The Grey Knights

Epic Armageddon Army List

3.. Each Titan can repair one downed void shield in the end phase of each turn. nor allocate Blast Markers.. 2 .. Once all of the shields have been knocked down. Grey Knights formations are only broken if they have two Blast markers per unit in the formation.1. GK1. if you rolled a 2 you could repair 2 shields.” All other formations do benefit from “And They Shall Show No Fear. throwing teleport beams off course. The number of void shields each Titan has is noted on the Titan’s datasheet. rather than half this number. re-calibrating its systems. GK1. As long as one armoured vehicle or war engine in a formation remains operational.” Grey Knights are renowned for their tenacity and bravery. remove 2 Blast markers or repair 1 shield and remove 1 Blast marker). This is represented by the following rules: It takes two Blast markers to suppress a Grey Knights unit or kill a unit in a broken formation (ignore any leftover Blast markers). Aquila Landers and Arvus Lighters do not benefit from the Fortitude special rule.1 Grey Knights Special Rules The following special rules apply to formations and units in the Grey Knights army list.1. Hits from close combat ignore void shields but units using their firefight values must first knock down any shields before they can damage the Titan.5 Warp Quake The Grey Knights cause a tremor on the border between the Warp and realspace. Do not make armour saves for damage stopped by void shields. Grey Knights units with the Leader special ability remove 2 Blast markers instead of 1 Inquisitorial Henchmen.0 The Grey Knights GK1.1.note that assault resolution will not receive +1 for having no blast marker if the formation has 1 blast marker before rounding down).1..g. the Titan may be damaged normally and you may make saving throws against any hits that are scored.. In addition.. necron portal or webway portal within 20cm of a grey knights infantry unit must make a dangerous terrain test. Grey Knights formations only count half their number of blast markers in assault resolution (rounding down .Grey Knights Army List Version 0. Each void shield will automatically stop one point of damage and then go down. Void shields that have been knocked down can be repaired.2 GK1. the formation may remove one extra blast marker whenever it regroups or successfully rallies. if a Titan regroups it can use the dice roll to either repair the void shield or remove Blast markers (e. Enemy units that enter the board via teleport. Imperial Titans and Imperial Navy and Grey Knights Spacecraft formations do not benefit from “And they Shall Know No Fear.3 Fortitude Grey Knights vehicle pilots have the psychic abilities to trigger the vehicles psycho-reactive armour plating. When a broken Grey Knight formation rallies then it receives a number of Blast markers equal to the number of units.4 Imperial Void Shields Imperial Titans are protected by void shield generators.1.” GK1.. GK1. silencing marker beacons and destabilising landing thrusters.1 Initiative & Strategy Rating Grey Knights armies have a strategy rating of 5. Inquisitorial Chimeras. rounding down in favour of the Grey Knights. planetstrike. The following formations have an Initiative of 2+: Inquisitorial Henchmen Imperial Navy Thunderbolt fighters All other formations have an initiative rating of 1+ GK1. daemonic summoning. Halve the number of extra hits suffered by a Grey Knights formation that loses an assault.2 “And They Shall Know No Fear.

