Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of degree in Master of Business Administration Jain University Submitted By DEEPAK PRABHU (USN: 09MBA60022) Under the Guidance of External Guide: Mr. Praveen Kumar General Manager Godrej storage solution Internal Guide: Dr. K. Karunakaran Professor - MBA Jain School of Business

School of Business Jayanagar 9th Block, Bangalore October 2010

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CONTENTS Sr.No. CHAPTER 1 1.1 1.2 1,3 1,4 1.5 1.6 Executive Summary Introduction of study Research methodology Industry profile Company profile Product profile CHAPTER 2 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 Data analysis & Interpretation Summary & Findings Conclusion Suggestion CHAPTER 3 3.1 3.2 Bibliography Annexure 67 68 44 63 65 66 3 5 7 10 14 28 Content Page no.

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Godrej-is the world leader in the field of injection mounding furniture and a key player in the storage system provider Godrej- Fami storage system. It¶s a company having 50-50% joint venture between Godrej India and Fami Italy. The main objective to carry out the research was: y To increase the sales & awareness level of Godrej- Fami products in the industrial arena. y To know the market share. Research was also focused on finding out the customers buying behavior and new prospects in the market. Scope of study: y The survey covers only regions in and around bangalore. y The survey covers small and big companies:1) Logistics companies 2) Manufacturing companies 3) Engineering companies 4) Textile 5) Other y The survey is likely to influence the following information:1) Factors influencing purchase of product. 2) Problems faced by customers. After knowing the objective and scope of study the survey was conducted and a structured questionnaire was prepared on which the responses were taken and later a proper detailed study was done so as to figured out the major hurdles that company facing.

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y Criteria adopted for re-purchase. Major competitors are Nilkamal. Indo-built and local players would prove to be tough but with their brand strength they can always succeed.Major findings: y Awareness of Godrej¶s is 100% but the awareness of fami is minimal viz 4-5%. y Godrej plastics brand over-shadow the image of fami metal products. where as in the storage systems segment they need to work a lot in building their brand reputation because they are very new to this sector. y Clients are more concerned about the price and quality. local players. reduce prices & what actions to be taken in future. y Most of the clients are looking forward to have a complete solution. In this project I came to know that Godrej is the market leader in branded plastics crates and bins but there are a lot of scopes for enhancing their market share. Page 4 . y Once the customer purchase from a specific vendor. Indo-built. After identifying major findings then I gave recommendation on how to increase awareness. because of technical specifications. Fighting against established brands like Godrej. it is difficult to switch over to another vendor.

Here are a few things to bear in mind for each. Godrej success has been driven by the company¶s commitment to delivering innovation and excellence. this just means that you want everyone to know about your products and want to purchase them.2 INTRODUCTION TO THE STUDY What is market awareness? Market awareness and brand recognition are two concepts that go hand in hand. In the other vein. the greater the awareness of your company and products will grow within the market. your market research will help you create new. Air conditioners. Ltd. you will have to invest some time in market research. Security Page 5 . furniture. co. In nonprofessionals¶ terms. and DVD players). products and services can be a somewhat problematic situation. Brand recognition and greater market awareness for your company. On one hand. Gaining greater market share through improved brand awareness is the goal of most businesses. Washing Machines. Godrej & Boyce manufactures a spectrum of consumer products and industrial products. innovative products that offer truly novel solutions for your customers and help you open up new market areas around you. In addition to all of this. Market awareness is actually a twofold problem. Microwaves. This will yield you the best information about the general market around you. locks. you must make the market aware of your offerings. India. On the other hand.1. The more you strategically promote your company. was born in 1868 who was lawyer by professional was a staunch nationalist and believed that India cannot win freedom unless it is economically selfreliant. Godrej Group is one of the largest conglomerates based in Lalbaug Mumbai. the end result of which will be a greater market share and customers that are more loyal. you must be aware of the market and the different market segments around your business. You can build in vital customization and options within your product to make it appeal to different segments of the market. When building market awareness within your business. The consumer product includes Appliances (Refrigerators. In 1968 he established Godrej & Boyce mfg. Its founder. It involves strategic planning between many different options. Market awareness of Godrej group The Godrej group is one of the respected business houses of India. market awareness applies to your efforts at brand recognition and market share. was Ardeshir Godrej. You can find out what your potential clients want in a product.

and a strong diversified portfolio. and agri products to name a few. a workforce of approximately 18. Today Godrej is delivering consumers exciting innovations across a spectrum of businesses. Godrej became the first company in the world to develop the technology to manufacture soap with vegetable oils. and vending Machines. Godrej safes were the only security equipment whose contents were unharmed. office automation. Godrej has proven its ability to deliver strong financial performance. Machine Tool Service. conferencing solution. consumer durables. Tooling and construction Material & services. The company's pursuit of excellence is equally well established and enduring. The group has more recently entered the real estate and information technology sectors. Godrej management understands that the company's greatest asset is the trust and faith that consumers have reposed in it. Today Godrej is a leading manufacturer of goods and provider of services in a multitude of categories: home appliances. Electrical & Electronic. With annual sales in excess of $1 billion. A recent estimate suggested that 350 million people across India use Godrej products. industrial products. Godrej ethical and visionary practices have allowed the company to successfully expand into a number of businesses. Industrial products include storage solution. an equal level of product quality continues to be expected from every product bearing the Godrej brand name. Page 6 . In 1930. consumer products. In the 1944 Mumbai docks blast. material handling equipment. The Godrej Group stands in a strong position and management views these as avenues for enormous growth. and recognizes that the company must continue to earn this trust. This translates to the organization delivering outstanding quality and value in everything it does. that spirit of innovation has continued throughout the organization's history. precision components and systems. Automated warehousing.000.

Competitor analysis in Fami storage solutions. As there are lots of players in the market everyone is striving for his piece of market share and to acquire a good market share than the competitors. To promote the storage solutions of Godrej-Fami Page 7 .3 RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Need of the Project/ Significance: In today¶s market scenario customer is the core reason for the prosperous existence of any business and it becomes very important for the MANUFACTRER to analyze the customer awareness level. On the basis of this problem statement. dealers is the blood for the growth and survival of business in the market thus proper understanding of dealers awareness will provide the organization with the knowledge of devising strategies for acquiring and retaining the dealers more effectively.1. the following specific objectives have been crystallized. Objectives: 1. 5. 4. 3. To analyze the buying behavior of customers in storage solutions 2. Statement of Problem: The purpose of the study is to understand the level of customer awareness and dealer awareness at GODREJ-FAMI thereby understanding the customer and dealer their perception and their contentment with the service provided by STORAGE SOLUTIONS OF GODREJ-FAMI. 7. To find out awareness level for of dealer Fami storage solutions. To find out market potential for Fami storage solutions. 6. To find out the market share of Fami. To find out awareness level of customers for Fami storage solutions.

