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GEORGE S&aNTOS Ex Among all our strategic partnerships, the U.S.-[srael relationship remains paramount to defending America’s national security interests and values. Standing as the only democracy in the increasingly autocratic Middle East, it is common sense to support our allies that share the same valuesas the United States, including, but not limited to, freedom of religion, expression, and free and fair elections. As a proud American Jew, I have been to Israel from educational, business, and leisurely trips. Additionally, fran mu ‘weapon, When elected to Congress, I will do everything in my and her continued quest for peace and prosper ‘for several reasons including, but not limited to, its failure to a ‘human rights atrocities, funding of t organizations, and the inclusion of sunset provisions that would eventually allow Iran to continue enriching enough uranium to develop a nuclear weapon with impunity. Because of the foregoing, I completely oppose any Executive attempt at reentering the Iranian nuclear deal in its present form, Maintaining Israel's Qualitative Military Edge ‘The US. should continue investing in security assistance programs that maintain Israel’s qualitative military edge and benefit our economy. The Iron dome, for example, has saved ‘countless civilian lives from relentless racket attacks by Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Given that Israels military advantage provides a strong deterrent to malign actors inthe region, I strongly believe we should further enhance coordination efforts between Israel and the United States ‘on, among other things, homeland security and cyber defense, and continue funding annual security assistance to our ally Israel. the B nt an DS) Mi ‘The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement has creeped from the fringes of America’s college campuses to the highest levels of the United Nations. 1 completely and ivocally reject these misguided and immoral attempts to delegitimize Israel. The United Nations Human Rights Council's so-called “Commission of Inquiry” (CO! some of the most autocratic regimes in the world, seeks to delegitimiz ‘This has been a disaster and shocks my conscience on m herself from all enemy attacks, andthe BDS m undivided, etemal Capital city of Jerusalem, hat peace will only be achieved through direct negotiations lestinians, with no pre-conditions, and will support efforts to achieve by supporting such direct negotiations between Israel and her neighbors, such as Accords,

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