A Multimedia Celebration of Downtown Greenville

August 2011

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A Grand Taste of Greenville Artistic Collaboration

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F iction

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Mad Likes: Copper and Bricks
Maybe it’s my fondness for pubs/taverns so frequent in my home-land of New England. Or maybe I’m just another mid-twenties gal falling into the trend of romancing over steampunk. Either way, I really dig the new rustic and eclectic Steampunk downtown Greenville establishments, the Trappe Door A term used to describe the aesthetics associated with and the Velo Fellow. I like vintage bikes, infusing alcohol, micro-brews, vinyl records, big rustic wood tables, exposed brick buildings and copper is my favorite metal. Minus the record player, all of these can be found at the Velo Fellow. If you need to visit a place filled with things to look at (after you stop by the Soda Shoppe and the Other Side), the Velo Fellow is rifled with shiny and distracting things, including Shuffle Board.
Victorian science fiction. Think H.G. Wells’ “The Time Machine” or Jules Vern’s “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.” Identify it with brown leather, copper accents, top hats, steam powered machines, anything a person in the 1800s would picture in the future.

Official Rules to Shuffle Board Because the set of rules for correct game play in Shuffle Board is more extensive than I expected; should you like to read the official rules or need to settle a score visit the USA National Shuffle Board Association website (http://www.national-shuffleboard-association.us/rules.htm), and try not to get lost.

After gaping at the gravity-daunting “High Wheeler” (also known as one of the original 19th Century bikes, the Penny-Farthing, you know, with the giant front wheel and tiny back wheel) hanging from the ceiling, the next exciting attribute to direct your attention to is their menu featuring, my favorite, a fried green tomato BLT po’ boy and a list of fine beverages. If you ask, the bartender will tell you the list of their current infused bourbons. The orange and cherry Woodford Reserve infused bourbon? If they still have it, order it. If there is one last reason that I had to say I am just giddy over at the Velo Fellow, I would say is the water. The Trappe Door has an equal presentation when it comes to water served at a downtown Greenville restaurant. However, there is no need to ask for lemon with your tap water at the Velo Fellow, it’s already fruit infused.

Mad’s Orange and Blueberry infused Bourbon Pint of your 2nd favorite bourbon 1 Orange (thinly sliced) 2 handfuls of blueberries (pierced through) 24 oz mason jar (it’s all about presentation) 3-5 days If you intend to drink it all fairly quickly, leave the fruit in the bottle with the bourbon and do your friends a favor: serve them a blueberry or two.

Madeleine J. Muska is a copywriter and email campaign strategist. You may recognize her from such websites as TechAfterFive.com, OrangeCoat.com, Twitter.com/Maddd, or Facebook.com/ChipperDemon.


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Get a Grand Taste of Greenville
Unlike that famous three-hour tour stranding Gilligan, The Skipper, and those five passengers on a tropical paradise, there’s a three-hour tour in Greenville on dry ground that’ll transport you to a culinary paradise. It’s a trip you can take over and over again. It’s also a perfect way for you to entertain out of town guests and show off our grand city at the same time. Each Saturday John Nolan leads small groups on a culinary tour of five downtown restaurants. When I joined him we visited Nose Dive, Soby’s on the Side, The Lazy Goat, Soby’s New South Cuisine, and Deveraux’s. Each stop featured exquisite food, rousing conversation, and intriguing VIP-behind-the-scenes secrets about each venue. For instance, every tomato served at Nose Dive is handpicked from Table 301’s own garden. Now that’s attention to detail! Nose Dive is also one of the few places in town you’ll be able to order sweet potato fries. Worth it. Between each stop John regaled us with stories of Greenville’s past. His knowledge of our heritage is more than fascinating—it invigorates a sense of pride in community. Greenville has a rich heritage. We were founded and built by people willing to take huge risks and committed to building a real community. John’s At the Chef’s Table culinary tours are worth it for the food and fellowship alone. Add to that the historical insight you’ll gain and the heart-warming sense of pride you’ll leave with, and you have the recipe for a memorable weekend. To register for upcoming tours visit http://greenvillehistorytours.com.

