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which can be found here: http://www. a chapter of unknown origin with close links to the Mechanicum of Mars.belloflostsouls.html Storm Hawks Heraldry images created using the Bolter and Chainsword Space Marine painter. You will also find rules for Special Characters and their personal background. This supplement is in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Limited. to use this supplement you must possess a copy of Codex Space Marine. as well as specialist units only available to the Storm Hawks chapter. Both are registered trademarks of Games Workshop and are referenced without permission or challenge. Introduction Homeworld Beliefs Recruitment Chapter Organisation Storm Hawks Heraldry Legends of the Storm Hawks The Fall of Zephyr The Battle for Cestus V The Defence of Tarsis Forces of the Storm Hawks 2 2 2 3 3 4 5 5 6 7 8 Chapter Master Falco Captain Denath Moorei Captain Rubus Incarnus Sentinel Squad Tech Novitiate Firestorm Assault Transport Zephyr-Pattern Razorback Storm Hawk Jetbike Squad Storm Hawks Equipment Storm Hawks Army List 8 9 9 10 10 11 11 12 13 14 Codex Storm Hawks is an unofficial supplement for use with the 5th edition of Warhammer 40.com/smpbeta. Chapter Logo from the Bell of Lost Souls Raptors Decal Sheet.net/2009/02/raptors-logo-sheet.000.Codex Storm Hawks CONTENTS This book details the history and organisation of the Storm Hawks Space Marine chapter.php 1 . which can be found here: http://www.bolterandchainsword.

Feverous is their hunger for technology. the Storm Hawks have come to revere the Emperor as the mysterious Machine God. this ship ensured the Storm Hawks rarely lack the equipment needed to prosecute their campaigns. Their Fortress Monastery is the Battle Barge Buteo Imperialis. This tome revealed astonishing truths to the Storm Hawks. the chapter maintains close ties with the Priests of the Machine God. Since then. They are known to seek out sites of lost ancient technology to learn from them and deny them to the enemy. the Storm Hawks have access to. which acts as the chapter’s armoury and manufactorum. most recovered space hulks from the great crusade. with other Chapters 2 . highly sophisticated equipment. BELIEFS The Storm Hawks value technology greatly. living on board of several Battle Barges and Strike Cruisers that orbit the planet instead. With no knowledge of their primogenitor legion or primarch. It is detailed in records that during the recapture of the forge world Telaris from the Eldar the Storm Hawks found an ancient relic from the Golden Age. as well as a greater proportion of vehicles and armour which is supplemented by regular trading of relics with the Adeptus Mechanicus. Containing the productive capacity of a small forge world. The Storm Hawks however are not so suspicious and fully utilise the Firestorm in their combat doctrine. The Storm Hawks have a history shrouded in mystery. As their quest for technology echoes many tenants of the Adeptus Mechanicus. Coincidently. reluctant to adopt the new technology preferring to rely on millennia tested designs. re-commissioned so as to examine their characteristics under normal operation. HOMEWORLD Although the planet of Zephyr is the Storm Hawks official homeworld. which were shared only to the Mechanicum. This precious STC is still not completely understood by the Mechanicum and therefore not in regular use across the Imperium. and recover worlds that may harbour knowledge lost since the Dark Age of Technology. the Storm Hawks have primarily become a fleet-based chapter. the special relationship between the two began at approximately the same period. Many of these ships are incredibly ancient vessels. a grand ship predating the Horus Heresy. This is most evident in the numbers of Terminators in their armies. and can maintain. but records of their existence go back to at least the 35th millennium. the planet is a lifeless rock obliterated during the 12th Black Crusade. but the truth to its origin is lost in time. the Storm Hawks have devoted their existence to seeking out ancient relics. but records of this go back as far as the 37th millennium. often joining forces with fleets of Explorators in their conquest of the unknown quarters of the galaxy.Codex Storm Hawks INTRODUCTION A thirst for knowledge and a strong bond with the Adeptus Mechanicus allow the Storm Hawks Space Marine chapter to wield the mightiest weapons against the enemies of the Emperor. Over the millennia of gathering ancient knowledge. The vessel was given to the Storm Hawks as trade for the Standard Template Construct design of the mysterious Firestorm Assault Carrier found on a reclaimed lost forge world. Why the Storm Hawks have taken on the Mechanicum belief is unknown. The Storm Hawks fleet is also accompanied by a mighty Ark Mechanicus class vessel named The Omnissiah’s Blessing. the precise Founding in which the chapter was created is unknown.