Note that these will sometimes add Characters or abilities to the units they are taken for. Eternal Warriors. Grand Master. Land Raider Crusader). The upgrade chart also lists the units that make up the upgrade. Storm Raven (+80 points each). Razorback (30 points each). Razorback. what units the detachment is composed of. Brotherhood Champion (0-1) Add 1-2 of the following units to the formation: Grey Knights Dreadnought. it must take enough transport units to transport the whole formation if any are taken. Grand Master. Most formations may also include a number of extra units and abilities called Upgrades. When a formation selects a Transport upgrade. Eternal Warriors. Grey Knights Grey Knights Core Formations Formation type Grey Knights Strike Team Grey Knights Terminators Inquisitorial Henchmen Units Four to Eight Grey Knights Strike Team units Four Grey Knights Terminators Six Inquisitorial Henchmen units and one Inquisitor character upgrade Upgrades Allowed All (Transport: Rhino.1 Using the Army List Grey Knights are organised around Core Formations of Grey Knights Strike teams. Storm Raven). what Upgrades are allowed. Hunter Transport (Inquisitorial Chimera. Specialised Grey Knights such as Grey Knight Purifiers. Up to 1/3 of the points available to the army may be spent on these formations. Commander. Razorback. Eternal Warriors. Grey Knights Terminators or Inquisitorial Henchmen– these are the backbone of the Grey Knights army. Land Raider Crusader). Commander. Grand Master. Eternal Warriors. Commander. Grey Knights armies may be supported by Imperial Titan and Imperial Navy units. and all points costs.0 Grey Knights Army List GK2. Landing Party (One Aquila Lander and two Arvus Lighters. Support Formations. Hunter Hunter Grey Knights Upgrades – up to three upgrades may be taken per formation Commander Eternal Warriors Grand Master (0-1) Hunter Transport Ad one of the following characters to a unit in the formation: Librarian. Nemesis Dreadknight Add one Grey Knights Grand Master character to a unit in the formation Add one Hunter unit to the formation Land Raider (+185 points for two). Hunter Transport (Rhino. Landing Party) Points Cost 250 first four units +60 per extra unit 375 points 200 points Grey Knights Support Formations – one may be taken per Grey Knights Core Formation Grey Knights Paladins Grey Knights Purifier Squad Four Grey Knights Paladin units Four to Eight Grey Knights Purifier Squad units Transport (Land Raider. Inquisitorial Chimera (+25 points each). and sometimes take the form of additional units for the detachment. Rhino (free). Character upgrades may only be given to core units (not upgrades) within a retinue. Brother Captain. The tables below show the Core Formations. Razorback. Hunter 425 points 250 first 4 units +60 per extra unit 250 first 4 units +60 per extra unit 375 points 425 points 200 points 200 points 200 points Grey Knights Purgation Squad Grey Knights Land Raiders Grey Knights DaemonBane Squad Grey Knights Thunderhawk Gunship Grey Knights Thunderhawk Transporters Grey Knights Strike Cruiser (0-1) Four to Eight Grey Knight Purgation Squad units Four Land Raiders in any combination Four Nemesis Dreadknights One Grey Knights Thunderhawk Gunship Two Grey Knights Thunderhawk Transporters One Grey Knights Strike Cruiser Transport (Rhino. but you may not take more than necessary to transport the formation. Storm Raven) Transport (Land Raider. or tank platoons of Land Raiders are Support Formations. 75 points) 50 points 50 points per Dreadnought 110 points per Dreadknight 150 points 80 points Various Imperial Navy Two Thunderbolt Fighters One Marauder Destroyer 150 175 points Imperial Titans One or Two Warhound Scout Titans One Reaver Battle Titan One Warlord Battle Titan 275 points for one 500 points for two 650 points 850 points 3 . Master. Each upgrade may be taken once per formation. Each upgrade taken adds to the cost of the company or detachment. Storm Raven). Commander.GK2.

