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Lt. Gabriel Shaw: Conway, what did you want to bet? Pfc.

Shino Santana: [WHISPER] Fucking sundays mmphging. ** Lt. Gabriel Shaw reaches over, sliding back his cards and shuffling them. Pfc. Shino Santana: [WHISPER] Cherov, show me outside real quick. LCpl. Ulysses Cherov: [WHISPER] Nah. ** Pvt. Lewis Conway unslings his pack, digging into a pouch to reveal an old, r efurbished watch. Pfc. Shino Santana: [WHISPER] Nice. ** Dante Cortez nods. Pvt. Lewis Conway: [WHISPER] It works. Lt. Gabriel Shaw: Sure you want to bet that? Pfc. Shino Santana: [WHISPER] No sentimental value? ** Pvt. Lewis Conway nods, setting it onto the table. Lt. Gabriel Shaw: Alright, anyone have anything to bet against that? ** Dante Cortez sighs, digging into his pockets. ** Pvt. John ' Lucky ' Mikovich looks to Dante. 'You still haven't played.' ** Dante Cortez chuckles, 'Dont have shit to bet.' Pvt. John ' Lucky ' Mikovich: I have... One thing. LCpl. Ulysses Cherov: What if we make Dante do somethin' if he loses? Pfc. Shino Santana: Shave his head. ** LCpl. Ulysses Cherov puts his cigarete out, 'Or slap Erika on the ass, both w ill leave a mark.' Pvt. John ' Lucky ' Mikovich: Yeah. ** Pvt. Lewis Conway laughs at the suggestion. 'Indeed.' Dante Cortez: Oh, shit. Pvt. John ' Lucky ' Mikovich: It'll be fun-.. Dante Cortez: I am not shaving my head, my good sir. Pvt. John ' Lucky ' Mikovich: So smack her ass. ** Dante Cortez sighs. Pfc. Shino Santana: And grope it. LCpl. Ulysses Cherov: Ha, nah, just a slap. ** Dante Cortez glares at Shino. LCpl. Ulysses Cherov: If 'ya lose. Pvt. John ' Lucky ' Mikovich: Yeah. . . You gotta' squeeze it. Pvt. Lewis Conway: So, no takers? Lt. Gabriel Shaw: It's a /very/ nice watch. I think it's worth a firm squeeze. Dante Cortez: Fine, fine. Pfc. Shino Santana: Hah. LCpl. Ulysses Cherov: Aye, a little slap n' squeeze. ** Lt. Gabriel Shaw smirks, still shuffling his cards. Pfc. Shino Santana: She wouldn't hurt you, I think. Dante Cortez: But, I swear to god, if you get me exiled... ** LCpl. Ulysses Cherov laughs loudly. Pvt. John ' Lucky ' Mikovich: Don't worry.. ** Shaw's smirk widens into a grin as he deals out the cards. ** Dante Cortez: Is it just me, or whoever loses? Pvt. Lewis Conway: It's just us two playing. Pfc. Shino Santana: Whoever loses. Pvt. John ' Lucky ' Mikovich: Loser. LCpl. Ulysses Cherov: Whoever loses has to do it. Dante Cortez: Fine, fine. LCpl. Ulysses Cherov: Between you two. ** Brian Star approaches the table and then taps Dante on the shoulder a few tim es. Dante Cortez: One sec. LCpl. Ulysses Cherov: This is a big hand for him. Pfc. Shino Santana: Hand. LCpl. Ulysses Cherov: Let 'em concentrate. ** Brian Star takes a step back an waits. ** Pfc. Shino Santana chuckles.

