Note: Ignore the numbers at the end of each scene.

They were used as markers to help time a full 60 minute episode w/comms.

Previously On Lost:

Season 5 Episode 11 "Our Mutual Friend"

Jack talking about his pilot lessons in 1.1. Sarah leaving a drunken Jack in the hospital in 3.22. Cindy looking at the picture of Christian and becoming furious in 5.2. Charlie leaving the DS ring for Aaron in 3.21. Kate being sentenced to 10 years parole in 4.4. Cassidy telling Kate she will take care of Aaron in 5.5. Rose finding Giovanni wearing the DS ring in 5.10. Montand holding a folder saying Il Destino Sinergia in 5.10. Sayid shooting Penny in 5.9. Christine stealing the plane in 5.9.

1) INT. PLANE. NIGHT. The camera shows the outside of a C-212 aircraft flying through the night sky. The camera cuts to the interior of the cockpit where we see Jack behind the controls of the plane. He looks very focused and a bit edgy about flying the aircraft, but seems to be doing a good job considering the circumstances. Jack: When we land in Invercargill, Sun will take a connecting flight to Christchurch then back to Korea. Desmond, Kate and I will connect to Auckland then LA. Hurley, you will go to Wellington then LA. Sayid... he and Ben... whatever. We can't all been seen getting off a flight together in the US. Kate: I can't believe you're actually flying this. Jack: When I took the flying lessons, the plane was similar, but the controls weren't in Portuguese... taking off is easy... its the landing I'm not sure about. Hurley, who is snugly sitting behind, but between Kate and Jack looks at Jack and says: Hurley: What do we do with the, uh... cargo?

Kate looks back to Desmond, who has Penny cradled in his arms. He is despondent and doesn't seem to have taken note in anything around him. Jack looks at Kate and whispers to her: Jack: It would be best to... part with her body... before we land in New Zealand. Hurley: You mean, dump her out over the ocean, dude... that is cruel... Jack: We can't be seen with a dead body, Hurley... what do you suggest? Hurley doesn't answer and the three of them just look at each other. Kate nods. Hurley, thinking for a minute look back up at Jack. Hurley: Maybe I should run this past Desmond. Jack nods and Hurley makes his way back to Desmond. Ben, sitting tied up on the floor in front of the first row of seats says: Ben: There is still a chance to get back... Kate turns back and with the most serious of looks says to Ben: Kate: I don't want to hear a damn word out of your mouth... ever again... do you understand me? Ben: We need to get back, Kate, you need to get back... Kate just looks at Ben then looks away. Ben: ...we need to do it soon. Before Charles has a chance to move the island. If he does, we will never find it again. Jack: Once we land, you are on your own. I'm done with you, with the island, with everything... I just don't care enough anymore. Ben:

You say that now... The camera goes to the back section of the plane where Hurley is making his way back. He passes Sun who is sitting in her seat with a stare and tears just looking out the window. He passes Sayid, who is just looking forward emotionless. Finally, he reaches Desmond, who is holding a lifeless Penny in his arms. Hurley sits down next to him. Hurley: I'm so sorry, dude. Desmond looks up at Hurley, then back at Penny. Hurley: We need to think about what they'll say when we land... and they see her. Desmond: Ay, help me. Desmond, like a robot, gets up and takes Penny into his arms. He carries her down the isle past Sayid and Sun who look on with sad eyes. Hurley reaches the door to the outside of the plane. Hurley: You ready, dude? Desmond nods. Hurley opens the door and the wind engulfs the cabin. The sound is now dead silent. Just the images are present. First Jack taking control of the plane after Hurley opened the door, then Kate looks back with a tear in her eye. Next is Ben, on the floor looking on with a hint of remorse, but the usual emotionless Ben stare. Sayid looks away and out the window as his hair flies from the wind. Sun looks on with tears streaming down her face and looks down as she closes her eyes. Desmond, doing his best to stabilize his body, kisses Penny on the cheek. He then, with a gentle toss, lets go of Penny's body and the camera focuses on Penny falling and disappearing into the night sky over the ocean in slow motion. The camera pans back to Desmond who is just watching Penny fall further and further away from him and the flash sound begins: 2) --FLASH-- EXT. STADIUM. LA. NIGHT. The scene starts where it left off in LA at the stadium Jack and Desmond were running. The camera is focused on Penny's car which backs up next to Desmond. Penny rolls down the driver's side window and says: Penny: I can't wait forever, Des. Neither can you... Desmond, saying nothing, turns and begins walking back to the stadium. Penny puts her window back up and watches as he walks away. The camera shows Desmond, all sweaty with his hair pulled back. The camera cuts to:

3) --FLASH CON'T-- INT. HOUSE. LA. NIGHT. The same shot of Desmond is seen with him looking sweaty with his hair pulled back. The camera pans back and we see Desmond is laying in bed. The camera pulls further back and we see he is laying in bed with a woman. Desmond looks as empty as he looked holding the lifeless body of Penny in the plane. The woman, with light brown hair, turns over so we can see her face. It is Libby! She looks at Desmond, who doesn't acknowledge her. She looks him up and down and then says: Libby: You are thinking about her aren't you? Desmond looks at Libby. He doesn't say anything. Libby: Its ok... its understandable. Don't feel bad about what we did. Sometimes, we all do things we shouldn't do, but seem right for all the wrong reasons. Libby, obviously is upset as she says this, wraps a sheet around her body, gets up and walks into the master bathroom from the bedroom. As she walks we see a painted portrait of her with David Staples, her dead husband (Charlotte's father). They are at Libby's home in LA. She goes into the bathroom and closes the door. Desmond takes a pillow and puts it over his face like he regrets what he just did. A cell phone is sitting on the night-stand. Desmond picks it up and dials. Penny's Voice Mail: You've reached Penny, leave a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Desmond: Penny, it's Desmond. I did something... something that I shouldn't have... I lov... Before he can get the rest out, we hear a slight scream in the background. Desmond quickly hangs up the phone and runs to the bathroom door. Desmond: Elizabeth! Is everything all right lass?!....... Liz?! You all right in there?! There is no answer. Desmond pounds on the door. He then tries to open it, but it is locked. Finally, Desmond (in his boxers), throws the phone down and kicks the door open. The scene is somewhat grizzly. We see Libby, looking pale and hopeless, laying in the bathtub with the sheet still barely around her. There is blood all over the place. On her arms, face and the sheet. She lays there just staring at Desmond. Desmond, in a quick panic runs to Libby and wraps the sheets around her wrists that she apparently sliced trying to kill herself. He taker her into his arms then realizes he needs to call for help. He rushes to grab the cell phone and he calls 9-1-1. Desmond:

Hello?! I need help! A woman... she tried killing herself!.... No... I'm her... friend. Now hurry! The camera shows Desmond still on the phone as the music builds then the camera pans back to Libby, all bloody, laying in the bathtub and.... LOST 4) --FLASH-- INT. SANTA ROSA MENTAL HEALTH INSTITUTE. DAY. The camera shows the door to the common room of Santa Rosa. Desmond walks into the doorway. He is holding flowers as he looks on into the room and we see Libby sitting at one of the tables staring (much like we saw her in "Dave"). Desmond begins walking to her, but Nurse Cratchit stops him. Nurse Cratchit: Mr. Hume? Desmond: Yes. Nurse Cratchit: Hello... I need to tell you, before you start to talk to her, there is something you should know. Desmond: Ay? Nurse Cratchit: Her condition is complicated... Desmond: Complicated? How so? Nurse Cratchit: It seems that Elizabeth is suffering from paranoia and possible multiple personality disorder... Desmond looks at Nurse Cratchit with confused, yet concerned eyes. Nurse Cratchit: She... thinks she is part of some conspiracy. That she is the cause of well... the cause of your death. Desmond:

My death? Nurse Cratchit: Yes... it seems, though, that she is slipping into this... whole other person. She is claiming that she has a degree in clinical psychology. That personality is going by the name of Libby. Desmond looks at the nurse then looks back to Libby. Still staring. He nods at the nurse. Desmond: Thank you. Nurse Cratchit nods back and walks away. Desmond continues to where Libby is sitting and sits down next to her. Libby looks up at Desmond. She says with minimal feeling, as if she is drugged up: Libby: Desmond. You came... you shouldn't be here. Desmond hands her the flowers and takes her hand. Desmond: Of course I came, Elizabeth. The race starts tomorrow... I had to see you before I left, to thank you. Libby: I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have done it... the whole plan... it... it can't be stopped. Desmond: What plan? Libby: Their plan... the Destino Sinergia. Desmond: Destino Sinergia? Libby: They are trying to change the course of the world... don't you see Desmond? You are a key factor... you must use the key. Desmond: There is no key, lass. I... I wish I could help you. Libby:

Don't worry about me. Worry about yourself... worry about them. Desmond: I will take care of myself... and Elizabeth... please, take of yourself too. Libby looks at Desmond and her whole face changes. She is now looking at Desmond with a calm and relaxed demeanor and she touches his face. Libby: Elizabeth? I haven't been called that since I was a little girl. (she chuckles) Now please, leave me, I need to continue my research. Desmond looks at Libby with a squinted eye and a hint of confusion. Libby: I'm going to get my doctorate degree for this you know. Researching the insane from the inside... it's fascinating. My peers in psychology are going to hand me awards for this... Desmond looks at Libby with sympathy. Libby: There is a new patient coming in today. He has low self esteem and an inferiority complex. She leans down and whispers to Desmond: Libby: Word has it that he thinks he is the cause of a deck collapse... it killed two people. He's going to be a very exciting case to study. Desmond stands up and kisses Libby on the forehead. He looks at her with sorrow and he begins to turn away. She stops him and hands him a DRAWING. He takes it and looks at it. It is the symbol of Il Destino Sinergia, like seen on Charlie's and Giovanni's rings. Libby: Elizabeth wanted you to have this before you left. She suffers from schizophrenia and paranoid delusions you know, you should keep your distance... Desmond takes the drawing and without saying anything walks to the exit. As he walks out the door of Santa Rosa he is looking down at the drawing. He bumps into a woman as he walks out. It is Carmen Reyes. Carmen: I'm sorry! Desmond:

No worries. Desmond looks back down at the drawing as he walks out the door past Hurley, who is being escorted in by two orderlies. We see Libby in the background staring at Hurley with a smile on her face. The flash sound begins... 5) --END OF FLASH-- INT. LAX AIRPORT. LA. DAY. Desmond, Jack, and Kate with Aaron are walking through the bridge that connects the plane to the terminal. Aaron is holding something in his hand, playing with it. We see it is is Charlie's ring. Desmond takes note of it and looks at Kate with a bit of hostility. He stops Kate in the middle of the walkway and grabs the ring from Aaron. Desmond: Where did you get that?! Kate: What? This? Um... someone gave it to me. Desmond: Who?! Kate: I can't really say... not here. It was Charlie's... it came from the visitor from... there. He thought Aaron should have it. Jack: Let's go guys, don't cause a scene. They continue walking up the ramp into the terminal. The doors to the terminal open and the four of them move on. Desmond, still holding the ring looking at it in amazement, says: Desmond: This was Charlie's you say? Kate: Yes... he left it for Aaron before he... well, you know. Desmond continues on and through the doors. Kate and Jack walk through the door and we see it. There are two LAPD officers waiting outside of the doors right inside of the terminal. Kate sees them and in a panic turns to Jack. Jack's eyes are wide and he looks back at Kate with shared panic. Kate: How did they know, I used my Erin Kowtoski passport!