While the Inner Planets of the Zephyr system are inhospitable volcanic rocks.Codex Storm Hawks RECRUITMENT The Storm Hawks gather recruits from the systems surrounding their home system of Zephyr. The Master of the Forge leads the veterans of the chapter into battle. with ten Companies each with ten squads. with its veterans usually sent to support the battle companies. Each of these companies is led by a Company Captain and his Command Squad. how to call forth a machine spirit or placate its wrath. with a hopeful coming to work as an apprentice to a veteran Artificer during pre-pubescence. From these apprentices. as their knowledge and experience is widely used on different expeditions. Master of the Storm Hawks Chief Librarian Ornatus 23 Librarians Chief Apothecary Bartelsi 12 Apothecaries 1 COMPANY Captain Moorei Master of the Forge ST 2 COMPANY Captain Beor Master of the Watch nd 3 COMPANY Captain Incarnus Champion of Cestus rd 4 COMPANY Captain Mormigil Master of the Arsenal th 5 COMPANY Captain Gamyr Master of the Fleet th Veteran Company 93 Veterans 5 Dreadnoughts Battle Company 6 Tactical Squads 2 Assault Squads 2 Devastator Squads 2 Dreadnoughts Battle Company 6 Tactical Squads 2 Assault Squads 2 Devastator Squads 2 Dreadnoughts Battle Company 6 Tactical Squads 2 Assault Squads 2 Devastator Squads 3 Dreadnoughts Battle Company 6 Tactical Squads 2 Assault Squads 2 Devastator Squads 1 Dreadnought 6 COMPANY Captain Agathius Master of Marches th 7 COMPANY Captain Kienerii Master of the Rites th 8 COMPANY Captain Numinor Master of Skyfall th 9 COMPANY Captain Sion Master of Sieges th 10 COMPANY Captain Idius Master of the Recruits th Reserve Tactical Company 10 Tactical Squads 1 Dreadnought Reserve . Recruitment starts very young for the Storm Hawks. they are rich in the resources that the chapter greatly needs. the 1st Company is rarely seen in full. One exception to the Codex Astartes is the 1st Company of the Storm Hawks. Usually reserved for securing relics and reclaiming ancient technology. the most able will then be judged by the Chapter's Lord Master of the Forge and the worthy will be taken by the Storm Hawks to undergo the biosurgery required to make them into Space Marines. CHAPTER ORGANISATION The organisation of the Storm Hawks follows the standard practices laid down in the Codex Astartes. Techmarines are not tied to one particular company.Tactical Company 10 Tactical Squads 3 Dreadnoughts Reserve Assault Company 10 Assault Squads Reserve Devastator Company 10 Devastator Squads Scout Company Scout Squads 7 Dreadnoughts 3 . CHAPTER COMMAND Master Nathanial Falco Lord of Zephyr. They will then spend several decades steeping themselves in rites of the Machine God.

with dark grey shoulder guards. Captains also usually bear their heraldic banners on poles above their backpack to be easily recognised on the battlefield. Veterans have a red shoulder guards and usually have a tabard or parchment with details of the marines honours. Storm Hawks Tactical Marine Storm Hawks Veteran Storm Hawks Captain Storm Hawks Terminator 4 . The colour of a Storm Hawks marine’s armour is designated by his rank and company. and their squad designation on their right shoulder guard.Codex Storm Hawks STORM HAWKS HERALDRY The Storm Hawks chapter displays their Chapter symbol on their left shoulder guard. Company Captains wear gold shoulder guards and wield the mightiest weapons in the Chapters arsenal. A battle-brother’s armour is typically grey with gold trim.

intercepting the communication between Arastus and Abaddon. many Chaos warbands followed his ideals and sprang forth from the Eye of Terror to strike out at imperial worlds near the Cadian Gate. preparing to send a communiqué to Abaddon of his achievement and ask for reinforcements to secure the system. while the majority of his fleet preoccupied the Storm Hawks as he fled. Once the life killer virus had burned itself out. their home. slaughtering every marine with impunity. targeted the Storm Hawks home system of Zephyr. The life killer encircled the planet. the Storm Hawks flagship. With most of the chapter on campaign in the Cadia system. Arastus vowed to destroy the Storm Hawks and unleashed the life killer virus. Seeing his chance to strike at Zephyr without taking on the full might of a chapter. The 5th Company of the Storm Hawks fought him for every corridor and every room of their fortress but Arastus forged ahead to the reliquary. The perfect moment for Arastus to invade Zephyr came when he heard news of four whole companies of Storm Hawks supported by their most powerful armour leaving the system in Buteo Imperialis. A massive orbital battle ensued. With many of their most ancient artefacts lost the Storm Hawks began even more feverously exploring. only a full company of space marines plus the reserve companies on training remained to oppose Arastus. One such warband. He escaped with many holy artefacts. decomposing every living thing. they decided not to rebuild the fortress monastery and designated their flagship as their chapter headquarters. Arastus ordered what was left of his fleet to launch an orbital bombardment of the planet to cover his escape with many of the chapter’s relics. His warband mostly obliterated and with no chance of capturing whatever relics were left on the planet. to aid Cadia against Abaddon. and the reserve forces of the Storm Hawks were returning to the Fortress Monastery. and vowed one day that Arastus and his warband of traitors would pay for the destruction of their home. Arastus stood atop of the Fortress Monastery victorious in his mind. The fleet. Like all Children of Fulgrim Lord Commander Arastus was obsessed by relics and artefacts and the homeworld of the Storm Hawks. made their way back to their home system and engaged the Children of Fulgrim. with colossal vessels plummeting to the surface destroying whole regions in the blazing inferno. The Children of Fulgrim fleet was left as space hulks with many of the ships following the rain of planet killing shells down to the surface. was too tempting not to peruse. Arastus’ tactic worked. his forces routed. using the remaining planets in the Zephyr system for training and resources. With the Storm Hawks homeworld left a barren crater-scared rock. With the 5th Company all but annihilated and thinking that he had overwhelmed the planet. the masters of the Chapter assessed the damage on the surface. Relishing the chance to lay his hands on the artefacts of the Chapter. As he was doing so the news reached Arastus that Lord Ravaal one of his sub-ordinate Lords had 5 been slain. . the Storm Hawks reserve companies new exactly where to siege and quickly won back most of the battlefield. the Children of Fulgrim. Arastus waiting for the Buteo Imperialis and her fleet to leave and then initiated an attack of opportunity. and its vast repositories of treasures. Arastus threw his entire Children of Fulgrim warband into a planetstrike. Assaulting their own fortress. seeking to plunder the relics of the chapter. Risky though it was. Horrified in the sight he saw before him.Codex Storm Hawks LEGENDS OF THE STORM HAWKS THE FALL OF ZEPHYR During the 12th Black Crusade led by Abaddon the Despoiler.

