"Keep Your Isaac On The Altar" by Lonnie Mackley While praying I began to see a vision unfold in the Spirit

-realm, and this is what I saw; I saw what looked like the event where Abraham was going to sacrifice his son Isaac on the altar (Gen. Ch. 22), but even though it looked like the same scenario some things were a little different. The people I saw in this vision looked like modern people playing out this same story. When the man placed Isaac on the altar, he seemed extremely worried and kept pulling him back off of it and talking to God about it like he was wanting some kind of assurance that nothing would happen to his Isaac if he fully obeyed, but no such promise came. Then I saw this man put Isaac back on the altar again, but this time he tied himself with a rope to Isaac just in case if something did happen, he could pull him back off again. This went on for a while until finally God's voice spoke from above, "Keep your Isaac on the altar!" Then this man placed his Isaac on the altar, sat down, and finally just left him there. Then there seemed to be a resolve and peace that came over him once he did this. I was not shown the end of what happened, but I could sense that what God wanted and needed had finally taken place. After this, the Holy Spirit explained more about what I had seen. There are some of you right now at the end of your wilderness preparation time about to become empowered, but there have been a few things in your life that have been extremely important to you, almost like an idol, where instead of leaving these things in God's hands completely, you have been going back and forth in your flesh and trying to have your own will done regardless of what God might want. God wants you to place these things on His altar once and for all now, and to submit to whatever decision He makes concerning them. God knows how extremely important these things are to you, and that you feel like you cannot live without them, but He wants and needs you to just trust that He knows what's best for you. Right now God just needs you to seek His kingdom and His righteousness so that you can fully overcome and be ready for this harvest, not to be distracted and hindered by things that have the power to hold sway over your mind and heart. Once you fully obey God in this, the fight between your flesh and the Holy Spirit will end, and peace will finally come into this area of your life. So Trust God fully now and keep your Isaac on the altar. PR 3:5 Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; 6 in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight. Let Your Ishmael's Go Now

by Lonnie Mackley
GE 17:18

And Abraham said to God, "If only Ishmael might live under your blessing!"

There are many of us at the end of our wilderness time that are still clinging to Ishmael's that were birthed in our lives and begging God to bless them when God wants and needs us to let those old things of the past go, and to get ready for the new Isaac's that He wants to bring into our lives. Some people are clinging to old ex-spouses, ex-ministries, estranged children, past careers, past friendships, past ministry partners, past failures, or getting rich quick. But many of these things may or may not even be God's will, and because they are an idol in our hearts they have kept us stuck and prevented us from fully going forward. We might think that we know what is best for us, but only God truly knows what is best for us.
GE 21:9

But Sarah saw that the son whom Hagar the Egyptian had borne to Abraham was mocking, 10 and she said to Abraham, "Get rid of that slave woman and her son, for that slave woman's son will never share in the inheritance with my son Isaac." Abraham had to let Ishmael go because God cannot bless or mix our fleshly ideas of His blessing in with His actual fulfilled promises. If we had our way, the flesh and Spirit would always be fighting with each other and nothing would work out right. Ishmael might have tried to kill Isaac once they got older, and our flesh works would constantly be trying to kill the Spirit works that God births. It must have hurt Abraham terribly to send Ishmael away, but we have to be willing to get rid of the flesh altogether to finally bring peace and Spirit back into our lives. God sees the future of how things will go and at times He even gives us our way just to show that His way really was better. We must trust in God's choices for us.
GE 21:14

Early the next morning Abraham took some food and a skin of water and gave them to Hagar. He set them on her shoulders and then sent her off with the boy. She went on her way and wandered in the desert of Beersheba. You too may have to be willing to finally send your Ishmael away at least in your heart, and trust that whatever is of God will return. Love and strong desire can often blind us to the truth, so we must let go of our desires in order to find and embrace God's perfect will. Some of us may even find that our Ishmael turns out to be our Isaac one day, but we must place our expectations for those outcomes into God's hands for Him to decide. I can tell you truly that many of you are about to receive your Isaac blessings now, but you must let go of all of your Ishmael works first in order to get it. Your Isaac is coming now my friend, so be willing to finally let Ishmael go, and you will see that God really does know what is best for you.

HEB 11:11

By faith Abraham, even though he was past age--and Sarah herself was barren--was enabled to become a father because he considered him faithful who had made the promise. Moving Day Vision by Lonnie Mackley I saw a large and vast mass of people standing on a very large map, and the name on the map was "Religious People". Then the focus zoomed in on a different smaller portion of the map that had a very high and long wall around it made up of what looked like tree poles like you would build an old fort out of during the Civil war. On this smaller area of the map it said "Wilderness People". This area looked more sparse than rest of the area outside. And then the view zoomed in once again to the actual people within these walls. The Holy Spirit was hovering above all of them like a giant dove fanning and helping them with His wings, and there were also many many angels there helping the people to get ready for something very important. I saw large banners on the walls that said "Moving day today, be ready!" So all of the people were rushing around getting everything ready to finally leave that place. There seemed to be turmoil though with some of them because they were trying to pick up these large hunks of wood that looked like idols with big heads on the top them. These idols were at least seven feet tall and they looked really heavy, so it was a struggle to even get them up to the gate. Around the idols necks were signs with different names written on them of things that people depend upon in place of God like addiction, sexual immorality, pleasure, relationships, money, works, and many other names. But when they got to the gate, the gate was only big enough for a person to walk through, and the idols would not fit through the opening. So they had a choice, to either remain there with their idols, or to drop them and go forward without them. Most of the people there dropped their idols (some did so very reluctantly) but others seemed to just know "it was their time" and they let it go with relief and didn't even look back at it when they left. Then the view followed one person that had walked through the gate and the person went down a brightly lit corridor and entered into an equally small door with the words "Empowered Harvest" on the door. I didn't really get to see all that was inside the door except that the light in there was very bright and I caught a glimpse of a kingly robe that I am fairly sure was Jesus Himself. The vision ended there.
REV 22:14

"Blessed are those who wash their robes, that they may have the right to the tree of life and may go through the gates into the city.
MT 7:14

But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it. Supporting the Holy Spirit, Not People

by Lonnie Mackley
JN 2:24

But Jesus would not entrust himself to them, for he knew all men. 25 He did not need man's testimony about man, for he knew what was in a man. Whenever someone highly visible falls in the kingdom of God the pharisees seem to relish this and delight in condemning, while people that love God and His creation grieve over such failures and seek to restore them. When God is moving in power one of the big mistakes we often make as followers of Jesus is we get our focus upon the people that Jesus is moving through, rather than upon Jesus Himself. And when someone falls we must seek to restore and strengthen those that got hurt by the fall rather than using it as an occasion to gossip.
LK 22:31

"Simon, Simon, Satan has asked to sift you as wheat. 32 But I have prayed for you, Simon, that your faith may not fail. And when you have turned back, strengthen your brothers." The Holy Spirit is going to be moving more and more in these last days, and one of the things we must master is that we support the works that He is doing, rather than supporting peoples ministry. People will fail, especially if they have not been through a long wilderness because they get blindsided. There are many areas that we have not yet been tested in that we do not realize how weak we would be and fall if we got sifted; but God and satan know them all too well. That is why it is so important that we complete our wilderness purification.
MT 7:21

"Not everyone who says to me, `Lord, Lord,' will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. We all have our junk and I have had to serve with swindlers, pedophiles, homosexuals, adulterers, and all kinds of people that had secret or open sin problems, and it is never about the person as much as it is about you just being obedient and doing the will of God. You see, Jesus doesn't want people to do ministry, He just wants people to do God's will, and nothing else will count in the end. If you are sticking out your wilderness time to work through your rough spots you are actually doing more than people doing fleshly ministry.
GAL 5:25

Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit. 26 Let us not become conceited, provoking and envying each other.
MT 23:33

"You snakes! You brood of vipers! How will you escape being condemned to hell? When and if someone falls in this harvest just continue to do what is right and keep your focus upon Jesus and preaching the gospel in power. The quickest

way to get judged is to start judging people, so just keep doing what you are supposed to be doing and stay out of the slander sewer. Pharisees seem like they are the most righteous, but in the end Jesus said that Hell was waiting for them, so we must not judge as they do. Just support the Holy Spirit during this harvest, not people, and stay obedient; and you will complete your calling.
MT 7:1

"Do not judge, or you too will be judged. 2 For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.
JAS 5:8

You too, be patient and stand firm, because the Lord's coming is near. 9 Don't grumble against each other, brothers, or you will be judged. The Judge is standing at the door!

Be Patient, Change Is Coming by Lonnie Mackley My dear one, I have heard your constant prayers and felt your sense of restlessness and eagerness to step into the new things that need to come, but I would call you this day to be patient because change is coming very soon. I know that things have felt empty lately like there is no life left in them, but that is because you are finished with certain old things, and you are right at the threshold of stepping into the new things that are soon to be revealed. You have done well, and you have completed almost all of the preparation that has been necessary in order to move forward into this harvest. But I would call you this day to finish your foundation of complete repentance, and to forgive all those that have harmed you. The trials and challenges that you will soon face will require you to be without reproach, and to have nothing hidden that could be exposed and discredit the new work I am calling you to. I want you this day to let go of the past and to stop doubting in my goodness and love for you, for I am the same God that has called you and led you all the way through your long wilderness. So continue to trust Me, and do not lose heart at this critical time. I can only bless faith, so stand upon the truth that I can do all things necessary in order to help and restore you. Be found obedient and believing. So be patient My love, for change will come.

Expect New Spiritual Assignments To Begin Now by Lonnie Mackley

My dear one, for many years now I have trained, prepared, disciplined, and purified you in a wilderness lifestyle that I personally led you into, but that time is complete and I want you to expect to be given new spiritual assignments now. It is time to stand and walk upon the new foundation of holiness, obedience, and fruit of the Spirit that I have built in you, and to go forward and reap the harvest as I give you daily tasks to accomplish and establish My kingdom authority and truth in the earth. Your great reward will be Me and the many souls that need to hear the message of the gospel and receive My love, salvation, and miracles. Do not worry about what you shall need, or the fact that you still need restoration in many areas to truly move forward. I want you to just focus upon returning to Me your first love, and to do the works that you first did when I saved you so long ago. Speak to Me and worship all day long as I give you fresh power, fresh anointing, fresh revelation, fresh love, and fresh everything that you need in order to be successful in each new assignment that I give you. My Spirit will speak to you plainly and tell you My strategies and plans to reach each new soul, so always be listening. So My love, expect new spiritual assignments to begin now.

Healing Is Coming To Your Home by Lonnie Mackley While seeking the Lord I saw a short vision that I felt led to share with you. I saw Jesus drop an envelope into the mail slot of people that belonged to Him. On the envelope I could see the word "HEALING" printed out on it in large bold letters. Inside the home I could see people that had been sick and run down for a long time, and who urgently needed healing. Plus they looked like they were barely getting by and surviving financially. A child ran and picked up the envelope and then handed it to an adult who looked at it with a look like they were almost too weary to open it and believe for anymore words from God. But when they opened the envelope a heavenly being jumped out of it with the word HEALING printed on its shirt. I don't know whether this was an angel, or just symbolic of the spirit of healing, but the being went right to work going from room to room in a flash and bringing full healing to everyone that needed it there. It also touched the run down possessions that these people had lived with and they turned into brand new items that would more than meet their needs from then on. This being had a constant ear to ear grin on its face, and it had a boundless joy that seemed to thrive on and enjoy its job of bringing healing to people for God. Jesus then stepped into the picture and spoke these words: "Know this My child that healing is coming to your home, and to expect it to arrive very soon now. Repent of all sin, forgive everyone you need to forgive, and trust Me to do what I have promised to do. Be willing to believe Me once again and let go of all doubt, because there is no big or small healing for Me, only big or small faith in order to receive it. Trust Me to heal everything, and you will indeed receive healing for

everything. I desire to restore you completely, not partially. Trust in My great love for you and know that I will never leave or forsake you. So My dear one, know that I am sending healing to your home, and it is standing at your door even now".
MK 1:41

Filled with compassion, Jesus reached out his hand and touched the man. "I am willing," he said. "Be clean!"

"Always Mix It With Love" by Lonnie Mackley
PR 15:1

A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.

This is not a long teaching, but it's a very important one that can help to save you many arguments and unnecessary episodes of strife with people. You see, one day I was having an "issue" with someone about something and it appeared that I was completely in the right, but when I went away I heard the Lord say to me "Now go back and mix it with love". So I went back and mixed some love into what I was saying and all of the sudden all of the strife and contention just dissipated and things were brought to a place of complete peace. This same scenario happened several more times where God would tell me to go back and mix what I was doing with love, and each time I saw how powerful this was. I also saw how not mixing it with love just made things much worse. Since I've begun to live by this principle I can tell you that the peace level in my life has risen incredibly. This practice can help you to cut down on your marital disputes, help you to work out problems with friends and co-workers much easier, and accrue you some much needed grace when you blow it. So the next time you have an "issue" to deal with someone ask yourself this, "Did I mix love into what I just said?" If the answer is no, go back and try it again with some love even if you felt that you were right and watch what happens. When they see that you are willing to humble yourself, walk in truth, take responsibility, and to most importantly mix in love, they will respond in the like and imitate what you're doing. This is also a good way to train your children and those you are ministering to. So remember to "Always mix it with love".
1CO 13:8

Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away.

Put Up, or Shut Up! by Lonnie Mackley

AC 5:16

Crowds gathered also from the towns around Jerusalem, bringing their sick and those tormented by evil spirits, and all of them were healed. 17 Then the high priest and all his associates, who were members of the party of the Sadducees, were filled with jealousy. I find it amazing how the modern-day pharisees can criticize and bash every revival, yet they have no real love or power flowing through their own lives. If they are such experts on revival and what it should be, then why aren't they experiencing much revival themselves? I can tell you why; because they do not have the love of God in them, and their hearts are not right before God. They're simply full of jealousy and envy. If these paragons of spirituality are so pious and virtuous then why don't they spend their time loving and helping people instead of persecuting others who "are" actually loving and helping people? Can you say, hypocrite? Hypocrite- A person who pretends to be what he or she is not.
AC 5:39

But if it is from God, you will not be able to stop these men; you will only find yourselves fighting against God." If these so called false revivalists are so misled and wrong then why not just pray for them and spend your time doing the right things as an example to the rest of us? The reason why they are not doing that is because they are not really interested in true revival, they are only interested in being armchair quarterbacks that judge, but don't actually participate. They are wannabes persecuting the actually are's. This is nothing new though, the pharisees in Jesus day did the same thing, and this is what He had to say to them, "You snakes! You brood of vipers! How will you escape being condemned to hell? In other words, "You're all lost guys".
AC 13:45

When the Jews saw the crowds, they were filled with jealousy and talked abusively against what Paul was saying. Frankly, I'm sick and tired of hearing about good men and women of God being carelessly slandered by people that aren't even worthy to carry their suitcases. It's just ridiculous. Plus they are constantly gossiping and trying to twist every word that these true warriors of Christ are saying. It reminds me of a whiny little jealous sibling. If these revivalists are so off base then why spend all of your time just spying on them and reporting on everything they do and say? Is that really what God wants you to be doing with your time? Hmm let's see, who in history used to spy on Jesus, trash Him behind His back, and not get involved? "Pharisees".
1JN 4:20

If anyone says, "I love God," yet hates his brother, he is a liar. For anyone who does not love his brother, whom he has seen, cannot love God, whom he has

not seen. 21 And he has given us this command: Whoever loves God must also love his brother. Malign- To make evil, harmful, and often untrue statements about; speak evil of. If someone says they love God but they keep maligning people, then don't believe them. We are seeing the true natures of peoples hearts when God's power is being poured out and they are turning into Saul's when we thought they were Paul's. They jump on their donkey's of pride and self-righteousness and go around with letters trying to "warn" everyone about these false revivalists. Really? These traitors will be the first to turn us in to the government if there's ever an actual persecution. They are false brothers and sisters, and I would not be surprised one bit to see some severe judgment take place in their camp before it's all over.
2TI 3:5

having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with them. These modern day persecutors have a form of Christianity, but they throw a fit every time Jesus actually does something through someone else other than themselves. They are just showing their true natures of being worldly and immature when they judge and malign others like that. My point in this word is not to just have a rant, it's to say that these people are the very ones who should be openly condemned and rebuked for how they have behaved as so-called Christians. Somehow I don't think that Jesus would be wanting to write any emails for their list except to apologize to people and let them know that He does not think as they do.
1CO 3:3

You are still worldly. For since there is jealousy and quarreling among you, are you not worldly? Are you not acting like mere men? So the bottom line is we need to leave these people be, do not even read their poisonous words, and just press on with helping the people that need to be helped during this harvest. Jesus spent His time saving the lost and He did not allow what the pharisees did to distract or hinder Him from doing God's work. Neither should you. Embrace God's miracles, remain loving, stay full of faith, and walk with others who are like-Spirited. If someone is really that interested in revival then they need to just do it, and stop bothering others who actually are doing it. We all need to "put up or shut up", and show God's true love and power to the lost.
JN 13:34

"A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. 35 By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another." Be Patient as He Finishes Your Foundation

by Lonnie Mackley
MT 7:25

The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock. Most of you now reading this have been in the wilderness for many years now having your soul gone through, and now you are truly sick to death of having to stay here even one more day. I use that expression "sick to death" on purpose because you have been dying to the flesh, the world, and the devil for what seems like forever now and you are starting to wonder if there's any real method to what appears to be God's madness. Well trust me, "there is". You see, what you have undergone may seem like just a cruel experiment on God's part, or you may just think that He has forgotten about you, or that you have blown it by now; but there is a very good reason that things have had to be so thorough and painstaking for so long. God wants you to stand and not to fall while His power and blessing comes once this harvest goes into full swing. This is actually an act of great mercy on God's part, not cruelty.
MT 13:26

When the wheat sprouted and formed heads, then the weeds also appeared.

Once God's rain comes any spiritual weeds that have not been pulled out by the roots will also spring up along with the wheat, and it could spoil the harvest that God is trying to bring through you. So if you have any secret sin-habits, controlling abusive behaviors, dishonesty, unforgiveness, bitterness, or anything else ungodly it will be brought out and exposed during this time. As hard as you promote God's fame, demons will also try to promote your shame.
EPH 5:3

But among you there must not be even a hint of sexual immorality, or of any kind of impurity, or of greed, because these are improper for God's holy people. How many great men and women of God were greatly empowered throughout history only to be brought down by some nasty sin-habit that they kept secret and refused to allow God to deal with? Too many, that's for sure. And for this last harvest God has been really doing a thorough job of exposing and rooting out all these dangerous areas before His wonderful rain of power and blessing comes. There cannot be so much as one small area left undealt with.
PS 44:16

at the taunts of those who reproach and revile me, because of the enemy, who is bent on revenge. When we start really taking spiritual ground for the Lord we must all be above reproach and walk in full and complete holiness and obedience as we go forward, because satan will make it a point to rat out anyone who is living a lie. Like Achan and Judas there must not be any secret greed or rebellion, like David we cannot

entertain secret lust or sexual sin, like Noah and Lot we must not have relapses of drugs and addiction to tarnish our reputations.
RO 14:4

Who are you to judge someone else's servant? To his own master he stands or falls. And he will stand, for the Lord is able to make him stand. God's main job in doing all this my friend is to make sure that you stand and do not fall in this last hour. Rather than us pointing at and focusing upon other peoples lives and walks with God, we need to be focusing upon our own lives and allowing Jesus Christ to help us to purify us, and to fully overcome all areas of sin and ways that we do not love properly. So try to be patient as God finishes your deep foundation, because He plans to build very high.
JN 17:17

Sanctify them by the truth; your word is truth. 18 As you sent me into the world, I have sent them into the world. 19 For them I sanctify myself, that they too may be truly sanctified. God's Something Flows Through Nothings by Lonnie Mackley
AC 4:13

When they saw the courage of Peter and John and realized that they were unschooled, ordinary men, they were astonished and they took note that these men had been with Jesus. So, you have been what most people consider to be a big nothing all your life. Thank God for it because God always lets His something flow through nothings just like you and I. You may have led a very ordinary and uneventful kind of life so far and not accomplished much in the world's eyes except for maybe a lot of big failures, but guess what?; Failures are exactly what God is looking for in these last days to show forth His magnificent successes through.
1CO 1:28

He chose the lowly things of this world and the despised things--and the things that are not--to nullify the things that are, 29 so that no one may boast before him. You see, God is not looking for superhero's in this last great revival to flow through, He is looking for super-"zeros" to exhibit His power through, so that the people that see what He does will not look at us as though we were great; but they will only look at Jesus and know that He is great. Be glad that you do not have much to show for your life so far because now God can really do something great without your flesh or works taking all of the credit for it.
2CO 12:10

That is why, for Christ's sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong.

God can flow through whomever He wants no matter what someone may, or may not have accomplished in life, but the truth is we will all have to become weak in our fleshly abilities in order for God to show forth His great strength through us. Like Joseph in the bible most of us have experienced many painful losses, countless humiliations, and crushing heartaches, but it had to be that way in order for us to become truly humble and usable vessels for God. MT 10:39 Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it. In this last revival you will see God moving through many "nobodies" that nobody has ever heard of before, with lives that have been less than perfect in many ways. Just very common people doing some very uncommon things with God's power, in some very everyday places. Jesus deliberately made Himself nothing so that we and others through us might experience God's something, so be glad that your nothing life has prepared you to walk in God's power.
PHP 2:7

but made himself nothing, taking the very nature of a servant, being made in human likeness. "You Will Reach Your Destination" by Lonnie Mackley
AC 27:20

When neither sun nor stars appeared for many days and the storm continued raging, we finally gave up all hope of being saved. While in prayer today the Lord showed me a vision that I felt led to share with you. I saw a couple (a man and a woman) boarding an old style clipper ship, and everything on that ship looked new and it was stocked up for a long voyage. The couple were greatly excited for the adventure that lay ahead and they said farewell to all the people seeing them off at the dock. Some of the people waved and wished them a good journey, but a few scratched their head as if they didn't understand why these people were even leaving. Their ship then sailed off. Then the vision fast-forwarded to a much later time in the voyage. The ship looked like it had gone through a lot of rough weather, the supplies were mostly used up, and the peoples appearance and clothes looked ragged, scruffy, worn, and they seemed very weary from the long taxing journey. The wind then died so they rowed together for a long while. Then a thick fog came in and the couple began to argue one saying; You really don't know where we are going do you? And the other one said; Maybe we shouldn't have come on this journey at all. Then as if nothing more could happen, the ship hit something in the water and stuck fast. The couple then just laid down and held each other and prayed to the last ounce of there strength in the dark waiting for the end. Things went very

quiet and all of the sudden a sharp blinding beam of light pierced through the darkness and bathed the whole ship. As the light touched the ship it turned to gold, and like the ship the people were also renewed and even their clothes changed into what looked like royal attire. All of their obstacles instantly lifted. The Holy Spirit blew fresh wind into the sails, and angels took control of the ship as they sailed it toward the shore which was surprisingly just a very short ways from where the ship had seemingly been stranded. Jesus was standing upon the shore with a big group of other people who apparently had made the same journey; and they were all waiting for the rest of the people to arrive. Jesus then ate with them, gave them all instructions, and sent them out into the land together to tell everyone that the King had come and to come join His kingdom. That was the end of what I saw. I believe that many people now reading this are just like those people in that ship, and you have now reached a place of utter impossibility and great weariness where you have no strength left to journey any further. Jesus is about to pierce through your darkness with His light and He will restore you and give you fresh direction and everything else that you need to be fully restored and sufficient to enter this harvest, and to conquer in His name. Be encouraged God's faithful sailor, for you will reach your destination!
JN 6:20

But he said to them, "It is I; don't be afraid." 21 Then they were willing to take him into the boat, and immediately the boat reached the shore where they were heading. True Revival vs. Modern Day Pharisees by Lonnie Mackley
MK 3:26

And if Satan opposes himself and is divided, he cannot stand; his end has come. Any place where the gospel is being preached and people are being saved, healed, and delivered for an extended period enmasse' you've got real revival on your hands. That doesn't mean though that satan and flesh won't be there as well to try to cause trouble and discredit what's happening; but anytime God's really moving and leading people closer to Himself with His power and love, then that's not satan, it's Jesus. Like Jesus said, satan would not divide himself against himself by leading people to God, otherwise his kingdom would quickly fall. If you ever want to know what God is doing then just listen to what satan is complaining about the most. You see, pharisees don't focus on having a genuine revival of their own, they focus upon persecuting a genuine revival happening through others. If you ever want to find a group of modern day pharisees just go to a website and see what they are all mostly talking about. If they're talking

about Jesus, loving people, and saving souls, then they are probably fishermen; but if they're just criticizing, complaining, and condemning; those are pharisees.
JN 9:32

Nobody has ever heard of opening the eyes of a man born blind. 33 If this man were not from God, he could do nothing. If you listen to what pharisees say long enough you will become one. Their words are like spiritual poison, and in time you will become just as cynical and skeptical as they are. Does that mean we just overlook legitimate problems in a ministry, and turn a blind eye? No, but get all your information from the Holy Spirit and God's word, and not from a bunch of jealous, envious, impotent, pharisees. Power talks, and that's one thing you'll never find in pharisees, they are all spiritually dead hypocrites. They are not watchmen, they are satanic henchmen. In the days just ahead many of you reading this will become empowered to heal the sick and cast out evil spirits. You too will have to make a choice and steer clear of the pharisees and their poison once and for all. Ask yourself this, when you watch a revival does it lead you closer to God, or further away? Now when you read accusations and gossip all the time does that lead you closer to God, or further away from Him? God will only flow through pure, loving, overcomers with a heart for lost souls in these last days, and not through pharisees. The things to watch for in a true revival are: 1. Is there a genuine hunger for God, holiness, lost souls, and repentance? 2. Is the love and unity of the Spirit flowing in their midst? 3. Is there genuine power flowing that saves, heals, and delivers? 4. Are the people leading it true overcomers that want to preach the gospel as their main message? and 5. Are they allowing the Holy Spirit to direct and lead, rather than making a big event out of it? If you've answered yes to all these questions then you are likely witnessing a true revival. If not, maybe it's not.
RO 14:4

Who are you to judge someone else's servant? To his own master he stands or falls. And he will stand, for the Lord is able to make him stand. If someone cares more about what someone else is doing for God, and not enough about what "they" are doing for God, then you have someone that is distracted, defiled, and full of pride, envy, jealousy, and spiritual darkness. The pharisees always want to stay close to a revival, but not to help with it; only to discredit it. They are arm-chair quarterbacks that never play in the game and who are rooting for the wrong team. They always end up in a big group because they chase off all true fishermen in time, and only attract other like-demon people. Get ready to be empowered my friend, but get ready to be persecuted as well. This mass outpouring will cause a civil war in Christianity, but it will also help to expose what is really wheat, and what is not. Keep your focus on souls, walking

in obedience and purity, living by God's word, and truly loving and serving each other. Keep the pharisees out of your ministry and do not let their gossip and slander distract you. Some of your best friends and family may be pharisees. Keep your focus upon true revival, and off of the modern day pharisees.
MT 15:13

He replied, "Every plant that my heavenly Father has not planted will be pulled up by the roots. 14 Leave them; they are blind guides. If a blind man leads a blind man, both will fall into a pit." "Your Spiritual Due Date Has Arrived" by Lonnie Mackley My dear one, just like a pregnant woman who has reached the final days of her pregnancy waits in great anticipation for the imminent birth of her child, so you also have reached your spiritual due date and can sense that your time to give spiritual birth has arrived. You have gone from a long period of development and waiting, to now feeling a strong atmosphere of immediate expectancy and pensiveness where you know that at any moment you will feel your first labor pains and be called into a busy time of action where you must push forward. I would call you this day to finish preparing everything that needs to be set in order for the spiritual baby you are having to have a safe environment. What you have waited for has been a long time coming, but it will be well worth it once you see what I have been preparing deep inside you, and just how marvelous it really is. Even you have not yet seen the full extent of what I have been creating so deep inside you, but very soon all things will be made visible to you, and great will be your joy, and the joy of all who see this wonderful new miracle I bring. Even as a woman who gives birth has someone there to assist her during labor, I would also call you to ask for My help, and to trust Me to be there once your moment to give birth arrives. You have waited a long time to embrace the full promise of what I conceived in you so long ago, but very soon you will be holding this new spiritual baby in your very arms. I am birthing My power and blessing into your life so that many can be saved and set free. So My love, know that your spiritual due date has arrived now and your time to give birth has come. Managing a Local Outpouring by Lonnie Mackley
AC 4:31

After they prayed, the place where they were meeting was shaken. And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke the word of God boldly.

Many of us have read about or visited outpourings of God's power that have happened in various parts of the world, but very soon there will be an outpouring literally everywhere, and every neighborhood nearby will see homes that have been prepared experience mighty local outpourings meant to save all who can be saved. Many of you will have visitations from the Lord Himself, see many miracles of healing and deliverance, experience signs and wonders intended to show the unsaved that God is real, and best of all you will see many people get saved all around your community whether it be in homes, hospitals, or at your local mall. But with an outpouring comes a responsibility that we must take very seriously if we want to see a consistent and prolonged revival in our midst. God has done a lot of work over the years preparing a remnant of His people to help manage this final harvest, but there are a few things that can help us before and while it is happening so that the outpouring doesn't dry up prematurely. Many people think that revival is all fun and no hardship, but there are many attacks and challenges that come along that can hit us if we are not expecting them and on our guard. Below are just a few tips to help you to manage a local outpouring better.
2PE 3:14

So then, dear friends, since you are looking forward to this, make every effort to be found spotless, blameless and at peace with him. 1. First of all, we need to fulfill all obedience that God is requiring of us by repenting of all sin habits, and forgiving anyone we have been holding a grudge against. If you are getting stuck in a certain area pray to God for more revelation so that you can succeed and move forward. 2. Remember beforehand that revival is about spiritually reviving or bringing to life that which is spiritually dying or dead all around us. Revival is just about people getting saved plain and simple, it's not about us just having a big spiritual party, or looking for signs and miracles. 3. When the outpouring comes, just like Peter on Pentecost explain to people around you that this is Jesus the Christ offering salvation to anyone who really wants it. Make sure that what happens is always about God and not about us, the signs, miracles, or anything else. 4. Let God lead. The temptation will be to plan things, organize things, and explain things to the point where it inhibits God's ability to just show up and bless people. You are on God's clock and it's up to Him to move when and how He wants to, or even if He doesn't want to. 5. Expect to be attacked by the religious legalists and those influenced by demons. Revival is messy and satan is not just going to sit back and do nothing

while he loses territory. Let God fight your battles though, and do not let anything distract you from just saving the lost. 6. Along with the genuine manifestations of the Holy Spirit, also expect to see some people moving in their flesh, or manifesting a demon trying to distract, discredit, and hinder things. Also expect to be persecuted by those who are jealous of what God is not doing in their life. 7. Don't make more out of it than it is. Let God just show up and do as He will and try not to "label" your outpouring as anything. People need to know that Jesus Christ is real, so that must remain the main focus. God doesn't need another movement, He just needs to move. 8. Enjoy yourself, focus on loving Jesus, praise and worship, and be led by the Spirit in all you do. Keep it as local as God wants. Don't let a stuffy religious organization take it over. Love people, stay forgiving, and don't take the bait if a flesh trap comes. Let God be God.
MT 16:25

For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me will find it. You have lived this tough remnant life all of your life for one main reason, so that the life of Jesus Christ can be manifested through you so that people could be saved here. You may have lived a very restricted and denied type of life so far, but expect things to change very radically soon where all of those old restraints will finally be removed. But your new freedom comes to help others find theirs. Remain obedient to the Holy Spirit's moment by moment direction, and don't be afraid to say "I don't know" if you don't. God loves you dearly, and He takes pleasure in giving you the kingdom. Trust God to help you manage a local outpouring.
LK 12:32

"Do not be afraid, little flock, for your Father has been pleased to give you the kingdom. "Your Time Has Finally Come" by Lonnie Mackley My dear one, even though many other people around you have seemed to progress and succeed in their life and calling while you have had to just sit and wait, I want you to know this day that your time has finally come. Even though others may have appeared to have moved on before you, there is much more than meets the eye here. You see, I had to take more time with you to train you, to prepare you, to purify you, to heal you, and to make you truly loving and safe for those that I would one day call you to minister to in My great power.

In these last days I am doing a much more extensive work of preparation and purification in My servants because of the greater responsibility that I will require of all of you. So this time has not been wasted at all, it has been a spiritual investment. Your motives for serving also had to be purified so that your service to Me and others would be done purely to build My kingdom, and not your ministry. Now instead of just seeing some personal spiritual goal to attain; you only see the lost, hurting, and hungry souls that need My love and salvation. I know that you are afraid to believe again right now and that you are very weary, but know that I am the God who can take that which seems utterly dead, and breathe new and vibrant life back into it. Although you've gone through a long period of winter, I'm bringing a spiritual springtime to you now that will renew your faith and everything else that has dwindled. Trust Me now to fulfill all of My old prophetic words to you, and don't be afraid to believe yet again. Know this day that your time has finally come My love; go now and fulfill your main calling. "Step All The Way Into the Kingdom Now!" While in prayer I saw what looked like an aerial view of a large map and a border that was running down the middle of it. From the sky I could see writing on each side of the border and on one side it said in big letters "The World"; on the other side it said "The Kingdom". Then the camera zoomed in closer and I saw a person standing right on the border with one foot on the world's side, and the other foot on the kingdom's side. There was also two what looked like large foundations on each side, but there was no home standing upon them; only people and things on them. On the world's side on that foundation I saw many people that the person on the border knew, and I saw many things there that this person spent a lot of their time involved with. There were also some demons hiding behind some of these objects of pleasure/distraction. On the kingdom's side I saw a similar picture, but I saw weapons, sacks of provision, angels, royal clothing, a cloud of power, a large bag of gold, and people already in the kingdom that were assigned to work with this person on the border. Then I heard a voice from Heaven which I knew was God say very loudly, "Step all the way into the kingdom now!". Then the person at the border's head started looking back and forth to each foundation and the people on each side were all beckoning them to come to their side. I even saw demons waving some of the objects of distraction at the person and people of the world calling to them. On the kingdom side I saw Jesus waiting with a beautiful robe and a suit of armor. You could tell that this was a very hard decision for the person, but finally they stepped all the way into the kingdom's side, and joined the group of people already waiting there. Jesus sat down with them and they all had a meal; then He unrolled a scroll with a battle plan on it and gave them specific instructions. They all got dressed in their robes and armor and then began walking along the border together with the cloud of power hovering over them, and angels surrounding them. Then all at once as one person they burst across the border and began a siege. With swords they drove

off the demons, freed all the captives, and literally threw some of these captives across the border. Then they returned across the border again into the kingdom and kept walking down the border together until they made another attack and the same scene repeated again. Then the Lord spoke this into my heart: "My dear one, you have made good progress in your growth and time of repentance, but I would admonish you this day to fully let go of all the distractions of this world, your idols of pleasure, and the sin habits that have hindered your progress in the past; and to step all the way into the kingdom now. You can no longer live on both sides of the border, and you must choose which side you will permanently dwell in from now on. On the world's side lies only more wasted time and defilement from the things of this life, but within the kingdom side lies the Spirit-realm where I dwell, and deep sweet fellowship with Me. All that you have sought can be found in Me and in My kingdom, so I would exhort you this day My loved one to let go of all that is of this world and to walk fully in My kingdom from now on. Here I possess all of the power, provision, blessing, and protection that you will need to go forward and to fulfill your calling upon the earth. The harvest is truly ripe now, and I am gathering My harvesters together as a team and sending them out to reap with My cloud of glory leading and helping them, and My holy servants the angels surrounding, assisting, and protectecting them. All that you need will be given to you for this great harvest, but first you must make the decision to walk fully in My kingdom now, and to finally let go of this world for good. Those that you love on the world's side will follow you as you receive things from Me to help them with here in the kingdom, so let them go now and trust Me to do what is right concerning them. You must come and follow Me now. Peace will come to you as you make the right decision, and your path will become clear as everything comes into focus with fresh discernment. So My faithful one, I would call you this day to choose, and to no longer be double-minded; for the time is short now, with no time left to delay. I have given you everything you need to stand. Step all the way into the kingdom now My love, for the harvest is ripe and I'm coming soon!" How To Get Out Of The Wilderness by Lonnie Mackley
MT 7:25

The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock. What God does when He sends people into the wilderness is He allows the house of our established life to be shaken and tested right down to its foundation, and everything that was not built in that home by Him falls off and crashes to the ground. Most of the time after the shaking stops we are left standing and looking in amazement and bewilderment at a very cracked and bare foundation that is in desperate need of repair before anything new can be built

upon it again. God wants to build skyscrapers of His power and goodness upon our lives, but first He must show us our need to repair the extensive damage to our foundations. Also, the higher a building is going to be built, the deeper the foundation must be in order to support it, so God will often spend years deepening the foundations of our relationship with Him and the character of Jesus in us so the building of love that is built upon that foundation can stand strong and not fall when the trials and temptations of our promised land come.
DT 2:7

The LORD your God has blessed you in all the work of your hands. He has watched over your journey through this vast desert. These forty years the LORD your God has been with you, and you have not lacked anything. Now God has accomplished a lot of work in His people and most of our foundations are repaired and deepened enough for us all to begin crossing our spiritual Jordan river, and to enter our promised land of revival and empowerment together now. But you can be sure that Jesus the rock and foundation of our life will make sure that there are no remaining cracks that we are unaware of first. How many of us thought and hoped that we were done with our wilderness, only to find out there was still more critical issues that needed to be addressed and healed first? We had no choice but to face them and press on. We've all been there and some of us are still there. Thank God that He didn't send us forward before we were ready, otherwise we would have faced failure and disaster once one of those unseen cracks gave way under pressure. Now is the time to face any last cracks in our foundations and to finally go forward. Below is kind of a list of things that we must do in order to leave our wilderness. 1. We must face the real "us" with all of our sin-habits, selfishness, unforgiveness, unhealed pain from the past, and any ways that we do not love and serve God or people properly. You see, it's not just about doing the right things, it's about doing the right things "through" Him. 2. Once we have faced all the above issues and dragged them into the light we must replace the old lies that satan sowed into us with the truth of God and begin to walk in it and master these areas. We must face our dislikes, and be denied our likes to kill their power over us. 3. We must also face any areas of unforgiveness, bitterness, resentment, and anger toward people or God, and any ways that we have hurt others. God will often send us people just like ourselves as a mirror to show us ourselves and just how unloving and selfish we can be. 4. We must have our main gifts revealed to us and develop them as the Holy Spirit leads us to. This may mean being discipled, mentored, trained, submitted to, and corrected by those God says to. It also means learning to serve out of love alone in order to feed Jesus' sheep.