Jack: I don't know... Kate... I don't know! The two officers rush over to Kate. One takes Aaron away from her as the other turns Kate around and starts putting handcuffs on her. Kate screams: Kate: My son! Where are you taking my son?! Officer 1: He'll be safe miss. He's going to whomever is next of kin. Officer 2: You are under arrest, Ms. Austen, for parole violation. You have the right to remain silent and anything you say.... Jack: Is this necessary?! Come on!! The police officers take Kate away as Jack stands there looking totally defeated and just plain broken. The camera shows Desmond as the police take Kate, who looks defiant with a stare of hate in her eye, away down the terminal. Jack turns and picks up his cell phone. He calls someone. Jack: Mom, I'll be home in a few hours... Desmond looks down at the ring then back up at Kate being taken away. He slides the ring into his pocket and walks away down the terminal. 6) INT. PAIK MANSION. SOUTH KOREA. EVENING. Sun walks into the mansion and puts her coat on the coat-rack. She yells out: Sun: 엄마 ....Ji Yeon? 집에 계십니까? ST: Mother?....Ji Yeon? Are you home? Sun walks into the living room where she sees her mother tied up on the floor. She rushes over to her and begins to untie her in a frantic hurry. Sun: 무슨 일이에요? 지 연 어디입니까?! ST: What happened, where is Ji Yeon?!

Mrs. Paik hands Sun a note. She is sobbing as she says: Mrs. Paik: 그는 그녀를 데려 갔어요! 남자가 그녀를 데려 갔어요! 그는 갔어! ST: He took her! The man took her! She is gone! Sun: 어떤 남자? ST: What man?! Mrs. Paik: 일본 남자! ST: The Japanese man! Sun reads over the note, and without a word and with fury in her eyes, Sun runs back towards the door. Mrs. Paik: 미안 해요! 그녀를 다시 데려와! ST: I'm sorry! Bring her back! 7) INT. AIRPORT TERMINAL. BOOK STORE. LAX. DAY. Desmond walks into one of those bookstores that you see every hundred feet inside of the terminal. He looks around then goes to the back section. We see Desmond looking through the shelf of books marked "Classics." Desmond's eyes widen when he finds what he is looking for. He picks up a book. The scene cuts to Desmond at the register paying for it as Jack walks in next to him. Jack: What you got there? Desmond: A book to read on the trip back to the motherland. Jack: Britain eh? I guess you can go home now that Widmores not a threat. Desmond: Ay. Take care of Kate. She needs you more than ever. Desmond hugs Jack. Jack pauses and hugs Desmond back. Jack looks at Desmond and says: Jack:

See you in another life then? Desmond: Not this time, brotha... Desmond picks up his book and walks out of the store. Jack is standing there watching Desmond leave. Desmond walks towards the flight desks and the camera focuses on the book in his hands. Our Mutual Friend. Soft music plays as Desmond walks off. --commercial-8) INT. SHEPHARD HOME. LA. EVENING. Jack walks into the home of Margo Shephard. He is standing in the entryway. Jack: Mom?! I'm here! Jack looks down and he sees multiple pairs of shoes in the entryway. He looks at them strangely and walks down the hall and into the living room. There he sees it. Margo, Sarah, Jack's best man Marc Silverman and Dr. Erika Stevenson, the woman who wrote Jack a prescription for drugs in "Something Nice Back Home." A man steps forward, late 40's wearing a sweater vest and button down shirt with a tie. He looks very preppy and somewhat arrogant with his perfectly parted blondish/brown hair and dark rimmed glasses. Jack gets a nervous smile on and says with a slight chuckle: Jack: What is this, mom? Some kind of intervention? Margo steps forward and walks towards Jack with a very sincere face. She opens her arms for a hug and Jack looks at her. He pushes her away before she can hug him. Jack: You've got to be .... He looks furious and like he is about to blow up. Margo: We're only trying to help you... Marc: Buddy, we thought you were getting better, but... Jack shoots a really pissed off look towards Marc and Marc shuts up.

Erika: You keep disappearing. You've been gone for the past three weeks, Jack. Your practice is failing... Jack, with an insane smile on his face, turns and starts to walk out of the room. He then, in a sharp motion, turns back to the group. He goes off. Jack: Mom, did you ever think that maybe... just maybe, you're the cause of all this?! Huh? Did you think that it is a possibility I lost it when you forced me...sorry, guilted me!!... into running all over the world looking for my alcoholic, bastard of a father who resented me because I was a better surgeon than him?! Running to Australia... to his other family.... Margo looks down when Jack says this, like she knows about Claire and Christian's infidelity. Jack sees this. Jack: Perfect! You knew about that, didn't you! Maybe it's both your faults I was stranded on that island for months... going through absolute hell!! Margo: I didn't know you felt this way... I'm so... The Blond Man: Don't apologize, Ms. Shephard. Jack turns and looks at the man. He walks up to him in a rage. Jack: And just who the hell are you?! Man: I'm Dr. Moore. Jack: Get the hell out of this house. Right now. Erika: Jack, he's here to help, I asked him to come. Jack: You know what Erika, you can leave too. Did it ever occur to you that I could ruin your career for those prescriptions you wrote me? Maybe you are just as much to blame, you're an enabler!!

Jack turns to Marc. Jack: Since I'm handing out blames... you. Where the hell were you when I came back from being missing?! Never so much as a phone call. Nooooo.... but when I called you that night after Kate refused to see me from the bar... where I was already loaded beyond belief.... you didn't hesitate to come running, did you?! Come running and buy me shot after shot until I threw up all over the bartender. That was helpful, Marc. Real helpful! You people all claim to care about me... the truth of the matter is that none of you do! You all pretend that you care... Jack looks the group over as he screams all of this. Sarah is still sitting on the couch. She hasn't said a word. Jack continues: Jack: The truth is... I have better friends in those people that I left behind... in Sawyer, for God's sake...!!! You people just don't get it do you?! All of this... this isn't real. We make such huge deals out of nothing... every day! It's all so... trivial! Jack walks towards the bar in the corner of the room. He pours himself a drink. Everyone watches him. He turns and looks back at them. He is about to take a drink as he says calmly: Jack: All of you, get the hell out of here, right now. Dr. Moore walks up to Jack and reaches for Jack's glass of scotch. Jack smiles and shakes his head at him. The doctor continues to reach and Jack cold cocks him right in the face breaking his glasses!! Jack says calmly: Jack: I asked you to leave. The doctor gets up with the help of Margo. She ushers him towards the door. Erika and Marc walk towards the exit as well, as they give Jack a disapproving look. He watches them leave, then he notices Sarah still sitting on the couch. She hasn't budged. He looks at her. She smiles back at him. Out of nowhere, Jack, in a rage... throw the drink into the fireplace and it shatters. He falls to the floor in a slump and puts his hands over his face. He begins to cry. Sarah gets up and walks over to him and crouches down next to him. Jack: Why are you here? Sarah: Believe it or not, Jack... I still care about you. I know you didn't mean those things that you said just now...

