Birth Date: 06 Jun 2011 Birth Place: Kolhapur

Yoga Karan Varna Tatwa Vashya Yoni Gana Nadi Nadi Pada Vihaga First Letters Sun Sign Decanate Aries Mars Cancer Moon Pushyami Saturn 2 Panchami Shukla Iron Dhruva Bava Brahmin Jala Jalachar Sheep(M) Deva Madhya Aadi Vayas Hoo.S. 12 Wednesday Anuradha 1 Tula Dhriti Naga Favourable Points Lucky Numbers 6 Good Numbers 2. Hay Ho. Tue Jup.44 Avkahada Chakra Lagna Lagna Lord Rashi Rashi Lord Nakshatra Nakshatra Lord Charan Tithi Paya S. Thu. Lib. Sun. 7.33. Sun.24. india NC Lahiri 03:02:16 19:58:10 32:43:59 23. Mars Date of Birth Time of Birth Place of Birth Ayanmash Local Mean Time Sidreal Time LT Correction Obliq 06 Jun 2011 Monday 03:35:00 AM Kolhapur (Maharashtra). . 9 Evil Numbers Good Years Lucky Days Good Planets Evil Planets 4. Mercury Friendly Signs Can Leo Sag Good Lagna Lucky Metal Lucky Stone Lucky Time Can.51. Sag. Aqu Copper Red Coral After Sunrise Lucky Direction South Made by Astrobix. 8 15.42. Daa Taurus 3 Ghatak(Malefics) Rashi Months Tithi Day Nakshatra Prahar Lagna Yoga Karan Mithun Paush 2.

Bhadra-3 Satabhisha-1 Moola-4 Lord Ketu Moon Moon Sun Venus Ketu Moon Saturn Ketu Mars Saturn Rahu Ketu Karak --- Father Intellect Spouse Courage Wealth Friendly House Neutral Friendly House Longevity Friendly House Mother Desire Debilitated Emancipation Debilitated Lagna Kundali Mercury Sun Mars Ketu Ascendant Venus 2 1 Jupiter Neptune 12 Uranus 3 4 5 Moon 10 11 9 Pluto Rahu Saturn 6 7 8 Made by Planetary Positions at Birth Time Planets Ascendant Sun Mercury Venus Mars Jupiter Saturn Moon Rahu Ketu Uranus Neptune Pluto Direct Direct Direct Direct Direct Retro Direct Retro Retro Direct Retro Retro Dir Rashi Aries Taurus Taurus Taurus Aries Aries Virgo Cancer Sagittarius Gemini Pisces Aquarius Sagittarius Lord Mars Venus Venus Venus Mars Mars Mercury Moon Jupiter Mercury Jupiter Saturn Jupiter Degrees 11:58:26 20:53:19 12:19:28 1:30:12 24:59:50 6:15:29 16:28:20 9:55:54 0:2:5 0:2:5 10:5:4 6:54:34 12:44:14 Nakshatra-Qtr Ashwini-4 Rohini-4 Rohini-1 Krittika-2 Bharani-4 Ashwini-2 Hasta-2 Pushyami-2 Moola-1 Mrigsiras-3 .

You will have money from overseas journeys and gains from people of distant places. lower jaw and the ears are the areas which may need medical attention during some time of your life. You will be loquacious and will earn a living by the use of the pen : a correspondent. Your limbs are comparatively short and your walk as such is likely to be swaying and laborious General State of Health Your zodiacal sign rules over the thyroid gland which regulates the body's metabolism. You may earn a fortune in foreign trade. fond of movement. Mental Qualities You will be changeful. apricots. In mature . You will possess a fertile imagination and piercing intellect. Almonds. You will be ambitious and inclined to public life. full face with pendulous cheeks and grey eyes. contributor. author or a writer. Physical Attributes According to your Horoscope. travel and adventure.Since the Ascendant is afflicted by the Moon in your chart. dealing in valuable and precious things. Since the Moon bears no affliction in your chart. You must remain careful for any early-stage symptoms which may get aggravated if not attended promptly. You may have a lashing tongue for which people may have mixed feelings for you. sympathetic. You will be fond of travel and lover of learning. larynx. If you per chance have any ailments. You should eat red gram (dal). Since the Sun is bearing no affliction in your chart. amiable disposition and generous character. you won't inherit any disease from your parents. those will only be short-lived. you may become controversial. chin. prudent. vocal chords. You will have many friends. You will gain public recognition and considerable popularity. Your eye-sight Made by Astrobix. top-heavy fleshy body with wide chest. You will have a social standing and may have some success in artistic field. you are very prone to suffer from colds and dropsical swellings. With your writings too. you are less likely to suffer from any disease resulting from environmental Predictions Specific Characterstics You will be a person of kind and attractive nature. imaginative and romantic. Your skin is also a vulnerable area. jugular vein. you may have a double chin. you will have a rounded. will be fond of pleasures and will have keen interest for personal decoration. Your throat and neck. You will have a love of romance. mint and cherries are very good for you. beans and wheat. broad forehead. You may have a roving disposition. You will have special interest in geographical mysteries and mystic literature of ancient origin.

