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SEPT 2gl';i3l'.iti plus...
Andy Worhol Retrospective! Midnight Movies! Hong Kong Cinemq ond Cuisine! UT Footboll on the movie screen! Show Brothers Clqssic Kung Fu! Wild World of Documentories! Free Weird Movies every Wed! Anime on Tuesdoys! Free Kids movies! Mondo Trivio! 100 Best Kills! Cqnnibol Film Festivsl! Cinemuerte Film Festivol! Mr. Sinus TheEter 3000! Silenl Film - live Music! ond more, more, more!

little magazine lhat manages tc tell you Drafthouse about all the special events that will be happm'ing a! th5 A1m9 ir"J t * spe'cial events al VilJage and Laii Creek) ir the nert two monLhsl
Welcome to the new Alamo Guide, the


to uPset you' though We
(Hemi Mazza)

did them because we like the magazine better this way, md we have a sneaking suspicion that you will, too. This way, if you wmt to lem aboxt

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.i.*n" uou'll notice ii this edition of our calendar of events is that lo group our dercriP,lo* 66r psvie' and shwt.togelher 'Well, thal and we switdred around instead of iuonologica\

what do"rumentaries we'il be playing in our Wednesday night series-The Wild Wonderful World of Domentmi.t] you .* see them all mmged together' of You don't have io tum as nany pages. This should reduce the nmber pup", .u* you huu" to suffer in'youilifetime See? Wete just trying to helP'



did;'t do

ihese things

rn the six veas o{ operation or rhe

' lllil lfitll lilt lil Plf,$0il! q: ff AlmothmJimKeliy. Whenlwasalittleboy(althoughlditu'tknowhimwhenltustsa:*.1*:?t*1f1ry*: . G,,{1,'f '*i
Armo Drafthouse Cinema, there is no stil.that I


more excited about bringing


;'iffi"J*"dtlit'J*'s'j#ir'.aili""ijil"J.&"b''8rre,'1rrci Jr1'revil1"9:"'^i'^!T,:i:A:"'"T::l1i dm near 'i|:;r trr", firet turned rie oln to blaxploitaiion. Now after obsessivelv seirg

ilil i; rii"it ii.rt i""i' KelI is t]re rhai Biact Betr ]one ic wirhoui enrerraiment equal ro re ]im ff; ;iil i. il;#.;;;[;.;i* or rhe \elly l#J., ,rr",i|ii,-,,;;;;;.;;;r.,.i"ngrt" hrt,'uorur., dnd rds asc--kic1inS abrlifl:. role he&opped ourodered Hr beng 1680. apparently di<ounged wir]r rhe quatity of [rTr,lii #i,r,"i"rilil;;J.;;J Dratlltou>e tlLe il;, il,h;:dtL' *|J"r-.y "i iiien rHt DMCbN. we are brirgng this.undi.puted legend toJm u \1moar ailat'le for il1 be DMcO'N inO Af ,\CLS'LT JO''S.


"". autographs and


,gf,, only. We will be seenirg tNTtR THt will answer qu*tion' l.ioL th" 'cr"tning'
for more detail.l (Tim League)

seahng is limited' qo get

\ou ticket erlr'


{D. Don

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md"Kid Lalahadis enjorable 'mplr beouse it oi utl tine, but Bubba Ho-Tep is tle fust morre l'hat actrally mde me .or fot t}rr"fine. O{ cour, it doesn t hurt that Flvis is plaved bv the hcmpuable Bruce on o, tt.i O"i, Davis plals fomer Prcsident JFK or ihat rhe rhole thing is ba'ed like uu tl, o'*t loe R L;sddle ln reuospect, iherc was little chmce l-wouldr't . tf.JJ pt fuq i. sinple: tuppose Uvis didntdie ir l9Z. but sqrtched identities tt . *rt' ^o"i..'fti itu" *i"*nator au-ing thifuty tq70's in order to escape the hash glm of fme' impersonatoi died md thu broke a hip wNe perfomirg eventually to be JFK md C", Ieri. redremen{ home hfoduce him l0 a using their rest home as a feeding gromd md you ve ptetty 'laining ir . rout*u.lins under"tmd ine thinB from the begming: Brute Cmpbell lS Elvis





Viva La""Vegas


Am-Jtlargmi batk when

.r,. ti. frrc"*i'f,". whip,

wm still mi$t be the

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* rrrU.*l'*.'tl. i*arr * . mmy ih* r"J .L ii lo. *raio


fl.Li*'ni,frpi.t",," be it Kurt Rusell's o"r Val Kiiner'i or tnicker) Don Jotmsnt ha ;;;, ;;;;.Jh acruate as CmpbeU's HeU, Pre'lev hin'ell tnever m accomplished if,rrr*i "*La "J U..n hud pressed'lo do a better job The Elvi' at the begiming of Bubba of $e old King; he need" a waller t0 8et iloud, has a porsibly il"i.o , oJ. he puts " on his peni", md ha"n t had a borer h hto presidential electiom {* .rncereus sowth "n.Oon


inveterate letch. 1et nmges at the rme time to be on lu. 'ailed mmiage mdt'hilgemtnt,ftom his resret lr""fir.i *iU "."tseful.Altel a .eries o[ grislv deat'lt at thi rest home' md a hi]ariou beetle, Elvic me"ets a mm claiming to be fFK 0f couse' thls fFK *itt, u "-t"tca'ab hin lhat he was dyed ud hi: brijr was 'tolen ir order to hide teUs ir"r",* i" t. ui,?l ancjent "ta whal happencd ir Dalh. 'JFK" d'aim' tlre deatlu ue the work of m initial "f a person's soul flom a certain orifice Elvis' after some


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t.riJ,l*.e at redemphon. Here t< il oPPoriuiq to actually be the heroic 6gm "i"iu*r, b all tlo'e god-awful mories, to cave pmple too helplers to rave hemeJves' md he olaved


"t "t. *Jr"t f.. et riia has alniys been a couitry in need nJ heroes' md. who bettu th. t*o of o* mo"t mythic olizen"? i ru\Pect tie numy il'eu dcsn,t really Fprese,lt hltn; rom me anvthine. thoush IFK i' initially convinced it: Lymdon Iohroon l loved t}trs

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loi m epk clxlibehveen ou gerialrk


(inultileou'ly hilrious md poignmt' ooininn"s.n-HL ;oa to the hieroglyph subtitle' it s *ith gr".utp*fo*.*s. tlete Vondei Hau, I'ilmTtueat )

Tllls GHllll$w ll0u$


lllw ilHlililG r0lltt IIRil "flillty


bought and moved as weir, md rests just across the railroad hacrs {rom The lour

filn when we arived. It was one i,i ,fr"" moments- then,we were staring at the bloodied inage of out a window thgf was only about 4 feet arvay
watching the

The new pmpnetor ol the Four Bears - an amicable gentleman named Tom Fox _ is proud.of the house's norbid history but admiftea he"haa neve, seen the fiIr"."Aft., we cdled askmg to see the house, his cuiosity finally licked in md he wtr upstairs


o* *"."i*0. err*j*irg

*ft, trved_
amved in Texas a few weelc ago, practically the first thing out of my moudi was, "ls the Texas Charnsaw house"still uound?i people seer.a""iur,iut

frorn'me in rcai iife. f ,.*.il1., to myself, "if I die in a car crash on the way home, I can say l,ve huly