Jack: That's just the thing... I did. Every word of it. Sarah: Your father made it tough on you Jack, but he loved you. He helped me understand who you are... he never let me forget who you, Jack... who you really are. You care about these people... that is what you do. You care. Sarah stands up and puts a hand out for Jack. He reaches up and takes it. He stands up and leans against the fireplace, facing the mantle. He looks up and he sees it. There is a picture. We don't see what the picture is, but we see that Jack has a profound interest in it. He picks it up and turns to Sarah. He shows it to her. Jack: Have you ever seen my father with this woman?! Sarah: Um... what? Jack points to the picture and he asks the question again with much animosity. Jack: Have you ever seen my father with this woman?! Sarah: Uh, yeah... once... I was meeting him at the... Jack: Who is she?! Sarah: Jack.. calm down... Jack: Who is she?!?! Sarah: He said she was an associate... um, for a group of some sort... Jack: What group?! Sarah:

I forget, the initials were... D.S. Jack: D.S.?! Jack, with a mix of rage and a mix of tears, turns the photo back around and we see it. It is a photo of Christian with Cindy standing in front of some sort of body of water. Jack breaks the frame, takes the picture out and hurries out of the room. Sarah: Jack, where you going?! Jack: You're right Sarah. I do care... I do need to help them. Sarah watches as Jack rushes out of the room. 9) EXT. CAR. MANCHESTER. BRITAIN. DAY. The camera shows "Our Mutual Friend" sitting on the passengers seat of the car. There is a book-marker about 1/2 of the way through the book. The camera pans up to Desmond, sitting behind the driver's seat. He looks at a piece of paper with an address on it. As he puts the paper down it is revealed that Desmond is sitting in front of a butcher shop called, "simon's pLace". Desmond looks down at the ring then puts it in his pocket. Desmond opens the door of the car as his cell phone rings. He answers. Desmond: Hello?..... Anyone there?.... Who the bloody hell is this?! Quit calling this number! Desmond hangs up his phone and gets out of the car and slams the door. 10) INT. SIMON'S PlACE. MANCHESTER. BRITAIN. DAY. Desmond walks into the shop. The inside looks much like a typical British butcher's shop with a refrigerated case of various meats at the counter. A man walks out, it is Charlie's father! He is wearing a white apron with blood stains all over it. Desmond walks up to the case. Simon: What can I get for ya, mate? Desmond: Hello brotha, what's good? Simon: The pork is fresh and the loin is the tops...

Desmond looks at Simon who looks very aged since last time we saw him. Desmond looks above the counter and sees family photos. One of Megan and Simon at their wedding, one of Charlie and Liam as young boys, one of the band DriveShaft, and the last... the last is the photo of Charlie with Simon and Liam at the pool where Simon taught Charlie to swim (in Greatest Hits). Desmond looks a bit sad when he sees Charlie in the pool. Simon notices Desmond's interest and says: Simon: Those are my boys. Charlie and Liam. Desmond: Wonderful looking boys. Simon: You recognize them? Desmond: Ay, DriveShaft... you must be very proud. Simon: Not because of the music, I'm proud for Liam is a wonderful man and father... Charlie... well... he passed before he could prove himself. Desmond looks a bit perturbed by this statement. Desmond: Charlie, he was a passenger on Flight 815. Simon: That's right. Say, your not a reporter are you?! I told you people... I'm done with... Desmond: I'm not a reporter. I'm a friend of Jack Shephard, a survivor of... Simon: I know who Jack Shephard is... Desmond: Well, then let me tell you what kind of hero your son was then Mr. Pace. Desmond's tone takes Simon back a bit. Desmond:

It's because of your son that those people made it off the island. Without Charlie, they would have all been killed. Charlie, Mr. Pace, is a hero. He gave his life for his friends. Simon starts to step backwards and reaches for his chair. He sits down and looks a bit proud, but sad. Simon: I didn't know... I... I just assumed he was a worthless misfit. Desmond walks around the counter to Mr. Pace. He leans down next to him. He pulls out the DS ring. Desmond: This was Charlie's. Jack thought you ought to have it. Simon: What, that old thing? That was his great-grandfather's ring. Desmond: His great-grandfathers? Simon: Yeah, his mum's grandfather. Desmond: What did he do? Simon: He was a mess of a man... very paranoid... why do you ask? Desmond: No reason. What was his name? Simon: Dexter Stratton. Desmond walks back towards the front of the counter. Simon: Thank you, ...... What did you say your name was? Desmond:

Desmond. Simon: Thank you for bringing this Desmond. You are a kind soul. Desmond nods and walks back out. He then turns and looks at the picture of Charlie in the pool again. Desmond looks hard at the picture and looks into the background of the photo. There is a young man with longish hair. Desmond's face then gets wide as he realizes he knows this photo. Desmond: Where was this photo taken? Simon: Oh, that one? That was taken at Butlins back in '86 at Barry Island in Wales. That was the final year before the resort shut down. Desmond: I know. I worked there for a summer when I was 19.... Desmond looks back at Simon and then back to the photo as the flash sound starts.... 11 --FLASH-- INT. POOL. BUTLINS RESORT. BARRY ISLAND. WALES. DAY. The camera show young Charlie as he stands on the edge of the pool. Simon is in the water and Liam swims past. (This is the same scene we saw in "Greatest Hits"). The camera then pans to the opposite side of the pool where young Desmond, 19, is wearing a Butlin's polo shirt and shorts. He is talking to a beautiful young dark haired girl who is on the edge of the pool. Young Desmond: So, Jacqueline, is it? What brings you to the fabulous Butlins Resort? Jacqueline: Why, handsome pool-boys such as yourself... Young Desmond grins and just then, off to the side, a young boy yells: Young Boy: Desmond! Desmond! Over here! This is the infamous "Desmond" yell from Charlie's flash. Desmond looks at the boy then back to Jacqueline. Young Desmond: I'll be back in a flash.

