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conTenTs 05 The BloomBerg Professional® service 06 Technology 10 electronic Trading and liquidity 13 BloomBerg oms 14 Data 17 Communication 18 BloomBerg news® 19 media 20 Training and service GO .

and a superior communications platform. The BloomBerg Professional® service is a powerful and flexible tool for financial professionals — whatever their needs — in cash and derivatives markets as diverse as equities. for a single price. indices. Bloomberg users include the world’s central banks. By offering all of this assistance and functionality to users on a single platform. commercial banks. unrivalled dedication to customer service and the unique way in which we constantly adapt to an everchanging marketplace. currencies. mortgages. extensive electronic trading capabilities. government and municipal securities. news and media company that provides business and financial professionals with the tools and data they need on a single. in addition. The success of Bloomberg is due to the constant innovation of our products. The BloomBerg Professional service 05 . commodities. allinclusive platform. business and financial professionals recognize the BloomBerg Professional service as the definitive tool for achieving their goals. government offices and agencies.The bloomberg professional service The founding vision in 1981 was to create an information services. corporations and news organizations. money markets. law firms. insurance. news and analytics. The BloomBerg Professional service seamlessly integrates the very best in real-time data. investment institutions. Bloomberg users benefit from on-demand multimedia content. and legal information.

an integrated fingerprint sensor using biometric technology provides users with a high level of security. The award-winning 17˝ dual flat panels are Bloomberg’s signature configuration.TechnologY Bloomberg operates the largest privately-owned network in the world. resilient and secure networks in the financial markets. . optimizing the use of Bloomberg software. providing a more streamlined and efficient service. Plus. customized keys. The bloomberg The BloomBerg Keyboard conserves desk space while providing KeYboard extra functionality and it empowers the user with time-saving. Bloomberg provides seamless software upgrades on a monthly basis to the BloomBerg Professional service with no need for onsite maintenance. actively managed by people who understand the need for fast. Technology 06 The bloomberg The BloomBerg Terminal® creates a strong presence on Terminal® any trading floor or office space. These monthly updates ensure all clients have access to the latest technology at the same time.

This service is part of our ongoing commitment to deliver the latest information through any available channel of communication. customized market monitors. Technology 09 bloomberg b-UniT ® The BloomBerg B-UniT® is a state-of-the-art biometric security device that provides BloomBerg anYwHere subscribers with enhanced identity protection and gives access to the BloomBerg Professional service. which enables access to mobile messaging. . anywhere in the world. access Point on Demand (aPoD) gives every BloomBerg anYwHere subscriber the flexibility to create multiple access points whenever and wherever they are required. news stories and alerts through their own BlackBerry smartphone. whether our customers are on a business trip with a laptop or working from home. bloomberg for BloomBerg anYwHere subscribers can also take advantage blacKberrY® of BloomBerg for BlackBerry®.bloomberg BloomBerg anYwHere sm provides our users with access to anYWhere sm the BloomBerg Professional service from any internet-ready PC.

between dealers and clients. BloomBerg PowermaTCH helps you manage your orders and transaction status quickly and efficiently with a comprehensive suite of foreign exchange information and analytics available on the BloomBerg Professional service. electronic Trading and liquidity 10 bloomberg established in 1996. including the first multi-bank request-for-quote (rfQ) platforms for interest-rate derivatives (BloomBerg swapTrader) and repos. mortgage Backed securities and Credit Default swaps. with Bloomberg as the conduit only. BloomBerg TraDeBooK® is the leading TradebooK® global agency brokerage for futures. You can also trade with the bank of your choice. BloomBerg TraDeBooK offers the ability to trade on 60 markets in 36 countries. and optimizing transparency to help clients seek better executions. elecTronic Trading as part of the BloomBerg Professional service for no additional fee. providing anonymous unconflicted access. agencies. interest rate swaps. money markets. utilized by institutional investors. using streaming executable fX rates and all of the above platforms unite into a commingled trade blotter with complete straight through processing. advanced trading tools. options and currencies. sovereign government debt. bloomberg BloomBerg fixed-income electronic Trading offers liquidity in fiXed-income global fixed-income asset classes. broker-dealers. .elecTronic Trading and liQUidiTY Bloomberg continues to grow its electronic trading capabilities to create expanding pools of liquidity across multi-asset classes. offering traders firm pricing and anonymous liquidity with access to a wide range of global participants. hedge funds and portfolio managers. bloomberg fX BloomBerg fX Dealing enables you to perform multi-bank requestsdealing for-quote. access to a dealer’s inventory is based upon client relationships. Both primary and regional dealers offer repo. equities. bloomberg BloomBerg PowermaTCH® is a premier electronic trading poWermaTch® platform for the interbank fX forward swap market. Corporates.