destroying much of the 3rd Company’s armour. the Warboss Gitstompa hastily had his weirdboyz open up a warp portal to get him and his Kill Kroozer ship out of the system. Most of the valiant Company was cut down in minutes. as showers of lethal debris rained down onto Cestus V. the 1st and 2nd Companies of the Storm Hawks came swooping down to the planet to look for survivors. For brief moments it had looked as if the Emperor’s light had granted their wishes. Both Tilion and the marines were given the highest honours. reinforced with battle brothers who have proved themselves in the reserves. assaults Cestus VI. but it was not to be. and using the technologically enhanced psychic defences of the librarians to keep the daemons at bay. Only a handful of marines survived the initial attack managing to bottleneck the daemon horde in the under catacombs of the city. The Children of Fulgrim traitor warband. After what seemed like an eternity of fighting. is defeated within days. These six remaining marines told the story of their battle brother Captain Tilion and his duel against the daemon lord. and only then after a duel of epic proportions with which he had wounded the daemon lord enough to send him running back once again to the eye of terror. 6 .Codex Storm Hawks THE BATTLE FOR CESTUS V In the year 992. black from blood. bulwarking themselves into the capital city hoping for reinforcements. But the emperor’s finest held strong. The Pleasure Boat of Arastus the Defiler. led once again by Arastus the Defiler. Captain Tilion stood strong as he was defending an Imperial temple. The Battle Barge no match for the strength of a full Desolator and Despoiler Battleship led traitor fleet. ecstatic with the chance to battle with his arch enemies assaulted the Storm Hawks. but was slain by the vile lord of Slaanesh. The invasion started almost immediately. Led on by the stubborn Sergeant Rubus Incarnus. still fighting underground. causing chaos and destruction among the surviving human population and ork horde alike. and fuelled by the image of their heroic Captain facing off against the mighty daemon lord they fought tooth and fist with the never-ending wave of chaos filth. consisting of just 2 Imperial Guard Regiments. Knowing their defeat was imminent. They found only the remaining members of the 3rd Company 6th Tactical squad. For weeks they defended the emperor-forsaken planet against the shrieking horrors of the warp. When the orks invaded the hive planet of Cestus VI the Imperial Guard Planetary Defence Force. During the third week of the assault the attacks suddenly stopped. News of its destruction was instantly known to the Company on the planet. and the survivors of Cestus V were named Veterans of the Chapter and given command of the new 3rd Company of the Storm Hawks. the commander of the traitor warband had arrived. Hordes of daemons appeared as if out of thin air around the planet. The Battle Barge Hostem Incendia was destroyed within moments of the chaos fleet surprise appearance. they killed warp beats until their ammo ran dry. In retaliation the 3rd Company of the Storm Hawks. drew in the ruinous powers of chaos. led by Brother Captain Tilion. The battle was short but bloody. the Ork Waaagh! was days away from being halted.M41 the Cestus system was invaded by Ork Warboss Gitstompa. Arastus the Defiler. The Companies librarians instantly imploded into the warp and the Storm Hawks were swamped with the daemons of Slaanesh. Thanks to the Storm Hawks lightning armoured assaults on the now greenskin occupied cities. The sheer energy of the combined untamed powers of a Waaagh!’s compliment of weirdboyz. tail between his legs.

When Tarsis was unexpectedly invaded by the Eldar.Codex Storm Hawks THE DEFENCE OF TARSIS The planet Tarsis is an armoury world that supplies over a dozen chapters. The Imperial Fists had little time to celebrate however as the reason for the Eldar withdrawal soon became apparent: the world was assaulted by a tendril of the Tyranid Hive Fleet Kraken. As the Storm Raven Avis Verto landed. the full might of the Imperial Fists was unleashed upon it. Overwhelmed and losing ground quickly. the Storm Hawks initiate a dramatic aerial assault with Storm Raven and Firestorm transports. 7 . Chapter Master Pugh sent out a request for aid to nearby Astartes. Chapter Master Nathanial Falco rouses his Storm Hawks for war. With lightning speed. Fighting lasted only a few short days before the cowardly Eldar took flight from the world. the two chapter masters battled their way to the hive mind brood and together they take it down. dodging and weaving through tyranid spores and bioplasma fire to deploy tactical squads and terminators into the heart of the fighting. Chapter Master Falco and his honour guard charged down the assault ramp and fought their way through the Tyranid swarm to the remnants of the Imperial Fist army. With fully three companies of Storm Hawks behind them. Heeding the Imperial Fists call for aid. and is highly valuable to the Imperium. severing the head of the Tyranid invasion. personally commanded by Chapter Master Vladimir Pugh. The Storm Hawks battle barge Validus Accipiter and her strike vessel escorts unleash a barrage of fire upon the hive fleet in orbit.

