August 4, 2011

Dear Mayor Sottile, Kingston City Council and King’s Inn Committee: Our recent proposal for the development of King’s Inn has become tangled up in Kingston’s election year politics. Calm deliberation and objective analysis of this thoughtful proposal have been replaced with the condemnation of affordable housing in general and a stereotyping of our development plan as a failed idea before it has even been reviewed. We recognize the controversial nature of the proposal because of the perceived failure of much of the affordable housing in the City of Kingston. However, we also recognize that with Mayor Sottile leaving office while maintaining neutrality on the proposal, and with 6 candidates running for Mayor and a dozen or more candidates running for city council, the proposal has really become a serious distraction from the election process. Therefore, after much careful consideration we would like to temporarily withdraw this proposal until the next Mayor and council have taken their place as the future administration of the City of Kingston, the people who will ultimately have to make the decision about King’s Inn. Our proposal was crafted to include ideas from the King’s Inn design charette including a beautiful, well-designed building with commercial uses, gardens, 24/7 security, arts programs, and a café – all in addition to support services, job creation and affordable housing. During the months to come we will continue to meet with individuals, businesses, and community groups in the city to discuss our proposal and to learn more about what mid-town wants, to get input that can be integrated into the plan, and to clarify any misconceptions and concerns. We will also continue to invite individuals and groups to visit the model for this development, Newburgh’s Safe Harbors Cornerstone Residence/ Ann Street Gallery/ Ritz Theater development. It has always been our goal to present a project that makes sense for mid-town and that positively contributes to Kingston’s revitalization, as well as gives residents every opportunity to rebuild their lives through safe and secure quality housing and employment opportunities. We are hopeful that once the new administration begins in January 2012 we will be able to come to the new mayor and council with perhaps a fresh perspective on the future of our proposal and the King’s Inn site.

Sincerely, Tricia Haggerty Wenz Chris Silva Richard Vitto Cc: Johann Huleatt - Church Communities

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