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1 2 - M O N T H S Y S T E M

Ultimate Long-Term Resistance and Aerobic System

By Christopher M.
Lockwood, MS, Jeff Page and
CSCS, Staff Writer Amy Fadhli enjoy
ou’ve probably heard these pearls the rewards of

Y of wisdom: “Great things come to

those who wait,” “All good things in
due time,” “Time is of the essence” and
being ULTRA fit!

“We will sell no wine before its time.” Okay,

so the last one doesn’t actually apply to
bodybuilding, but you get the point. Heck,
we know you’d like to have bigger biceps
in only three weeks or 5% bodyfat in two.
But you know what? It ain’t gonna happen!
Sadly, your body doesn’t work that way.
That’s where the ULTRA System comes
in. We’ve designed a foolproof one-year
training and nutrition plan that’s practically
guaranteed to get you in great shape and on
your way to achieving your goals, but there’s
a catch: We’re not promising overnight suc-
cess. Why? Because with the human body,
overnight success isn’t a reality. It takes hard
work, dedication, time, discipline and good
ol’ fashioned sweat to make the kinds of
changes to your body that’ll last.
With the ULTRA System, we give you the
tools necessary to make those changes
and, better yet, take the guesswork out of
designing your own complete training pro-
gram. Even more important is how we’ve
designed the ULTRA System to work for
practically anyone — male or female,
advanced or beginner. Okay, so no more
hype . . . let’s talk training!

Straight from the hardest-hitting division

in the NFL — the NFC Central —
Bert Hill, MS, head strength and
conditioning coach of the Detroit
Lions, has been brought on board
to help design this month’s sports
strength workout for the ULTRA System.
Photos by Robert Reiff. Gym location:
148 MUSCLE & FITNESS October 1999 Fitness Forum, Marina del Rey, California


Trim Size 8" X 101⁄2"

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Program Design The ULTRA System Training Progression

look and perform like an elite athlete, you need to learn

To how to train at a higher level. And seeing as how this
month we’re running our annual NFL superfeature, it makes
perfect sense to learn from one of the NFL’s top strength and
conditioning coaches — Bert Hill, MS, of the Detroit Lions.
Understanding that you may not be a professional athlete but
want to be conditioned like one, Hill has designed what you’ll
soon find to be one of the most intensive total-body strength
and conditioning programs you’ll ever encounter. Its focus this
month? To kick your body’s strength and speed levels to new
heights using weight training and running drills.
As in Month 2 ( August 1999), we’ve designed a workout for a
transition and strength phase, which was expanded for this
month. Hill explains how and why you’ll do some of the more
specific exercises and running drills.
Bert sticks to a classic philosophy when designing a strength
training program: “The way I train my guys for strength is really
an old-time way of training, like how guys trained in the ’20s,
’30s, ’40s and even up into the early ’50s, before steroids exercises each day that you train. You decrease the total volume
[ started showing up more frequently ]. You just do the basics — (sets x reps) of your training, but you push the intensity of a few
only 4 – 6 core exercises per week and maybe 3 – 4 assistive core exercises to new limits.”

Taking Measurements
you’ve been with us from day one, then you know that this show improvement, redo it to verify accuracy. If the test
If is the month for your first quarterly fitness checkup. If
you’re a first-timer, though, consider it your initiation into the
repeatedly indicates no improvement, consider it your wake-
up call to better fine-tune that area of your training. If you fol-
ULTRA System. By taking some baseline fitness measurements, low the ULTRA System to a T, you’re guaranteed to see
you’ll be better able to track your progress throughout your positive results by the end of the program. And remember, the
involvement in the ULTRA System — bodyfat, flexibility, aerobic aim of much of the first half of the ULTRA System is to pack on
capacity, strength and body size. We’ll have you retake these muscle; it’s during the second half that you’ll specifically train
measurements at the end of months eight and 12. to shed bodyfat and get cut.
With three months under your belt, you should see progress For a detailed description of how to perform each test, see
in the varying fitness tests. Some may be more pronounced, part 1 of the ULTRA System in July ’99. If you don’t have that
others possibly not. If the results from a particular test don’t issue, see pg. 158 for ordering information.