Tempest’s Wrath: The Tempest’s Wrath is an ancient relic given as a gift by the Imperial Fists to Master Falco after he aided them in the battle on Tarsis. WS 6 BS 5 S 4 T 4 W 4 I 5 A 4 Ld 10 Save 2+3+ UNIT TYPE: Infantry (Character). When a unit is present in the both Codex Space Marine and Codex Storm Hawks. Frag and krak grenades. Regularly you may find wargear and special rules listed in this book that are not described (for example. no matter how many units are in base contact. Also. The Harness of Zephyr gives Master Falco a twin-linked plasma pistol and a flamer. His triumphs are without number and deeds the stuff of Chapter legend. WARGEAR: Tempest’s Wrath. MASTER OF THE STORM HAWKS Having served the Storm Hawks for over half a century. CHAPTER MASTER NATHANIAL FALCO LORD OF THE FORGES. Orbital Bombardment. If the unit contains a Tech Novitiate. Adamantine Mantle. but still he leads from the front when he commands his Chapter into battle. The Hawk Shield is treated as a Storm Shield but adds +1 to Attack (already included in profile). And They Shall Know No Fear). it can attempt to repair it instead of doing anything else that phase. on a 6 either a Weapon Destroyed or Immobilised result (owning player's choice) will be repaired. Scions of Mars. Also. in addition to the units presented in this book. Harness of Zephyr: Granted to the Storm Hawks by the Mechanicum as a symbol of their alliance. If a unit with this special rule is in base contact with a damaged vehicle during the Shooting phase. Hawk Shield: A powerful energy field surrounds this shield. Hawk Shield. simply reference Codex Space Marines to find the relevant special rule. Power Fist that rolls 2d6 for armour penetration. a Storm Hawks army may use any unit (except for Special Characters) from Codex Space Marines.Codex Storm Hawks FORCES OF THE STORM HAWKS The Storm Hawks follow the Codex Astartes. Refer to the original source book for the complete entry. Roll a d6. The Harness of Zephyr is a long standing tradition for Storm Hawk Chapter Masters. Terminator armour. all units that have the Combat Tactics special rule must exchange this for the following Scions of Mars special rule: Scions of Mars All Storm Hawks Space Marines are great artificers. This is a master-crafted SPECIAL RULES: Independent Character. the unit cannot repair if gone to ground or falling back. In addition. and was given to Falco when he rose to the position. Harness of Zephyr. any additional wargear options). and have a kinship with the Mechanicum of Mars. 8 . And They Shall Know No Fear. Chapter Master Falco has seen his share of combat. Both can be fired in the same Shooting phase. only the adjustments will be shown (for example. As such. the roll needed to repair is reduced to a 5+. You may only attempt to repair the same vehicle once in the same turn. the Harness of Zephyr improves Master Falco’s Scions of Mars repair roll to 4+.

Captain Moorei counts as a Master of the Forge for Mindlock purposes. Frag and krak grenades. It counts as a Relic Blade. The Gaze of Accipiter has the following profile: Range 12” S 8 AP 2 Type Pistol. Iron Halo. The Mors Certa: Incarnus is armed with the late Captain Tilion’s sword. Power armour. Gaze of Accipiter. Master of the Forges. Charismatic Presence: All friendly units within 12” of Captain Incarnus count as having the Stubborn special rule. CAPTAIN OF THE FIRST COMPANY VETERANS Leading the Storm Hawks first company veterans is Captain Denath Moorei. while also being the Chapter’s most senior Techmarine. CAPTAIN RUBUS INCARNUS CHAMPION OF CESTUS. Scions of Mars. Having both the tactical and combat knowledge of a brother-Captain. Advanced Storm Bolter.Codex Storm Hawks CAPTAIN DENATH MOOREI MASTER OF THE FORGE. Scions of Mars. accompanied by the valiant men he led during them dark days. This is a master-crafted power weapon. the Mors Certa. and is honoured no less than Chapter Master Falco. CAPTAIN OF THE THIRD COMPANY During the Battle for Cestus V. Advanced Storm Bolter: A gift from the Adeptus Mechanicus. heavily modified from his days as a Tactical Marine. WARGEAR: The Mors Certa. 9 SPECIAL RULES: Independent Character. Artificer. Captain Incarnus was witness to his Companies destruction at the hands of the forces of Chaos. Captain Moorei’s knowledge of the arcane sciences is unrivalled among the Storm Hawks. Passed down through each Captain of the 2nd Company it was crafted during the times of the Horus Heresy. Purity Seals. WARGEAR: Servo-harness. and may re-roll any failed Leadership tests. Gaze of Accipiter: The Gaze of Accipiter is Captain Moorei personal plasma pistol. Bolster Defences. Frag and krak grenades. And They Shall Know No Fear. Artificer armour. Master of the Forge: If you take Captain Moorei in your army you cannot take a standard Master of Forge from Codex Space Marines as well. Master of the Forge. Omnissiahn Axe: Granted to Captain Moorei by the Priest of Mars when he rose to the Independent Character. . Charismatic Presence. Gets Hot! WS 6 BS 5 S 4 T 4 W 3 I 5 A 3 Ld 10 Save 2+4+ SPECIAL RULES: UNIT TYPE: Infantry (Character). Iron Halo. Blessing of the Omnissiah. To this day he leads the 3rd Company into battle. position of Master of the Forge. And They Shall Know No Fear. this prototype storm bolter has the following profile: Range 24” S 4 AP 4 Type Assault 4 WS 6 BS 5 S 4 T 4 W 3 I 5 A 3 Ld 10 Save 3+4+ UNIT TYPE: Infantry (Character).