Desmond walks over to the young boy and looks annoyed. Young Desmond: What is it that you had to interrupt me putting the moves on that girl, little brotha? Young Boy: That woman over there wants to see you. The boy points to a woman wearing a Butlins polo as well. Desmond walks over to her. Young Desmond: Ay, Mrs. Ryan, what is it I can do for ya? Mrs. Ryan: I need you to take a break from... whatever it is you do here and go set up conference room 15. We have an important meeting and once again Linda is late for work, so you'll have to do it... oh and Desmond, make sure to put a bottle of MacCutcheon out for the meeting... Desmond nods as he looks back to Jacqueline and shrugs his shoulders to her. Jacqueline looks pissed. The camera cuts to: 12 --FLASH CON'T-- INT. SMALL CONFERENCE ROOM. BUTLINS. DAY. Desmond pushes the chairs into the table as he preps the room for the meeting to take place. He then goes to the cabinet, unlocks it and pulls out a new bottle of MacCutcheon Whiskey. He sits it down on the table. He looks the room over and begins to walk out holding a dirty bucket of water. As he does this, a man walks into him and the water spills all over Desmond. The man is in his 70's with gray hair and a warm smile. He looks at Desmond and says: Man: My boy, I'm sorry, here let me get that. Young Desmond: Oh, no sir. It is my fault. Man: Nonsense. The man then puts his hand out and shakes Desmond's hand. The man is wearing the DS ring. The man then glances at the table and sees the whiskey. Man: My boy, please, let me make it up to you.

Young Desmond: There is no need sir! Man: No, please. The man goes to the table and opens the whiskey. He pours two glasses and hands one to Desmond. Man: Here, this is the finest whiskey known to man, my boy. Just then a booming voice is heard in the hall. The man turns to Desmond and takes the drink out of his hand in a hurry. Man: Sorry, son, he doesn't like his whiskey to be shared with just anyone! You best get going now! Desmond turns and walks out of the second set of doors as a 40something year old Charles Widmore walks into the first set. They miss each other by seconds. Desmond closes the door behind him, but not before he sees a priest walk into the same room after Charles. The priest is in fact Brother Campbell. Desmond walks down the hall past the second set of doors and looks in. Linda, a petite blondish/brunette walks up behind Desmond and startles him. Linda: Thank you for setting up for me, Des. Young Desmond: What's this meeting for? Linda: Oh, I'm not sure... but I've seen Mr. Stratton before... he was with an older lady last time. (she whispers) I think they have some sort of secret society or something. Erin giggles and pulls Desmond close to the door to listen in. Widmore: What do you mean, she isn't coming?! I'm starting to believe that she doesn't even exist! Brother Campbell: In due time...

Stratton: Now, Montand set up a team of scientists to locate the island. We still need an insider in the US and Australian governments to back this so called research mission. We need to get inside that island and find out just what Valenzetti is up to. Desmond, still listening on the outside, sees Jacqueline further on down the hall. She gives him the "come here" motion with her finger and he smiles and begins down the hall towards her. The camera focuses on the door behind Desmond as the flash sound begins... 13 --END OF FLASH-- INT. SIMON'S PlACE. DAY. Desmond looks away from the photo starts back out the door. He says to himself: Desmond: Brother Campbell... Simon yells up to Desmond before he walks out the door: Simon: Thank you Desmond... thank you for bringing part of Charlie back to me! Desmond turns and nods to Simon, who looks overjoyed as he looks back at the ring. Desmond walks out. --commercial-14) INT. HIDEOUT HOUSE. LA. MORNING. Hurley walks into the hideout house and throws his bag down on the floor. Ben is sitting at a laptop and looks up at Hurley. Ben: Hugo, you are just now getting in? Hurley doesn't say a word. He walks directly up to Ben and punches him right in the face. Ben falls to the ground and Hurley stands over top of him ready to lay down some more punches. Sayid rushes in from the kitchen and pulls Hurley off of Ben. Hurley: I told you, dude, you mess with my friends and you mess with me! Sayid: Hurley, come on, calm down! Stop... stop! Sayid pulls Hurley to a safe distance and Ben picks himself up off the floor and wipes the blood from his nose. He looks at Hurley. Ben:

I suppose I deserved that. Hurley: Damn right you deserved that! Penny's dead because of you! Ben: In all fairness, Sayid was holding the gun and it went off because you grabbed his arm... Sayid: Enough! Sayid rushes up to Ben and grabs him by the neck. He says to Ben right in his face through clenched teeth. Sayid: That is enough. Hurley sits down on the couch looking very tired and dazed. Sayid: What took you so long to get back here? We thought... Hurley: I had to take a connecting flight to Tokyo, then Honolulu, then San Francisco.... it was bad... I'm going to take a shower. Hurley walks out of the room. Sayid turns to Ben. Sayid: This whole thing has been a mistake. Working with you, pretending to be someone that I'm not... Sayid looks disgusted with himself and he begins walking towards the door. Ben: Where do you think you're going? Sayid: I don't follow orders from you anymore... go to hell. Sayid walks out of the house. Ben is left standing there with blood dripping out of his nose. He looks rather pathetic. 15) INT. LYNWOOD WOMEN'S CORRECTIONAL FACILITY. LA. DAY.