The study has carried out to analyze the awareness level of the customers and dealer. their attitude towards products.Scope of the Study: The study has covered the industry customer and dealer awareness and feedback and its effect on their purchase. one is industrial customer and another is dealers. In this 1) A Sample size of 97 are industrial customer 2) A Sample size of 55 are dealers Questionnaire: A two questionnaire was given by the company (Godrej & Boyce) in this. Sample Size: The sample size include 152 respondents. The study has the data collected from both primary and secondary sources. Page 8 . composed of Dealers and industrial customer. A survey is been conducted to collect primary data.. I met purchase manger of different companies and explained them about the products. I also met the dealers and created awareness about the products. Methodology: A descriptive study is conducted to understand the level of industrial customer and dealer awareness at GODREJ-FAMI in Bangalore. Survey: A market survey was conducted for a total of 152 industrial customer and dealers with the help of questionnaire.

In the questionnaire. Limitation: o Respondent¶s biasness in answering the questions.. product brochure. Secondary Data: This data shall consist of the information collected from the company¶s website and the data is also collected through company records. share with us form etc. Page 9 . questions are presented with exactly same wordings and exactly in the same order to all respondents in order to elicit the right responses. o The study was restricted to only the customers of Godrej¶s Bangalore.Sources of data: The data required for the analysis were collected as follows Primary Data: In order to collect data a structured questionnaire is prepared.

A Christmas tree usually has its own box that homeowners can use for storage. From the early 17th century though the present. the wreath storage solution must be of the sealed-type. Here recently they are regaining favor to decorate your home with old world charm. they have been used as a cooling rack or hutch to store items in. One of the benefits to using these bakers racks to cool is they allowed Page 10 . but for people who are well-versed in the history of the Romans or the Greeks. Still. is supposed to have a storage place assigned to it so it can be re-used for the next holiday season. As it is. That is why during the early Olympics. people must ready storage solutions at hand. but wreaths do not usually have one. a wreath is a symbol of victory. as opposed to the view of most people that it is almost extinct now that it is in competition with other Christmas decor. and they eventually made their way into the home. the wreath was placed atop the head of the victor. Dust accumulation is also very hard to clean-up because of the deep recesses in the wreath. They are an important icon of history. The proper storage solution for wreaths is non-restrictive because the leaves of a wreath may broke or sag from the pressing material of the storage bag. every Christmas decoration. such as dancing lights and other movable and automatic decorations popular these days.1. such as a wreath. Often made of steel or iron they were used to cool the big trays of baked goods as they came out of the ovens. homeowners must be careful not to press the leaves too hard because Wreaths can easily be disfigured from pressure. a wreath holds a message that resounds in history.4 INDUSTRY PROFILE A wreath storage solution is important after every Christmas holiday. Baker's Racks one the one piece of furniture that has a long history of being part of the home. That is why knowledgeable people will proudly decorate their houses with a wreath because of their meaning in history. The wreaths of today are sturdier because they are commonly made-up of plastic leaves. These people use a wreath storage solution to protect the wreath from accumulating dust or mites through the months of storage. To make storing and using Christmas decor trouble-free. In old world neighborhoods these racks would find their way to the street where residents could preview the baked goods that were available. In the past old world bakers would use these racks for cooling breads. Most people today do not know the history of the common wreath. The wreath is rather common these days. Because of this. Rotting or pests are now out of the question.

Chest The earliest form of container for storing clothes.. Overall most people who purchase bakers racks. The lid is formed by a single curved oak plank that has been roughhewn into shape. When looking for one deciding what you would like it to accomplish. (100 of 24685 words) History of Outdoor storage Outdoor storage is meant to be used outdoors. adding a quiet class to sense of class to a room. dating from the Viking era (9th century) and discovered in 1904 in Vestfold. They have regained fashion as a way as an accent piece. It can be storage that was at one time used in the house. Norway. Chests with flat tops were also sometimes used as seats or beds. and the end sections stand vertical. The bottom of the chest rests in a groove cut into the end . plants and knickknacks. That will help you pick the one best for you. As they migrated to the home the baker's racks became far more decorative and became an accent piece of furniture. when they were mounted on short legs. included among the furniture on board a chest made of oak planks secured by iron bands. and the most important piece of furniture in the home until the 18th century. valuables. Most do not use the rack to cool pies or homemade bread. or it can be furniture that has Page 11 . The skills used in making such ancient furniture were lost during the early Middle Ages. simply a crudely hollowed tree trunk fitted with a lid and often strengthened with iron bands to prevent splitting. thereby forming feet. it's a great way to decorate and organize at the same time.for the cooling process to be equally distributed so baked goods maintained their integrity. Some are understated and simple. Bakers racks in the 21st century may not be used as they once were. but has now been replaced with new furniture. They started being made in wood and wrought iron. In many cases the plain steel rack is now become ornate and decorative. storage design or both. have a find it really does add some charm and class to their home. A variation was added where as a hutch replaced some of the upper shelves allowing storage. Chests are known from the 18th dynasty (c. documents. But no matter what you choose. when the dugout was made. or other possessions. The principal constructional features of early medieval chests lasted until the Renaissance.. wider at the bottom than above. The so-called Oseberg ship. 1539±1292 bc) in Eg\ypt. Some added hutches to the top or cabinets to the underneath creating a storage solution as well as a wonderful way to allow homemade baked-goods to cool and cure. Instead they have come a way to display collections of books. The planks are not mortised together.