John Nolan, founder of Greenville History Tours makes downtown come alive with the story of our heritage. Join him for a walking tour around town or for the memorable At the Chef’s Table culinary tour.

Trey Pennington is a story prospector and professional speaker. He founded the 747-member Social Media Club Greenville and started clubs in Spartanburg and Columbia. You’ll find his blog on marketing at treypennington.com and hear him each week on the radio program Open for Business.



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What The Hell is Art?!?!?!?!?!
By Matt Morgan, Producer/Owner Sit-N-Spin Recording Studios As a music producer, my job requires me to make the critical and final decisions necessary to complete a song, or an album. I know that sounds simple, but that means I need to decide who plays on a particular track, how to record the song, and how to work out the arrangement and style. In addition, I have to sometimes sacrifice what I would like to do to stay on budget, all while dealing with let’s just say “passionate” musicians. And, I’ve found that dealing with “passionate” musicians is an art form within itself — which leads me to my original thought…What is art? Well music is certainly art, and I create that for sure. Live performance, recording, mixing and mastering— all art. My brother is a photographer, and he too is an artist. Sculptors, dancers, writers—all artists.

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If you Google “art”, www.art.com is the first link that appears. This site sells posters and prints of paintings. Webster’s defines art as “the conscious use of skill and creative imagination especially in the production of aesthetic objects; also: works so produced”. Well, it seems like it’s one of those words like “love”. There are thousands of songs, poems and books written on the subject, but the true meaning still somehow escapes you. I have always defined art as expressing yourself in the way that comes most naturally to you. Last week, I learned more about art than I have learned in the past 10 years in my music studio. Ric Standridge is a local painter/artist that has been very successful in his craft regionally as well as nationally. I was lucky enough to collaborate with him at a live event. I have a band called Red Against Green that plays every now and again locally, and Ric and I thought it would be fun to do a show together. We decided on Chicora Alley downtown for the venue, and Fete was into the idea of sponsoring it.


The night was incredible! I’ve played literally thousands of shows, from performances in front of two people in a coffee house to playing for a sea of people at national festivals, but this was the most memorable by far! The band started playing and then Ric eased into his painting station to the left of the stage. As the music got more intense it affected his choice of color and painting strokes. That in turn affected the crowd. There were 3 professional photographers and a film maker capturing video who documented the entire event. From the camera flashes to Ric’s graceful movements, which sometimes seemed as if they were conducting the music and sometimes the other way around, it must have felt like a sensory explosion for the audience. Their level of energy fed us oxygen for our fire. Somewhere in the middle of all that, I realized I was art. So was everyone in that room. We all are art. I felt everyone there that night… they were a part of something bigger than just themselves. For a moment, we created art together.

Standridge says of his most recent painting experience with Matt Morgan and his band, Red Against Green: “I have been a fan of Matt Morgan for a while now, from the first time I heard him play at Smiley’s. I knew he was a true artisan of the guitar. So I have always wanted to paint the guitar riffs and cuts that he produces. Matt has a distinctive style, where on many occasions during a song, he takes a single note, and then he will stretch it out, or pull it, until that note then becomes 5 or 12 notes, filling up the space in harmony. I play guitar a bit, so I understand where the sound is coming from, but to produce it, well, that’s another story. The paintings produced from a live venue, such as painting with Matt, the end result of the paint, the choice of color, the movement and energy; it could never be produced with the same intensity and spirit, if painted in the studio. The music performed live, the movement of the musicians, the movement of the crowd, and all factors into the finished painting.”