I've.made many,such oremafic pilgrimages throughout my life, and I won,t incrmirate myself by lisbng them here. but lrety have t traa a lost a: welcomirg
as Tom. He seems to have no idea of the


denolishe4 ald in one wild vaiation on the rumor (J."r,n had been bumed down by the commmity oi Romd Rock ufte, "j,,frri,, thev Asc*erea Satanic rituals takjng place therein. A little investigating provd this to be
the house was was now functioning
as a

of the goldmine he,s cunently siting on _ but he find, tt .h;*.g nonethdess when fars come through and <aa guhlng aUout the iail;;;
housed the,icornc s]id1C steel door (guilty). That said, Tom aganst exploiting. dre building,s status as a cinematic clrentele that comes


hue magmtude ol the filrn,s fanbase _ and


mtrue* not only still aound but it had bien iolvea to *o&u, L*o ina
restaurmt called The Fou Beas.

After The Texas Chainsaw Massaoe rmmortalized the house onscree[ it fell into massive disrepair, abmdoned md ovcrgmwn with loliage, and was welcomine

enteftmed thoughts of augmenting the decor with the odd mimal bone. The local ir regdarly for $e rnported Alaskm Saimon mjght not be rnpress€d, but t0 some ofus, that houie is family. (Kierla Janjsse) For direchons and more hJormation about the Texas Chairuaw Massaoe house, check Also, join us at tle fr*^, Chu*u* Iflrrru.r. nouse 0n tnday, October 31 for the ulhmate Chairuaw experience. A Chainsaw themed menu serued by the Four Bears, a tou o{ the Ct,ri"rr* flo*u, guests. and a soeemng of Texm Chainsaw Massaoe on the noning noaasho*

md his frnily aren,t monummt, md haie even

lew bul teenage vanda]s md thrillsmken. Almost 30 years later the house ivas
bought by Demis and Barbara BondsThomas, who mate a habit of restoring old Victorian hones and otler hentage buildings, "r.uirg;a They cut the housi into seven pieces and hansported il over 6ve days hom Ro,:rid Roci ro Kingsland, on a lot with their similarly restorcd Antlers hotel. The bam behird the TCii hour. *u,




(Tobe Hmper, USA I 974 i_,sm 3uuin, lime 83 ojn.) No Te; sprt m.deny being tmched by what mmy comider to be the finest Americm nonor.ntrl ever made. I.or tive youg friends, a smer aftemoon drive becomes a temrimg rughhnile. You know iL you l0ve il. Despite its meager budqet, the filrn spamed a slew ot imjtations md m entire schml of realst hmor filinaline, ln the wake of the recent Texas Chairoaw Massam Tobe Hooper's pivotal Americm dmsic is certainJy " Au"rg f"iuiJ'tm "f in vrctonil home which served ro Chairoaw,s primary "ra.. loation, soriped uo md ,,Tire opmating as m upscale comtry restaurmt calied Fou n.rr;Itt. nlUrg Roadshow"will.present the ultimate chainsaw experience,-."rlrf*. soeening of $r film, specidl gtests ild a meaf to aie tir " fierea ticlelne wU b; n etfect - bur VIP tjclets (which incJude a goumet djmer ruide the hou,i, a tou by m original Chairuaw cast member md icollectible T+hirt) will be ,ii,j" ,"prfy, so stdy tuned to the web.ite for hcketirg infomationi ^

r PrlR 0l IHr$ llllru$ul uq$Gff n0HilG n0rD$iloul$r

Ill ulTlrNrTE Gltfllt$w rxpHlrrGrr ;;AT; ;m
,.r*i ,p."ril*i*?


ililr 3I IBA
printin& no dates or specifics have been announced for this

At the time of



screening. Hell it could still all fall tlrough. There



about the idea of a Tqas

Mmsam party,


we feel confortable nentionjng it hm. Thu Al*o f9ryeyu, Drufthou*ilra Ain't It Cool News md New Line Cinema ithe same t"r. *rr^ hm who-brought you Canp Hackmtmh last month) have been schenirg ,"r. tu"i id;;;lX;'j ,r."ii.[ smening m check the website {or more detailJ., "p d.u.lop, ih.y




litde extra hvostroke


oil. Alsq lmk for the n." f.iu, Chuii..* frA*;;;; Crek, witfi themed menu offerjng, rnA.r." pr.,to",ri*.if

-J*;; ;,"i1';;".
*;J^ u "t"'

illmo[lrflnu'oGinome-r0g!Gor0ndost -0n[[cucrotsruNirrir.rtftrsJreflrouso.G'm

lrsoted bv open mrc rusht. at vou lotal coffee house, we de.rded to put togelher Lhe best bmg-you-own-v'Ceo ni"ght thai' going on anywhere in tlc ,omt'y. Heil, mayie it s the onlv brins-vou-om-video rusht. Anvwav ihe concept ol OPF\ SCREE)J \ICHT t qntple: we wiil ldow mythine tou biirg with yoi. Anl'thing ai dll. I hd t. the rvhole point, xe. YoiL bring jn a tape or i DVD, md then we all walch rl together on the big .oeen. You can bring ir m -8, vour heqi. 61m rom college, or a duch old L-eso animation \ou made when vou were vouth"sroup iraininp, \ideo that you bouglrt ott irt Ebal Arything youd lii.e an rulning We do lar e a couple o{ rule. that help u. LeeP the audienie. Anything it arl. 'how smootrly, buInothirg $al linit" the type. of Gmgs you can show
Rule Fl r At most Open S@n Nighh, we don t play uy lape longer thm 8 minu{es lonS Loh in, ild we ie onJy goi twi h'ou:. .o we don l let rou bogut the whole 0f Deople brjnp, "tu? evdnini with a'rough rut of your feahue-film. On Septembu 14th, tlough, we'll be holding a FonriEditon" ol Open Soeen Night, and at that show we'Il play my*rhg for speclalr'Long up to 20 minutes.