and little. Modern furniture today can be small enough to hold a toddler or designed solely to support large frames. "camp chairs" made of the same canvas fabric that tents were made of. or soft leaves or boughs may have also been used. The Egyptians used wood and brick for both their indoor and outdoor furniture. Page 12 . Some chairs or stools may even do "double-duty" when it comes to this. Tree stumps. or possibly just a smooth. Types Outdoor furniture evolved from simple stones. outdoor furniture would have consisted of stone furniture. animal skins. and the chair could be folded. as some chairs or stools have storage compartments built right under the cushion or seat. or wooden chairs or stools to modern loungers (one-piece designs of outdoor furniture that allow one to stretch completely out). anyone growing up during the 50s and 60s can remember chairs and loungers that were built on aluminum frames with plastic webbing for the seating area. tables. The Greeks would mainly use wood for their furniture-making. materials went from stone to wood. to those that were as finely built as any chair that would have been found in finer homes. During the Civil War. if any cushioning. The Bible even mentions Rachel sitting on a camel's saddle. including wicker and rattan. chairs. and what changes have been made? Time Frame In the Prehistoric age. But. gliders. stumps. Over the years. Size Early outdoor furniture could range in size from small to large stones or stumps chosen to accommodate the "sitter". stools. either chiseled or otherwise shaped into something that could be sat upon. flat stone. going from rocks or stumps with nothing to support the back. Metal or resin (including plastic and other products) was soon incorporated into the building of outdoor furniture. And.been specifically designed and built for outdoor use. He or she would simply pick and choose from the available resources until the most suitable one was found. and even storage furniture. to furniture that reclines and has as much padding as a bed. swings. Outdoor furniture has changed through the years. just exactly how did outdoor furniture come to be. the only difference being the seat was of canvas. The chairs were as simple as canvas stretched over pieces of wood that had been shaped into a chair frame (similar to modern day "director's chairs"). were seen in both Union and Confederate army camps.

or otherwise unsuitable sitting surfaces. damp. Page 13 . so too will porch furniture. The possibilities for improvement are many. more comfortable and more durable.Benefits Sitting on outdoor furniture in the "old days" had the same benefits as it does today. Potential Just as in-home furniture styles continue to change. One's "hindquarters" were and are not in direct contact with hard. including making them more ergonomically designed.

modern management and use of cutting edge technology and long-term. performance-focused strategies will be the key drivers in future years. we have always successfully competed with MNCs in India and abroad and kept the spirit of enterprise alive. Page 14 . as India competes in an increasingly globalized economy. GODREJ Chairman¶s Message ³The corporate landscape is undergoing several sweeping changes and Indian companies across sectors have begun to pursue growth both within the country as well as overseas. corruption. µtrust¶ is a source of significant competitive advantage to us. At Godrej. The Godrej name is synonymous with trust. Today.5 COMPANY PROFILE J. I firmly believe that our highest standards of corporate governance. the Godrej Group is ready to play a major role in the Indian growth story´. and bureaucracy. Thus. This has been possible for various important reasons. It is a well-documented fact that µtrust µlowers transaction costs. N.1.

Godrej and Boyce Mfg. Ltd. Ardeshir Godrej gave up law and took up lock making. but it was left to another man to carry it forward. On 3rd March. and stunned the world by creating soap from vegetable oils. became a symbol of self-reliance for the generations that followed. He produced the first finest security equipment. etched into the metal of his locks. To know more about Godrej & Boyce Mfg. assertiveness and progressiveness for a new generation of Indians. Even though Boyce was a business partner for a limited period only. Co. was established at Lalbaug. 1932. he revolutionized the Soap industry by manufacturing the first toilet soap purely from vegetable oils. animal fat praises from India and from foreign lands too Page 15 . The name 'Godrej' engraved into the shiny metalof the Godrej Locks came to be known as a symbol of self reliance.. Ltd. Manufacturing Soap was one of them. it was incorporated with limited liability. Mumbai. 1897. Co. What started as a dream had become a movement. Ardeshir Godrej's relentless quest of self-reliance made him explore newer avenues of opportunities. The Godrej Name displaced well established foreign brands from the Indian market. trust-worthiness. Before that. On 7th May. Godrej Soaps Limited came into being. In1920. In the year 1918. his name was retained for legal purposes. With each new product Ardeshir changed perceptions of industry in India.MILESTONES Ardeshir Godrej (1868-1936) was the first Indian Manufacturer to displace well entrenched foreign brands from the market. This was the holding company of the Godrej Group. The word GODREJ.

Transelektra was named Godrej Sara Lee Limited.We entered the BPO solutions and services space with Godrej Global Solutions Limited. y 1994 .Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Page 16 . Godrej Soaps was renamed Godrej Industries Limited. Godrej Agrovet Limited was incorporated. y 1999 .Godrej Tea Limited was set up. was established.Transelektra forged a strategic alliance with Sara Lee USA.Foods business started.Transelektra Domestic Products was acquired.Godrej Properties Limited. was established. Ltd. y 1971.Veg oils division in Wadala.Godrej Agrovet Limited began as an Animal Feeds division of Godrej Soaps. y 1995 . y 2003 .Godrej Consumer Products was formed as a result of the demerger of Godrej Soaps Limited. Mumbai was acquired y 1990 . y 1974 .CORPORATE TIMELINE y 1897 . Co. y 2002 .Godrej Soaps Limited was incorporated. y 1918 . y 2001 . another subsidiary. y 1991 .

Page 17 .The foods business was merged with Godrej Tea and Godrej Tea was renamed Godrej Beverages & Foods Limited. we must say it has been a glorious 106 years of being the face of Indian industry. Godrej Soaps was renamed Godrej Industries Limited.Godrej Beverages & Foods Limited formed a JV with The Hershey Company of North America and the company was renamed Godrej Hershey Foods & Beverages Limited. Godrej Industries expanded its portfolio of products. y 2007 .y 2004 .Godrej Hi Care Limited was set up to provide a Safe Healthy Environment to customers by providing professional pest management services. no glory. But at Godrej. As they say no guts. Here is a quick preview of the various milestones we have crossed in the past 106 years. In the same year. veg oils and medical diagnostic equipments. always defined the market place and always achieved our glory. We have always set the trends. y 2006 .Godrej relaunched itself with new colorful logo and a fresh identity music In April 2001. Godrej Industries was formed the consumer products division of Godrej Soaps Limited was de-merged to form Godrej Consumer Products Limited. while re-in forcing its existing businesses that include oleo chemicals. y 2008 . It added a slew of investments to its associate companies.

´ Page 18 . We will achieve this through Enduring Trust and Relentless innovation Delivered with Passion and Entrepreneurial Spirit.MISSION &VISION Vision:³We are dedicated to Deliver superior Stakeholder value By providing solution to existing and emerging consumer needs in the Household & personal care Business.

conducive to learning and team work. y Godrej objective is to delight our customer both in India and abroad. y We shall achieve this objective through continuous improvement in quality. y We shall strive for excellence by nurturing. cost and customer service. developing and empowering our employees and suppliers y We shall encourage an open atmosphere.Mission: - y Godrej Mission is to operate in existing and new businesses which capitalize on the Godrej brand and corporate image of reliability and integrity. Page 19 .