Customizing Your ULTRA System

This month is designed primarily to develop total body More Strength: This is what this month is all about, so
strength and speed. Since this is a one-year periodized plan, you needn’t worry about not getting your fair share of it here.
each month focuses on a different aspect of bodybuilding Improved Cardio Conditioning: This month is an
success. We include ways to make minor adjustments in each ultra-high intensity, short-duration, intermittent running regi-
month’s program to cater it to your own objectives, because men. By pushing your anaerobic threshold to new limits,
your immediate goals may be different. you’ll also indirectly and positively affect your VO2 max. To
More Muscle: This month prepares your muscles for see greater improvements:
gaining size. If you’d rather train specifically for traditional 1) Increase the distance and decrease the rest times
muscle growth, you’ve got a few changes to make: of each running drill.
1) Use the same exercises, decrease the prescribed %1RM 2) Add at least 2 – 3 days per week of traditional long-
by about 10% each week and perform more reps per set. duration cardio training, working at a heart rate max
2) Decrease rest periods between sets to about 11 ⁄ 2 – 2 upward of 80%.
minutes. Greater Flexibility: To enhance flexibility, incorpo-
3) Take your last 2 – 3 sets of each exercise to failure, begin- rate stretching exercises into your workouts between
ning in Week 2. weight training sets. Since you’ll rest longer between sets,
Less Bodyfat / Lose Weight: You’ll burn a ton of calo- you’ll have plenty of time to include stretches. For a greater
ries using the running drills, but if quicker fat and weight loss benefit: Have a partner assist you with some contract-relax
is your goal, then: stretches (see pg. 126 for more on this).
1) Increase the number of sets in each running drill. Emergency Needs: This program is definitely not for
2 ) Include 2 – 3 extra days of traditional long-duration, the weak at heart; it takes some time, preparation and dedi-
lower-intensity cardio into your program. cation to do all five days of hard training each week. If you
3) Eat 500 fewer calories than what is prescribed by can’t make it to the gym and field five days per week,
ULTRA Nutrition. combine exercises and drills until you come up with a pro-
and / or 4 ) Decrease both the prescribed %1RMs and rest gram that best fits your schedule. If you’re not feeling well or
periods to about 50% – 65% and less than 90 seconds, respec- are running short on time, don’t sweat it! Pick up where you
tively. Also, skip the creatine supplement. left off, and swap a rest day with a training day.

October 1999 MUSCLE & FITNESS 149


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Supplementing for Strength in Month 4
By Chris Aceto
port supplementation has progressed with such lightning increase strength,” says Carpenter. To improve in strength, your
S speed that sifting through the multitude of new products
on the market can be an overwhelming task. Keeping current
body needs enough dietary protein to rebuild muscle tissue.
Carpenter suggests you eat a diet composed of a minimum of
and trying to pinpoint what works and what doesn’t requires a 30% of calories from protein, and he sees no harm in shifting
whole bunch of reading, not to mention a hawklike ability to your ratio to upward of 35% – 40%.
discern fact from fiction — and in some cases, even fraud. Dietary protein is also a very high priority on Bucci’s list. His
Which supplements can you add to your daily multivita- simple suggestion: “In addition to the protein you get from your
min/mineral intake — beyond generally good eating habits — to diet, add a protein shake consisting of another 50 grams of protein
increase strength? According to Luke Bucci, PhD, author of each day. If you weigh more than 200 pounds, you should add two
Nutrients as Ergogenic Aids for Sports and Exercise ( CRC Press, shakes a day to add another 100 grams to your daily intake.”
1993 ), “Protein and creatine have withstood the test of time, and
glutamine is proving to be a very viable nutrient to improve mus- Glutamine & HMB
cle strength.” Two other dietary supplements winning the praise of body-
Bucci explains: “Creatine works its strength-building magic by builders while withstanding criticism from some mainstream
boosting muscle levels of ATP, the energy molecule required dur- researchers are the amino acid glutamine and an amino-acid
ing muscle contraction. ATP also runs the enzymes to maintain metabolite called HMB (beta hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate).
membranes and to counteract free-radical damage in the muscle, Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the human
which is [ believed to be] a major cause of muscle soreness. body, and may be the perfect ally for the mass- and strength-
[ Therefore] creatine may help in recovery, leaving you less sore so seeking bodybuilder.
you can train more frequently.” “Glutamine can speed recovery and counteract cortisol, the
What’s the optimal way to take creatine? Brian Carpenter, MS, stress hormone that can slow down strength and muscle-mass
director of clinical sciences at MET-Rx, says, “The research seems gains,” notes Bucci. Cortisol levels may increase excessively as a
to indicate that a dramatic insulin spike may play a role in the result of overtraining, too little rest or inadequate nutrition.
uptake of creatine into muscle cells.” Insulin is the anabolic hor- Therefore, an ideal approach to gaining strength may be to eat
mone that’s released in response to carbohydrate intake. The a protein- and calorie-rich diet and avoid working beyond your
more carbs you eat at one meal, the greater the rise in insulin. body’s ability to recover. Bucci adds, “You probably need a
Carpenter clarifies how much carbohydrate is helpful: “I think pretty hefty dose of glutamine to get the benefit, though — over
you can take your daily creatine dose all at once, along with about 10 grams a day.”
100 grams of carbs. Specifically, high-glycemic carbs, as these are Surprised by that amount, I queried why so much is needed.
the kinds of carbohydrates that kick insulin levels up and appear “You have to remember, this is the most common amino acid in
to be most helpful in transporting creatine into muscle.” Some the body. To change its levels, you have to take a lot,” says Bucci.
examples of high-glycemic carbs include glucose, rice cakes, He points out that another benefit of using such a large dose is the
grapes, white bread, white rice and bananas. cell-swelling effect that occurs. “Glutamine levels in the muscle are
Another nutrient that heads the pack is protein powder. an indicator of which way a muscle will go. When glutamine is
“First and foremost, dietary protein is absolutely essential to abundant, the muscles themselves swell with glutamine and water,
and a trigger is turned on to encourage protein synthesis.” So what
ULTRA Supplementation if your muscles are low in glutamine? “The opposite is true,” he
says. “A catabolic trigger is turned on that can lead to catabolism.”
HMB is a derivative of the branched-chain amino acid leucine,
If you’re just joining the ULTRA system, go ahead and which can be used directly by working muscles as a fuel source
load up on 15 – 25 g of creatine a day for the coming week. when muscle-glycogen stores are low. HMB was discovered by
You can either take a dose of 5 g 3 – 5 times a day with Steven L. Nissen, PhD, when he was searching for a nondrug
meals, or pack it all in at once with the meal that follows medium to produce leaner cattle.1 The subject of a small abstract
your training. For three weeks thereafter, take a mainte- study published a few years ago, HMB caught the eye of body-
nance dose of 3 – 5 g each day following your training. If builders, who quickly incorporated this natural supplement into
you’ve been with us since the get-go, stay the course with their nutrition protocols.
3 – 5 g a day. Carpenter believes HMB is a good addition to protein pow-
For the full 30 days this month, take 10 g of glutamine ders and creatine to improve strength: “HMB may decrease
after training or at breakfast on nontraining days. Also, take protein breakdown in response to heavy training. Further-
11⁄ 2 – 2 g of HMB before and another 11⁄ 2 – 2 g after training. more, it may improve recovery and lead to more strength and
If you wish to give ephedra and/or andro a try, begin by lean body mass gains.”
taking only one capsule of Metaform Brand Metacuts
about a half-hour before training and/or 100 mg of Ephedra & Prohormones
androstenedione. Don’t take ephedra too late in the Another popular supplement is ephedra, or mahuang, an
evening because it will affect your sleep. Note the caveats herb that reportedly stimulates the central nervous system.
on page 151. Although it’s most often used to promote weight and fat loss,
To ensure you’re getting all the vitamins and minerals bodybuilders use this stimulant for increased intensity during
your body needs, take one full-spectrum multivita- training. Jeff Feliciano, research manager for Weider Nutrition,
min/mineral each day with breakfast. says, “An ephedra /caffeine mix may allow you to get a better