Lt. Gabriel Shaw: Dante, hit? Stay? Dante Cortez: Hit. Pfc. Shino Santana: [WHISPER] Oh, seriously; I have never actually seen or chec ked out Erika's ass. Lt. Gabriel Shaw: Conway, stick or twist? Pvt. Lewis Conway: I'm standing. Lt. Gabriel Shaw: Alright, cards? Dante Cortez: Two... four... three. Lt. Gabriel Shaw: [RADIO] Is it important? Lt. Gabriel Shaw: Is it important? Lt. Gabriel Shaw: I.. I meant Conway. Lt. Gabriel Shaw: But I suppose it doesn't really matter. Lt. Gabriel Shaw: Alright then. ** Pvt. Lewis Conway smiles broadly before sliding the cards onto the table, rev ealing a 20. Lt. Gabriel Shaw: ..Ah. Dante Cortez: Son of a bitch. LCpl. Ulysses Cherov: Ooh. Lt. Gabriel Shaw: Dante, your call. Lt. Gabriel Shaw: I'm guessing you don't want to stick. Dante Cortez sighs. LCpl. Ulysses Cherov: Gotta hit, Dante, hope you get a 21. Dante Cortez: Hit. ** Lt. Gabriel Shaw passes Dante a card, face up. It's a 2. ** LCpl. Ulysses Cherov laughs loudly at the cards. ** Dante Cortez smashes his palm into his face, also known as a facepalm. Lt. Gabriel Shaw: Carefull, you want your palm nice and supple Dante... Dante Cortez: At least one of you has to be there to stop her from smashing my s kull in. LCpl. Ulysses Cherov: We'll be close by, we want to see this. LCpl. Ulysses Cherov: We have to confirm there was a squeeze. Pvt. Lewis Conway: Oh yeah, you'll get a nice audience there to help you out. ** Dante Cortez laughs quietly and leans back. Lt. Gabriel Shaw: I'm assuming hit? Dante Cortez: Sure. Dante Cortez: Why not? Lt. Gabriel Shaw: As in, the cards, not Erika's backside. Pfc. Shino Santana: The must be more than five creases on the fabric around your hand. ** Lt. Gabriel Shaw deals a card with a chuckle. ** It's a 3 ** Dante Cortez: Shit, man. ** Lt. Gabriel Shaw deals Dante another card. ** It's a 9 ** LCpl. Ulysses Cherov: Busttt. Pfc. Shino Santana: We gonna do it now? Dante Cortez: Sure. LCpl. Ulysses Cherov: Hell yeah. Dante Cortez: Let's get this over with. Lt. Gabriel Shaw: Alright, hold on. ** Pfc. Shino Santana bursts into laughter. Lt. Gabriel Shaw: [RADIO] Erika? ** Pvt. Lewis Conway immediately stands up, pushing off the table. 'Let's see th is shit.' LCpl. Erika 'Eri' Aachen: [RADIO] Yes? Lt. Gabriel Shaw: [RADIO] Can you come to the dugout please? ** Pfc. Shino Santana stands himself up, still laughing. LCpl. Erika 'Eri' Aachen: [RADIO] Sure... ** LCpl. Ulysses Cherov gets up from his seat. ** Pvt. John ' Lucky ' Mikovich slides off the chair, standing straight.

Lt. Gabriel Shaw: Just stand right in front of Dante, with your back to him. LCpl. Erika 'Eri' Aachen: Why? Lt. Gabriel Shaw: I want to show Cherov that you're taller. ** Pfc. Shino Santana watches Erika. LCpl. Erika 'Eri' Aachen: ...Uh? LCpl. Ulysses Cherov: It's not so. Lt. Gabriel Shaw: He doesn't beleive me. Pfc. Shino Santana: Cherov you're fucking short, get over it. ** LCpl. Erika 'Eri' Aachen shrugs and turns around, looking at them. LCpl. Ulysses Cherov: What kinda gal is six feet? Pvt. John ' Lucky ' Mikovich: [WHISPER] Heh. ** Dante Cortez slaps Erika's ass, squeezing it vigorously. ** LCpl. Erika 'Eri' Aachen shrugs again. LCpl. Erika 'Eri' Aachen: ........ Pfc. Shino Santana: Oh shit Dante! ** Lt. Gabriel Shaw coughs into his fist, trying and failing to suppress laughte r. ** Pvt. John ' Lucky ' Mikovich burst out into laughter. 'Aha!' ** LCpl. Erika 'Eri' Aachen 's fish clenches as her left hand moves to her belt, grasping her bowie knife. ''I'm killing him.'' Dante Cortez: [YELL] AW FUCK! Lt. Gabriel Shaw: Wait! Lt. Gabriel Shaw: Wait! Lt. Gabriel Shaw: We made him. ** LCpl. Ulysses Cherov laughs loudly, not stopping this. ** Pfc. Shino Santana falls off his chair and cracks up before pausing at the th reat. ** Lt. Gabriel Shaw staggers towards Erika, still laughing. Lt. Gabriel Shaw: He lost a bet. ** Pvt. Lewis Conway almost falls over with laughter, holding onto the piping to steady himself. ** LCpl. Erika 'Eri' Aachen unsheaths it as she starts to turn around, looking a t him. ''I don't care... I hate all of you... Don't bother me again... Next time I'm not getting you pricks a gift from Grease.'' LCpl. Erika 'Eri' Aachen: Move. ** Lt. Gabriel Shaw doesn't seem to notice her leaving, he is laughing too hard. ** Pfc. Shino Santana waits for Erika to leave before bursting into a secound ro und of laughter. Pfc. Shino Santana: How was it, Dante? Pfc. Shino Santana: Firm? ** Lt. Gabriel Shaw begins to recover, resting against the roof support. Cassette (Kommy): [OOC] I'll take it hard just for you. LCpl. Ulysses Cherov: It ain't a bad ass to grab, she's in shape. Pfc. Shino Santana: I need to do it on my own one day. Pvt. John ' Lucky ' Mikovich: He'll remember this for the rest of his life. Pvt. Lewis Conway: Good show Dante. Almost got your throat slit open, but you di d it. Pfc. Shino Santana: Tell her Shaw made me do it. Lt. Gabriel Shaw: Indeed, indeed. ** Pfc. Shino Santana wipes his eyes. Lt. Gabriel Shaw: Ahh... We should probably get back to work. Lt. Gabriel Shaw: We'll play again another time. Dante Cortez: I'll remember it as the second time I almost died.

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