VALUES y y y y y y y y y y Commitment to Quality Customer Orientation Dedication & Commitment Discipline Honesty & Integrity Learning Organization Openness & Transparency Respect/Care & Concern for People Teamwork Trust Page 20 .

Mr. Managing Director Non executive director: Mr. Dalip Sehgal. GODREJ FINANCER There are several financers who finance to the Godrej company those are written below:y y y y y Central Bank of India State Bank of India Citibank N. Adi B Godrej. Bharat Doshi Mr. Mr.J. Jamshyd N Godrej Mr. Nadir B Godrej Ms Rama Bijapurkar Dr. A Mahendran Mr. D Shivakumar Mr. Omkar Goswami Mr. a public charitable trust.A. Godrej (Chairman and Managing Director). HDFC Bank Limited The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited. Mr. Its shares are not listed on any Stock Exchange. Hoshedar K Press.BOARD OF DIRECTORS Board of director: Mr. Page 21 . About one-fourth of the Company's share capital is held by Pirojsha Godrej Foundation. Bala V Balachandran Mr. N. the Company is controlled by the GODREJ family based in Mumbai. India. Aman Mehta SHAREHOLDERS Since its inception.

4. Page 22 .SWOT ANALYSIS STRENGTHS:- 1. The Company has there respectable and believable brand name. 6. 2. The company is focusing many security products at a same time. Godrej is having better Sales after services. Its emphasis more on the advertising of office automation & prima division. 4. 5. which is one of the biggest Disadvantage Godrej. The management is trained and efficient & the network of service centers is good in states. WEAKNESS: 1. Company is having large number of customer with higher satisfaction. 3. The Company does not go for advertising. The Company has wide range of product line. 2. 3. The effective selling schemes are not available like payment on installments. The Company has got wide range of branches within the country.

Where there is a great demand Of security equipments Threat: 1. The growing competition in the security sector is threat for all manufacturing companies so it is also threat for Godrej to stand in the market with the higher position. 2. Technical up gradation time to time is also one of the opportunities. Godrej has more opportunities to grow as it has earned good name in security sector.OPPORTUNITIES: 1. Page 23 . 3. Godrej can focus on big project like construction.

Co.Godrej (Malaysia) SDN. 153 3. Malaysia 61 1.5 7 Godrej Godrej InfoTech 1 Particulars Godrej & Boyce Mfg.7 2 Godrej Industries Ltd. BHD.143 177. BHD 99 2.4 9 Godrej Properties Ltd 1172 29.Godrej 6824 169.2 Page 24 . Rupees in Million 28.BUSINESS PROFILE ³UPDATE AS PER 2009´ Annual sales Sr .0 5 Godrej (Malaysia) SDN.7 8 Goldmohur Foods& Feeds Ltd 3233 80. 7.8 4 Godrej InfoTech Ltd.896 US $ In Million 718. 203 5.7 3 Godrej Commodities Ltd.5 6 Godrej Godrej InfoTech Ltd. Ltd.

3 16 Godrej EFACEC Automation & Robotics Ltd 72 1.2 20 Godrej(Vietnam) Co.858 1787.8 71.3 18 Mercury Mfg.6 12 Godrej Global Mid East FZE.7 15 Geometric Ltd 3831 95.0 19 Godrej & KHIMJI(Middle East) LLC.3 13 Godrej Consumer Product Ltd 9914 246.6 14 Godrej Sara Lee Ltd 5578 138.3 Page 25 .10 Godrej Hicare Ltd 50 1.8 17 Godrej Hershey Foods and Beverages Ltd 1539 38. Sharjah UAE 91 2.2 11 Godrej International Ltd 2476 61. Oman 169 4.Ltd 114 2.Ltd 241

Co.LTD Home Appliance Furniture¶s Goods Security Equipment Division Material Handling Equipment STORAGE SOLUTIONS Page 26 . LTD GODREJ & BOYCE MFG.CO.Division of Godrej & Boyce Mfg.

India EAST Kolkata. Raipur. Ghaziabad. Vikhroli. Lucknow. Faridabad. Jabalpur. Dombivli. Patna WEST Mumbai. Gurgoan.Visakhapatnam Page 27 . Bhubaneswar. Mumbai (400079). Trivandrum. Pune.LOCATION GODEREJ & Boyce Mfg. Indore. Hyderabad. Jaipur. Noida SOUTH Chennai. Bangalore. Secunderabad. Thane NORTH New Delhi. Guwahati. Coimbatore. Jammu. Kochi. Chandigarh. Jalandhar. Head Office and Mumbai branch Pirojshanagar. Ahmedabad. Bhopal. Kanpur. Ranchi.Ltd Registered Office.Co.

as well as 2.Poland . and authorized distributors covering all of Europe . manufacturing is carried out on an entirely in-house basis. the middle east. the system gives total protection against pilferage. And to transform the material research into increasingly functional. in which 250 people work . located in Germany . thereby saving lot of time while on shop floor usage. CREATED TO CREATE FAMI was originally set up. Switzerland . the company was specialized in the manufacture of industrial fittings. Over the years. with a division set aside solely for plastics production and moulding. 8 million kg of iron and steal are utilized. major financial and energy investments have been made to enhance the firms professionalism.6 PRODUCT PROFILE FAMI STORAGE SYSTEM . Several variants of tool storage cabinets are available with us with provision for pneumatic and electrical connections.5 million kg of plastics.1. and quality of products. Austria and china . Page 28 . They not only help in proper storage of tools without mixing. Every year. it have five overseas branches.south-east asia. back perforated boards for placing hand tools using suitable hooks. innovative. to build intensive network of relationship. and Latin America. with a manufacturing divisions Of over 200 thousand square meters80 thousand of which are covered . fami is now a consolidated business. Introduction: Tool Storage Cabinets Fami Tool storage cabinets are the ideal storage solutions for proper storage of your shop floor tools.