ir ho(ibly uentertaining movies that couJd onJy possibly he tunnv lo the ooole involved in makinc th€ video. To make sure lhat the audience i: prople $e s ir makhg the nake be tumy l0 involved and gets a show thats tun to watch. we bring ir a gong lo each show md put it up on the stase at the hont of ihc theater. At the beEinnins of the ororm, we pick one rmdom ol the theater begiming ol stage pelsn m the auorenc ro oe omad sonser or ure wrmn in 6e audience to be ou official HonHer of the reverurg dlu ulctr ndlu UHL ru(y iomrone the malJet. Every video gets 2 ruules t0 play with a quiet audien(e watching nol [its $al 6.t ninuts il clo.el1, closely, md durhg that fist 2 minuts ii can not be gonged. Once ou stopwatch hits 2:01, ionied. OnLebu though. the official gongs cil Bet up out of hi5 seat, sdft dom to the front of the theater 5top hhatever we te Anyhme that happen", and whack the gong wiih the official mallet, Anvtime that hapDens, we stop whatever we're whacl sons rerlJy md t0 *lected tape. lo Let ..lecled showing ild move on to the next rmdomly trlected tape. To let the gonger rally know how Songer naUy dre crcwd is feling, there ile 10 second 'booing poclcts' ever)' 2 minutes in a novie. We luve a rowdr audience, too, md thcy Ll boo and yell their litlle heart. out for the gonger to d0 their hiddrnq The rinal call- however, rests in the hands of the person with the mallet. Thal hand. lhe ner.on wiih mailet. dnal call. however. re"t' ilL however ests biddng. person can Song a m0ue that everyone loves if he so chooses, or he cm lei a movie run iial mar ic s everyone 5 booing. It's aU up to the gonger
Rule #2: Sometines, people bring Rule #3: As an added incentive to brjng something entertainin& we've sei up a few Pdzes as seil. qt the end cf 0re prcpam, we a"[ the audience to vote lor Lheir favorite video by d given the night, md romd ol applaue. The-wimers get $100 in crh Lhdt night. nd then are also gtven ihe play{ erdal us. Itut opportmty io make our nert Ope-n Screen Night comercial for us. That ad plavs between mrdnrqht ua 2 am Ueane.dal nishts on MTV Comedv (entral. md ESIN. and, on again. edne'da\ nights l\4TV. Comedy Cenfral. dd ESI\. aid, on.e ni,a^ght and Z we Ll .hou mr thhg for 24 iecond.. ihereby bringing <rJJy md stupid rideo to the ma\seq vin up with ChuLie from tu rJ that tn't enough. reien{ly laterught (ab 6 lateniqhi cable TV. As iI that isn't enough, we recently temed utwith ChroLie hom A Show hirh \o \,me .o that vou wimirg film wilJ also beincluded in hi. "how 5 progrm, shich cable chmei 10. cm be sen even Smdal' night at l@m on

- l

Hot damn, thai's

a lot of exposure for some

mateu ilmakerl

ALL GOOD STLFE will feahue not one, not hvo, but tluee distinctly difierent premirent voices in the hiplit scene today. Local favorite md HarperColliro chosen pn \eal Pollack rrill ue the shorv to lamch his bmk/bmd tour md elebrate the relem of his nervest novel, t'i"ever Mind the Pollacls. Daly Ro&bart, tie tomder md ediior of Fomd Magzire, will be on hmd to reprise his appearmce on This Americil LiJe md tell us all about his adventures in finding md pubtshing all the ssaps o{ paper that people send into his offices. Love letters, to do lists, homework assigments, poetry on napkins, mything that gives us glimpses into someone else's lile cm find it's way hto Darry's magzine. And Rothbart's not coning a1one, either Riding along with him, md presenting scenes from his latest bool; is Jmle Schwesel who initially Iomd his break with Tales ol a Punk Rock Nothing. His newest book is a collection of statements on T-shirts that got sta*ed a{ter Schweser decided to tell the world why he wasn't so happy lately nith his first shirt, my girifriend just broke up with me.
September's edition oi

In October, as Tm Doyle's goma come in to present tle seft! never before seen Amzing Adult Fmtmy ships that were too personal too gmtesque, or just too much to make it inio publication while it was happening to him. Tim's been spending the past trvo yeas o{ his Jife metidously keeping track of every mmdme detail of his
day to day so that he could colld them all into a daily three pmel comic stdp. He's endiry that legag' this month, md the October All Good Shdl will be serving as his going away bash.

ALL GOOD STLTF is a complicaied show to describe. It shoulfu't be really, becaue the concept is simple: put writert musicim, fiJrnmakers, and comedim on one stage in one show so that the audience cm get all the best in live md multi-media driven entertaiment without having to ddve ilomd town or 80 out every single night. It's a vmiety show, right? What's so hard to describe about that? But Ali Good StuJ{ is about more thm simple variety lt's the only place in town where wdters are treated as if they're as cool as guitar players md independent fiJrn directo$. Because ol that, we're able to athact ti,e best local soibes as well as national nmes that would nomally only get to read in a crmped bookstore Because o{ thai the literary event of the season will be a variety show that's happening imide a movie theater the concept is just plain odd But that doesrit memit doesn't work.


would be great shows already, dght? But that's not all; there's more to the line


We'li also have another fantastic movie from Wayne McClammy, whose

off ir L.A. shooting sketches for the Jimy Kimel show. Ard we'll have short filrns fron the Late Train md other Open Saeen Night favorites, too; movies you cm't see mpvhere else. A.nd then, there's the live musig too, of course. We haven't booked all oi the bands yet, but the Pollacls will definitely be doing a set. In the past we've paired Bavu Blakes & DJ NickNack with Jon Dee Grahm md The Octopus Project with Chris Cmipe. Check ir. at to keeP uP to date on all ol our confimed acts for each episode of All Good Stufi or to drop us a line suggesting something you'd like to see on stage.


Now do you


why it's tough to describe? Do you mderstand? It's just too much.

It's too much entertaiment.

Alrm0 Ilraltno[so Glnema - 4ll9


G0l0]ad0 $t. - onlin0 dclcts omllaDlo rt





k"Xtomers. This paragon orcommerism was created with a SnXtT,l'jln*.*"::::,::":*:1*:1Til::.,I: roys. s".*h.r;.ff; ;?,un., - ro enrerrain md ro earvmize children ro buy rhe ff#il;:;:;1ffi1.:;"f, dua m eprc. rire of good ver*s wil lpec;uulv r"r ,r,l iig t".." j?11,12 sceen. r he resurt rmked vamerv rilp in :nrm.rd I resulf lmked vaglely like m l::h:lt -irrtJ fil*:-,'j11 H1"'*:i"l*_-*i::::::*: !4 ,'*, ',:l ** sn{cP*ub ,ft;'#ffiJ:SiT ffi,il^ffiif; dong me way/ lrves are lost battles ,T"m.H.;*t**l:1.":1"ggl":-llt*ar_i"iutt,*.i';;;-Jd,;*,AiltJliii"i.:i,ffi:tff#,:?.# aft foughfl-md a new Autobot


911,1 mmijolo the film ittlf upholds wjth glsto md grace whiJe also bebl definjtelymoretoitthmmeetsilreeyei definitely more to it thmmeets the eyel feremy

fiu urt.*. *itl J,o.J;;;;;-ta";ifffi;fti," #*:i :::t"'lfli,tjlJ,-:,fpis"io;:':::::tTfiilq'11t i1."or.;:;il;;.J#;:'*-,j'#tffi:T:lTffi#i :::,f".,^gJ:l:ll]:j-_Tl:y:,l.,ror$e8mio;.,,,J;".; i;;L;*"r,og,"*,po;du,..i.i",r,r.iJj,""i.,r,,, lLuDr us wdruLcu urue mmv cmoon senals belore md aftet, *g,irt"1 The n*;;;#;,i Trmformers y,*|:3Tl..yl"::11t

forgetthatvou'rewatchinsen,Sncce*n^^-^;+Li-r^;^,^-^-r:-rorget tiat y.u rc wdtchirs m'80s carroon mrh h{erior grophis .,

leader is bom a,

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it.'ri* *ri----,-,




q. relied on soliditories md intereshng hlffi$^j "i.ffi:#J,"#,ft Jffi chilacte$, a roiaii r.rpo*,br.. Don t mdercstimate this fiovie; there is (eremy"storey) o --*r"

it t u lholoq'anl' to the-fitm, change sides thearbmmdkepsvnch.otherjsavThear*.ou*toir'.ilil;ffiffir;.s*in:i'#:HfiiiiJi-T*T;*ff-l"1iiil on ,ilil *dG;r;.h. o,iriil"l,"*" ,'r,,- .nvpr +^ rr.. n..L ciJ^would ^,,.^|t,^Try::tlh lrn$ prism (m upsidedom himqler ild turu into a rairbow of colom the" n"*e o"""glr y.q.9,h;;;,j;;;;ffi:"u'j rrimgtet ma ,eu.rts to white ljghl like the tim" lnd
dassic the