Jack is being escorted by a guard down the hall of a prison facility to the visitor's room. He is shown a seat behind a plate glass window. On the other side we see a guard escort Kate, wearing a blue prison uniform, to a seat on the opposite side. Kate has handcuffs on. Kate looks at Jack with tears in her eyes. Jack looks back and cracks a sympathetic smile. Jack: Blue looks good on you. Kate fights back her tears and smiles. Jack: I talked to a lawyer... it's not good Kate. Kate looks down. Jack: He said because you left the state... well, the country and used a fake passport you are looking at a lot of time... Kate: How much time? Jack: ... 30 years. Kate loses it and looks down with tears streaming her cheeks. She looks back up at Jack and whispers towards the glass: Kate: What about bail... we can get Aaron and disappear... Jack: The judge isn't going to grant you bail, Kate. You proved you're a flight risk. Kate looks like she doesn't know what to say. She finally gets out: Kate: Is Aaron safe? Jack: Cassidy has him. I... I wish you wouldn't have given him to her. Kate:

Do something Jack, I did that in-case something happened to all of us. Jack: The paperwork would take months to go through... Kate: Then you know what you have to do... Jack: That will blow our cover, Kate. It would destroy the whole story we came up with. Kate: What does it matter anymore? Jack: I think this is a lot bigger than we even know... Kate: What do you mean? Jack: I saw a photo of my father... he was with Cindy. Kate: Cindy? Who's Cindy? Jack: The flight attendant, Cindy... that's who. Kate: Jack? What the hell are you talking about?! What does this... Jack: He was working with her on something... I need to figure out what. Kate: You're not making any sense Jack... where are you priorities?! Your father is dead! Kate looks like she is about to break... she puts her hand up and the guard starts over towards her. Kate:

I can't do this, Jack. When you are ready to take action to get Aaron... until then, leave me alone. Kate gets up and walks away with the guard. Jack stands up and watches her walk out of the room. He slams his hand down on the table and walks out. 16) EXT. LYNWOOD WOMEN'S CORRECTIONAL FACILITY. LA. DAY. Jack walks out of the barbed wire gates of the prison and onto the sidewalk of the downtown LA area. He begins to walk to his old beat up jeep/truck and happens to notice someone out of the corner of his eye. It is Matthew Abaddon. Abaddon is standing outside of his car on his cell phone. He notices that Jack spotted him and Jack is already running towards him. Abaddon doesn't have time to jump in his car so he takes off down the street. There is a hot pursuit in action as Abaddon dodges Jack, who can run like a track star, by knocking people and even a bicyclist out of the way to avoid Jack. Abaddon comes to a street that is very busy and cars are flying past. He looks back at Jack, who is closer than ever, and decides to run into the busy intersection. Cars honk their horns and swerve to miss Abaddon as Jack jumps into the busy street. A car swerves to miss Abaddon and hits Jack. Jack flips up over the hood of the car and watches as Abaddon gets away. Jack stands up, slams his fist on the hood of the car and watches as Abaddon makes his escape. 17) EXT. EDDINGTON MONASTERY. SCOTLAND. DAY. Desmond pulls up in his silver Volvo to the spot where Penny pulled into to load the wine in "Catch-22." Desmond gets out of the car and looks at the monastery. The flash sound begins... 18) --FLASH-- EXT. OUTSIDE PUB. EDDINGTON. SCOTLAND. NIGHT. The scene begins with Desmond falling out the door of a Pub in Eddington. He stumbles around trying to gain stability, but he ultimately falls down into the street. The camera focuses on Desmond, on his back, in the middle of the street and the camera pans upwards. We see Brother Campbell walk up to Desmond, who is passed out. We then see another man walk out of the bar and up to Brother Campbell. The camera goes from the top bird's eye view to the street view. The camera shows Donovan, Desmond's best mate whom we saw in "Flashes Before Your Eyes." Brother Campbell hands Donovan an envelope and as Donovan opens it he says: Donovan: I don't know about this, Brother... Brother Campbell: My boy, this is for the best... for him and for Ruth. You did well. Donovan: Forcing cold feet upon my best friend a week before his wedding is hardly what I call for the best. Brother Campbell:

We both know this is the only way Desmond will ever become anything in this life. Now go, you did a great service to this lad. Donovan pulls a lot of cash out of the envelope. Donovan: Whatever, man, I did this for me... so I can finish school. Whatever you have planned for him... it won't work. Desmond is a lost cause. Brother Campbell: God will be the judge of that, now go. The point of view is now that of Desmond. The camera is his "eyes" as they open and he sees Donovan standing there. It is a bit fuzzy due Desmond's intoxicated state. The "eyes" close and the scene goes black. 19) --FLASH CON'T-- INT. EDDINGTON MONASTERY. MORNING. The POV is again from the eyes of Desmond through the camera. As he opens his "eyes" and looks up to see Brother Campbell sitting across the room. Desmond sits up in a haste. He looks down and sees he is wearing what he wore the night before. He looks at Brother Campbell. The POV stops and it is regular camera. Brother Campbell: Rough night, eh Desmond? Desmond: Ay, a bit hazy. Brother Campbell: I found you on the street. Desmond: I remember. I asked you for help... Brother Campbell: That you did, and here you are. You still want this Desmond? Desmond thinks about it and then he nods. Brother Campbell smiles and he walks out of the room. He closes the door, but not completely. Desmond gets up and goes to the door. He overhears Brother Campbell say to someone across the way, whom Desmond can't see. The unseen man speaks with an American Accent. Brother Campbell: He's in. I believe the process is going accordingly.