2m to 2m. Steel Workbenches Fami steel workbenches are extremely heavy duty with load rating up to 2000 kgs udl. A wide array of wooden workbenches is available where working length ranges between 1. utility and various accessories that can be clubbed with. In case catalogue attached do not contain the workbench you require. Provision for drawer units and perforated back panel for tool storage shall also be provided. dual slotted upright system for overhead antiglare lighting or perform back for storage which can be quickly mounted to worktops are easily available. please contact our sales representative.Wooden Workbenches Fami manufactures the world¶s best workbenches in terms of ergonomics. Accessories such as tool cabinets. power legs (integrated with pneumatic and electrical lines).3m to 3m. It comes in different sizes starting from 1. Page 29 .

perform boards for tool storage. Accessories include mobile tool cabinets. ESD Safe Workstation Fami ESD / dissipative workstations are ideal for electronics industry. portable tool trolleys. pneumatic overhead seamless carriers and anti glare lighting arrangements. over head anti glare lighting and seamless carriers for pneumatic line sharing. Fami workstations comes with wide range of accessory material inclusive of tool cabinet with sliding profile. perfoback for tools storage. panels for storage of components and smaller items required for assembly and work seating. shareable sliding cabinets. integrated pneumatic and electrical ports.Modular Assembly Workstations Fami modular assembly workstations are versatile systems having option for single sided or double sid workbench with a full range of accessories to facilitate assembly works. Page 30 . back shelf for bins and components.

Various taper options such as ISO 30. 40. They are available with retractable drawer designs. horizontal or tilted shelves and are completely customizable. 40. VDI 30. Several variants include cabinets with single leaf door. NC Tool Cabinets Fami machine tool cabinets are the ideal storage solutions for nc tools storage. Page 31 . double leaf doors. 45 & 50. 50 & 60. Capto. Storage cans come in 25litres and 10 liters variants. Optional drip trays and safety tanks to prevent spillage can also be provided. HSK are available. rolling shutters and polycarbonate doors.Oil Station Fami Oil Storage cabinets are the ideal system for storage of wide range of oils in limited space. Morse Taper.

Morse Taper. retractable shelves or fixed panels. Eg. HSK A32/A40/A63/A80/A100 and few others. Page 32 . Wide range of plastic tool holders is available. CAPTO C3/C4/C5/C6/C8. Capto. Same tool trolley shall have multiple tool tapers attached and is totally modular in nature. This solution is ideal for bulk storage of Machine Tools under lock and key condition. Even vertical drawers having provision for special tooling such as broaches can be easily integrated into the system.NC Tool Trolleys Fami NC tool transportation trolleys are the ideal solutions for safe and convenient movement of nc tools from machine tool cabinet or tool crib to nc machines. VDI. MORSE TAPER 2/3/4/5. HSK and few others. VDI 30/40/50/60. Fami NC tool trolleys comes in generic design with plug and insert tool tapers for wide range of common tool tapers like ISO. NC systems for Tool Cribs System SR are highly modular in nature and hence can be added by 'n' units as continuous units with combination of drawers.: ISO 30/40/45/50.

Provision for drawers. rolling shutter doors. panels. Bin Storage Cupboards Fami bin storage cupboards are exclusively meant for bulk storage of small components in plastic bins/crates/practiboxes. Bin cupboards are available at heights of 1m and 2m. Door options comes with full height leaf door. These cupboards come with height adjustable shelves and ensure maximum density in bin storage which typical cupboards do not provide.Fami Industrial cupboards are the ideal storage solutions for heavy items to be stored under lock and keyand comes with load capacity up to 800 Kgs per cabinet. sliding doors. Page 33 . polycarbonate leaf doors.Industrial Storage Cupboards Fami Industrial Storage cupboards come in different sizes and are totally customizable in terms of internal arrangement. retractable shelves is present based on items to be stored.

Fami boltless shelving panels are capable of taking up to 400 kgs load per level Page 34 . Retractable keyboard shelves can be locked in two different positions generously sizes to make place for work accessories. Fami Industrial computer cabinets comes with 1 or 2 nos of cooling fans with cabling ducts and electrical system with 230V 10A circuit breaker specially tested accoding to CEI EN 60204-1. The unbreakable polycarbonate door with safety lock provides maximum safety to your computer monitor. back panels are separate components and can be fitted as and when required.Industrial Computer Cabinets Fami Industrial computer cabinets are ideal for your shop floor requirement. Side panels. These are suitable for monitor sizes upto 21". Leaf door and sliding door options are available for front closure if required or to bring under lock and key. Boltless Shelving System Fami offers the most versatile bottles shelving to clients across the globe. Industrial computer cabinets avoid dust accumulation and damage of computer monitors by filings and other industrial dust. All panel assemblies are by use of galvanized clips and totally eliminates the need for enlightening of nuts and bolts for level rearrangements.

With top cover or worktop. Provision for side retainers to prevent accidental fall of items can also be provided. Material Movement Trolley Fami offer wide range of material movement trolleys for various applications. system Domino can act as a work surface thereby ensuring maximum storage under work surface. System TR is an angle based system with side profiles where bins rest. System Domino is a prefab system based on bin dimensions. Page 35 . The side profiles and angle distance are based on bin dimensions. Available shelves include steel and wood. Both open and closed type trolleys are available under Fami range. Hence system TR ensures maximum density of storage for bins unlike any other conventional shelving systems.Bin Shelving Systems Fami Bin shelving systems comes in two different types.

Replenishment Trolleys Fami replenishment trolleys are commonly used for feeding assembly stations. They are ideal for bulk movement of bins. Replenishment trolleys can either be single sided or double sided and generic bin fixing rails allows fixing of smaller as well as medium sized bins. It allows 100% accessibility to all bins as it is not stacked one on top of another. Several varieties of self-stackable bins are also present under Fami.Bin Transportation Trolleys Fami combi trolleys are modular trolleys with provision for shelves (horizontal and inclined with retainers). Page 36 .

Fami perfoboards are ideal for categorical storage of tools. containers with wheels. Several types of hooks are available as accessories to cater to different type of tools such as spanners. Perforated and solid variants are available. Polypropylene Plastic Bins Fami polypropylene plastic containers offer excellent value for money. transplants/feet for pallets are also available. These perform board¶s can either be wall mounted or fitted at the back of workbenches. automated handling and for manual handling. hammers. screw drivers. Galvanized options are also available. bins etc. pliers. On request. Fami steel stacking containers are an excellent value for money option. oil containers. 90 degree block handle helps in easy handling of the bins. drill bits. scissors. Front opening variants are also present for easy picking of smaller components. These are ideal containers for automatic storage systems. Fami bins are shock and oil resistant and come with an unmatched 5 years guarantee. These are available in grey or blue colures. Page 37 . Bins are designed considering easy carriage in trolleys.