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Gene’s Horizons - Musical Musings from G
At age 16 in August 1971 while visiting my New York City relatives I fell into a once in a lifetime chance when my “sainted” Aunt Janet convinced a young swingin’ type business friend of theirs to let this South Carolina teenager use his extra ticket and take me to George Harrison’s Concert For Bangladesh at Madison Square Garden. Sitting in nearly the back row I joined thousands of people as we took in Ravi Shankar, saw and heard George Harrison, Ringo Starr, Billy Preston, Bob Dylan (OMG!), Leon Russell, and Eric Clapton all performing in on smooth flowing set of life changing performances. Forty years later it still seems like a dream.

Awe inspiring in its power and intoxicating in its beauty. That’s the way I would describe the artistry and virtuosity of classical pianist Martha Argerich and the magic to be found on this gem of a new 6CD set. Grab this budget priced collection ($24.98) and get a front row seat to hours of live performances by Argerich and a host of her legendary friends teaming up for a piano duo and piano 4 hands extravaganza. Listening to these other worldly joy filled performances one can sit at home and be amazed and moved as the obviously awed just as the real audiences obviously were by everything from Mozart and Brahms to Shostakovich and Piazzolla. The splendid recording quality of these only serves to make this set more enticing.


Greenville’s Music Master
In the recent thumpin’ release department I go with a CD or LP masterpiece by J Rawls called “The Hip-Hop Affect”. Rawls grew from a hip hop fanatic as a kid to become one of the architects of progressive independent Hip-Hop of the 90’s creating a legendary status for himself via his production and beat making work with Mos Def and Talib Kweli as Black Star and then Lone Catalyst. This newest effort joyously calls up the spirit in beats and words of the best to be found in Jazz and Funk inflected Old School. Rawls takes his passion for Hip-Hop as positive force seriously and blends it into varied but logical flow of full on Rap tracks and jazzier funk goodies all underpinned with an unerring craft in beat artistry. The message is clear, the bounce is deadly and the vibe is righteous.

Nothing says Blues or Rock like Johnny Winter. Add the I’m 67, from Texas and I came to play factor and you got one heck of living legend. Greenville gets a chance to catch this blazing blues godfather when he makes his return to The Handlebar on Saturday August 13 at 9pm. Johnny though no spring chicken, will dish out his signature blend of Robert Johnson style country blues, full force electric blues and a healthy dose of RocknRoll pumped Blues Rock. Hometown favorite sons Marvin & Marcus King Band will open the show with their own beloved 2 generational blend of Blues and Southern rock. Don’t miss this one and let’s hope the Kings get to jam with Johnny. Mercy!


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Greenville’s Local Music Scene Captured
Brought to you by LiveSyphon
Click the videos to see these and other performances from live and local artists. For more information about LiveSyphon, visit livesyphon.com.

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Local band Smash Chicora Alley.

the Radio performs at

Shannon Hoover and friends jam at
The Bohemian.

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DayClean perform their original song “Beaulah”
in Downtown Greenville.

Simplified rock the Emerald Lounge in



Giving bands the ability to capture and share their most valuable asset - the experience of their live performance. James Preston Graham Fowler


Giving bands the ability to capture and share their most valuable asset - the experience of their live performance.

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Diana Maley 2011 PULSE in the Arts Chair Development Officer Peace Center for the Performing Arts

sPACe is limited — reGister now to PlAy

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M O N d Ay, A U G U s T 2 2 , 2 0 1 1

19 t h A n n u A l G r e e n v i l l e C h A m b e r

Greenville Country Club
r iv e r side Cour se ChA n tiCle e r Cour se
Ranked No. 5 of the Top 50 Golf Courses in South Carolina by the SC Golf Course Ratings Panel

tea m of Fou r — $ 8 0 0 / indiv idu al Play er — $ 2 0 0 AFter-PlAy PArty For All sPonsors And PlAyers to Follow Af t er - Play Par ty — $ 3 5 (non-play ers are w elcome)
Presented by

For more information or to register for this event, visit the events Page at www.greenvillechamber.org or contact elise nichols at elisen@hughesagency.org or 864.271.0718.