Man: Good. The man puts his hand out to shake Brother Campbell's hand. When he does this we see the hand of the unseen man. His hand is that of an African-American. The hand is also wearing a ring... the DS ring. The flash sound begins.... 20) --END OF FLASH-- EXT. EDDINGTON MONASTERY. SCOTLAND. DAY. Desmond looks down into the archways as he comes out of his daydream. Standing there is Brother Campbell, looking just as he looked in "Catch 22." Brother Campbell: Brother Desmond, good to see you again. Desmond: Is it? Brother Campbell's expression changes drastically and he look at Desmond with utmost seriousness. Brother Campbell: Please, come to my chambers. The scene cuts to the interior of Brother Campbell's office. Brother Campbell walks to his desk and sits down. He turns the photo of him and Ms. Hawking around to face him so Desmond doesn't see it. Desmond walks to the the chair across the desk from Brother Campbell and sits down. Desmond is holding "Catch 22." He sits the book down on the desk in front of him. Desmond: You want to know something interesting about this book, Brother? Brother Campbell: What is that Desmond? Desmond: All the interesting character connections. They are quite remarkable. Unlikely in the real world, but none the less, remarkable. Brother Campbell: I was wondering how long it would be before you returned, Desmond. Desmond:

But you knew I would be back, didn't you? You've been a prominent character in my life, Brother, you just keep coming back. Brother Campbell: I'm sure you have questions, Desmond. I can answer them. Desmond loses his cool and slams his hand on the desk. Desmond: What was your plan with me, Brother?! Why were you meddling in my life?! Why did you pay Donovan to push me to back out of my engagement?! Brother Campbell: It is who you are Desmond. Remember when I told you that you were destined for greater things? The Island was that destiny. Desmond looks absolutely lost. He is in disbelief. Desmond: Destiny, it's a word I've been hearing and seeing a lot lately, but don't understand! Brother Campbell: Do you understand your part, Desmond? Desmond: What is il Destino Sinergia? Brother Campbell looks away then directly back at Desmond. Brother Campbell: Desmond, you have done your part. Go live a normal life. Desmond: Normal?! Penny is dead! My life will never be normal! Brother Campbell looks a bit surprised by the statement that Penny is dead. He looks a bit nervous now. Brother Campbell: Penny's.... passed? Desmond: Ay, was that part of my destiny as well then, brotha?!

Brother Campbell gets up and walks to the window and looks out. Brother Campbell: No, I don't believe it was. Desmond looks at him not expecting that answer. Brother Campbell walks back to his desk and turns the photo of him with Ms. Hawking around. Desmond sees it and looks back at Brother Campbell with wide eyes. Brother Campbell: I believe you should go see Ms. Hawking, Desmond. She may have answers for you... my answers to your questions end here... I simply don't know. The music builds as the camera shows Desmond's shock at the photo and then the camera pans to the photo as the music builds and the camera goes abruptly to black. --commercial-21) EXT. OUTSIDE OF JEWELERY STORE. LONDON. ENGLAND. NIGHT. Desmond walks up to the same jewelery store that he met Ms. Hawking in "Flashes Before Your Eyes." Desmond looks in the window and the lights on the inside are turned off. He cups his hands against the window and looks in. As he does this the lights on the inside turn on and he sees Ms. Hawking standing directly in front on the other side of the window staring back at him. Desmond jumps back with and lets out a little "ahhh" as if he was startled. Ms. Hawking smiles and gives him that "come here" finger gesture. Desmond walks into the store. Ms. Hawking goes and stands behind the counter. She smiles that strange smile of hers at Desmond. Ms. Hawking: Mr. Hume... very lovely to see you again... sorry it has to be under such horrible circumstances. Desmond smiles as he pulls a gun out from his waistband. He cocks the gun and points it directly at Ms. Hawking's head. She doesn't seem phased by this one bit. Desmond: I want answer, old woman... I want them now. Ms. Hawking: There is no need for that Desmond, I plan on telling you every last detail. Please, have a seat. Ms. Hawking points to a chair. Desmond reluctantly sits down as Ms. Hawking walks around the front of the counter and rests on it as she crosses her arms. Ms. Hawking:

We've had our eye on you for a very, very long time Desmond. Every action you have made. At one time, we even influenced you to buy a certain brand of knickers at Harrods. (she giggles) Though, I suppose that was a bit unnecessary. You just look so bloody handsome in red, Desmond... Desmond looks at Ms. Hawking like she is a lunatic. Ms. Hawking: I digress... I bet you are wondering 'why me, Desmond Hume who has a light problem with the bottle and no luck with women.' Desmond, you have those traits because you had to have those traits. They all led to you being here, right now. Desmond: I've had enough of this... rubbish... it's all rubbish. Desmond begins to stand up, but Mrs. Hawking raises her hand and Desmond falls back onto the chair. He looks a bit dazed. Ms. Hawking: Desmond, you don't see the importance of who you are, do you? You are... like a Saint. You are going to bring about the final hour of redemption.... Ms. Hawking walks to the wall where there is a painting hanging. She points to it. Ms. Hawking: Does this look familiar? Desmond: Ay, that's my boyhood home... Ms. Hawking touches her nose with her finger to signal "correct." She then points to a statuette on a table. It is of Athena. Desmond: The figure in my mother's bathroom... how do you... Ms. Hawking: We are Il Destino Sinergia, Desmond. The Destiny Synergy. We are a group of select people whose soul task in life is to make sure what is supposed to happen, actually happens. Desmond: And what... what is supposed to happen? Ms. Hawking: I can't tell you that Desmond... don't be silly. I could ruin everything!