veterans of hundreds of years of warfare and the chapter's never ending struggle against its enemies. a Storm Hawks battle brother has to prove himself capable of keeping his nerve through the toughest of battles. the novitiates are sent to Mars. Artificer. the battle brother returns to Zephyr as a Tech Novitiate. When his initial training is complete. as well as being a formidable fighter. TECH NOVITIATE Every ten years. gauging which amongst the assembled ranks have the talent and skill to join the brotherhood of Mars. a master forged power sword denoting his rank of Sentinel. and thus gives an addition attack in close combat. Artificer: A model with the Artificer rule has an improved Scions of Mars repair roll of 5+. they are treated as Space Marine Sergeants. Armour of Alacrity. where they are immersed in tuition by the Adeptus Mechanicus. When a battle brother is selected by his captain to become a Sentinel. To be chosen to have the chance to become a Sentinel. the battle brother is honoured personally by the Chapter Master and is given his Blade of Piety. Stubborn. Not yet a true Techmarine. but a formidable presence non-the-less. If he returns home. adorning it with ornate detailing and scripts devoted to the Omnissiah. Bionics. the Chapter’s Techmarines walk amongst the battle brothers. All are gruelling challenges that only a few have the required level of ability to return from alive. Balanced* 12” 4 5 * A Storm Pistol counts as a close combat weapon. Tech Novitiates complete their training on the battlefield accompanying squads of Storm Hawks. WS 4 BS 4 S 4 T 4 W 1 I 4 A 2 Ld 9 Save 3+ Tech Novitiates are purchased as an upgrade to regular unit sergeants and use any wargear and special rules that the sergeant used. WARGEAR: Blade of Piety. In his time as a student. Once they are chosen. Storm Pistol: Has the following profile: Range S AP Type Assault 2. learning both the ways of the Omnissiah and how to master to the machine spirit. Frag and krak grenades. In all aspects but name. his tutor will give him a quest that he must complete alone. Storm Pistol. They are equipped with the finest weapons and armour the Storm Hawk's legendary artificers can produce. 10 . to retrieving an ancient relic now in the hands of the Eldar. Once he has completed his study. he is sent to the Mechanicum of Mars for a decade to study under a tech priest. Quests can vary considerably: from ridding a hive world of an upstarting chaos cult. Scions of Mars. the battle brother modifies his power armour.Codex Storm Hawks SENTINEL SQUAD Sentinels are mighty warriors of the Storm Hawks. Blade of Piety: Counts as a master-crafted power weapon. WS 5 BS 4 S 4 T 4 W 1 I 4 A 2 Ld 10 Save 3+6+ UNIT TYPE: Infantry. SPECIAL RULES: And They Shall Know No Fear.

Codex Storm Hawks FIRESTORM ASSAULT TRANSPORT Firestorm assault transports are a very rare evolution of a Standard Construct Template found on an ancient planet by the Storm Hawks. an 'upgraded' Razorback can act as a mobile gun platform. Storm Hawks are known to hastily adapt their transports to whatever enemy they expect to face. Likened to a hybrid of a Rhino and a Land Speeder. the Firestorm has the combination of both passenger capacity and quick response. the Firestorm Bolters are heavy calibre. Smoke launchers. Utilising an ancient repulsion plate technology similar to a Land Speeder. and magnetic spectra. BS 4 Front 11 Side 11 Rear 11 territory without raising alarm. designed to take down fast moving enemy sentries. Stealth Field Generator: In times where the assault transport needs to enter enemy SPECIAL RULES: Deep Strike. Given to the Adepus Mechanicus as a sign of friendship. This ancient and mostly distrusted technology throws out distorting images in both visual. Firestorm Bolter: Wing-mounted on the Firestorm. Although not as versatile. making it hard to target at range. allowing its passengers to reach their destination quickly. a prototype Stealth Field Generator may be fitted. Some Techmarines go even far as to sacrifice the transport capabilities of Razorbacks for improved firepower. Fire Points: None Access Points: A Firestorm has one access point on each side of the hull. ZEPHYR-PATTERN RAZORBACK When in battle. Heavy bolter sponsons. the Storm Hawks commission a few prototypes of these mysterious vehicles for lightning fast assaults. Twin-linked heavy bolter. It cannot carry models in Terminator armour. Range 36” S 5 AP 4 Type Heavy 4 TRANSPORT: The Firestorm has a transport capacity of six models. Weapon firing at the Firestorm from more than 12” count the vehicle as an Obscured Target. UNIT TYPE: Vehicle (Skimmer. Fast) WARGEAR: Two firestorm bolters. the Firestorm can skim over any intervening terrain with ease. and missions where stealth is top priority. BS 4 Front 11 Side 11 Rear 10 UNIT TYPE: Vehicle (Tank) WARGEAR: Twin-linked heavy bolter. Searchlight. 11 . Stealth Field Generator. unleashing as much hell on the enemies of mankind as any battle tank. high velocity dogfighting weapons.