5. We must have any and all idols (anything that we use in place of God) revealed to us and our obsessions for them broken. We will have any Isaac's or Ishmael's revealed to us during this time and some will stay, some will be taken, and some will be tested and restored later. 6. We must learn to be led by the Holy Spirit, God's truth, and His love alone, rather than by ours or someone else's flesh. We must get rid of all distractions and hindrances that do not bear good fruit for God and focus our efforts only on what God wants us to be doing for Him. 7. We must have our intimacy with God well established through prayer, reading the word, and in whatever other practices God leads us into. We must know God's "heart and ways", not just His word, and we learn to live by every word that proceeds from His mouth real time.
LK 10:2

He told them, "The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field. The wilderness is mainly about getting to know the real us, the real God, and then having God transform us into Him. Obedience to God's moment by moment direction and His word is the key to going forward. Living a consistently holy, loving, and obedient kingdom life will open the door for us to finally go forward in this end time harvest. Many new believers will be looking to you as a spiritual parent once they get saved, so the only example we want them or the world to see is Jesus Christ genuinely living through us. The Israelites failed a couple of times once they entered their promised land because they were unaware of a few areas that had not yet been dealt with. Just know and understand that when you are truly ready to leave your wilderness, you will. This harvest is very plentiful and it is all around us, not just in some other place, so God wants you activated as soon as possible. Just do your best to comply with whatever changes that He wants, and soon you will get out of your wilderness.
JOS 1:10

So Joshua ordered the officers of the people: 11 "Go through the camp and tell the people, `Get your supplies ready. Three days from now you will cross the Jordan here to go in and take possession of the land the LORD your God is giving you for your own.' " How To Have A Successful Home Meeting By Lonnie Mackley
PHM 1:2

to Apphia our sister, to Archippus our fellow soldier and to the church that meets in your home:

Below are some things to avoid and some things to do in order to have a successful home meeting. As the Church becomes more fully empowered many new people will be saved and God may want to take them into a more personal setting like your home in order to minister to and disciple them. There may also be a persecution that breaks out where we will need to meet in homes exclusively. The main thing to remember with any home meeting, is that the Holy Spirit needs to lead. The Holy Spirit is looking for places that allow Him to truly lead. Things that can hinder and distract during a home meeting: The Grandstander- This person likes to be the star of the show and either brags about how experienced and anointed they are, or they use every aspect about what is being shared as an example to tell a story about their life. This is just flesh and selfishness, so shut it down. The Rabbit-trailer- This person may originally ask a question that is in line with the flow, but then soon digress into other subjects that just create a distraction. If there is a strong spirit of revelation there people will be getting lots of new insights, but try to keep them focused. The Superminister- This person has a supreme leader complex where they feel they are the be all end all authority on everything in the Kingdom, and that they are the only one there truly qualified to minister. Have this person either get in line with the Spirit, or just get out. The Arguer- There are some people that may or may not agree with what they are being taught or what they are experiencing, so they will start to argue with you right during a meeting. Ask them to hold their issues until the end of the meeting, or ask them to leave. The Sponge- This person can be very self-centered and try to drag all of the focus of the meeting onto their needs and issues alone. Many people with addictive backgrounds can oftentimes do this, so allow them some ministry just like everyone else, but then move on. The Debater- There are some people with a lot of head knowledge as far as God, but who have little heart relationship or spiritual discernment with Him. This person will try to turn the meeting into an apologetics forum rather than Spirit-led ministry so avoid their controversies. The Fearmonger- Sometimes when the anointing gets very strong, when a dispute breaks out, or when signs and miracles take place, someone can become very fearful because they feel they have no control and want to put the breaks on things. Reassure them and move on.

The Jezebel- This person wants the authority and control of the leader and the meeting, but they do not want the responsibility that goes along with it. They try to undermine and usurp the authority of the meeting leader and divert the direction of the Holy Spirit. Don't tolerate it. The Pharisee- This person loves the religious aspect of gathering together, but they do not want to experience the true power and miracles that the Holy Spirit will manifest. Pharisees are the original control freaks and they will resist anyone's control but theirs. Keep them out. The Legalist- This person believes that unless they can read it in black and white then it all must be from the devil. They will accept only basic teaching and nothing more unless it can be explained in detail. They rebel against the Holy Spirit and just create doubt and discord. The Distractor- This person needs to feel in control so they will oftentimes keep distracting the flow of a meeting with off topic subjects, needs, or anything. Reassure this person, but kindly ask them to either go with the flow and direction, or learn to just pray and wait more.
MT 18:20

For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them.

Things that can help to enhance during a home meeting: 1. Let the Holy Spirit set the direction for your meeting. Having three worship songs, a teaching, and ministry time sounds nice, but it can be really boring and void of God's power. If you allow the Holy Spirit to lead your meeting things will be vibrant, exciting, and powerful. 2. Have one point man (usually the homeowner) that can make the final call for the direction and correction of the meeting. You will all follow and discern the Holy Spirit's will through the group, but one person needs to make the final call as far as the end result of your meeting. 3. Allow everyone to share, but if something becomes more flesh than Spirit then limit the amount of time that you spend on it, and move on. There may be some things during your meeting that are good, but not really God. Be kind, but don't waste a lot of time with flesh. 4. Turn off all electronics (video games, computers, TV's) during the meeting because they can become big demonic distractions once the flow of Spirit really begins. This includes cell phones and also your home phone if necessary. Phones always tend to ring during ministry. 5. If you get someone that is disruptive ask them to hold what they are saying until later. If they will not hold what they are saying invite them to leave. If they

will not leave escort them out. Allow them to come back again only if they truly repent, or it will all just happen again. 6. Remember that you are a manager of the Holy Spirit's will, not a dictator. Your job is just to make sure that the Holy Spirit can have His way, and nothing more. God knows how to keep a meeting on track, so let things just flow until and unless they start getting off track. 7. If a demon manifests bind it up in Jesus name and cast it out right there if you are so led, but otherwise take the person to a more private place to help them. Some deliverance's can take many hours, so do not allow a demon to derail the flow of your meeting and cast it out. 8. If someone brings there children allow them into the meeting if they want to be there, and if they do not distract. Kids get bored easily sometimes, but with a good anointing the Holy Spirit can bless and use them just as much as anyone else. Have a kids room as a backup. 9. Do not do structured meetings, just allow the Holy Spirit to structure it. The more we try to structure and control something, the less freedom the Holy Spirit has to lead and change things. Do not set a time limit, but allow people to slip out quietly if they really need to go. 10. Praise and worship should flow until the presence of Jesus is clearly felt and the glory of God begins to manifest. There is no point in having a meeting when the guest of honor is not there yet. Have teaching and ministry as well, but make sure that Jesus Christ is there first. 11. If signs, wonders, and miracles happen at your meetings praise and thank God for it, but do not seek the manifestations, seek the man Christ Jesus. Your goal as a group should be to minister to Jesus and each other plain and simple; if God does more then just thank Him. 12. Extend out from your home to evangelize as the Holy Spirit leads. Invite unsaved people after the meeting is established. Avoid inviting people that are pharisaical, legalistic, or who are anti-Holy Spirit and miracles. People come to receive from Jesus not to hear from satan. 13. Keep all personal ministry as public as possible. If someone is not fully willing to submit what they have to minister in front of everyone else then there just might be an agenda there to control, seduce, or manipulate. You will be responsible for what Jesus' sheep eat there. 14. Do not allow outside denominational control into your meeting where they try to take it over or export it somewhere else. Religious control has killed more

revivals than the plague, so stay away from it. If you have the Holy Spirit's leadership there that is more than enough.
JN 14:26

But the Counselor, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you. The Holy Spirit Himself will teach you how and what you should do during your home meetings. You may not feel up to having people in your home; but it's not about you, it's about Jesus and those that need Him. Just be willing and then trust God to do the rest. The only plan that you need is whatever plan that the Holy Spirit gives for your meeting. There are no perfect homes, so don't wait for yours to be in order to have a meeting. The wind of the Holy Spirit is coming to blow in our homes so that all present there can be truly filled.
AC 2:1

When the day of Pentecost came, they were all together in one place. 2 Suddenly a sound like the blowing of a violent wind came from heaven and filled the whole house where they were sitting. The spirit of Anti-Holy Spirit
MT 12:30

"He who is not with me is against me, and he who does not gather with me scatters. 31 And so I tell you, every sin and blasphemy will be forgiven men, but the blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven. The word I am going to speak to you about is probably going to effect your life more than many others you have read recently, because for those of you who are about to become empowered by the Holy Spirit to perform signs, wonders, and miracles, your life is about to become a haven of blessing for those that are being saved, and a target of attack by those who become jealous and envious of what God is doing through you, and who feel it is their spiritual duty to persecute you. People thought Jesus was great up until one point, when the miracles started to flow, then He became the focus of all the religious crowds persecution, and they attributed the works and miracles of the Holy Spirit in His life to the devil and made sure everyone knew what a false prophet He was. You too will soon face this persecution when you become empowered by that same Holy Spirit whom they maligned back then.
MT 10:24

"A student is not above his teacher, nor a servant above his master. 25 It is enough for the student to be like his teacher, and the servant like his master. If the head of the house has been called Beelzebub, how much more the members of his household! In this last move of God upon the earth we can expect to see many highly controversial miracles performed by God's Holy Spirit that will divide true Christians from false ones, and even the members of your own family may reject and denounce you and say you are full of the devil. Miracles and persecution

always happen together so you must make up your mind beforehand to keep preaching the gospel and allowing God to manifest His miracles through you even if all others should forsake you. Don't be distracted. Your focus must remain on allowing as many unsaved people as possible to witness the true reality of God's existence through the miracles that He performs through you so that they can believe the message of the gospel that you preach. You will lose friends, family, support, and even many so-called Christians will turn from being your best friend one day, to being your worst enemy the next.
JN 4:48

"Unless you people see miraculous signs and wonders," Jesus told him, "you will never believe." God performs miracles by His Holy Spirit for one reason; so that people will believe in Him plain and simple. When a Christian or non-Christian receives a legitimate miracle from Jesus they not only believe, they want to go tell everyone else about what Jesus did for them. That is why signs, wonders, and miracles are so important and so powerful in these last days, because people need to believe that God is real and that He offers people salvation through the sacrifice of His Son on the cross. Just preaching the message of the gospel alone is one thing, but preaching that same message with power is a whole different story altogether. Miracles expose the hearts of people whether they desire good or evil, so you can expect people to either be very glad or very mad when God performs miracles through your life. But Jesus didn't allow the pharisees of His day to hinder or distract Him, and neither should you.
MT 15:13

He replied, "Every plant that my heavenly Father has not planted will be pulled up by the roots. 14 Leave them; they are blind guides. If a blind man leads a blind man, both will fall into a pit." There are many spiritually blind guides leading people astray right now by attributing the works of the Holy Spirit to satan, and although they think they are doing God a favor they are actually placing their very salvation in jeopardy by blaspheming the Holy Spirit. You will see many false Christians in these last days get pulled up by the roots because they took their eyes off of Jesus and became a persecutor of Him through His beloved servants. Saul thought He was doing God a big favor by persecuting Christians as well in his day, but very luckily Jesus knocked him off of his donkey of pride and brought correction into his life. You may see some of these modern day pharisees experience that same kind of correction by Jesus in these last days, but others will become even more ravenous in their attack and persecution of Spirit-empowered Christians once they realize they have been passed over.
JN 15:26

"When the Counselor comes, whom I will send to you from the Father, the Spirit of truth who goes out from the Father, he will testify about me.

So how do we know a true miracle from a false one? Here are a few tips to help you: 1. Who do the miracles testify about? Does what you see lead people closer to, or further away from Jesus? Any true miracle from the Holy Spirit will always testify about Jesus and lead people to salvation through Him. False miracles always lead people away from Jesus. 2. Does the miracle line up with the word of God? God will be doing many new miracles that people will find hard to understand and believe, but these miracles will never contradict what God has already said in His word the bible. Check the word and be open to new miracles. 3. What is the character of the person the miracles are flowing through? Do they live a holy and obedient life to God, and is their focus upon preaching the gospel to help the lost get saved? If their focus is on anything less than Jesus Christ then you should be very careful. 4. Is the genuine fruit of the Holy Spirit present and consistently active in in the persons life? Do they walk in genuine love and compassion for the lost, or are they judgmental, prideful, self-righteous, and critical. Pharisees have no genuine love or power flowing from their lives. 5. What is the fruit of the miracles? Are people truly being saved, healed, and delivered because of these miracles, or are they being distracted and/or led astray? Real Christians don't chase signs, but when they deeply worship Jesus, signs come and people get saved.
JN 15:24

If I had not done among them what no one else did, they would not be guilty of sin. But now they have seen these miracles, and yet they have hated both me and my Father. 25 But this is to fulfill what is written in their Law: `They hated me without reason.' Jesus did many miracles in His day that made people either love or hate him, and so will you. God will not do this last revival the way that legalistic so-called Christians think that He has to do it. If you allow the Holy Spirit to work miracles through your life expect to be hated without any good reason except that people become jealous and envious that God is doing something through you that He will not do through them. Pharisees always persecute what they cannot dominate or replicate, so expect it to come. Stick close to other harvesters that truly love Jesus and His sheep, and who just want to show the world that God is real and to preach the gospel. There is a growing movement that is very anti-Holy Spirit, so just as they persecuted Jesus, they will persecute you too. But you must go reap this harvest and keep your focus upon Jesus. Judgment is coming upon the world where people must be saved.

2TI 3:5

having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with them. Sometimes God offends the mind to get to the heart of a person, so He will many times allow controversial things to take place through controversial people in order to expose what is really in the heart of someone. There is a line being drawn in the kingdom right now where God is testing and exposing the hearts of many who claim to be Jesus loving and serving Christians, but who deny His power and persecute those who walk in it. It is now time to get on one side or the other of that line. Will you accept or reject the legitimate miracles of the Holy Spirit, or will you become a persecutor of God's power just like all the pharisees did? If you choose the Holy Spirit then repent of any critical unrighteous judgments you have made against people He clearly flows through, and be open to God's miracles flowing through you. God only flows through the humble, so support the Holy Spirit and become empowered now.
MT 5:11

"Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. 12 Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you. "Be Ready For Inspection" by Lonnie Mackley My dear one, you have worked very hard to gain my truth and understanding in order to overcome everything that has been hindering you, and you got back up and kept trying even when you fell down many times. I want you to know that I have noticed that your obedience has come up to a much higher level now, and also know that I am very pleased with your progress. You tend to only see your problems, whereas I always see you whole through my truth and power. You do not yet see how much you have grown over the years, but I see it. I am calling all of my people now to arise and to get ready for inspection just like they do in the military. Only I will not just be looking at the outside of you, but especially at the inside. I will be looking for how much you genuinely love and forgive, how much you walk in and live in My truth, and whether you are willing to consistently walk in full obedience to My kingdom laws, rather than just most of the time. Know this, My Son walks in this inspection with Me and He is the perfect standard that I will match you up to, because He lives in you. The reason that this inspection is so important right now is because there is a great work of harvest to be reaped and I can only empower those who are truly ready. The spiritual warfare and persecution that comes with drinking the cup of empowerment is great, so I can only use people that can stand strong and live consistently holy lives. Those who are not yet ready will be pulled from the ranks

and given more time to comply with my regulations, but the time to prepare is quickly ending now and the window of time for change is soon closing. I want you to listen to Me carefully My love, there will be a great harvest of souls as I have said, but there will also be terrible times coming upon the earth because of man's great sin and my need to help them to repent. People will hate you because of Me and many will fall away, but you must stand strong. So allow Me to wash your robe fully right now with the blood of My Son and do not delay. I am rising to come to your homes even now, so let me find everything in place and ready for my presence. So My dear one, be ready for inspection. The Flaming Sword I saw a vision while in prayer of a flaming sword moving about in the darkness. This sword brought light to the darkness because of the fire that constantly engulfed it. The sword came to and revealed a group of prisoners bound in the darkness; some cried out for help, while others cowered away in fear. The sword was very sharp and cut the chains that bound these people and while this was going on the jailer came to stop what was happening, but the light from the sword blinded the jailers eyes since he was so used to the darkness, and then the sword struck down the jailer with one swift blow. Then this is what the Lord said to tell you: My dear one, you have been forged and prepared in the fire of My wilderness for many years now so that I could purify you and create a mighty weapon to defeat the works of the enemy here in the earth. I have strengthened and sharpened you with many trials that grew greater faith, and with My word which sanctified you with My truth. Now I am going to set you ablaze with the power of My Holy Spirit and send you out into the darkness. My fire will light your way and you will sever the bonds of those who are trapped in sin and lead them to My salvation. You will walk in both worlds; the spiritual world and the physical world equally, and you will understand the spirit-realm just as well as you understand the physical-realm. I am also sending you out to execute My judgments against those evil forces and people that have bound the innocent and ignorant of this world, and even as these proud people boasted of their greatness publicly, so will I use you as My fiery sword to judge them publicly before all whom they deceived. Go forward in complete holiness and obedience and let no weak area be found in you because great will be the opposition and persecution that you will face ahead. Even as in the days of My faithful servant Jehu who brought My judgment upon the evil queen Jezebel, so you must also go forward to conquer My enemies in My name. Let nothing distract or hinder you My fiery sword, and show no mercy to the enemy because the enemy showed no mercy to those whom they devoured for their own lust, greed, and power. My fire is coming upon you very soon My sharp sword, and you will be My weapon to bring truth, love, and justice back into your land, so rise up into your true place and calling in the kingdom, and rather than looking at yourself as being small, look at Me as being big enough to be whatever

you need as you go forward and face the challenges and battles of this final harvest of souls in the earth. The days of mans rule have been numbered and are coming to an end now, so go forward with great zeal and know that I am coming very soon. I will say it again to you My fiery sword, I am coming very soon!, so wash your robes and seek Me now. The Finish Line My dear one, congratulations!, you have made it through your wilderness and you will now see the beginnings of your release and entry into this great revival and into the harvest of the souls of mankind. Change is finally here now! These are the last days and I have set many of My people aside just like I did with you, and now like the original wilderness you will leave together and all enter into your promised land ministries. It is a day of great excitement and rejoicing as you have finally completed this long trek of preparation, purification, and survival. But also My love, know this; that change comes sometimes with much trial and tribulation as you are forced away from the old, and toward the new. Even as the wilderness could no longer be a tolerable place for the Israelites, so your wilderness will no longer be tolerable to you. Know this too my faithful servant, that all of these changes are meant for your good and great will be your joy when you see all of the new and wonderful things I have prepared for you. It is a time of blessing, empowerment, and a joining together of My wilderness people. Even as a pregnant woman waits for a very long time wanting her child to be born, so you have waited for a very long time for your spiritual child to be born, and you are now going into spiritual labor which will require all of your strength, time, and attention. Things are about to become very eventful for you, but I want you to wait on Me and trust Me to lead you into the right paths. So My love, know of my great passion for you, and for the lost souls of mankind, and go forward into your great blessing, and into this great harvest that will involve all people. You Are Released Now While in prayer I saw a person that was carrying a big pack on their back. I saw little mini visions of this person carrying this pack doing different daily things and they never took it off. This pack made normal things in their life much more difficult to do. On the back of the pack it said "Failures from the past". There were others that asked about the pack and suggested that they put it down, but the person just avoided the subject and did their best to hide the pack and the words written on the back of it from others. Other people around them could see the pack and words clearly though. Then as this person was walking down a long road I saw Jesus appear before them and He said to them "You are released now from carrying this burden" and he helped to take the pack off of their back. The person now danced around and could not believe how much lighter and easier

things were in life without the weight of this old pack on their back. Then the Lord impressed this interpretation upon me to give you. "My dear one, you have been carrying a burden for so many years and it has limited you in what you could or could not do in life. This burden you have been carrying has been from the past and it has taken a tremendous toll on you emotionally every day. Others have told you to let go of this burden and to put it down, but you felt that you had to carry it because it was your fault and responsibility to do so. I release you this day My precious child from this old burden, and I do not want you to ever pick it up again. You are forgiven, and the record of your responsibility in this matter has been cleared. I will be giving you new and fresh grace in order to restore what was lost and to heal the damage that this old burden has caused on both ends. I am rolling all of your reproaches away, and no longer will you carry old burdens like this again. Know this day My love, that I am the God that releases people from burdens, so allow Me this day to take this burden off your back and press on now in greater freedom."
MT 11:28 29

"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. 30 For my yoke is easy and my burden is light." There's A Whole Lot Of Judging going On
JAS 4:11

Brothers, do not slander one another. Anyone who speaks against his brother or judges him speaks against the law and judges it. When you judge the law, you are not keeping it, but sitting in judgment on it. There has been a whole lot of judging going on in Christendom these days where anyone who has signs, wonders, and miracles flowing through their ministry is being labeled as a new age witch or demonic counterfeit. When Paul was Saul he went around persecuting Christians because he was convinced that they were not of God and should be destroyed. In his self-righteousness and legalism he did despicable things to those that served Jesus.
AC 9:5

"Who are you, Lord?" Saul asked. "I am Jesus, whom you are persecuting," he replied. 6 "Now get up and go into the city, and you will be told what you must do." Saul had to get knocked to the ground and physically blinded before he realized what a mistake he was making in persecuting Jesus and those that followed Him. Soon many of you reading this will become empowered, and you too will be reported as one of these enemies of God, and why? All because the Holy Spirit is doing things through you that He is not doing through others that feel more righteous and deserving than you. It's just jealousy.

AC 17:5

But the Jews were jealous; so they rounded up some bad characters from the marketplace, formed a mob and started a riot in the city. They rushed to Jason's house in search of Paul and Silas in order to bring them out to the crowd. As the wall between us and the spirit-realm continues to dissipate we are going to see spiritual manifestations both from evil spirits and the Holy Spirit, and only those that know the Holy Spirit and the word will be able to discern where these miracles are coming from. Both Heaven and Hell are going to have one last great harvest and miracles will be the main catalyst for causing many people to either believe in Jesus Christ, or in the Antichrist.
K 13:22

For false Christs and false prophets will appear and perform signs and miracles to deceive the elect--if that were possible. 23 So be on your guard; I have told you everything ahead of time. You will need to choose sides at some point, and I hope that you choose the side that is producing miracles that cause people to believe the gospel message and to accept Jesus Christ as their savior. The gospel with power is much more effective than without it, so don't let anyone cheat you out of being used in power. Always check the fruit of a miracle whether it contains God's love and truth, and whether it truly leads people closer to Jesus Christ.
AC 1:8

But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth." Those who have successfully completed their wilderness preparation will indeed become empowered and great things will result because of it. But know this as well, that persecution from the modern religious pharisees will also come, but you must just press on with your ministry and be obedient to Jesus. Surround yourself with other like-Spirited people and reap the harvest with power. We need to stay away from unrighteous judging and close to Jesus.
MT 7:1

"Do not judge, or you too will be judged. 2 For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. How Do I Know If a Sign is From God, or the Devil?
MK 16:17

And these signs will accompany those who believe: In my name they will drive out demons; they will speak in new tongues; 18 they will pick up snakes with their hands; and when they drink deadly poison, it will not hurt them at all; they will place their hands on sick people, and they will get well."
EX 8:19

The magicians said to Pharaoh, "This is the finger of God." But Pharaoh's heart was hard and he would not listen, just as the LORD had said.

Basically a sign is something that gives us necessary information about something we are encountering. A stop sign tells us that an intersection is ahead and that we must stop and look before we navigate further on. A spiritual sign gives us necessary information about the spirit-realm and what we are encountering. Jesus talked above about some definite spiritual signs that would accompany a genuine Believer, but like with Moses and the evil sorcerers, some signs can be mimicked and counterfeited. So how do we really know the difference whether a sign is coming from God or the Devil? Well there are four basic guidelines that we can use to judge signs whether they are from God, or from demons. Here are the guidelines: 1. Run the sign, wonder, or miracle through God's word and see if it already matches up to what God has done in the past. Just remember though that God can do new things as well. 2. Determine whether the sign leads people closer to, or further away from Jesus Christ. Jesus said that a divided kingdom would fall, so real signs from Christ make real Christians. 3. Use your spiritual discernment. Ask the Holy Spirit to just tell you whether what you are seeing is coming from God or somewhere else. He is the Spirit of Truth, so He will tell you. 4. Look at the overall character of the person the sign or miracle is happening through or to, and see if there is any occult history. Remember though, God uses some pretty odd folks.
MK 13:22

For false Christs and false prophets will appear and perform signs and miracles to deceive the elect--if that were possible. 23 So be on your guard; I have told you everything ahead of time. Jesus warned us that in the last days "False Christs" or people representing themselves as the ultimate spiritual leader or truth would come and perform signs, and that these signs would be so close to looking like God that even Christian's could possibly be fooled. But the truth is, if you have been baptized in the Holy Spirit, walk in God's truth and love, and have a heart to help people and not build a personal kingdom, that we should be able to sort things out and make a good determination whether a sign is true or false. Discernment and God's word play a major role in making the right call, but if we are using head knowledge alone to decide whether a sign is from God we can be deceived both ways and call a true sign false.
JN 9:31

We know that God does not listen to sinners. He listens to the godly man who does his will. 32 Nobody has ever heard of opening the eyes of a man born blind. 33 If this man were not from God, he could do nothing."

The Pharisees of Jesus day made a point of criticizing and picking apart every sign and miracle that Jesus performed, and especially when something happened that they had not seen before they instantly cried foul and called it all the Devil. Jesus healed a man that had been born blind which had never happened before in history and the Pharisees attacked this man trying to discredit the miracle. Another thing they did was to accuse this poor man and his parents of being Godless sinners. Ignorance is not bliss, it can be spiritually dangerous, and when we as humans start carelessly claiming the Holy Spirit's works as Satan's, then we border on being blasphemers and we could end up even losing our salvation in the end.
MT 12:31

And so I tell you, every sin and blasphemy will be forgiven men, but the blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven. 32 Anyone who speaks a word against the Son of Man will be forgiven, but anyone who speaks against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven, either in this age or in the age to come. The best way to find out if a sign, wonder, or miracle is coming from the Holy Spirit is just to ask Him. Making rash judgments without discernment can get us into big trouble with God and grieve the Holy Spirit. We live in a day where spiritual power will be being displayed on both sides, and it is meant to draw people to one side or the other. Signs from Jesus will always draw people to Jesus, signs from Satan will always draw people to Satan. People that wrongly call signs from God Satan will not experience God's power. God's power is like being baptized in the Holy Spirit, you will only receive it if you ask for it. Even Pharisees can preach about God, but you will never see any real spiritual power flowing through their lives.
1CO 1:11

My brothers, some from Chloe's household have informed me that there are quarrels among you. 12 What I mean is this: One of you says, "I follow Paul"; another, "I follow Apollos"; another, "I follow Cephas"; still another, "I follow Christ." There is a great divide taking place in Christianity due to modern day signs, wonders, and miracles that have been taking place. Some truly Godly men and women of God are being wrongly denounced as new age witches bent on leading naive Christian's into the dark side. What is the spiritual fruit of these peoples lives? Are they seeking attention for themselves, or attention for Jesus Christ and the message of the gospel? We must ask ourselves these questions individually, and not just accept every shred of gossip and hearsay as being truth. It not only hurts good people when we wrongly judge them, but it can really hurt us as well when the Holy Spirit refuses to flow through our lives in power because we have grieved Him.
JN 2:11

This, the first of his miraculous signs, Jesus performed at Cana in Galilee. He thus revealed his glory, and his disciples put their faith in him.

When Jesus turned water into wine can you imagine if their were email lists in those days? Here is what the post might read, "Renegade Rabbi uses demonic powers to turn water into alcohol; Stay away from this ministry!" Certainly, many people thought this was an odd thing to do and that Jesus was just pulling a publicity stunt. There were other things like spitting to make mud and then putting it in someones eyes, or letting a prostitute dump perfume on Him that was probably looked down upon with great disdain. But if you read in the above scripture what Jesus accomplished through this miracle was He revealed who He was, and increased His disciples faith. Jesus wants to increase people's faith through you!
MK 16:20

Then the disciples went out and preached everywhere, and the Lord worked with them and confirmed his word by the signs that accompanied it. Many Christians who have been being prepared in the wilderness are now ready and about to be empowered by God's Holy Spirit to heal the sick, cast out evil spirits, and yes perform signs, wonders, and miracles in order to confirm the gospel message they are preaching is indeed valid. But with God's power is going to come stiff persecution from the modern day Pharisees bent on discrediting you. Your job is to do what Jesus Christ tells you to do, and you must not allow cowardly Pharisaical attacks to discourage you. This harvest is ripe and ready to be reaped so stay close to the other genuine harvester's that you know and just do God's work. Allow God's word, the Holy Spirit, and the truth of the gospel to guide your way.
MT 24:12

Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold, 13 but he who stands firm to the end will be saved. 14 And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come. Out With The Old, In With The New
ISA 42:9

See, the former things have taken place, and new things I declare; before they spring into being I announce them to you." Many of you who are nearing the end of your wilderness are going to start seeing God get rid of the old and bring in the new in order to restore you and to get you fully sufficient and ready to enter this harvest with everything that you need in order to be successful. The word of the day is "upgrades". Also expect previously closed doors to begin to start opening up for you. The way had to be blocked in the past because you and other people connected to you were not yet ready to go forward, but now you have reached a place of real maturity and readiness where God has made you safe enough for people in order to send you forward.

ISA 49:21

Then you will say in your heart, `Who bore me these? I was bereaved and barren; I was exiled and rejected. Who brought these up? I was left all alone, but these-where have they come from?' " There will be many older relationships that will be miraculously mended and granted grace sometimes for the first time, and there will be other relationships that you will be healed from and assisted in letting go of for good. Trying to hang onto what God knows is not healthy for you will not work out for you, so trust that God knows what is best for you, and for those whom you have been connected to in the past. Many of you will be getting new relationships where you will be a parent to the spiritually parentless. You may have looked at your life and felt very barren, but now you will by God's power have families that will come out of nowhere. Be willing to sift through and pick up your old dreams from the rubble and dust them off and set them back on display where they belong once again. Try to look at God's heart to prepare, develop, and purify you, rather than at all you think you have lost. God is the God that brings new life from utter lifelessness, so trust Him to resurrect anything that needs to be brought back to life in your world. Instead of looking behind you now, look ahead because many of those old things and people are actually waiting for you ahead, and not behind you.
RU 1:20

"Don't call me Naomi, " she told them. "Call me Mara, because the Almighty has made my life very bitter. 21 I went away full, but the LORD has brought me back empty. Why call me Naomi? The LORD has afflicted me; the Almighty has brought misfortune upon me." Naomi had some big losses and setbacks, but God later brought new life and vigor to her and He will do the same for you. Though you may feel old, broken, wrecked, and spent, trust God to bring all the new things that you need in order to flourish once again. There is new life and love for you if you are willing to raise your weary arms to God once again and believe. Let Him dry your tears and heal your wounded heart. Your dreams have never died in God's eyes, and He wants you to see that they can still live in your eyes as well. Expect the new new, not the old new, and get ready for new things that you have never seen before.
ISA 43:19

See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland. 9/11 Sent From Heaven
MIC 2:3

Therefore, the LORD says: "I am planning disaster against this people, from which you cannot save yourselves. You will no longer walk proudly, for it will be a time of calamity.

When a nation makes a covenant with God to serve Him and obey His laws and then later breaks that covenant, you can count on Him to send calamity in order to cause the people there to repent. In North America we have promoted and tolerated sin and rejected God's leadership, so the protection that we enjoyed from His leadership was pulled back and our enemies were allowed to succeed over us just like with what happened on September 11th. We have accepted sexual perversion as being normal, allowed a flood of filth to dominate our homes through TV and the Internet, we have forsaken our children to make more money, murdered babies through abortion, allowed psychics to be celebrated and have sought their counsel over God's, and kicked God out of every major institution in the name of Separation of Church and State. The list goes on and on. Do you think these things might offend God? Back in 1992 I not only had a visitation from the Lord, but I also had a series of extremely vivid dreams that seemed more like being on the the holodeck of the Enterprise, than having a regular dream. Two distinct dreams that I had were; 1. Running in a stairwell of a high rise building to escape a disaster and having something suddenly hit the building and blow up, and 2. Flying over a great and terrible battle happening in what looked like North America. I personally believe that there are more worse judgments coming upon our land, but I also believe that a great revival is also soon beginning in North America where a powerful spirit of conviction and repentance will grip the hearts of the people and cause us to turn back to the Lord. Many intercessors have been praying for this very thing and God has heard them. That is why many of you were sent into the wilderness in order to be prepared for this very thing. The problem that caused 9/11 was not just terrorists, it was our sin and rejection of God. So the solution is repentance and asking God to return to leading us again. You are about to become empowered and sent out into the common places of your land in order to show the people there that God lives and calls us all to repent and to return to Him. Disaster may be sent from heaven, but God's power and mercy also come from heaven when we repent. Be willing to repent fully from any remaining sin left in your life, and pray for those who live closest to you, and then work your way out from there. Be willing to be God's answer locally and pray for a spirit of conviction to fall upon your apartment building or neighborhood. The answer to stopping calamity sent from heaven is true repentance here on earth. God moving through you is the remedy to terrible judgments like 9/11, so get ready to be that answer.
JOEL 2:13

Rend your heart and not your garments. Return to the LORD your God, for he is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and abounding in love, and he relents from sending calamity.

The Bus Stop Back To The Past Very recently while in prayer I saw a vision and this is what I saw: I saw a person waiting at a bus stop that was called "The Bus Stop Back To The Past". While this person was waiting, there was someone high up in an apartment building window nearby watching this person waiting there that was very dear to them and the person waiting hoped that they would come down and join them at the bus stop back to the past. But the person just looked out the window and shook their head as if to say "There is no point", and they went back into their apartment and just ignored the person at the bus stop altogether. You could tell that there had been some past relationship between them, but little support. The person at the bus stop was getting impatient because the bus was not coming, and another person that must have been a prophet (because they were wearing a prophet's cloak) was walking down the street toward some event that was going on at the end of the street. So the person at the bus stop asked the prophet when the bus was coming, but the prophet told them that the bus was not coming at all, and encouraged them to come with them. But the person refused, and several more prophets walked by and the same scene repeated. The person finally plugged their ears because they didn't want to hear any more. Finally Jesus just appeared at the bus stop and said to the person waiting there "Why are you still waiting here? You were told to go down the street". The person began to cry and just said "I must return to a place that I recognize, because I no longer believe that there is anything new down the road for me, and I am tired of hearing about it and trying to hang on and believe it". Jesus hugged the person as they sobbed heavily, and finally He just looked into the persons eyes and said. "Will you trust Me once again and come down to end of the road now? You will not be sorry if you do". The person still crying, nodded as if agreeing to. So with their old weathered backpack pulled up once again the person straightened up, dried their tears, and went down to the end of road. They approached a large crowd with Jesus sitting high up on a platform. As the traveler reached the crowd Jesus motioned for the crowd to make a path for them and for the weary person to come up to where He was on the platform. All of the people were staring at the traveler as if wondering who they were that Jesus would ask them to come up there. As the person reached the top of the platform their clothes changed and they were glorified with Jesus light, and they just sat down and waited. There were other people already seated up there sitting on some similar thrones with Jesus seated above them, and Jesus then began to give out instructions and His abilities to demonstrate His power to the crowds and they would do whatever Jesus instructed them to do both as a unified team, but also as individuals. The people that had turned away from the traveler saw what was going on out the

window and finally came down and joined the crowd. They fully accepted the traveler once again and knelt as if to honor and embrace them once again. This is how the vision ended and this is the interpretation that I got about what I saw. "My dear child, you have worked hard and you have held onto My words for many years in order to follow My call. You have given up many people that did not understand your calling who turned away from you, and they forsook their relationship with you. You hung on for so many years to the prophetic words that I gave you, and these words acted as road signs as you went traveling down the road of My will for your life and ministry. But in time you have become weary and tired of believing those prophetic words because you have believed a lie that told you there is never any actions to back up My words, so why believe them anymore. I would tell you this day My dear one to trust Me once again, and to believe My words whether you feel like it or not, and to follow Me the rest of the way to the end of this road, because what awaits you will be well worth it. I know that you are weary, but I still expect you to trust in who I am, and in who I have been in your life. Did I not seek you out and save you? Did I not call you personally into My service and into feeding My sheep? Be willing to let go of the past now and to finish the road that leads to your future. For all you have sought awaits you there if you will only believe once again. Receive fresh faith today and take hope. There is nothing waiting for you in the past because the past is gone now and cannot be returned to. But those dear ones whom you have sacrificed to come follow Me will see what I do in your life up ahead, and they will come and seek you out at the proper time. So My love, trust Me once again, for My power and miracles await you if you will but let go of the past, and come to the end of the road where I await you. There are others who are called to serve with you that are also waiting there, and they will help to refresh and restore you just as I will. Listen and believe once again My faithful one, for all I have said will come to pass." Hidden Until Revealed
SS 4:12

You are a garden locked up, my sister, my bride; you are a spring enclosed, a sealed fountain. Many of you now reading this are like a locked up garden full of beauty that few can view. You have felt held back, unsupported, rejected, and overlooked in your life. There is a good reason for all that. God did not want you to be supported by anyone else but Him, so He chased most people away from you including your own family to make sure that He alone would be able to develop you, and that your lack of support from the world would one day drive you to His support. You may have felt like the ugly duckling all of your life, but God had to hide and uglify you in order to one day transform you into a very beautiful spiritual swan.

1SA 17:28

When Eliab, David's oldest brother, heard him speaking with the men, he burned with anger at him and asked, "Why have you come down here? And with whom did you leave those few sheep in the desert? I know how conceited you are and how wicked your heart is; you came down only to watch the battle." There are many people like David and Joseph that got treated with contempt by people including their own family, but then there came a day of destiny where God would use them to demonstrate His power and glory in the earth. God hid them and who they truly were spiritually from everyone else but a select few, and He waited until they were fully ready to slay their giant, or feed a nation during a time of famine to reveal them to the masses. You too were born for a divine purpose and set aside from the very beginning to do something great for God and man, and rest assured your day of eternal destiny is fast approaching.
AC 13:22

After removing Saul, he made David their king. He testified concerning him: `I have found David son of Jesse a man after my own heart; he will do everything I want him to do.' There is a whole world of hidden chosen people waiting in the wings right now poised to go and conquer the enemy and to set the captives free. You are one of those chosen people and no matter who has rejected or dismissed you up to this point, soon it will be God's power that exalts and establishes you before the eyes and hearts of those who could not previously see you. So no matter how you may have looked like a failure in the past, God will very soon vindicate His divine will for your life by blessing and empowering you. God will finally take the veil away and allow people to truly see you for who you really are in Him.
GE 45:4

Then Joseph said to his brothers, "Come close to me." When they had done so, he said, "I am your brother Joseph, the one you sold into Egypt! 5 And now, do not be distressed and do not be angry with yourselves for selling me here, because it was to save lives that God sent me ahead of you. When God blesses you and exalts Himself and His will through your life be merciful to those who have wrongly judged you in the past. Try to remember that God deliberately hid you from these people and He allowed them to treat you with contempt until you were fully matured. God only allowed all of that because He knew that this world would need to be helped through people that had His heart developed in them, so others could not interfere. But God is about to open people's eyes as to who you really are in the kingdom, and just know that you were hidden until revealed so that Jesus Christ could fully live through you.
1SA 2:7

The LORD sends poverty and wealth; he humbles and he exalts. 8 He raises the poor from the dust and lifts the needy from the ash heap; he seats them with princes and has them inherit a throne of honor.

"Lord Of The Losers"
MT 9:10

While Jesus was having dinner at Matthew's house, many tax collectors and "sinners" came and ate with him and his disciples. 11 When the Pharisees saw this, they asked his disciples, "Why does your teacher eat with tax collectors and `sinners'?" 12 On hearing this, Jesus said, "It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. 13 But go and learn what this means: `I desire mercy, not sacrifice.' For I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners." Jesus wasn't Lord of the winners, He was Lord of the sinners, and what most considered to be the losers of His day; The drug addicts, prostitutes, and cheats. He took a lot of heat from the religious crowd for hanging out with these lowlife's, but He knew that they would be closest to accepting His higher life. Have you also had a loser kind of looking life? Well if so you are in very good company, because all of us were losers before we met Jesus. Actually anyone that is going to Hell is lost already, and any accomplishments that they make here on earth will not mean anything once they end up suffering for an eternity without salvation. There has been a pattern in Christianity where modern day Christians tend to avoid the "losers" because they can be rather offensive and needy. I thought I was in good touch with my humility and compassion until me and another man ran a ministry home with over 35 street people in it that came to live with us. These people stank, swore, and really struggled. I learned very quickly that there was still a lot of pride and self-righteousness left in me that needed to go. I'm not sure that I've even mastered it all yet, but I know now that God's heart beats for the losers of this world, so we had better get in tune with what is important to Him.
LK 19:10

For the Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost.