Attack of the Killer Tomatoes…and Killer Cucumbers…and Killer Corn… and Killer Squash
By Lee Ann Carter Rich or poor, married or single, I’ve always been blessed with a green thumb. As a financially challenged newlywed my first apartment didn’t have much in the way of creature comforts such tables and chairs so I filled the empty spaces with large inexpensive plants. Ferns, scheffleras and ficus all flourished while my marriage didn’t. That tiny apartment became a house in the country when husband #2 came into the picture. I now had almost an acre full of flowerbeds and vegetable gardens to tend to my heart’s content. Alas, since wanderlust should be my middle name, that marriage eventually dissolved and I settled in a beachfront condo with nothing more than a screened porch full of potted plants to satisfy my love affair with dirt. It wasn’t long after marrying my present husband a decision was reached. The condo was sold; a boat was purchased; and a new lifestyle began; a lifestyle which included nothing requiring soil to survive. After many years on the high seas I’m now back in suburbia. Brick ranch, spacious backyard and a garden out of control. I had forgotten just how green my thumb is. The corn towers over the entire garden. I need a step stool to reach the top of the tomato plants and the cucumbers have taken over both sides of the fence separating my house from the neighbor’s. While I’m proud all this bounty has sprung from Mother Earth with no chemicals or pesticides except for a couple of bags of Brown Cow manure worked into the soil before I planted and a spray bottle of chamomile tea for controlling mildew, enough is enough! I’m starting to take on a reddish hue similar to how one looks after digesting too many carrots from all the tomatoes I’m consuming. The freezer is bursting at the seams with beans, corn, squash and okra. My husband is begging me to no longer feed him cucumbers. I haven’t seen my daughter in weeks. And while August 8th might be “National Sneak Some Zucchini on Your Neighbor’s Porch Day,” that’s an everyday event in my neck of the woods. But I must admit after a 10 year hiatus from my hands in the dirt it’s nice to feel the warmth of the soil and know I still have the magic touch.



Mark the Beetle (Part 1)
By Tim O’Neill

F iction

There once was a beetle named Mark. “Mark the Beetle” they all called him! All except for Stephen the Spider who, for no apparent reason, referred to him as Tex. A ridiculous notion, especially when one considers the fact they were both from California and – barring being trapped in a car, bus or train – would probably never see any other state in their lifetime. But, Stephen the Spider didn’t care much for convention and even less for titles, “Tex” is what he called our hero. Mark the Beetle had a pretty good life as far as beetlekind goes. He chewed on good leaves. He avoided the gaze of the birds. For fun, he would drop himself on top of some little girl’s hair and freak her out. He’d cling to the occasional neck. And more than a few times he tasted the nectar of the gods known as Kool Aid. Some had it better. Many had it worse. Mark the Beetle was content. One day came and, for some reason, the leaves didn’t taste as fresh. The girls just seemed silly. And the nectar had turned sour. Mark the Beetle was missing something. And the terrible thing was: he didn’t know what that “something” was. He turned to his friend Jerry, the butterfly. “Jerry the Butterfly” they all called him! Except for Stephen the Spider, of course, who called him “Teddy.” “Jerry the Butterfly,” Mark the Beetle said. “I need a change in my life. I need something new; something exciting. You got any ideas?” “What you talkin’ change about, man?” Jerry the Butterfly asked. “You gots a good tree with lots a crunchy leaves, man. Nobody bothers you. You gots plenty of lady beetles sniffin’ your pheromones, man. This is the good life, man. What more could you want?” “I don’t know,” he answered, and stared out into the symmetrical yards of the subdivision that was his universe. “It just seems like there’s got to be more to life than just this tree. This yard. This house. Was I put here just to eat leaves and die?”