Over the centuries of feverous searching for ancient relics.Codex Storm Hawks STORM HAWKS JETBIKE SQUAD Space Marine Jetbikes are sleek craft utilizing anti-grav technology. The Space Marine Jetbike is capable of both flight and hover modes. WS BS S T W I A Ld Save Tech Novitiate: 4 4 4 4(5) 1 4 2 9 3+ Space Marine Jetbiker: 4 4 4 4(5) 1 4 2 9 3+ UNIT TYPE: Bike (Jetbike). SPECIAL RULES: And They Shall Know No Fear. the Storm Hawks have located a very small number of these technological wonders. and were in common use by the Space Marine Legions during the Great Crusade. Deep Strike. and aerial-drop via Thunderhawk drop ships. Scions of Mars. The Mk14 'Bullock' Jetbike is equipped with twin forward-firing bolters and can seat a single rider. 12 . Power armour. After the Horus Heresy however. Frag and krak grenades. Space Marine Jetbike. the ability to produce them was eventually lost and are now an extremely rare sight. WARGEAR: Bolt pistol.

a tough and resistant material that provides excellent protection for its wearer. An individual may have artificial limbs or organs to replace damaged parts.000 rulebook and Codex Space Marines. they are modified with mechanical augmentations to allow them to return to service. On a 4+ the model is automatically Stunned. Counts as Power Armour. roll a d6. A model with Bionics gains a 6+ invulnerable save. Space Marine jetbikes are fitted with a twin-linked bolter. If an EMP Missile hits a vehicle. Models equipped with Space Marine jetbikes follow the rules for Jetbikes as described in the Warhammer 40. Crozius Mechanicum The Crozius Mechanicum is a Chaplain’s rod of office. a set of Armour of Alacrity synchronises with its wearer perfectly. A model who wears an Adamantine Mantle does not suffer Instant Death. 13 . Space Marine Jetbike A priceless relic from the days before the Horus Heresy. Also. The Storm Hawks close links with Mars have allowed them to field test these experimental devices. and enhances a marines speed and agility even further than a normal suit of power armour. see their specific entries in the Storm Hawks Forces chapter. The Chaffgun has the following profile: Range S AP Type Assault 1. It is a master-crafted Power Weapon. Personal Teleporter Personal teleporters are backpack sized devices that allow a Space Marine to teleport without the need to massive devices usually employed. They are then rolled for at the start of every turn using the normal reserve rules. also you may re-roll any failed armour saves. For Special Character wargear. Chaffgun The Chaffgun fires a wide burst of thin metallic shards. Any model within 12” of the model with Purity Seals may use his Leadership value for any Leadership test. rather than simply blowing it up. Bionics When a veteran Storm Hawks Space Marine is injured in battle. Armour of Alacrity Expertly crafted. stylised with the Adeptus Mechanicus iconography.000 rulebook. Pervading* Template 1 * A Chaffgun has an Armour Penetration of 3D6. Purity Seals Purity seals are bestowed upon Storm Hawks who have proven their bravery and virtue. Perfect for enemy armour that needs to be studied further. once per game they may teleport into reserve. Below you will find rules for any non-standard equipment that is unique to the Storm Hawks. or wargear individual to a single Storm Hawks unit. only the most trusted and competent battle-brother may hope to ride one of these rare artefacts into battle. Units with personal teleporters count as Jump Infantry exactly in the same way as if they were equipped with a Jump Pack.Codex Storm Hawks STORM HAWKS EQUIPMENT Codex Storm Hawks uses equipment from both the Warhammer 40. Please refer to the relevant source material to find descriptions and rules for this equipment. and only with the most trusted of the chapter. Adamantine Mantle An Adamantine Mantle is a cloak made from threads of Adamantine. EMP Missiles An EMP Missile is an experimental technology utilised by the Storm Ravens and fitted to their Stormraven Gunships and Firestorm Assault Transports. designed to penetrate armoured vehicles and interfere with the mechanisms within.