Thank God for your loser life and for everything that God steered you away from that would have made you feel more important, because many of those things would have just been a hindrance and distraction to you, where you might not have even gotten saved. Losers see their need for God, others think they are doing just fine on their own. Soon Gods power will be given to us, and the first people we should seek out are the losers, because they are the sickest and need Jesus' virtue more than anyone else. And just like Jesus got hassled by the Pharisees, so will you, but don't let that deter you from helping those who really need it. A lot of your loser life will make perfect sense when you are ministering to other losers like yourself. John the Baptist looked like quite a loser with his rough clothing and bug legs stuck in his teeth from eating locusts, but he had God's heart toward the common man, and so will you. Like God, look beyond where someone is at, and to where God will take them. Look where God took us from? I

don't know about you, but I was a pretty pathetic case, and without God's mercy and grace I would have surely been lost. Ask God to give you His heart for the losers, and go help them just as He did. Jesus makes winners out of all of us losers.
MT 22:9

Go to the street corners and invite to the banquet anyone you find.' 10 So the servants went out into the streets and gathered all the people they could find, both good and bad, and the wedding hall was filled with guests. "Stop Doubting And Believe" My dear one, you have gone through a very long period of being restricted so that I could purify and heal you in your own personal wilderness. During this time you have been very patient as you allowed me to keep the disctractions to a minimum and to just focus upon letting Me mature and train you for this coming time of harvest. But also during this time you have trained yourself not to get your hopes up so that you would not be disappointed when what you wanted might not be granted at that time. You have embraced doubt and unbelief in order to protect yourself from being hurt, but the day has come now where you must stop doubting and believe, for My hand is about to move on your behalf, and you must receive fresh faith in order to believe and to recieve all that you will need to be successful ahead. Did you really think that I forgot about you My precious one? I had to keep you in this place because you needed a strong foundation of holiness, purity, and obedience in order for Me to build My ministry of power, blessing, and miracles upon you. The fields are truly ripe now and I have been secretly training My army of light to be sent into the darkness and to conquer the enemy and set the captives free. Do not allow discouragement to keep you from receiving the wonderful blessings that I want to give you. Finish the work of preparation that I have called you to finish, and let's go forward now. The time is shorter than you think and soon things will be set into motion where you will need to hurry up, rather than wait anymore. So My dear one, stop doubting and believe today, for My power and blessing is waiting for you. Stuffing Your Spiritual Bra
RO 12:3

For by the grace given me I say to every one of you: Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought, but rather think of yourself with sober judgment, in accordance with the measure of faith God has given you. Ok, by now you are either chuckling or scratching your head because of the title of this message, but I wanted to paint an easy to understand picture of what I wanted to talk about. You see, just as some people stuff their bra with padding to appear more amply endowed, attractive, and acceptable to others, so too some

spiritual people pad their lives, ministries, and personal accomplishments with fake claims, exaggerated achievements, and fudged reports of all that God has done for and through them. The problem with faking something though, is that there is a constant threat of being exposed and found out, and that is exactly what has been happening more and more to those who have embellished the truth with lies.
GAL 5:26

Let us not become conceited, provoking and envying each other.

We are about to enter a time period where any undealt with sin problems, lies we have operating in our lives, or areas that we behave one way outside of our home but another way inside it will be exposed. When we keep secrets and hope that we don't get caught this may work for a little while, but once God's power comes we enter a new level with new devils to deal with that will ask for permission to test you. Now obviously none of us is without flaw, but what I am talking about are secret reproaches that we keep hidden under our spiritual tent much like Achan hid the gold and spoils from everyone during the conquest of Canaan. What do we have hidden in our lives today that could be exposed and discredit us and God?
LK 22:31

"Simon, Simon, Satan has asked to sift you as wheat.

Definition of "Reproach" : a cause or occasion of blame, discredit, or disgrace Have you ever been sifted or had a reproach check? It's a situation where all of the sudden everyone can see your secret sin and they are calling you out on all of it, or you are getting caught doing things you have successfully done in secret a thousand times. It's not a lot of fun, but it is better that God exposes it at the lower levels before His power and blessing comes rather than after, because the cost and damage could be much higher later. When the rain comes the weeds grow even faster than the flowers. God is with us just as much in the wilderness when He restricts us as He is when we get promoted, so getting things right back here first is a great mercy and blessing. If it's not real now, then it won't be real later.
LK 10:20

However, do not rejoice that the spirits submit to you, but rejoice that your names are written in heaven."
LK 11:27

As Jesus was saying these things, a woman in the crowd called out, "Blessed is the mother who gave you birth and nursed you." 28 He replied, "Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and obey it." Soon miracles will be happening everywhere for everyone so that people can believe and get saved. Our hearts must remain very humble and honest as God's blessing is poured out upon our lives. Somehow I think that there will already be a lot of humility developed in most people's lives that get empowered, but watch

out for those who would try to flatter you and poison your heart with pride. Just give an honest account and testimony of what Jesus is doing, and leave it at that. We don't need any golden idols to be created out of the miracles that God does through us, we just need to lead people to Jesus and let Him do all the rest. Miracles always happen to point people to Jesus and no one else, so we must stay humble.
1PE 3:16

keeping a clear conscience, so that those who speak maliciously against your good behavior in Christ may be ashamed of their slander. 17 It is better, if it is God's will, to suffer for doing good than for doing evil. There are at least three people that know what we do in secret and keep a record of it; God, us, and the devil. God wants you to go forward with a clear clean conscience and to be unreproachable in every way so that when we graduate to the next level we can stand strong and not fall, or be discredited. Always remember that as many people as you can help, you can also hurt. Forgive everyone, repent fully of all secret sin, tell "all" the truth and be honest about anything you have lied about or exaggerated with in your past. Be the real you, and be content with that. People just want God through us, they don't want us, so we don't need to keep trying to impress them or be someone else. Just be the real you and you will succeed.
JN 1:47

When Jesus saw Nathanael approaching, he said of him, "Here is a true Israelite, in whom there is nothing false." Persecution Because Of Jealousy
AC 13:45

When the Jews saw the crowds, they were filled with jealousy and talked abusively against what Paul was saying. Soon many of you reading this will become empowered by God to heal the sick and cast out evil spirits. Because of this people will become greatly attracted to God's power flowing through you which is good, but there will also be some other people that will become greatly jealous of it and attack you. You see, we don't earn God's power, but we do have to prepare for it, and anyone who was unwilling to do the work to prepare for God's power will not be empowered and get upset when you are. When they see God's power flowing through you and not them, they will become greatly jealous of it and seek out ways to shut you down.
AC 17:5a

But the Jews were jealous; so they rounded up some bad characters from the marketplace, formed a mob and started a riot in the city. This above point became clear to me when I was ministering in Hollywood California and God's power was manifesting there. One Sunday when we showed up at the hotel we were meeting at, there was a crowd of jealous Christians there with a bullhorn telling people not to go into our meeting. One of them was my

own Aunt that had led me to the Lord and that I had ministered with for many years. I guess she was upset that I was no longer ministering with her, so she joined in with the persecution as the Christian pharisees began to taunt us and try to disrupt the meeting in any way that they could. It was really pathetic to witness.
EX 23:1

"Do not spread false reports. Do not help a wicked man by being a malicious witness. A lot of the attack against you will come in the form of malicious gossip and/or cowardly slander. People will try to bring up every failure that you have ever had, and anything in your life that is reproachable in any way. They will try to tell people that you are preaching heresy and teaching demonic doctrines, but in reality they are just jealous of God's power and the miracles that are flowing and manifesting in your midst, and hoping they can shut you down. Expect them to go to anyone who is sponsoring you, or anyone who is benefiting from your ministry, and to say all manner of evil again you. Even Jesus had a Judas, and so will you.
PHP 1:15

It is true that some preach Christ out of envy and rivalry, but others out of goodwill. 16 The latter do so in love, knowing that I am put here for the defense of the gospel. 17 The former preach Christ out of selfish ambition, not sincerely, supposing that they can stir up trouble for me while I am in chains. Until and unless God breaks our heart and replaces it with His, many people's underlying motives for doing ministry will always be selfish. But once Jesus develops a heart in us that just wants to feed His sheep, He can then trust us to do the right thing for them, and to not use what He gives us to hurt people, or glorify ourselves. We need to always minister out of unselfish motives and a genuine love for those whom Jesus died for. If a Christian has not matured to this place of love, they can then become subject to pharisaical propaganda and every form of evil practice that accompanies those who attack Jesus through His servants.
MT 5:10

Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Below are just a few tips to help you to get through an envymotivated persecution attack: 1. Pray about what happened before doing anything else. As someone else said, go to the throne, not to the phone. Your flesh will want to defend itself, but you must resist the urge to run to people rather than to God for support. Defensiveness is born out of pride and fear.

2. Do not retaliate. You are going to be done wrong by those you have done right, so just expect it. Like I said, even Jesus had a Judas and so will you, but Jesus did not retaliate; instead he trusted God to sort things out later and to judge things and people appropriately. 3. Do not fear. Nobody can take anything from you that God has given you. It was God that placed you into ministry and called people to be involved in it, and it will be God that keeps you and them there. Even Moses didn't react in fear when his own family attacked him. 4. Forgive as quickly as possible. If you sit and spin on how people have wronged you it can make you bitter and poison your heart. Your heart must be full of God's love in order to flow in the anointing, so forgive and avoid the distraction that undealt-with resentment generates. 5. Keep on loving and serving. Don't change your schedule or cancel ministry just because an attack takes place. Just press on with business as usual and God will show up even if nobody else does. I did a meeting once where angels showed up even when people did not. 6. Avoid talking about it or responding. Satan wants to get a reaction out of you when he attacks, so don't give him what he wants. Keep your peace and do nothing unless God tells you to and things will just die down and pass away. If you react it just makes things worse. 7. Keep your focus on the sheep, not the pharisees. Jesus kept his focus on the people that needed the ministry, and he didn't bother getting involved with the pharisees unless it helped the sheep in some way. The pharisees want to bog you down, so just stay out of their bog.
MT 5:11

"Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. 12 Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you. Remember that no matter what you face, or no matter how nasty the attack is, that you are blessed and great is your reward in heaven. Expect some people that are closest to you to betray you, but many of these people will repent later on and you must forgive them even though you may not allow them back into your life. God always leaves room for repentance and so should we, so restore someone if possible. But do not ever expect to be at peace with satan especially if God's power is flowing. Persecution and betrayal because of envy and jealousy are automatic when God is moving, but God will always remain faithful to you.

DT 1:21

See, the LORD your God has given you the land. Go up and take possession of it as the LORD, the God of your fathers, told you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged." Be willing to Fight Now My dear one, for many years now you have been in a place of training, preparation, and purification, but now that time is over and the time to fight and conquer your promised land has come. During your wilderness you had to wait patiently and endure while it appeared that the enemy was allowed to plunder and conquer your life at will, but things only seemed that way. Now all of the obstacles that kept you in your wilderness will be easily removed, and you will be allowed to reclaim everything that was denied or stolen. The enemy taunted you from the occupied lands of your life and he told you that you would never get them back again. Soon you will see all that was lost fully restored, but you must be willing to fight now. Your day of victory and vindication over your enemies has come, and even though the enemy seemed to be able to conquer and plunder you at will in the past, now the tables will be turned, and you will be able to conquer and plunder the enemy at My will, but even much more so. Your vindication is also My vindication. The power of the enemy has been defeated in your life by My truth, so rise up now and conquer with My truth. Your years of preparation have forged you into a powerful weapon in My hand, and I will surely use you to plunder the strongholds of the enemy. Your cries for justice over the years have been heard by Me, and now that your obedience is consistent, no good thing will be withheld from you by My hand. Your days of waiting and resting are over now My love, so be willing to fight for your land and do not expect Me to just hand it over to you without the enemy trying to keep it. But know this, just because the enemy has prevailed over you in the past doesn't mean that he can anymore, so do not listen to his lies. You now stand and walk as a true overcomer, so be willing to take your place in this war as the mighty conqueror that I have made you to be. Though you have spent a lifetime of being hidden and prepared, I am now about to reveal you openly to all. You are My secret weapon, but you will be a secret no longer. So My love, be willing to fight now, and go forward into battle as the mighty warrior I have created you to be.

What To Expect Next
DT 28:12 The LORD will open the heavens, the storehouse of his bounty, to send rain on your land in season and to bless all the work of your hands. You will lend to many nations but will borrow from none. 13 The LORD will make you the head, not the tail. If you pay attention to the commands of the LORD your God that I give you this day and carefully follow them, you will always be at the top, never at the bottom.

There have been some recent developments in the kingdom of God that could affect your life very soon, so I want to share them with you. You are about to enter the most exciting time of your life, and for many of you that have led a life as a "tail", you are about to become the "head". Jesus Christ will return soon, so a massive harvest will ensue, along with a later time of persecution. Here's what to expect, and these things could already be happening:

1. You will start seeing answers to your prayers in just about every area of your life. God wants to rebuild your faith again after your long wilderness, so do not be afraid to believe again. Many of you have become afraid to believe, and satan has tried to convince you that God is not for you, and this is simply just a lie. So pray and believe and you will see God do great things. Instead of saying why, start saying why not, and you will see God move mightily.

2. You will be given more local spiritual assignments, and soon many of you will become empowered to heal the sick and cast out evil spirits. Expect to go to the mall and for the Holy Spirit to tell you to ask someone for prayer who needs healing. Do not doubt and they will be healed, and you will preach the gospel right there in front of Sears. But also expect some persecution meant to intimidate you. Do not fear and keep you eyes on Jesus alone.

3. Many financial miracles are about to break forth. These miracles are meant to restore you after your long wilderness, and to provide money for this imminent harvest. The Holy Spirit will guide and direct you as to who you should help financially, and who you should not. Like with the Gibeonites, don't fall for every sob story that comes along. Let your giving be done as secretly and anonymously as possible, and avoid living in any showy or ostentatious ways.

4. Many of you are about to be set free from old sin habits and emotional wounds from the past. You must be willing to cooperate though, and follow the Holy Spirit's directions. If you are willing to "mature into your miracle", you will soon see it happen. Always remember that all that God does in your life is meant to glorify His Son Jesus, and to provide you with the best foundation possible in order to preach the gospel, and disciple and care for His sheep.

5. Many of you are about to get promotions in your giftings. You have been faithful with the little Jesus assigned you with, so now expect to be given more. Some of you will be trusted with more than you think you can handle, but you must remember that God will be doing the work "through" you. You just need to remain willing. Stay humble, and keep your spiritual feet on the ground. Never forget where God has brought you from, and give Him all the glory.

6. Many of you are about to be restored with past relationships that had to be put on hold because of your wilderness training. Many joyous reunions will soon take place. You see, God couldn't allow these distractions in your life at the time, but now that your preparation is complete these people will be allowed back into your life. Some of you will be given mates, but God wants you to toss out your marital shopping list, and to trust in His choice for you.

7. Many of you will be given dreams, visions, and visitations from Heaven in different forms. Some of you will be shown Heaven and Hell, and you will even witness on talk shows about the reality of what awaits those who die. Some of you will be assigned to help deliver people from evil spirits including haunted houses. The spiritual is about to become very common to everyone, and they will need help to get rid of unwanted spiritual pests they have allowed in.

Remember that your Father loves you, and that He loves you enough to first grow you up enough to walk in His power responsibly. We are no longer spiritual toddlers, or even teens, so we need to walk as the mature spiritual adults that God has created us to be. Avoid all sin, idolatry, distractions, and dishonest practices. Pray often, be unreproachable, and just remember that when the rain comes, it can make the weeds grow along with all the flowers.

DT 30:1 When all these blessings and curses I have set before you come upon you and you take them to heart wherever the LORD your God disperses you among the nations, 2 and when you and your children return to the LORD your God and obey him with all your heart and with all your soul according to everything I command you today, 3 then the LORD your God will restore your fortunes and have compassion on you and gather you again from all the nations where he scattered you.

Seeds Of Obedience
JAS 5:7

Be patient, then, brothers, until the Lord's coming. See how the farmer waits for the land to yield its valuable crop and how patient he is for the autumn and spring rains. 8 You too, be patient and stand firm, because the Lord's coming is near. While in prayer I saw an interesting vision that might encourage you today. First I saw a person with a bag slung around their shoulder that said "Seeds of obedience" on the side of it. Then this person made their way out very reluctantly into a large dirt field that from the sky said "The field of your life". They reached into their seed bag and carefully planted the seeds of obedience into the field of their life, and you could tell that doing all this took great courage on their part. Then the person went into the treeline and sat in a chair to watch the seeds grow. When the seeds did not grow immediately they got impatient and ran out into the field to see if there was even a sprout there yet, but it was too soon. Then they started yelling at the seeds to grow and then asked God why the seeds were not producing any fruit yet? Then God spoke, "Be patient, your seeds of obedience will produce good fruit in time".
DT 28:1

If you fully obey the LORD your God and carefully follow all his commands I give you today, the LORD your God will set you high above all the nations on earth. There are many people that have recently taken brave steps to be fully obedient to God in certain areas of their lives where they have not been consistently obedient in the past. Many have recently quit addictions, started giving to God financially, forgiven their old enemies, are walking in love, and basically just doing what God has been needing them to do in order for Him to help and bless them. Because of old fears this has been a great act of faith on their part to let these old security idols go and do what's right. Some of us have gotten frustrated and given up when we did not instantly see things turn around, but we have sown seeds of disobedience for years that took time to bear bad fruit, so we need to be patient as it takes time for the seeds of obedience to bear good fruit. Farmers don't yell at their crops to bear instant fruit because they know that it takes time for them grow. We also need to be patient.

Likewise every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. 18 A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit. 19 Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. Like it says in the above scripture God requires us to bear good fruit, not bad; so we need to get serious about changing, or we could face eternal crop failure. God wants you to know today that your acts of obedience have been seen by Him, and in good time they will bear you good fruit. The bad choices in our life took a while to wreck things, so the good choices we are making now will take a little while before they fix things. Even if you have given up in frustration and gone back to planting the bad seeds, get back up and go plant to the good seeds again. So if you have stopped practicing your bad habits and started to practice good habits, give it some time and things will eventually improve. Sowing the bad seeds again will only produce more bad fruit in your life, so keep planting the good seeds of obedience and in time you will see good fruit. Be patient, trust God, and continue sowing seeds of obedience.
GAL 6:9

MT 7:17

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.

The Man That I Hated Hating
PR 14:17 A quick-tempered man does foolish things, and a crafty man is hated.

Most of us want to go forward in our lives now, but first there are two things that God will require of us before He can truly use or bless us to any great degree. Firstly, we must fully repent of all sin-habits, and secondly we must forgive everyone we have been angry with, or holding a grudge against. Obedience and forgiveness are necessary in order for God to truly move in our lives. Like the Israelites, we can either wonder through the wilderness aimlessly until we finally die, or we can get with God's program of purification and preparation and go forward into our promised land ministries and in turn help many others to conquer their foes.

PS 6:7 My eyes grow weak with sorrow; they fail because of all my foes.

Most of us have one particular person in our lives that do us more harm than anyone else, and they usually never apologize, or even necessarily repent for what they did to us. When this happens we can then burn with great anger, resentment, bitterness, and unforgiveness towards them. But unforgiveness is like drinking poison and expecting our enemy to die, it only hurts us. Our foes are usually not even thinking about what they did to us, only we are. But the justice side of us requires recompense and repentance for peoples sins against us, and when it seems that justice has not been served, we can one day serve up our own dish.

RO 9:13 Just as it is written: "Jacob I loved, but Esau I hated."

There was one person in particular in my life that was my source of pain. And with all that He did I tried to keep forgiving him, but ended up hating him, and hating the fact that I hated him. We will just call him 'Devon". Devon committed adultery with my then wife, my wife got a divorce and married him, Devon molested my daughter for over a year and my wife hid my children for eleven years to keep me from finding out. When I found my kids Devon stole my letters, packages, and money that I sent to my kids. Devon is still a registered sex-offender but my kids call him Dad, and my exwife is still married to him. That is why I hated Devon.

LK 17:3 So watch yourselves. "If your brother sins, rebuke him, and if he repents, forgive him. 4 If he sins against you seven times in a day, and seven times comes back to you and says, `I repent,' forgive him."

I truly wanted to kill this evil man for what he had done to me and my family. It's one thing to forgive someone for hurting you, but something else to forgive them for repeatedly raping your child. I wanted "Devon" to feel the same horrible dark pain that he had caused me to feel, but the Lord told me not to kill him. Things about "The importance of forgiveness" just kept being highlighted to me over and over again until finally I just cried out to God and said, "Ok, if you want me to forgive Devon, then make him come to me and repent first like it says in the scripture above"(Devon is supposedly a Christian). But God showed me a better way.

2PE 2:9 if this is so, then the Lord knows how to rescue godly men from trials and to hold the unrighteous for the day of judgment, while continuing their punishment.

One day while fuming over the past and wishing evil upon my enemy the Holy Spirit said, "If you are not willing to forgive Devon, are you willing to leave the judgment for what He did in My hands to judge later? I thought about it, and finally said, "Yes I would be willing to do that". So I did that and after a while my heart didn't hurt so bad anymore. Then another day the Holy Spirit said, "If you are not willing to pray a blessing upon Devon, are you willing to pray for conviction and revelation so that he can repent?" And once again I very reluctantly agreed, and started to pray for Devon, and in time my anger and bitterness was even less.

2CO 5:10 For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, that each one may receive what is due him for the things done while in the body, whether good or bad.

1PE 2:23 When they hurled their insults at him, he did not retaliate; when he suffered, he made no threats. Instead, he entrusted himself to him who judges justly.

You see, the key is in the above scripture. Instead of seeking revenge for everyone's sins against Him, Jesus knew full well that God would one day judge them all justly for what they had done here on earth. Nobody ever gets away with anything here, including us, and unless we repent and seek forgiveness from those we have sinned against, we also will face future justice whether we are a Christian or not. We will all give an account, so the best we can do is pray for others and resolve our own account. Forgiveness takes trust in God. People that trust God forgive and leave it in His hands to judge; people that don't trust God, don't forgive.

RO 12:17 Do not repay anyone evil for evil. Be careful to do what is right in the eyes of everybody. 18 If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone. 19 Do not take revenge, my friends, but leave room for God's wrath, for it is written: "It is mine to avenge; I will repay," says the Lord.

Repaying people evil for their evil just creates more evil, and gives demons power over us. Unforgiveness leads to bitterness and then eventually a desire to murder. Let your offenders out of the jail of your heart today and trust God to deal with them at the proper time. Your offender is not hurting so why should you be? Hating Devon just hurt me, not him. When you forgive and pray for your enemies it brings healing and peace back to you. You don't have to let your enemy back into your life to hurt you again or live in denial about what they did; you just have to be willing to do what Jesus would do and leave their justice fully in God's hands.

EPH 4:31 Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice. 32 Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.

Remember too, that sometimes forgiveness is a process, and evil spirits may come back around again to try to get you angry all over again, but we must go back to the truth that our situation is in God's hands now and it doesn't belong in our hands. There are days that I still struggle, but I am willing to keep taking this issue back out of my hands and putting it back into Gods hands. Forgive for "yourself", and go forward now. Let your enemies face their own judgment, and be willing to trust again and live a life of love. Life is short and only the love of God that we have shown here will follow us. With God's help now I love more and hate less.

LK 6:35 But love your enemies, do good to them, and lend to them without expecting to get anything back. Then your reward will be great, and you will be sons of the Most High, because he is kind to the ungrateful and wicked. 36 Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful. 37 "Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven.

"Heads Or Tails?"
2CO 11:24 Five times I received from the Jews the forty lashes minus one. 25 Three times I was beaten with rods, once I was stoned, three times I was shipwrecked, I spent a night and a day in the open sea, 26 I have been constantly on the move. I have been in danger from rivers, in danger from bandits, in danger from my own countrymen, in danger from Gentiles; in danger in the city, in danger in the country, in danger at sea; and in danger from false brothers. 27 I have labored and toiled and have often gone without sleep; I have known hunger and thirst and have often gone without food; I have been cold and naked. 28 Besides everything else, I face daily the pressure of my concern for all the churches. 29 Who is weak, and I do not feel weak? Who is led into sin, and I do not inwardly burn?

So do you still want revival? If we ever think that we have it bad, all we need to do is read the above scripture. The bottom line with revival and serving God in the earth is that He will always promote maximum growth in our lives, with as little comfort as possible in order to achieve that. There are many of us that have received life assignments that contain a

high degree of difficulty, and if you make the critical mistake of comparing your hard life with someone else's easier life, then you can lose your perspective and peace pretty fast. But what do you want to show for your life at the end of it?; Spiritual maturity, or a life of ease, flesh, and immaturity? We all hate trials, but they are what produce our growth and maturity.

LK 16:25 "But Abraham replied, `Son, remember that in your lifetime you received your good things, while Lazarus received bad things, but now he is comforted here and you are in agony.

Much of our walk means receiving what most folks would consider to be the bad things in life. Many people that are slotted to bear much fruit for the kingdom can expect to be often despised, rejected, overlooked, ignored, lied about, have many character defects, have poor family relations, few close friends, be held back and denied, never apologized to-but always expected to apologize, have your failures broadcast to the world; be disrespected, betrayed, ridiculed, insulted, mocked, and generally just getting the loser end of the stick much of the time. There are many people like Joseph who had less than stellar childhoods that went on to do great things for God later on. You see, God wants dependence, and trials create that.

DT 28:13 The LORD will make you the head, not the tail. If you pay attention to the commands of the LORD your God that I give you this day and carefully follow them, you will always be at the top, never at the bottom.

Living life as a tail and not a head can become very wearying and disheartening if you have had to do it for decade upon decade, and never seeing a change. You can start to get a "I must be cursed and hated by God" mentality, and satan is right there to agree with you. But our characters and foundations of experience and faith are forged in the fires of having to first serve as a tail before we are ready to lead as a head. But rest assured, if you keep obeying and cooperating and you don't give up, your day to become the head will indeed come. Most people live somewhere in between, but if you are destined to walk in God's power in this final harvest, then God will begin preparing you for it at a very early age with many difficult trials.

GE 45:5 And now, do not be distressed and do not be angry with yourselves for selling me here, because it was to save lives that God sent me ahead of you.

God has allowed you to live your hard-knock life for one good reason, to save the lives of many. All of the many character defects and sin habits that God has brought you through were meant so that you in turn could help a whole world of people who are suffering from the same problems. Deep testimonies require many deep trials, so get over it and stop whining to God about how unfair you think He has been to give you the difficult life that you've had. Believe it or not, there are many who've had even tougher life assignments than you got, so thank God that you got the one that would best suit you. When you see the countless souls that are saved later on because of the heartbreaks you've suffered, you will embrace them.

AC 13:22 After removing Saul, he made David their king. He testified concerning him: `I have found David son of Jesse a man after my own heart; he will do everything I want him to do.'

The spirit of Saul (flesh directed leadership) has been judged and rejected in the modern day Church, and God has been preparing many people (David's) that He has forged His own heart in who will do everything that He requires of them. Maximum trials produce maximum obedience, compassion, and love for everyone. Be glad that your life was harder than most other people's around you, because it has created the very heart of God in you that you will need to reap this final harvest. The days that are coming will be perilous and only those who have been fully prepared by God through many trials will stand strong. Let your trials make you better, not bitter, and just know that your hard life has created spiritual maturity in you.

JAS 1:2 Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, 3 because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. 4 Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.

"Get Your Spiritual Nursery Fully Ready" The Lord showed me a vision of a nursery and a very busy pregnant woman moving around that nursery getting it ready for a baby that looked like it could come any day now. I saw Jesus show up at the door and He hugged the woman and they seemed to share the joy of the baby that was about to be born. Then the Lord asked her how her progress was coming in getting things ready, and the woman seemed a bit overwhelmed with getting everything completely cleaned up. You could tell that she had already been working hard under difficult circumstances. Then the Lord moved some chairs back to reveal some unclean areas that might be a danger to the new baby. The woman seemed to know about these areas, but she just seemed like she wasn't able to clean them up, so she'd finally just given up. Then Jesus took out a broom and He helped her to clean up all remaining stubborn hard to get to areas, and the place was clean and ready for the new baby. Jesus didn't do all the work for her, He just showed her a way to do it that she had not seen before that finally made it all possible. Then the Lord spoke this: "My dear child, you have been pregnant with this great vision and calling that I have gave you many years ago, and since then you have grown in your maturity and readiness as you came closer to the time of that vision being fully birthed. But there has been a few stubborn areas of uncleanness in your life that you have been unable to master and resolve. Now you have reached your time of birthing, so your spiritual nursery must be fully ready in order to receive this new thing that I will soon do. Now I am coming to help you to finish your work of preparation, and to finally resolve and master these stubborn areas, but you must be willing to follow My directions as I give them to you. I know that you feel weary of trying to deal with these tough areas on your own, but they could ruin the wonderful new thing that I do if they are not first cleaned up and taken care of. You have reached your due date now, so trust Me to give you all of the strength

and revelation that you will need in order to reach your place of being a complete overcomer in our kingdom. So dear precious one, let Me help you get your spiritual nursery fully ready, and you will soon see the wonderful new thing that I will birth."

"Believe Me Again" My dear one, I have been repairing the foundation of your heart and renewing your mind with the truth of My word. I have been revealing the kingdom of light to you, and helping you to discontinue any old behaviors of the kingdom of darkness that have held you back in the past. This has been a very lengthy and painstaking process in order to bring you to a place of true maturity to bear more and better fruit for our kingdom. And since it has been a long time since you have seen Me bless you, you have been afraid to believe Me for My blessing. I want you this day to let go of all doubt, discouragement, and grumbling, and to be willing to believe Me again for better things, because My heart all along has only been to grow you up enough so that I can bless you and use you to reap this last harvest of souls in the earth. I have not forgotten about you at all My love, and it is just that the work we have been doing together requires as few distractions as possible so that you can make good progress and be done with it. The foundation of your heart and life must be whole before we build upon it. A great time of refreshing and renewal is standing right in front of you, and I know that you want to be found believing, rather than doubting and complaining when I come and visit with you. I have always enjoyed the way that you have trusted Me no matter what, so do not let the words of the evil one poison your heart and faith at such a crucial time as this. Soon you will be restored and joined to many others whom I am restoring, so do not lose hope. Many people are waiting to receive from Me through the joyous works I will soon do through you. My faithful child, you will be so glad that you went through this tough time of sanctification and transformation and you will see in the months ahead just how important it all was. There are many things coming for My people that they must first be prepared for. Your hearts must be 100% mine first before you face the many things that must soon come. You will be ready and you will stand strong in the days to come because of all this hard work we're doing back here. Believe Me again for My blessing and promise, because it will surely come very soon.

4 Reasons Why The Wilderness Lingers
1CO 10:6 Now these things occurred as examples to keep us from setting our hearts on evil things as they did.

It can be easy to judge the Israelites in the first wilderness, but frankly even in this modern age, we as Christians are guilty of many of the same things that the Israelites did that kept them from going forward for so many years. Now that we have reached the time of crossing our spiritual Jordan into our promised land as well, we must rid ourselves of anything that would hinder us from going forward. Below are just a few things that can prolong our time of wilderness, but once we have dealt with these hindrances we will be ready to move forward.

1. Unrepentant of sin- We can't walk in God's power and sin at the same time because sin blocks God's virtue from flowing through a plugged conduit. God takes willful sin on our part personally, plus Satan would exploit our sin to bring us down once the power started to flow.

2. Unwilling to forgive others- God's rule is that we must forgive others in order for our sins to be forgiven, because otherwise we are just being hypocrites. If we carry unforgiveness in us then we stay spiritually dirty and God's power and our ability to go forward remains blocked.

3. Unhappy about how God has done things- The wilderness gives you a lot to complain and grumble about, but this offends God since He is just trying to fix and prepare us so that He can bless and use us in a greater way. Being thankful and grateful is the key to moving on.

4. Unbelief about God doing anything better- Usually if you have undergone the wilderness you have already had a life full of restriction and denial. This can make it hard to believe that God ever wants to bless us, but we must trust in God's goodness even if we get mostly bad.

Holiness, forgiving others, being thankful, and having faith are requirements for getting out of your wilderness, so ask the Holy Spirit to help you to master these areas. The wilderness is not so much about us becoming something more than we are, it's about us submitting to God's leadership and letting Him transform us into becoming more like Him. So if you've hit a snag in your wilderness, instead of just trying harder, submit to God's work more and you will finally see a change in all stubborn problem areas. God makes the impossible possible.

DT 1:6 The LORD our God said to us at Horeb, "You have stayed long enough at this mountain.

We have all camped out at God's mountain of change long enough, and we all feel like we either need to move on, or die. God wants to take your life off of "pause" and to send you on great exploits for Him; He wants to create a beautiful building of your life, but He must make sure that the foundation of your heart and character can take the weight of it all first. It's time for us to just comply with whatever changes God has been asking us to make, and to delay no longer, for the time to go forward has arrived. Your day of power and blessing has come!

DT 28:13 The LORD will make you the head, not the tail. If you pay attention to the commands of the LORD your God that I give you this day and carefully follow them, you will always be at the top, never at the bottom.

Your Dead Promise Will Live Again! My dear one, though your normal life and your hopes and dreams all seemed to die so long ago; I gave you a promise to hang onto during the long years of training and preparation that would follow, so that you would be able to keep your faith. Recently, even the life of that old promise feels like it is gone, but I want you to see that the life of your hopes and dreams comes only by My power alone, and not from the promise itself. Very soon you will see your old promise live again, and you will see that I am able to restore all and more, than you lost. Just like the Shunammite that received a promise from Me to have a son, she saw

that same son die, but did I not show her that the life of her promise and son rested solely in Me by restoring his life once again? So it will be with your promise, and even though the years seemed to have ruined any chance of restoring certain things and relationships in your life; you too will see Me breathe new life into these situations and I will give you much more than you would have had if you had not sacrificed them to follow Me. My heart is always to bless! Do you remember that that same Shunammite had all of her possessions and land later restored to her by the king as well? Do you see, My precious child? You mean more to Me than all the world, but I love all the world enough to grow you up in order to use you to help them to receive My goodness as well. I am the God who thinks of all His children, not just some. Your greatest blessing in the days to come, will be My strong presence in your life. Grieve and mourn no longer My dear one, for your seemingly dead promise will live again!

Building His Kingdom, Not Our Ministry
1SA 25:21 David had just said, "It's been useless--all my watching over this fellow's property in the desert so that nothing of his was missing. He has paid me back evil for good.

The story of David and Nabal in a nutshell is that David was running from Saul so he was camped out on Nabal's land. While David was on Nabal's land he did everything he could to make Nabal's situation as good or better than he found it. So when David needed something he asked Nabal for some help back, but was treated with contempt and turned away in an insulting manner. David was so angry and indignant that he was going to kill Nabal, but God sent Nabal's wife Abigail to head him off and make peace. You see, Nabal only cared about others making his situation better, not about making their situation better. It's that old stingy "You scratch my back, and I'll scratch mine" mentality that thinks only of themselves. This kind of mindset also permeates many ministries today unfortunately. They love to be given to, but would not lift a finger to help another ministry unless it benefited them in some way.

LK 11:46 Jesus replied, "And you experts in the law, woe to you, because you load people down with burdens they can hardly carry, and you yourselves will not lift one finger to help them.

For a few years I gave ministry into a certain online ministry, and I was also asked to be part of their intercessory team. I was happy to support them. The ministry that I submitted seemed to help the people who partook of it, and when they would write to me to thank me I would just say to thank the Lord and the other ministry. I never told even one of those people about my ministry or websites, because I didn't want to ever detract from the other persons ministry. Then one day I received an article that I thought was post-worthy, but when I asked that other ministry if I could post it they said no, because it was copyrighted and they didn't want it posted on another website, especially not a lowly Yahoo group like mine. Like David I felt offended that this person seemed to only care about their ministry, but not others. They were happy to receive from me, but unwilling to share with me in order to help the kingdom.

MT 6:10 your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Shortly after this incident, I was in prayer about something else and I saw a vision. I saw a large pile of building supplies, a blueprint for a large building, a large foundation, and a bunch of people who were supposed to build the large house that was on the blueprint. But instead of building according to the blueprint, they just fought over the supplies and built these little "mini-houses" on the big foundation. They would call out to everyone that walked by trying to get them to come into their little houses, and even damaged other peoples little houses so

that people wouldn't go into the other houses. Then while I was standing there watching this Jesus was standing beside me, and He looked at me and said "They are building their own little houses, but not My kingdom". Then He waved His hand and a big wind came and blew all the little houses down. He then commanded them to rebuild it according to the blueprint.

PHP 2:3 Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves. 4 Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others.

The days of us just trying to build our own little private "ministry houses" must end now, and we must all seek to only build the kingdom of Jesus Christ, and not just a name for ourselves. If need be, we must just shut our ministries down completely and allow God to help us to start over from scratch where whatever is built after that will only exist because God made it live or die, and not just because of our flesh or manipulation tactics. In the end, only what we have done through God's inspiration, grace, love, and power will last and count anyway. Like the saying goes; "Only one life, it will soon be past; and Only what's done for Christ will last". We serve in a kingdom that's supposed to be "inter-dependent", and never independent, just the same way that our body needs all it's parts. Rather than seeking how others can benefit us, we need to seek how we can all benefit the kingdom of Jesus Christ.

MT 10: 7 As you go, preach this message: `The kingdom of heaven is near.' 8 Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those who have leprosy, drive out demons. Freely you have received, freely give.

Freely we have received from God, so freely we need to give in order to accomplish "His" purposes here. We must share what God gives to us freely with other ministries, and stop trying to just selfishly erect our own little private ministry shrines. Fear and selfishness must end here. If we look to meet God's kingdom needs, He will meet all our financial needs. God is not stingy, and neither should we be. In the days ahead, God will only support those who support His agenda which is saving, healing, and delivering, the lost of this world. We must make God's priorities our priorities. Let's come out of our own little ministry houses and let Jesus blow them away if necessary. Our hearts must be motivated by love for God and the lost; not by selfish-ambition. Today is the day to build the kingdom of Jesus Christ, and no longer just our own personal ministries, so let's all build according to His kingdom blueprint.

PS 103:19 The LORD has established his throne in heaven, and his kingdom rules over all.

Taking Things Off Artificial Life Support
PS 127:1 Unless the LORD builds the house, its builders labor in vain. Unless the LORD watches over the city, the watchmen stand guard in vain.

Many times in life we can start off with things that are of God, but long after He is finished with them still be trying to keep them alive artificially through fleshly efforts. It can be easy for us to keep doing "fleshly CPR" on things like relationships, jobs, ministry, and especially personal desires, when we really should just take our hands off of it all, and let it die if need be. Usually we don't want to pull the plug on something because we have gotten so used to it and it's meeting a need in some way, but if God is not supporting it then why should we?

EPH 2:8 For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith--and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God-- 9 not by works, so that no one can boast.

Since we as humans can gather and accumulate lots of flesh junk along the way, it's good to allow everything in our life to exist based only on God's grace, and not on elbow grease. You might be surprised at just how much we have going in our lives that we really don't even need to be doing. There may also be others that have been pushing you to keep supporting something just because it meets their needs in some way, but that is never a good reason to keep doing something. Work after God's completion, just equals futile flesh and depletion.

PR 3:5 Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; 6 in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.

I remember one summer as a youth where I worked as a janitor; I was told to go buff the floors in a certain hallway, but as soon as I grabbed the handle of the buffer it started, and it went crashing into everything. My supervisor kept saying "Just let it go!", but I was afraid of the damage it would do if I did. Finally, I did let it go and all the chaos stopped. Apparently, the on switch to the buffer was hidden in the handle and you couldn't see it, so I had to trust my boss and just let it go. We too must trust in God's control, when we release our control.

MT 11:30 For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.

If it feels like you are struggling and striving to keep things alive in your life, then maybe it's time to just stop pushing things in the flesh, and to let God make it live or die. We don't get rewarded for dead works, only living works that come from God's direction. Don't worry if others get upset about it because they are only thinking of themselves and not you if they are asking you to wear yourself out in the flesh doing things that God doesn't require of you. Jesus said that His burden was light, not heavy, so why carry around all the extra weight?

JN 11:21 "Lord," Martha said to Jesus, "if you had been here, my brother would not have died. 22 But I know that even now God will give you whatever you ask."

Jesus knew that Lazarus had to die in order for His power to bring him back to life and for people's faith to be strengthened. Once you let your Lazarus's die in your life God will bring all the ones back to life that are supposed to still be there. Remember, no grace means no point, so if the spiritual life of something is gone, there is no reason to keep trying to breathe new life into it. Everything that's supposed to be alive in your life will rise again and then you can start over with what's actually still supposed to be there. If there's no juice, cut it loose.

JN 5:19 Jesus gave them this answer: "I tell you the truth, the Son can do nothing by himself; he can do only what he sees his Father doing, because whatever the Father does the Son also does.

Do only what God is doing, and don't feel like it's your job to do everything for everyone around you. The world goes on even if we're not codependently meeting every need around us. Learn to rest, flow, and abide, and to do all your works by faith and God's grace (divine enablement). Let go of control today, and let the chips fall where they may. Life is too short to be burning ourselves out on things that God is finished with. Ask God what He wants and just focus on that. Take your life off artificial life support and let God bring new things to you.

ISA 43:19 See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland.