com . You will be spending more than enough for dresses. alternately you may be a professional in some other medicine related fields. The planetary combinations in your chart bestow on you the qualities of a born businessman. Besides formal education. money will be always ready at hand. You will be intelligent and clever as well. You may study Biological Sciences and may acquire education in the Medical will also remain good. etc. Your relatives may not be welldisposed towards you while some of your employees could be deceitful opportunists who might cause losses to you. your abdominal region is likely to be affected. You will be quick to learn the aspects of trade and commerce. domestic utility equipments. Among your near-relations. for you. You may have some specialization or professional training. You will not only have substancial property from your Made by Astrobix. The material sciences do not interest you whereas the humanities stream attract you greatly. As regards domestic environments. You will have gains from artistic pursuits. Since Mars and Saturn both afflict the sign Cancer in your chart. Wealth and Inheritance As regards family-wealth. females would be more in number. You will make a fortune by trading and/ or manufacturing activities. You may have your education in the field of Arts. The favourable lines for you are medicines and hospital good. You may be a Physician or a Surgeon. Education and Profession You will achieve a good level of education and will hold a Bachelor's degree at least. As usual in business you may have to pass through some slack patches when you will need to excercise control although during the most part you will do brisk business. cosmetics and on pleasure. finery. The planetary combinations in your chart bestow on you a special interest in functioning of living beings. In your chart the lord of earnings placed in the unfavourable 6th house gives rise to problems in respect of your health which may in turn affect your earnings. In your chart the lord of inheritance being placed in the Ascendant is a very fortunate indication in respect of inheritance. The planetary combinations in your chart give you a refined nature and excellent communication skills. You will become a good writer and some of your writings will be published in magazines. industrial consumables. it will be beaming with all round prosperity and happiness. repair-maintenance spare parts. you will have your interest in some other fields also in which you will excel. You will do well in the fields where certain special abilities find prompt utilization while the academic learnings do not have much of scope. Since Mars and Saturn both afflict the sign Libra in your chart. the heart and the Stomach are the areas which are likely to be affected.

You will be a true wanderer who will enjoy going to faraway places. You will not require changing places in connection with your profession. Travel and Journeys In your chart most of the planets are situated in 'fixed' signs which indicates that you will seldom require long-distance travelling. Made by Astrobix. In your chart most of the planets are situated in cadent houses and common parents but also will receive a legacy through your marriage-partner who will have an aristocratic background. The planetary combinations in your chart favours a fairly happy married.not only in connection with profession but also for the sheer pleasure of it. You will have considerations for each other and will be a loving pair. You will have an adventurous spirit and will have innumerable journeys to places near and far -. You may take 8 to 12 Rattis of RED CORAL in a Silver ring which should be worn on right hand ring finger on a Tuesday -.after mid-day. In one respect you should remain careful that you will be prone to accidental mishaps. For adult females the weights should be reduced to 3/4 to 1/2 part while for the children the weights should be reduced to 1/2 to 1/3 part. Cheaper substitute of Red Coral is Sindoori Akeek which may be taken instead in a ring of Silver or Copper. While wearing the gemstone reciting the following 'Mantra' will be auspicious: Dharini-garbha-sambhutam Vidyut-kanti Samaprabham Kumaram Sakti-Hastam cha Mangalam Pranamyaham. which can inflict head-injuries. Occassionally arising minor differences you will accept as to be only natural but those will vanish soon as you will adopt a compromising .life. The weights of gemstones recommended above are for adult male people. Marriage and Married Life Your chart indicates that you will be married at normal age-period. Lucky Stone Among auspicious gemstones RED CORAL (Munga) will be favourable for you.

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