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Creative Projects to Enjoy Today. And Tomorrow. 2

SUSTENOBIL PR/ODUCTION supports innovative and sustainable
initiatives in the creative and cultural industries by providing
communication services, facilitating access to education and training
programs, and sheltering audio-video production.​

Navigating through the granular industries and emerging domains of The

4th Industrial Revolution, we seek common ground to speak the same
language with Baby Boomers, Gen X, Y, and Z living in the Global Village.

We strive to find sustainable business solutions for our clients and redesign
communication campaigns around Elkington’s Triple Bottom Line theory,
achieving sustainability by taking care of People, Planet, and Profit.

SUSTENOBIL embodies Sustainability and +Nobility as a way of doing

business, caring for the people, planet, and profit. SUSTENOBIL is led by
Creativity + Strategic Thinking + Sustainability.

I set up SUSTENOBIL PR/ODUCTION blending my
academic background in Communications and
(Project) Management with the rigorous structure and
know-how acquired while working for top-leading
companies, awarded
Planet PR agencies and mass-media, with
my experience gained in NGOs. It embodies
sustainability and nobility as a way of doing business,
as care for people, the planet and eventually profit.​

Lavinia Iancu 3

Surviving a pandemic and high inflation rate caused by war isn’t easy for a small business. We
opened a headquarters and closed it. We enlarged our team and contracted it. However, we
managed it. We continued to work smarter, not harder. We invested in tools and acquired new
software that allows us to deliver quicker and more professional services with the help of
Artificial Intelligence and, thus, automated processes.

Our Work

We consolidated our existing partnerships with Serial

1, powered by Harley-Davidson, and ALSO Medical,
and welcomed new clients to the house: Harley-
Davidson and HELP Autism.
Sustenobil People
In 2022, we reinforced the team and strengthened the strategic partnerships with graphic
designers, developers, and videographers to offer integrated business solutions and 360°
communication campaigns that integrate AI, 3D printing, rendering & live video stream.

Founded in 2018, SUSTENOBIL PR/ODUCTION currently has two employees and an

extensive team of collaborators with whom it offers integrated communication services focusing
on technology and sustainability.

Lavinia Iancu Ana Buzoianu Elena Ciobanu

General Manager Account Executive Senior Accountant

studies, teaches and pursues her BA studies in is an experienced

practices PR/OJECT the Public Relations accountant with +15 years
MANAGEMENT, for +10 domain within the Faculty in the governmental and
years. She is a full-time of Journalism & private business sectors,
ENTREPRENEUR since Communication Studies in working at the national and
2020 and a PhD candidate Bucharest and she is part of international levels for
and teaching assistant at 2 3 non-governmental countries like Romania,
universities. organizations. Iraq, and the US. 4
Sustenobil Markets
In 2022, SUSTENOBIL PR/ODUCTION expanded to 4 new markets in the Northern
European countries: Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden, which were added to Central
European Countries in which we were providing services: Czechia, Hungary, Poland,
Romania, and Slovakia. Therefore, SUSTENOBIL PR/ODUCTION provides services in 9



Czechia Romania Finland

Hungary Slovakia Norway

Poland Denmark Sweden 5 6

Sustenobil Numbers
We cherish long-term partnerships, so the number of customers has remained relatively
constant, between 5 and 6 new customers per year. Four of the partnerships initiated are going
as we speak.

Since 2018, SUSTENOBIL has had clients SUSTENOBIL's work has registered
and partners from: tremendous results in mass media, blogs, and
11 countries vlogs of the most influential opinion leaders,
3 continents taking the brands in prime time and covering
endemic and non-endemic media outlets.
Czechia, Hungary, Poland, Romania,
Slovakia +2BN readership
Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden

Asia 200M views


America 5K+ social shares

United States of America 7


We were present in endemic media outlets such as:

TV Radio Website Magazine



Prima TV




Canal 33 8

Prima TV

Canal 33 9

Revista Biz

Sustenobil Initiatives
SUSTENOBIL does what it preaches. So, in 2020, SUSTENOBIL PR/ODUCTION
invested in a spin-off, ReFEEL Solutions, Inc., which developed the ReFEEL App, the
door 2 door same day delivery solution, featured in the premiere of Imperiul Leilor TV
show on PRO TV, that was awarded in 2021 with the Biz Sustainability Awards for
Innovation in Digital.

Using crowdsourcing principles, ReFEEL App pivoted in 2022. It aimed to become a

global sustainability HUB, which connects local communities to the global economy.

The idea was pitched at the 1st Romanian Venture Forum in Green Tech session and
initiated negotiations with venture capital funds to raise investment. 10 11

Over the past four years of activity, SUSTENOBIL has contributed to promoting
sustainability through partnerships initiated with multinational companies, local start-ups,
SMEs, academic institutions, and NGOs in the creative industries field, such as technology,
(e-)mobility, healthcare, production industries and education.

Parteners' Industries

Technology (E-)Mobility
ReFEEL App, Knosis.AI, AmParcat Serial 1, powered by Harley-Davidson

Healthcare Education
ALSO Medical, HELP Autism ASE, SNSPA Bucharest
Academic Partnerships
We strengthened our existing academic partnership and even established new collaborations with:

The Bucharest University of Economic Studies
Entrepreneurship seminar held for +150 3rd year of BA students at Finance, Banks & Stock
Exchanges Faculty

Politehnica Timișoara
+400 hours of training on “Entrepreneurship & Product Management” delivered within StartUPT -
Innotech Student governmental program funded projects - for +300 students from +10 faculties

The National University for Political Science and Politic Administration Bucharest
Entrepreneurship & Innovation brand-new training course for Project Management Master’s for
+100 students

The University of Bucharest
Signed an internship agreement with the Faculty of Communication and Public Relations at The
University of Bucharest to offer students internships and learning opportunities.

European Commission
Moreover, SUSTENOBIL PR/ODUCTION has become an Erasmus+ for Young Entrepreneurs
hosting organization and is looking for a Wanna-Be entrepreneur to join its team.

It launched its first masterclass on Innovation and Entrepreneurship, comprising seven intensive
lessons for entrepreneurs, corporate people, and students who want to start their businesses. 12
Let's HAVE A

Reach out!
+4 0726 490 045 13

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