Page 38 . but rigid and is the best option to store food stuff. Fami food grade plastic bins comes with an unmatched guarantee of 5 years Conductive Bins Fami ESD bins are specially designed for electronics industry.Food Grade Plastic Crates Fami food grade plastic bins made out of Polypropylene (PP) exhibits good comparison between quality and price. It is light in weight. It is made of special conductive plastic fami 408 l. Base material: polypropylene copolymer with carbon black as conductivity additive.

System AR provides compatibility with EOT cranes as well as material handling equipments such as Fork Lift Trucks. Unlike conventional heavy duty shelving systems. Page 39 . height adjustment by screw or gas pump. chromium plated foot rest are available based on models. jigs & fixtures right on the shop floor. low noise floor feet. dies. Stackers.Jigs & Fixture Storage Fami System AR is a heavy duty retractable system ideal for storage of heavy punches. Heavy duty design of System AR coupled with safety features comes with load rating of 800 Kgs to 1000 Kgs per retractable shelf. Shop Floor Seating Fami provides world class shop floor seating products. Shop floor swivel chairs are available in two different materials: beech plywood and polyurethane. Provision for enclosure using sliding doors can also be integrated. Provision for double swivel wheels.

even in wet conditions. Page 40 . They are available with perforated and solid surface variants. These mats are portable and can be laid across based on the layout required (around machinery/lines). They are equipped with large loopholes for the air exchange and inside fire-breaker nets The shelves are perforated in case of possible liquids dripping Collection tank on the bottom provided with drain cock for the periodic cleaning Shaped legs for possible floor fixing Electrical continuity and exterior adhesive signs accordingly to the rules in force Non-Slip Mat Fami anti slip mats are extremely useful in areas where chances of oil spillage are high. with passivity and epoxy painted surfaces. Non-slip matting can cover electrical cables running along the floor safely and is designed keeping in consideration convenient trolley or equipment movement on top.Inflammable Liquid Storage Completely made of high quality steel sheets. The special relief pattern on the surface guarantees maximum adherence.

and 130mm as front opening and 120mm as rear opening. The optional upper tray is a perfect companion for picking operator. 110mm. Fami mobile safety ladder is light weight and small enough in size to maneuver within shelving system aisle space Bench Vices Fami manufactures the worlds best class steel and cast iron bench vices.Mobile Safety Ladder Fami mobile safety ladder can be used to reach higher heights of a shelving system. Steel bench vices come with varying jaw widths: 80mm. Ladder comes with safety side railings to prevent fall of operator. Cast iron bench vices comes with varying jaw widths: 100mm. Steps of mobile safety ladder are chequered and carefully designed to ensure maximum stability and safe operating conditions for picker. 120mm. 150mm as rear opening Page 41 .

A special handle supplied on request makes it easy to lift and carry the multi boxes. Page 42 . Wide range of fitting options include wall fixing. bolts. Transparent polystyrene dividers and labers are available for segregating and identification of small components. bushes. Practibox Fami practibox systems are ideal for small components storage like nuts. The galvanized steel safety guard prevents the boxes from accidentally falling out of the stacking housings. vertical drawer based system for lock and key provision. container trolley.Multi box Fami multi boxes are ideal for small component storage within bins so that movement of entire lot becomes easier. etc Practibox systems are made out of abs structure with transparent polystyrene compartments having high mechanical resistance. rotary tower. washers. rivets. Systems allow easy front opening of compartments. Multi boxes are available in 10 different sizes.

italy to convert any commercial vehicle to a completely customized on/off road service vehicle. storage cabinets for storage of tools/spares. Store van designs are crash test verified as per European regulations ece-r17 with impact at 50 km/hr. Store van designs are completely modular with no welding required to the vehicle body. Internal components include workstations for repair or assembly works.Store Van Store van is an innovative system with components imported from fami spa. Page 43 . Store vans come with a warranty of 3 years. anti-skid rubber mats to avoid movement and mixing of stored parts while driving the vehicle.


Customer Awareness of GODREJ-FAMI storage solutions: Table no. 1: showing the customer awareness of storage solutions equipments. y It shows that a large percent of market is unexplored and these products need a good promotion. Data Analysis and interpretation of Industrial customer: A. Percentage Aware 27 28 Not aware 70 72 Total 97 100 Customer awareness Level of GODREJFAMI storage solutions 28% Aware 72% Not aware Fig no. Awareness No. 1 Interpretation: y From above pie chart we see that 28% of the customers are aware of Godrej-Fami storage solutions and 72% of the customers are still not aware of these equipments.1. Page 45 .

5 22 27 Percentage 19 81 100 Users & Non Users storage solutions 19% Users Non Users 81% Fig no.B. Because knowledge of the company is very less also cost is very high. Number of aware customers who using our product : Table no. 2 Interpretation: y Only 19% of the customers are using GODREJ-FAMI storage solutions. Page 46 . 2: shows number of aware customers who using Godrej-Fami storage Solutions. Aware customers Users Non Users Total No.

Non users of storage solutions equipments who are willing to use these equipments: Table no.C. 3: shows the data of customers willing to use GODREJ FAMI storage Solutions . 3 Interpretation: y 42% of the non users of the company (customer) are willing to use these equipments. no. y Above data shows a great opportunity in the market for the the manufacturers of storage solutions Page 47 . Non users Willing to use Not willing to use Total frequency 30 40 70 Percentage 42 58 100 Willingness to use storage solutions 42% Willing to use 52% Not willing to use Fig.

D. of Companies visited 35 26 15 8 13 97 Page 48 . Sector wise Analysis: Shows the number of companies visited in different sectors Table no. 9: Shows the no. of companies visited in different sectors: Sectors General Engineering Auto & Auto ancillary Logistics Textile Others Total No.

1. General Engineering: Awareness of GODREJFAMI storage solutions in general engineering: Table no. 10: Awareness of GODREJ-FAMI storage solutions in general engineering Awareness customer Aware Not aware Total 09 26 35 26 74 100 of No. of companies Percentage

Awareness of GODREJFAMI storage solutions


Aware 74% Not aware

Fig. no. 9

Interpretation: y In this sector more customers¶ not aware Fami storage solutions.