New Life Is Coming Soon! My dear one, I know that you have felt depressed, used up, and weary lately. I know that you feel like your strength and the road that you have so faithfully traveled on for so long in order to be obedient to Me, seems like it has strangely and suddenly run out. And now like the widow of Zarephath you are gathering what little spiritual resources you have left and you are going use it up for yourself and die with the ministry that I assigned you to. Do not give up My dear one, because just as I did not forget that widow, I have not forgotten you, and I am sending new life, new direction, and new resources to you meant to bring fresh hope and strength to move you on to the next phase of what I have called you to accomplish for Me. Though you have felt an odd sentence of death lately, I am the God that passes by and touches the coffin of death to bring new life to the lifeless thing that dwells within. But you are in a cocoon, not a tomb. There are times My love, that I allow a situation to appear dead and impossible just before I move in a new and bigger way, so that you and everyone else around will witness the beautiful new creation that emerges and know that it was I alone that did this wonderful new thing. Even as I allowed the wood at mount Carmel to be completely drenched and made impossible to burn in the natural, so your life has also been brought to a place of impossibility just before my power comes and ignites it with fresh supernatural fire. Do not fear My love, for all that I have spoken to you will come to pass, but there will be times that I pull you away from doing things, and I just want to spend time with you in order to deepen our relationship, and to talk to you about some things. This harvest you are about to enter will require a whole and sound foundation in you, so if I am finishing repairing some of it, do not despair. Your worth to me is in your obedience, not in your productivity, so if I ask you to sit at my feet like Mary, instead of serving the meal like Martha needed to do, then do not see that as a failure or a setback. I am the God who brings new life out of utter death, so like Lazarus get ready to shed your grave clothes, for new life is coming soon!

Stand On Your New Foundation I saw a vision of a home sitting on a high foundation. It was a nice home and everything looked pretty good and in order from the outside of it. Then a mighty

heavenly wind like a tornado came and began to blow upon this house and piece by piece came off until the house was completely demolished and only a person was left sitting huddled on the bare foundation alone. Then I saw Jesus walk up and He began to walk around the foundation while the person just sat there, and He tapped on the foundation with a silver hammer and listened for the tone that He heard back to identify any flaws or cracks that were present. When He found a crack or a piece missing, He would trowel in some cement that had the word "truth" mixed into it. When Jesus had finished fixing everything (which seemed to take a very long time because the person looked more and more impatient that was sitting upon it waiting), Jesus told the person to stand up. The person slowly stood up and their legs seemed a bit shaky from sitting for so long. Then once the person was fully standing they wanted to run around on the foundation and jump up and down on it, but Jesus held His hand up as if motioning to wait and to take it slow until He was sure that all the repairs had worked. Then Jesus began rebuilding with the person piece by piece back on the foundation, but He would still stop and wait to see how the person was holding up under the work, and how the foundation was doing. The building then accelerated and in the end a very high and glorious house was standing there, but it happened in phases where there were still little pauses. This is what I felt the interpretation to what I saw was. "God has allowed your old life (house) to be blown away and He placed you in a sitting and waiting mode while He painstakingly went through the foundation of your heart, life, and character, and repaired all of the damage that was done with the truth of His word. Now that this foundation is mostly complete, you are eager to get on with it, but Jesus wants to make sure that all of the changes that He has made in you will be lasting and consistent ones, so He is going to take it one step at a time until He is sure that you are strong, stable, and consistent enough to be given more responsibility, power, and authority to enter this last harvest. Eventually your ministry will accelerate almost beyond what you think it should be, but you must remember that it is Jesus that is ministering through you, and He is really the One carrying the load and who holds the Master plan, so you will need to just keep trusting Him as this process continues. But know this too, I also saw the hand of God placed upon a pause button for a very long period, but then the hand raised up and unpaused it. Your life is finally about to be taken off of "pause" and you will be going forward as the Lord leads you. It may seem like you have lost so much, but even like a real pause button it will just seem like you are continuing where you left off in many aspects. I have also just now seen a path end where there is nowhere to go, but a light comes on and a new path is made visable, you just could not see the new path without the light".

"The Super-Winners"
DT 8:2 Remember how the LORD your God led you all the way in the desert these forty years, to humble you and to test you in order to know what was in your heart, whether or not you would keep his commands.

The Israelites first had to live as slaves in Egypt all of their lives, then just when they thought that life was going to get better they got stuck in the wilderness for forty years living off of some strange bread that falls from the sky, and running around in circles. Many of us have lived lives that have somewhat mirrored theirs, with one tough break after another, and when you look back at the long string of denials, restrictions, rejections, and seeming lack of blessing by God, satan can try to convince you that you are just cursed, and that nothing is ever going to get any better because God must not be on your side like He is with others.

HEB 3:7 So, as the Holy Spirit says: "Today, if you hear his voice, 8 do not harden your hearts as you did in the rebellion, during the time of testing in the desert.

If you give into the lie that God is against you and that you must be cursed, then it is easy to get a real bad attitude, and to harden your heart towards God. We can start rebelling and accusing Him of all kinds of things that are not even His fault. See, I know something. One night while praying about this issue, this is what the Lord showed me. If you were God and you needed to super-bless a large group of people to bring in this last harvest, what kind of life would you need them to live in order to prepare them for it? Right, a super-loser looking life that creates a wealth of humility, experience, and compassion to go help others with.

NU 12:3 (Now Moses was a very humble man, more humble than anyone else on the face of the earth.)

Now how do you suppose that Moses got to become the most humble man in the earth? From being blessed and from being "the head" all the time? Or from God allowing Him to be constantly humbled and to get "the tail end" of things all the time? If your life is riddled with what looks like one humiliation and holdback after another, while everyone else around you seems to get things more easily, it's likely that God allowed your life to be purposely limited in order to prepare you for a day when you would walk in His limitless power and favor. God just wants people to see that He alone is responsible for the grace and blessings that come.

LK 1:48 for he has been mindful of the humble state of his servant. From now on all generations will call me blessed.

The above statement was written by the future mother of Jesus Christ, but have you ever wondered why her life was always in such a humbled state? Those that need to be prepared for God's greatness will oftentimes be denied any part of what the world considers greatness and look like they are a cursed loser right up until the point that God says they are ready to be promoted and blessed. Even your prayers can seem like they are all just going into Gods "spam" box, especially right before your time of breakthrough and empowerment comes; but I can assure you that your day to become the head and no longer the tail is indeed coming!

DT 28:13 The LORD will make you the head, not the tail. If you pay attention to the commands of the LORD your God that I give you this day and carefully follow them, you will always be at the top, never at the bottom.

One time right after I had become a Christian I was invited to go to a crusade where a guy named Mario Murillo was preaching. I had already had a horrible cursed-like life, and I had just spent a weekend getting bombarded spiritually and failing at every turn. As I sat there in the balcony listening to the preaching, I was actually secretly thinking that maybe I was just too wicked and evil to be a Christian. Just then out of literally thousands of people there, he pointed me out and I thought he was going to tell everyone what a sinner I was. But he said this three times "God has something great in store for you, but you must stay very humble."

JDG 6:13 "But sir," Gideon replied, "if the LORD is with us, why has all this happened to us? Where are all his wonders that our fathers told us about when they said, `Did not the LORD bring us up out of Egypt?' But now the LORD has abandoned us and put us into the hand of Midian."

I never forgot that word, but my life just seemed to get even more restricted and void of God's blessing after that. I had to chuckle about the part about remaining humble because there was certainly nothing I could think of to date, to be anything but humbled about. You may have

seen a whole string of what just seems like false starts, spiritual dead ends, and situations where you end up looking like a big failure and loser in the end over and over and over again, and you may have even gotten to the point where you have now become cynical about ever being blessed by God at all. But if God said it, then expect it to come to pass.

JOS 14:11 I am still as strong today as the day Moses sent me out; I'm just as vigorous to go out to battle now as I was then.

You might be saying "Well I am just too old now, and it is too late for God to bless and/or use me". Really? Caleb was eighty five years old with the supernatural strength and energy of a forty five year old (or even younger). Caleb even asked for the "mountain country" to be his inheritance. He was not too old to climb mountains, and you won't be either, if you hang on to your faith and continue to trust God for what He's promised you. Look at Abraham and Sarah, they were not exactly young when their promise came. We can become so negative in our thinking if our life has been full of let downs, so we must trust God no matter what.

JER 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

God's kingdom is packed full of secret spiritual Cinderella's right now who are right at the brink of being presented to this world with the power of Jesus clothing them. God has had plans all along of blessing and vindicating you before all of those who have judged you as a super-loser. God always eventually vindicates Himself in someones life that has served Him faithfully, and he will do the same for you if you don't throw in the towel and just give up. You may have felt more like "Curserella" than Cinderella these days, but your "Prince" Has only been waiting for your life and heart to be fully prepared to walk in His blessing responsibly.

GE 40:23 The chief cupbearer, however, did not remember Joseph; he forgot him.

God knows you have been faithful in your gifting and calling, even if it looks like you have been met with people seemingly overlooking and denying you all the time. But like Joseph above, the day came for him to be promoted, and you'd better believe that he needed every bit of the humbling and restrictions that he endured all of his life to handle the lofty position that God had placed him in. You too will need all of the tough, humiliating, things that have shaped your heart in order to stay humble ahead. And know this, that you are God's "Super Winner", and not a super-loser like you may have thought. Your day of promotion has come!

PS 71:20 Though you have made me see troubles, many and bitter, you will restore my life again; from the depths of the earth you will again bring me up. 21 You will increase my honor and comfort me once again.

Various Recent "Mini-Insights" This is just a compilation of prophetic "mini-insights" that I have received lately. May they be a help to you in the great days just ahead. Here is a short list below of what they are: 1. The impossible will be made easy 2. Vision of spiritual wave over North America 3. Vision of lighted and dark spiritual paths

4. Prayer and the need for forgiveness 5. The kingdom expressed through you
MK 10:27 Jesus looked at them and said, "With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God."

I just want to encourage you today that the many impossible problems that you have had to carry and endure for so long are going to soon be washed away like they were never there and it will all happen instantly and effortlessly. Our problems seem so impossible when we have them, and we cry and beg for years for God to help us, and when it looks like He is not helping us those problems can look so big and unmovable. But when God's timing is right, and our heart is fully ready, God steps in and makes the impossible look completely easy. So no matter whether you have been facing physical, financial, spiritual, marital, ministerial, or whatever other "al", expect to see your old problems brushed away like they are nothing.

AC 13:52 And the disciples were filled with joy and with the Holy Spirit.

Recently I had a vision of a large wave moving across a very dark north America, and as it passed the Christian's I heard them all cheer like they do in a stadium, and a light would go on where they lived. I think these were spiritual lights that lit as they were all simultaneously visited and empowered by Jesus. North America began to be lit up by all of these lights put together, and there was great rejoicing and victory in the land. I have also been having many dreams lately involving empowered ministry. The only time I have ever heard the Lord speak audibly was back in August, '92 and Jesus said that there was going to be a great revival in north America that He was preparing His people for. I believe that this revival is starting now.

LK 13:24 "Make every effort to enter through the narrow door, because many, I tell you, will try to enter and will not be able to.

I saw another vision recently where Jesus was standing at the end of a straight path with a strip of light running down the middle of it. I also saw other dark paths that led off of the main one with dim names written on them like "drugs, psychics, new age, occult". The dark paths did not re-emerge. Jesus pointed to the lighted path and said "Many of My people are about to enter deeper into the spiritual realm in order to become more effective here in the physical realm, but you must stay on the lighted path and keep your focus only upon Me". The main point that I got from it all was that we must be led by Jesus and God's word only in order to enter the spirit-realm, or we must just leave it alone and trust that God knows what is best.

MK 11:25 And when you stand praying, if you hold anything against anyone, forgive him, so that your Father in heaven may forgive you your sins. "

We have entered a season where we will be called into deeper prayer, so no matter how boring or unfruitful you think your prayer life has been in the past, it is about to experience a huge extreme makeover. The disciples may have slept through a few prayer sessions with Jesus, but they quickly woke up when God showed up and so will we. But there is one thing that could hinder our prayers, and that is unforgiveness. We must fully place people in God's hands of justice, and release them from ours. They are not getting away with anything, and you are just letting God decide what will happen to them, rather than you. So allow God to go through your "most wanted" list and transfer your prisoners into His justice system now.

MT 6:10 your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

The kingdom of God will be expressed in this world through the lives of His people, so you can expect to walk in the same lifestyle and requirements as those who now live in heaven. We will walk in the same power, righteousness, forgiveness, holiness, blessing, revelation, love, and knowledge of the spirit realm, as those who operate in the rest of God's kingdom. Allow God's kingdom life to completely permeate

every part of your heart and life right now, and know that you do not need to sin anymore as a full kingdom citizen. This is your day to stand, fight, and conquer for Jesus Christ in this last harvest. Below is a prophecy that was made into a song that I believe applies to this very time in history that we are now entering.

KINGDOM COME (Chuck Girard)

Kingdom come, My kingdom come, the hour is drawing near Let everyone obey these words, that has the ear to hear Let the kingdom come from deep within and let Me rule your heart And purge your life from everything that's been keeping us apart

Let the earth hear My voice, the time to decide is here To decide to walk as a soldier, to decide not to live in fear The sheep shall divide from the goats, The chaff shall be blown from the wheat My people shall arise and become a strength, They will never give place to defeat.

They will walk in unified faith, In power that shall conquer all They will lay their lives on the line But they shall not faint and they shall not fall My name shall be their name, they will walk behind the veil The world shall know them by their love, And that love shall never fail.

Kingdom come, My kingdom come, the hour is drawing near Let everyone obey these words, that has the ear to hear

Run the race to win, cease to practice sin! The crown of glory awaits you, so come on, get in, get in The Word, My Word is the key, Get it inside your heart For the seed you plant will become a tree Bearing fruit that you soon will harvest.

Oh spirit of man rise up! Let me live big inside When you walk down the street, The sick shall recover,and the dead shall rise! Let no man think me weak, I am able to perform what I say And all that I've declared shall come to pass in the last detail. My will shall be done, on Earth through the sons of God. Who walk in power and in faith and in love. You are the sons of God!

Kingdom come, My kingdom come, the hour is drawing near Let everyone obey these words, that has the ear to hear Let the kingdom come from deep within and let Me rule your heart And purge your life from everything That's been keeping us apart

You're My own righteousness, and all that I possess Has been given to you to equip you, to conquer, nothing less Go forth be bold and be strong, don't let anything distract Be single minded and train your eye, to never once look back

The Shining Doorway I saw a person that looked like they had walked on a very long journey. This person had ragged dirty looking clothes, their hair was disheveled, and they looked like they were ready to drop. The person stopped on the trail and raised their water pouch to get a drink, but could only squeeze out a few drops that were left. They also checked in their bag for food, but it was all used up as well, except for a few crumbs of bread. As they walked on to the top of the mountain they looked so weary, but also very relieved to have finally made it there. They looked around as if something should be there, but there was nothing but the mountain top. The person then fell over in exhaustion, and began to cry. I could see the tracks of their tears running down their dusty cheeks, and I heard them weakly cry "I gave up everything for nothing, because there is nothing here!". They laid there quiet for a long time just sobbing and spent, until it looked like they had finally cried themself to sleep. Finally they stirred and I heard them pray "God, even if nothing is here I do not regret following You, and I will accept your will whatever it is". Just then a shining doorway appeared at the mountaintop and Jesus walked through it. He came over to the person, took them by the hand, and help them back up to their feet, and just hugged them. Both Jesus and the person had tears in their eyes. Jesus then whispered in the persons ear "The doorway was always there, but it took your unconditional willingness, complete surrender, total obedience, and faith to make it appear". Jesus then touched this person on the shoulder and in one instant they became refreshed in both appearance and strength. I could almost not even recognize who they were because they looked so different after being restored from the scruffy person that I had first seen. The person was then wearing battle armor instead of the old dirty clothes they had previously had on. Jesus and the person sat down at a dinner table full of choice foods and talked and dined while angels attended them. Jesus gave the person instructions about what to do after they walked through the shining doorway together. Then the dinner table disappeared and Jesus led the person through the shining doorway. On the other side was a vast dark field, and if you looked from side to side there were many people

passing through their shining doorways at the same time. They all went into the dark field together in a line with weapons that looked like long spears with pruning hooks on the ends of them. The impression I got from the weapon was that you could fight and harvest with them at the same time. The Holy Spirit hovered over this field in the form of a large dove, but I could also see a hand coming out of it pointing to different areas of the field and giving light and directions to those in the field. That was the end of what I saw. I will allow the Holy Spirit to interpret this vision to you.

How To Be Accepted and Avoid Rejection
GE 4:7 If you do what is right, will you not be accepted? But if you do not do what is right, sin is crouching at your door; it desires to have you, but you must master it."

If we could only remember this principle in our relationships with God and man we could save ourselves and others so much pain. You see, if we constantly have problems keeping and maintaining relationships, it is usually because we are bringing people more bad than good in that relationship, so they eventually just reject us. It seems easy to just think that the problem is always everyone else, but if we keep burning bridges and losing relationships usually the real common denominator to that relationship breakdown is us, and rarely them.

LK 6:37 "Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven.

This is a hard truth to have to face, but think about all the people we lose because we are too critical, condemning, controlling, or we keep selfishly using and wronging them. Would you want to be friends with yourself if you were cloned? The raw truth is, if we do not accept ourselves, and if we are too hard and demanding with ourselves, we will typically in turn treat other people the same way, and eventually we drive them off. We leave a long line of broken relationships and hurt feelings, and then pine and long for those who have run away from us.

EPH 4:15 Instead, speaking the truth in love, we will in all things grow up into him who is the Head, that is, Christ.

Bringing good to peoples lives may mean at times speaking the truth to them in love, but we must make sure that it is God telling us to do that, and not just us trying to control that relationship. Even God speaks truth to us, but He does it at the right times, and in the right ways, where even that turns out for our good. It is important though that we never sacrifice truth just to keep from offending someone, or losing their friendship. Truth and love must be the main foundation for all of our relationships, because that is how we all grow up in God.

1CO 13:2 If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but have not love, I am nothing.

Many of us as prophetic people think that we have to tell everyone everything that comes into our mind and spirit (which may, or may not be from God), and which is also mixed with anything left unhealed in our souls. So we can easily come off as being overbearing, critical, or just plain rude, and then be rejected by those we "prophesy" to. Love, and not a critical need for perfection must be the foundation for everything that we minister. Plus we must ask the Holy Spirit what to share, and what to keep to ourselves to help protect peoples feelings.

EPH 4:2 Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love. 3 Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace.

We are about to enter into the greatest revival in human history, and whatever we have not dealt with in our wilderness time will follow us. So even if we have not mastered some of our personality problems, we must be aware of them and be quick to take responsibility and to apologize when we do the wrong thing. In time the right behavior and responses will develop in us and bring change. If we learn to consistently do good in our relationships with God and man, we can then end the chain of rejections and build many good and lasting relationships.

MT 7:12 So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.

Ministry Stalkers
AC 16:17 This girl followed Paul and the rest of us, shouting, "These men are servants of the Most High God, who are telling you the way to be saved." 18 She kept this up for many days. Finally Paul became so troubled that he turned around and said to the spirit, "In the name of Jesus Christ I command you to come out of her!" At that moment the spirit left her.

Ministry stalkers are people that act as a distraction, hindrance, annoyance, or depletion in your life. They may continuously call, email, phone, write, or knock on your door wanting ministry, money, resources, or counseling that God has not required of you. Evil spirits can work through a person's unhealed soul to try to harass well meaning ministers who in their heart just want to help people, but who don't know where to draw the line with people or with ministry. Plus if that minister is codependent, or feeds off of the worth or worship that they receive from helping people, then they can easily create the very monster that stalks them.

AC 8:18 When Simon saw that the Spirit was given at the laying on of the apostles' hands, he offered them money 19 and said, "Give me also this ability so that everyone on whom I lay my hands may receive the Holy Spirit."

Soon we will all become more empowered by God to heal the sick, cast out evil spirits, and perform miracles so that Jesus Christ is glorified, and people can believe and accept Him as their Savior. But we must understand that there are certain people that will take one look at what God is doing through you and set their sights on you to drain you of as much virtue as possible. Learning to set good boundaries now with overbearing self-focused people is very important and necessary if you want to give what God has given you to the proper people, and stay strong. Below are just a few tips that can help you to learn how to do this.

1. Ask the Holy Spirit when a need comes whether or not you are supposed to meet it, or not. You might be surprised at just how many needs are not your responsibility to meet, and how God will even stonewall and deny certain people ministry sometimes that either refuse to repent of sin, or who keep looking to a man rather than Him to meet their ministry needs.

2. Set clear boundaries with people and communicate with them very firmly when they are crossing those boundaries. Always be flexible to do whatever the Holy Spirit tells you to do for someone, but do not ever let someone "force" ministry on you just because they are being selfish or manipulative. The flesh pressures and pushes, God does things with peace.

3. Keep your phone number, email address, home address, personal information, and personal problems private to the public, but open to those whom the Lord says it is ok to share them with. Stalkers try to get as much personal information about you as they can so that they can start systematically controlling you. Also, try call display/screening add-ons.

4. If someone will not stop harassing you after you have already asked them to stop, then take the matter to an authority figure over them (pastor, elder, parents, or even the police). Usually just talking to them and praying about it will stop the stalking, but people that use you as their addiction will come back many times with indirect revenge to try to intimidate.

5. Keep your focus on God and what He has called you to do and do not let what someone else does become a distraction. Satan just wants to hinder you from your main job so press on and do not give him so much regard. God will step in if it is really necessary. Stay loving and unoffended, and just understand that stalkers are usually just needy addictive people.

MT 7:6 "Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and then turn and tear you to pieces.

If you let a ministry stalker have their way in your life then kiss your peace goodbye. One minute you will be their god if you meet their needs, and the next minute you will be their devil if you don't. If you have ever seen the movie The Cable Guy, then you know what I am talking about. I have had a few "cable guys" in my life, and it was not fun. I have had some things happen during ministry that are too outrageous to even share here, but you get the picture. Learn to set good boundaries with people especially when you walk in God's power or blessing. Listen to God, listen to your gut, and keep a thick skin and you will do just fine.

2TI 4:5 But you, keep your head in all situations, endure hardship, do the work of an evangelist, discharge all the duties of your ministry.

Be Ready To Shift Gears (While in prayer the Holy Spirit showed me a cut-away of a transmission, and then I saw the gears inside of it shift from a lower gear into a higher gear to make the vehicle it was powering accelerate faster, and then this is what the Lord impressed upon me to tell you.) My dear one, for many years now you have worked diligently and daily to do whatever I placed in front of you, and to grow and deal with the areas in your heart and life that needed to change. Like the original Israelites in the wilderness, you got up every day, accomplished your tasks for that day, and did your best to get to know and obey Me better. The sun rose and set every day with Me watching over you, and you doing the same things the next day. But your daily obedience has paid off well My love, and you are now so much different than when you first entered your wilderness. You may not see all of the changes, but I see them. Now My obedient one, like a car that has been driving in the same gear for a long time, I want you to be ready to shift spiritual gears, and to go forward at an accelerated rate. I want you to go into your own upper room and to seek Me with all of your heart because just like those that waited in the first upper room, your day of empowerment and assignment quickly approaches now, and you will walk in My power just like they did, but even more so. Just be willing to come and to wait before Me My love, and I will guide you forward from there. Many of My people have become weary, and I desire to refresh and strengthen them in every way. So even though your legs may feel too weak to stand again, just be willing to try and I will help you to stand. The foundation I needed to build in your life is now complete My dear one, and even though you may just be focusing on the cracks

that have been recently repaired or that you feel still need to be repaired, I am the Master Builder and I know when something is truly ready to build upon. The foundation that your life now consists of is Me, My word, and the truth of our kingdom. Trust in Me and in this foundation I have built in you, for it will stay strong during times of shaking. So My love, be ready to shift gears now and to accelerate.

The Dangers Of Not Forgiving GE 4:6 Then the LORD said to Cain, "Why are you angry? Why is your face downcast? 7 If you do what is right, will you not be accepted? But if you do not do what is right, sin is crouching at your door; it desires to have you, but you must master it." 8 Now Cain said to his brother Abel, "Let's go out to the field." And while they were in the field, Cain attacked his brother Abel and killed him. When someone has wronged us or someone else that we care about it creates an unpaid debt in our hearts and we hold that person in an imaginary jail cell until we feel that justice has been fully served. We want that person to either apologize to us, change, or to receive some kind of punishment from God or someone else, and then and only then will we truly forgive them. Oh sure, we may say hello to them if we really have to, but inwardly we can still hate and reject them until we feel that they are truly sorry for what they did to us. Many of us have been angry with our parents or our siblings for years over things they either did, or failed to do in our lives long ago. These people remain locked up in the prison of our hearts. HEB 12:15 See to it that no one misses the grace of God and that no bitter root grows up to cause trouble and defile many. The problem is, there is a price that we and other innocent people will pay when we refuse to forgive someone. Forgive and live; refuse and lose. Below are some of the consequences that we and others face when we refuse to forgive our offenders and enemies from our heart. 1. The anger and hatred in us can grow until it becomes a root of bitterness that we take out on other poor innocent people around us. We may end up unfairly punishing our spouse for something that one of our parents did long ago, and they finally get sick of it and leave us. 2. We retain emotional pain that we usually just end up trying to treat with various forms of destructive addictions. These addictions in turn create more emotional pain not just for us, but for those around us. Unforgiveness creates a chain of pain that just goes on and on. 3. We can become more and more abusive toward people where it can escalate

from verbal abuse to physical/sexual abuse, or even murder later on (if certain buttons are pushed or the wounds get bad enough). Prisons are full of people that didn't forgive, and who finally lost it. 4. The bible says that when we don't forgive others, God will not forgive us, so we may be running around with a lot of sin still clinging to us because we won't forgive someone else from our heart. I don't know about you, but I cannot afford to be cut off from God's daily help. 5. When we hate someone we can actually focus negative spiritual energy at them and be practicing witchcraft that brings a curse back upon us. Witchcraft is not just a bunch of old hags chanting around a cauldron, it's sending or desiring spiritual harm upon someone else. 6. We can bring judgment upon ourselves for judging others. So rather than receiving grace from God and man when we sin, all of the sudden we will be getting caught, exposed, and being punished for things that we would have otherwise been forgiven and shown mercy for. 7. We can create health problems in our body and attract demons into our lives when we refuse to forgive. Unforgiveness is like spiritual poison and it slowly eats away at anything good in our lives. Why should you keep paying the price for what someone else once did? 2CO 5:10 For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, that each one may receive what is due him for the things done while in the body, whether good or bad. One of the main reasons that we don't want to forgive is that we by nature demand justice. We want the offender to pay for what they did to us so that they will never do it again. The problem is, we may never get an apology and the offender will just go on their merry way, while we sit and suffer for nothing. We must understand though, that nobody ever gets away with anything in God's kingdom, whether they are a Christian or not. Literally everything we do, say, or think here on earth is recorded in heaven, so unless someone has truly repented of their wrongdoings here and apologized to God and to us for what they did, then their debt remains, and they will give an account for what they did here whether we forgive them or not. RO 12:17 Do not repay anyone evil for evil. Be careful to do what is right in the eyes of everybody. 18 If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone. 19 Do not take revenge, my friends, but leave room for God's wrath, for it is written: "It is mine to avenge; I will repay," says the Lord. We must think back on the many things that we have done to people whether openly or in secret, and how we did not have to pay for what we did. What if all of

those people that we hurt or sinned against demanded justice for what we did? We would all be toast right now. If someone hurts us and sins against us we must learn to forgive them and to leave them in God's justice system, rather than in ours. God has pardoned us countless times. You don't have to let the offender back into your life to hurt you again, but you must release them for peace' sake. Don't allow bitterness and unforgiveness to control your life anymore. Pray for your abusers, leave them in God's hands, and trust that He will deal with them in good time. LK 6:37 "Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven. I will list a prayer below to help you to forgive people and just try to remember that you are doing this for you and for those that have to live with you. You may not even be aware of who you still hold bitterness and unforgiveness toward, but God knows, and He will tell you if you ask Him to. If we want to experience God's blessing and miracles in our lives, then we must open up all of the jail cells in our heart and let our offenders out. Do you want to stay bitter, or get better? God knows exactly what that person did to you and just how badly what they did hurt you even if the offender doesn't know, or even care about what they did. This is your day to get free and to walk in all that God has for you, so forgive today and live free for good. COL 3:13 Bear with each other and forgive whatever grievances you may have against one another. Forgive as the Lord forgave you. 14 And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity. Prayer to pray if you need it: "Dear God I just forgive (speak out the name of the offender) for (speak out the offense) and I release them right now from all of the sins that they have committed against me or against someone else involved. I now let go of all bitterness, unforgiveness, resentment, and demands and desires for judgment, justice, revenge, retribution, or bad things to happen to them that I have carried in my heart against them. I also release them from all curses that I have spoken against them or their family, and I am going to leave them in your hands and in your justice system from now on. I ask God that you would heal my heart from all of the pain and damage that this persons actions have caused me, and please help me to keep this matter in your hands from now on and to not take it back again. In Jesus name, amen." Pray this prayer or your own version of this prayer for each offense that you have retained as often as necessary and remember to also pray that God blesses your offender and brings conviction and repentance to their heart so that healing and peace can take place in your heart. Know too, that when you forgive someone they are not "getting away" with anything, you are just leaving them in God's

hands to judge, rather than in yours from now on. You might say, "Well you don't know what they did to me, it was so horrible and unforgiveable! " You're right, I do not know what they did to you, but God does, and I do know what it is like to forgive someone of unspeakable wrongs against me, and against those whom I love. Some extra scriptures to help you: MT 5:43 "You have heard that it was said, `Love your neighbor and hate your enemy.' 44 But I tell you: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, 45 that you may be sons of your Father in heaven. He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous. GAL 5:19 The acts of the sinful nature are obvious: sexual immorality, impurity and debauchery; 20 idolatry and witchcraft; hatred, discord, jealousy, fits of rage, selfish ambition, dissensions, factions 21 and envy; drunkenness, orgies, and the like. I warn you, as I did before, that those who live like this will not inherit the kingdom of God. PS 38:3 Because of your wrath there is no health in my body; my bones have no soundness because of my sin. LK 11:4 Forgive us our sins, for we also forgive everyone who sins against us. And lead us not into temptation.

Remember My Old Words To You My dear one, you have been through much and you have traveled far, but I want you to remember back to some of the first prophetic words that I ever gave you about your life, and what I would do through you later on. I want you to pick up these old words and to re-ignite them with your faith because they are just as true and applicable today, as they were way back when I first spoke them to you. You are not disqualified, nor have not failed My love. Did you really think that all of these things that have happened since I first spoke those old words to you were some big surprise to Me? They are not, and I have incorporated and planned everything into what would be needed to prepare you to fulfill those words. Your call still applies 100%, and in the days just ahead I am going to reinvigorate you with the life of My Spirit, and you will feel My presence just like you used to, but much more so this time. I have seen you in your place of suffering and disillusionment, but just like Abraham and Sarah after they got older, I came back to reaffirm My words and promises to them, and so I am doing with you this day. Get ready to rise up and

to be clothed in My power to do great things, for surely it will happen just as I have said. Remember those old words My love, and find new hope in them this day, for all I have spoken to you will take place very soon now.

It's A Hard-Knock Life "It's the hard-knock life for us! It's the hard-knock life for us! 'Steada treated, We get tricked! 'Steada kisses, We get kicked! It's the hard-knock life!" You might recognize the above lyrics from a song in the musical Annie where the orphans sing about how their life is typically just the opposite of what blessed people's are. It seems sad, but some of our lives have also been one hard knock after another, and it can make us feel like maybe we are just cursed, or that God must not love or support us in life the same way that He does with other people. Satan will also be right there to point out every apparent failure throughout your life and how you shouldn't bother hoping for anything better in your future because God is just obviously not for you, like He is for others who He favors more.
LA 3:19 I remember my affliction and my wandering, the bitterness and the gall. 20 I well remember them, and my soul is downcast within me.

There may come a time around the end of your wilderness where the Lord will allow you to see your life more clearly, and how He deliberately allowed certain things to happen in your life that could seem a bit unfair. But God only allowed these things to shape your character and to prepare you for your future work. There are a number of people in the bible that also had less than stellar beginnings that went on to later do great things for God. So why would God purposely limit and restrict our life, and what benefit does it serve to hold us back when everyone else around us seems to be able to succeed and progress in life more effectively?

1. To humble us. The more spiritual riches we seem to get in life, the more humility we will need to keep it from going to our head and corrupting our hearts with pride. You see, God knows exactly what to add to our lives in order to help to keep us truly humble and meek.

2. To make it easier to surrender our future life to God. The less you have to give up, the easier it is to give it up. People with more established careers, relationships, talents, and bank accounts, typically have a much harder time giving them up when the time comes.

3. To shape our character. God wants to build as much love, experience, and compassion in us as possible so that we can be more effective servants later on. Even Moses had to live in the wilderness for forty years before he was assigned to lead the Israelites through it.

HEB 11:8 By faith Abraham, when called to go to a place he would later receive as his inheritance, obeyed and went, even though he did not know where he was going.

Everything you may have done so far in your life may have all just been acts of faith meant to lead you to your promise, and if that promise came from God it will test you over and over again to the point where you may even just want to throw it away now. Sometimes faith may hurt even more than doubting, but if God's promise is still alive and living in you, then you must see it through to its birth, or you may lose your hope and get very depressed. Faith is actually easier and better than doubt, so don't let go of your old promise. You have already sacrificed everything for God's promise to you, so why waste that all now by giving up on it?

JDG 6:13 "But sir," Gideon replied, "if the LORD is with us, why has all this happened to us? Where are all his wonders that our fathers told us about when they said, `Did not the LORD bring us up out of Egypt?' But now the LORD has abandoned us and put us into the hand of Midian."

Sometimes it can feel like God has not been very attentive to our life or needs because many seemingly bad things have happened to us, but it is those very hard things that seem to shape us into the person that we become later on, and they also lead us to the future miracle that God wants to do for us. All of your captivity can develop a heart of compassion in you to help God set many captives free through you later on. We need to lose the attitude and look at the spiritual altitude we have climbed up to because of God's work and the many problems and diversities that He allowed in our lives. There is a method to all this madness.

JER 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

You may not fully understand God's plan for your life yet, but God does. So even though all you may have seen so far is just the not so blessed part of it, don't think that things will always be this way. God has seen your life all the way through to the end, and He definitely has plans to give you a good future as long as you cooperate with His daily preparation, so don't throw in the towel just yet. We live in the last days full of "Joseph's" and "David's" that had humble beginnings, but who went on to help lots of people for God. You too will be used in these last days to show forth God's goodness and light in a very dark and fear-filled world.

1CO 4:11 To this very hour we go hungry and thirsty, we are in rags, we are brutally treated, we are homeless. 12 We work hard with our own hands. When we are cursed, we bless; when we are persecuted, we endure it; 13 when we are slandered, we answer kindly. Up to this moment we have become the scum of the earth, the refuse of the world.

You are not the only person in the kingdom that has had to sacrifice your life for the sake of the gospel, or who had to endure shame, reproach, or hardships, in order to fulfill your calling. Even Jesus was despised and rejected by people, and unfortunately it just seems to come with the territory. But all you have endured was meant to make you more like Jesus so that people around you could receive from Him. You may have had a hard-knock life and looked like the scum of the earth for God's sake, but try to just remember that your promise remains, and that you haven't seen the end yet. Hang on, because good things are coming!

JOB 8:7 Your beginnings will seem humble, so prosperous will your future be.

Poverty Or Sufficiency?
DT 15:4 However, there should be no poor among you, for in the land the LORD your God is giving you to possess as your inheritance, he will richly bless you, 5 if only you fully obey the LORD your God and are careful to follow all these commands I am giving you today. 6 For the LORD your God will bless you as he has promised, and you will lend to many nations but will borrow from none. You will rule over many nations but none will rule over you.

There has been much talk about "prosperity preaching" which is basically just saying that God is some kind of spiritual investment broker where we can all get rich if we just give our money to some ministry. We have indeed seen some spiritual con artists that have tried to swindle people based on their own personal greed, and that is a great travesty, but we can't just throw out the spiritual baby with the carnal bathwater, just because there have been a few bad apples in the barrel. And there is a really big difference between teaching prosperity and living reciprocity. Reciprocity is a mutual exchange based on certain terms being met.

LK 6:38 (Jesus speaking) Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.

God created a world that uses money to meet our needs here, so we must all use money whether we like it or not in order to live. Even if we do move to a cashless society where we use electronic smart cards and RFID chips in our bodies to buy and sell, right now we can still use paper money. Most of you are not only about to receive a fresh and mighty infilling and empowerment of God's Holy Spirit, but you are also about to be blessed financially in a big way along with it as you enter into your own personal promised land. Many of you are not even seeking this, but you will still need it in order to fulfill your promise land ministry.

1TI 6:6 But godliness with contentment is great gain. 7 For we brought nothing into the world, and we can take nothing out of it. 8 But if we have food and clothing, we will be content with that. 9 People who want to get rich fall into temptation and a trap and into many foolish and harmful desires that plunge men into ruin and destruction. 10 For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.

You'll notice above that it says "people who want to get rich", not people that are content with what God gives them, and who just want to help people with what He gives them. If you think having a lot of money will make you happy, then you are sorely mistaken. With great wealth comes great responsibility and accountability. Money can create so many problems if people know you have it. Even your closest friends and family will no longer see you as a person if they know you have a lot of money, they will see you as a walking wallet. They will flatter, cheat, swindle, manipulate, threaten, or steal to get your money; Christians included.

LK 16:9 I tell you, use worldly wealth to gain friends for yourselves, so that when it is gone, you will be welcomed into eternal dwellings. 10 "Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much. 11 So if you have not been trustworthy in handling worldly wealth, who will trust you with true riches?

How we use money, very often reflects how we would handle God's power should He grant it to us. There were many people in the bible who had great wealth, but these were people who loved God, and not money. They used their money to do God's will in the earth, and it did not harm their relationship with Him. The real riches in this world are God's presence and power, and not money, but you will need some money during this last harvest of souls in the earth and for the great persecution that will also happen. Many of you will be setting up last days arks for many Christians to flee to and find refuge from the antichrist world government.

PHP 4:12 I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. 13 I can do everything through him who gives me strength.

The main thing is, that we need to be happy and content with whatever little that we have to meet our basic needs, but we must also be content to have more in order to not only be freed up to work in ministry full time, but to be able to meet the needs of others. But whether poor or rich, we must rely on God to help us to manage all we have. God just doesn't want us finding our security in "things" above Him. The reason that God got upset with David for numbering Israel's troops, was because David was starting to rely on His own strength over God's and that's something that we can't afford to do either when we are financially blessed.

PR 10:22 The blessing of the LORD brings wealth, and he adds no trouble to it.

MT 6:33 But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

The bottom line is to not seek worldly wealth, seek God and His true spiritual wealth. But who is God supposed to use to meet financial needs here on earth if not through those He trusts and knows who are not greedy? We should never chase after money, or play lotteries and ask God to let us win, but we must not shun money either if God decides to entrust us with it. When God blesses you it will bless every part

of your life including your wallet. There will be jealous, envious people that will resent you, but they didn't go through the preparation that you did to receive it. Your job is just to do Gods will in the earth with what He gives you.

1TI 6:17 Command those who are rich in this present world not to be arrogant nor to put their hope in wealth, which is so uncertain, but to put their hope in God, who richly provides us with everything for our enjoyment. 18 Command them to do good, to be rich in good deeds, and to be generous and willing to share. 19 In this way they will lay up treasure for themselves as a firm foundation for the coming age, so that they may take hold of the life that is truly life.

However God blesses you financially just take things slow, make covenant with God as to what the money is used for, wait for direction before giving, only tell who you must that you have money and be vague even with that, don't be ostentatious or showy, live off a portion of the money and don't blow any of it on prodigal style living. Use your money to help bring in the harvest, to meet the needs of the needy during the coming time of worldwide economic downturn, to support orphans and widows, and to create ministry homes during persecution. Money is a tool plain and simple, and those who have been prepared properly can handle it.

DT 8:2 Remember how the LORD your God led you all the way in the desert these forty years, to humble you and to test you in order to know what was in your heart, whether or not you would keep his commands. 3 He humbled you, causing you to hunger and then feeding you with manna, which neither you nor your fathers had known, to teach you that man does not live on bread alone but on every word that comes from the mouth of the LORD.

