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144 To Love You More Recorded by Celine Dion Words and Music by JUNIOR MILES and DAVID FOSTER Slowly J=60 Arranged by Richard Bradley Gos DFE 5 1 with pedal Em c 3 4G 5D 13 = G DIFE back in - to. the Em CE cCIG DTIC 3 like you did be -| fore. 145 GB Gm/Bb FIA Fm/Ab once a - gain re -| mem - ber when. there was 1 3 5 CG G D7sus4 D? one— that | you want - ed G DFE you— know you will | break my heart. Em CE cIG DIC 3 I'm & love you like I 146 GB Gm/B> FIA Fm/Ab one who'll stay. CmiG G Dsus4 DNC. know I'll be | stand - ing—— here | still wait - ing for | y here in - side my | heart, I'm the c sGD D G D7sus4 3 D7 ‘one who wants to