Page 49

2. Auto & Auto ancillary Sector: Awareness of GODREJ-FAMI storage solutions in auto & auto ancillary Sector: Table no. 11: Awareness of GODREJFAMI storage solutions in auto & auto Ancillary sector. Awareness Aware Not aware Total No. of companies 6 20 26 Percentage 24 76 100

Aware ess f

EJFAMI st rage s l ti



Aware 76% Not aware

Fig. no. 10

Interpretation: y In this sector awareness level of GODREJ-FAMI storage solutions low. y They already taken from different company so requirement there .
Page 50

3. Logistics Industry: Awareness of GODREJ-FAMI storage solutions in logistics sector: Table no. 12: Awareness of GODREJFAMI storage solutions in logistics sector . Awareness Aware Not aware Total No. of companies 7 8 15 Percentage 47 53 100

Awareness of GODREJFAMI storage solutions

47% 53% Aware Not aware

Fig. no. 11

Interpretation: y In this sector also more customers are not aware Fami storage solutions. y The knowledge of the company very low , need to promote the product.

Page 51

13: Awareness of GODREJFAMI storage solutions in textile industry. so we can more meet textile industry to give catalogue of our procucts. Textile industry: Awareness of GODREJ-FAMI storage solutions in textile industry: Table no. Page 52 . Awareness Aware Not aware Total No. of companies 0 4 4 Percentage 0 100 100 Awareness of GODREJFAMI storage solutions 0% Aware Not aware 100% Fig no : 12 Interpretation y The textile industry has 0% knowledge of Fami storage solutions.4.

Page 53 . Other Sectors: Awareness of GODREJ-FAMI storage solutions in other industry: Table no. of companies 5 8 13 Percentage 38 62 100 Awareness of GODREJ-FAMI storage solutions 38% Aware 62% Not aware Fig. papers and allied. Food and beverages. 13: Awareness of GODREJ-FAMI storage solutions in other industry. 13 Interpretation: y Other sector includes government sectors. no. y Awareness level of GODREJ-FAMI storage solutions low.5. Awareness Aware Not aware Total No. IT sector etc.

no. 4 Interpretation: y Internet and Just dial are two strong mode do they adopt to get information regarding storage solutions. Page 54 . 4: Shows the mode adopt to get information regarding storage Solutions. Internet yellow pages/justdial Exibition Any other Fig. Modes adopted to get information regarding storage solutions. 50 45 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 46.E.4 mode do they adopt to get information regarding storage solutions .6 46.4 18.6 12.4 22.6 12. Table no. of companies 22 45 18 12 97 Percentage 22.6 18.4 100 Mode do they adopt to get information regarding storage solutions . Sources Internet Yellow pages/just dial Exhibition Any other total No. y For purchasing product of storage solutions they directly contact with company.

2 5 0 2-3 weeks 3-6 weeks 6-9 weeks more than delivery period would expect by compay 32.9 15. no. Page 55 .4% percent of customer would expect within 2-3 weeks.5 15 10 5. Sources In 2-3 weeks 3-6 weeks 6-9 weeks More than Total No. 6: Shows the delivery period customer would expect. y It shows that companies need urgent requirement of the products.9 46.5 5. Table no. The delivery period customer would expect.2 100 delivery period customer would expect 50 45 40 35 30 25 20 15.4 32.6 Interpretation: y 46.4 Fig. of companies 45 32 15 5 97 Percentage 46.F.

2 25 13 10. of response in favor Percentage of a particular factor Price Brand name durability esthetics overall total 37 25 12 10 13 97 38.3 13. Page 56 .5 Factors influencing the selection of a particular Product Price Brand name Durability esthetics overall Fig. Factor No. no.3 13.0 10.G.5 100 Factors influencing the selection of a particular Product 45 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 38.0 13.7: shows the data for the factors influencing the selection of a brand. y Quality & features and spare part availability are also very important for most of the company. 7 Interpretation: y We see that price is the most important factor for the selection of a product in storage solutions.2 25. Factors influencing the selection of products. Table no.

Page 57 . Awareness Interested Not interested Total No.9% Intrested 70. y It shows that a large percent of market is unexplored and these products need a good promotion.1% Not intrested Fig no. After showing our company product. Table no 8: Number of companies interested in our product.9 70. 8 Interpretation: y From above pie chart we see that 57% of the customers interested to go our product and 44% of the customers not interested to go our product.1 100 Number of customer intrested to go our product 29. Number of companies interested in our product. 29 68 97 Percentage 29.H.

2. Data Analysis and interpretation of dealers: A. y Dealers not aware because Lack of knowledge about the product . Dealer Awareness of GODREJ-FAMI storage solutions: Table no. y It shows that a large percent of market is unexplored and these products need a good promotion. 14: showing the dealer awareness of storage solutions. 14 Page 58 .   Fig no. percentage Aware 15 27 Not aware 40 73 Total 55 100 dealers awareness Level of GODREJ-FAMI storage solutions   Aware 73 Not aware 27 Interpretation: y From above pie chart we see that 27% of the dealers are aware of Godrej-Fami storage solutions and 73% of the customers are still not aware of these equipments. Awareness No.

dealers deal with. so the our company can meet the tools dealers they can get business from them. Page 59 . 30 25 25 20 16 15 13 10 10 7 5 different products. no. Tools cabinets Trolleys Shelving system Any other Total 25 7 16 13 10 71 35 10 23 18 14 100 different products. dealers deal with . Table no 15: different products the dealers deal with. 15 Interpretation: y Maximum dealers dealing with tools with 35%. The different products the dealers deal with. 0 Tools cabinets trolleys shelving system Any other Fig.B.

Sources 25% 30% 35% 40% More than Total No. 17 Interpretation: y 40% of the margin in terms percentage dealers expected. Page 60 . no.C. Table no 17: Dealers expectation of margin in terms of percentage. of companies 0 7 14 18 16 55 Percentage 0 13 25 32 30 100 Dealers expectation of margin in terms of percentage 20 18 18 16 16 14 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 0 25% 30% 35% 40% More than 7 Dealers expectation of margin in terms of percentage Fig. Dealer¶s expectation of margin.