After the Israelites long wilderness journey, they had learned to live only by every word that came from the mouth of God, rather than by trusting in worldly things. But after such a long period of living on "just enough to survive", they truly needed to be blessed and restored in their land of promise. God also knows that you need to be blessed and restored after your long wilderness time, so expect it to come now. Don't be offended if other people preach a "poverty gospel" and condemn you for being blessed financially, most of this is just born out of jealousy and envy anyway because God gave you something that they were not ready for.

DT 28:11 The LORD will grant you abundant prosperity--in the fruit of your womb, the young of your livestock and the crops of your ground-in the land he swore to your forefathers to give you. 12 The LORD will open the heavens, the storehouse of his bounty, to send rain on your land in season and to bless all the work of your hands. You will lend to many nations but will borrow from none. 13 The LORD will make you the head, not the tail. If you pay attention to the commands of the LORD your God that I give you this day and carefully follow them, you will always be at the top, never at the bottom.

So my friend, just like the song from The Jefferson's, you may be "Movin' on up" very soon from just surviving to thriving in every area of your life, including your finances. It's time for this world to be reaped and the spiritual veil between heaven and earth is thinning more and more every day. People will either be moving to one side or the other very soon, and we will need to be ready to receive them all in homes that are capable of existing off of the grid. Get all sin out of your life now, not later, and learn to pray more than you play. God wants you to have sufficiency, not poverty; He just leads us through a wilderness first to prepare us for it.

2CO 9:6 Remember this: Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously. 7 Each man should give what he has decided in his heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver. 8 And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work. 9 As it is written: "He has scattered abroad his gifts to the poor; his righteousness endures forever."

A Dual Empowerment

EX 7:10 So Moses and Aaron went to Pharaoh and did just as the LORD commanded. Aaron threw his staff down in front of Pharaoh and his officials, and it became a snake. 11 Pharaoh then summoned wise men and sorcerers, and the Egyptian magicians also did the same things by their secret arts: 12 Each one threw down his staff and it became a snake. But Aaron's staff swallowed up their staffs.

Many of you now reading this message are about to become empowered by Jesus Christ to heal the sick, cast out evil spirit's, preach the gospel, and receive large financial miracles meant to finance this last harvest and create ministry homes during the coming persecution. Everywhere that you go will now very probably become a major ministry opportunity, so all of those trips to Starbuck's may soon become great encounters of God's power and miracles.

MT 10:8 Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those who have leprosy, drive out demons. Freely you have received, freely give.

But there is another thing that I have seen. There will be a dual empowerment in both the kingdom of light, and the kingdom of darkness. satan will be allowed to empower his people to a certain extent, and they will actually mimic some of the miracles that God does. We will work with the Holy Spirit and angels while they work with unholy spirits and spirit guides to perform their miracles. Many youth will be drawn into both kingdoms because of miracles.

JN 6:44 "No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws him, and I will raise him up at the last day.

So why would God allow satan to stick out his scaly slimy chest during this last great harvest of souls in the earth? Well, for the same reason that He doesn't just come down and reveal Himself at the Super Bowl on national TV. He wants people's decisions for Him to be real and unforced, and unless they have genuine freedom to choose, things would be far too influenced, and they'd get saved only out of fear, and not out of a true desire to know Jesus.

EX 7:12 Each one threw down his staff and it became a snake. But Aaron's staff swallowed up their staffs.

But I want to remind you of one last thing, in this test of power we will always win in the end if we do not get intimidated or discouraged. God just wants to show people who the real God is, and many times he does this through His people during revival. So as you now walk in power and bring this last harvest in, just know that satan will try to harvest his people as well, but we need not let anything we see or hear to intimidate us. God is the only true God.

1CO 8:6 Yet for us there is but one God, the Father, from whom all things came and for whom we live; and there is but one Lord, Jesus Christ, through whom all things came and through whom we live.

Your Day Of Empowerment Has Come! My dear one, for many years now you have been in a preparation mode, but now you are about to enter an activation mode where I will empower you to work the same miracles that I originally sent my first disciples to go out and do when I lived with them. You will lay hands on the sick and they will be healed, you will rebuke evil spirits and they will leave, and just like My disciples, you too will come back rejoicing that even the demons are subject to you. I realize My love that you have gone through a very long dry season where little has been happening in the physical realm, and that your faith has been low, but I

would call you today to stand up and to walk forward in what little strength that you have and I will strengthen you and invigorate you with fresh life as you go. The days of waiting and preparation have ended, so be willing now to take new steps of faith and you will indeed be fully revived and restored. I want you to begin expecting empowerment now My dear one, no matter how you have been feeling, and I want you to let go of all that is behind you. You are beginning a new day with a fresh start, and you will feel young and vibrant again just like you did when you first got saved. Walk in consistent obedience and holiness before Me so that nothing will hinder the flow of My power through you, because My love, your day of empowerment has come!

Dream about Christian Ex-Muslim Martyrs

Thursday, March 22nd, 2007 Dear Rpw website, I had a very vivid and realistic dream last night that likely came from the Lord, so I wrote it down when I woke up at 3:30am. this morning, and decided to share it with you all today. Dream about Christian Ex-Muslim Martyrs I dreamed that I was on an older dirty, run down, train. The train was packed full of people apparently taking a long trip, and they looked like they were all middle eastern and Muslim because the women had their heads covered. Two men with rifles began walking down the isles and pointing their guns at people's heads and asking "Do you pledge your life to Allah and his only true prophet Muhammad?" The person would quickly nod and say "Yes!", and then say something that sounded like "And may Allah be praised, and all others be cursed". Then the view moved to a family that was sitting on the floor of the train, I guess because they were either too poor to afford a better ticket, or they were just outcasts. This family was made up of a father, a mother holding a little baby, an older daughter, and a young son. As the soldiers got closer the mother and father looked at each other with a knowing glance like "Our moment has finally come" and even though the guards were acting like they were going to ask the mother first, the father butted in and had them ask him first, as if to save his wife. They asked the father "Do you pledge your life to Allah and his only one true prophet Muhammad?" and the father said "I pledge my life to Jehovah the one true God, and His only Son Jesus Christ". The soldiers quickly jerked the man to

his feet and dragged him to a dark more private car at the front of the train, and then started to yell at him and say abusive things to him. Then the head man motioned to a larger man to shoot the father, this is where I saw Jesus step in and He said to me, "I want to you to see what it is like to be martyred." At that moment I was inside this mans body and I could feel an unearthly peace and calm even though there was so much turmoil going on all around me. The big man then raised his pistol and shot, but I didn't feel a thing, so the bullet must have been deflected off. The other men started yelling and the man shot at me two more times, but the bullets were deflected again and the men just went wild at this point. The big man put the gun right to my head and fired, and everything went dark for a moment, but I felt no pain, and I heard a beautiful song. Then the scene went back to the mother and children who were being guarded, and the mother gave a large white flower to the older daughter and handed her the baby and told the daughter to preserve the flower and to give it to the child when it grew older, and to tell him not to hate Muslim's because of what they did. The mother was then dragged off, shot in the head, and thrown off the back of the train. I heard the same beautiful song as she died, and it sounded like a flourish with a woman singing something that sounds like amazing grace. The last scene I saw was of me sitting on the floor of the same train crowded full of people and there was a man kneeling at my feet. The man looked very tired and weary, and he was wearing an old hat with faded Canadian flags on it. I noticed that when I moved my feet a bit that it gave him a little more room to get comfortable. He gave me a forced smile each time I moved, so I just lifted up my legs altogether, but then the man collapsed on my legs I guess because he was so sick, so I pulled him to my bosom and he died. The song played again. Like I said, I instantly woke up after this and grabbed some bank envelopes out of the dresser by my bed and wrote down what I had just dreamt. What I found remarkable about the dream was not just its vivid realism, but the strong emotions of peace, love, pity, and compassion that flowed for and through this family, and the deep compassion I felt for the man who died as I clutched him to my chest. It's almost like the man was trying to get to a free country, but died just short of the border. The music was heavenly music, not earthly. Because of everything that has happened it can be easy to start feeling animosity toward the radical Muslim's, even as a Christian, and what I got out of the dream was that there will be genuine Muslim converts to Christianity that will be martyred for their faith, that there is a great coming persecution of Christians worldwide; that dying as a martyr can be a beautiful, wonderful, and peaceful experience; and that Jesus Christ loves all people equally. Whatever your future holds, be sure that Jesus will be with you to the very end no matter what comes.
MT 28:20 and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age."

"Please Send Someone Else To Do It"
EX 4:13 But Moses said, "O Lord, please send someone else to do it."

For most of us who have endured and progressed successfully in our wilderness training and preparation time, we have felt weary, spent, depleted, old, tired, and wrecked in certain ways. The shine and lure of the original promises to be used greatly in ministry have dulled and we no longer need to feed our ego with any outward accomplishments. Some of us have become apathetic, indifferent, and even cynical concerning doing anymore "ministry" stuff, and we just want to live out the remainder of our life in peace and quiet. Like Moses we have done our time in Midian and aren't even sure if we want to go back to Egypt and fulfill our old call now. Some of us have even told God to go find someone else more capable of doing it.

NU 12:3 (Now Moses was a very humble man, more humble than anyone else on the face of the earth.)

The above statement is no exaggeration, and Moses truly was the most humble man on the earth at that time in history, and do you know why? Because God had given him a full revelation as to who Jehovah really was, and who Moses really was. And when this happens there is no longer any gold ring to be grasped in life because you see clearly that God really is in control, and that we don't have to be anymore. But there can be a slight drawback to certain revelation though, it can diminish our zeal and sense of initiative to go and do great things in the earth for God. But even though Moses no longer desired to go fulfill his call, he was still the only one qualified enough to go do the job at the time, and so it is with your life.

EX 4:17 But take this staff in your hand so you can perform miraculous signs with it.

Moses may have no longer felt the same zeal, burden, or energy that he once felt to go and fulfill his old calling, but his old calling was still fully in effect, and would one day call to him again. You have needed to go through all of the preparation and humbling that you have gone through to get ready for your calling, and even though you may no longer feel the same zeal to go and accomplish it, you are still one of very few if any, that are truly ready and fully qualified to go do it. Trust that even if you do not feel up to the task that God does, and that He can and will show forth His strength through your weakened state. Just be willing to pick up your staff and old gifting once again, and God will take care of the rest as you just obey.

DT 31:8 The LORD himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.

Facing Reality?
NU 14:1 That night all the people of the community raised their voices and wept aloud. 2 All the Israelites grumbled against Moses and Aaron, and the whole assembly said to them, "If only we had died in Egypt! Or in this desert! 3 Why is the LORD bringing us to this land only to let us fall by the sword? Our wives and children will be taken as plunder. Wouldn't it be better for us to go back to Egypt?" 4 And they said to each other, "We should choose a leader and go back to Egypt."

I just want to encourage you today to hang on to all that God has told you and promised you, because we are standing at the very threshold of many miracles and fresh empowerment's by God, so you are bound to have more warfare and temptations to doubt than ever before. If you are right at the end of your wilderness satan loves to sit down with you and have a "get away from Jesus meeting" by pragmatically reasoning with and you telling you that you just need to get real and face the facts and reality of your life, and move forward and forget about

all this promised land hooey and nonsense once and for all. He will say that your whole life has been cursed already, so why bother believing that anything else will ever change now?

The Israelites first had to spend the first part of their lives as slaves in Egypt, and then they seemed to languish the rest of their lives away in some God-forsaken wilderness that just went nowhere year after year. One of the things that the Lord told me once was "Inner growth is always more important than outer productivity". And that is exactly what the wilderness is like, and in the end it looks like your life has been wasted and ruined and every demon on the face of the earth will come around to confirm that. It's just pure garbage and you shouldn't listen to it. You are not a failure, you didn't waste your life following God, and you haven't seen the end yet because if you were dead you wouldn't be reading this right now.

I saw a vision once of a woman in the first wilderness sitting on a piece of wood by their campfire and you could see the tracks of her tears flow down her dusty face as she buried her face in her hands and she said this in a very low voice "I can't believe I let God do this to my life!", and then the view panned up and I could see a demon standing there whispering these things word for word into her ear. We need to all stand up right now, dust ourselves off, and just say "live or die, we will trust God to the very end". Did you really sacrifice everything just to run away from God's will now? No, of course not. And what would you run to?, your old life is long gone now. So don't believe what you see on the outside, hang onto God and all the words and promises that He gave you long ago, because they are real and they will happen just as He has said.

JOS 1:9 Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go."

"My Kingdom Comes!" My dear one, all of your life you have lived in the world and interacted with others based on the worlds systems and ways, but I would tell you this day My precious child, that in the days, months, and years to come you will begin to live, move, and act as an actual citizen of heaven, because My kingdom comes and as it does all that is seen and experienced here where I live in heaven, will also be experienced through my people in the world here on earth. Even as I have taught you to pray " Your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven", in these last days My Bride will walk fully in the power, glory, and blessing of My kingdom, and all that can be experienced here where I live, will also be experienced there where you live. There will be no distinction in My last days people between those that live in heaven, and those that live on earth, and the earth will see heaven through you My people. No longer will you suffer poverty, sickness, sin, sorrow, or sadness, because My kingdom is bringing you blessing, wholeness, righteousness, peace, and joy to all of My people. So My love be ready to shed your earthly ways and to clothe yourself with all of the ways of My kingdom and of heaven, for you will even have access to My realm in these last days. Rise up and take your place in this last harvest My dear one, for behold, My kingdom comes!

Living By The Rules RO 14:17 For the kingdom of God is not a matter of eating and drinking, but of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit, 18 because anyone who serves Christ in this way is pleasing to God and approved by men. I just want to share a basic truth that can help to greatly improve your life. You see, as we walk through life and learn more we realize that things are actually much more simple than we might think. God built basic life rules of right and wrong into the root programming of our hearts which is called a conscience, and when we break these laws usually an alert goes off in our soul telling us that we are doing the wrong thing instead of the right thing. God's long term kingdom is made up of righteousness, or people who are willing to consistently do what is right. The earth and life are just a testing ground to see who will be obedient or not. DT 30:19 This day I call heaven and earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live There are some things in life that we have no control over like the body or family we are born into. We also have no control over how other people around us break God's life rules and hurt us, but we do have control over whether we do the right or wrong things in our life. Doing right brings God's blessing and approval, while doing wrong brings a curse and God's disapproval. He doesn't do this to be mean or to single us out, He just needs to promote the right in front of everyone, and discourage doing the wrong as an example to everyone around us. God's wants good examples to bless in front of others so that they will in turn do right. GE 4:7 If you do what is right, will you not be accepted? But if you do not do what is right, sin is crouching at your door; it desires to have you, but you must master it. God has high hopes for us from the start, but satan does everything he can to damage us and destroy our trust so that we only trust in ourselves and in the wrong ways that we use to deal with life's problems. Sin is just life-cheating and satan loves to get us into habits of breaking God's life rules so that the abnormal becomes normal to us. Hell is full of damaged people that learned to cheat in life and break God's life rules from a very young age. God knows that there were some very powerful reasons why they chose to life-cheat, but He also knows that we are all responsible to come to Him for help, rather than by breaking His rules. DT 11:26 See, I am setting before you today a blessing and a curse-- 27 the blessing if you obey the commands of the LORD your God that I am giving you today; 28 the curse if you disobey the commands of the LORD your God and turn

from the way that I command you today by following other gods, which you have not known. If you have lived a life that seems consistently cursed and disapproved of by God then you have an opportunity to turn that all around today by changing your life choices. If you are sick of always being on the loser end of the stick then look through your life and identify any area that you are breaking God's life rules and start doing right. God knows that you want a better life, but He must play by His own life rules just like we need to. God can only bless people that are willing to live by His rules. Today can be your turning point from death and curses, to life and God's blessing, so be willing to live by His rules and you will be blessed. JER 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

"I Have Saved My Best For Last" My dear one, I have heard you sighing and wondering why your life seemed to be so limited compared to that of others, and I want you to understand My heart and purposes in how I carefully guided your life so that the evil one cannot discourage you. You see My love, even as I told you that it was very hard for a rich person to enter My kingdom, I allowed your life to be purposely restricted in order to make it easier for you to enter My kingdom, and to surrender your limited life to Me when the time came so that you could more easily embrace My plan for your life. If I had allowed your life to grow to the point that regular people's lives do, it would have made things much harder to give up once the choice for your calling came. You had less to trade in than a greatly accomplished person does, so this was actually a blessing and mercy for your life, and you are not cursed. Trust in My unending love for you. Do not be disheartened this day My dear one, for even though your outward life seems to have produced little up to this point, your inward life has greatly developed and now you have reached a level of maturity and reliability that I can easily promote into a greater position of service. Like many of My servants throughout history that were either restricted or denied the normal things in life in order to serve Me, I have saved the best for last in your life, and your end will be much greater and more wonderful than most other peoples lives around you. You are not too old, your life was not wasted, and it is never too late for Me to bless and use you. My power and blessing are coming even as I speak, and I have kept careful track of all that concerns you. Trust Me to the very end My love, and do not listen to the lies of the evil one, for My words are trustworthy and true, and I have surely saved My best for last for you. Lonnie Bret Mackley


My Wilderness Experience I had a good job, I was married and active in church, but I had a few secret sinhabits in my Christian life that although I felt I was keeping good control over them for the most part, I also knew I was walking on dangerous ground spiritually because of them. I wanted to be free, but I just thought I needed my habits, and that God would just miraculously take them away if He really didn't want me to do them anymore. I had failed in trying to fix myself or to live a socalled "holy" life, and I was so tired of trying and failing over and over again for so many years. I had spemt my life doing spiritual good works that I thought would counteract my bad works but deep inside I knew I was in trouble. Then it seemed as though someone just pulled the plug on the life that I had so carefully built, and had worked so hard to keep control of. I was then suddenly laid off in a mass layoff at my work, my then wife had decided to bail and get a divorce, my grandmother who raised me died, I couldn't pay my bills, I was being evicted, and I found it almost impossible to get work. I felt like Job in the bible wondering what bad thing was going to happen to me next. Everything seemed to be coming unraveled, and I no longer had any ability to control anything like I used to. Even my sin seemed to spew out uncontrollably. I was getting caught for everything that I used to hide so easily. I was scared, perplexed, and I thought that maybe God had finally just decided to give up on me and leave me to disobedient self. Everything in my life was being shaken apart, as if in a violent earthquake that wouldn't end. Whatever was happening, God had my full attention. Then early one morning I woke up with what felt like an energy surging through me, which I suspected was the Holy Spirit's power, but I didn't know why this was happening. Later that morning while asking God what was going on, the Lord spoke to me more clearly than I have ever heard, He said "I am coming very soon, and I need to prepare you. You will see a great revival in North America, and you will see many people saved in this great harvest of souls. But first, I must build a new foundation in you". I was amazed and excited, and I ran around the house like a deer. I then went into an intensive time of study and isolation. I still served at church, but well meaning people in church were beginning to understand less and less what was happening to me, and like Job's counselors, they all wanted to tell me how to fix my life. I never really liked reading that much, but all the sudden I couldn't get enough of it. The Holy Spirit was helping me to learn things quickly, and directing me on what to study. I was also on a very strict path of direction and finances where I could not afford to play around financially. I lived with people, and slept on a lot of couches; it was an adventure every day to be sure. I

was suddenly pulled out of the worlds normal system of careers and finances, but the Holy Spirit still gave me odd jobs to make money that didn't distract my focus from His daily training and time of transformation. I felt very frustrated and rebellious at times, like Jonah trapped in the great fish. But no matter how much I cried or complained I could not manipulate God into letting me out of this strange new life. Time seemed to stop for me, while others around me just went on with their lives. Whenever I would rebel and try to push for a way of escape, I could feel the Holy Spirit sternly warn me to stop and return to His training. I would relent, but my pride was taking such a beating from all the people who just didn't understand why I didn't just fix my situation like they could fix theirs. I had a lot of advice from others, but little true discernment mixed in with it. They meant well I suppose, but they just didn't understand what was going on, and I’m not sure if I understood it all that well myself at the time. God just seemed to cut off every means of help in my life except through Him. I still went to church, and I cannot explain my humiliation when the same food that we used to give out to the poor, was laid at my doorstep. I had to swallow my pride until there just wasn't any pride left to swallow. God knew exactly what to do to go after my fear of man, and my need for approval. As the days and weeks progressed, the Holy Spirit showed me the roots of all my pain and fear that Satan had sown into me as a child. He showed me all of my sin and not just the obvious ones, but also all of the pride, old fears, and dark attitudes that lived in my heart. It was very humbling and I just wanted to crawl into a hole sometimes and die. I was dying, but in a good way. It was very hard to have Him show "Me", the real "Me", with all my selfishness, and raw, unsweetened sin. Without His help though, I tended to excuse or minimize my bad behavior. As the years went by, and I lived my "disconnected from the world" life, I learned to just relax and trust God more and more. I mean, what choice did I really have? Where was I going to run? I couldn't go back to my old life (Egypt), because God had allowed it to be so thoroughly destroyed, and that bridge was burned into a heap of ashes. I couldn't go forward (Canaan), because I was not ready, and God would not let me go until I was truly ready. I would be defeated if I attempted push my way out of the wilderness prematurely and into the Promised Land (God's future plan of higher anointed service). I learned that daily cooperation and obedience was the fastest and the only way to get through my wilderness. I got licensed in ministry in a prophetic fellowship in Washington state, then I was invited to go to California and lead worship for a conference there. I went to another meeting while there where there was a fiery little prophet teaching, and I felt drawn to this man. I led some worship for him, and we both felt led to work together. So I moved to California and served in the prophetic, discipleship, worship, and home church ministries. We had to live by faith for everything and every day was a new adventure of learning and serving to be sure. When I finished there, I was led to Canada where I married a lovely Canadian girl that I

had met while ministering at a house church ministry in California. I have spent a number of years here now, and I have served in a number of different types of ministries. There are many wonderful people here in Canada, and I have really enjoyed my time here. Plus it gave my wife and I a chance to grow together spiritually as we continued to walk through the wilderness and live by faith for everything. In 2002, I all of the sudden felt like I just couldn't keep going to my current church. I felt like a car with no gas, and no matter how hard I tried, it just felt like running a marathon to go. I had been so involved in everything, and the idea of not going to a church seemed crazy. My attendance became spottier and spottier until I finally just stopped going altogether. I have learned that God can attract or repel us to or from anything He wants, and if He isn't giving you the juice to do it, then you are doing it on your own and it is not necessary or required. Even when I looked for other churches, the same strange restriction was there. I learned to relax and just trust God that He is the one who feeds His sheep, and that we are the Church, and not a building. God is finished with any religious gathering that does not let Him directly lead. God is doing a new thing and taking the Church to the streets and malls, He just needs to get us ready with as few distractions as possible. Some people get taken out of church, some don't. God only knows why. Now it has been a number of years later, and I am so thankful for this wonderful blessing of the wilderness experience, and for my time apart from the regular church system. Now the responsibility to daily feed myself falls upon me, rather than just getting a quick religious fix once or twice a week. Plus, I am not pulled around and controlled by my sin like before. I am more loving and real (hopefully), and I have a compassion for those who struggle to overcome their sin problems. I know now that God just wants to grow us up so that He can empower us. Like any other responsible parent, God will mature us before He gives us something that could hurt us, or hurt someone else. God’s power for healing, and His authority to cast out evil spirits needs to be given to people that can live a consistently holy, loving, and stable life. I was none of those things before. I am at the end of my wilderness experience now (I hope and pray), and I am so thankful that I am not a slave in Egypt anymore, or a legalistic self-righteous Pharisee, and that God will help me to stand in the future battles of Canaan. Every day of course is a choice to be obedient, but I am free now to do what He wants without falling or running, or throwing a big fit. I had nothing but my sin and problems to offer Him when I entered this lonely expanse, and now He has given me so much in return. Thank you Lord, for this wonderful experience. Remember, God only starts what He knows can be finished. No matter how hard this wilderness experience seems right now for you, God will help you to make it through this desert of transformation all the way to the end, and you will go forward and fulfill your destiny in the earth to help and save many people.

What Is The Wilderness? You may ask, "What is this modern Christian wilderness experience thing? Will I have to go live in the desert, wear camel’s hair, and eat bugs for a number of years?" Simply put, in the wilderness God takes away your normal ability to manage your life, and He leads you into an intensive time of purification, transformation, training, and inner-healing. In this modern wilderness, the wilderness comes to you, and your life as you know it ends. It is the Holy Spirit helping the Bride to make Herself ready. It is happening to many Christians right now. In this wilderness, the Holy Spirit transforms you from the inside out, and deals with all of your sin and pain from the past. Your career, your church-life, your relationships, your marriage, your residence, your finances, your sanity, and everything else gets "shaken" by the Lord. Whatever remains, will only be what is part of His new plan for your life. How Do I Know If I’m In It? Hopefully this list below will provide you with a simple guide to be able to clearly determine whether you are actually in the wilderness, or whether you are just having a bad decade. But if you are in fact in the wilderness, then the following signs and symptoms that I describe below should be somewhat familiar to you. These are the signs: 1. Everything in your life suddenly seems like you've lost normal control of it. You might feel like there is an unseen force that is resisting or blocking your usual efforts to make the regular decisions you used to be able to make in your life without much of a problem. This includes where you work, your relationships, where you live, what you own, what you can or cannot do, and what or whom you are normally responsible for. You may find yourself getting very frustrated, annoyed, and frightened during this time as you are blocked from calling the normal shots in your life like you once were able to easily do. 2. The grace is gone. The normal grace (divine assistance) to succeed and progress in your life is suddenly missing. It's like the car just ran out of gas, and the only way you can make it go forward is to push it yourself. Before, God may have allowed you to choose, and He gave you the strength and ability to be part of that relationship, church, place of ministry, or job. But now you feel like a stranger, where before you used to feel like you fit and had a place with that certain person or group. During this time, you may only have what or whom God wants in your life because He wants as few distractions as possible while He is changing you in the wilderness. 3. The old unhealed areas of pain, and sin problems you used to keep fairly buried or under control are suddenly coming to the surface full force. And you don't seem to have the usual ability you used to have to ease the pain or keep yourself from sinning in that area. You may find yourself finally grieving over a

loss, or traumatic event that you had long since buried, but has been secretly sapping your strength for many years. Plus, if you have practiced any secret sin habit, you may suddenly have less self-control over it, and you will most likely be getting caught much more easily, like someone or something is supernaturally causing it. Your hidden problem will be exposed to everyone so that you will be forced to face it and receive God’s to help to finally be free from it. 4. You have a sense of being pulled away from the world, and into an intensive time of introspection, study, prayer, and just spending time alone with God. Your normal attachments to the world’s obligations suddenly have no support from God and you now live fairly off the grid. It's almost like driving on a highway and all of the sudden your car takes an exit and stays parked in a secret spot while you sit and watch all the other cars buzz by. You may feel like a ghost that is still living in a body during this time, and whoever you used to be doesn't exist anymore. Your old life is gone, and the road that was before you has ended and you're not really sure what to do, or where to go next. 5. Your finances dry up except for the bare essentials. All of the sudden, it gets very difficult to pay your bills, almost to the point where you are beginning to wonder if you are going to end up living in the woods, or whether you will even survive at all. The regular money you used to have to pay your normal bills suddenly gets dried up except for what is actually needed for your basic survival. It's like the depression of 1929 just came to you personally, and you are wondering what in the world's going on. You may find yourself going to food banks for the first time, or having people give you money to get by. This may vary a bit if you have kids, but it will still be some slim pickings for a while. You learn to live by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God for everything in your life and all other previous means of support or direction is now very limited. There are other signs and symptoms to being in the wilderness, but these are the five basic signs that should tip you off as to whether you are actually in the wilderness or not. If you don't see most of these things happening in your life then chances are that you are not in the wilderness but just going through a trial or you are just having a tough time with life for some other reason. Rest assured though, if you are a true Christian then you can expect God to lead you through His wilderness boot camp at some point. It is time for the Bride to make herself ready and nobody will be left out.
REV 19:7

Let us rejoice and be glad and give him glory! For the wedding of the Lamb has come, and his bride has made herself ready.

A Brand New Life

My dear one, you have lived a certain way for a very long time in a wilderness type setting and now you have reached the end of this long process of change and things feel very dead and desolate to you, but I am about to give you a brand new life. I am the God of springtime and I cause what looked dead to suddenly have new and fresh life and I can do the same thing with your life. You see things through your own ability to change things which has nothing to do with My ability to change things. I am going to be giving you fresh and new assignments that will inspire you and give your fresh zeal to go forward. I am going to be visiting you and filling you with a fresh infilling and anointing of My Spirit that will make your spirit enter a springtime of your soul. This is a day of fresh and new things my child so look to what I can do rather than what you cannot do. Though things have been a certain way for a very long time dear one they are about to change, and all that was old will be replaced with the new!

A New Blessing Comes My dear one, I have seen you grieving over some of the sacrifices you have made for Me because now you realize that some of them are permanent and they will not be returned to you in the way that you wanted. But you must know My love that I saw all of this beforehand and it does not affect My plans to bless and use you in this world. I know your heart was deeply set on having your blessing fulfilled the way you wanted it to be, but I also know what is really best for you and others involved in your blessing. There has been a sharp contrast between your life and those around you where you think you look like a failure and this is just not true. Success in My kingdom and success in the world is vastly different. My goal has been to change and heal your heart so that I could greatly use you in the earth. If I had given you some of the same blessings that you see others have it would have just distracted and slowed down the progress I needed to make in you. I know it has been a long time but change is here. Although I did bless Job with more children and things that he lost he was still not given back the original ones and he still missed them at times. Your life was shut down long ago so that I could prepare you for My power and the great harvest, but that day is ending now and I am granting you brand new life. The blessing that I give you in place of what you feel you lost will be much more satisfying and wonderful than you can imagine. Trust in My love and faithfulness to you because a new blessing comes.

A New Door Will Appear

My dear one, you have waited for a long time now and you have faithfully walked through each door that I presented to you. But those doors were only temporary avenues to accomplish my purposes, they were never meant to lead you very far away from your place of training and preparation. Now you have reached a place of true readiness to go forward so a new larger door is about to appear that will lead you into a place of major change where your whole life will be different in just about every way. You have now ended this phase of your walk with Me and you are about to begin a new leg of the journey that I have called you to travel. Though you have ended the old thing, you have not yet entered the new thing, so try to be patient and just know that you have not gotten off course, you are just in a time of transition. Sometimes I will allow a space of time to exist between the old and new so that once I bring the new there will be no wanting to run back to the old. Now you are truly ready for the new. You are a new wineskin that is truly ready for new wine so get ready to be poured into until you are overflowing. I will be sending you to many people and sending many people to you in order for My power and miracles to be brought forth so that many would believe in My name and be saved. No matter how many old doors led to only short paths this new door will lead to a very long new path. I have done everything to build your faith so now My precious child expect your new door to appear very soon.

A New Foundation My dear one, I have seen you grieving and lamenting over your old life and how it appears that you have accomplished so little on the outside, but I would tell you this day My love that you do not fully see all the good and necessary changes I have made on the inside. I allowed the visible house of your life to crumble so that I could fix and repair the foundation that it stood upon. Now you stand on a new foundation. Before we began you did not see all of the cracks and damage that had been done to the old foundation of your life, so I had to shut everything down to show you so that you could fully appreciate the need to change. You do not realize how much I have built Myself in you and how much of the old damage has now been repaired. Now you stand ready for Me to build upon the new foundation that's been created in your life. I realize My love that the evil one has been tempting you to focus upon the rubble of your old life that lies around you, but I would call you to look down and see the new foundation you are now standing upon. Do not entertain the lies that say I do not care about you or want to bless you, because I surely do. Continue to keep

your faith and focus upon Me and do not doubt Me, for you now stand on a glorious new foundation.

A New Phase My dear one, for many years now you have been in a training, healing, serving, learning, and growing phase of your life, but now you are about to step into a brand new phase of your life that you have never experienced before. This new phase will dominate your life until you see Me face to face. This new phase you are soon entering will be walking in My power and in the greater spiritual works meant to bring in this last harvest of souls in these last days. You have wondered why your life has been so different from many others around you, and it has been to prepare you for this power phase of your life. There is a great accountability and level of responsibility that is required for those who will consistently walk in My power, so I begin preparing and shaping their hearts at a very early age for this. All of the sacrifices and restrictions you have experienced in your life will pay off, and you will be so glad for it. I have called you to step into complete repentance, complete obedience, and complete holiness, My dear one, so take this step now and do not waste any time, because the time is short to qualify for what I will do next in the earth. Come to me and seek Me in prayer and I will be found by you, because now you have given Me all of your heart and life. Get excited My love, for this new phase of your life is about to begin, and you will not be disappointed.

A New Road Begins My dear one, you are at the end of the road after a very long leg of your journey, and although you may feel very broken, spent, and weary right now, I am coming with new life and fresh strength to begin a new road that is about to appear. This new road will not be like the old road you are leaving, but do not forget all that you have learned from your journey on the old road because it will help you to make proper decisions in the days just ahead. You had to complete the old road first in order to begin the new one. The evil one has been tempting you to leave your post right now and to go back and try to rebuild your old life because nothing ever seems to be happening for you. But understand My love that I cannot build on a foundation until it is completely sound and repaired from any damage that could cause what I build on it to collapse. You must remain at your post and just know that although you do

not understand what I am doing, I do, and I know that all this hard work will lead you to My power and blessing. This new road has many new and wonderful miracles waiting for you. These mighty miracles will be things you have long waited for, and some of them will leave you with your mouth hanging open because you will even be surprised at what I do. Know this dear one, that I greatly love My children and I long to bless them all the time, but I am limited by what is healthy for them and for those around them, so I wait just like you would wait for your child to grow up so that they can be responsible with what I give. Right now you are seeing your used up self, you feel old and finished, but you must understand that I am the God of new life and it does not matter how you feel right now, it only matters what I am able to do to restore and refresh you. Do not give up or try to go back right now dear one because you are sitting at the finish line and you just need to stand up and walk across it. Trust in My love and do not wait until I move to praise Me, for just as I was with you on your old road, so will I be with you on this new one.

A Season Of Many Releases My dear one, for a short while now you have been in a season of many changes, but now you will be entering a season of many new and exciting releases that will reinvigorate and restore you in many ways. I will be releasing many things in heaven, and many things in the earth in order to accomplish My good will for mankind, and to harvest the souls of those who would respond to My calling. Though you thought your life was over, it will now begin again. I will in the days ahead be releasing you from certain things that you have been involved in for a while now, and I will also be releasing My power to heal and perform miracles at the same time. I will be revealing new paths to you that were right in front of you but were hidden until you were ready to walk in them. Many of the things I now do will astonish you because they will be things that come completely from Me alone, and not things that you worked for. Give Me this day My dear one your full obedience and make a complete commitment to walk in consistent righteousness from now on. You must never again return to those things which brought you death before, and you must now walk fully only in those things that bring you life. This is your day to receive some of your reward, but some things I will do simply because I love you. So My dear one, expect to walk in a season of many releases now.

A Stable Foundation

My dear one, I want to comfort you this day with the knowledge that all I have been trying to do for you, is to create a stable foundation for your life so that I can build very high upon you, and flow through you with My power. You are not cursed or thought of as less valuable by Me just because your circumstances are much more restricted than that of those around you. My heart has always just been to help you by stripping away the old house that rested on top of your damaged foundation, and then by repairing all the cracks in that foundation. There is no need to look at the other houses that are standing around your bare foundation My love, because I have caused your foundation to go much deeper, and the end result will be a much taller building later on. Plus those other houses you have focused on have cracks and damage in their foundations, just like yours did. Once I see a consistent obedience and that the cracks are truly repaired, I will begin to build a beautiful new house on your finished foundation. If I built on a damaged foundation, the great weight of that home would destroy it. Help Me dear one to put the finishing touches on your foundation, and try not to be sad or discouraged just because you are weary at the end of it all. Come to Me and let Me refresh and restore you, rather than complaining that you do not have a house upon your foundation like others do. Once I begin to flow through you with My mighty power, many people will be inspecting your foundation, so I just want it to be right, especially for your sake. So trust Me My love and just know that My heart all along has only been to give you a stable foundation.

A True Overcomer My dear one, you have had a difficult and challenging life full of seeming denials and disadvantages compared to other people, and lately you have been looking at your life and feeling like you have accomplished very little. But I would tell you this day My love that what I have been developing in you inside is much more valuable than what you could have accomplished on the outside. You see, I have helped you in life and I have caused you to be an overcomer with a wealth of experience and faith that I can use greatly to help many others. You have been given great spiritual riches where many other people are spiritually poor. I have shaped My heart in you and that is priceless. Now the deep foundation is complete in you and I can build the high building I have planned to build through you. Though your life seems empty and broken I have caused you to overcome all past pain and sin and you will be used mightily to testify and help many others who need the same help that I gave you. Rise up this day My love from your death bed and realize that it is time for a miraculous resurrection in which I will live through you. Do not see your life as less than other peoples lives because it is what is done in the human heart that really counts and what will last. So do not grieve over what you do not see in your life, but rather rejoice that you are a true overcomer.

Always Mix It With My Love My dear one, there will be many busy days ahead that will involve many different people. Some of these people will be nice and they will add to your strength and your ability to do my will, other people will not be so nice and they can drain you of your strength and have the effect of hindering your progress if you let them. But I would call you to mix everything you do in the days ahead with My love because my love is the foundation for all that happens in My kingdom. When you walk in my love with everyone you will always do things from the right motives and you will never need to figure out how to treat each person, it will just flow from you naturally and effortlessly. Do the works that I call you to do and flow with My Spirit and My love. Allow other people to do their part and do not try to accomplish your work or theirs by the power of your flesh. You will know when you are in your flesh when you lose My peace and strength, and your ability to do the work will suddenly seem missing. You must stay filled up with My love and you do this by spending daily intimate personal time with Me and by letting Me fill you afresh with My power and virtue. I have told you that My yoke is light and that My burden is easy so do not bother trying to add things to the load I give you. Staying obedient and filled is more important than staying busy. Remember My servants Mary and Martha and how each of them tried to serve Me in different ways. You will receive your strength to serve by sitting at my feet, and then your work will not seem so draining. What can you really give people beyond what I give you anyway? Nothing lasting. I operate a kingdom that runs on My love and My power even in the midst of turmoil, so walk in My love and stay strong. I am the Vine so receive my daily nourishment in order to bear fruit. No matter what you do, who I ask you to help, or how they might treat you, always mix what I call you to do with My love and you will stay filled and full of everything you need to do what I call you to do.

Be Chosen My dear one, as I have said in My word, many are called, but few are chosen. Things like sin, idols, unbelief, unforgiveness, and other things prevent some of My called children from maturing and overcoming, but I have worked very closely with you and I know that you can be one of those that are not just called, but indeed chosen to be used in My great harvest.

Lay aside now all that has hindered you from before, and break away from everything that has prevented you from being chosen in the past. This is a new day with new opportunities to be obedient to Me, but know this, the time has come where all must decide whether they will be chosen or not, and you must make the firm and full decision right now to be chosen. Look no longer to the past or to what is behind, but look only to the present and to all that is possible to those who will live fully obedient to Me. You have the potential my dear one to not only be called, but to be chosen as well, so take the final steps necessary to qualify for this status in My kingdom. You will not be sorry if you do, so My love, be one of My chosen.

