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from a Study of over 250 Professions across many parameters

low stress, high earning potential, work autonomy, personal satisfaction
By Jobs Almanac, US: 2001


Opportunity for Wealth Advisors

GDP Growth has moved from 4% Levels in 80's to 8-9% now Took 16 years to reach to $500 bn from 1988 Accelerated in 2004 to reach $ 1 trillion (Rs. 45 Lac Crore) in 2009-10 Expected to cross $ 4 trillion by 2020

Growth will lead to increase in Prospective investors

Increasing Prospective Investors

High GDP Growth will result in sharp decline in poverty and There would be more lot of Aspirers who would be looking to invest.

Opportunity in Current Indian Households savings pattern

Household Financial Savings (FY2008-09)
Share and Debentures 2.4% Claims on Government 3.0% Insurance Funds 18.9%

Deposits 55.0%

Provident and Pension Funds 8.9%

Currency 11.7%

55 % savings are invested in Deposits. Indian Households are having less than 3% exposure to Equities. Clear Imbalance in savings pattern of investors in India Huge opportunity for Growth in Equity Related instruments

Prevailing Financial Advisory Industry in India

Who are the intermediaries in the market Insurance Advisors Postal Agents Mutual Fund Advisors Tax Consultants and CA's Stock Brokers Banks

Among above, banks sell as many as 42 products to clients, from Gold coins to Home Loans, from FD's to Insurance, Mutual Funds to Real Estate.

Investors Scenario
Change in life-style, ambitious & busy. Absence of any comprehensive approach towards his own wealth creation Buys Multiple Products from Multiple intermediaries Is Savvy and Smart. Does his home work before buying a new product Is having access to lot of information Is happy to get all services from a single intermediary How many products are you advising to your customers?

Challenges for Advisors

To Ensure loyalty of Clients in competitive environment To upgrade the knowledge constantly as clients are more informed about products. To offer best possible after sales service To reach out to newer mass of customers whose income is rising consistently Control Cost of Business Maintain edge over competition

How to over come challenges.........

Sell Multiple Products to Customers Use Technology to grow & be productive with less expenses Charge Customers if required.. Offer Need Based Solutions to get a Higher Wallet Share of the customer Keep working on upgrading your skills on a regular basis

Become a Wealth Advisor

Difference between Traditional & Wealth Advisors

Products Offered by Wealth Advisors

Time to add Fresh Product to your Product Basket

Add an important product missing from your Product Basket to serve your customers better and generate extra income.

Mutual Funds

Opportunity in India's Mutual Fund industry

In India, we have

1 insurance Advisor for every 400 people and

1 MF advisor for every 15,000 people

38 Insurance advisors for every single MF advisor!!!

Almost no competition in Mutual Funds!!!

Opportunity in India's Mutual Fund Industry

Less than 3 Crore investors in Mutual Funds out of 121 Cr population

(Penetration of Less than 3%, 97% market open)

Less than 50 Lakh investors in a simple product like SIP

(Penetration of less than 0.5%, 99.5% of market open)

Mutual Funds : Advatages

Diversification Professional Management Reduction of Risk Low Cost to investor Liquidity Easy to operate Access to information

Mutual Funds : Product Basket

Through MF, you can offer multiple solutions to your customers Equity Funds For Long Term Wealth creation Gold Funds Investors can buy Gold through MF route Liquid Funds For short term investment needs (upto 3 months) MIP - Low risk hybrid product for medium term investors Capital Protection Funds Capital protection + Additional returns FMPs Tax efficient investment option for FD customer ELSS Funds For Tax Saving needs of customers SIP Appropriate tool for Financial planning International Funds For benefiting from growth in other markets

Past Performance of MF schemes

7 Avg MF Returns Value of Rs. 1 Lac invested in Mutual Funds No. of Schemes considered Sensex returns Value of Rs. 1 Lac invested in Sensex 20.58 381,806 74 19.02 338,329 10 24.47 964,269 51 18.39 540,941 12 21.83 1,230,102 25 15.55 566,552
Returns as on 30 April, 2011

15 20.81 2,202,596 10 11.33 500,062

Mutual Funds have outperformed broader markets by a Huge margin over Long term AND Created Wealth for the Investors
MF investments are subject to market risks. Past Performance may or may not be repeated in future.

SIP : A Simple, Easy & Unique Product

SIP Systematic Investment Plan is a mode to invest in Mutual Funds SIP ensures disciplined investment from the client on a regular basis SIP is the most effective tool for Financial Planning of the client The investor only needs to give a cheque and an auto debit instruction The amount gets automatically deducted from Clients a/c and invested in the fund on the designated date. There is no LOCK IN in SIP (except Tax Saving Funds)

Past Performance of SIP in MF schemes

Years Investment through SIP Avg SIP Returns Value of Rs. 10,000 per month SIP in MF No. of Schemes considered Sensex returns value of Rs. 10,000 per month SIP in Sensex
Returns as on 30 April, 2011 Monthly SIP investment of Rs. 10000 considered

7 840,000 16.47 1,522,904 75 15.80 1,468,355

10 1,200,000 23.82 4,374,532 52 19.82 3,390,540

12 1,440,000 22.59 6,515,886 29 17.50

Returns as on 30 April, 2011

15 1,800,000 23.64 14,570,040 14 15.46 6,392,335


SIP is a simple yet powerful tool for Financial Planning of your customers The Returns in SIP have outperformed the index by a wide margin
MF investments are subject to market risks. Past Performance may or may not be repeated in future.