18 Interpretation: y 47% percent of customer would expect within 2-3 weeks. Table no. The delivery period dealers would expect. 18: Shows the delivery period dealers would expect. Sources In 2-3 weeks 3-6 weeks 6-9 weeks More than No.D. Page 61 . of dealer 19 14 6 1 Percentage 47 35 15 3 No. no. y It shows that urgent requirement of the product. of customers who gave answers = 40 delivery period customer would expect 20 18 16 14 14 12 10 8 6 6 4 2 0 2-3 weeks 3-6 weeks 6-9 weeks more than 1 delivery period would expect by dealer 19 Fig.

y It shows that a large percent of market is unexplored and these products need a good promotion.E. 9 6 15 Percentage 60 40 100 Number of dealers intrested to go our product 40% 60% Interested Not interested Fig no. 16 Interpretation: y From above pie chart we see that 60% of the customers interested to go our product and 40% of the customers not interested to go our product. Table no 16: Number of dealers interested in dealership. Page 62 . The number of dealers interested in dealership. Awareness Interested Not interested Total No.

y There is no communication with the customers after the selling of the product. y Many customers fail to register their complain y Godrej has become no.2 FINDINGS y No proper Advertisement y Not widely spread in the rural area and urban y After sales service is not satisfactory y Management is quite rigid y There is a huge gap between words and work y Aims at increasing the sales volume rather after sales service y Motivation level is quite low y It has an opportunity to capitalize its sales growth by taking the advantage on Peoples¶ faith. 1 in Orissa due to the Exchange offer rather its Brand impact Page 63 .2.

Page 64 . In this project I came to conclusion that Godrej¶s is the market leader in branded storage solutions but there are a lot of scopes for enhancing their market share. Indo-built and local players would prove to be tough but with their brand strength they can always succeed. life style etc. Fighting against established brands like nilkamal. Whereas in the storage systems segment they need to work a lot in building their brand reputation because they are very new to this sector. .3 CONCLUSION After the successfully completion of my summer internship I understood that market research is an important aspects for a company through out the life cycle of a particular product. Hereby I would like to conclude by saying that it was a great experience doing this project.2. of the consumer. During the training I found the getting accurate response from the customers due to their inherent problems. It was a great experience practically experiencing what we had learnt till now It helps in knowing the changing taste. preference. They may be partial or may refuse to cooperate.

y Company Should Increase Man Power for sales. y Many of dissatisfied Dealers asked for more information about New schemes . y If any complaint is observed from the consumer. so the company have to a customer care as other industries Page 65 . y The company should have to focus better design for product. This will reduce the chance for dissatisfaction. LG and Samsung.2.And should focus on these to keep the brand image in the minds of people. it should be dealt quickly.So The dissatisfaction may be due to not providing the latest news about new schemes y The product design is not So charming As Compare to . it should be dealt quickly. As per survey most of dealer discuss about it sale which Is down due to design. This will reduce the chance for dissatisfaction. y Any complaint is observed from the dealers.4 SUGGESTIONS y Company should focus on pricing policy in comparison to its competitors because its competitors provide same products in lower rates. y The company should focus on their after sale services. y The customer rate quality of the service as the most relevant one and hence Godrej should maintain the quality in products and after Sale services and should make improvements in this feature. y Company should try to Maintain competitive prices for consumers . y Market strategies of home appliances providers should emphasize in price strategy.

y The companies should give efficient and effective services to the customer. y The companies should try to focus on particular product for the particular industry or organization that simply means to classify the needs. Page 66 .RECOMANDATION y It should do its advertisement by distributing its leaflets which will be ver less expensive. y The companies should try to minimize the price (costs) to the customer & quality should be upgraded so that they will not affect the need and market. So the product performance shall be better to give equip. Long life and accuracy & that leads to the growth of need in the security. y It can get publicity by organizing interesting games with small prizes. y There should be improvement in advertising/sales promotional activities at different level of market to improve the need.

godrejindia.1 BIBLOGRAPHY Books referred: Research www. karunakaran Philip Kotler and Koshy Jha. Marketing Management Website referred: www.godrej.famispa. Kothari Marketing research by dr.CHAPTER 3 Page 67 .

Annexure 1 CUSTOMER QUESTIONNAIRE Name/designation: __________________________________________________ Department: _______________________________________________________ E-ID: _________________________ date: _____________________________ Phone: ____________________________________________________________ 1) What is your line of business? a) General Engg C) Textile b) Auto & Auto ancillary d) logistics Any other: ____________________________________________________ 2) What is the turnover of your company? a) 1-25 crores b) 25-50 crores c) 50-75 crores 3) Are you using storage solutions? a) Yes d) Above b) No 4) what mode do you adopt to get information regarding storage solutions ? a) Internet b) yellow pages /just dial c) Exhibitions e) Any other 5) Are you touch with any Dealer/ company for storage solutions? a) Yes b) no Page 68 .

which make__________________________________________________ 11) Would you be interested to go for our products? a) Yes b) No If yes. can you ask concerned engineers to get in touch with you? a) Yes b) No Name & Sign with Seal Page 69 .Contact person/Number____________________________________ 6) Are you aware of Godrej shop ware solutions? a) Yes b) No 7) Do you know about Godrej Fami storage solutions? a) Yes b) No 8) Kindly rate the following parameters from 1 to 5 on the basis of selecting a product a) Price b) Durability c) Brand name d) Aesthetics e) Option 9) What is the delivery period you would accept? a) 2-3 weeks b) 3-6 weeks c) 6-9 weeks 10) Are you currently using any such products? a) Yes d) more than b) No If yes.

FAMI storage system? Page 70 .Thank You for Your Cooperation! ANNEXURE 2 Dealers Questionnaire Name: ____________________________________________________________ Address: __________________________________________________________ E-ID: _________________________ date: _____________________________ Phone: ____________________________________________________________ 1) What is your organization name and when it was incorporated? Ans: _________________________________________________ 2) What are the products you are dealing with? Ans : a) Tools c) Trolleys b) Cabinets d) shelving system e) Any other: ___________________ 3) What is the turnover of your company? Ans: a) 1-25 lacks c) 50-100 lacks b) 25-50 lacks d) above 4) Which company product do you represent? Ans: a) ______________________________ 5) Are you aware GODREJ .

Ans : a) Yes b) No If yes please mention how_______________ 6) Are you interested in dealership? Ans: a) Yes b) No 7) What is your expectation in terms of percentage? Ans: ________________________% 8) Which products do you looking TO? Ans: _________________________ 9) What time you need the delivery? Ans: a) 2-3 weeks c) 6-9 weeks b) 3-6 week d) more than 10) Would you stock and sell the product? Ans: a) yes b) no Name & Sign with Seal Thank You for Your Cooperation! Page 71 .

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