Be Earnest And Repent My precious child, the day has come where you must completely set yourself apart and walk fully obedient before Me. If you fully repent then you will be greatly blessed, but if you persist in rebelling against Me, then you will face a more severe correction than you have ever experienced before. I realize that this is a more serious word than usual My love, but the days ahead will be perilous, so My people must learn to walk in complete obedience, or I will have no choice but to correct them along with all the others who walk in disobedience. Even as My people were corrected in the days of Ananias and Sapphira, so the day has come once again for a more severe correction in My house. Do not be made an example of what happens to the disobedient My love, but rather be an example of those who fully repent and then walk in My full power and blessing in these last days. The day has come where My people must learn to walk fully in the ways of My kingdom, so make the choice today to turn away from all darkness for good this time, and to walk totally in My holiness and light. I have given you all the time, revelation, and understanding that you have needed in order to repent, and I have been very patient with you throughout all these years. I have shown you much grace when you sinned, but the day has come where you must indeed repent, or face the consequences of those who stubbornly choose sin over obedience. I would call you this day to choose which side of the camp you will stand on. Obedience or disobedience. Be on the obedient side and be blessed and leave the side of the disobedient who will be punished. You have made so much progress already My love, so do not take this as just a critical or condemning word, but rather I am admonishing you to make a full and lasting commitment to walk in complete obedience, rather than just being mostly obedient but yet still reserving a few private sin idols that you run to when things get tough. Even My people in the land of Canaan destroyed most of the idol

shrines of the land, but they still left a few of them up in the high places. Be like My servant Josiah and tear down all of the high places in your life. I will have a pure and holy Bride in these last days who will walk in My full power and love, and no longer will I tolerate any sin, idolatry, or continuous disobedience in My people. You can either believe me now, repent, and be greatly blessed, or you will soon see that I am not exaggerating in the slightest, and be counted with those who continually break My laws. My heart is to bless you, not correct you, so choose obedience now. Be earnest and repent My love, and if you do, you will receive My blessing and power, and avoid any further correction.

Believe Again! My dear one, you have reached the very threshold of My promise being fulfilled in your life, but now you have become too afraid to believe again because there has been so many times that you thought it would happen, but it didn't. I would tell you this day My love not to be afraid to believe again, because My words always come to pass when the time is right, and when the person I am blessing is fully prepared to receive what I want to give them. There is no safety or blessing in doubt My dear one, even though you think it will protect you from being hurt again if you just push it all away. Even Abraham and Sarah were greatly tested because the fulfillment of their promise seemed to take forever, but they hung on until the very day that their promise was staring back at them. You too must hang on even if you are afraid to, because you will need what I am going to do for you in order to fulfill your call. Rejoice this day My love, because you are not My slave, you are My precious child. But because you are My child, I am very careful not to bring things into your life until you are truly ready. You know much better now just how what I do through you can affect other people's lives for the good and bad depending on how you use it. So decide today My love to believe again and to walk forward out of your cave of doubt. Believe, and I will indeed move.

Believe In My Goodness My dear one, I have seen your discouragement and disillusionment lately, and I have felt your pain and disappointment, and heard your words of questioning My goodness. I would tell you this day child to trust Me all the way to the end of this. My people in the wilderness long ago had a hard time trusting Me because first they were slaves all of their lives, and then they faced the hardships of the wilderness which made them easy prey for the evil one to sow discord and

discontentment in their hearts. They chose to grumble, complain, and accuse Me of wrongdoing, when all I was trying to do all along was to bless and help them. I realize My dear one that your life has seen less blessing than most other people around you, but it is no different of a life than I gave many people who have done great things for Me throughout history. When I call someone I begin to shape their hearts very early in life, and yes there is a contrast between their lives and the lives of those around them. But you must trust in My ultimate good, and that even though you have not seen much of My favor and blessing yet, it doesn't mean that things will be like this forever. I have planned to bless and use you in a great way from the very beginning, so do not lose hope now at the very end. The choice is yours My love, will you trust Me to the very end, or will you give up and give in to hopelessness and despair? Get up this day from your bed of mourning, grieving, and crying, and dry your tears. You have seen all of the good things I have done for you on the inside to prepare you, so trust that My motives are to bless you on the outside as well. I know that you just need to know this day that I love you, and that I value you like I do My other children. Settle things in your heart this day to serve and trust in Me all the way to the end of this My love, and believe in My goodness and desire to bless and use you in your life.

Come Closer My dear one, I have spent years repairing the foundation of your life by giving you revelations of the truths of My kingdom. I have taken you up higher and allowed you to see My kingdom more clearly, and now you know that the ways of this world and the things that people pursue in life are not as relevant or important as you had believed. Now you have reached a place where you have stepped away from the world, and you are longing to step closer to Me and to the realm that is truly your real home. I want to encourage you this day My love to indeed come closer, for I am here waiting for you. You now stand on the firm foundation of truth and righteousness that I have built in you, so what I can do in your life will not be so limited. Now you are ready to come up higher, and ready to go deeper, than you have ever gone before. Now what you long for is not only what I can do for you, now you just long for Me. And I also long for you, because it has been Me all along leading you here and creating this hunger inside of you to know and see Me as I truly am. I hear you knocking at My door right now and I want you to know that I will indeed open it up for you to come in, so do not give up. You have climbed a very high mountain day by day throughout these long years of preparation, but know this day that it is I who sits at the top of this mountain waiting for you to come and fellowship with Me. Come and seek Me in prayer and

be willing to wait before Me longer and I will indeed reveal Myself to you. This was the purpose of My creating you, so that you would know Me and walk with Me even as Adam walked and talked with Me in the garden. So My love, I beckon to you to come closer for the way is not shut to you. The door to My home is wide open so come now and enter in.

Command It To Go! My dear one, you are facing some serious problems right now and you have been crying out to Me and begging me to come and help you, but I would tell you this day to command this problem to go and you will be free. I have given you My authority to command all that is not of My kingdom to go but you must rise up in faith and do it. I know how desperate your situation and need is right now but I am trying to help you to stand up and step into the authority I have given you to receive what you need in life. Though your faith seems weak right now I would tell you to stand and to command this problem to go, rather than laying down and giving up. It doesn't matter how many times you have tried to command it to go in the past for I am doing new things in My people right now and you are ready to move up to a higher level of operating in My kingdom. If you lack faith and strength then ask Me for it and I will grant it to you. So My child I would tell you once again to stand up and command this problem to go!

Complete Deliverance My dear one, I know that you have prayed for deliverance from your problem but now things seem to be drastically worse and you are perplexed as to why this is taking place. You see My dear child, when you release control of your problem over to Me I know exactly what needs to happen in order for your problem to totally get fixed and what changes need to happen in your heart for you to completely be free for good. The reason you have not been able to get free is because you have been hanging onto your problem and because of that your will is in the way and the solution to your problem will be limited to your choices. I know what needs to really happen to change you so I will allow things to get so extreme that you will indeed be willing to fully let go of it for good. I always do things to create permanent change, not just temporary fixes. I know that you are frightened right now because you do not feel in control, but isn't that the problem in itself? You do not fully trust Me so you are constantly

wrestling for control over your life with Me and thus limiting the amount of help that I can give you. Let go this day My love and trust in My leadership and you will be fully free this time. This is your day for complete deliverance so let go and trust Me to totally set you free.

Critical Juncture My dear one, you have reached a critical juncture in your walk with Me where you may be tempted with depression, discouragement, and unbelief, because it seems like nothing is happening in your life right now, and that it is too late for you. Evil spirits have been trying to exploit this time of transition in your life to create doubt in your heart concerning My faithfulness, but you must reject these lies and continue to trust in My love no matter what you do or do not see happening in your life right now. Even as Abraham and Sarah were given a promise for a son they were still tempted later in life to doubt Me when the promise didn't come at the time that they thought it should. But nevertheless I was faithful to them and I will be faithful to you in just the same way. Guard your heart and mind with My word and remember My promise to never leave or forsake you. Right now you will have to fight to hang on to my promises just like Abraham did, so be found trusting and not doubting when I fulfill My words. My words are faithful and true and those who do not doubt them are blessed. I know you are weary of believing for things that never seem to happen, but you must learn to trust in who I AM, and not just in what I do for you. My timing is perfect. Come and seek me at this difficult time and listen closely for My voice. Worship Me right now even though you do not feel like it and you will break through your clouds of doubt and enter My realm of joy. So My love, continue to trust in Me at this critical juncture.

"Do Not Be Afraid, Only Believe" My precious child, some of my most effective trials come at some of your weakest and most vulnerable times. They come at times when it looks like all all is lost and that I have failed you, but I would say to you this day, "Do not be afraid, only believe". Believe that I am the God that can bring new life out of apparent death and that although you may not understand why something bad seems to happen, that I can bring ultimate good out of it, which is the growing and development of your faith in Me. Remember in My word when the rich man's daughter died, or when I allowed the storm to look like it was going to swamp the boat that had my disciples in it?

These things were allowed to happen so that My power and glory could be displayed in these situations, and so that their faith in Me could be increased by the miracle that I did for them. I brought that man's daughter back to life and I calmed the stormy sea just when it looked like all was lost. Do you think that your current situation is so different? You are standing at the threshold of a glorious time of restoration, joy, and harvest in the kingdom, but right now you are facing what appears to be an impossible situation where it looks like I have abandoned you. Do you honestly think that I would abandon one that I love so much as you? I definitely would not my love. I would call you this day to have faith in this dark hour and to trust in who I AM. Remember all that I have done for you and my constant faithfulness and mercy to you over the years. This is your day to stand my child, not a day to sit or to turn back in despair, doubt, or discouragement. You are My child and I expect you to act like My child by having faith in me when things look their darkest. Remember all the great compassion and mercy I showed you when I saved you, and how I have lovingly cared for you over the years. Why would I leave you now in your day of greatest need? Again I would say, I would not. Put on your armor this day and get ready for battle, for this is a day of victory, and not of defeat. Again I say to you my dear one, "Do not be afraid, only believe", and you will surely see my salvation, blessing, and glory in this situation.

Do not be dismayed I know you have seen the evil things that have been taking place in the Earth, and you have seen evil men apparently succeed in their evil plans. I have watched your eyes widen, and your mouth drop open as you viewed it. But I would say to you this day; "Do not be dismayed, or fearful because of evil men, and their evil deeds". Not even a molecule can move without my knowledge. I am aware of all things great and small. When a righteous nation rejects Me, and turns away from Me, I allow my protection to be lifted just enough to cause them to turn back to Me. But remember, I do not utterly forsake them; I still control what happens, and I am ready to receive any nation that humbly turns back to Me in true repentance. I will surely help them, and rescue them. I only allow enough trouble, to help them to see their need for Me; I provoke them to repent and return to Me. My intention is always redemption, remember that. I will do whatever is necessary to help a nation, or just one person to repent. My plans are perfectly thought out, and I know the outcome of each decision I make. I also care about those who would commit evil; some are truly evil, but most of

them are just ignorant, and deceived by the evil one. They are sheep that need the Great Shepherd. I want all people to come to know Me. "All People, All People, All People!". I know how to move upon a nation, or even one person that cries out to me for revival. I have surely heard your prayers and groanings to see revival, within yourself, your family, your nation, and the whole world. My Great Harvest has already begun, and I would call you to allow Me to finish preparing you completely, so that I can use you to help the greatest amount of people in this Harvest. Live completely and consistently in holiness, walk as I walk, and do as I do. Do not compare yourself with others, but rather compare yourself with Me; I am your Father. There is no time to waste, things are moving forward rapidly. I rejoice in giving you all the good things you need to succeed. I would call you to pray for those who commit such evil, so that I can help them, and save them. Pray, Pray, Pray! Bring your fear and anger to My alter, and allow Me to replace that hurt with My love. How can you help them with such pain inside your heart? Come to Me, and let Me heal your wounded heart. Ask Me to fill you anew with My Love, and My Spirit. I love them, as I love you. You were once lost, even as they are lost now. I can save them, just as I saved you; believe this. As I once had mercy upon you, I would call you to have mercy upon them. Who else will? Trust in Me, that I AM fully in control of everything, and that everything I do, is for the benefit of the individual, and mankind as a whole. Trust in My power and sovereignty; Trust in My good intentions; Trust in My great love and approval for you. I am with you, and I am working in the earth to bring salvation to all. All. Trust in Me, and do not regard the evil deeds, that evil men do. Do not be dismayed by evil, but rather, let Me use you to create good. I am coming soon, so be very courageous, and do not fear.

"Do Not Fear, You Will Cross Safely" My dear child, you have come to the edge of your promise land but now you are facing some obstacles that seem to block your path forward. I would tell you this day that just as I cleared the way for my people to cross the Jordan river safely into their promised land, so I will miraculously clear away what blocks you from going forward into all that I have promised you. Only know this my dear one, I still require you to continue to trust Me in this difficult hour and to continue to have faith in Me and to stay the course no matter what you might see challenging you right now. Have I not carried you safely thus far? Have I not fed you day after day? Yes, indeed I have and I will continue to do so. My faithfulness does not change just because your life does.

I know that you are weary right now and that you feel like you don't have even one more "trust" left inside you, but I would call you to receive My faith this day and My strength this day. I would call you to put on My armor and to receive My battle plan for the road ahead. Your strength lies in Me alone so take courage this day and receive fresh faith and strength from Me. Come before Me in your quiet place and let Me calm the turmoil and fear you feel inside you. I will be faithful to you no matter what you face my love and I am stretching your faith at a time when you feel like you don't have any left. Put your shoes on and be ready to cross as I tell you to, for surely I will clear the way before you and great joy awaits all those who do not give up in this final hour.

Do Not Trust In What You See, Trust Only In Me My dear one, I realize that your circumstances have gotten worse and not better lately, and because you are weary you have been tempted to just give up your hope and go back to find some other way to make your life work again. But you must know that the evil one has come in like a flood lately just before I move in order to try to discourage you and drive you into despair. I would tell you this day My love, do not trust in what you see, trust only in Me! I am never limited by how bad things may get. Do not give up your faith and trust just before My hand is ready to move on your behalf My dear one. I have been well aware of all these other things that are important to you, and those things are very important to Me as well. I am also well aware of all that you have sacrificed to follow Me. I do not keep slaves in My kingdom, but rather loving servants, so do not think that all I care about is what I want you to do for Me. I have felt all your heartaches, and I have heard each sigh and cry that you have made. This is a day when My people need to praise, worship, and thank Me no matter how bad or hopeless things may appear, and I will do mighty miracles for you if you do. I made the whole universe, so do not think that your problems are beyond my ability to fix them. But the development of your faith is what I have been working on for so long and not these other things. I had to remove every distraction from your life in order for you to focus only upon learning, growing, and repenting of all that limited you before. Try to just understand that it has been your spiritual growth and maturity that has been the most important thing during these recent years. These other things had to be set aside for a season until you were completely ready. You are so close to the end of your preparation now dear one, so do not give up or give in to depression or despair. I will do miracles for you no matter how bad things look or get. So do not trust in what you see, trust only in Me, and I will fulfill every good promise that I have made to you.

Doors of Decision While in prayer I saw a great crowd of people mulling around one door that said "Complete Obedience" on it. These people were holding a book in their hands that said "God's Word" so I believe these people were Christians. There was an outer half circle around these Christians made up of people and demons that knew these Christians and they were calling out to them to come away from the door, and to not go through the door of complete obedience. The crowd seemed to get more and more agitated as these Christians one by one all began to run through the door of complete obedience. On the other side of the door of complete obedience were many angels instructing people to go through a whole new set of doors labeled "Divine Opportunity" and they each one went through the door assigned to them. As everyone filtered through their doors of divine opportunity they all led to a vast harvest field full of what looked like huge supernatural vegetables and they all began to harvest. Jesus stood on a high rock above the field giving instructions to the many angels that were flying over the harvest field and they in turn gave His instructions to those who were working in the field. A great bounty was harvested and brought to Jesus up rows in large carts. This is what the Lord then spoke to my heart after seeing this vision: "My child, walk through the door of complete obedience now so that I can lead you through to My divine opportunities to be placed into this great harvest of souls in the earth. Do not hesitate or delay any longer, nor listen to the Enemy or those he speaks through that would try to hinder you. Great breakthrough and blessing await all those who make the firm and final decision to walk through My door of complete obedience".

Embrace Your Future My dear one, I had you deal with your past in order so that you could come to terms with it, let it go, and then move forward. I wanted to make sure that things were finally settled so that you could move ahead into your future and commit your heart and life fully to the new things I want to bring into your life. I want your focus to be on the here and now, and not on the painful dark things that have held you captive from your past. It is time for new joy, not for old sorrow, so do not lay down in your past anymore because only darkness and death remains there. If you remain there you will also die, so you must get up and start walking forward into My light, and into new life,

and new happiness. Why hang onto your past?, what lies there is only an illusion because those things are nothing more than a memory, they have no real life in them anymore. Those things that you have clung to from your past that I still want to keep in your life are actually waiting for you ahead not behind, and they will meet you as you step forward. My heart was never to take things from you to make you sad, but rather to take you aside and change and heal you so that I could give you many things to make you happy. So my child, step forward into My light, into life, and embrace your future.

Face to Face My obedient servant, you have been faithful to minister to everyone that I have asked you to, and you diligently learned how to minister and fellowship with other people electronically through the Internet. This has been a good benefit for everyone and it has helped you through your wilderness time to remain fruitful. It has also helped you to become more connected to other people who are in the same situation as you are. But now my love, I will be shifting you to more of a face to face type of ministry where I will flow through you in power and many people locally will find My salvation and miracles through you. You will also be traveling more and you will be connected to people face to face there that will be brought together for ministry to distribute My power and resources to the needy, and to live together as one large spiritual family. You and I will also be having more of a face to face relationship as you learn how to better connect and communicate with Me through intimate prayer. You will be working with My servants the angels who will help you to do My will in this harvest. You have longed to have a face to face relationship with Me because I have longed for that with you. Live holy, for your life and ministry are about to become much more face to face.

Fall In! My dear one, the call has gone out throughout all of My kingdom for all of My faithful soldiers to fall into their assigned places for immediate service in My great harvest. It is time to drop everything that you have been doing and to come without hesitation or distraction into My holy formation made up of those who are truly ready for battle. You must be completely committed to letting go of all sin, and to walking in full obedience.

I know you have heard My call and you are now making your way into the ranks, but you must hurry for this call is very urgent. All those who come with a full and complete commitment will experience my best. My power will be poured out upon all who fully and completely give themselves over for absolute service in this harvest. There is no time left to delay or prepare, so come right now because the door will soon be closed. It is time to leave behind all that hinders and distracts, and time to commit yourself fully to the great day of battle that is at hand. There is a vast harvest to reap and all who come to me now without any conditions or limitations will be used in a great way. Do not delay in running to your place in the ranks for there is no time left to wait. So My love come and fall in, for My power will flow through all who take their proper place.

Finishing Touches My dear child, I know that you are anxious to move forward, but I want you to know that I am accomplishing critical finishing touches in you right now so that you are fully ready to move on. These last few things that must change are important because if you cannot do the right thing now, then you won't be able to do the right thing later on. I have tested you in these areas many times and each time you have made a little more progress. Now you have reached a place where you must do the right thing the first time and every time, rather than lapsing into old behavior just because it seems more familiar and easier to do. This is your day to stand, and you will indeed stand. A finishing touch means that you are almost finished, so don't give up or digress back into error just because you get frustrated. You have lived for many years in the school of My Spirit so it has been a lot of difficult work everyday, but when the work is done you will be glad when you see how all these changes benefit you later on. You have reached the threshold where you are leaving your wilderness time and you are stepping into your promised land, but you are not going forward alone. There are many people who have gone through the same things that you have so that they could be healthy for you. So be patient and allow Me to put My finishing touches upon you.

Forward March

My dear one, can you sense a change in the spirit realm? I am sending out my Spirit and my angels to begin new works and to set My people in order by rank and file to get ready to march forward together as one. This is a day where everything will be made new and all that is of the past will be no more. This is a day of many new connections and new people being joined together to plunder the camp of the enemy. This is a day of great abundance and joy as My power and My word act like a sickle to bring in the sheaves of souls that have been made ripe and ready to be harvested. Though you have seen few changes for so long, now you will see many changes happening at once, some of which will feel uncomfortable to you at first, but know that I am with you and I will lead you forward with each step that you take. Stay in the rank that I set you in, and stay in step with the others that march around you. The unity of My spirit will call out the cadence and orders to know which way to walk. Keep your eyes straight ahead and do not allow old things to distract you or to break your stride. Rejoice my child, for this is your day to rise up and march forward into your destiny.

Get Back Up! My dear one, you have taken some brave steps lately and you are breaking out of old things that have bound you, but you have also suffered some setbacks and the enemy of your soul is trying to discourage you and convince you to give up and stop trying to change. But I would tell you My child to get back up and try again because you are indeed making progress and you will get the victory this time if you try again. You do not know how close you are to complete victory My love and the enemy is afraid and on the run, so draw your sword now and pursue him until he is completely destroyed. I am calling you to walk in complete holiness and obedience and I will show forth My kingdom life through you. You will become an example to others that complete victory over sin and the flesh is possible through My grace and strength. What was in the past will be no more and you must not give in to what you see, but rather you must refuse to accept the lies and defeat any longer. You are My beloved child and you will conquer in My name, and the enemy is afraid of what I will do to him through you so he is trying to intimidate you. This is your day to succeed, not fail, so I would tell you again to get back up, try it again, and the victory will be yours this time.

Get Ready To Be Launched

While in prayer the Lord showed me a large rocket rumbling on a launchpad and it looked like it was eager to be launched. The rocket finally took off and it flew until it appeared as though it was going to come down nose first into a large farming type of field. The field looked like it was at the end of it's growing cycle and that it was nearly ripe and ready to be harvested. But there was still some brown patches from no rain and some produce that had not grown to maturity even though the others had. As the rocket came down the nose exploded with fire and people and the fire and the people landed all over the harvest field. As soon as the peoples feet touched the ground they were all very busy and the fire engulfed them like a suit but did not consume them. Wherever they went the produce was set on fire and brought to maturity and health and then harvested. The people had harvest bags full of produce when they reached the end of the field. These harvest bags looked like they were four stories high, if not more. That was the end of what I saw, and this is what the Lord then spoke to me. My child, you have been brought to a place of maturity and purity and I am about to empower you and to send you out into My harvest field. I realize that you do not feel very mature or pure right now, but I see you differently than you see yourself and your sanctification has been created by My work, so I know when you are truly ready. My grace will help you with these last few remaining things that need to be made whole. Get ready to be very busy because people are in great need of My power and glory and great will be the demand for it in these last days. There will be great opposition at times, but I do not want you to bear the weight of My work alone. Allow those whom I join you with to help you and do not try to do it all by yourself. Just keep following and obeying My words and daily directions like you learned to do in your wilderness time. I will also restore, bless, and heal you as I send you out and great and many will be the miracles you will experience in the days just ahead of you. Do not be afraid to step forward as I now begin to open new doors of opportunity for you. Great will be the abundance of your harvest. So My love get ready to be launched out because ready or not, your day has come, and you will indeed be given new marching orders very soon.

Give Them My Love My dear one, you have prayed for My power for many years now and so this is right because I have placed those desires within you, but what I want you to give people the most is My love. You see, all of My gifts work only with My love mixed in with them so always allow My love to flow through. When you truly love people with My love then they are attracted to Me, and not just to what I can do for them.

When My love flows through you it will give you all the desire and energy that you need to serve others. Look at those you love already; you do the right things for them because you love and value them and you try to stop yourself from doing things that hurt them. It is good that you pray for My power, but I want you to remember first and foremost that My love and Spirit are what will draw all people to Me and save them. Be of good cheer My dear one, for indeed My power is in fact coming to you and will flow through you to help many, but you have to want it for the right reasons. My power flows on My terms and in My timing in order to reveal My glory and to draw all those involved to My salvation. I have been reshaping your motives and purifying your heart so that all will be right. So once again My dear one, go forth and give them My love.

Hang On To My Promises My dear precious child, I gave you a number of promises as we set out on this long road together many years ago, and you have held on to these promises for a very long time even though many things have happened which have tempted you to let them go. But I would say to you this day to hang on to My promises, for surely they will happen soon enough. My words always come to pass for those who believe and do not doubt. Even as My servant Abraham waited for a very long time to see the fulfillment of My promises, he did not let go of them or Me. He cried out in anguish to Me and I heard him the very first time he prayed. I have also heard you the very first time you asked Me, and I granted this prayer long ago. I just had to prepare you to be able to receive this thing so that it would not harm you or others, or become an idol or burden to you. What you have sought cannot be accomplished in the natural. You have despaired when you saw each chance in the natural for your miracle to happen, but the timing was not yet. I saw your tears and I felt your pain and disappointment each time, but you see, My promises are fulfilled through faith and not through your ability or earthly plans or means. You had to understand this truth from your heart, and now you do. Rejoice My love, for great will be your joy in the day that I do all that I have said that I would do for you. Receive all that I have promised you My precious child, and know that I delight in blessing My children. As you now know, My blessing takes much preparation with many difficult trials and many deaths to the vision. But you must not be afraid to believe again, for what I have promised you will surely happen quite soon.

"Hang On To Your Faith!" My dear one, you are about to see the fulfillment of many promises that I gave you long ago, but the evil one is trying to tempt you right now to let go of your faith by pressuring you to compare your life to other peoples lives around you. This is a critical time to hang on to your faith and to not give up because your miracle is right at the door and you can trust in My great faithfulness and love for you no matter what you may see, think, or feel. Comparing your life to other peoples lives around you will just cause you to lose your peace because I have deliberately dealt differently with you in order to prepare you for your calling which included many restrictions and hard trials. Just because I have limited your life in order to shape your heart does not mean that I do not want to bless you, or that I have forsaken you. Even my servants David and Joseph had lives that were very much different than those around them and they too were tempted to doubt Me, but they held on to their faith and were greatly blessed in the end by Me. I would call you today My loved one to hang on to your faith in just the same way and do not doubt that I want to bless you because I do. Continue to get rid of anything that blocks our fellowship and draw close to Me right now. I want to you to come closer right now and not further away, so hang on to your faith and be blessed.

Healing Is Coming My dear one, I placed My desire into your heart and gave you a word many years ago that I would one day flow through you with My power to heal the sick. This word is still alive and will in fact find its fulfillment in your life very soon. I know that right now you are also in need of healing, and I want you to know that healing is indeed coming for you, and through this miracle you will receive greater faith to pray for many others. You have been heavily restricted most of your life so that I could shape My heart in you and share my compassion with you for those that suffer, and I even used some of your problems to hobble you so that you would settle down and not be able to run off when things got tough. Now your preparation is complete and you will be fully restored and empowered in every way so that you can be totally ready for the work just ahead. Pray for all that I send to you and I will indeed heal them. Preach the great message of My salvation and kingdom to all who see, hear, and experience my power to heal. Trust that healing is coming for you very soon and that this is not your day to die, but rather your day to live and be healed so that many others

might also be healed. Rise up this day My love and receive by faith the fulfillment of My words of healing for you. Honor and Blessing My dear faithful servant, I am well aware of the depleted state that you now exist in because of the wilderness. I know you feel broken and spent and too used up to ever be restored, but you are thinking in human terms. I am able to take your used up life and breath new life into every area that appears to be very dead and lifeless. I am able to take your apparent dishonor and shame and turn it into great honor and blessing. You sacrificed your life when you went into the wilderness and now you know that that death is very real and very deep. You have lived like a ghost still in a body able to view your life passing by you but actually this was not death but rather transformation. Like the caterpillar you have stayed in a cocoon, but now you have been completely changed into a beautiful spiritual butterfly that will indeed fly and be shown off by Me. Though you have felt ugly, old, and used up, I can transform your life in a day and change everything. Have faith that I want to do this for you, not just for others, and that I am very aware of your suffering. You are not small, but rather you are spiritually tall. Did you honestly think that I would just leave you in your cave to die? I would not! Be obedient and take fresh hope for I will indeed give you honor and blessing very soon.

Honor For Disgrace My dear one, you have had to bear a lifetime of restriction and reproach, but the day has now come where I will trade your disgrace for honor, and your shame with favor. You must understand that these difficult circumstances were only allowed in your life in order to shape your heart and character into My heart and character so that I could help many people through you. I know how humbling this process has been for you, but it is only the truly humble that I exalt, because any pride left can spoil everything. I have heard your many sighs My love, and I have seen the many tears roll down your cheeks over the painful situation you have had to live in for so long, but I want you to know that I have not forgotten you, nor have I cursed or rejected you. What you have gone through is the same thing that many of My faithful servants throughout history have gone through to gain Me. There are many stories of faith yet to be added to My book, and in these last days you will see many mighty people of faith and valor.

I will do all I that I have promised for you, and I will vindicate My work in your life before those who have wrongly judged and ridiculed you. Only be humble My dear one and show love and mercy where it would be easy to say I told you so. Use all that I bless you with to preach My gospel and to lead those in need to Me. Fear not, for you will not go forward in lack, but rather you will go forward full of every good thing that you need. Take new hope, for this is the day that I trade honor for disgrace in your life.

Humbled To Be Exalted My dear one, I have seen you grieving over your life because of how different it has been from most others people's lives and what you were denied. But I would tell you this day that you were humbled in your life so that I could one day exalt you to a place of great service by Me to help many people just like My servant Joseph was. My servant Joseph suffered a lifetime of humiliation and rejection to prepare him for the great office he would one day occupy that would end up saving and helping many desperate and needy people. He bore great humiliation and reproach to do My will. So you too have lived a lifetime of restriction, rejection, and painful loss, but I would tell you that it is not because you are cursed, but rather because you are just being prepared to be raised up to serve at a high level. I have called you to walk in My power and in My blessing and these gifts require great humility and genuine submission to Me alone. Just because you have not yet seen my blessing does not mean that it will not come because it will indeed come very soon. Be encouraged this day My loved one and grieve no more, for you will soon rise from the dungeon to the throne room.

I Am Able to Keep and Restore You I have felt the sorrow and mourning in your heart, because you have said "I am too old now, and my life has been all used up in this wilderness, it is too late for me to ever be restored or used". I would tell you this day, that I am able to keep you, and restore you no matter how many years you have spent in this wilderness. And you will see, that your end, will be so much greater than anything you could have built through your own plans. I am even able to slow your aging and keep you fertile, even as Joshua and Caleb were kept young and strong through their long years in their wilderness time. I am also able to put lands and finances into your hands, that are already established. I am able to give

you offspring, even as I did for Abraham and Sarah at their old age. I am able and willing to do for you, what I did for My servants of old who also placed their trust in Me. Know this day, that I am the God who is able to keep and sustain. I am the God who creates everything from nothing. Do not look for your answers through human ways, but rather look for your answers through My power, and My ways. Trust in My great love for you. Would you withhold any good thing from your children? I just had to grow you up first, so that you would be responsible, and have the right motives for receiving it all. So, know this day, that you are not too old, and you are not too broken or used up, for Me to restore and use in this harvest. These years you followed Me were not wasted in vain. I deliberately restricted you from advancing in the world, so you need not feel guilty, or wonder if there was something more you should have done, but didn't. I understand all you have lost and sacrificed to follow Me, and also what you need to be restored. I AM the God who is able to keep and and restore. Now, trust Me to the end, no matter what.

I AM faithful to do all that I have promised My dear and faithful servant, you have waited long and you have sacrificed all to follow Me, and you did not even withhold your most precious things from Me when I asked them of you. Like My faithful servant Abraham who withheld nothing from My hand, you also brought your most precious things to My holy mountain and sacrificed them to Me. And even though you had tears in your eyes and a heavy heart, you still trusted Me and were obedient to give up everything in order to follow My calling. Now it has been a long while and like Sarah you have waited patiently, but also like her in your heart some doubt has been starting to creep in and create problems for you. Now because My grace and sense of presence has been decreased you have nothing but faith alone to hold onto, and that pleases Me because even now you have not let go of My promises, or stopped following Me. I have done this so that your faith would rest upon who I Am, rather than just in what I would or would not do for you. I would call you this day My love to rise up and put your faith back on for I am rising up and I am now moving on your behalf to bless and restore you. I have had everything carefully planned out from the beginning. It so pleases Me to bless you My love and I have just had to prepare you so that My blessing would not become a hindrance or distraction to you once you saw it manifest in the flesh. Now, I have purified your motives for wanting My blessing and and I have made you truly ready to receive it.

Let go this day of looking at what I have done for others, and just know that you stand alone in My eyes ready to be blessed and restored by Me. You do not know or see all that I have to do to prepare My other servants for what I place into their hands. What I have called you to do has required a much deeper preparation, and a greater level of maturity. Know this, that I Am powerful and faithful in all I say and do. So trust Me this day My love to be faithful to do all that I have promised I would do for you.

"I am Here Waiting For You" My dear precious child, I have seen you fretting and worrying about what you should do next and so far nothing seems to be working for you. You have gone from door to door trying to see if that is the right avenue to go forward, but none of them seem to be your way out. You have been crying out to Me wondering where I am and what you are supposed to do next and I would tell you now that there is indeed a door open for you where I will speak to you and that door is through intimate fellowship with Me. I would call you to come to Me in prayer and seek Me and you will find Me because I am here waiting for you already. Be fully obedient to what I have called you to repent of so that you will not be ashamed when you come before Me. You and I must develop a closer communication between us so that I can guide you in the challenging days ahead. I have planned many miracles and kingdom assignments for you so it is very important that you be able to be more closely and accurately led and directed by Me. You asked for My power long ago so that people would believe when you preached to them and I have been preparing you for many years for this very thing. My power and gifts flow through obedience and through daily fellowship with Me so be willing to come and develop a closer relationship with Me. I know that you have tried to do this in the past but this is a new day and a new place in Me. If you will come before Me daily I will indeed speak to you very clearly because I am here waiting for you now.

I Am Perfecting You

So many are feeling down. It is then that they are more susceptible to the attacks of the enemy. If they would only call out to Me, I would come to them and take away their pain. I long to hold them close to My breast. They lash out at others, even those close to

them, because they are in despair, and hurting, and it causes them to see things in a negative manner. They lash out at others, because they don't know how to handle their pain. Forgive readily, My children. Don't hold onto the pain and hurt, but call out to Me, and I will hold you close, and wipe away your tears. Trust Me with your loved ones. Live peacefully with everyone to the best of your ability. Remember that I am your strength. Watch your words, as those who are hurting will take things the wrong way. If they would only look up, they would see that I am all they need. I have given you joy and peace. I am your strong tower and refuge. You have tried Me, and found Me faithful. I alone give you abundant life. I alone am your healer. Praise Me. Talk to Me often, for I am right here with you. I know your every desire, your every need. I am perfecting you daily, shaping you into My image. I love you, My child. You are precious to Me. Keep on keeping on. Persevere, for I have given you the keys of the kingdom. Walk in My joy.

"I Am Still With You" My dear one, I have seen you worrying about many things these days, and because you have not felt My presence as much as usual lately, you have been wondering whether I am still with you as much as before, and I would tell you this day, "I am still with you". I have just been weening you off of some of the usual outside things so that you will begin to come closer and seek Me on the inside through a much deeper and more intimate time of prayer. Like My friend Martha in My word, you have allowed yourself to become very distracted by many outside problems and needs, but also like her, the answer to all that you seek can be found while sitting at My feet. I understand that you have not found prayer that rewarding in the past, but I want to lead you into a more intimate and satisfying way of communicating with Me where you can hear My voice more clearly and distinguish My voice from all others. I would call you this day to cease your striving and struggling, and to just come before Me and pray. Worship Me and be willing to listen more and I will indeed speak to you. Allow Me to cleanse you from all sin, and repent of anything that could block your fellowship with Me. My heart is to restore and empower you, so come with just the desire of knowing Me more and I will meet with you. So doubt no longer My love, because I am still very much with you.

"I Am Who I Said I Am" My dear one, you have reached a place in the road where you feel like you are ready to drop and that I have abandoned you. I have not. I am still with you just as much now as ever even though you do not see Me doing what you think I should be doing right now. I would tell you this day to continue to put your trust in Me because I am still completely aware of your needs and problems and they will be taken care of at the proper time in the proper way. Always know my love that I Am who I said I am. Like John the Baptist in prison, his circumstances were screaming at him to doubt me and the evil one whispered in his ear that I had abandoned him, but I sent people back to tell him that I am who I said I am, and this day I am doing the same thing for you. You must hang on to who you know that I Am this day my dear one for surely you will be released from your prison of pain and need very soon so hang on and do not give up or give in to sin. Know that I love you dearly and that help is on the way.

"I Just Can't Do This Anymore!" My dear one, I know that you are weary and I have heard you say "I just can't do this anymore!", but I would tell you this day to hang on because I will indeed be breaking through very soon on your behalf. This is a time where you will just have to trust in who I am alone because everything else around you will tell you to doubt and to give up. Even My servant Job went through such tests but He found strength in Me. Think back and remember all of the times that I have helped you. Did I give up on you then? No I didn't, so why would I give up on you now? I would not. Your faith must rest in my faithfulness and not in what I do or don't do for you. You must trust Me all of the time and not just part of it. When you are weary spend time with me rather than repeating what evil spirits are whispering into your ears and your faith will increase. Many wonderful and exciting things lay just ahead for you so continue to trust Me all the way up to their revealing rather than feeling ashamed that you grumbled before they came. I love you dearly and I am with you. I told you that I would never leave you and I will not. This is a new day for you My child and you are beginning a whole new exciting part of your life. Continue to trust in Me to the end and you will be blessed.

I Will Bless you Financially To my precious child in whom I delight and call "Friend". Over the years I have taught you much about walking in faith for all your needs by restricting you financially and by putting you into positions where you absolutely needed a miracle from me to meet your needs. I also taught you to receive from those with less than you, and to give to those with more than you, which created humility and exposed any hidden pride concerning your motives for giving and receiving. Although you got scared when I did not do some things in the way or the timing that you thought I should, you still persevered and determined to trust in me no matter what to wait upon me for my manna, and to not turn back to Egypt for your provision. Faith comes through need. Now we have entered into a new time and a new day where I am calling you to sow once again, for you are now entering into your promised land of abundance that I promised you so long ago, but you must be obedient and keep your eyes upon me as I bless and increase you financially. The day of just enough is over, and now I will give you more than enough to live on and to meet the needs of others. I would call you to meet the needs of many in a time of soon coming famine just like my servant Joseph did in Egypt long ago. I would call you to make a place for all I will send to you and to not only meet their needs financially, but especially spiritually. The focus must remain upon me and the message that my kingdom and salvation have come for all people. It delights me to bless you my child and I will keep all the words and promises I have spoken to you so long ago. I do this not only to meet your needs, but also to vindicate you and to make you an example to many who want to receive from me. I will give you an increase and then see how you respond to it so that you have time to adjust to it, then I will give you more and more as you are obedient and responsible with what I place into your hands. Remember that all things come from my hand and I give them to whom I will. Freely you have received, so freely give. Remember the poor and needy and do not allow the wolves to devour that which I have entrusted to you. Allow yourself to believe again my child, and fan into flame the old promises I have given to you to bless you, because in not too many days you will see my miracles.

I Will Breathe New Life Into Your Vision My dear precious Child, I know you are weary, I know you feel like there is no strength or faith left in you to believe again in the words and vision I have spoken to you so long ago. I know you have seen many false starts, and then you see what little that seems to get built fly away before your disappointed eyes. You have become discouraged and despondent, and now you sit too weak to stand up even one more time. Now in your weakness and your inability, you will see that I

am able to breathe new life into the vision that I have given you, and that there is nothing you can do in your own strength to ever create or generate what I have called you to do. You will see and believe that all your strength and all your ability comes only from My strength and My ability. Even as Joseph lay in the dark prison after so long, you too have waited in your time of loneliness and isolation, and you have said "what's the use in all this, it always comes to nothing", but I would tell you this day, that I have wrought a death in you, so that My new life can be breathed into you. And even as Joseph finally gave up his striving and surrendered to my sovereignty, now you have come to the end of your striving and plans. Now you will see that like Joseph, My power and words, can also take you from the prison to the palace, in just a day. I would call you this day, to trust in who I Am, and in My heart of love. I Am the same God that sought you out and saved you. I Am the same God that filled you with My Spirit, and set you before my people to minister My words to them. I Am the same God who has never left your side, not even for a second, during this long period of purification, and transformation. I have pruned you down to the roots, so that I could heal you at the root level. I needed every area of your heart and life examined and exposed, so that there would be no area or place of weakness that the enemy could exploit once I began to move you forward in greater power and anointing. Even as Joseph trusted in who I Am, I want you to trust that I am able to bring new life into that which seems as though it is utterly dead. Do not look at the desolation of your wilderness, but rather look at what I have changed in you without the normal distractions of life. Look at the stability of character you now have, and look at My heart that has been fully formed in you. Even now, My breath is blowing, and what you thought was dead will now thrive with new life. Even now, new rains of my Spirit are beginning to fall upon the dry ground you thought was too far gone to ever bear fruit again. You are My secret weapon hidden for this day and this hour, trust in Me, and know that you have overcome through My subtle daily workings.