Wizrd of

Oz? some cdy VCRs were $10000 ai thar

movie which begm in black Just *rut" l,it *r9uqh the upsidedom-trimgle coloured begiming in Mmd*inlmd md $en"goes back to blacl ma *rui" o. especiallv iI vou are completelv baled. Regadliss, come "t"".0-otryi"uu., ro.the Ar*o. rtirirrca th mm s heal ir thumpirg to i-he hearrbeits m Ectip* 1ra6t o), fs jo,iio i, y"",



of the



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-J irit"i*ir"*J.l.prrgr, "


torudo md becomes Khd of hrd to refute,

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because when rhe

l. *y-*, ,.., rr* ,r,a( holds-baredviolencehcbeenthrillinsaudiencessin.plqgq,(ql,ihn,L.r;.rh^;^.,rr.r r,,, ,
:1.:t,llestshiorutut'iua3;.;q,I"iti.f ollettingup mytime smn (Eric Cmlios, Filn Theat)

'u :.#ggTi:l]:iJ'*d:;l:leg"p,i": om tongue jur {or l}re heiJ ol jr) in rrci ni hi-s putea qmisha ,ila

::#i1ll*:L**t"'i*:,:.Hn',"r*:::,,lgety;'##d.;#ilffiJH,"',',::tr;iffiXT;,ii:fr: fr#fji:L:H"H"Jil:33,:in*.:::r;13:::,l11l*1,:i;;;;;;Jp;"yfiff"ilil,i.iili,ifili',ifflji ,l*:i*:,t'"*,::*"t::**:*.**"1-:#qlij'ffi.1d;'."",1iffi ;;J'*lffi i;ijfff $ jili{p'J""-ffi wthtoeacherygoingonwithinrivalyakuagmgs m they trymd * :j$i H d.,'"ti *t'ffi'1,; ;;;H'Jffi ';,"T vit ll1tl1ffi Tt figureort*r,",ti, tr,.ir"cffii:rffitr,ffi;:,fi:'#ff ifi ::iffi,tr# (

little mssed up, butfiii -,r^ r,3;f"l"ll"ru;.f11'Tfl:1"j:,jTg:1,'",,*:"19"ir,"i;..11"1.yfiffi;il_',',H;il;#:fr":il:,"fifff; ffi ill?s: $"'j#:*: *ffiil";.fr,il ij:*t

lt{t KJLLER, Takashi ir4iile, Japm's wildrut filnmaler gives u, , -. the r misher rnt thr Punisher and Aqum m pu i tJgedre, " , -Lr rf, r ^L: . ",,i,,1-,1". ^ prevenr a gr.up ol brrres rrom picking m fun wear uabh ro herp tle gur. rchi 8'"*' to lrckirs on hin. gdws mil complete wjrh d rape !11 md the bming need to lill thor tlut,i" letish r" u"lv ,. rhp hmr. ht r".r "Lf.i ^--^-.-, ,it


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ro be quite rhe dishrbed voune

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gilgster end ol things is fumo ladmobu a> a fla"hj, q"*c,1.,i"aiiGl',i,e"_.i"i*"i",,,n,,r,,*sochist (whosried outhis *rolirt 1*ho sli*a oui his


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more straight-faced 1930s adventue seriar,h#_r^:r:ry rr sempleJr, a cenhal.figurein rhe similaly cmpy 1e60s

a.""i"ped plm i|#i.i* ode,lrden rtietoay enaereorr a* cauld-upon ,o rrop him. Along,the way, Flash must batrle Ming,s goons md rhe Arone lhe wav Fla.h -,,. **," ll* 31Ijr,Tjf:.,^.:Tl-Ton ;pirtil d;;J;;rpffiH"il,;:;:illh:1":#;?:


Heroic euthling Flash Gordon saves the world Jrom the nefarious Ming the Merciles in this lavish, sto,v r us busic us sfne op"eius grt, Mi.s (r,,rax *"sya"*ir,.,


6**l*aty .*py

spectaula sets md cartoonish action sequmceg all set to m app*ptiut ry to tum to fur serious ex(itement, tine perfommces. or character
appreciativc cult of lans who admire the

by soeenwiter Loreuo iatmmt"l."il;;;;:iililpk,ffi#;id;i#'jilf,.*.ur. ro,

"f*, h*. r-.j rot.*ggerated, cartoon humor


developmenr, flas,h

t-tr." top iock r'ore by euien. celaoly not "frr{

6ln's humorous approach ma tn"'Jetaiua, .ototrrr

C"rj"" i"".*j..Ja"*f"p.a pr"j".u"" airigr,. gufi nuru,



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Cmad4 Cinemuerte is a mique intemational festival of honor and supematural films, organued with no budget ard relentless energy by maverick {rom the last 30+ yean,.CineMuerte's mindKier-La ]amsse, With world premieres, renowned guests such as Jear Rollin and Udo Kier, and the most bizane urseen gems yeart bending(md genre-bendingi programrLlng md presentation have consistently outshone any ndependent flm lestival in recent Cmadian history. After fve successful brings the best of the fest to The Alamo wrth seven filrns guaranteed t0 corrupt your mind and assault your senses!
Based in Vmcouver,

Bt$T 0lTHt GllltMUtRTt Hlill ]E$TlUAl

f.T Petty's debut feature is a reshained md superbly attention clespite its almost total lack of diaiogue. A about his dail^y routine - a hip to the outhouse, a rup the woods, the man's {miiiai nfieu suddenly takes minutes from his home. Haunted by images of the
murderer has seen him

honor film that manages to hold audiences rapt with redusive old mm who lives in the woods wakes up one momlng md goes of tea, the fetching o{ the paper.- but when his cat unexpectedly darts off into on a dark new signficmce as he witnesses the murder of a smali child onll and_by the suspicion that the child, o{ the murder, and o{ her murderer
constructed mrnimalist


the old man is detemined to find her killea although the police seern certain that a murder has not even child abuse md occuned, One might notice that American honor of late seems to be exorcising a previous rcpression conceming nuder, which miy be coming from ar inilux oi loreign genre pictures Immol Unbe's Pleniluuo md Jaume Balaguero's The lor example that d"on't shy away from such sensiiive subject matter. Soft ior DiSgtng urilizs5 thi het4 to create a truly




hornfic md genuinely scary film about one mm's disillusionment when a lifetime ol experience md notioro of a miversal morality Digging signifies a quiet have failed ti prepaie him for the utrnost in inhummity. Like Lodge Kerrigm's Cleaq Shaveo Soft for it revolutiory it doesn't rely on ilashy editing, saturated cinenatography or conventional emotional cues to elicit a respome; instead nmaiive almost recalls silent films and Victorian ipic novels with its use of expository intertitles to disti:rguish chapters in the (',Chapter One: In which we are rntroduced- to Virgil Mmoven; his very bad cat mns olf."). With its economic md concise packagmg of independent cinema. o{ information, an4 consequent legron ol possible readings, Soft for Digging is huly an irupiring exmple
(Kier-La Janisse)


