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Project Title Roller Flour Mill Project

Project Description The Agricultural sector contributes approximately 15.7% of India's GDP. India is the world's largest producer across a range of commodities due to its favourable agroclimatic conditions and rich natural resource base. The Food Processing sector is a highly fragmented industry and widely comprises of the following sub-segments:        Fruits and Vegetables, Milk and Milk products, Beer and Alcoholic beverages, Meat and Poultry, Marine products, Grain processing, Packaged or Convenience food and Packaged drinks.

It accounts for more than 70% of the sector’s output in terms of volume and 50% in terms of value. Though the organized sector seems comparatively small, it is growing at a much faster pace. India is the 2 largest producer of food grains like wheat and rice in the world. About 42% of cultivated area in the State of Madhya Pradesh is under food grains Wheat, Sorghum (jowar), Maize and Paddy. The project proposes to set up roller flour mills by utilizing food grains produced in the State. Roller flour mills in India account for about 12 million tons of wheat to produce Maida, Sooji and Atta. Due to the locational advantages of grain production in the State and various initiatives by the State Government, the project is proposed to be set up in Madhya Pradesh. The MOFPI has also assisted many flour mills over the years. Year 2004-05 2005-06 2006-07 2007-08 2008-09 No. of Flour Mills assisted by MOFPI 28 25 18 14 39

Project’s Value Proposition Due to the large availability of food grains in MP, there exists a good market for different food grain products. In fact, Madhya Pradesh has a marketable surplus of several key commodities including Wheat, Maize, Gram, etc. India is one of the world’s major food producers but accounts for less than 1.5 % of international food trade. This indicates vast scope for both investors and exporters.

3 38. Land cost advantage  MP offers cheap land cost in comparison to other developed industry centres .In order to further boost the growth of the Food Processing industry. making Durum good for special uses.68 Wheat 73.5% to 3% This project would help in providing the following advantages to the food processing sector:    Increase the grain processing capacity of the State so that it becomes self.4 2.5 Mustard 6.4 8.1 Cotton 8.7 5.Field Crops. 5 crop zones and 4 soil types will suit production of almost any crop Established diversified crops . Medicinal and aromatic plants Wider combination of soil type. and temperature to suit new crops Around 100 agricultural farms with an area of over 20.000 acres which is available on lease to investor Marketable surplus in several key commodities Paddy 13. Sharbati wheat is used by FMCG companies and Malwa plateau is the sole producer of this high-protein variety in India.8 43. rainfall. sun light.65 7. Fruits. food grains can also be used for export purposes MP’s value proposition Madhya Pradesh is ideally suited to house this project on account of the following reasons: Natural resources and abundant raw materials      Crop Production (in lakh MT) Surplus (in lakh MT) Presence of 11 out of 18 Agro Climatic zones of India. This includes:     Trebling the size of the food processing industry from around US$ 70 billion to about US$ 210 billion Raising the level of processing of perishables from 6% to 20% Increasing value addition from 20% to 35% Enhancing India’s share in global food trade from 1.88 0. Spices. Durum species is the hardest of all wheat and has high protein and gluten content. Vegetables.3 Soyabean 47. the Government of India has formulated a Vision-2015 action plan under which specific targets have been set.sufficient Increased processing capacity will also help curb the wastage of food grains Once domestic needs are met.0 Sesamum 0.74 Gram 21.9 6.0 Maize 8.2 Madhya Pradesh is known for its ‘Durum wheat (macaroni wheat)’ and ’Sharbati wheat’ which are extensively used by food processing units.