Jerry the Butterfly searched for an answer, but had nothing to offer. “Them are some heavy questions you’re askin’, man. What kind o’ leaves you been eatin’?” “It’s just… I’m wondering what the whole point of it is,” sighed Mark the Beetle. “Hey man, you’re scarrin’ your ol’ buddy Jerry the Butterfly here,” said a scarred Jerry the Butterfly. “You’re startin’ to sound like Tommy the Horsefly before he…” “Oh God, no…” “Yeah! Flew straight into that zapper, man. They’re all callin’ it an accident, but you and I know better. Your life is short enough, man I don’t want you to…” “No, I would never zap myself,” assured Mark the Beetle. Just then, a black phoebe flew overhead. Mark the Beetle and Jerry the Butterfly instinctively paused their conversation and remained as still as they possibly could. After a few minutes the bird flew away and Mark the Beetle resumed. “I don’t know. Maybe I should just move to another tree and see what that’s like.” “Another tree ain’t the answer, man,” said Jerry the Butterfly, getting uncharacteristically serious. “I been to other trees, man. They ain’t got nothin’ but trouble and pain. You better know what you’re lookin’ for before you head off to one of them other trees, man.” He was done with this conversation. “Why you bringin’ me down, man? I’m outta here.” And with that, Jerry the Butterfly flew out of the tree and into a window. And back into a window. And back into a window. And finally to the other side of the tree.

To be continued…

T I M O ’ N E I L L I S A N A D V E RT I S I N G C R E AT I V E D I R E C T O R / S T O R Y T E L L E R . Read more of his stories at ActCreatively.com


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- $550 gets you a cameo appearance in a Café And Then Some Show gets you a cameo - $255 Veranda and Mary appearance in a Fête Magazine video with Louise - $155 gets you lunch with the Ladies of Café And Then Some - $55 gets you a lifetime membership to the Daily Nap Club - Other amount gets you an imaginary trip to Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

Donations can be mailed to the YWCA of Greenville, or if you don’t want to leave your house, click the logo to donate securely online. Please make checks payable to the YWCA.

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Yes, You do have grass roots.
If you haven’t read the book The Help, I would highly recommend you pick it up. Before the movie comes out next month. Like, now. I’ll wait… The movie is about the civil rights movement in Birmingham, Alabama, in the ‘60s. A college graduate wants to be a journalist (okay, a little close to my heart), and is told to write about what disturbs her. She embarks on a mission to write a book from the perspective of the help—the maid, nannies, and servants who serve within the homes of the prominent white families of Alabama. The best part of this book is that unknowingly, the protagonist falls into a cause that challenges her; she becomes truly involved in the lives of these black women, and her perspective is forever changed because of one project she wanted to take on. Take note: this column is not a book review.Yes, it’s a great book, and yes, I think you should read it. But there’s something a little….more….that I hope you’ll get out of it. Grassroots movements are born of ordinary people who get fired up about something around them. It may start quite small— considering why you eat what you eat or asking why a certain law is the way it is.Over time,that interest leads to more education. That education leads to passion. Passion leads to discipleship,and more and more people jump on board to follow that same path.

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Soon, a movement is created, and before you know it, the world begins to change.
Martin Luther King, Jr. began as an ordinary man. He became extraordinary because he thought the world around him was wrong. Jamie Oliver was just a cook. He grew into a world-renowned chef. But his passion for healthy eating has made him a landmark among the grassroots movements that encourage organic food choices, healthy school lunches, and community change. Susan B Anthony got fired up about the temperance movement and abolition in the late 19th century. But because, as a woman, she was not allowed to publicly speak on these subjects, she became part of a not-sounderground movement that would forever mark human rights. Although she died in 1906, 14 years before women were given the right to vote, she is still seen as one of the most important figureheads in the women’s suffrage movement. We are all ordinary until we make ourselves extraordinary. What are you excited about? What disturbs you? What do you want to see changed? What are you waiting for?

Editor, Business Black Box
jordana@insideblackbox.com • 864/281-1323 x.1010 twitter.com/jmegonigal • facebook.com/jordana megonigal linkedin.com/in/jordanam


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I Remember...

