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Human Resource & Management

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Acknowledgement.................................................................................................... Executive summary . Descon profile . Client of Descon Role of HR department in descon .. HR Planning Recruitment ............................................................................................ Selection Orientation process . Job analysis Job specification .. Job description . Job design . Techniques of job design in descon .. Performance appraisal . Performance appraisal techniques in Descon . Reward and benefits .................................................................... Rewards in Descon .................................................................... Recommendation Snaps of meeting
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We are grateful to Allah Almighty who bless us with many blessings and qualities. I would like to express my gratitude to all those who gave me the possibility to complete this project. I want to thank Sir Zafaruz-zaman who give us such an opportunity to make this project in such a way to polish ourselves. Corporation of Mr. Fehad Mehmood HR manager of Descon engineering who benefited us from his precious knowledge is also very respected. We are also thankful to Mr. Imran Aslam who arranged a meeting with H.R manager of Descon. I wish to thank all those who helped me in this work. Without them, I could not have completed this project. y y y y Rashid: For his advice about this project and typing skills: Ali , Sehrish and Rabia for their fruitful ideas: Iqra: For his editing skills: Adeel: For making slides :

We are also thankful to our parents who gave us moral support and encouragement.


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Executive summary
This project is made on Descon s H.R department in such a way that; y y y y y y How the HR department plan and work there: how they advertise the job vacancies: how they recruit: how they took interview : how they select the candidates: how they train them:

. Descon engineering has an effective Human Resource department, which operates to increase the existing skills of the people who are already working or newly coming in the organization. In order to achieve its objectives in a more efficient and effective manner. First they recruit the potential candidates and train them and then they promote to abroad for their project especially in gulf countries. Descon really facilitate their employees in order to achieve the goal efficiently. Descon has a plus point that they set their goals by mutually understanding or coordination. Descon use all type of job design techniques but Descon prefer to job specialization technique as due to technical work.


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Descon Engineering Limited

Descon Engineering is a multi-dimensional engineering, construction and manufacturing company operating in Pakistan and the Middle East. It is well known and well reputed Engineering organization in all over the world especially in gulf countries. This is a listed company and has more than 5 branches all over the gulf. The founder of Descon is MR. ABDUL RAZAQ DAWOOD. Descon established in 1977 but at time it is under the DAWOOD group. Fristly it is a construction company and construct the buildings and roads but after some time it start working on engineering .The main projects that was constructed by the Descon are as under y y M1 motorway Islamabad to peshawar: Expansion work on mangla dam:

Dscon also provide services in the following fields;

y y y y y y Piping plans and designs Fire Alarm Systems Heat Tracing Systems Underground Services for Plants Industrial Facilities and Process Buildings Highways

In 1983 Descon started work as individually as a registered organization. Descon has 34000 working employees and 3000 administrative employees. Descon also look after their employees very well. As Descon provide free health facilities
and also transport facility. These kind of facilities really motivate the employees and then the employees show quality work. This factor plays a very vital role in the progress of any organization.


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The vision of Descon is to become world class engineering, manufacturing and Construction Company operating internationally. The mission of Descon is to provide their valued customers with cost effective and reliable solutions in project implementation and be recognized as the leading manufacturer in the manufacturing field.


Major Sectors of Descon Ltd:

The major sectors in which Descon deals are; y Cement:

y y
y y y

Oil and Gas: Power:

Fertilizers: Petro chemicals: Infrastructure:

Human resource department of Descon engineering is working very well. It is there main strength. HR department recruit the potential candidates and then polish them to get the desired result from them. Descon engineering one of the leeding engineering firm in the Pakistan. So in this project we are going to know that how HR department of the Descon engineering works.


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Organization becomes from peoples, goals, and resources. Important element of the organization is people/humans. Manger job is to polish the worker or people on the job or outside the job for the getting there desired level of productivity. Management devolved people through work. HR play vital role in Descon like in other organization in the world. HR major role in the Descon is as under: y Strategic partner: Strategy means way to how to achieve the objective and the desired goals. HR department play vital role in the strategic partnership in Descon. It is major role of HR. HR department hire and recruit the potential candidate for the project which works efficiently and effectively. y Functional role of HR:

Functional role of HR means the HR department implement all the strategies on the line management. In Descon HR department implement stratigies of top line management on the low level management. Descon is a engineering company so the employee on the low level is technical staff so they cant know the how know of the project so the HR department implement all stratigies made by the top level management. y Administrative efficiency:

In administrative efficiency HR department keep the record of all employees of the firm.IN Descon HR department keep the full record of the employees that work in Descon. HR department keeps the record of each employee either he is permanent or the projct base employee. Along above main function HR department also perform these function as well. Which are as follows:

It is the duty of human resource department to plan for the Right no of people, Right people, at the right time at the job. HR department plans according to the future need of the organization. HR play vital role in the the achieving organization goal by selecting right people at right time and the right no of people. In Descon it is the basic function of HR department to select right people at right time for right job for achieving the Descon goals or objects. HR department define the mission of Descon towards the employee that what s the organization wants to do or what s the organization wants to achieve in few years or coming years. mission means why the organization exists, what the organization wants to do, in Descon HR department define every thing to the employees.


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Recruitment means appointment of people for the job. It is the basic function of HR department to recruit the potential candidate and then trained them according to assessed needs. Recruitment is not wholly function of HR. All the department of the organization also participate in the process of recruitment. In recruitment these two steps are involves: y y Identifying the HR needs: Attract the potential candidate:

Descon is a engineering company so the recruitment process in it is very complicated. HR department hire the technical staff so a lot of steps required for the recruitment. These steps are as under: First step is the need identification; in this step HR department identify the need of technical staff and the admin staff for the project. Company works on the projects so the employees requirement is different from project to project. When the HR department identifies the needs then it takes the second step. In second step HR department attract the potential candidates toward the Descon. HR department properly advertised the vacant post in the newspaper. The Descon make attractive add with a object to hiring the potential candidate. The add by Descon is favorable to the applicant. Descon provides equal employment opportunities to the peoples. HR department of Descon focus to publish the vacant post in the newspaper because they think that it show the company strength. If add is published on the front page then there impact or image is good in the mind of compotators. HR department try to attract the potential candidate by making an attractive add. Descon thinks if they just only attract the candidates then 50% of the job is done. Descon offer equal employment opportunities. There is no discrimination in the administrative job but in the technical job Descon preffer to offered job a men. Descon company follow the rule of ethics which are made the CHARTED INSITUTE OF PERSONAL DEPARTMENT. In it all the code of ethics are written. Descon follows the rules. Desco properly acknowledge the potential candidate and keep the information of candidate must secret. when candidate apply for the job the HR department properly inform the candidate. Descon engineering use only external recruitment. Because they want to use the young and creative minds in their projects. In external recruitment the candidates are hired outside the firm so Descon engineering use only external recruitment.


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Selection process is start after the advertisement. After the advertisement Descon receive the C.Vs from the applicant. Descon use following steps in selection process y y y y y y y y Screening: Short listing: Educational tests: Technical interview: HR interview: Back ground investigation: Medical check up: Call latter:

In first step of selection process the Descon screen the received C.Vs. The criteria define by the Descon if some C.Vs are not fulfill the requirement then these C.Vs are rejected at the first step. After rejection Descon inform rejected applicants. In second step Descon engineering short list the potential candidates on the given criteria. if the Descon hired the human resource for a new project and the experience is required. If any applicant have no experience then rejected. In third step Descon engineering takes the educational test of the applicants if applicants are fresh graduate. Descon define the passing criteria for this test. If Descon is hiring technical staff then Descon conduct the technical interview of applicants. If the applicant passes the technical interview then he will be call for HR interview. The main step in the selection process is HR interview conduct by the HR department. In this interview the HR department gets full information from the applicant. And in this interview Descon decides that either the recruit the person or not. Descon conduct the panel interview for the selection. Minimum three person are in interview that take the interview. If the HR department recruits the person then in next steps Descon get full background information of the applicant. And verified the information of recruited person from his references. If there is any doubt about the applicant then the Descon have right to reject the applicant. HR department of descon also conduct the medical check up of the applicant and if the applicant is not madically fit then the Descon have right to reject the person or the applicant. If candidate can pass all the stages of selection process then HR department issued the call latter to the selected candidate. And fix the remuneration with mutual coordination of selected candidate.