150 MUSCLE & FITNESS October 1999


Trim Size 8" X 101⁄2"

M04590P148-53,158 7/23/99 1:45:03 PM 433145485


contractile force by directly stimulating beta-2 agonists on the ULTRA Meal Planning
muscle.” Beta-2 agonists are receptors on muscles that, when
stimulated, have been shown to increase the force of muscle During the strength phase of the ULTRA system,
contractions and may prevent protein breakdown. you’ll be eating a high-protein, high-calorie diet.
Bucci sees the caffeine/ephedra combination from a different Approximately 30% of your daily calories should come
perspective. “Sure, neuromuscular coordination is improved from protein, and you should consume 250 – 500 more
with these products, leading to greater power output. But an calories per day than you burn (refer to the ULTRA
overlooked reason for increased strength gains is the behavioral guidelines in the July or August issue to determine
effects these supplements impart.” In simpler terms, these prod- your daily requirements).
ucts wake you up and often make you more willing, confident Listed on page 152 are 10 meals, roughly 600 calo-
and motivated to use heavier weights. You push more weight
ries each, with carbohydrate/protein/ fat calorie ratios
simply because you go into the gym jazzed to train hard.
Reading product labels is critical since ephedra is banned by a of approximately 50/30 /20. Also listed are six different
number of sporting organizations, and taking too much can have snacks, each devised to yield a similar 50 / 30 / 20 ratio
very serious side effects. Some people shouldn’t take this stimu- for a total of about 300 calories.
lant at all, so check with your doctor. Your best bet, says Here’s a quick tally of the approximate number of
Feliciano, is to start with a small dose of 250 mg of ephedra calories, carbs, protein and fat grams you get when
(which yields about 15 mg ephedrine), combined with about 100 you combine meals and snacks. Choose the calorie
mg of caffeine (the equivalent to the caffeine in a cup of coffee). level that most closely meets your daily requirements
Lastly, prohormones — including DHEA and androstendione during this phase.
(or andro for short) — have seen an increase in use by body-
Meals Snacks Calories Carb(g) Pro(g) Fat (g)
builders and other athletes looking to pack on strength and size.
The theory is that because these supplements are precursors to 3 2 2,400 300 180 53
the production of testosterone, supplemental doses should 4 1 2,700 338 203 60
increase total testosterone. Yet, current research has shown that 5 0 3,000 375 225 67
andro and DHEA may have no significant testosterone-elevating 5 1 3,300 413 248 73
effects, and reportedly increase estrogen and decrease HDL (good
5 2 3,600 450 270 80
cholesterol) levels.2
Bucci issues a stark warning against the use of androstenediol. 6 0 3,600 450 270 80
“The diol products can cause a drop in natural testosterone levels 6 2 4,200 525 315 93
upon cessation and sometimes a huge increase in estrogen with
no increase in testosterone,” he says.

