June 10

Your bi-monthly update of Halco happenings

Tuna Time Hits Hard in Tassie Another Big IGFA Award for Halco
At an awards ceremony held recently by the IGFA in Palm Beach Florida, Halco Tackle was announced the second most successful brand in the world for IGFA salt water world records caught on lures for 2009. This adds to Halco’s already impressive list of awards that included winning the IGFA’s freshwater award in 2007 and placing 3rd for salt water in 2006. The IGFA award is highly prestigious with all lure manufacturing companies competing for the title and bragging rights for the following year. While Halco is a tiny company by world wide lure manufacturing standards it certainly packs a punch to its opposition in terms of the results achieved. “We are delighted with the result” said Tim Carter, Halco Tackle’s Marketing Manager.

Giant Herring Surprise

It has been another bumper season for Southern Bluefin Tuna off Tasmania this year, with Stuart Nicols from Personalised Sea Charters getting into the thick of the action. Stuart is the number 1 skipper in the area and has already caught over 425 Bluefin this season with the majority falling to his favourite lure, the Laser Pro 190DD. The Bluefin pictured above was caught by one of his clients and weighed in at 103kg. It was caught on a H70 King Brown coloured Laser Pro 190DD and 24kg line. He reports that another notable catch in the area was a fish of 94kg taken on an unmodified H50 Pilchard coloured Max bibless minnow. Stop Press — Alistair Mc Glashan is rumoured to have caught a huge Southern Bluefin Tuna out of Port Ferry in Victoria on a Laser Pro, the full story and images in the next issue of Newsreel.

New Improved Scorpion 90DD
After months of testing and development, Halco Tackle Company is pleased to announce a new and improved version of its deep diving Scorpion 90. Dubbed the “Scorpageist” bib, the new bib is a crash diving design that gives the Scorpion 90DD a wider and much stronger action than previous models making it irresistible to fish like Barramundi and Mangrove Jack. The newly released Scorpion 90DD also features the much heavier Mustad 9430 5 extra strong #2 trebles for maximum durability on the toughest fish. It’s most important feature however is the unbelievable snag clearing capability. This is the same feature that made the Poltergeist 80 famous in the Northern Territory barra waters such as the mighty Daly River. Ben Patrick, owner of Halco Tackle believes that this version of the Scorpion 90DD is a great advance for this particular model giving it the best attributes of both the Scorpion 90 and the Poltergeist 80 in one neat package. “It’s was a huge hit for us when fishing for Black Bass in West Papua recently and I know the barra brigade will love it as well.” he said. Look out for the new Scorpion 90DD in all good tackle outlets.

The Whiptail Jig has always been a favourite lure amongst the boys at Halco but recently Marketing Manager Tim Carter got a big surprise while flicking one around the anchorage on the Western side of Exmouth in Western Australia’s Ningaloo coastline. Having been destroyed by several large GT’s on light line Tim decided a change of lure was necessary and switched across to the little Whiptail. A couple of small bottom fish resulted in the first few casts but Tim knew he was into a much better fish when the next one took off at high speed dumping a long length of braid into the water. The fight was dominated by long high speed runs and even jumped out in the distance keeping all on board guessing as to the species. The speculation was finally answered boatside as a very large Giant Herring came into view adding yet another species to the list of species the fantastic little lure has now taken.


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