"I Will Revive Your Old Gift" My dear one, for many years I had you operate in a certain gift, but then I had you lay this gift down for a season while I purified, prepared, and pruned you to be able to bear more and better fruit. Although you did not understand why all of the sudden you did not feel like operating in your old familiar gift, you did in fact obey and lay it down, but now the day has come to revive this old gift, so be willing to take it back up again. I will not only be reviving this old gift, but I will also enhance it far beyond what it was before, because now you have completed all the work necessary on the foundation of your life for me to bring a greater anointing upon it. I will reveal Myself through your gift like never before, and heaven will pour through it upon

the earth around everyone near it. This is what you have longed for because this is what I have longed for through you. Do not be afraid to pick this old gift back up again, because I will pour a fresh grace upon it as you do. I will fellowship closely with you through your gift and we will walk in a much greater intimacy together because a much wider channel of communication has now been opened up for you. So My love, take up your old gift and I will breathe new life into it. I will revive your old gift and make it new and wonderful for all to enjoy.

"I Will Vindicate You" My dear child, you have reached your day of restoration and blessing and I will be vindicating the work that I have done in your life before those who have wrongly judged and accused you. But I want you to remember this day my dear one that it is I who will vindicate you and that you should not rise up in your own power or strength to try to justify yourself in front of your accusers. I would call you to wait and be silent even though you could stand up on your own behalf and say that I told you so. Allow Me to be the one who makes things right and remain in a state of love, humility, and grace. Even My servant Joseph waited for Me to vindicate him even though he had the power to go and vindicate himself before his brothers, and I would call you to do the same thing this day. Remember that I even used what Joseph's brothers did to lead him into his destiny. There have been some people in your past that although they judged and rejected you unfairly, it pushed you toward the calling you now stand in today. So My love, be humble and gracious when I vindicate you and forgive your accusers. I have seen your sacrifice and obedience and now I will allow all to see it.

"It's Closer Than You Think" My dear child, you have waited long and endured much to prepare for what I wanted to give you and do through you, and now you stand at the threshold of its revealing. I know that you are afraid to believe even one more time because you are afraid of being disappointed, but I would tell you this day that your blessing is closer than you think. Though you cannot see it, it is standing right in front of you and will soon appear so be ready and believing when your day of breakthrough arrives, for it is right at your door. This blessing will change everything about your life in a moment and one day your life will be one way, and the next day it will all be different. You will remember this old life but it will be like a dream to you compared to the many new

things I will be doing. Be of good cheer this day My child and be depressed no more, for I am the God of sudden changes, and suddenly everything is about to change for you for the better. Only remember all that I have taught you and continue to be humble and obedient

"It's Not Over Yet!" My dear one, I know you are going through a difficult time right now and you are being tempted to compare your life to other peoples lives and look at what other people do or do not have compared to you, but I would tell you this day my child, "It's not over yet!" You have been speaking of things as though they are finished and they are not. Just because you have not broken though to the other side do not think that it will never happen because it will. But you must hang on right now and not give up! Your life has been very different from other peoples lives so it is a mistake to compare yourself to others. You have been set apart and like Abraham and Sarah you have walked by faith and followed a course that I have set you on. You have a greater blessing than other people so do not allow the lies of the evil one to lead you into doubt and depression. Praise and give thanks to Me and you will come out of this dark time as you reaffirm your trust in Me and hang on to everything I have told you. You are on the verge of the greatest breakthrough in your life My love and just because someone digs a big long tunnel doesn't mean that they give up just before they finally break through to the other side. Just a few more strikes with the pick and you will see daylight. Your joy in breaking through to your blessing will be much greater than the gloom you are now in. Get up my love and push through to the other side! Your greatest victory comes when you absolutely refuse to give in to defeat!

It's Time for Great Battle and Abundant Harvest My dear one, you have labored hard over the years allowing me to change you and to prepare you for both battle and harvest, and behold that day has come for not just you, but for all of my Body. I place now My sword in one of your hands, and My sickle in the other, and I would tell you this day to go forth into battle to conquer and to reap My harvest at the same time. This is the day where all that you have sown will come back to you many fold and everywhere you look there will be both battle and harvest and you will marvel at the great victories and super-abundance of fruit that will come.

I have given you My rod of authority to lead and to conquer and accomplish all that I command you to do in the earth, so go forth and do not be afraid or dismayed. I am looking over My battle plans right now and I am assigning my children places to conquer and to reap at the same time. I am delighted to bring you into this time of great victory and abundant harvest my child, and I have been preparing you all of your life for this very moment in history. Though you may feel weary and spent, though you may not feel ready, I will do and be all that you need to do and be in this great day. But I would admonish you my dear one to keep your robe extra clean in this day, for many more eyes will be watching you and many more ears will be listening to you. I would call you to walk as one with your brothers and sisters and to let Me fill you up with My fresh love and power every day. You must come to Me as your Commander and Lord of the Harvest every day for fresh orders and fresh instructions as to how to proceed. Rejoice and be glad my cherished one, for this is the day of great victory and great harvest, and everywhere you look you will see great success in all that you do.

It's Time To Change My dear one, you have reached the point in your wilderness where many things will be changing at once and it is important that you see and understand that these changes are coming from Me. You have become familiar and satisfied with the little you have survived on in the wilderness, but now it is time to fight for and receive the fruit and blessings of your promised land. It is time to let go of the security you cling to with the lesser, and to embrace the greater that I want to give you through change. As I lead you forward I will remove the support that was there for the old and pour fresh grace upon the new, so be looking for both to start happening at once. Let go of your preconceived notions about how you think I will do things and just trust in My goodness. Everything that I do is always for someones good and never for their bad, so even if you do not understand a change that is taking place do not just reject it, but rather pray about it and follow My peace. I tell you again My love, it's time to change.

"It's Your Time" My dear one, you have been stuck with an impossible problem now for many years and you have had to bear much reproach because of people judging you and telling you that this problem is somehow all you fault. I would tell you this day My loved one that this problem is not your fault and that it is your time to get this reproach off of your back and to finally get free. This challenge was only

allowed in your life to teach you and to humble you so that you would have compassion toward others with this similar problem, it was never meant as a punishment. The evil one has tried to exploit this area to condemn you, but I am going to use this very problem as a foundation for a ministry that helps many others who are trapped in it just like you were to get free. So do not fear my loved one, for even though this problem has hung around your neck like a millstone for so many years, I am now going to turn it into a badge of honor and send you out with My power to set other people free who are crying out to Me for deliverance just like you were for so many years. Rejoice this day and believe Me, for your time has finally come to be set free from this heavy burden and you will live free of it for good. I will also vindicate you before the very people that judged and ridiculed you. I have kept a close eye on you all of these years and I have heard every prayer that you prayed for deliverance. So though it has seemed like forever, your time has fully come to be set free and what was once your shame will now become your fame.

Just Because I Love You My dear one, I am going to be blessing you and performing great miracles in your life in the days just ahead, and I wanted you to know beforehand that I do these things not because of your efforts or righteousness, but simply because I love you. Also I want you to know that I am not limited in any way by your age, your problems, or any other circumstance of your life, and I can do things simply because I choose to do so. There are no restrictions for Me, so expect Me to do not just the ordinary, but the very extraordinary. I can make your life anything I want it to be, so nothing is ever too late. I delight in blessing you dear one, and even as I have had you bear the reproaches of going through the humiliating circumstances of the wilderness in front of many people that misjudged you in various ways, so I also enjoy blessing you in front of those same people so that I can honor you and show Myself faithful to all who wait for My help. Your very reproaches will be turned into great testimonies after I act on your behalf, and what was once an embarrassing burden to bear, will now become a great trophy of My goodness and faithfulness to all those who serve Me with a whole heart. I have heard you say in your heart "All I ever get are prophetic words, but nothing ever seems to happen". I give you prophetic words to encourage you in the truths that I have spoken so that you will continue to embrace My truth in challenging times. My words are just as true now as they were when I first spoke them, but sometimes there is much preparation involved before I do something in your life that will require great responsibility and accountability on your part. So know that the miracles I now do are just because I love you, and know also that I am not limited in what I can do for you.

Just You And Me My dear one, all of your life you have been connected to and dependent upon certain people that I have used to help you, or used you to help them. But now you have reached a place of being a mature servant of the kingdom, and I want you to know and understand that all you need in life is Me alone, and together we can accomplish all that needs to be done. If I add to, or take away people from your life it is always for a good reason, and some of these people you will want to hang onto, and others you will want to get away from, but you must accept those I send, and also those whom I take away, because My focus will always be to help you, and never to hurt you. Your spiritual growth will involve many different people. So as you now take your first steps into this last great harvest of souls in the earth, I want you to keep in mind that it is just you and Me and whoever else I allow to be part of your life. Hold on to people very loosely, but hang on to Me very tightly, because I alone died for you and I alone am everything you will ever need. So remember My love, it is just you and Me.

Keep Sailing Straight My dear one, you have reached a place in your journey where you cannot see what lies ahead of you, and I would call you this day to just keep walking forward and I will guide your steps to the right place that you need to arrive at next. Though you may feel blind right now with little direction, I can see where you are at and where you need to go, so trust Me to lead you even though you cannot currently see the path ahead. There will be times just like this where you will feel little leading or direction to know what to do next, but I will still call you to just walk in obedience and to trust in Me to be your eyes and ears when yours don't seem to be working. You have grown much in faith over the years, but there will still be times when I will test and purify your faith to make sure that it is still Me, and not your own understanding that you are trusting in. Like a ship that enters the fog I would call you to just keep sailing straight right now and to trust Me to be your compass when you cannot see the way forward. Do not drop anchor because you are making good progress even though you may not see it. I know the course for your long journey ahead and I will guide your voyage as you trust Me. So My love, just keep sailing straight and you will arrive safely at your next port.

Keep Trusting Me My dear one, you have been working and waiting for some things from Me, and you have been tempted to give up because you have not seen them come to pass for so long now. But I would tell you to keep trusting Me, and to not give up because your breakthrough will come very soon if you keep working and waiting patiently. My most precious gold comes only after much searching and digging, but you will soon find it. These times are like labor pains, and you will just have to keep pushing because in good time this thing will indeed be birthed into this world. Your promise is real and just like a human baby that you cannot see but still exists even before it is born, so your promise is just as real even though you have not seen it born yet. So keep looking to Me and it will come to pass because I have declared it would be so very very long ago. You do not need to keep striving because I have heard you, and what I would require of you this day is just to fully repent, to fully forgive people, and to seek Me more in prayer so that you can learn to hear My voice better. It will be your full readiness and complete cooperation that opens the door for these miracles, not your worrying. So keep trusting Me and soon you will see the fulfillment of these long awaited promises.

Keep Your Hands On The Plow My dear one, for many years now we have been plowing up the field of your life and heart together, so that all that hinders and distracts in it can be removed and a great bumper crop of fruit can be grown upon it. But I know that you have become a bit more weary than usual lately, and I also know that you have been more tempted than usual to look back and possibly take your hands off of the plow and find something else to do with your life. I would tell you this day My love to keep plowing and looking forward. I want you to know My dear child, that I am and always have been very aware of all the challenges and problems that you have dealt with during this difficult time. I also know that these challenges have been quite severe at times, but this does not mean that I have forgotten or forsaken you in any way. Things had to be very limited during this time so that you would focus only upon preparing your field, and not on the usual cares of this world. Anything more added would have just slowed down your progress. I realize that you have had to watch many people and opportunities pass you by on the sides of your field, and some of these things were very important to you.

But I also know that what I have planned for you ahead will be well worth it in the end, not only for you, but for many I want to help through you. Rather than focusing upon what you were denied, I want you to focus upon all of the good things that I have created in you and set you free from. These are eternal treasures that can never be taken from you. How many obstacles can we afford to leave in your field My love? If I rushed things and left them there it would not only hinder you later, but also anyone else who was working in your field. I am very thorough in what I do, so continue to be patient to the very end and you will be glad you did. It has been your spiritual development that has been most important all along. So rejoice, for a great crop will be grown on the field of your life. Keep your hands on the plow and looking forward, for soon you will be done.

Keep Your Peace My dear one, very soon I will be doing many wonderful new miracles in your life and things will become very busy with many new people wanting to be joined to you. I would encourage you today to take things slowly and to keep your peace at all times. It will appear that you will have much more freedom to make decisions and to help many, but you must wait and be patient with each particular situation and allow Me to instruct you in what to do. The evil one pressures, but My directions come with peace. There will also be people that will come and try to distract and to steal what I have placed into your hands, but if you stay close to Me and spend time with Me every day you will have no problem identifying those whom I have given you and those who would hinder. Remember how Joshua was fooled by the Gibeonites and learn from it. Do not fear what you are about to face My loved one, because it is full of joy and blessing and I speak to you today to help you to make it through this time without suffering loss.

Let The Offense Go Now My dear one, you have held on to an old offense for far too long now and although you have made good progress in trying to let it go, you still keep thinking about it and allowing the pain, anger, and bitterness to flare up again. I would call you this day to let the wound go once and for all and to walk in the truth I have shown you concerning this matter. I saw what happened to you and I have also seen what you have done to other people, and yet I have forgiven you and even helped others to forgive your sin.

When you hold on to an offense it defiles your heart and then My love cannot flow through you as easily. I would also call you this day My child to release all the anger you have carried against Me. The evil one has lied to you and told you that I don't really care about you and that I do not treat you right. Remember my love that I am the same God that sought you out and saved you in your dire state, so why would I want to mistreat you? You must trust in my goodness and let go of all these lies. This is your day to stand and to rise, and not a day to hang on to the pain of the past. It is time to come out of your prison of fear and unforgiveness and to walk forward in my love and mercy. Are you willing to let go of death and embrace life? I know that you want to. Only say the word and I will help you to do this. You cannot take your bitterness with you where I am leading you, so I would tell you again to release it and to walk forward with Me. Allow me to cover and heal your old wound My love and do not pick at it anymore. Your life begins anew when you choose to forgive.

Listen To My Voice My Child, do not believe the lies of the evil one. He has tried to tell you that you have made a grave mistake by allowing Me to take you into the wilderness. He has said that "You've wasted and ruined your life," that you are doomed, and that it is too late now to ever restore all that has been dismantled. He spoke these same words to My children in their tents in the wilderness long ago, and some of them wept in the night, and I listened to their cries. They believed these lies that demons magnified, and bitterly grumbled against Me. I do not lead someone into the wilderness to die, but to live, and be prepared to do great things on the Earth for My purposes and glory. I transform you in the wilderness so that I can trust you with My power and resources, so that you can help others selflessly, and powerfully. I am the God of restoration, and although in your mind, you have wondered how things could ever be restored after such apparent decimation, you will see that My restoration and blessings are supernatural, and will give you an end much greater than what you would have built on your own back in Egypt. Take heart, and remember how I have kept you miraculously in this wilderness. I pulled you out of the world and fed you with My ravens and secret waters. You asked Me for faith, so I put you into a position where you could no longer meet your own needs in the natural, and you were forced to trust Me. You did not go hungry, and you did not end

up homeless. I have cared for you. Trust Me, that if I lead you into the wilderness that I have planned to lead you out. The time you spend in the wilderness is up to you. If you cooperate wholeheartedly with My Spirit, your time will be short. Do not let the lies of the evil one enter your heart. Listen only to My voice. Remember all the great things I have done for you in the past, and how I brought you up out of Egypt and out of it's bondage and turmoil. You have entered My rest, so continue to walk in what I have taught you. Continue to trust Me, even though your circumstances seem to look like you are a failure. I shut down the outside, so that I can work on the inside. You needed to be as undistracted as possible, so that I could bring you through this time of transformation much more quickly. I love you; My words always give you peace and hope. Any other word has not come from Me. You know My voice; listen to it, and keep your faith as I lead you into your new place of service and blessing. Look For The New My dear one, I want you to begin to look ahead of you toward the many new things that I want to bring into your life. For many years now, you have kept your focus on a lot of the old things that you lost from your past during your long years of wilderness. But now it is critical that you let all of the past go, and that you allow Me to bring many new things into your life. I know that many of these old things from your past are very important to you, and I have not forgotten about even one of these very valuable things. But you have held on to these old things so tightly that it could hinder the new things from coming to you. Let all of these old things go now, and trust Me to bring back whatever is truly part your wonderful new future. Expect more changes to continue My dear one, because I need to break you out of many old ways, and old familiar things that you have found much security in. The wilderness was never meant to be a long term home, it was only intended to be a place of change. You like the Israelites must now abandon your wilderness and enter into your promised land ministry. You have done your best to make peace with your past, and that is enough, but now you must leave all of these old things in my hands only, and allow me to decide what can return. You are now stepping into a brand new phase of your life My love, so look no longer to what is behind, but rather keep your eyes focused ahead of you toward the new things I will bring.

My Hand Will Move My dear one, for many years now you have sought My face while living on only the bare minimum, but now you have reached a day where you will see not only My face but also My hand. You have been faithful to do what I have asked you to do every day but you have been severely depleted in the process and now you need to be restored and replenished. You have been very patient and longsuffering and now your day of blessing and abundance has come. You have been faithful with little so now you will be given much so that you can truly abound in every good work that I give you to do. But I would caution you this day My love to be thankful for what I have given you, rather than complaining about what it seems that you have been denied. You have entered a dangerous time where you will have to guard your heart, mind, and mouth from entertaining the lies of the evil one. Even though it seems like you have less than others you are actually rich because I have given you the secrets of the Kingdom which are true and lasting treasures. So speak only words of thanksgiving and do not grumble dear one, for My hand will surely move on your behalf in not too many days.

My Will Is Indeed To Bless You My dear one, I have seen you question whether or not My heart is to bless you in life, and I want to make things absolutely clear this day that My will is indeed to bless you, and never to curse you. You have often compared your life to the lives of others around you and supposed that you were somehow cursed and not loved and valued by Me as much as them, but that is simply just not true. I have dealt with you differently from the very beginning because I wanted to shape your heart into one that would love like Mine does, and one that would walk in all of My ways, and not just some of them. I would call you this day dear one, to turn away from all habits of disobedience that have limited Me from releasing My full blessing and power upon your life. What good would it do Me to take the restrictions away from your life and bless you if you are not yet ready to walk in full obedience before Me? What I have planned for you to do in the harvest will require full obedience, not just partial obedience. If you continue to walk in disobedience simply because you mistakenly think you are already cursed, you will only be creating the very problem that you are trying to avoid. Trust and obey My love. This is a day when all of My people will be required to repent of all disobedience and walk completely righteous before Me. No person will escape My day of correction and holiness, so make the decision today to fully cooperate with what I require of you, and forsake all that has been hindering you from moving ahead. I

will help you as you take each step forward to get rid of all remaining hindrances, but you must go beyond mere words, and take firm action. I can only steer a moving object. My day of blessing has come My love, so rise up this day and just know that My will is indeed to bless you.

Neither One Of Us Has Failed My dear one, you have experienced some severe spiritual warfare lately where you have become discouraged because the evil one has been whispering into your ear and telling you that both you and I have somehow failed because there has been so many perplexing situations that took place in your life that seemed to end in failure. This is simply not the case My love, and neither one of us has failed at all. Reject these lies and hang on to the truth that My plan will always lead to good and blessing in the end. I have allowed some very extraordinary situations to take place in your life because you needed to be prepared for the most challenging time in history. Your life has not just been a series of failures, it has been a series of critical lessons meant to help develop your faith and to prepare you for your very demanding future calling. Many of My people throughout history have lived lives that didn't seem to make a lot of sense at the time, but I see all that needs to happen in someone's life to fully prepare them. If you read through to the end of many of My people's lives of faith they too doubted and questioned themselves and Me at different times, but also you can see in the end that neither I, nor they failed in any way. Many apparent failures are actually My plans for future successes through Me, so you can either choose to doubt My plans, or you can choose to continue to trust Me and see the great ending I have planned for you. Know this day My love, that neither one of us has failed, so trust Me to the very end.

Overdue Pregnancy My dear one, I know that you are feeling like the road you have been on for so long has ended and now you have run out of road and are aimlessly wondering around, but I would tell you this day to hang on because I will indeed lead you forward. You have been spiritually pregnant for many years with the promise and calling I have placed on your life but now it feels like the pregnancy is way overdue and you just want and need to have the baby born and I would say that your promise will indeed be birthed.

You must remember that I only allow someone to become pregnant with something that can indeed be born. What you have been carrying for so long will not be aborted but will indeed find life in this world. Rather than thinking that this baby will never be born keep in mind that you are closer now than ever to its birth and like a normal birth its delivery will come suddenly when you do not expect it. Try to be patient in these last moments rather than complaining and it will make this last time more bearable. Though you feel that there is nothing left in you right now to hang on I would call you to come and seek Me. There is no need to flounder in despair when you can come and talk to Me and let Me tell you what is happening. Try not to take your frustrations out on others, but rather keep your peace if you are tempted to lash out. Read my word and worship Me and it will save you from getting into your flesh. I know you are weary of carrying this spiritual baby but your promise is not overdue and will be born.

Pass The Test Now My dear one, for many years now I have been working with you to show you some of the weak areas in your character and behavior that need to change. At first you thought that it was all just an attack from the evil one, but now you can see that there are in fact some legitimate problem areas that need to be corrected in your life. I have even used some people near you to help test you in order to give you the opportunity to learn to do the right thing. But I only allowed these things in order to truly help you. The day has now come My love for you to go forward and these weak areas can no longer just be set aside. I have sent yet another retest and you must now master this thing, take responsibility for your part in it, and do the right thing consistently, so that you can finally pass the test and go forward. As you can see now I am not going to budge concerning your being fully prepared, so the best thing that you can do is just respond consistently the right way when the test comes, and you will indeed pass it. Everything in My kingdom operates on the basic principle of love, and any thought, word, or action that takes place that is not mixed with My love is eventually addressed and transformed until it is. You have learned how to love those who love you, but there are still some that have not treated you right, so you do not show them love in return. In My kingdom we learn to show love to all people regardless of how they behave, and we always keep in mind that all people are at different stages of growth and maturity. You have made so much progress already My dear one, and I know that in your heart you just want to do the right thing and live fully obediently to Me. I know

that you have used these wrong behaviors just to protect yourself, but that is a lie. I will protect you if you really need it. I have planned to use you in a mighty way so none of these shortcomings can remain. How many weak areas can you afford to take forward with you? This is your day to pass the test now My love, so pass it and let's move forward.

Prepare for Jericho My dear Child, you have done well in your time of preparation, and you kept your ears and heart open to My voice. No matter what was going on around you, or what people said to discourage you, you kept your focus on Me, and made consistent progress in your everyday growth. Now it is time to begin what I have prepared you for, but there are a few things that I need to tell you before we go forward, so that you can remain in Me, and bear good fruit. I would call you this day, to walk in all that I that I have shown you, and to have stability and consistency in the good foundation I have built in you. We are going forward, and I am happy and pleased to do this, but I want you to do what is right and walk in truth, even when you feel weary, or tempted to sin. There will be many days up ahead that will be very busy, but you must remember that you will only remain strong during a day, if you spend good time with Me. I am sending you forward to your next assignment, and I want you to remember what happened in Jericho. They were obedient to My direction and they waited for My power to bring the victory. They marched as a group, and not as individuals. You need your Brothers and Sisters, to be able to win the victory. You cannot, and should not, try to do this alone. Keep your clothes clean, and keep your eyes and ears upon Me, and all the barriers ahead will fall. You will see temptations along the way, but I have already trained you how to make the right decisions. Trust me, and practice obedience. There is no room for disobedience in the great conquest I am calling you to, for your enemy will try to distract you will old temptations. Cry out to Me and others for help, if this happens, and do not try to beat it alone. I trained you to walk in truth in the wilderness, so that you could live that way everyday in the promised land. Your daily obedience will open the new doors to what I am calling you to do. I am leading you into abundance, and you will remember what it was like to live on manna, but you will not eat of it, anymore. I will heal and restore all that needs to be healed and restored. Though you have waited for so long, you will wait no longer. Open your heart and mind to the new things I will do, and be willing to let go of whatever old things that I say you are finished with. Look to Me.

Do not be afraid, if I was with you in the wilderness, how much more will I be with you as you battle to possess the new land I am sending you to? I have great plans to use you. I seek to show my goodness to My creation through you, so that they would know Me, and be saved. Even as a good son, cares about what his father cares about, know this day, that My heart cares for all the heartbroken, fearful, and needy. I hear their cries, and send you to help them.

Prepare For Much Change My dear one, I am allowing your normal routine and schedule to be destabilized right now because I want you to prepare for many new changes that I am bringing into your life. There are certain things that I have supported in the past that I am no longer supporting because those works are now complete and finished. So I need you to not be afraid to let go of the old ways and works so that the new can come in their place. Like a tree that gets pruned, so I am pruning your life right now and anything that has been sucking the strength and energy out of your day and producing little fruit, I will now cut off. Only you must not fight or wrestle with Me when I cut a branch off just because you like how it looks and have gotten used to it. I am pruning you so that you can bear a bumper crop of new fruit, more and better fruit than you can now imagine. Repent of everything that has been hindering your ability to be used by Me and let go of anything or anyone that I am finished with in your life. You have been faithful and obedient in the old things that I asked you to do, but those old things have gotten too familiar to you and could interfere with the many new things that I am bringing. So My love, let go of the old and embrace the new, for it is time to prepare for much change.

Prepare Yourself My dear one, I have had you in a waiting mode because you are about to receive a fresh outpouring of My Holy Spirit. Even as the disciples waited in the upper room for My Spirit to fall so you too have felt this same sense of anticipation and expectation. But I would call you this day to prepare yourself for My visitation by repenting of all sin and by forgiving everyone afresh for any offenses they have committed against you. Do not be weary in your waiting or allow old things to creep back in and cause problems for you because I do not want you to be ashamed in the day of My visitation. I am coming to anoint you with My power and authority to go into the

world and reap this great harvest of souls. My Spirit will not delay so do not be caught unprepared or unaware for I will indeed come very soon and my power and blessing comes with Me.

Press Through! My dear loved one, I know that you feel weary and spent right now, but I would call you this day to press through no matter what you may feel, think, or see right now. Do not be afraid to push hard on these last few contractions to birth what I have called you to receive so many years ago. Many mothers feel their weariest in the end but the relief and joy that they experience when the baby is finally born is worth all the pain. You too have gone through a long spiritual pregnancy, but your due date has arrived. Give no place to doubt, unbelief, or apathy right now because my eyes are upon you testing to see whether you will step forward when everything else around you tells you to give up and that you are wasting your time. You see, when I speak a thing into existence it lives from the moment I speak it and it is up to you to do the preparation to grow into receiving it. You are now ready to receive what I promised you so I would tell you again this day to press through my child, and you will soon dance with joy!

Remain Steadfast and Faithful My dear one, you may be experiencing some challenges in your relationships in the coming days and weeks, but rather than being quick to judge and rejecting those that offend you I would have you to remain steadfast and faithful to Me, and to those I have called you to walk with. In times past you have allowed yourself to become easily offended and you have closed yourself off from those that hurt you, but I need you to continue to be loving and accepting especially during times of testing and warfare. If someone offends you I want you to come to Me in prayer and let Me speak truth to you and give you understanding as to the source of the problem. Pray for those that say hurtful things, rather than talking to everyone else about what happened and being cool toward your offender. The days ahead will have many opportunities to become easily offended so I want you to learn to be more forgiving and to maintain a true love toward those that hurt you. This is a sign of maturity that you love those that hurt you. When challenges come I would call you to be patient, kind, and slow to anger, not to react impulsively when a misunderstanding arises. I am calling you up higher

to a place where you have thicker skin when someone offends you. I would also call you to wait for Me to speak truth into your conflict, rather than just judging by what you see on the surface. By being steadfast and faithful during times of testing and difficulty you will maintain the unity and love that I have called you to walk in and show to everyone.

Remember Me, in the New Land You are Entering You have worked hard and done well, you did not withhold anything from My hand when I required it, although you were a little hesitant in letting a few of your more precious loves go, you still released them into My hand eventually. Now I in turn, will withhold no good thing from your hand. I will give you all that you need to take the land I am sending you to, only beware, you can only take this land by My plans, and by My power, and remember that all I have taught you must be adhered to carefully. You must remember Me in all you do in this new place, for your victory only comes through Me. It is My joy to send you forward, I know you have waited long, and I have heard the sighs in your heart saying when God, when? Each year you asked Me, "Will it be this year Lord?", and you kept walking even though what you hoped would happen did not. But you saw with each passing year, that what you learned during that year that passed was critical to your success in your promised land. Will you continue to trust My timing, as you enter this new land? Trust Me that as I lead you forward, there is also a time line of things that must happen. You must not rush ahead, or lag behind, wait for My leading. There are many in this dark place I am sending you, that have cried out to Me for years, begging Me to send help, and also asking Me, when God, when? In this time, I have been preparing My servants, and I have been preparing a secret Army to go and meet the need. To go and push back and vanquish the darkness that has enslaved and harmed the people there. Do not be afraid, at what you see when you arrive, I have kept My eyes closely upon this place, and I have a strategy for victory. Some of you, will be released in the very city I have hidden you, out of your caves, you will come. Remember Me, and trust in Me as your Captain of Battle ahead, and you will see success after success.

Rescue Has Come My dear one, you have lived for many years like a castaway on a desert island and you have done your best to survive on what little you had to live on. But now I would tell you that you are finished with your time of just surviving and that rescue has come for you at last. I know you have reached the last of your

strength and will to go on and I am sending you help in many forms to restore and heal you in every way you need. Remember all that I have accomplished while I had you taken away from normal life and how I have built a deep and sure foundation of character, obedience, and holiness in you. You will not only be rescued and restored, but you will also be greatly blessed with abundance to go and help many other weary people. So with the last of your strength my love stand up now for your day of survival is over and rescue has come.

Rest, Flow, and Abide I have taught you how to rest, flow, and abide. To remain at peace and following My direction as it comes, rather than rushing around in your flesh doing things in your own strength and losing your peace. I restricted you so much, that you had no choice but to slow down, and learn to rest in Me for your direction and strength. This has served you well, and you have lived at peace and things have felt effortless, rather than burdensome to accomplish. Soon, I will progressively be removing some of these restrictions, and you will have more of an ability to return to striving if you choose, but I would call you to continue to do exactly what I have shown you to do. I wish you to remain at peace, and to remain doing only what I direct you to. This will be a great blessing to you in the days ahead. This will be a challenge at times, but you already know what to do. I always operate from a stance of peace. So, continue to rest, flow, and abide in Me, as you enter this new freedom I bring. Apart from Me, you cannot do anything that counts anyway. Remain doing what I have taught you to, and things will continue to go forward without having to relearn old lessons. I love you, I trust you, and I believe in you. You are no longer a child, you are capable of walking in mature ways. You are held to My standards, you cannot do as others less mature do. Embrace the good work I have accomplished in you, and you will keep your peace. Remain submitted to My Spirit in all that you do, and you will keep your joy.


When I brought you into the wilderness, your outward life stopped, but your inward life is what I worked on, and changed. You seemed frozen in time outwardly, while you watched all others pass you by in their outward lives. You wondered, "How could I ever possibly be restored after such a long period of being kept at 'just enough' to survive." But you are thinking in human terms. My restoration is done by My Power, and it is supernatural, and will be a super restoration. You will end up much further outwardly in the end, than you would have been if I had let you keep building in your old life. Even as My servant Job was supernaturally restored, so will you be. But do not focus on what is outward, rather, focus on what I am requiring of you each day to finish on the inside. This was all done so that I could prepare you to help many, and so that I could trust you with My power and resources to meet the needs of many. Like Joseph, you will help save and keep many in these last days.

Reversal of Fortune My dear one, you have seen some people in your life receive and wrongfully take what was rightfully yours, and you have suffered much loss for the sake of the call I have placed upon your life. But I would tell you today that there will now be a dramatic reversal of fortune where you will see some around you lose what they have been wrongfully keeping, and all they took will be given back to you. Your days of stripping, sacrificing, and being plundered are over and the tables will now be turned in your favor where you will now be the victor and no longer the vanquished. Things will be set right. But I would tell you this day my love not to gloat over the turnaround you will see happening in peoples lives around you, for even though I am blessing My people and correcting some others, I still do it to help people so pray for your enemies and those who have mistreated you in the past. My blessing will be vindication enough and some will come to you and apologize for their arrogant judgments and mistreatment of you. Be humble and forgiving even as I am humble and forgiving. I am pleased to make you the head and no longer the tail, so I say again get ready for a great reversal of fortune.

Right Where You Need To Be My dear one, I have seen you struggling and striving wanting to get somewhere different on the outside than where you are at right now. But I would tell you this

day My love, that I have been needing for you to get somewhere different on the inside first so that I can take you to your new place on the outside. I know you are weary of all this wilderness training, but if these changes are not made first on the inside, it could spoil what I want to do through you later on the outside. You will make it through this. Even though you may feel like you are not accomplishing much these days, I am giving you daily revelation that is changing who you are from the inside out. You do not need to be somewhere else right now because you are still right where I need you to be. This long time of spiritual training will end one day, and you will be released into the things I have promised you. You gave Me permission to do this work many years ago, so I am just making sure that the changes in you are truly genuine and lasting. You have been faithful and patient to allow Me to work in you so trust Me all the way through to the end, because there is an end. I did not make any wrong decisions in your past, so you need not keep second guessing where you should be right now. The evil one will try to steal your peace by telling you that you are off course, and that you have missed my direction somewhere along the line, but you haven't, so do not worry. Remember that I love you, and I will be faithful to keep you right where you need to be.

Salvation Explosion! My dear one, for many years now you have cried out to Me for certain people that you care about to get saved, and yet your words seem to bounce off of them and they did not respond to the message of the gospel. That is all about to change my dear one for now these very same people will be coming to you asking you how to become saved because I am moving upon the hearts of many people and I am bringing in the great harvest of souls in these last days. You will soon see a salvation explosion! You see, for many years I have been healing and preparing my Church. I have been pruning my people of all that does not bear fruit so that they could bear much better fruit. That is why you have not seen many salvation's is because I shut you down to fix your foundations so that you could stand when I built high upon you. Now you are ready to go forward into the harvest field and everywhere you look it will be harvest. In this harvest the fruit will even come looking for the harvester, so get ready to reap! Rejoice and be glad for I have not forgotten about all those people you love and I have heard each prayer you have prayed concerning them. I have not been ignoring you, I have just been changing you so that you could succeed in the great day of harvest. You see, I had to not only prepare you, but I had to prepare

those to be saved as well. I tell you that the harvest is truly ripe, so go and reap for it will be everywhere you look. Get ready for a salvation explosion my dear one, because here it comes!

Set Your House In Order My dear one, you have felt an urge lately to set things in order in your life because you are being prepared for heaven to come to your home. Get rid of everything that offends and get excited because My presence is coming to dwell with you in a new and more powerful way. Even as a bird prepares its nest to receive the new, so I would call you to prepare your home and life to receive all the new things I want to bring you. Total holiness is a must now and I am helping you to persevere until you are truly a complete overcomer in every area of your life. Do not give up or get discouraged if you experience a setback because there is a new grace being given to you right now to overcome all that has hindered and distracted you in your life. Forgive and pray for all you have not fully forgiven yet because you must fully forgive and repent to go forward. The grace is also changing upon your life right now where there will be little strength or desire for what is passing, but no strength or direction has yet been given for the new path. I would call you to seek Me My love in a new more intimate way because I desire for you to come closer to Me, and to know Me as I truly am. So My dear one, set your house and life in order and prepare to receive all the new things I am bringing.

Something Special My dear one, you have followed Me faithfully and you have sacrificed everything I have asked of you and withheld nothing from My hand, even though many of these things were very dear and precious to you. You have watched many pass you by and receive the normal blessings that people do in life, while you had to be denied in order to be prepared by Me. Now the day has come My dear one, for you to receive all that has been denied you, and more. Now the day has come where you will not only catch up with those who have passed you by, but you will greatly exceed them in many ways. Even like My servant Job, I will not only restore what you've lost, but I will give you much more than you lost, just to bless you.

Do not be afraid to trust and believe in Me once again My love, because not one of My good words or promises will fail you. I know that it has been a very long time since you first received these old words and promises, but all I have spoken still remains. So though others have received what is normal in life, something very special has been reserved just for you.

Stand Firm! My dear one, you have reached a place where you will have to dig in and stand firm right now. My help is coming but you will have to be tough and stand your ground until relief arrives. I would call you to repeat my word to yourself as you sit in your foxhole and to not retreat no matter how fierce the battle rages in front of you. I am with you and I am fighting by your side, but I want to teach you to persevere until you see your breakthrough, rather than giving up or retreating. Good character is built in some of most difficult of circumstances. Do not fear because you are guaranteed the victory. Try to remember that you are not alone dear one and that there are others who are in the battle with you and who are on your side. Do not turn on your fellow soldiers but rather use my love and word to help heal their wounds. Though this is a day of great battle we are advancing and taking ground that the enemy has long since held. This is a day of great victory for I am the Lord of the battle and my strategy will never fail you. Be prepared to jump out of your hole when I give the command for we have the enemy on the run. Remember, you were born for this day so stand firm and victory will come!

Stand Ready! My dear one, I have brought you to a place of full understanding and ability to repent, and to become completely prepared for all that I want to do through you, so I would call you this day to stand ready, and to delay no longer. This is your day to step out of old ways of sin that have hindered you in the past, and to step into new ways of obedience to go forward. Even as a soldier in the military must be ready for duty, and ready for inspection at all times, so you must now stand ready. For I am moving down the ranks of all of My soldiers inspecting them and seeing who is ready for duty and for war, and who is not. You are one of My soldiers who is ready to take your place in My formation of holiness and readiness. My sifting and shaking will only increase and intensify my dear one, so no one will escape this cleansing of My house. All people will be forced to choose in

these last days which side they will fully stand on and you are now ready to make this choice today. So My love, come forward and stand ready for battle, for My great power and blessing await all who will do this.

Stay At Your Post My dear one, you have experienced some really harsh spiritual attacks lately, and because you are already weary from such a long wilderness journey you have been tempted to just give up and abandon your post. This attack will pass My love and you must continue to trust Me and to speak only what is right and true at this time. Steer away from all criticism, complaining, and condemnation right now, for it will only make your situation worse if you give into this temptation to grumble and cry in your tent. Rather than attacking and threatening to break away from those I have joined you with, come together with them and pray to Me. Forgive and allow Me to freshen your faith right now. This is a time to draw closer to Me in faith, not further away in doubt. Rebuke the evil one and be willing to take the lead even while those around you are still faltering. Times like this will test your faith, but you must remember that this test comes just before a major breakthrough and many miracles take place in your life. I want you to walk fully in My kingdom right now and let go of the ways of the world. In My kingdom we walk in complete truth in every area of our lives. In My kingdom we walk in complete love one for another and we build up, rather than tearing down. In My kingdom we walk in the fullness of My power where there is no lack or need because My people walk in complete faith at all times. Stand up this day My love and stay at your post even though everything is telling you to abandon it, for I am surely with you.

Sudden Changes My dear one, for a very long time now you have gone through your daily routine of working on change, and doing what I call you to accomplish everyday. But lately, you have begun to give up hope and like Sarah laughing in her tent you have found it hard to believe anymore for old promises long since given to you. But I would call you this day to be like Abraham and to hang on to your promise forever if necessary, because many sudden changes are about to happen in your life and you can either be found believing or doubting when I come. You have done well and you have persevered for a very long time My dear one, but you have allowed weariness and unbelief to start creeping in and poisoning

your heart and faith. Rouse yourself out of your apathy this day My love, because I am rising from my throne to come to you and I want you to be clothed and ready to meet with Me when I show up and begin knocking at your door. I have watched you closely each day My love, and I have been anxious to come and to bring much needed gifts and blessings in order to fully restore you. Even My servants Joseph, Mary, Hannah, and Elizabeth, went on with their daily routines for many years, and some of them despaired of ever seeing My promises to them fulfilled. But then I brought sudden changes to their lives that rolled away their reproaches and turned their life around in a day. This too will happen for you, so put your garments of faith back on and get ready to meet with Me. I will surely turn your sorrow and sadness into instant joy, and I delight in doing this for you. So My love, expect sudden changes to come very soon.