WitJr all the Columbine-inspired films floating aromd these days (Duck!, Gus Vm Sanfs Elephmt etc.) you could say that Ben Coccio's debut feature Zero Day has some stiff competition. But truth be told, it blows all other provocative teen-rmpage movies out of the water- Ardre (Andre Keuck) md

ae two hi$ school students who use a video diary to document the countdom owr personal mageddon. Their prepmaiions range fiom bming their personal belongings to stockpiling an arsenal of illegal weapons (agail the Anachist's Cook'book comes in handy), and
Cal (Cal Robertson) to their they address the cmera

tluou$ou! detailing the ninutiae

of their achvihes and thetr feelings about

the impending "Zero Day".14hat keeps the film so captivating are the mforgeftable per{omances-of the non-professional actols (which includes the actors' rea)-Me parents), which are characterized by m mexpected hurnmess md cham. Their relationshiP is realistic and touching (Coccio has even

desaibed the film as a "buddy film"), md atypical of what you would expect from people about to embark on a massacre. Their paents are loving md supportive, they seem relatively socially adjusted Cal even has a girlfriend md goes to the plom only days before the mtadysmic evlnt. As

Zuo Day

closes i4 we don t wmt them to go through with it - not because of my real rympathy fol their {eliow students, but because we see great potential in these two kids. And the controversial closing sequence is one of the rnost chilling thurgs I've ever witnessed onscreen. Come see why Coccrds fi}n has been snatching up awards all over the festival circuit (Kier-La Janisse)

A ma.n md his pregnant wife anive on tie isolated islmd of Almmora to find it almost entirely deserted - the only visible population seems tJbe composed of children. When they finally spy m adul! they watch in horror as a little girl beats the man to lurth *ith hi, o"o *alking stick Who Cm Kill A Child? (retitled Islmd of the Damned in North America) is a briskly-paced socio"thc ef{ects of_repression and the political honor film that has gamered rnuch critical acclaim over the yeas {or its revealing look at (Pete Tornbs). The children are constmdy notion that the worlds of adule and children are separated by m mbridgeable gulf' laughing md playing, but what they are playing with are primuily the bodies or body'parts oi the recently-dead adults; a


i.*irtion ihui ir"subject to Little reflection or remorse. Be wamed: this is no Children oi the Com - there is no readjushnentof to the irorul, iou*esy of the ouisiders, nor is there a supematural smokescreen to hide the implications ol the filrn. As the prologue have been filrn illustrates (which was rut out oi the Aneiicm release but will be restored for the Alamo sceeningl children what dms ou mercilessly exploited by adults for centuries; what would happen rf the tables were turned? And frrthemore, (Kier-La Janisse) *rponse io this suy ubout our Rousseauim ideals conceming childhood? Altogether brillimt aad frightening as hell.
ll8m0 Enm0$c

|lls I Gohntu




delcs flalltllo



Sergio Martinq the


*d a*ghty

flPematural entry into the stalk-md+lash geroe, ard he did it right rn'ith eil. THE coloRs"or dARKNESS h.tlr.J in th. US as THEY'RE COMING To GET YoU) which is comonly. cinsidered the finest filn in lur gtrlo fold.r. I."*1, gpces the smen as a woman who is having uncontrollable mghtmares, fits of pamri4 md all-out depression (it doesn,t help that the c'repy Ivm Rassimov has been foliowing her a[ arorind town). Her ireighbou hr, -;;;;'a iatanic curtt t.g,^ ro spird dmnwrd irro a wortd of murder con,piraryl and inerpticabte hm nusDano tprayed by none other thil rie suaw ceorge HiJton) hies to figrrc out whats behird ajr the madne.:."tatilgs, rsychederir. haliucinatory, md,quite shocking at tima, Ienechipumey nto the Satanic mderworld will bring her to sme sftange condusions about her own miserable life, or whals left ol it.... lSarn McKinlay)


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laura won,t want to nuss what^is mdoubtedly tle most peroerse, ly.i.rl und utterjy *h*k d_t tak 3-*":t-*: on the dasrcrou ever to be.$rustrponm audience. singapore Sting u aurlg"a;un';;^lr, rr,, " zny .1* o6;rer _ unril one rainy night, ot tu5 grrlfnend laura. for year. he searcher lor ^.".r|."*r.afate t: * o,psychohc women who may be morher md daughrer or perhap: rouerr, or maybe even r_bi elusive brirgs Laua "l md her demented captor who h* boud her jna ueb of violent gur..,-rviiorJjl, i,l"ar,, r,. "ei comedy tinged with Greek Tmgedy. critim thought he *u, Tragedy. Critim ,ubversive subversive who had cmiiajized , Hollywood had a saeen gem and tien vomited it back in their faces. Both were rieht in ilerr own wav sinorn^,o $;. nothwere risht tir.i, n*n*uy; singupo,. sr,,,grs,i","*."*ffi*a


il:Hi:,: T Ti:r:


** * **t *r.p.i*i

"riH"l*""0 -

,rlrg. i*;

gluitonous binge-festi ma ri"ti. ir 1i.; black md white cinematography of Aris Stivroq which gumantmitiat "g*gr1rti"; strorou, gumantmi tt rt you'll never i""r. at Gress itffie;, work in ouifp rhp y*rL look .t c"gs Tolmd,s *"rk ,h. samewavasain ".in,

:*:,g1:11:*y::T:,:l-Tig,'lt:*1,:l':1ls::Tof visceral hmsgressions - whidr indude lengthy torture,sequencet



* il* soco'.""a"i""totr*er#oii,il;;ffiffiffiffiil:fil[ff#iil'iill,i]iiT,ilo*.