Chris Aceto graduated summa cum laude from Springfield College in
Massachusetts, earning a bachelor’s degree in health sciences. Aceto and
his wife Laura Creavalle run three-day fitness weekend getaways in Maine
and Florida. For more information on his instructional books titled
Championship Bodybuilding and Everything You Need to Know About Fat
Loss, call 207-934-7812.

1. Nissen, S., et al. Effect of leucine metabolite beta-hyroxy-beta-methylbutyrate on
muscle metabolism during resistance-exercise training. Journal of Applied
Physiology 81(5): 2,095–2,104, 1996.
2. King, D.S., et al. Effect of oral androstenedione on serum testosterone and
adaptations to resistance training in young men. Journal of the American Medical
Association 281(21): 2,020–2,028, 1999.

Amy & Jeff warm up for running drills

with carioca runs: sideways cross-steps.

October 1999 MUSCLE & FITNESS 151


M04590P148-53,158 7/19/99 10:50:12 PM 950296471

Eating for Total-Body Conditioning: Month 4

MEALS Cals Carb Pro Fat
4 oz. flank steak 225 0 31 11
ti o G o a l ‘ First and foremost,
2 cups shredded potatoes 233 50 6 1 Ra
2 slices fat-free cheese 56 4 10 0
20% dietary protein is
(melted on top) Fat
1 cup orange juice 109 24 1 1 absolutely essential
Totals 623 78 48 13 Carbs
30% to increase strength
2 eggs, scrambled with 144 1.2 12.4 10 and rebuild muscle
5 egg whites 70 0 17.5 0
11 ⁄ 2 large raisin bagels 342 69 12 2 tissue.’
4 tsp. no-sugar fruit spread 37 9 0.3 0
Totals 593 79.2 42.2 12

6 oz. chicken breast 266 0 53 6 MEALS Cals Carb Pro Fat

2 oz. angel hair pasta 208 42.6 7.3 0.9 Clam cakes (mix):
1 ⁄ 2 cup tomato sauce 71 9 2 3 2 6.5-oz. cans chopped clams 112 0 28 0
1 ⁄ 2 cup broccoli 28 5 2 0 1 ⁄ 2 cup pancake mix 212 39 5 4
1 medium apple 89.7 21 0.3 0.5 2 large egg whites 28 0 7 0
Totals 662.7 77.6 64.6 10.4 2 Tbsp. chopped onion 16 4 0 0
1 Tbsp. Mrs. Dash seasoning 12 3 0 0
6 oz. ground turkey 199 0 34 7
Form above into patties and pan fry in nonstick pan
1 1 ⁄ 2 cups couscous 313.5 66 9 1.5
1 ⁄ 2 cup salsa
Small green salad 58 12 2.5 0
36 8 1 0
1 ⁄ 4 cup avocado
2 Tbsp. reduced-fat dressing 70 4 0 6
92 4 1.1 8
Medium apple, cut into salad 86 21 0.3 0.1
Totals 640.5 78 45.1 16.5
Totals 594 83 42.8 10.1
6 oz. swordfish 194 0 33.6 6.6
8 oz. potato 252 57.2 5.2 0.2 SNACKS Cals Carb Pro Fat
1 Tbsp. whipped butter 75 0 3 7
3 ⁄ 4 cup canned peas 84 16.5 4.5 0 11⁄4cups 2% cottage cheese
with pineapple 273 30 27 5
Totals 605 73.7 46.3 13.8
2 cups low-fat milk 216 24 16 6
1 can tuna, water packed 171 0 36 3
1 Tbsp. whey protein powder 40.5 1 8 0.5
3 Tbsp. light mayonnaise 99 9 0 6
1 rice cake 66 14 2 0
4 slices whole-grain bread 288 52 12 4
Totals 322.5 39 26 6.5
sliced tomato & lettuce 20 4 1 0
1 plum 41.6 9 0.5 0.4 1⁄ 2 cup oats 155 27 5 3
Totals 619.6 74 49.5 13.4 4 Tbsp. whey protein powder 90 2 16 2
1 ⁄ 2 banana 50 12.5 0 0
6 oz. chicken breast 178.5 0 34.5 4.5
Totals 295 41.5 21 5
2 wheat hamburger rolls 228 40 8 4
2 Tbsp. BBQ sauce 40 10 0 0 1 9-inch tortilla 131 23 3 3
small salad 58 12 2.5 0 1 slice fat-free cheese 28 2 5 0
2 Tbsp. reduced-fat dressing 79 4 0 6 3 oz. chicken breast 91.5 0 19.5 1.5
1 cup strawberries 51 10.5 0.9 0.6 1 tsp. mustard 8 2 0 0
Totals 634.5 76.5 45.9 15.1 1 ⁄ 2 banana 50 12.5 0 0
Totals 308.5 39.5 27.5 4.5
Stir fry:
6 oz. round steak, cut up 233.5 0 37 9.5 1 pita pocket 153 31 5 1
1 cup rice 209 44 6 1 3 oz. turkey breast 91 1 15 3
3 Tbsp. teriyaki glaze 72 15 3 0 1 slice fat-free cheese 28 2 5 0
1 cup cauliflower/broccoli mix 56 10 4 0 1 Tbsp. fat-free mayonnaise 12 3 0 0
1 ⁄ 4 cup canned pineapple
Totals 284 37 25 4
chunks (in natural juice) 36 9 0 0
Totals 606.5 78 50 10.5 4 Tbsp. whey protein powder
mixed in water 81 2 16 1
Simmer in one pot: 1 whole-wheat English muffin 154 28 6 2
6 oz. chicken breast, cut up 183 0 39 3 3 tsp. no-sugar fruit spread 28 6.8 0.2 0
14 oz. can diced tomatoes 156 33 6 0 Totals 263 36.8 22.2 3
flavored w/basil, garlic, oregano
6 oz. potato, baked & cubed 187.2 42.9 3.9 0
2 Tbsp. parmesan cheese 44.6 0.4 4 3
(sprinkled on top)
Totals 570.8 76.3 52.9 6
152 MUSCLE & FITNESS October 1999


