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The Baptism of the Lord (A)

The same word often does not have the same meaning. It can have a variety of meanings as evidenced in looking up a dictionary. A good example of that is the word baptism. When we are baptized the meaning is quite different to Jesus baptism. In normal conversation we are used to handling this reality but often people still ask why was Jesus baptized because they know he was sinless.
Even for the early Church there was another learning curve that they had to go through in regard to Christian Baptism and the giving of the Spirit. They realized the importance of Baptism for the forgiveness of sins and they were anxious that people be converted and then baptized in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. But in todays reading from Acts we see Peter trying to understand how it was that Cornelius who wasnt a Jew, who indeed was associated with a group that was oppressing the Jews as he was a Roman soldier, could have received the Holy Spirit even before he was baptized! And of course for the Early Church there was the difficulty too of Johns baptism of repentance and the fact that Jesus was sinless and in any case Johns baptism was not Christian baptism. In the reading from Isaiah, the early Church saw the fulfillment of the hopes of the Jewish people. There is a remarkable universalism in the text. Early Christians saw in Jesus this living good news for all - setting captives free and giving sight to the blind, which were symbols of holistic salvation. The meaning of Jesus baptism is seen in the context of his preparation for his public ministry. The Holy Spirit comes on him and a voice from heaven like the voice that spoke to Moses on the Mountain of God proclaims that he is the beloved Son in whom God is well pleased. This is the one who will fulfill all the hopes and aspirations that God has in mind for us. The Baptism for Jesus is an anointing by the Spirit for mission. Unfortunately, living the truth as Jesus did would lead to confrontation and death but such is the world we live in. For Jesus, it would be a baptism of fire. Fr Warren Kinne, SSCME Shanghai [ 9 JANUARY 2011 ]

BISHOP His Excellency Aloysius Jin Diocese of Shanghai PRIEST Fr Joseph Lan 1312-240-7347 ST FRANCIS XAVIERS CHURCH 185 Dongjiadu Rd English Masses Saturday 5pm Sunday 10:30am & 12:30pm SACRED HEART CHURCH 151 Hong Feng Rd, Pudong English Masses Saturday 5:00pm Sunday 10:30am

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9 Jan St Adrian of Canterbury Is 42:1-7 Ac 10:34-38 Ps 29:1-10 Mt 3:13-17 10 Jan St John the Almsgiver Heb 1:1-6 Ps 96:1-9 Mk 1:14-20 11 Jan Blessed Bernard of Corleone Heb 2:5-12 Ps 8:2-9 Mk 1:21-28 12 Jan St Marguerite Bourgeoys Heb 2:14-18 Ps 105:1-9 Mk 1:29-39 13 Jan St Hilary of Poitiers Heb 3:7-14 Ps 95:6-11 Mk 1:40-45 14 Jan St Macrina the Elder Heb 4:1-11 Ps 78:3-8 Mk 2:1-12 15 Jan St Paul the Hermit Heb 4:12-16 Ps 19:8-15 Mk 2:13-17

Is there any indication of what Mary was like as a person?

Ginny Kubitz Moyer answers: Marys own words in the Magnificat (Luke For many of us, the traditional blue-and-white 1:46-55) show her to be a woman who identifies statues of Mary can make it hard to believe that she with and supports the lowly: an advocate for the was a real woman with a real personality. However, marginalized, if you will. Pope Paul VI, in his the Gospels reveal that Mary was courageous, apostolic exhortation Marialis Cultus, explains that nurturing and resilient. Mary was far from being a timidly submissive First of all, take the fact that she agreed to woman or one whose piety was repellent to others; become the Mother of God. At the time of the on the contrary, she was a woman who did not Annunciation, she was betrothed to Joseph but had hesitate to proclaim that God vindicates the not lived with him as his wife. In accepting Gods humble and oppressed, and removes the powerful plan, she was agreeing to become pregnant out of people of this world from their privileged positions. wedlock, making her vulnerable to charges of Its a far cry from the pale statue with downcast adultery and even to stoning under the Mosaic law. eyes. Given the possible consequences, she showed If youre interested in exploring this question stunning courage and faith in saying yes. further, try re-reading the Gospel stories slowly and Throughout the Gospels, Mary notices and meditatively, reflecting on what Mary must have responds to the needs of others. She makes a experienced and felt during these key moments. Its difficult trip to visit her pregnant cousin Elizabeth. a powerful experience and a great way to get to Later, at the wedding at Cana, Mary sees that there know the woman who, of all others, was closest to is no more wine. Hoping to spare the bridal couple Christ. Ginny Kubitz Moyer is author of the award-winning Mary and Me: some embarrassment, she encourages Jesus to Catholic Women Reflect on the Mother of God. She lives with her perform his first public miracle. Of course, she family in the San Francisco Bay Area and blogs at supports her son in a huge way by staying with him This content originally appeared on and is reprinted with permission. as he is executed on Calvary, when most of his friends have fled in terror. the day is at hand. Let us John. "Because all that is in the therefore lay aside the works of world is the lust of the flesh, and THE CHRISTIAN VOCATION darkness, and put on the armour the lust of the eyes, and the pride [4] The epistle of today's Mass of light." of life." reminds us that we are to You might tell me that it isn't From St Josemara Escrivs book, acknowledge this responsibility of easy, and you are right. The Christ is Passing By apostles with new spirit, with enemies of man the enemies of desires, fully awake. "It is now the his sanctity try to deny him this Studium Foundation hour for us to rise from sleep, new life, this putting on of the Reprinted with permission. because now our salvation is spirit of Christ. I can find no better nearer than when we came to summary of the obstacles to believe. The night is far advanced; christian fidelity than that of St
ACT OF CONTRITION: O my God, I am heartily sorry for having offended you and I detest all my sins, because I dread the loss of heaven and the pains of hell; but most of all because they offend you, my God, who are all good and deserving of all my love. I firmly resolve with the help of your grace, to confess my sins, to do penance, and to amend my life. Amen.

All parishioners are invited to respond to Gods call to serve Him and His community in our various ministries
Approach any member of the team after mass and give your contact information, or email us at MINISTRY OF THE WORD Commentators and lectors (Readers) are needed to proclaim the Holy Scriptures to our community. A good reader should have the ability to entice the assembly to look up from the missalette and hear the word of God alive in our midst. ALTAR SERVERS Serve on the altar and assist the priest during Mass. Open to all ages. Formation workshop is planned. POWERPOINT PROJECTION Set up the weeks PowerPoint template in advance and run the program during Mass. Good English & computer skills required. HOLY SPIRIT MUSIC CIRCLE Do you like to sing or play an instrument? Our choir is saving a place for you! Help us make beautiful music for the Lord join our choir practice every Sunday at 11:30 HOSPITALITY TEAM Serve during Mass by greeting and welcoming parishioners and visitors and ushering them to an open seat, handing out bulletins, assisting with offertory and communion, providing information to visitors and helping during church events.

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