Known-as one of Japmk

'Pinl Shitemo' (lmsely translated
Sato has

3,lll T,t*y,T::tasu altogether in favor Blmt, which abmdons pom



biznre. di:gu:ting. coalacs the modem Japmese splaiter filrn with he btoodi.ning ro, !uudhrJly "tyli,h Smuai flicls that preceded thm. For myone interested in Asim cult cinema in particulm, micinema vomitiiin g.n*4 Naked Blmd hm to be seen to be believedl (Kierla lmise)

'g spaftued redempbon. A.teenage scientist whose iather rnysteriouily varished before his birth mdertakesio create a'a-* Pl*:Yt th|eby etimiratirg pm frm the hmm erpuience alrogether. Afrer.ecetlv tluee "ubjecting to me elpemental druS. he watches in h0ff0'a. thel tum to eroucjathg level, o[ .adoma.oc]Li.hc behavioithat emphaijze their permnal obmsims Apart from being a conceptuaily rich filrn, Naked Blo"od is also tle posibte pumomt of Sato s tisJ'viscelal exhemes - which in this caqe inciude a nomm 6yirgler om hmd in tempua batter md eating itl IhJs is a

as the 'Phl Best Fou'), ard io westerners as ihe Japanese equivalent of fitns under his bett that ae lugely concerned wjtl uirr.", ,*gJ*., .f p'.;. Nrk a 'lt*a. of a miqueiy Japme" h*i,iiri .ia. .i"rjrg;"a.J'rrrr.i*l



*rt *il );;g *r."



of the'7Os


Douglas Buck's-conhoversialCutting

Moments ts the first

:i.T:::"':"fi_Tj:111gj!n with a smug mm whose sexual Ray), is stuck in comatose mariage


nhis FanulyTrilogy,



.ver comrnitted,to cellutoia. e

sigts of sexual

will redeem her fmily from its dilapidated

attentions arc_rcseryed for their )omg son. She has resigned hermll to md feels that her inability to aouJe her husbmd is somehow respomible to, th. *ot.rtution oirhe'ioy,'who is already exlubiting confusion md trama. In a moment of reflectiory she wills herself from victim io catalyst, and perfoms a iacificial act that she hopes
state. (Kier-La Jmisse)



enty,prl"guel **,lyfriduction) ard rernairu one fNi& n y, i*s#r oiesteemed drecor Nicholas


80's indie dishibutor to the next md bareJy saw any theatrical or video release. A t'ue climond in the rough, ready to moden audiences. ptus you get to see Juh; Dut4''s boots. wiuim Asher went on; d*,iih.

h*r".d by brrk tbrll b"lly Bill paxton (then a flat{oot Bo svenson (r.v3]ki1s ra[1. oi imt 1*y-,Jt p,0". i,"t, gay to beat a bogus :1T*j:"TY:P,flr"TTI11{.1'*ph.bic muder rap md on the othu hard he muit evade hjs amt/legal gumdian srism Tyrell ry "ot (the Qoe.n ot ih. poibida.n t6;", jh. ;il ;,X; possessive rex-charged freakout that makes Kathy Bates seenevm-keeled. Ihis filn, despite itt inherent quality, *ugiom.a ir* *.

Jinmy McNichol (continuing the role he mastued-over the yems: talentless, effeninate half-wi$ is




porished md aamirel

"ftJlri. ir*



llrmo llnfrD[sc clnema -409 [ c0l0nil0 st - 0nlim [ctct$ ayailablc]arunuse.c0m


The Austin Museum of Arl-Downtown presenls:

b/w sileni, 4l minutes ol



Dir. Andy Worhol, 19 64 , 16nm, b/w & color, silent, 35 min. A 30'minute stotic shoi o{ o mons {oce os he ieceives orol sex olf comero, toying with our imoginotion ond the de{inition of

Blow Job,


Morio Bqnono

Msrlo Bonono

and #2,Dir. Andy Worhol, 1964,16mm, b/w & color, silent, 4 min eoch Bosed on one single {ix shot, ihe protogonist, Morio Moniez, o drog per{ormer ond one o{ the siors oi Worhol's Foctory, is shown goudily dressed up ond eoting o bonono



{1964) b,/w, slleni, 4 minlies




Picturedr Morio Monlez


16mm, b/w, 66 min Poor Lifile Rich Girl wos Dir. Andy Worhol, o series of {ilms {eoturing Edie Sedgwick which Worhol stoded sh&ring in Morch ]965 colled'The Poor lifile Rich Giri Sogo'. The {ilm tokes ploce in Edie's opor.tmini 0nd is {ilmed loyrng on her bed, tolking on the phone ond wolking oround her room, showinq off her clothes ond describing how she hod spent her entire inheritonce in six months - oll done in"silence, ercepi {or the bockgrlund music oi on Everly Brothers olbum, The title is the some 'l936 movie storring Shirley Temple, who Andy idolized in his childhood. os o

Poor Little Rich Girl,


originolly conceived os por-i o{

Ouler ond lnner Spoce (1965) b/w sound, 33 mlnlies ln
doublescreen. Plcluredr Edie Sedgwick

1965, l6mm,b/w,3-3min OuterondInnerSpoce

is Worhol's first double-screen {ilm o{ Ecile Sedgwick siltlng in front o{ o ielevision monitor on which

is ployinq




prerecorded vrdeotope

eoch otl'e1 Il- s





oonroltrra, celebr:rv, explored in depth in his seriol srlkscreened portroits of movle stors in the eorly sixties, At lhe some -ime, ll^e emotiono. {roc'ures wl^ic' o'e opoo-e:iir Eore Seog"tcrs pelo'monce -- ord thrch ore, .n ron! woys, ine 'eol -opic or tl's {i.m -- o- cuiore -"e -eloo1/s col ond oslcholog;col difiicul'ies -y -hor is 3' r ir:eo oi :n Wotlors po n:'rgs of porlroiure witr o soec f c 7

ol herseli The result is the imoge o{ iour heods seemingly {i'rr cop-rres oll or Andy wornols most lmporro'l' il-emes suclr os repefi'.or se.'olir. oro '1" puliiplicotior of;-oges -- wl^,ch he previously

f, E fi
.E rg

The Ghelseo Girls, Dir. Andy Worhol, 1966, l6rrm, b/w & color, 210 min. The Chelses Girls,
Worhol,s {irsi moior commerciol success colopulted mony o{ the poaricrponls into sup_grstordom ondine, Nico, lniernoiionol velvet (suson Boliomly), Brigid Berlin ond Mory woronov. The Chelseo Girls is mode up o{ vorjous scenes shoi oi lhe Chelseo Hotel, the Foctory ond ot vorious oportments including Velvei Underground! 0podmeni on Wesl 3rd Sireei in the Villoge
My Husiler (1965) b,/v sound, 67 rninules Plctured (l-4 Josepc, Poul Ame'co



ff il





My Husller, D.r. And y Wor ro , r 965, l omn, co or, 6T m Filned oa Fre lsiond My hustler {ollows tl'e oirivir'esoJ-he Diol AFus'ler'seruice,osoroldernonseeksoyounghlstlerio'oco'nponion
Ar dv Worhol, 1966, r6 mm, blw, 66 min lrsp reo by hedy Loreo'rs orresi {or he s ory ot o rich ono beou'ifu woron, wro seeks'o sill look.more.beor'tifrl rhopl,itirq, 'his ono s coioh^ sl^opriltino. Less disruroi"q o.rd iniini-eri 'rlo.e coapy ,s Hedy, sto+ing legendory drog oueen oniFoc'ory srop-re Morio tr4ontJz p'oyi^g o be'eoguered Hedy Lomon pos+-s'ordom Hedy ooens in the ooeir:1inq theotre where o bizorre {ocelift is toking ploce, in which pliers serve os clsmetic instrumenis o"nd Lomorr's {eoiures ore grossly exoggeroled through the doctols mogni{ying oloss. The f lm,s cenkol norroilve is the sior's orrest'for shoplifting, her inierrogoiion by siotuesque *l^e wi'ness siord iominorri'[4orv Wororov, ond l"e oppeoro"ce oi her live husoonds on ot the los' mirL,te As -eqenoory uplstg'orrd iilr-moke, Jock Snr:rh opoeo's ord sieo s l'e sl'ow Helv is {orced to drink,o {inol qloss o{ hemlock, Smith is colled io testi{y, u}tering only o {ew words in his hrgh, nosol whrne be{ore ihe reel obrupily ends: "She wos trogic... ond noble. ."