Trim Size 8" X 101⁄2"

M04590P148-53,158 7/19/99 10:51:12 PM 2908470665



HANG CLEAN: The hang clean is specific to football another 50, back-pedal for 50, and so on until you reach the
because of how closely it resembles a blocking movement. For total yardage. Just don’t take any breaks until you’re completely
bodybuilding, it’s equally effective at developing an explosive finished.
component to work your calves, quads, glutes, traps, delts,
SPRINT/ WALK: To begin, stand at the goal line of a foot-
biceps and back. As for how you’ll train with the hang clean, Hill
ball field. Sprint the first 10 yards, take whatever time you need
says: “We want to emphasize the clean, so we’re going to go
to slow down to a walk, turn around, walk back to the goal line,
heavy on Day 1 and lighter on Day 5. [On Day 5,] the emphasis
and immediately go again. After you’ve completed all of your
is on technique and speed of the bar.”
sets of 10s, take a one-minute “TV time-out” and begin your 20s.
BENCH PRESS WITH TWO-SECOND PAUSE: This Repeat this process until you’ve completed all sets for all sprints.
exercise is designed to promote strength and explosiveness in During Week 1, do these sprints at about three-quarter speed.
your chest, shoulders and triceps. “Bring the bar down till it taps The purposes of sprint / walks, says Hill, are to: 1) train for
your chest, hold it there for a two-count, and then drive it back up; explosiveness by sprinting only short distances; and 2) work on
don’t let your muscles relax during the hold,” recommends Hill. increasing your anaerobic endurance ( the threshold level at
which you can maintain maximal effort). These elements are
WEIGHTED DIP: “I’m not interested in how deep you can vitally important in both football and bodybuilding, and in calo-
go, but rather how well you can explode out of the bottom posi-
rie burning.
tion; you should go down until your triceps are parallel to the
floor, keep your legs straight to the ground and don’t let your TEMPO RUNS: Standing at the goal line, stride for 100
elbows flare out,” says Hill. yards, walk 50, stride another 100, walk 50, stride 100 and then
walk 100; this is one set. After a one-minute break, repeat the
AB CIRCUIT: The goal here is to build core endurance. Do
set. The program calls for small and large tempo runs; for our
this by performing 12 –15 reps of each movement with no rest
purposes, the difference between a small and large tempo is in
between exercises. After you’ve completed one monster set,
intensity — small tempo is performed at around 50% – 60%
take a 30-second break. Hill explains the importance of
effort; large tempos are at an all-out intensity. Their purpose is
endurance in your abs: “When you run, your abs are really
to increase anaerobic endurance and improve explosive
involved. If you want to get in top athletic shape, you need to
strength in your legs.
run plus train your abs hard.”
HOLLOW SPRINTS: On an open field, place markers on
FOUR-WAY NECK: Like most football strength coaches,
both goal lines, the 25 -yard marks and the 50-yard mark. The
Hill views exercising the neck as a necessity. “For sports, you
challenge here concerns time. Sprint the first 25 yards, jog the
need your neck to be strong. In bodybuilding, it’s an area that
next 25 (this should be about 50% total effort), sprint the next
usually lacks symmetry and should be worked.” If you don’t
25, walk 25, and then repeat until time is up. “Skilled football
have a four-way machine at your gym, simply wrap a thick towel
players (like tailbacks, cornerbacks and wide-outs) can nor-
around a weight plate, lie on a flat bench with your head hang-
mally get about 150 yards in a minute, linemen about 100,” says
ing over the end, and place the weight on your head for resis-
Hill. Like a large-tempo run, hollow sprints increase your anaer-
tance. By lying on your sides, front and back, you can do all four
obic endurance and leg speed.
movements typical of the machine version.
SIT-UP/ PUSH-UP: Starting in one end zone, do 20
crunches. As soon as you finish, stand up, stride (at about
do this one standing rather than sitting because most sports are
50%– 60% total effort) to the other end zone, drop, and do 10
played while standing. Standing also increases the amount of
push-ups. Get up, stride back to the other end zone and repeat.
stability work required by your spinal erectors and midsection.
That’s one set. Don’t rest between sets, and vary the types of
REVERSE-GRIP CURL: “One of crunches and push-ups you do to attack
the best things you can do to increase The goal of the your muscles from different angles. What
your grip strength is make your forearms ab circuit is sets this running drill apart from the others
stronger,” says Hill. “This, in turn, gets to build core is how it incorporates both upper- and
your fingers stronger.” lower-body components.
GASSERS: Start on one sideline, sprint
RUNNING DRILLS to the other, turn around, sprint back and
repeat the sequence one more time. Two
The running drills Hill prescribes are
trips, there and back, equal one set. After
intended to burn significantly more calo-
a one-minute rest, do your next set. For
ries per minute than traditional cardio
comparison, Hill says that a lineman can
exercise and can be beneficial for
usually run a gasser in about 40–43 sec-
improving your VO2 max (maximal
onds; a linebacker and a tight end in
amount of oxygen your body uses).
about 37–39; a defensive back and a
RUNNING WARM-UP: This differs wide receiver in about 35 –37. “We use
from a typical cardio warm-up in that this one as a conditioning test in training
your goal is to work your muscles in an camp,” says Hill. “If a guy has done any
almost identical manner to which they’re kind of conditioning in the off-season,
about to be trained. The warm-up three sets with one-minute rests in
should involve 200 – 300 yards of easy between shouldn’t be a problem. If he
running and include different running hasn’t, though, the third set will jump all
patterns. For example, jog for 50, cari- over him! It’s like he’s trying to carry a
oca (sideways cross-step) for 50, jog for piano across the field.”