Desmond: How do you know what is supposed to happen? Ms. Hawking: Dr. Enzo Valenzetti realized there is a direct correlation between a set of numbers and everything that has ever happened, is happening and will happen. We, the Destino Sinergia, analyzed these numbers and... predicted, if you will... what will happen.... most of it anyway. That is before he went missing. Enzo went rogue and turned on us. Desmond: If it is supposed to happen, then why do you have to make sure it.... Ms. Hawking: Because, certain actions from certain people can unfold everything and the universe can't course correct it. Desmond: Certain people? Ms. Hawking: The chosen ones. The ones on the list. Desmond looks down as if this is all too much to even consider. Desmond gets up out of his chair and he begins to walk out. Ms. Hawking: I wouldn't finish your book just yet, Desmond. You still have work to do. In an act of defiance to what the woman has just said, Desmond turns to her and points the gun at her. Suddenly, Desmond turns the gun on himself and pulls the trigger. The camera goes black and the flash sound begins.... 22) --FLASH-- DESMOND'S LIFE. The first series of flashes go rather slow, but when Desmond relives the flashes with the main focus on "what the focus is on" it goes much quicker and music builds as the speed of the flashes build. You will understand as you read. This is a series of flashes, like Desmond's life is passing before his eyes. It starts with Desmond as a baby in the hospital when he was born. A nurse hands baby Desmond to his mother. The next flash is of Desmond's first steps. Next is Desmond's first day of school. Next is Desmond's first kiss. Next is Desmond's graduation. Desmond meeting Ruth. Desmond in the monastery. Desmond meeting Penny. Desmond in the military. Desmond meeting Libby. Desmond pushing the button. Desmond kissing Penny on the cheek as she falls away from the plane. They all seem like normal flashes until they all replay and point out a very key element. Mrs. Hawking is in each of those flashes. She is the nurse in the

hospital, she is the person Desmond is walking to, she is the crossing guard in front of the school, she is the waitress at the restaurant where Desmond had his first kiss, she is the photographer snapping the photo of Desmond with his mother at graduation, she is in the window at the monastery as Desmond meets Penny, she is a cafeteria worker in the mess hall at the barracks in the Royal military, she is in the coffee shop where Desmond met Libby, she wasn't in the hatch, but the rest plays out because of her. 23) --END OF FLASH-- INT.JEWELERY STORE. LONDON. ENGLAND. NIGHT. The camera, in slow motion, shows Desmond falling to the floor, dropping the gun, the book falling out of his coat. He lands, the gun lands, the book lands. The camera pans above Desmond who has blood coming out of his head and then the camera pans to the book, which has flipped open to the page with the book-marker in it. It is page 931, the final page of "Our Mutual Friend." The camera pans back towards the ceiling of the jewelery store showing Ms. Hawking running to her phone and a lifeless Desmond in a pile on the floor. 24) EXT. PARKING GARAGE. LA. DAY. The camera shows Sayid standing outside of his car leaning on the hood. He looks at his watch. It is 4:23. Just then the camera pans and shows Abaddon running into the garage. Sayid reaches for his gun as Abaddon comes up to him, out of breath. Abaddon: It's all right. I lost him... Sayid: Who? Abaddon: Jack. Sayid: Does he know? Abaddon: No, but... I left my car there... it's all in there... he'll find everything. Sayid looks down with much anger. Abaddon: We need to extract them. It won't be long until Jack realizes everything.... The camera shows Sayid's face... it looks very serious and very determined... Sayid: Let's go.

25) INT. EMPTY BUILDING. TOKYO. JAPAN. NIGHT. Sun is walking into an empty building in downtown Tokyo. She looks at the note the man left with Mrs. Paik. There is an address and it matches the one above the door. Sun walks into the building. She is walking through a lobby and she hears someone. She runs and ducks behind a door. A figure walks past and Sun watches through the crack in the door. She pulls a gun out of her bag and slowly pushes the door open. She sneaks up behind the man and says: Sun: STOP! Right there!! The man stops. He drops a folder he was holding and raises his hands up. Sun: Now turn around! The man slowly begins to turn around. He turns fully around, but we can't see his face because of the darkness. Sun: Step into the light... The man doesn't move. Sun: Now!! The man slowly moves into the light. The camera cuts to Sun and we see her expression. It is complete confusion and shock. Sun: Daniel? Daniel: Hello, Sun. No music. Cut to Black and...

On the Next Lost.... VO: With the Destino Sinergia Revealed, the Final Battle Back to the Island Begins... VO: While Back on the Island, the Final Battle off the Island Beings...

Clips of: 1) Locke in the Temple. 2) Harper running through the jungle. 3) Richard looking shifty. 4) Christine kicking major Redshirt Ass. 5) Charles standing in front of the Black Rock. 6) Miles holding a gun at Locke. Someone screaming: "Let Him Go!" VO: You thought you've seen the Beginning of the End, but the End has just begun. On the next Lost. Cast In Order Of Appearance: Jack Shephard...........Matthew Fox Kate Austen..............Evangeline Lilly Aaron Littleton/Austen.??? Hurley Reyes.............Jorge Garcia Desmond Hume...........Henry Ian Cusick Penelope Widmore.......Sonya Walger Sun Kwon..................Yunjin Kim Sayid Jarrah...............Naveen Andrews Ben Linus...................Michael Emerson "Libby" Staples...........Cynthia Watros Nurse Cratchit........... ??? Carmen Reyes............Lillian Hurst Officer 1...................??? Officer 2...................??? Mrs. Paik..................June Kyoko Lu Margo Shephard.........Veronica Hamel Marc Silverman..........Zach Ward Erika Stevenson.........April Parker-Jones Dr. Moore.................Bradley Cooper Sarah Shephard.........Julie Bowen Simon Pace...............John Henry Canavan Young Desmond.........Seth Gabel Jacqueline................??? Young Boy................??? Mrs. Ryan.................??? Dexter Stratton.........Charles Durning Charles Widmore.........Alan Dale Brother Campbell........Andrew Connolly Linda.......................??? Matthew Abaddon......Lance Reddick Donovan..................Shishir Kurup Ms. Hawking.............Fionnula Flanagan

Questions Answered: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) The basis of Danielle's expedition: To find Valenzetti. It just all went horribly wrong. Who Ms. Hawking really is and why she came to Desmond. Abaddon's inside man is in fact Sayid. The basis of the Destino Sinergia. Where Daniel is.

Questions Asked: 1) 2) 3) 4) How Why Why Why does Ms. Hawking appear throughout Desmond's life? is Daniel in Tokyo? is Sayid working with Abaddon? was Cindy with Christian in that photo?

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