this army list is used in conjunction with both the Warhammer 40. 150 Points WS 6 BS 5 S 4 T 4 W 3 I 5 A 3 Ld 10 Save 3+4+ Page 9 Special Rules:  Independent Character  And They Shall Know No Fear  Scions of Mars  Charismatic Presence Unit Composition:  1 (Unique) Unit Type:  Infantry (Character) Wargear:  The Mors Certa  Advanced Storm Bolter  Iron Halo  Purity Seals  Frag and krak grenades  Power armour 14 .. To use this army list correctly. 175 Points WS 6 BS 5 S 4 T 4 W 3 I 5 A 3 Ld 10 Save 2+4+ Page 9 Special Rules:  Independent Character  And They Shall Know No Fear  Scions of Mars  Blessing of the Omnissiah  Bolter Defences  Master of the Forge Unit Composition:  1 (Unique) Unit Type:  Infantry (Character) Wargear:  Servo-harness  Omnissiahn Axe  Gaze of Accipiter  Iron Halo  Frag and krak grenades  Artificer armour CAPTAIN INCARNUS …………... utilise both the information on page 8 of this book and page 127 of Codex Space Marines. HQ CHAPTER MASTER FALCO ………………………...Codex Storm Hawks STORM HAWKS ARMY LIST As stated in the Forces of the Storm Hawks chapter.…………….…………………….000 rulebook and Codex Space Marines..…………. 200 Points WS 6 BS 5 S 4 T 4 W 4 I 5 A 4 Ld 10 Save 2+3+ Page 8 Special Rules:  Independent Character  And They Shall Know No Fear  Scions of Mars  Orbital Bombardment Unit Composition:  1 (Unique) Unit Type:  Infantry (Character) Wargear:  Tempest’s Wrath  Hawk Shield  Harness of Zephyr  Adamantine Mantle  Frag and krak grenades  Terminator armour CAPTAIN MOOREI ………….

If the effected vehicle moves at all during its following turn it becomes Immobilised. This vehicle now recovers from any crew shaken and crew stunned results already affecting it.Armour of Alacrity 10 points  A Space Marine Captain may make any of his weapons master-crafted for 5 points. choose one vehicle within 24”. 15 . The librarian uses the rules and entry for the Space Marine Librarian from Codex Space Marines.Codex Storm Hawks HQ STORM HAWKS CAPTAIN A Storm Hawks Captain is both a master of war and a talented artificer in his own right.Space Marine Jetbike 40 points  A Space Marine Captain may replace his Power Armour with: .Personal Teleporter 30 points .  Machine Curse: See Codex Space Marine page 57.  Steel Skin: This power is used at the start of the opponents assault phase.  Reconstruction: This power can be used at the start of the Movement phase. STORM HAWKS LIBRARIAN A Storm Hawk Librarian forgoes his artificer training in exchange for control over his psychic abilities. the Page 56 C:SM Librarian and any unit he has joined can re-roll any Scions of Mars roll he makes this turn.Signum 10 points . STORM HAWKS CHAPLAIN The Storm Hawks Chaplains spread the word of the Omnissiah. A Storm Hawk Captain gains the Artificer special rule (see page 10) but otherwise uses the rules and entry from the Space Marine Captain from Codex Space Marines. wielding the badges of office against their enemies. the Librarian has a 5+ invulnerable save. with the following additional options: Page 70 C:SM  A Master of the Forge may take any of the following additional options: . Increase the cost of Chaplains by 5 points Page 58 C:SM and exchange their Crozius Arcanum with a Crozius Mechanicum. and are the spiritual leaders of the chapter. MASTER OF THE FORGE A Storm Hawks Master of the Forge increases in cost by 5 points.Adamantine Mantle 35 points . with the following amendments: Psychic Powers: A Librarian has any two of the following powers:  Smite: See Codex Space Marine page 57.  Null Zone: See Codex Space Marine page 57. For the rest of that phase. with the following additional options: Page 54 C:SM  A Space Marine Captain may take any of the following additional options: .  Might of the Ancients: See Codex Space Marine page 57. A Chaplain otherwise uses the rules and entry from Codex Space Marines.Servo-arm 25 points .  Awaken the Machine Spirit: This power can be used at the start of the Movement phase. and gains the Bionics wargear.  Shackle the Machine Spirit: This power is a psychic shooting attack that automatically hits an enemy vehicle within 12”. A Techmarine otherwise uses the rules and entry from Codex Space Marines. If successful.Personal Teleporter 30 points .Purity Seals 10 points . If successful.Space Marine Jetbike 40 points  A Master of the Forge may make any of his weapons master-crafted for 5 points.

Bionics 5 points .Relic Blade 10 points . 200 Points WS 5 BS 4 S 4 T 4 W 1 I 4 A 2 Ld 10 Save 3+6+ Page 10 Unit Composition:  5 Sentinels Unit Type:  Infantry Wargear:  Blade of Piety  Storm Pistol  Bionics  Frag and krak grenades  Armour of Alacrity Special Rules:  And They Shall Know No Fear  Scions of Mars  Stubborn  Artificer Dedicated Transport:  May select a Drop Pod.. Rhino or a Razorback (see C:SM page 135 for points costs).  Up to three models in the squad may replace their bolter with: .Servo-arm 25 points  A Tech Novitiate may make any of his weapons master-crafted for 5 points. and gains the Bionics wargear.  The Tech Novitiate may also take the following: .Power Fist 5 points .Chaffgun 10 points 16 . with the following additional options: Page 63 C:SM  You may upgrade the Space Marine Sergeant to a Tech Novitiate for 10 points.Space Marine Jetbike 40 points  A Techmarine may make any of his weapons master-crafted for 5 points.Thunder Hammer 10 points  Any Sentinel may replace their Storm Pistol with one of the following: . Options:  Any Sentinel may replace their Blade of Piety with one of the following: .Codex Storm Hawks ELITES SENTINEL SQUAD……………………………………….Personal Teleporter 30 points . The Tech Novitiate may take any options available to the Space Marine Sergeant.Plasma Pistol 10 points . with the following additional options: Page 71 C:SM  A Techmarine may take any of the following additional options: . A Techmarine otherwise uses the rules and entry from Codex Space Marines. STERNGUARD VETERAN SQUAD The Sternguard Veteran Squad uses the rules and entry from Codex Space Marines.Storm Shield 10 points  All Sentinels in the unit may be equipped with personal teleporters: 60 points TECHMARINE A Storm Hawks Techmarine increases in cost by 5 points.