October 1999 MUSCLE & FITNESS 153


M04590P154-55CX 7/23/99 3:36:52 PM 2654675752

Week 1 Week 2
Sets per Exercise: 2–5 Sets per Exercise: 2–6
Reps: 5–12 Reps: 3-12
Take this set to Intensity: 65% –70% 1RM on Intensity: 80%–85% 1RM on core exercises;
muscle failure core exercises; 60%–65% 1RM 75%–80% 1RM on assistive
on assistive exercises Rest Between Sets: 3– 4 minutes on core exercises;
Rest Between Sets: 1–2 minutes on assistive.
3–4 minutes on core exercises; Training Guide: Again, concentrate on executing
CORE EXERCISES 1–2 minutes on assistive. strict form with each rep, and use a full range of motion,
Training Guide: Concentrate increasing the weight with each set. The last set of all
• Assistive exercises on strict form and technique with exercises should be taken to about one rep short of
each rep. Stop 5– 8 reps short failure; all others to about 2– 4 short of failure.
of failure with each set.

How to fill in: Write your weight used and reps completed. 95/ 10 is 95 pounds for 10 reps.
HANG CLEAN 95 / 10 95 / 10 95 / 10 95 / 10 95 / 10 115 / 8 120 / 6 125 / 4 125 / 3 125 / 3
DAY 1 Week 1 Week 2
Cardio Warm-Up: 7–10 minutes at 65% MHR (every week)
Stretch: shoulder external rotators, chest, biceps, triceps, low back

HANG CLEAN / / / / / / / / / /
• Bench Press w/ 2-sec. pause / / / / / / / / /
• Dumbbell Bench Press / / / / / / / / Hang
• Weighted Dip / / / / / / Clean
– start
• Dumbbell Curl / / / / / / / /
Running Warm-up: 200 – 300 yards of easy running with different running patterns
Stretch: quads, glutes, hamstrings, groin, calves

Sprint / Walk


DAY 2 Week 1 Week 2

Running Warm-up: 200 – 300 yards of easy running with different running patterns
Stretch: quads, glutes, hamstrings, groin, calves
Tempo Runs Hang
Small Tempo (weeks 1-2) – finish
Large Tempo (weeks 3-4)
Ab Circuit
Knee-up / / / / / /
Crunch / / / / / /
Cross-Body Crunch / / / / / /
Toe-Touch Crunch / / / / / /
Seated Knee-up w/Twist / / / / / /
Back Extension / / / / / /
154 MUSCLE & FITNESS October 1999


Trim Size 8" X 101⁄2"

