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Major Change
But Same Ministry Focus.
How can we express in such short detail how God renewed our passion for the Thai people after last years discouragement that almost got us packing our belongings? Our ministry team, Ed, Darlene, and Jenni Starkey, experienced God do a miracle in each of our hearts separately to bring us to unity and burden us to do the following future ministries. These will consist of a four-part expansion, being: Church Planting, Community Youth Center, Christian School, and Childrens Home. Church planting will continue to be our main focus. These ministries will assist in that endeavor. Baptist Mid-Missions along with the leadership of our sending church in agreement together both recognize this to be Gods leading for us. Since these expansion ministries function outside the normal ambit of BMM missionaries, we are required to seek assistance from another agency. Through the guidance and leadership of our home church, we feel led to partner with ABWE in order to bring this to pass. We are condent that ABWE will be a great assistance to us and be able to help provide the human resources necessary to start

April 2011 Evangelistic English Camp at Sawang Daendin Baptist Church with ABWE missionaries, Don and Gail Craft. Sixty kids and teens from four churches attended.

(Big Change But Same Focus continued...) Furlough. We will be in the States
and maintain those ministries. To see and hear details from Ed, please go watch the video presentation of our ministry proposal. Go to and type in search Webersinthailand Kabinburi Mission and Vision. Furlough will be a time for us to share with you all our renewed passion for the Thai people, raise funds for the projects, and recruit future workers who will work hand-in-hand with us in this endeavor God put in our hearts . the end of June. The rst three weeks of July will be spent in Pennsylvania for the ABWE Candidate Seminar and Missionary Enrichment conference. We will be back in Thailand sometime in March 2012. If you would like to have us in your church for reporting or encouragement towards missions, please email us.
Thank you for your faithful prayers and giving. You have been a blessing to us. Please join us on Facebook or visit our blog for updates.


1) Pray for Tooktik, our young lady believer, who will be attending the PABWE Bible Institute full time this year. 2) Pray for our furlough preparation and all the details that need to be taken care of. 3) Pray for Jenni Starkey and our ministry replacements while were on furlough. 4) Pray for our safe trip back to the US over the big pond.

L-R: Joy, Nit, Joy, New, Tangmo - Five girls from Kabinburi accepted Christ as their Savior at the Evangelistic English Camp in April. Twenty one kids and teens from Kabinburi attended.

Praise the Lord! Five young people from our church plant eagerly desired to follow Christ in water baptism on May 6th during the annual Romphrakhun Family Camp.

Josiah and Boaz trudged on nishing the school year but they nished well. They are looking forward to seeing reworks on the 4th of July and spending time with their American friends.

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