Invulnerable Save Fearless. Transport (2). Extra Attack (+1) (assault weapon)TK (1). Warp Quake Fearless. Sniper. Ignores Invulnerable Saves (small arms) Extra Attack (+1). Ignores Cover AP4+/AT4+ (assault weapon) 2x MW. Extra attack (+1) (assault weapon) MW. Ignores Invulnerable Saves (assault weapon) Extra Attack (+1). Ignores Invulnerable Saves. FxF AP5+/AT6+ AT4+ (assault weapon) MW. Extra attack (+1) AP5+/ one option before the game. Ignores Invulnerable Saves (assault Weapons) MW. Fortitude. Transport (1) A Razorback is armed with either a Twin Psycannon OR a Twin Lascannon. Warp Quake Invulnerable Save Skimmer. Thick Rear Armour. Extra attack (+1). Thick Rear Armour. Ignores Cover AP5+/AT6+. Thick Rear Armour. Extra attack (+1) (small arms) AP5+/AT6+. Ignores Invulnerable Saves (small arms) Extra attack (+1). Ignores Invulnerable Saves AP4+/AT4+ AP3+. Leader Inspiring.Name Brother Captain Brotherhood Champion Grey Knights Librarian Grey Knights Grand Master Inquisitor Grey Knights Strike Team Grey Knights Purgation Squad Grey Knights Purifier Squad Grey Knights Terminators Grey Knights Paladins Inquisitorial Henchmen Arvus Lighter Aquila Lander Grey Knights Dreadnought Type CHA CHA CHA CHA CHA INF INF Speed 25cm 15cm Armour 4+ 4+ CC 3+ 3+ FF 4+ 3+ Weapon Nemesis Force Weapon Nemesis Force Weapon Nemesis Force Stave Smite Nemesis DaemonHammer Power Weapon Storm Bolters Psycannon Incinerators 2x Psycannon Cleansing Flame Incinerators Nemesis Force Weapons Psycannon Nemesis Force Weapons 2x Psycannon Eclectic Retinue Chin Multilaser Missile Launcher AND Twin Linked Lascannon OR Nemesis Doomfist AND Multi Meta Hunter-Killer Twin Psycannon 2x Twin Lascannons 2x Flamestorm Cannons Twin Assault Cannon Frag Launchers Nemesis Doomfists Super Incinerator Gatling Psilencer Range Base Contact Base Contact Base Contact (15cm) Base Contact Base Contact (15cm) 30cm (15cm) AND 15cm 30cm Base Contact (15cm) AND 15cm Base Contact 30cm Base Contact 30cm 30cm 30cm 45cm 45cm Base Contact (15cm) AND 15cm 60cm 30cm 45cm 15cm 30cm Base Contact Base Contact (15cm) AND 15cm 30cm 30cm 45cm Firepower (assault weapon) MW. Invulnerable Save. Extra Attack (+1) MW5+ AT4+/AA4+ AP4/AT6+. Ignores Cover AP5+. Planetfall Fortitude. Ignores Cover (assault Weapons) MW. Fortitude Fortitude. Transport (2 infantry units and 1 Grey Knights Dreadnought) 4 . Reinforced Armour. Transport (2) Fortitude. Invulnerable save Leader. Teleport. not both – select one option before the game Fortitude. Extra attack (+1). Ignores Invulnerable Saves AP4/AT6+. Transport (1 Terminator or Paladin unit) Fortitude. Leader Commander. First Strike. Reinforced Armour. Skimmer. Ignores Invulnerable Saves (assault weapon) MW. Transport (1 Terminator or Paladin unit) Fearless. not both. Planetfall Skimmer. One Shot Fortitude. Reinforced Armour. Thick Rear Armour. Walker A Grey Knights Dreadnought is either armed with a Missile Launcher and Twin Linked Lascannon OR a Multimelta and Nemesis Doomfist. Teleport. Supreme Commander. Reinforced Armour. Reinforced Armour. Warp Quake Warp Quake (removed Teleport) Warp Quake (removed Psycannon) (removed Teleport) Teleport. Extra attack (+1) (small arms) MW. Walker INF 15cm 4+ 3+ 4+ INF INF INF AV AV AV 15cm 15cm 15cm 35cm 35cm 15cm 4+ 4+ 5+ 5+ 4+ 3+ 3+ 3+ 5+ 4+ 3+ 3+ 5+ 6+ 4+ Grey Knights Hunter Grey Knights Land Raider Grey Knights Land Raider Redeemer Grey Knights Nemesis Dreadknight AV AV AV 30cm 25cm 25cm 5+ 4+ 4+ 6+ 6+ 5+ 6+ 4+ 3+ AV 25cm 5+ 3+ 4+ Grey Knights Razorback AV 25cm 5+ 6+ 5+ Twin Psycannon OR Twin Lascannon Grey Knights Rhino Grey Knights StormRaven AV AV 30cm 35cm 5+ 5+ 6+ 6+ 6+ 4+ Storm Bolter Twin Heavy Bolter Twin Assault Cannons PsiStrike Missiles (15cm) 30cm 30cm 60cm (small arms) AP4+ AP4+/AT4+ 4x AT3+. Ignores Invulnerable Saves AP5+/AT6+ AP5+/AT6+/AA5+. Ignores Invulnerable Saves (small arms) MW. Transport (2). Jump Packs. Invulnerable Save. Ignores Invulnerable Saves AT4 Notes Commander. Teleport. Ignores Cover 3x AP4+/AT6+. Planetfall. First Strike (assault weapon) MW. Reinforced Armour. Ignores Cover AP5+. Extra attack (+1) AP5+/AT6+. Ignores Cover AP4+. First Strike (small arms) Extra attack (+1). Leader Jump Packs.