M04590P154-55CX 7/23/99 3:42:09 PM 2835292362


Week 3 Week 4 Jumpin’ In

Sets per Exercise: 3–6 Sets per Exercise: 2–6 on’t feel like you’ve missed out if this
Reps: 3–10
Intensity: 85%–90% 1RM on core exercises;
Reps: 2–6
Intensity: 90%–95% 1RM on core
D is your first installment of the ULTRA
System. You can still make great gains by
80% 1RM on assistive exercises exercises; 80%–85% 1RM on assistive. starting a whole new training impetus
Rest Between Sets: 3–5 minutes on core exercises; Rest Between Sets: 3–5 minutes on core right now.
2–3 minutes on assistive. exercises; 2–3 minutes on assistive. Well-Conditioned Bodybuilders: If
Training Guide: Don’t skimp on your rest between Training Guide: This is the week you’ve been you’ve been training for quite some time
sets early in your workout because inadequate rest will training for; you should go for your two-rep and are an experienced bodybuilder, take
catch up to you later in the workout. Move the weight personal best on your last set of your core a one-week layoff from training before
as fast as possible through the concentric (force) exercises; all other core exercise sets stop you jump into Week 1 of this month’s
phase of the lift, and lower the weight under the about 1–3 short of failure. On your last set of installment.
strictest of control. Take only your last set of each exer- each assistive exercise, add an extra 5 pounds Bodybuilding Beginners: If you’re just
cise to failure; all others stop about 1– 4 short of failure. to the prescribed %1RM weight and take this starting out, significantly reduce the train-
set to failure; all other assistive exercise sets ing volume and intensity of Week 1 and
should stop about 2– 4 short of failure. gradually build up to what’s prescribed.
This may mean starting with only one set
per exercise, but it’s a much safer and
smarter way to attack this program. Don’t
Week 3 Week 4 attempt to train beyond your capabilities; if
you feel like you’re overtraining or not
Cardio Warm-Up: 7–10 minutes at 65% MHR (every week) doing an exercise correctly, back off on
Stretch: shoulder external rotators, chest, biceps, triceps, low back the intensity and seek assistance from
someone who can help you with form.
/ / / / / / / / / / /
/ / / / / / / / / /
Rules this month:
1) Workout intensities are based on
/ / / / / / / / a percentage of your one-rep max
(1RM). If you don’t know your 1RM for
/ / / / / / a particular exercise, guessti mate.
Also, if you’re unable to complete the
/ / / / / / / / prescribed number of repetitions, adjust
the weight accordingly.
Running Warm-up: 200 – 300 yards of easy running with different running patterns
Stretch: quads, glutes, hamstrings, groin, calves 2 ) Begin each workout with a
7–10-minute cardio warm-up, and get
Sprint / Walk your heart rate up to about 65% of your
maximal heart rate (subtract your age
from 220 and multiply by 0.65 to deter-
mine desired beats per minute).
3 ) Precede the first exercise of a
given bodypart with 1– 2 warm-up
sets — do 12 –15 reps with a weight
that represents about 35% – 40% of
your 1RM; then, if need be, increase the
weight by 10% – 15% for another
Week 3 Week 4 Doing push-ups and 10 –12-rep warm-up set. Don’t count
these sets as part of your workout.
Running Warm-up: 200 – 300 yards of easy crunches in between
running with different running patterns running drills incorporates 4) Before weight training and run-
both upper- and lower- ning drills, and after your cardio
Stretch: quads, glutes, hamstrings,
body components. or running warm-ups, perform stretches
groin, calves
specific to the primary bodyparts you’ll
be using. Perform 2 – 4 sets of each
Tempo Runs (large)
stretch, and hold each stretched position
for 15 – 30 seconds. Don’t bounce. (See
last month’s ULTRA for stretches or
Ab Circuit check the pullout in this issue.)
/ / / / / / 5 ) Because this phase is designed to
improve overall body strength, training
/ / / / / / volume is greatly reduced but intensity
/ / / is raised. Therefore, it’s imperative that
/ / / you do not add extra exercises to your
/ / / / / / program for the next four weeks. If you
do, you won’t see as much of an
/ / / / / / increase in core exercise strength as
you would otherwise.
/ / / / / /
October 1999 MUSCLE & FITNESS 155


M04590P154-7 7/23/99 9:57:08 PM 1224658099


• Assistive exercises See page 154 for weekly instructions on sets, reps, intensity, rest and training guide

DAY 3 Week 1 Week 2

Cardio Warm-Up: 7–10 minutes at 65% MHR
Stretch: quads , hamstrings, calves, low back , neck , shoulder external rotators

SQUAT / / / / / / / / / /
• Stiff-legged Deadlift / / / / / / /
• Front Pull-Down / / / / / / / / / /
• Standing Calf Raise / / / / / / Neck Flexion
( lateral part
• Four-way Neck / / / / of four-way)