Toms The BloomBerg Trade order management system is a full front-to-back solution for any fixed income broker dealer around the globe. auto-execution. middle and back offices. liquidity platforms. and full position oms BloomBerg order management systems (oms) offers four outstanding. . each of our global platforms provides extensive functionality that works in conjunction with outside infrastructures seamlessly to complete the integration of the front. cost-effective solutions designed to streamline the order management process. sseoms The BloomBerg sell side equity order management system delivers a fully-integrated trade order management solution to sell-side equity trading desks. BloomBerg oms 13 poms The BloomBerg Portfolio order management system is a complete front-end solution for the institutional asset manager. our order management systems solutions are examples of how Bloomberg continues to evolve and meet your future requirements in a rapidly-changing marketplace: poms-ai The BloomBerg Portfolio order management system for alternative investors is the complete front-end solution for Hedge fund and alternative investment managers. it includes sophisticated pricing and offering engines.

lawyers. regulatory and compliance news and research platform that is integrated into the BloomBerg Professional service. U. Conduct research on case law histories. The BloomBerg fiX order-routing network enables ems users to send equity orders to more than 1. real-time. historical pricing and corporate-action information with a fixed monthly or annual fee structure. whatever their financial data needs. self-defined universe (Per security product). bloomberg daTa BloomBerg Data license is unique in that it allows for singlelicense source referencing for your global securities database by delivering indicative. so that you can thoroughly research clinical trials. portfolio managers and investor-relations professionals. including clinical trials and prescription data. or to a pre-defined asset class (Back office product). state and other jurisdictions. and more. Customers can either subscribe to a narrow. front-end applications are included in the package to assist clients with the delivery and integration of data feeds into proprietary applications.daTa over 350. shareholders. bloomberg BloomBerg Pharmaceutical is a feature that helps pharmaceUTical you understand and evaluate the pharmaceutical industry. bloomberg b-pipe® BloomBerg B-PiPe® is a consolidated. and more.000 professionals who use the BloomBerg Professional service expect global information and domestic specialization. bloomberg BloomBerg insurance is a powerful suite of applications for insUrance insurance underwriters and brokers within the commercial lines space. in addition. federal. BloomBerg insurance report writer enables immediate risk analysis and a drastic reduction in research time. nasD and nYse) as well as academic legal journals and legal practice manuals. corporate governance applications and other prospecting tools can help your firm track as well as identify new business opportunities. Buyside users can quickly gauge who the leading brokers are in any given security and identify trends in supply and demand. Track more than five million financial instruments with confidence. High courts. legal case filings and dockets across U. lawyers and compliance officers now have the ability to research regulatory databases (including seC. issues with drug liabilities. politicians. knowing our data is the most complete. offices. who can now access the best technologies for them coupled with the best market data in the industry.K. comprehensive and accurate in the world. bloomberg laW™ BloomBerg law™ is Bloomberg’s legal. Data 14 bloomberg people stay informed of exactly who’s who with BloomBerg People – a global directory of more than 1.300 global broker destinations and over 30 algorithmic destinations. our pharmaceutical and biotech search engine combines disparate sources of information. company boards.6 million profiles on executives. calculated. bloomberg eXecUTion managemenT sYsTem The BloomBerg execution management system (ems) is a broker-neutral trading tool that enables you to perform real-time analysis for the order that you are working on.s. indicaTions of Bloomberg provides indications of interest for no additional fee. drug patents. high-volume market-data distribution service enabling independent platforms and data-feed handlers to integrate Bloomberg data. This insight will prove invaluable to analysts. This new open architecture introduces greater choice and independence to the customer. inTeresT sell-side users can send indications or trade advertisements to the Buy side in an effort to attract liquidity and generate order flow. Data 15 . our market analytics help you monitor execution quality and time your entry into the marketplace better.

message Bloomberg is acutely aware of the increasingly stringent compliance compliance environment and can provide message-monitoring functionality in real time. Bloomberg retains copies of all Bloomberg messages. Communication 17 messaging we offer a superior communications platform that combines traditional email and insTanT BloomBerg® (iB). on behalf of BloomBerg Professional service users. or as required by law. Bloomberg neither reviews nor discloses the messages. .commUnicaTion would you benefit from receiving an instant alert as soon as important headlines hit the Bloomberg newswire? or from the knowledge that your email has been read by its recipient? How many times have you wished you could retract a message? The Bloomberg message system is so much more than just email for our users. internet emails and iB communications transmitted over our system and makes them available for retrieval. Bloomberg also utilizes cutting-edge Voice over internet Protocol (VoiP) technology to allow Bloomberg users to speak to and perform video conferences with other users without incurring the cost of dedicated lines. except to customers on whose behalf the messages are stored.