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Susan Smith and Maureen Abdalla, Cafe And Then Some

1) 40 x 80


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“ W H E R E D O YO U T H I N K YOU ’R E G O I N G . . . D o n ’ t y o u k n o w i t ’s d a r k o u t s i d e . . .”

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Written words by Dire Straits and an absolutely beautiful song. Somehow it just seems tting to think of such words when looking at this image. Ever wonder where it is that you are going? My grandma would always tell me to never look back; always move forward. Substitute forward movements for backward thoughts. There could be adventures and dreams you never imagined that are just around the bend. I recently read a great quote. It says “Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.” So... where do you think you’re going? My response is to not look back, you’re not going THAT way! ~ Lisa


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Let’s Get Inclusive
Featuring Greenville Forward’s Executive Director, Russell Stall

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Greenville Forward is entering a new quarter of Vision focus – Inclusion. The Inclusion Vision has two main focus areas that involve cultivating our international population and continuing to pursue a diverse and inclusive community, regardless of race, gender, creed, or wealth. In 2025, we hope that Greenville County leaders and residents welcome and integrate all its residents into a unified community whose diverse members and populations have full equality. We dream of a Greenville that is a mosaic: while each element retains its individuality, it can join others to form a vibrant picture. Join Executive Director Russell Stall as he talks about the Inclusion goals of Vision 2025, where Greenville needs the most growth, and why this focus area is so important. Watch for Greenville Forward news and events involving the Inclusion Vision, including special Momentum and Challenge Series presentations. You can learn more about the Vision 2025’s Inclusion goals by visiting: http://greenvilleforward.com/xVisions/visionareas.htm
Greenville Forward was created in January 2006 to help Greenville achieve Vision 2025, the bold, comprehensive, and aggressive plan to create a vibrant Greenville in the next twenty-five years. By having a group like Greenville Forward, whose sole purpose is to facilitate, coordinate, and communicate the ideas from Vision 2025, the aggressive goals for Vision 2025 will be kept vibrant, alive, and attainable.



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Music Arrangement and Director: Charlie Miller Concept and Director: Benjamin P. Robinson

Aug. 4-27



If 28% of our media time is spent online, are you spending 28% of your marketing budget and efforts there too?


Time Spent on Media TODAY
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*TVB Combined, 2010

Television Radio

Internet Print

32 Looking up at these charts again, if this is the percentages of time people are spending with a media, is your marketing budget distributed proportionately. If 30% of time spent today by your customers was spent on the

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Tortilla chips topped with shredded cheese, black olives, sour cream, lettuce, diced tomato, jalapeno and picante sauce. Smothered with your choice of seasoned beef or hickory smoked chicken. 7.50 Large portion of our hand-battered onion rings served with a spicy dipping sauce. 4.75


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in our wing sauce. 7.95

chicken breast served with honey mustard dipping sauce. 7.95


Sausage & Cheese Platter 7.25 Red Pepper Hummus with pita chips


august’s essential shows
Friday, Aug 5 Beefcannon Saturday, Aug 6 Tim McRary Friday, Aug 12 Tim White Friday, Aug 19 Beefcannon Saturday, Aug 20 Lionz of Zion

Visit our web and Facebook pages for the latest live music info

Friday, Aug 26 The Note Ropers
Fete-Sponsored Band

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Saturday, Aug 13 The Gas Holes
Fete-Sponsored Band