Earning Opportunity in Mutual Funds

In Mutual Funds income is generated through a) Upfront Commission Paid once at the time of investment from the client on a monthly basis b) Trail Commission Paid till the time the fund is invested in the scheme on the current valuation of investment. This is paid every year to the advisor.

Earnings in MF
Lets Make it simple If you get an investment of Rs. 1 lac from an investor, and this amount remains invested in MF for 15 years, what will you earn?? Market Growth Upfront brokerage Trail - 15.00% - 0.50% - 0.50%

Year Year 5 Year 10 Year 15

Type Upfront Cumulative Trail Cumulative Trail Cumulative Trail

Investment Value 100,000 201,136 404,556 813,706

Brokerage 500 3,877 11,675 27,359

You keep earning till the time investor is invested in the fund!!

MF is the only industry which offers trail commission to advisors

Earnings in MF
If you only sell SIP of Rs. 5000 per month to 200 investors for 15 years over the next one year, along with your existing products and no other MF product is sold, you can earn...... (Upfront brokerage 0.50%, Trail - 0.50%) At Market growth of 15%, each investor will make

Rs. 30.8 Lacs at the end of 15th year

(Investment Rs. 9.00 Lacs)

Year Year 5 Year 10 Year 15

Cumulative Earnings 1,281,626 5,734,590 16,566,247

Your earning in the 15th year from this sales done will be close to

Rs. 30 lacs!!!!

Start Selling MF

Easy to sell to existing customers Get Additional Wallet share from existing investor Generate Extra income from same customer Easy to acquire clients for insurance/other business Enhanced Customer Loyalty Graduate from a Product Advisor to a Wealth Advisor

Sharing Success


1st in India to offer complete advisory platform to financial advisors / firms to manage, monitor and grow their Wealth Advisory practice in current market scenario Integrated, comprehensive, convergent & practical business solutions Understands what it needs to grow & manage a financial advisory practice.


With Assets Under Advice: 10,500 Cr. Network Advisors: 15,000+ NJ Offices: 104 locations in 21 states Employees: 900+ Customers: 12 Lacs+

NJ Advantage Entire Financial Product Basket on offer

Mutual Funds Insurance* Real Estate*

NJ Fundz Network
PMS Bonds Debentures Fixed Deposits

Effective integration of Entire products and services with simplicity that delivers effective & dynamic solutions that work for you.

Complete Financial Advisory Platform

A Unique 360 Platform Dedicated towards Managing and Developing Complete Financial Advisory Business

Technology Support
Easy Administration
A Complete Online Business Management Desk with extensive MIS reports and administrative tools to enable you effectively Manage, Monitor & Control your business

With Usage of Partner Desk : You do not need to maintain back-office records and reports with yourself You do not need to maintain records of the investments done by your clients You can effectively use reports / tools to improve your services to your clients and reduce your cost You can devote more time and energies towards developing your business rather than worrying on the operational aspects of it

Sales Support
Personal Attention

Dedicated NJ executive whose role is only to develop your business Employee's complete focus is on expanding your business & growth as their own growth is linked to your growth. Experienced and qualified sales force to guide and help you on a day to day basis. Activity planning for business promotion like client meets, joint calls, Stalls, corporate meets etc. Ongoing interaction with Senior Industry Personnel through product training, Fund Manager Meets etc.

Marketing Support
Ideas for Business Growth

A dedicated Marketing platform to add an edge to your Advisory Business. NJ BizMall offers wide range of marketing material for your business with excellent features Co branded Project your Brand / Company Professionally designed Excellent pre defined content Ready Printed Door step Delivered Available in regional languages

Training Support
Self Development / Training

NJ Gurukul works round the clock to enhance your skills on a constant basis Exclusively Designed Quality Training Modules Team of more than 100 professional trainers in various fields Training on Products, Soft Skills, Objection handling Advance Courses like CFP (Certified Financial Planner) also available Complete Training & Developmental Support

Customer Support
Freedom From Query Handling

Single Contact Point for All Queries available to All Advisors in India All India Toll Free Number - 1800 233 0155 Facility to submit Queries and track status Online

First in Indian industry to provide centralized Customer Care Services Across all Products


Single Interaction Point for All Products Sales and Services Best Technological Support related to MIS Reports Marketing Support through NJ Print Shop for Your Branding Online Portfolio Valuation Reports for You & Your Clients Customer Care Support for Solving Queries Training on all financial Products and Selling Skills Online Investment trading Facility for your clients

Dedicated Relationship Managers to Help you Develop Your Business

NJ FUNDZ NETWORK Subscription Charges

NJ Fundz

ARN Holders Rs.4000/(T & C applicable)

Value Pack Rs.4000/Life time Subcription

NJ Value Pack

Value Pack Cost includes AMFI examination Fee AMFI examination course Module One time free training in AMFI Lifetime subscription to NJ Fundz Network Platform

Road to become NJ Wealth Advisor

Apply for NJ value pack by paying Rs.4000

Appear for AMFI training

Become NJWA partner after passing AMFI and registration of ARN ( MF PMS, FD, Bond) ,

NJ Realty offers real estate selling options to its wealth advisors subject to the T&C of NJ India Realty Pvt. Ltd.

NJ Insurance offers insurance advising options of all insurance companies subject to T&C.

Become wealth advisor in the truest sense by availing the benefit of being an NJWA NJ Wealth Advisor