and credit-default swaps® BloomBerg.6 million bonds and 400.Com® was launched in 1995 and ranks among the top financial news sites in the world. delivering it fastest and making Bloomberg the definitive source to readers. and current affairs. BloomBerg raDio is also distributed on sirius and Xm satellite radio. internet. reaching more than neWs since publishing our first news story in June 1990.000 equities and funds l more than 300 awards and citations for journalism since 1990. breaking news. it features a signature multi-screen format delivering news. 2007 (Bloomberg) Arcelor Mittal. bloomberg 1130 BloomBerg 1130 (wBBr-am) is a 24-hour. digital all-news (Wbbr-am) radio station that can be heard throughout the new York. People Say (sending sino-forest’s shares. market updates. (sesa goa shares gained as much as 8. live streaming video. media 19 BloomBerg news 18 bloomberg’s headlines beat the competition 80% of the time in 2006: January 11. audio/video reports. The site also enables our users to access the BloomBerg Professional service from any internet-ready PC. more than 140 titles have been published by BloomBerg Press. BHP Billiton Ltd.000 "flash" headlines published daily l 445 publications worldwide carry BloomBerg news with a combined circulation of 80 million readers l Data on 4. which syndicates reports to more than 840 radio stations worldwide.) January 25. and investment tools.) .000 users of the BloomBerg Professional service in over 125 countries l 5.) January 12.2 percent to a record. bloomberg. the world’s biggest steelmaker. viewers and listeners by describing today’s events in context of tomorrow.000 BloomBerg Professional service subscribers.200 journalists in 132 bureaus l more than 350. The service is widely distributed in europe. commentary. the magazine is now the largest monthly magazine for financial professionals in the world. sino-forest confirmed the bid that day. satellite carriers include DirectTV and echostar. Macquarie May Bid for Sino-Forest. trading. it attracts more than two million unique visitors each month and features a broad selection of news. BLOOMBERG BLOOMBERG MARKETS® is the magazine for and about MARKETS® professional investors and corporate executives. the americas and asia. radio and magazine are all fueled by the power of BloomBerg news. since 1996. new Jersey. and Connecticut area. gerald loeb and oversees Club awards l 300. 2007 (Bloomberg) CVC. bond yields. 2007 (Bloomberg) SAP Fourth-Quarter Sales Miss Analysts’ Estimates (Bloomberg beat the competition by 17 minutes and sent saP’s shares down 10 percent in the U. wBBr is the flagship radio station of BloomBerg raDiosm. including television. including the george Polk. and weather. l more than 2. law. data.s.000 articles and 3. bloomberg press® BloomBerg Press® publishes practical books for financial professionals as well as books of general interest including investing. data. worth $850 million. and Rio Tinto Group are competing to buy a stake in Indian iron-ore miner Sesa Goa Ltd. BloomBerg news® has established itself as one of the world’s largest and most-trusted information sources. bloomberg BloomBerg TeleVision® operates 24 hours a day and reaches Television® more than 200 million homes worldwide via ten networks in seven languages.000 archived audio and video reports with key newsmakers media all of our media products. in 20 languages. our mission is to put accuracy above all else while reporting news first.

Training and service 20 HELP . in 2006. directly from the BloomBerg Professional service. in addition. 365 days a year. including individual and group sessions at both Bloomberg offices and client locations. Training events and seminars are archived and available to watch on demand. seven days a week. Help Desk enquiries are sent via the insTanT BloomBerg messaging platform with an immediate acknowledgement and response received in real time. multilingual team of more than 9.000 complimentary seminars around the world. Technical operators provide instant assistance over the phone and rapid-response field engineers can resolve any issues on-site. whatever time of day or night. attended by more than 200. The BloomBerg Help Desk provides assistance to our customers wherever they are in the world.Training and service To support such an intricate network of information and analytical tools. all Help Desk questions and answers are conveniently archived so that customers may easily retrieve this information on demand. we ran more than 11.500 people who find solutions to any problems that users may have – 24 hours a day.000 market professionals. Bloomberg employs a highly-trained. training is provided in a wide range of comprehensive formats.

(“BflP”) and its subsidiaries in all jurisdictions other than argentina.P. (“BlP”). BloomBerg Professional. BlP provides BflP with all global marketing and operational support and service for the services and distributes the services either directly or through a non-BflP subsidiary in the BlP Countries. BflP is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bloomberg l. Japan and Korea (the “BlP Countries”). The BloomBerg TraDeBooK service is provided by a BlP subsidiary. Defining liQUiDiTY. BloomBerg anYwHere. Patent and Trademark office and may be pending or registered in other countries - these and other marks of research in motion limited are used under license. Bloomberg Tradebook llC. ©2007 Bloomberg finance l. BloomBerg TraDeBooK. BloomBerg raDio. 26443097 1107 10008019 .Com are trademarks and service marks of BflP or its subsidiaries. the BlackBerry logo and sureType are registered with the U. BlackBerry.P. Bermuda. BloomBerg Data and BloomBerg order management systems (the “services”) are owned and distributed locally by Bloomberg finance l. the rim logo. all rights reserved. liQUiDiTY Dome and Trigger TraDing are trademarks and service marks of BlP. BloomBerg BonDTraDer. BloomBerg Press and BloomBerg. BloomBerg.P. BloomBerg marKeTs.s. bloomberg. BloomBerg TeleVision. frankfurt +49 69 92041 0 hong Kong +852 2977 6000 london +44 20 7330 7500 new York +1 212 318 2000 san francisco +1 415 912 2960 são paulo +55 11 3048 4500 singapore +65 6212 1000 sydney +61 2 9777 8600 Tokyo +81 3 3201 8900 research in motion.Help x2 Press the <HelP> key twice for instant live assistance. China. BloomBerg news. BwaP. The BloomBerg Professional service. and its affiliates and is available on the BloomBerg Professional service. BloCK HUnTer.

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