Anatheses had peace and went out from his father s father to further study the scriptures , for he desired to know more concerning the advent of the Devi 8. Then began Anatheses to understand the scriptures and the words spoken concerning Dali and the advent of the Maghigetus. 9. And the wisdom and understanding of Anatheses increased and the hand of the deep fell upon him and took him up from his father s place and caught him up to the seventh realm. 10. Then began men to do wickedly upon the face of the earth and was exceedingly evil before the face of the deep, but the strength and power of Dali was increased a magnified, for the hand of the deep was heavy upon him.

Ch.IIAnatheses before the Throne
1. Thus, it was that Anatheses stood before the throne of the deep and was terribly afraid for the face of the deep was not as it was before, for now it was light. 2. Then spoke the deep to Anatheses saying , Behold , my son , I have put within you the light of my truth so that you shall see all things , henceforth there shall not be a thing hidden from your sight , all will be revealed before you , I give you power over all the seven realms , so that none may stand against you and I will strengthen you so that your every desire shall be fulfilled , now go and do what must be done concerning the son of Maxti and Kachta .

Ch.III Anatheses is Crowned King
1. Then returned Anatheses to the white city of the high ones and came unto his father s the great king and spoke saying , My lord , behold , I am come against you , for the fulfillment of those things written concerning me is come to , let us put aside all foolishness and do what must be done . 2. Then called the great king in unto him and his son the servants and he commanded that they bare the crown with them and they bore the crown and came in unto him. 3. Then the great king stood before Anatheses and put the crown atop his head and said aloud , Servant behold your king for now is the scriptures complete and done before your eyes , now is the return of the king , so as he commands or suffer his wrath . 4. Then bowed the great king and his servants before Anatheses and worshipped him. 5. And when the king had stood again upon his feet the form of Anatheses was changed so that his body was as light and his words as thunder, for the deep had changed him and made him as himself.

6. Then began the king to be in awe of Anatheses and sent word throughout the city proclaiming the return of the Maghigetus and many knew that the great time of the end and the beginning was come.

Ch.IVKing Anatheses before the High One s
1. Thus it was that King Anatheses was brought before the throne of the High Ones for they desired to see him. 2. And many of the high ones were there, for many had longed to see the Maghigetus. 3. And the elder Tartalus stood and spoke saying, My lord, you have returned to do battle against ourfoe,Dali, we offer our service to you, should you need it . 4. Then spoke the King , Tartalus , wise one among the high ones , bring me your weakest fifty and clothe them in the dirtiest rags and they shall be my army . 5. Then spoke Purtix saying, My lord, the Devi stands upon the earth with fifty thousand men who are as gods before him and he watches them always, how can your fifty of our weakest defeat them? 6. Then spoke Anatheses , The power of Dali is by my will , his death will be to my glory , you have read of me thus you doubt and you have seen Dali and thus you believe , after this day his strength will be to draw water from the river Conlonse in the netherealm of the beagods . 7. Then did the high ones according to the will of King and fifty of the lowliest among the high ones were brought before him and each was clothed in rags. 8. Then called the King for the fifty of the winged unicorns and it was done so that as the high ones mounted in the sight of Anatheses , they were changed and became as eternals and all that was present was amazed , for they had doubted the word of the scriptures and believed concerning the power of Dali. 9. Then went King Anatheses and his army to the realm of men for to do battle against the Devi, King Dali and his army.

Ch.VThe Heavens are Opened
1. And heaven was opened and the army of Dali was established on the outskirts of Atharia, which was made the capital of the State and they saw Anatheses rise upon a white unicorn.

2. And when they sawhim, they were afraid for he came in great power and the light of his visage was exceedingly great. 3. So, that Anatheses slew all of them by the breath of his word and none was able to stand before him. 4. Then did Dali, stand up against Anatheses but he too was slain by the breath of the King so that the words spoken by the deep were fulfilled and Dali went into the nether realms to learn of the beagods, for a season. 5. Now after these things were done , Anatheses began to undo the mandates of Dali and he setup for himself a kingdom and he restored that which Dali had destroyed, 6. Now it was so that all things concerning Anatheses were fulfilled but it was that the deep sent a man upon Anatheses so that he cursed him and Anatheses died and was taken to the realm of the netherelms of the beagods to learn secrets for a season. 7. And are not the other tales of Dali and Anatheses written in the Baghdud?

Ch.VIThe Kingdom of Anatheses
1. Now after these things were done, all of the gods and the high ones were assembled before the throne of Anatheses at Atharia and worshipped him. 2. And he built new cities to dedicate to the deep and he taught all creatures great and weak of the knowledge of the deep and all of the realms prospered before him.\ 3. But it was so on one occasion that the deep sent a man before Anatheses and the man s tongue was venom so that he cursed Anatheses and he died and all mourned him for a month. 4. And when the month was ended , the same man stood before all and spoke saying Fear not , for your King for he will return in greater power than this , have you not read concerning the full duty of the Maghigetus . 5. Then went the people to study the scriptures for to learn what it said concerning the third advent of the Maghigetus.

Grace and Peace, Afhata.

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