plus any infantry units carried in the transported vehicles) Critical Hit Effect: the Thunderhawk’s control surfaces are damaged. MW 5 . FxF AT4+. The pilot loses control and the Thunderhawk crashes to the ground. The pilot loses control and the Thunderhawk crashes to the ground. Land Raiders. Fwd 4x AP4+/AT4+. and on a roll of 4-6 the reactor is repaired and will cause no further trouble. any units within 5cm of the Warlord will be hit on a roll of 4+. Reinforced Armour. Move it D6cm in a random direction. Reinforced Armour. Walker May step over units and impassable or dangerous terrain that is lower than the Titan’s knees and up to 2cm wide. Razorbacks. DC 2. on a roll of 2-3 the Reaver suffers one more point of damage. Razorback. Fwd Grey Knights Strike Cruiser SC - - - - Orbital Bombardment - 5BP. Inquisitorial Henchmen. Fearless. Walker May step over units and impassable or dangerous terrain that is lower than the Titan’s knees and up to 2cm wide. FxF AP5+/AT6+/AA5+. Strike Team. FxF AP4+/AA4+ DC2 Critical Hit Effect: The destroyer’s engines are seriously damaged. Reinforced Armour. Paladin. and on a roll of 4-6 the reactor is repaired and will cause no further trouble. any units within 5cm of the Reaver will be hit on a roll of 5+. Fearless. Strike Team. Fwd Warlord Titan WE 15cm 4+ 2+ 3+ 2x Turbolaser Destructor Gatling Blaster Volcano Cannon 60cm 60cm 90cm 4x AP5+/AT3+. Slow-Firing. Hunters. killing all on board. FxF AP4+/AT4+. Marauder Destroyer AC/WE B 5+ - - Grey Knights Thunderhawk Gunship AC/WE B 4+ - - DC 2. Rhino. If the reactor explodes. If the reactor explodes. Roll a D6 for the Warlord in the end phase of every turn: on a roll of 1 the reactor explodes destroying the Warlord. Fortitude Planetfall. 4 Void Shields. The plasma blastgun may either fire one shot and still have one shot ‘in reserve’ for next turn. FxF AA5+ AA4+. Nemesis Dreadknight. on a roll of 2-3 the Warlord suffers one more point of damage. 2 Void Shields. Arvus Lighters. DC 6. Purifier Squad. Transport (may carry 1 Land Raider or 2 of the following units: Hunter. Critical Hit Effect: The Reaver’s plasma reactor has been damaged. RF AP4+/AA5+. Storm Ravens. Critical Hit Effect: The Warhound is caught off-balance and staggers. DC 3. Critical Hit Effect: The Warlord’s plasma reactor has been damaged. Reinforced Armour.Thunderbolt Fighter AC F 6+ - - Storm Bolter Multilaser Under wing Rockets 3x Twin Autocannons Twin Heavy Bolters Twin assault Cannons 2x Underwing Rockets Twin Heavy Bolter Twin Heavy Bolter 2x Twin Heavy Bolter Battle Cannon 2x Twin Heavy Bolter Defence Mount 15 cm 30 cm 30 cm 30cm 15cm 15cm 30cm 15 15 30 75 cm cm cm cm AP4+/AA5+. Terminator. Roll a D6 for the Reaver in the end phase of every turn: on a roll of 1 the reactor explodes destroying the Reaver. Walker May step over units and impassable or dangerous terrain that is lower than the Titan’s knees and up to 2cm wide. Fwd MW2+. FxF AP4+/AT5+. killing all on board. or fire two shots and not shoot next turn at all. TK(D3). Purgation Squad. Fwd 3 BP. Transport (may carry 20 of the following units: Dreadnought. Nemesis Dreadknight. Purgation Squad. the pilot loses control and the aircraft is destroyed. Paladins and Terminators take up two spaces each. LF AP4+/AA5+. Fearless. FxF Warhound Titan WE 30cm 5+ 4+ 4+ Vulcan Mega-Bolter Plasma Blastgun 45cm 45cm 4x AP3+/AT5+. Purifier Squad. Reinforced Armour. Terminator. Fwd 2x MW2+. Paladin units. Thick Rear Armour.) Critical Hit Effect: the Thunderhawk’s control surfaces are damaged. Dreadnoughts. If it staggers into or over any units then they will take a hit on a D6 roll of 6+ (make saving throws for the units normally) DC 8. If this move takes the Warhound into impassable terrain or another unit it can’t move over then it stops when it contacts the obstruction and suffers an extra point of damage. Inquisitorial Henchmen. Transport (may carry 8 of the following units: Dreadnought. Rear 180 AT4+. 6 Void Shields. FxF AP4+/AA5+. plus 20 of the following units: Rhinos. Aquila Landers plus 6 Thunderhawk Gunships or Transporters) Grey Knights Thunderhawk Transporter AC/WE B 5+ 6+ 4+ 15cm Reaver Titan WE 20cm 4+ 3+ 3+ 2x Turbolaser Destructor Rocket Launcher 60cm 60cm 4x AP5+/AT3+. Fortitude Planetfall.

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