 The Tech Novitiate may also take the following: . 125 Points BS 4 Front 11 Side 11 Rear 11 Page 11 Unit Composition:  1 Firestorm Unit Type:  Vehicle (Fast.Locator Beacon 15 points . The Tech Novitiate may take any options available to the Space Marine Sergeant. with the following additional options: Page 59 C:SM  You may upgrade the Space Marine Sergeant to a Tech Novitiate for 10 points.Servo-arm 25 points  A Tech Novitiate may make any of his weapons master-crafted for 5 points. with the following additional options: Page 62 C:SM  You may upgrade the Space Marine Sergeant to a Tech Novitiate for 10 points. the entire squad may have personal teleporters at 12 points per model.Codex Storm Hawks TROOPS TACTICAL SQUAD The Tactical Squad uses the rules and entry from Codex Space Marines. FIRESTORM ASSAULT TRANSPORT……….Twin-linked multi-melta 10 points . FAST ATTACK VANGUARD VETERAN SQUAD The Vanguard Veteran Squad uses the rules and entry from Codex Space Marines.  The Tech Novitiate may also take the following: . Skimmer) Wargear:  Two firestorm bolters  Stealth Field Generator  Twin-linked heavy bolter Special Rules:  Deep Strike Transport Capacity:  Six models (may not transport models in terminator armour) Options:  Replace twin-linked heavy bolter with: .  If the squad has a Tech Novitiate.Twin-linked heavy flamer 5 points . The Tech Novitiate may take any options available to the Space Marine Sergeant.Bionics 5 points .Chaffgun 10 points  A Tech Novitiate may make any of his weapons master-crafted for 5 points.Two EMP Missiles 20 points 17 .Servo-arm 25 points  The Tech Novitiate may replace his bolter with: .Twin-linked assault cannon 30 points  May take any of the following: .Bionics 5 points ..

Power Fist 25 points .Twin-linked lascannon 35 points .Bionics 5 points .Servo-arm 25 points  A Tech Novitiate may make any of his weapons master-crafted for 5 points.  Any model may replace his bolt pistol with: . dropship..Storm Shield 15 points .  The Tech Novitiate may replace his bolt pistol with: . Page 38 C:BA A Storm Hawks army may use a Stormraven Gunship from Codex Blood Angels. seamlessly combining the roles of dedicated gunship. and strike aircraft. but exchange the four Bloodstrike Missiles with four EMP Missiles. Never shying away from utilising new technology.Twin-linked assault cannon 35 points  Replace heavy bolter sponsons with: .Extra Armour 15 points STORMRAVEN GUNSHIP The Stormraven Gunship is a relatively new addition to the Space Marine Armoury. Use the rules and entry from Codex Blood Angels.Relic Blade 30 points  The Tech Novitiate may also take the following: .Lightning Claw 15 points HEAVY SUPPORT ZEPHYR-PATTERN RAZORBACK …………….Hurricane bolters Free .Twin-linked heavy flamer Free .Melta bombs 5 points .Power Weapon 15 points . 145 Points WS BS S T W I A Ld Save Tech Novitiate: 4 4 4 4(5) 1 4 2 9 3+ Page 12 Space Marine Jetbiker: 4 4 4 4(5) 1 4 2 9 3+ Unit Composition:  1 Tech Novitiate  2 Space Marine Jetbikers Unit Type:  Bike (Jetbike) Wargear:  Bolt pistol  Space Marine Jetbike  Frag and krak grenades  Power armour Special Rules:  And They Shall Know No Fear  Scions of Mars  Deep Strike Options:  May include up to two additional Space Marine Jetbikers for 40 points per model.Storm bolter 10 points . 18 .Codex Storm Hawks FAST ATTACK STORM HAWKS JETBIKE SQUAD (0-1)….. the Storm Hawks quickly assimilated the Stormraven into their battle doctrine. 70 Points BS 4 Front 11 Side 11 Rear 10 Page 11 Unit Composition:  1 Zephyr-pattern Razorback Unit Type:  Vehicle (Tank) Wargear:  Twin-linked heavy bolter  Heavy bolter sponsons  Smoke Launchers  Searchlight Options:  Replace twin-linked heavy bolter with: .Heavy flamers Free .Dozer blade 5 points .Plasma Pistol 15 points .Lascannons 35 points  May take any of the following: .

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