Running Warm-up: 200 – 300 yards of easy running with different running patterns
Hollow Sprints: 4 minutes 4 minutes

DAY 4 Week 1 Week 2

Running Warm-up: 200 – 300 yards of easy running with different running patterns
Stretch: quads, glutes, hamstrings, groin, calves, low back, chest

Sit-up / Push-up / / / / / /
Ab Circuit
Knee-up / / / / / /
Crunch / / / / / /
Standing Alternate
Cross-Body Crunch / / / / / / Dumbbell Press

Toe-Touch Crunch / / / / / /
Seated Knee-up w/Twist / / / / / /
Back Extension / / / / / /

DAY 5 Week 1 Week 2

Day 5 Rule: This is a medium-heavy day. In other words, back your %1RM down
about 5% –10% per exercise on all core and assistive lifts.
Cardio Warm-Up: 7–10 minutes at 65% MHR
Stretch: shoulder external rotators , chest , low back , biceps , quads, hamstrings
HANG CLEAN / / / / / / / /
SQUAT / / / / / / / /
INCLINE PRESS / / / / / / / /
(2-second pause)
• Standing Alternate
Dumbbell Press / / / / / / / /
• Shrug / / / / / / / /
• Reverse Curl / / / / / / / /
Running Warm-Up: 200 – 300 yards of easy running with different running patterns

DAYS 6 and 7 : REST

156 MUSCLE & FITNESS October 1999


Trim Size 8" X 101⁄2"

M04590P154-7 7/23/99 10:00:37 PM 288685541


Take this set to muscle failure

‘Each day you come in to
See page 155 for weekly instructions on sets, reps, intensity, rest and training guide. the gym, you’re gonna be
doing different exercises
Week 3 Week 4 and not a high volume of
Cardio Warm-Up: 7–10 minutes at 65% MHR work . . . so you ought to
Stretch: quads , hamstrings, calves, low back , neck , shoulder external rotators be able to “push the
/ / / / / / / / / / / / envelope” each time
you train.’
/ / / / / / / /
— Bert Hill, MS, Detroit
/ / / / / / / / / /
Lions head strength
/ / / / / / and conditioning coach
/ / / / / /
Running Warm-up: 200 – 300 yards of easy running with different running patterns Reverse Curl
Hollow Sprints: 5 minutes 6 minutes

Week 3 Week 4
Running Warm-up: 200 – 300 yards of easy running with different running patterns
Stretch: quads, glutes, hamstrings, groin, calves, low back, chest

/ / / / / / / /
Ab Circuit
/ / / / / /
/ / / / / /
/ / / / / /
/ / / / / /
/ / / / / /
/ / / / / /

Week 3 Week 4
Day 5 Rule: This is a medium-heavy day. In other words, back your %1RM down
about 5% –10% per exercise on all core and assistive lifts.
Cardio Warm-Up: 7–10 minutes at 65% MHR
Stretch: shoulder external rotators , chest , low back , biceps , quads, hamstrings

/ / / / / / / /
/ / / / / / / /

/ / / / / / / /

/ / / / / / / /
/ / / / / / / /
/ / / / / / / /
Running Warm-Up: 200 – 300 yards of easy running with different running patterns

October 1999 MUSCLE & FITNESS 157


M04590P148-53,158 7/22/99 9:29:09 AM 261412164


Catch the

WANTED: A Word About Next Month

ULTRA Success Stories Thanks to Bert Hill, this month was anything but
easy, and I’ve got news for you: The fun ain’t over yet!
ith this yearlong training system you now

W have 9 more months to reach your peak

shape by next summer, and M&F wants to see
you do it. If you missed the first three installments, take
Next month, I’ll be joined by Evander Holyfield’s strength
& conditioning coach for the past 13-plus years, Tim
Hallmark. Together we’ll show you how to develop the
kind of explosive power that’s sure to make you a better
a picture of yourself now, and then two more that coin- all-sport athlete. As for nutrition, Chris Aceto will be
cide with our quarterly fitness checkups. At the end of joined by Kristi Reimers, MS, RD, nutrition consultant for
the program, send us your pictures, copies of your the United States Olympic Committee, to mix up a recipe
fitness evaluations and a letter detailing the improve- for high-powered success.
ments and benefits you’ve gained from the program. Until then, train smart and train hard. See ya next
We’ll choose several of the best fitness improvements month!
and metamorphosed physiques and feature them in a
future issue of M&F, with short bios detailing some of the
winners’ most dramatic improvements. Regardless of If you missed ULTRA System in July, August
goals, everyone can participate — we’ll have several and/or September, you can order back issues for $7.49
different categories, such as most muscular improve- each (credit card purchases only; includes shipping and
ment, most dramatic decrease in bodyfat, greatest handling) by calling 800-340-8954, or go to your local
lifestyle improvement and others. library and photocopy the pages. M&F

158 MUSCLE & FITNESS October 1999


Trim Size 8" X 101⁄2"