to be developed as an SEZ A Multi Modal Logistics Hub to be developed in Pawarkheda. 75000/Project report cost reimbursement upto Rs. 500 million available from MOFPI under MFP scheme (subject to MFPS guidelines) State capital subsidy for SSI up to Rs. 5 million Entry tax exemption up to five years ISO-9000 certification cost reimbursement up to Rs.Dist Bhind o Maneri – Dist . MP       Policy Initiatives (for developers and food processors)          50% of project cost (excluding land cost) upto maximum of Rs.3 million Interest subsidy up to Rs.Man Power Cost Advantage & peaceful labour environment   Cost to a company for human resources is cheaper by 30-35% in the State Greater saving potential for the executive levels on account of cheaper land.Mandla These food parks have all the common facilities expected in an industrial park along with common facilities needed for agro industry like:o Cold Storages /modified atmosphere cold storages o Warehousing facilities o Milk Chilling plants All the food parks have excellent rail and road connectivity Another 16 food parks have already been planned across the State A Centre for Perishable Cargo is being developed at Indore airport A Mega Food Park in Jabalpur is proposed. 0. 4 million Investment Promotion Assistance Concessions to Mega Projects . 0.5 million Central Capital subsidy up to Rs. cheaper housing and cheaper labour Mandays lost over last 5 years < 1% of total available mandays One of the most peaceful and labour productive State   Food Parks & supporting infrastructure  Six food parks are / are being established in MP at: o Jaggakhedi – Dist Mandsaur o Nimrani – Dist Khargone o Babai-Pipariya – Dist Hoshangabad o Borgaon – Dist Chhindwara o Malanpur-Ghirongi .

98   Returns: Internal rate of return is estimated at 12-15% Return on investment over the years is estimated at 40% . which are engaged in manufacturing of wheat flour.64 14.52 2.92 7. Some of them include:            ITC Cargill Foods ConAgra Mills Agrawal Flour Mills Radha Krishna Flour Milling Anil Industries Bharat Dall & Flour Mills Dewas Flour Mills Pvt. that Madhya Pradesh is ideally suited for this project is evident by presence of many leading players in the state. Gupta Pulse Industries Parvati Food Products Sanghavi Foods Limited Project Specification The proposed project will have the following specifications:  Location: Project can be located in any of Hoshangabad / Shivpuri / Rajgarh / Bhopal / Vidisha / Guna / Shajapur / Sehore / Raisen districts of MP Capacity: The annual capacity of a unit is proposed at 30000 MT Project Cost: Major components of the project (for a single unit) and their estimated costs are presented in the table below: Particulars Land Building Plant & machinery Misc. Fixed assets/furniture fixtures Contingencies Pre-operative expenses Margin money for working capital Total  Amount (INR in Millions) 0.    Exemption in stamp duty and registration charges Interest subsidy on term loan Exemption in Mandi fee Reimbursement of expenditure on Quality Certification The fact.00 1.40 8. Ltd.50 34. Mezzanine Floor.nic.mpkrishi.P Nagar .org MP State Agro Industries Development Corporation Ltd Address: IIIrd URL: http://www. 3rd & 5th Floor. BHOPAL-462011 Telephone : (+91) (0755) 2559970. BHOPAL-462011 (+91) (0755) 2578491 (+91) ( 0755) 2768159 dirhort@mp. Vindhyachal Bhawan . BHOPAL Madhya Pradesh Trade and Investment Facilitation Corporation Ltd.Project Contacts Farmer Welfare & Agriculture Development / Directorate of Agriculture Address: Telephone : Fax : E-mail : URL: http://www. Arera Madhya Pradesh State Agricultural Marketing Board Address: Telephone : Fax : E-mail : URL: 26. Panchanan .in http://www. Address: AVN Towers. Kisan Bhawan.462004 (+91) (0755) 2551336 (+91) ( 0755) 2572468 dagmp@dataone. 2768058 Fax : (+91) ( 0755) 2559971 E-mail : trifac@mptrifac.462003 Telephone : (+91) (0755) 22551652 Fax : (+91) ( 0755) 2557305 E-mail : Vindhyachal Bhawan Department of Horticulture & Food Processing Address: Telephone : Fax : E-mail : URL: 5th URL: http://www. Malviya Nagar . md@mpsidc.mpstateagro. BHOPAL. BHOPAL .462004 (+91) (0755) 2553429 (+91) ( 0755) 2553806 jdsamb@sancharnet. 2559979. 192 Zone -1.

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