Hedy, Dir.


Ail phgios copyrlght 2003
PA, o mrseum o{ Cornegie

The Andy I'Vorhol Museum, Pillsburgh,

lnsiiluie All righis resefled

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at a mo d

raft ho u se ci ne ma

rHr M0ulE seREHt GnFniroon
owntown - www"utctrtr ou-icili

ilru nnhFs-prGrft$ m


I10m SGtrtGmhol 23 t0 ocl2t, lhcllamo pranhous0 Sincma wilt be Dlemiolino tltG bcst in ralanG$olnine, inchdi[! scvoral ]cxional [remiGre scrGGnlngs! IuGry wcel( ue wllt have clarv lllutese ueshow uldroi, rrlre siuiaiiyi, d-ldl sneciats ond mucrr mrirefitiiiT' trw.dranh0u$c.c0m lot utrdates,linls and more animo s6loenings.

It's the year 2010 on the pianet of cats, wherein lies Meguro City, a megalopolis entirely conholled by the supercorpo.uiio. Catty & Co. The ne{arious influence of this corporate empire extends malignmtly across the feline galuy. Tamal4 a carefree, one-year-old kifter1 decides to flee this cruel reality md boards her spaceship in search of iier pianet of origin. On the way, however, m outer-space accident leaves her on the barbaric planet Q where cats md dogs have been at war for longer than my can remember There, she encounters a multitude of bizarre characters, some friendly, olhers most decidedly not. Shange events trmsPire dutirg her stay on Q md a mysterious, ancieni conspilacy e'ith supematural overtones starts to reveal itself. What is the cryptic relatiorohip between sweet little Tamala and the corporate juggemaut Catty & Co.? On first sight, Tamala 2010 seems like a sugarcoated con{ection for kids, populited by cuti little kitties md such. But it quickly becomes clear that it's much harsher thm that - this one's for grom-ups, no question. It's got a rebellious bite that's rare jn animatiory Japanese or otherwise. Colonel Smders, classic video games and all mamer of consumer products are twisted md tumed upside dom as the film presents a distorted vision of corporate mlture gone quietly mad. At the same time, it's a deroe psychedelic Saturday moming cartoon shot through with gr;tiy bits of the real world Yogi Bear wer mentimd - drugs, violencq homoseiualit-v, prostihrtion, tinorism - Tamala's got 'em all. Almost entirely in black md white the film uses grey tones, unpredictable pacing, an out-there musical score md the fluidity of flash mimation to maximum effec] giving the pioceedings the otlemorldly vividness of a waking drem. Tmala 2010 isn't justa_unusual animatld fitil it's unique, original mprecedented md totally missable! (Mylene Cabma md Frmcis Theberge)

Based on characters created by enigmatic artist Nekojiru (rumored to have comnitted suicide before the film came to fruition), this surrealist drcamscape follows a little kitty named Nyata whose sister s soul has been stolen by the god of death. On a quest for the missing soul, Nyata and her emotionally vacmt sister take a watk thit trmiionns into an cpic and hallucinatory journey complete with exploding circuses, sacri{icial pigs

and reclusive inveniors. The only indicators of verbal communication are bizarre speech bubbles

accompanied by strange noises. One oI the most haunting pieces of animation I have ever seeD Nekojiru-so is indeiibly sad, and gives us a glimpse into the headspace of its distubed begs several viewingrlTh" cre-ator Preceded bylpisodes out o{ the outrageous and perverse anime kinder-comedy The Ping Pong Club.


(Kier-La Jmisse)

Naota is just your ordinary boy livirg in your ordinary tom. Besides the fact that his brother's girlfriend Mamimi ian'tieep het h*ds oif of hinr, life isn't really exciting. Bui all of a sudden some extraordirary thirgs start to happen. An older girl by tle nme of Harulo appears on her Vespa and smashes hin over the head with a basi guitar, causing robots md other miscellaneous items to occasionally emerge from his brain. And now t}re torering Medical Medranica planl which happens to look like an iron and has been inactive for years, seems to b-e starting up... FLCL ia tle brainchild of Studio GAINAX, the sme studio that has brought iuch menorable anime is Gmbuster, Neon Genesis Evmgelion, The Wings of Homemise md Kreshi Kanojo no Jrjo. With sirikhg visuals and in-your-{ace pacing FLCL is clearly unforgettable. (Synch-Poin|


a harmless looklng college, ihe teachers md staff are practicing a dark retigion. By devoting their bodies to peruersity, thev chmt their dark .spells ind conftol the ]usts of ihe student body. Er,erywhere the students turq they are drawn to acts of perversion, even in public. Perhaps the school nurse has tle mswer, as she holds special counseling sessions {or the female shrdents. Bible Biack teils a story o{ a student Lhat suddenly finds himself with a very special magic book. Using the hidden powers contained in the pagei, he catches the atiention of some very _sexual md dark forces. I'm a lig fm of dickgirli I must say, md right inih; first sex scene we have one well-endowed nurse penetrating a poor female shrdent (this is The !e* here is greu't, but vei, hardcore, so much so that some nay be tumed ofi by it._The genitalia are verydetaiied (computer probably the m"ost detaiied hentai I've seen - the vaginas ue beauiiful to krok at), and the animation is excellent to be saving the anima.'ion qualitv in hentai). This amazing anime has become all the rage mong college i"ork students in Europe and ieb sites arc springing'up that are being based on magic clubs. One professor at the University o{ padua reportedly used this anime in class to ihm the influence of the dark arts. And there have been reports of college students irying to duplicate the ritualsl Before the fiin! see an array of shmge Japmese short films!


Itam0 [raftn0use Glnoma - [09

E C0l01ad0 Sl. -

online tiGlels ardlNble

fi$lAfl Gf 1l ElhA All ll

As if Hong Kong smdays weren't already exciting enough,.now we cm expect surprises not only on film, uut utro outstmding cooking will be just as spectacular md tasty is the eye cmdy sewed onJ.** ry arl"'t u*t t -glu masters.


