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The UP
The Championship match between EAC and UP WVT was equally exciting although it was just concluded in 4 sets with figures of 25-23, 25-17, 21-25, 25 -19. When the 2 teams fought for the first time during the elimination rounds, EAC managed to clinch it until the 5th set but UP won the game eventually. One of the highlights of the PVC Cup is the participation of the Guam-based volleyball club, Pokai. Although they did not fare well, they still exhibited excellent sportsmanship.

Women’s Volleyball Team

July 3-9, 2011-The Progressive Volleyball Center held a 7-day volleyball league at the host school Jose Rizal University’s Gymnasium. The league had 2 categories, the 19-under Women’s and the Open Men’s categories. The UP Women’s Volleyball Team reigned supreme with a spotless record of 6-0, while the UP Men’s Volleyball Team finished 2nd to the FEU squad.

UP WVT garners 6-0 sweep to win 2011 PVC Cup
The 6 teams who played during the said volleyball league consisted of; Emilio Aguinaldo College (EAC), Hope Mighty Sports (HMS), Jose Rizal University (JRU), Pokai Volleyball Club, University of Asia and the Pacific (UA&P), and University of the Philippines (UP WVT). The league’s top 4 teams included UP, EAC, HMS, and JRU. The host team, JRU, battled it out with HMS in a heart-stopping 5-set match which JRU snatched from HMS to garner 3rd Place.

UAAP Season ‘74
The UP WVT has been sweating it out both in the gym and in the courts in preparation for their major league, the UAAP Season ‘74 Volleyball League ever since the volleybelles got back from their summer vacations. Most even spent their vacations still on the courts to try to work on their game. The team, who is under Head Coach Vip Isada, and Assistant Coaches Jarod Hubalde and Ivan Isada, is gearing up for competition to improve on last year’s performance and of course make the UP community proud. Let us support the UP WVT and MVT this coming season!

From a 4th-year Rookie’s Point of View
I’ve never thought of joining a varsity team now that I am about to graduate, but I’m glad I did.
Being an athlete durthe team, although still small in ing college is a whole new exnumber, I learned the value of perience for me. The stakes are trust, respect, and cooperation in h i gh e r , the each other to training more “The feeling of sharing achieve a common intense, but the one goal and passion with goal. The feeling of r e l a t i o n s h i p s other people lifts you up sharing one goal you gain espe- and makes you feel that and passion with cially within the everything is possible.” other people lifts team make up you up and makes GAYLE GREY for all the you feel that everyblood, sweat, and tears one thing is possible. Euphoria is sheds. Not just that, now, I feel what I feel whenever I train with more of a UP student than I ever my teammates. I love my teamdid back then. I feel the UP mates and my coaches. It’s like I pride my parents and siblings am literally part of a new famalways talk about. Through the ily. I’m glad I joined the team. I experiences I went through with wouldn’t have it any other way.


Frustration is a frequent visitor in an athlete’s mind especially when you train one day and everything seems off. You try hitting this, digging that...you can’t really explain why it’s off. When you get home, there’s a pile of homework for you to do. Well, damn the life of a varsity athlete! But, this feeling just happens once in a blue moon. There are a lot of joys, which I found to outweigh all the possible negatives in juggling sports and academics.

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