Saturday, Aug 27 Green Vegas

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Arthur Murray Taught Me Dancing in a Hurry
In the last 100 years, Arthur Murray’s penchant for dance lessons has touched over 25 million people worldwide. Imagine one boy’s dream to be less awkward turning into a passion that is still teaching this art form around the world today. Back in the day - Eleanor Roosevelt, Barbara Hutton, Jack Dempsey, John D. Rockefeller Jr., the Vanderbilts and my Granddad Johnson were all taught by Arthur Murray himself. As you can see in the picture below, my Granddad was in one of Arthur’s first classes sometime around 1916 at the Old Battery Park Hotel in Asheville, NC. I used to be amazed at how Granddad could act like he could play the piano and mandolin when I was a child. He couldn’t actually play, but he had this knack of making you feel like he had this graceful vaudevillian ability to sing, dance and play any instrument. I can imagine him hamming it up in Arthur’s dance class as a kid – grinning his charming way in and out of a waltz or fox trot. Mom always claimed that her Dad couldn’t dance a lick, but there had to be a gene in there somewhere since she taught dancing at the Y back in her youth. There must be some kind of inherited dancing ability that was handed down through Granddad and Mom.

I hang my hat on this notion of kismet. That karma and fate have come together. The planets are aligning next year and it will be the 100th anniversary of Arthur Murray teaching the world to dance… Maybe, I can dance?

Arthur Murray teaching the Collegiate Shag!


I am learning to dance at the Arthur Murray Studio here in Greenville and on October 1st at 6pm in the Hyatt ballroom downtown – I will be dancing in front of a whole bunch of people! That’s right, I am one of the “celebrity” dancers in Dancing With The Carolina Stars. More on that later. Getting “out of the box” every now and again is essential to living a fulfilling existence and I could not have picked a more personally incredible stretch of reality than to think that I might be able to learn to dance – and do it in public! Let me state for the record:

I am not, and never have been, mistaken for a dancer – ever!
This is where Arthur Murray steps in the graceful form of Starlina Lee. Starlina is, by all measure, amazing. Not only is she an accomplished and award winning professional dancer, choreographer and instructor who has performed all over – she is also the franchisee and general manager of the Greenville Arthur Murray Studio. Add to the equation that she is charming, beautiful and funny – well you get it. I could not be in better hands!

I have been practicing, stretching, stepping and learning my routine (which is a big secret) for a number of weeks now. Oh my, I had no idea how difficult this was going to be. I forget steps I just learned 2 days ago and I can’t seem to “loosen up” due to the knowledge that I don’t know anything about dancing. However, every time I go to see Starlina there is a brief and fleeting moment that I feel like screaming “I can dance!”. The moment quickly disappears, but what a real thrill these moments are to me. Starlina encourages me every literal step of the way. She is really good at making me feel like I am starting to get this dancing bit. Starlina tells me I am going to blow everyone away with my dance routine on October 1st. Kismet, fate and karma…come on Granddad, let’s hit the dance floor! Dancing With The Carolina Stars is a fundraiser for Senior Action. Come see me dance along with other real celebrities on October 1st. I promise it will be entertaining. You can also vote for me by going to this link. Each vote costs $10 and Senior Action would be extremely grateful if you voted early and often!


Fête-Worthy Links from the Publisher
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Katie and Larry met each other in September of 2010 during a musical gig at Brown Street Club in downtown Greenville, SC. The two were introduced to each other on stage and sang, “Honky Tonk Women” before they even had their first conversation. From there they began a connection. They spent many hours on Katie’s couch sharing music, conversation, and poppin’ wine bottles. Their friendship flourished along with the music they shared, and that December they performed their first gig at Brown Street Club as a duo. Their music continues to evolve and expand in all the genres . . .

Straight Up With Sturg
Mark Sturgis has started his own radio show on Saturday mornings at 11am on 104.9. Wanna know ACC and SEC sports? Tune in.

~ Your neighborhood pharmacy and soda fountain ~
Go visit my buddy Kelly Odom at

The Pickwick Pharmacy & Soda Fountain
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at 3219 Augusta Street • Phone: 864-277-4180 • www.thepickwick.net

is a new car service company started by my dear friend Wendi. Independent/specialized help for buying or selling your car. Get the right car for the very best price. Wendi Carson, Owner Greenville, SC 864-525-5485 www.carsoncarline.com

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