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When the selection is over the first work done by organization is socialization or the orientation of new employee with the existing employees. After the selection process the orientation process of new employee is starts. Orientation means interaction of new employee with the current employees. The main object behind the orientation of new employee is as under y y y Reduce the anxiety: Increase the employee productivity: Reduce the turnover:

Socialization and orientation process is start in Descon at the pre arrival stage. Pre arrival stage means when the new employee comes and join the firm. In the pre arrival stage the new employee have its own perception according to his mind. Descon try to reduce or minimize the perception of new employee by interacting him with the Descon environment. When a new employees join the firm the the C E O of Descon address to them and try to reduce the level of anxiety between the new employee and the existing employee. The new technical staff visits their sites and HR department give all information about the running project to them. Descon follow full formal culture of orientation of new employee if he is in top level of management. Or the technical employee. If the new employee is not technical and admin employee then it follows in formal culture. The orientation process of technical employee is carry on for 30 to 45 days. Because they want to interact their new employee with all of existing employee at the project.

Over all job analysis contribute towards the organization efficiency.There are two main points in job analysis which are given blow: y y Job description: Job specification:

In job description company described all information related to job. Like nature of job, what type of job, what type of authority employee have in job and to whom employee is answerable. In Descon job description is very important document. Every thing related to the job is well define. Every employee knows his job responsibility and he knows to whom he is answerable .Descon


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issued the document with the call letter or at the time of contract to the employee that it is your job description. And if there is any change then Descon will inform you.

in job specification company specified all the required skills and knowledge that essential for the job. Like education, ability for doing job, personal skills. In Deson job specification is also important. It is a engineering company so it required highly skilled person for job so Descon make the specimen that in which job nature what type of specification required. Descon published half of job specification requirements in recruitment adds for attracting more potential candidates. Descon use job analysis in different areas likes, y y y y Recruitment and selection: Training and development: Performance appraisal: safety

In recruitment and selection job description and job specification Descon use to motivate or attract the potential candidate and it is also use for short listing. Like job description is very important tool to attract the potential candidate toward the Descon job. When all details about the job are written that what type of authority you have in job and you have limited liability then more candidates are attract towards job, in selection the most important tool for short listing is job specification, descon use it short list the candidate and keep the potential candidate in the firm. In training and development job description and job specification is use by Descon. Like in job description it is described that what type of job he or she perform so Descon offer that type of training to that particular employee. And if any employee has less knowledge and ability for his job then the Desce on offer him or her to training according to the specifications. In performance appraisal Descon use job specification and job description in a manner that if a employee doing his job well and work more responsibly as compare to responsibility defines in job description then he will be awarded more then other employee. In safety Descon use job description in way that if employee work is more dangerous then Descon provide more security to that employee and awarded more safety tools.


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There are so many factors in the job that demotivate the employee. For the satisfaction of employee jobs are design. Organizations try to raise productivity level by designing the job. Job means work and design means how effectively and efficiently work is being done from employee s .The main purpose behind the job design to motivate the employee towards the job and get the desired productivity level from them. TECHNIQUES OF JOB DESIGEN IN DESCON: There are so many techniques in the world to design the job some are traditional and some are modern. y Traditional techniques: y Job enrichment: y Job enlargement: The main and important element and the strength of Descon is way of job design in descon. Job enrichment and job enlargement is the modern way of job design. Descon Company is a basically engineering company and the work of every employee is define in a task. Descon Company use all type of job design techniques to design the job. Job specialization is a tradional way of job design. In job specialization employee do a certain work in a certain task. Employee is expert in his work and he do his work efficiently and effectively. Descon Company works on different project in different sectors like power, fertilizer, oil and gas sector. Descon works on project base so work of every employee is define in the task and the also use the modern way of job design like task identity. The part of a of a work of a certain employee is define that this part is done by this employee. Descon company also give autonomy in job. The employee have descion power to make the descion but it is limited. Employee have limited descion power on projct. Descon company also use task significance method to design the job. In task significance employee knows that his work is more important then other and his work has effect different people if he do a wrong act. Employee perceived that his job have more significance and if he do a wrong act then the other employees affected badly so he do his work efficiently and effectively. Descon company also use the proper feed back process for the job of employee. Company get feed back about the work of employee from the all person to whom he or she inrected. Company thinks that feed back is very important component of the job. Company thinks that employee must know that how he or she is doing the work. descon use continuous feed back in the job. Descon company also use the job enrichment technique to use the job design. Company gave flexible time hours to there administrators employee or the office work employees. Company timing is 9 d


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am to 6 pm .so if a employee comes 1 hours before the office timing the have right to leave the office 1 hour before. If the companies follow the proper way of job design then they get the desired productivity level and there desired objects. Descon is one of the leading engineering company in Pakistan and the all over the world especially in the gulf countries. Descon company follow proper rules and regulation and proper way of job design. It is there strength point and they do no compromise on their rules.