Take My Hand My precious child and friend, I have seen you fretting over many things about your life and your past and I would call you this day to stop your worrying and fretting and to do one thing; just take My hand. I want you to let go of all these other things that you can do nothing about and to do the one thing that you can do something about and that is to take My hand and allow Me to lead you forward into new good things. I am well aware of what has happened in the past and that you have been treated unfairly in certain situations, but the evil one is trying to distract you with these old things so that you cannot see the new things I want to do with you. I have many new things and new people that I want to join you with but you must let go of the old things first in order to take hold of them. Has your struggling and striving changed anything? Do you want to go on an adventure My child? Well I have an adventure waiting for you and all you have to do is to drop all of these other useless things and take My hand. Everything is prepared and ready to go and all you have to do is make the firm decision to step into the new and let the old go for good this time. Let go of your sin and the past for today is a new day of power and all you have to do is take My hand.

Take the Final Step My dear one, you have done well and you have made good progress in your growth and work of purification and healing. Many things have been accomplished over the years and now you stand at the day of graduation and

promotion, but first you must take the final step into complete obedience in the last things that need to be changed. This is your day to take all that I have taught you and to put it into practice by letting go of all old idols of sin and by fully forgiving all who have wronged you in the past. You have clung to many things over the years because you were afraid and because you did not know how to fully trust in Me, but now you have reached a sure place of maturity and faith where you no longer need these things. Even little children are given much grace because of their ignorance and inexperience but sooner or later they must grow out of childish things and walk as an adult. You are no longer a spiritual child but rather you are a spiritual adult so the time has come for you to walk in it accordingly. Do not be afraid to take this final step My child, for many good and wonderful things await you on the other side of your choice to fully comply. I have done all of this work so that I could not only trust and bless you, but more importantly so that I could flow through you in power so that many would believe and be saved. Do you remember many years ago when you asked for my power to help people? Well now you know what it takes to prepare for it. Go forward now and take the final step of obedience.

Tell Them The Truth My dear one, soon I will be sending you out and many people will be seeing and meeting you for the first time, and I would call you this day to be open and willing to tell people the truth about the good things I have done in your life. You see I found you when you were broken and helped you not only for yourself, but also so that I could use you to testify to this broken world of my desire and ability to help them as well. Do not be afraid to be open and vulnerable because I am with you and it only matters what I think about you. Nobody can take anything away from you that I have given you. When you become My servant you not only take on My blessing, but also My reproach, so there will always be people there to criticize you no matter what you do, or don't do. So do not shrink back in fear or be silent, because I Am with you. Remember that I love you so much and I approve of you. All of My children are at different places of growth and maturity and I see the finished person they will become. Accept yourself and also accept your brothers and sisters that are at different places of maturity and growth than you are at. Love and be humble. So I would tell you again My child, do not be afraid to tell people the truth about what I have done in your life.

The Breaking Point My dear one, you have reached a place where everything seems to be at its breaking point right now, but I want to encourage you today that I am the God who is able to fix what is broken and beyond normal repair. Though you see all around you destabilizing I want you to keep your eyes upon Me and know that no matter how out of control things may appear right now, I am still perfectly in control of all that is taking place in your life. As you keep your eyes upon Me, you will also keep your peace. Sometimes dear one, when I am about to do a miracle I allow things to become impossible so that all may know that I alone did the impossible in your midst and believe. But before I can do a miracle I must make sure things are truly impossible. Do not be alarmed if you do not have your normal strength or ability to keep things together right now because you are in a time of transition and many changes need to happen. So even though you are at your breaking point right now, keep trusting Me!

The Button Pushers While in meditation, the Holy Spirit showed me a man, he was handsome, muscular, with wavy hair, and looked like the perfect picture of a human. He had on a silk shirt and just gave a broad charismatic smile as I viewed him. All of the sudden, the silk shirt was ripped off his chest, and you could see all kinds of little buttons, kind of like the old time cash register buttons. People began to appear and push these little buttons, and the man kept trying to push them away, and cover the buttons back up with his hands, but there was just too many to cover with just two hands. There was one particular button that everyone seemed to want to push, and every time the man would get one person away from it, another was standing in line to push it again. The buttons seemed to be growing, and the man called out "Jesus, help me!". Jesus appeared and began to talk to the man about each button, and as the man kept his focus on the Lord, even though the people were still pushing the buttons, the buttons began to fall out, and there were little roots connected to the back of each button. The buttons just kept falling off, until it was no longer a big problem, or distraction for the man. Then Jesus handed him a new shirt, and on it said, humility, love, and grace. That was the end, then the Holy Spirit explained what I had seen to me. He said; I have stripped you of your normal beauty, and allowed all of your fears and character flaws to become exposed. I have also allowed people to come and trigger these problem areas off, so that you could see what is there, and your need to fix it, and call out to me for help. I already know what is there, but you had

to see it, so that you would want to deal with it, and be rid of it once and for all. As you put your focus on the people triggering the problems, you lost your peace and strove in the flesh to protect yourself, and end it. But as you kept your focus on Me, and listened to what I told you to do to change, these trigger buttons have fallen off by the root, and will not grow back this time. Remember, that I have allowed all of this for your good, to help change you. I am not being cruel or sadistic as you have heard. I am doing this to make you healthy, you have asked to move in my power, and I am helping to eliminate any weak areas that the enemy might try to exploit, discredit, or hinder My power. Know that this situation will get better and better with time, and with each area that's resolved. I would call you this day, to surrender completely to My workings, and in doing this, you will accelerate this process of sanctification. Fighting Me, will just extend the process. Know that I love you, and I am working to help you to make yourself ready for all I have planned for you.

The Divine Waiting Room While in prayer I saw what looked like a large waiting room and there were many people coming into this room through one door. As the people came into the room they instantly began looking for the door to the next room, but there was no way out yet. You could see that the people were getting more and more impatient as some were looking at their watch, others were tapping their feet and sighing, and others were throwing their arms up into the air in exasperation. Finally some people decided to try to go back through the door they came in by, but that was a one way door that you could only come in by, but not go back out through. Then as it seemed like things were at their breaking point I heard a voice in the room say "Be at peace, a new door is about to appear to you". The people then began to relax and settle down willing to wait as long as it would take. Just as they decided to relax, a new bright and shining door appeared on the other side of the room and the people all filtered through the new door into a room full of intense light and beauty. Then the Lord quickened this to me: My child, I have led you out of the old place that I have kept you at for many years, and into a new place of transition and waiting. You cannot go back because the door that leads back is closed to you, and you cannot go forward because the new door has not yet appeared. But I would tell you this day My precious one, that a new door is about to appear to you, so I would call you to be at peace right now and to just trust Me as you are waiting out this challenging time. Know that even though you do not see a way forward right now that I have it all planned out and you need not worry. Use this waiting time to grow closer to Me in prayer. I have much to tell you so come and let us fellowship together in a new more intimate way. You have graduated from what is behind and you will soon be commissioned into what is ahead, so do not lose heart or be

discouraged. Keep your heart and mind on Me alone and this time of waiting will go much easier for you. Know that I am with you right now in your divine waiting room.

The Finish Line My dear one, I have had you running a long marathon of change and you have made good and steady progress. Now you are nearing the end of this part of your life and I am causing you to turn a corner and to see that the finish line is right in front of you. I am re-igniting your faith right now to help you to complete this course and to make it to the very end. Pick up the pace now and spend the last of your reserves to fully comply with the last few changes that I require of you to walk in complete obedience. All of this work was meant to change you on the inside while I had the outside shut down, but now since that change is mostly complete, you will start to see the outside swiftly moving forward again. Keep your eyes upon Me during these many miracles and changes and remember the weak areas I have shown you about yourself so that you will not fall, but stand strong in the days ahead. This is not a time to sit down or to be distracted, it is a time to push forward until you cross the finish line completely. My blessing has indeed come for you, but remember that even My blessing can become a distraction to you if you allow it. Also keep in mind that there will be people that will be jealous of what I do for you. I did all this in you and for you so that I could help others through you. Although I bless you, this has all been about Me using you to bless others. Always keep that in mind in all you do for Me. Behold my love, the finish line is now in plain view so run to the very end and complete this race with joy.

The Fruits and the Roots While in prayer, I saw a vision. I saw a large tree, and on the trees branches I saw alot of fruit. Then, it was like my vision zoomed in on the branches and the fruit on each branch. On one branch, I saw large ripe fruit, and then on another branch right next to it, I saw what looked like diseased, damaged fruit. Then I saw Jesus dig down and expose the roots. He showed me good healthy roots, and right next to them, I saw what looked like rotten diseased roots. Each root seemed to be connected to a branch that produced either good or bad fruit depending on the condition of the root connected to it. Then the Lord explained what this all meant.

"In your life, you have born much fruit, some of which has been good fruit, and some of which has been bad fruit. Deep within your heart, lies both good and bad roots, that have developed both good and bad behavior in your life. These good and bad roots, have existed side by side until now. My Word, and My Spirit both produce good fruit in your life as you have been obedient to them. But because you have suffered harm, and because lies have been sown into your mind and heart by evil, you have been damaged and need to be healed. I know you have not wanted the bad fruit, and that you have cried out to Me for help. I have come now, to set you free from these lies, and from this damage completely, and I have come to heal you from the pain of your past. Will you allow Me to expose the damaged roots of your heart to you? Will you allow My Truth to heal the lies that have stunted your growth for so long? Are you willing to cease to practice sin, as I now set you free from its power over you? Are you willing to be well? Are you willing to face your pain? Believe that I can accomplish all this within you as you cooperate with My work of transformation. What you have not been able to accomplish alone, we will now accomplish together. Where you have failed trying alone so many times, we will now succeed working together. I have allowed you to see your absolute need for My help. You now know in your heart that you cannot fix these problems alone. Trust in Me, that I am the Master Gardener, and that I know exactly what to do to heal each damaged area of your heart. Once you agree, there will be no turning back. This may sound easy, but it will be very challenging and painful at times, more than you can realize right now; but I will stay with you throughout this process. I will take your hand and I will not let you go, even for a second. At times, you may feel alone, but I am still here. I am the Faithful One, and I work to heal and restore My Body. Trust that My intentions are completely good even though this may hurt intensely at times. Know that as we go forward in this time of healing, that I do this to make you whole, I do this so that the evil one cannot harm you anymore with his lies. I do this so that you can fulfill your calling. I heal you so that righteousness will reign, and that all I wish to give you will not be withheld any longer because of sin. Remember that I am with you to the end, and that I love you completely and absolutely. Be courageous and trust in My wisdom, and in My power, and most of all, in My great love for you. You are My beloved Tree of Righteousness, and I have come to heal you, and make you whole so that you can bear all good fruit. Trust in Me, and you will see this happen before your eyes".

The Great Day of Battle Has Come To My faithful soldier. Your day of rest and preparation has now ended and the day of conflict and battle has now come. I would call you this day to wake up from

your slumber and to put on your armor and weapons, for the enemy is at the gates and I have drawn up my battle plans and I need to inform you of your place within the great army that I am assembling. This is a day to get ready and to come before Me and to listen. It is no longer a day to just look to survive in the wilderness for although you may not feel ready, I have given you everything you need to march forward and to succeed in the great conquests I am sending you on. Do not be afraid to step out into the unfamiliar because just as I was with you in the wilderness, so I will also be with you in your time of warfare. Your enemy has already been defeated, so do not fear. The wilderness has become too familiar for you and you have become too secure in the daily routine of going through the job of getting ready to enter your promised land. The day of actually entering into your promised land has now come and it is time to stand up and prepare to fight, for I Am your strength and shield. I am now aligning My people and joining them together in their ranks and battle groups, for I have my plans sitting before Me. Come now and take a look at my plans for you for they are exciting and they will bring you new hope and fresh joy to go forward. You will not go forward alone and you are guaranteed success through Me so wake up my dear one and get ready to fight, for the conflict is already at the gates and the time to act has now come. So I would tell you again my soldier, get ready for battle, for it is already here.

The Last Mile My Child, you have said to me, "Why have you kept me in this wilderness so long, and why have you abandoned me after I have endured so much?" I led you into this wilderness to transform you, and to purify you. I could not do this work while you were in Egypt because you would have been too distracted with activity to work on change. And I could not do this work the promised land because you would have not been ready to endure the fight. You would have fallen because of the the old sin that kept you from being stable. I have told you that I would never abandon you, so you must believe that what I say is true. I know you are weary, I know this is a time of very low grace, and that your emotions and evil spirits will try to tempt you to grumble and complain. This is your time to believe with your faith alone in who I AM. Finish what I have shown to finish and I will surely do everything I have promised you. You must continue to cooperate on these last few areas. These few remaining idols will be the hardest to let go of, but I will demand complete holiness and stability before I send you forward with my Power. I understand how tedious and painstaking change is for you.

Do not fear, what you have held onto is a lie, and you must face life trusting me to be your protection and security. I will not share my glory with idols. Take my Hand and finish the last part of this wilderness, and I will open the door to your Promised land where you will help many with what I have done in you. I love you, so don't ever forget that, and trust me for this last mile.

The Opposite My dear one, your day to rise has come and now I will take you from the small world you have been used to, and place you into a large world that is greatly in need of My help. I will fulfill all of the words I have spoken to you and none of them will go unfulfilled. You will see and believe that I am the same God in the end that called you from the beginning so long ago. Now you will begin to experience the opposite of many of the things you have been used to all of your life. Now comes the great shift. I would call you not to grieve over the Ishmael's you have lost, but rather I want you to start looking for the Isaac's I want to add to your life. Do not allow the blessing I add to your life to be wasted on the Hagar's of your past, but rather devote your heart to the Sarah that I have joined you with. This is your day to finally let go of all the old and to embrace the wonderful new things that I have for you. This is a day to repent of all behavior that has caused you loss in the past so that I can bless you with goodness. Though you have lived in a small place I will now give you a large place where many can come and be refreshed and ministered to. Where there has been few family now I will give you a large family made up of people you will know for eternity. Where you have been poor and struggling I will bless you until you cannot close your cupboards because of the great abundance. Where you have been dishonored I will give you honor and I will vindicate you. So my love expect the opposite and be very blessed.

The Prison and the Warden While in prayer, the Holy Spirit showed me a person, and then it is as though the picture zoomed inside to the heart of the person, and what I saw was what looked like many prison cells with many floors, and various people inside each cell. Then I saw the same person who's heart I was viewing as a warden, and they were walking down each row running their nightstick across the bars of each cell glaring in at each person inside. There was a look of satisfaction and contempt on the face of the warden that passed by each cell. But then the view zoomed out a bit, and I could see, that there was no door to the prison to get out anywhere,

and the warden was also trapped inside. Then I saw a large golden key with the word "forgiveness" etched into it, come down from above, and all of the sudden it unlocked all of the cells, and dissolved the whole prison itself. Then the Holy Spirit explained to me what I was viewing. He said; You have been hurt many times in life, sometimes very deeply, and because your offender did not apologize, or make things right, you put them into a prison cell in your heart. Now as an adult, you have created a large prison of people that you have not forgiven, and you visit this pain often, reliving the original offense, and punishing those who have wronged you, it has poisoned your heart, and interfered with your ability to receive My forgiveness. You have said in your heart, "When they say they are truly sorry, I will let them out, but not until then". I would call you this day, to let these people go from the prison of your heart, even as I let your offenses go that you committed against Me, and others. I pardoned you from not only a life sentence, but from a death sentence. These people are not really in your prison anyway, it is only the pain and bitterness that you keep locked up, and that is all that actually dwells in each cell. You have trapped yourself inside your own prison of bitterness and resentment, and it is time to destroy this prison altogether with true and complete forgiveness. It is time to draw this poison and pain from your heart, and fill you with fresh love and mercy. Are you willing to trust Me, and My justice? I love you so much, and it hurts Me to see you so hindered by this old anger, it has created many weeds in the garden of your heart, that steal energy from the good plants. Do you trust Me to bring justice at the proper time, or will you insist on handling your pain by yourself? It is time to clear the garden of your heart, and plant new flowers of forgiveness and love. I would call you this day, to pray for these people, and leave them to Me, I am well aware of their crimes. I have felt your pain, and I know what it is like to be betrayed and sinned against. But I also know, that all men are a work in progress, and that someday, they will give an account for all that they have done in their lives. Come to Me now, and lean into Me. Let your tears fall, and let Me heal your heart. Know that I love you dearly, and I love those who have hurt you as well. Remember the great mercy I have lavished upon you. Grant mercy, even as I have granted you mercy so many times. Know, that as you forgive, it will free up much energy in your soul that has been going to holding your grudges. Know that your heart will become an open channel, free from all that has blocked it up as you forgive. Know that it is your forgiveness that releases Me to deal with your offenders. Now, instead of a prison, your heart will become a haven of love for all who dwell there. It is time to let it all go, let's go forward now.

The Time Is Now My dear one, I have worked with you for many years now to lay a foundation of obedience, faith, and righteousness; and now you stand ready to walk fully in it. There is no more time left to keep trying to get it right because you already know what needs to change, and now you just need to do it. You are ready to make these changes, so you must choose to let go of all that has hindered you in the past, and to fully cooperate with what I need you to do. Believe that as you now repent, things will be different this time, and that you will not slip back into old ways like before. There are many changes that are about to happen in your life and you can either face them being ready, or face them being unready, the choice is yours. You are no longer a spiritual teenager in training, you have now reached a place of spiritual maturity where you will be expected to consistently behave as a spiritual adult from now on. Very soon, there will no longer be a place for you in the wilderness, and already you have felt a strong sense of transition and change coming over your life. New doors will soon begin to appear to you, and the manna I have sustained you with in the wilderness will cease. You must now stand up and walk through these new doors because your future depends upon it. If you let go of the old things willingly, this transition will go much easier, so do not fight Me. Understand my dear one, that even as you begin to walk in maturity and full obedience, that I will allow certain tests to come along in order to prove that these changes are genuine. I only promote the truly obedient. My power will indeed flow through your life, so come and seek Me more in prayer, and I will meet you there and give you fresh revelation and insight. So My love, do not look at things as being in the future any longer, because the time is now.

The Time to Repent Fully Has Come My dear one, you have come to the end of your time of preparation and now we are going forward, but I need you to fully repent of your sin and your past in order for you to go forward. Do not be afraid to take the step of faith to walk in complete holiness before Me, for that is the doorway to your future. I would also call you this day to let go of those people from your past that have no place in your future. I will take care of them and your job is just to focus upon and follow Me. Take your hands off of the past so that I can hand you your future, you cannot hold on to both of them at once. I will no longer accept partial repentance like in the past for I have brought you into a place of maturity where there is no longer any excuse or reason to walk in old ways that brought only death and shame. I am your strength and behold I

have laid a new foundation in you to build upon. The old weak foundation is gone so do not fear that you will fail like in times passed. Look to me to be your strength and just be willing to let Me lead you forward into a new day of purity and obedience before Me. Stay humble my child, for all the good you see in your life will come from Me and my work. I am pouring out extra grace right now for all who will take the step of faith to fully repent of all sin in their life so ask it of Me and I will grant it to you. Do not look around at what others may or may not be doing, do not compare yourself to others in making your decision to repent. Look only to Me and take the step forward this day to forsake all sin idols in your life, for My kingdom is truly coming and is already at the door. Trust Me this day my loved one, for My hand is extended to you right now to help you to fully repent and to lead you into the wonderful destiny that I have planned for you.

They Will Look To You My dear one, you have spent many years being prepared by Me so I had much of your outer life shut down along with many of the normal relationships that could have possibly distracted you while I was changing you. I allowed only what was necessary and useful in your time of growth and healing to remain in your life, but now that most of your time of transformation is now complete I will be opening up many new and old doors to relationships where people will come to you to receive from Me and to serve. Get ready to get busy locally as well as globally my dear one for I will place you upon peoples hearts and some will even dream of you because I am sending them to you for ministry and to also minister with you. So even though you have just survived in a cave for so very long now I will be changing things and causing your dwelling to be expanded and improved to accommodate all those who will be sent to you. Be willing to be open to the many new things that will come because they are right at your door. Even old friends and family that have left your life long ago will suddenly be drawn to you again and new opportunities to help your community will be opening up very soon so be willing to be joined to others within your area that have finished their wilderness time like you have. I will build large families on large pieces of land so though you have dwelt like a hermit you will now be part of a very large and loving family. They are coming my love and they will look to you so open your heart wide and let them in.

This is Your Day to Stand

My dear Child, I have heard you asking in your heart "Why have you allowed all these apparently terrible things to happen in my life, I just don't understand it?" Though you may not understand it right now, just like my servant Joseph I have been creating things in you through the experiences you have endured so that you could fulfill the calling I have placed upon your life. Though you do not understand now what I have done, you will fully understand later on why this was all so necessary. Will you continue to trust me now even though you do not understand what I have allowed to happen in your life? Will you continue to look and to wait upon me for fresh direction even though you cannot see a path in front of you to take right now? I have not forgotten you and I will be just as faithful as I have always been to lead you forward when the time is just right. I am looking at my watch right now for exactly the right time to send you forward, and that time is nearly here even now. Do not give up your hope or trust in me in this day of strange testings. I know you are weary and confused right now, but this is a time to draw closer to me, not to draw away from me in distrust. Remember all the good things that I have done for you in the past and how I have always been faithful to you even when you were not so faithful to me. Would I abandon you now in your day of greatest need? No, of course not. I am with you my precious one, and I will indeed fulfill all the words I have spoken concerning you. The vision I have given you for your life is indeed real, and I will help you to stand in it this very day. This is your day of joy not doubt, so stand up I say!

This Storm Will End My dear one, you have entered a time of great transition where everything is being upheaved and allowed to be destabilized. This time of great change may effect your finances, health, relationships, vocation, family, residence, and the ministry I have called you to. But know that these changes are meant to bring you up higher and not lower. This may feel like a fierce storm right now but I want to encourage you that this storm will end when I have accomplished all that is necessary to bring you up higher into this next level of service. These changes must occur in order for you to rise and to do everything I need you to do with the least amount of hindrances and distractions. Even with My people in the wilderness just before they entered their promised land there came a day when their manna stopped coming and the normal lifestyle they lived suddenly began to change. All that they were familiar with and secure in became uprooted and they had to trust me for new things even as the old passed away. I am bringing you up to a new and higher level in every area of your life, and in order to do that I have to lift the grace off of these areas. I allow things

to seem out of order so that I can bring them into the new place of order and structure that can stand in the new things I am calling you to. New wine indeed requires a new wineskin to put it in. So do not fear My dear one, you will get through this challenging time and I have not left you. There is no need to keep second guessing yourself, or wondering where you have failed, this is just a turbulent time of change, nothing more. Be at peace and look to Me and My peace will walk with you and help you through this. This is your day to stand and to take your place in My kingdom and in this great harvest of souls upon the earth. Do not fear change because this is a different kind of change than in the wilderness. I am bringing you into My power and My blessing so that you can go into battle and defeat the enemy at every turn. So take courage, this storm will soon end.

Time for My Power and Blessing You have labored hard over these long years of preparation and purification, and although you did fight and hesitate at times, you always surrendered to Me in the end, and you did not withhold even your most precious things. You have let go of that which offended and hindered, and now you walk in purity and holiness because you cooperated with My daily training. You have let go of the past now, and you have forgiven those who wronged you. You have eagerly obeyed me, when you knew clearly that it was I, that was speaking to you. Slowly but surely we made progress together, day by day, and the good changes that came were lasting ones. Now, it is finally time to begin to walk forward. It is time to believe for new things, and it is time for My power and blessing to flow through your life. Though you were held back in the past, and you seemed to have many false starts that just ended in more time of preparation, now you are ready to obey my voice and conquer the new land I am sending you to. Trust me just as much now, as you have in the past; Obey me just as much now, even though it would seem, that you have more freedom to make choices. I would call you to feed upon, and listen to me even more-so now, as we enter this new time of increased power, blessing, and service. I delight in restoring all that was sacrificed, and I delight in blessing you in front of those who judged you as a failure. You bore my reproach in order to be obedient to my calling, and in order that My heart might be formed in you so that you could serve in My power and love. Now I have a strong, reliable foundation of holiness, obedience, and love in you, that I can build very high upon. Before, the cracks of pain and sin in your old foundation would have caused it to fail under pressure. Now I will build a great house of blessing upon that foundation, for it is

built upon Me, your Rock, and this new place will be a haven and storehouse for all I send to you.

"Trust Me Again" My dear one, you have reached your day of miracles, but I can see that you are afraid to trust Me again because you have seen so many times before where your miracle did not come to pass. I would admonish you this day My love that no matter how many times in the past you have seen your miracle not come to pass that now is the appointed time and I would call you to trust Me again as you did in the beginning. Without faith you cannot see the fulfillment of My miracles so it is critical that you be willing to step out in faith and trust Me yet again. My time and your time to have something happen is many times quite different because I must first get you ready to walk in your miracle before it happens. Just because your miracle did not happen in your time does not mean that what you heard was false. I always keep My word. You see, I have had to spend many years preparing and healing you so I could not allow things to break open early or your preparation and healing would have been lost. I had to restrict things for a time so that I could fully prepare you, but now that time is over, so no matter how afraid or unbelieving your heart has become I would call you now to trust Me again for your day for the fulfillment of your miracles has indeed come!

Walking and Abiding My dear Child, I have watched you for years, while you have struggled to overcome sin in your own strength. I admire your effort, and desire to be holy, but true, consistent holiness comes only from walking, and abiding in Me every moment of every day. It comes from being and staying connected to Me, that is where your strength comes from. Daily infilling, and obedience to my truth is what keeps you walking free from sin habits. I would call you this day, to relinquish your control, your plans, and the vows and resolutions you make to stop sinning, and let Me give you My righteousness. It is My goodness flowing through an obedient servant, that allows him to live free. Have you experienced victory or defeat, when you have tried to do it in your flesh alone? Holiness is a state of being, not a trophy to be attained, let Me do through you, what you cannot do on your own. As you walk in faith, and receive My ability, you will find success.

Surrender to Me, and walk forward, and I will guide your steps. Sitting and striving will never work, it's time to move forward, are you willing to let Me show you My strength? It is My grace and revelation of the truth, that helps you to let go of the lie that keeps you bound. Let Me be all that you need, My way works every time. I cannot share My glory, with works of the flesh. I love you no matter what, and there is nothing you can do to earn My love. All that you need is in Me; Now, let go of your flesh, and embrace My Spirit. The day has come, to take off your cloak of striving, and put on My strength, My armor, My goodness, My grace. You will see success as you abandon your plans, and just walk in Me moment by moment. Trust Me to be in complete control, I won't fail you. Feed on My word, drink from My Spirit, rest and receive. Trust me to do, what you cannot, trust me to lead you, even if you cannot see the whole plan I see. Know that I have planned this all out, before you were even born, I AM your everything, trust Me now.

Wrestle For My Blessing! My dear one, I see you teetering between faith and discouragement right now and I would call you to push through and to wrestle for My blessing that has been promised to you. Even as My servant Jacob wrestled with Me because he desperately wanted my blessing, I would also call you to do the same thing this day. Today is your day to break through not to break down, so do not allow the evil one to speak words of doubt and unbelief into your heart. Rather put your trust in Me and you will see My salvation. Even as the caterpillar goes into a cocoon for a period of time and then wrestles to break out of it to become a beautiful butterfly, so you too have been in a spiritual cocoon of transformation for a very long time, and now your day to wrestle and break out of it has come. I would not call you to strive in the flesh to break out, but I would call you to persevere in faith and prayer during this challenging time and to not let go of any of the promises I have given you. New life awaits you just ahead if you hang on. You cannot stay where you are at any longer and you must move forward, so be willing to struggle to get through this time of transition and you will indeed make it through to the other side. There are many new and wonderful blessings that await you when reach the other side, so do not give up. I know you are weary right now and that you are afraid to trust again because you do not want to be disappointed but your faith must rest in who I Am and not in what you see. So My child wrestle for My blessing!

You Are Blessed, Not Cursed My dear one, there has been a distinction made between you and other people around you in your life where you could not succeed or progress as they did, and you have supposed that you are just cursed because no matter how hard you tried to do the same thing, you were denied. This happened because I held you back in your life and not because you failed. You see my love, you have just had a calling upon your life and I needed to shape your character and keep you from being pulled into the world through the natural course your talents and desires would have taken you. I have just been preparing you for your whole life and I have not been punishing you. You are actually blessed and not cursed, and all you have been through will pay off. Though there has been a long standing ceiling placed upon how far you could rise, I will promote you much higher than you could have gone if you have been allowed to do it your own way. But remember this promotion is so that I can use you to serve many, because the time is short and many are needed to help bring in this harvest. Deeper foundations take more time to build for higher buildings, and so it was with you. Even though you have had to watch other people who deserved it less receive what you should have received much earlier in life but did not, I will now by My hand take you much further and higher in one day. So my dear one, do not be disheartened any longer, your day has come to rise up to your true place of service and blessing.

You Are Still Right On Course My love, I have seen the alarm in your soul wondering whether you have gotten grossly off course somewhere along the line and I want to tell you today that you are still very much right on course. Although things may seem like they are dragging on too long, and even though this is not necessarily where you want to be right now this is in fact exactly right where you are supposed to be right now. You need not keep second guessing yourself or questioning whether you missed it somewhere along the line because you didn't. You are still very much right on track so you need not fear. This is not a time to be cynical or doubting, it is a time to be fully obedient and to just trust Me no matter how you may feel, or what you do or don't see right now. You are not wasting your time and I have not forgotten about you. If you get a bad attitude it will not change anything, it will just hurt you and those around you. I know you are tired of hearing words and you want to see some action, but you must quiet your restless soul right now and return to your place of peace. My eyes are just as much upon you now as ever so come and seek Me rather than complaining or worrying.

Even though you may not understand why things are taking so long right now I am indeed working some things out not only in you, but in those around you as well so try to be patient and do not keep beating up on yourself, or on those around you. Babies frequently need to be reassured that their parent is still there for them, but you are not a baby and you can trust in My faithfulness to you. Be the adult that I have created you to be and keep your peace because very soon I will indeed move so you might as well keep your peace right now and not worry, because you are still right on course.

You Have Gained Your Soul My dear one, I have heard your thoughts and sighs concerning your life as you have viewed what little your outward efforts seem to have produced compared to the other people around you, but something much greater has been taking place that you should be aware of. Even as I have said what good is it for someone to gain the whole world but lose their soul, the opposite has taken place in your life and because you have sacrificed everything to follow Me, you have now gained your own soul. What has been done in you has produced the eternal fruits of righteousness, holiness, and obedience, which cannot be compared to anything you could accomplish in the world. You have sacrificed all and surrendered every part of your life to serve Me and you have lost many opportunities, blessings, and relationships in the process that normal people seem to have in abundance. But those other people have yet to gain their own souls and there is no price that they can pay to buy what I have given you. You have overcome with My help, which is priceless. Now you are in a place where I can pour Myself through you to help many needy people. Rejoice My love for you stand ready to walk forward into the harvest and into the difficult times that are coming upon the earth where many other people will not be ready and will have no time left to prepare. Know this, I keep careful record of what was sacrificed in someones life in order to follow Me and I reward them in abundance at the proper time. But your time on earth is short and much that man thinks is valuable is eternally worthless. Also remember that I can restore and accelerate your outward progress just like My servant Joseph and take you from a prison cell to managing a nation in just one day. Joseph was not prepared in a fancy school, but rather He was trained by Me personally in the secret and quiet. So My love do not grieve or compare what is not in your life, but rather see clearly that by forsaking the things of this world you have indeed gained you own soul.

You Will Indeed Give Birth

My dear one, for many years now you have been pregnant with a huge promise that I gave you long ago. You have hung onto and carried this promise even though others said there was no promise, and the evil one also tried to convince you that you had just been deceived. But I would tell you this day My love, that this promise did in fact come from Me, and you will indeed give birth to it very soon, so do not give up now. This promise does not just involve you, it involves many other people that I will help because of its fulfillment. You are living in a critical time in history where you will see many challenging and extreme things taking place in order for Me to work out My will in the earth for these last days. You have been chosen from the beginning to carry this promise because I knew that you would not give up when things got really tough. Cast off all doubt and do not abort this promise that I gave you. Do not let it go for it will in fact come to pass if you do not give up. You see dear one, it took many years and many trials to fully prepare you to carry the responsibility of this promise after it was finally birthed, so that is why you had to carry it for so long. But your day of giving birth is now very near, so hang on right now and you will see this promise born.

You will Not Die In Your Cave My faithful one, I have seen you in your cave of preparation crying. I have watched each tear roll down your cheek and your chest heave as you sobbed and prayed to Me in your pain. I would tell you this day my love to grieve and cry no more over what you have lost because all my words will indeed prove to be true for you. Believe Me and find fresh hope and strength this day. I have not forgotten you and I am fully aware of the dire situation that you are in right now. Though you have been in a time where the sea was flat and your ship seemed to sink right beneath you, I am the God of resurrection and I am able by my power to raise you up once again even stronger. The cave I have kept you in is not a tomb as you supposed, but rather an incubator where I nurtured and matured you. There came a time when my friend Lazarus died and all hope seemed lost, and some people even got upset with me for not acting when they though I should, but did I fail them? No, I brought resurrection out of utter death and I will do the same for you if you will trust Me. Just know that what is raised back to life is Myself formed in you so that people around you can receive from Me through you. Trust in My faithful character and steadfast love for you my dear one and do not weep in your cave any longer. Believe in the One who died for you and live.

Though your waiting has seemed like forever, though all around you looks like a grave, I am the God of resurrection and I will surely move on your behalf very soon. Be ready and waiting with your shoes on to meet Me and to walk forward with Me out of your cave once and for all. You will remember all that I have taught you in your cave, but you will not go back there again, even if you want to. Remember that all new life springs forth from Me alone and Springtime comes solely by My power each year. This is going to be my people's spiritual springtime and like a calf you will burst out of your stalls and run with great joy and fresh strength. Once again My faithful one, trust in Me and know that you will surely not die in your cave, but rather you will live.

You Will See Healings My dear one, I gave you a word many years ago that you would be used in the gift of healing and that day has now come. Though you have prayed for many since then few were healed because you were not yet ready to walk in this area at such a high level. Much has changed since then and I have matured you and purified your motives for wanting this gift. You have even experienced health problems since then that have shown you what it is like to suffer and need healing. I have developed a compassion in you for those who need to be healed and I have built a deep foundation of obedience in you that can stand up and remain strong during times of temptation or persecution. It is now time to bring you into a place of greater faith concerning healing so I will be leading you into situations where you and other people around will need healing. All healing works by faith so look and ask for it. Do not be afraid to step out in faith once again in this area because even though many did not get healed in the past because faith was missing, now they will indeed be healed. Always remember that I Am the Healer and that you need My direction with each person that I send to you. This gift will lead many to salvation so be ready to preach the gospel. So My love, get ready to receive your healing and to help others receive theirs, for surely you will see healings.

You Will Soon Step Into A Clearing My dear one, for a very long time now I have had you navigating your way through a vast spiritual forest as I teach you many things and change you through it. But very soon you will step into a spiritual clearing where your view will be unblocked and unhindered, and you will see everything much more clearly and completely than you have for a very long time now.

You will understand things much better in the days just ahead because we are going to have some very close fellowship as we sit in this clearing together, and I will explain many things about your journey through the long forest that you have been moving through for so long. This will be a time of restoration, refreshment, and fresh revelation and empowerment. When you step into this spiritual clearing, you will notice many others entering this large clearing from all sides that have also been making their way through their forest of change, and I will join you to many of these people, and you will work together in this harvest. So My dear one, take fresh hope and courage this day, because you will soon step into a clearing.

Your Lazarus's will Live Again I have felt your pain and heard your cries in the night, as you have grieved over all that has seemingly died in your life. You saw everything that you held dear and hoped for, seemingly dashed to pieces before your very eyes. But I would tell you this day, that I am the God of resurrection, and I bring new life, from that which seemed dead. Look to Me now, and trust Me to bring back to life all that I have given you, nothing shall be lost. It has been good that these things that you love and hold so dear, have left you for a season, because you held on too tightly to some of them, and they competed for attention and prominence with Me. You had to see that your life would go on without them, and that all you need in life is found exclusively through Me. You had to see that I can control and manage all things, and that you can trust Me with all that which you love. Now as I bring these things back to life, I would have you hold onto them lightly. For all things dwell in My hands, and they are mine to give life to, or remove life from. I cause things and people to be attracted, or be repelled, according to my good purposes and plans. Trust Me that what lives in your life is by My doing, and what is taken from your life is also decided by Me. And know that My motives are always good in everything I do concerning you. Even as Lazarus was brought back to life and there was great joy, even so it will be with you as you see your Lazarus's brought back to life, and great will be the faith it creates in yourself and in others who witness it. I even allowed your family, friends, and others to witness the death of these things, so that they could witness them being brought back to life. They will surely know that I am the God that lives, and they will believe that I bring new life, from death.

Your Life Went The Way It was Suppose To My dear one, I have heard you questioning things about your life about what you think should or should not have happened and I would tell you this day that your life went the way it was supposed to. You see, I knew exactly what needed to happen in your life to shape you for the calling you were destined to fulfill. There is no point in saying how if you had been given different opportunities in your life that you would have done things differently because you have been following My course all along. It is never My will that people sin or hurt other people like you have been hurt in your life, but I knew that this would happen and I planned beforehand to bring good out of it to help others later on. Do not let the evil one lie to you about Me because if after knowing the truth you choose to believe a lie, then you suffer by your own choice needlessly. Know that all you have been through will be used and nothing will be wasted. Your life went the way it was supposed to my love, so be at peace and live.

Your Need Is The Doorway To My Miracle My dear one, do not be perplexed at the great needs, attacks, and challenges that have suddenly been cropping up and getting over your head as far as your ability to manage them. Your need is the doorway to My miracles so I have allowed you to enter a new place of need in your body and finances so that I can lead you into My flow of miracles in these areas, you need not fear what is happening to you. Even as My children were brought to the edge of the Red Sea with the enemy about to destroy them so I have allowed some impossible situations to suddenly arise in your life so that you might see My great deliverance and believe Me in a new and deeper way. This is a day of greater faith so I have to allow the need to be greater as well. You have two choices as you face your Red Sea experiences, you can either get upset with Me, or you can cry out to Me and trust Me to rescue and help you in your day of need. I have only allowed these things to happen so that your faith can grow in order for you to operate at a much higher level of receiving from Me. There are going to be many people that I will lead to you that will need to receive from Me so your faith must be able to believe in Me for greater things. Do not be afraid My dear one, I am the God who heals and provides, so trust Me to rescue you and to also build great faith in you.

Your Spiritual Season Is Changing

My dear one, even as the seasons are changing in the world, the spiritual season you have been in for so long is also changing. Can you feel it? I know you can. Do not be alarmed at this mighty shift for we are entering into the great harvest of souls upon the earth and many of My dear harvester's will be set into their new places in My field. As this great change takes place your grace and strength to remain in your current season will wane, but you must rise up in determination to fulfill your duties even until I bring you fully into this new season. This new season is very near you even now, and it comes with fresh grace, strength, and provision to carry you into your new position. Do not worry about the new place I am giving you in My kingdom, I know exactly the right place for you and I have been preparing that place for a very long time now, long before you got there. Much work is ahead of you but this work is full of miracles and joy, so you will not be disappointed. Know this day, your spiritual season is changing.

Your Time Has fully Come Now My faithful soldier, the time that I have talked to you about for so long has fully come now and I would call you to put on all of your armor and to stand ready at the battle line with your fellow soldiers to go to war and fight. The time for training and preparation is over and now you must march forward and put all that I have given you into practice. This is the day of fierce battle for the souls of mankind in the earth and I have raised up a mighty army of holy warriors that will not shrink back in fear or retreat when the enemy attacks. I Am your Captain of Battle and I stand ready to lead you. This is your day to walk fully in My kingdom life and to put away all sin and to forgive all whom you have held a grudge against. You must never again turn back to those things which weakened and destroyed you, but now you must walk as a strong spiritual adult capable of accomplishing all that I command you without distraction or compromise. It is time for great judgment against the enemy of your souls and I send you out to wreak My vengeance upon the armies of darkness. This is your day to take back what was stolen and to rescue the captives that have been held by the evil one. As you go forward my faithful soldier, remember to listen and act upon my orders and direction alone, and do nothing based solely upon what you see in the natural. You do not march to war alone, but you march with a mighty army of your obedient brothers and sisters, and my holy servants the angels. I seek to conquer all that is trapped in the realm of darkness with My light and to set right that which has been kept wrong for far too long. My eyes have been upon the weak

and downtrodden and I come to set them free. Rise up My faithful soldier, for your time has fully come now.

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