Performance appraisal is a function of HR department. HR department evaluate the employee performance either he is performing good or bad. On that appraisal process company compensate the employee with rewards and befits. If a employee is properly evaluated and then he should be compensated then defiantly he will be motivated to the work or task and the he pay proper attention to his work and his productivity level is raise and it is good for the company. Descon Company follows proper appraisal process to evaluate the employee performance. Firstly it established the performance stander with the mutual coordination of employee. In establishing performance stander that employee perform the following duties. When the task is over then HR department evaluate the performance by different techniques. When the performance is evaluate then company compares employees actual performance with stander that s are mutually set by descon or the employee of descon. If employees performance is lower then the set stander then it is discussed with that particular employee. If he is performing well then he should be compensated. After all of above process the corrective actins are taken. If employee have any problem then try to get rid of problem,, if the company standers are high the try to reduce the stander.


There are so many techniques in the world appraisal. Like y Critical incident method: y Check list appraisal: y Behaviorally anchored rating scale: that the company follows for the performance Easy writing: Adjective rating school: Forced choice:

Descon engineering use the following techniques for the evaluating the performance of employee:


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In single employee performance Descon company use: y y ADJECTIVE RATING SCALE: MANAGEMENT BY OBJECTIVES (M.B.O)


It is very old and popular method of performance appraisal. In this method some areas are define that these areas are check for employees performance. Like quality of work, quantity of work, dependability, descion power. All of above areas are define by employers that what is checked and what is ignored. When above areas are define by employer then level of areas are define like agree, disagree, fair, strongly disagree : Descon company is a engineering company so it use adjective rating scale. It define different areas of work that these areas are checked at the end of the project. When a project is over then company make a questionnaire and then these questionnaires are filled by other employees and the other person to whom he or she is interacted. All the questions are relevant to his job and the areas that is define by the Descon. After this company compensate the employee and the also issue the appreciation certificate to that particulars employee. MANAGEMENT BY OBJECTIVES: Management by objective have two steps, which are as follows: y y Sets the objectives: Performance review

Management sets realistic and reliable goals with the coordination of employees. After a certain time period when Descon projects are over Descon review the performance of employee coordinately with the employees. After evaluating the performance Descon compensate that particular employee. In group comparison Descon use this technique for ranking the employees in group: y Group order

in this method Descon company use to ranked the employee in group, that following are the top % employee of the Descon. Company uses it that these % group work very best in this project. And following % employees are the average in this project. After the project Descon compensate the employees in group.


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Rewards and benefits means the remuneration and other awards from the employer or the organization. By rewards and benefits the employee is highly motivated and employee pay proper attention to his works and given task. Rewards and benefits have different types that are use for motivation or compensating employee. y y Intrinsic rewards: Extrinsic rewards:

Descon engineering compensates the employee after the above performance appraisal process. Descon have a fair award system and use it after the completion of the project or task. Descon company use both type of rewards for the compensating to employees. Descon Company use comprehensive plans for the remuneration. The pay package of employee is annually reviewed by the top level management. Descon pay rewards on performance base that allow employees to earn high level of rewards and benefits. In extrinsic rewards the Descon engineering pay heavy financial reward or non financial rewards. Like in financial rewards it is totally performance based. If employee is performing very well then he will be compensate very well. There are no implied membership base rewards in Descon. If employee performed good then he will be compensated at the end of project. In performance base rewards Descon engineering pay only bonus annually and at the end of project that is running. Descon engineering gave following facility to their employees: y y y y y y y y y y y Interest free loan: Pick an drop facility: Medical facility: Life insurance: Tour to outside the country: Appreciation certificates: Retirement benefits: Provident funds or gratuity funds: Promotion of employee: Project allowance: Project base insurance:


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We recommend following recommendation that the Descon must use or follow: y y y y y The Descon engineering must open the training institute for the persons who are not employee of the Descon. Employee should be involved in a descion that effecting them. Descon works on different sector so it should enhance the coordination between employees of different field. Descon offer tour to outside the country just for engineers, it must offer the tour to admin staff as well.

Descon pursues zero tolerance policy for all disciplinary actions. This is good but not in all cases. Descon should look towards its discipline polices and try to lenient in case of genuine reasons.


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