lsl 1l t

o *. p6G I g;dA;aLiti;
- claudia Alacon" Austin



Ar inexplioble pagemt of exhaterestdar coohess, pistol opera is pulp mtiste &ijm suuki's first filrn to me,a U S releare n.more thm 35 years, md fierce befudd'lmmt wll surely foan in its wake. Suuki wa5 /E when lhe movie sprouted up at 200r filrn festivars. md in virtually every way, it's the work of a cantanlerom, self-pleasing coot, dimising nanative conveniences in farlor of gmiar-corored wguedigressiom, buJldozing sight gaggery md m inexhaustible tank of s[,Ie. That is, Suuki"G T"l€"gIy ulhmate meta-movie, made the a serf-parodfng surrearist gangster daydrem as intoxicating and insubstantial as an absinthe swoon.
whatever-plot there is is bonowed piecemeal from suuki's own Brmded to Kiil 0967), in which obrsive hit men jockey tor top rankings in some ill-defined guild by otrirg one mother Armaua is mchecJ<ed iuacy,.md it squeldred Suuki s erploding carer aia New Wavey" pulp siylist. pistol Oper; could be reen as the older film's absurdist-futuristic Jequel as if Jo Shishidos'yeit"rj,.u, dreant it in oneoJ his.concussed stupors. Here, the assasiiro are ar-mst all wiloity w6*.,r,-tit..iuJ s"ppr"*ny vamping ruomd butoh sets that courd've ben decorated by Mm Ray md chatting about tl" t i.;rdryi quilterly results. After a- hippie-dippie paint-box title sequence, it's every rong-barrel-brmdishine, eroobed assassinatrix for herself, as suzuki jump-cuts his film into laconic lrruori-"* -o*t"i*# landscapes with color-wheel theater *ts, md shovers a ton of brood-red tr:rip peial, *ith u puyouae. once yox get to a shoot-out in m iodire-yellow-misted bmboo forest inteiseced with i"J*sighr bems, the equation could read as Godard + Fellini + Makavejev + Ken Russel +

duffel rug ot husL---

dialogue is like Dada verse ("your sirver bulet's crying," one liquidator tells mother), and his imagery,is.discomfitingly_miqueyoute rarely sure at firsi wiat you,ri Iooking at. The iina aueiis il onJy because ir rcmdkes irru visually mj rhythmicalliiin every shot. On the "::."qdy,i*":yt!"ble, is other.hand, listol opera utterry devoid.of Lhe berrrroid eteciricity hrs oOs fit loried for; rrthui, rls a.tree-*soddtive sleepwall,, and abshacted. Erpect the merpectable. md it may te you movie of the year - Michael A&irooo Village Voice


l"tT31 fortumtely emgh inexplicably is Chow Ym Fat,

One of the best things about Hong Kong filmakers is that they kmp dong the mu"p."t.d. And rho you, would make a film that spends 90 minutes on rnagic glowing testiclei? The testicles in this case are an pn.h,.ro.t h,i, c+n,nd "lr",Gk enchmted pair itrmg on a ^i . necklace md kept as a sort o[ satrd talismir by a Ne-pali hibe. When evil threalem,

Hl*,fl "':i-l*:l"T ?*l*s

a beauti{ul young womm, takes the testicles to the next-master-hline. Thjs next master a Hong Konger on holiday with his girlfriend (ymie Nm). md comolerelr r.^*,"o Kongu (Ymie t tm) ma comptetely mawue ot rl" ^r the Fat-md the testicles u* .hu","a thmoih th" ;ilA; ,n.*o oi Hons Kong Dy an e!1 toga clad villain who rous IiJ<e a jmgle cat in lieu of the traditional Fct. Canionese spoken by evervone else in thi

-a ,h".** . llf"tJ ilr;.ffi';




nudity (ryeaing mthing but a pat of magic glowing testiclesi some truly daied 81's set and coshrme"sensibilities, md best of ar, loads ot np-roilmg action sequences. Hot on the heels o{ Witch From Nepaf director Ching Siu Tung went on to make the Chinese Ghost Story films, lmdmak films in Hong Kong action cinema. _ Heroic Cinema

Sections oI this.1986 follow-up to the original "Mr Vampire" were 'inspired" by some Hollyuood movies, including ',E.T. - The Exha-Terestrial" (with the shmge but cute creature 6eing a (re)animated dead chjld rither thm u ."*.."a alien snacp tr._ hareler-.). Yes, ils true. *::1'^8: "',i,"*"..a",i*i,p..'. ;nu, in the present day,T*l:^*_Tga^(re)animated.dead.child MR. vAMptrE 2 starts off with furthe, .I"*u;t; .set Lost.fuk" incllding a heasure-hmting grave-robber md his two bmbling assistants, tnJ.n.o*iuriog ot.r""py trawl1et smke aawlies, a snake md a skeleton in the kind of olace whosp neane it wonlri ha ha*on n^+ +^ ji"e,-L 1 ^ ^^J-:plare whose peace if would be beftel not to disturb. At a certain poinl notabli ^ with the extended "sedative" segment in *hich hoppitig corpses attack md humans de{end and counter-a6a.k in hopping und .o*t".uttu.k ii., exmciatingly slow motion, MR. VAMPIRE 2 vauls into the I only-in Hong movies" realm in whicl Vmpires caure a -Kong md then hop from cr mf roof before going of in r"ui.h ot"th"it f"rt *,rfa, 16"* tf."i, .r" t" pslchimlly hear from a distarce. Then there is the incluiion"of such concem as catching AiDs "Uf. *a "t.r tlrut...tJ individuals will get to successfully reincamate. All of which makes for one certifiably weird riovie. (yrsl) "*u.i.g





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An oft-overlooked mpect oi hip-hop music gets its due in Breath Conhol: The History of the Humm Beatbox Beatboxing is the art o{ producing musical somds, partiaiaiy puiussror; without lhe use of instruments. Filmaker imy Garfield.haces beatboxing from ih. .urly",l"yr, when tie iiirple rhythms of Darren "Buff' Robinson helped make The Fat Boys a househoid name, to the_mazing tecfinica'l skiils of such contemporary ariists as Rahzel md Scratch of ThtRoots, and Arthony River4 also known as Click tha Supah Latin. As one artist, Chris Jmg, explaiN, beatboxing "stemed from the need to make music now" It grew out o{ a recemity to produce music when instrumen"ts md tumtables were not available. Doug_E. Fresh, Biz Markie, md others_explain what they brought io the art, while Congo-bom vocalist Mmie Daulne of Zap Mma expounds on both the universality and the ethnic divcsity of vocal rhvthm-making. Breih Control won the lestival Choice Award at the 2002 New York Undergromd Film lestival lt was also feahred



at'the 2002 Tnbieca

Filn Festival md

the 2002

Urbmworld Film Festival. (Josh Ralske,


Movie Guide)

As good, old-fashioned dorKests go it doesn't get much better thm the National Spellirg Bee, with its acalre words, bespectacled competitors, and stingrng little bell. But interuiew subject pohts oui, the bee representjthe fundmental Americm belief in education md hrd work as a mems to a better tife, md the eisht children doomentarim iefl Blitz foliows through the competition reflect that idea. The tirei hulf ot thi fit. i"ttoduces us to these young protagonists. We get enough of their back stories that we fml irvested in their success, and as the competition kidc off in the film's second half, we feel almost a split lovalw

- defying even their own expectatioro - is io cm have on the young psyche But the opposite is hue as we[. to see the kids stutter md stumble, to see ',he terrified quiver of uncertainty pass across iheir bmw is to remember the words of one spcctator, who said she thought the Bee was "a fom of child abuse." But most of the kids aren't tortured, they're challenged, md they seem to feel (perhaps for the (Sarah {irst time) genuinely at home mong the geeks and- proud of their own peoliar excellence.

mong them. To watch these kids


.ito." ti. profo*i

imp..t thai academic



Awtin Chronicle)

NUCLEAR FAMILY is a three-pari docmentary essay on boys and girls in Texas. Using some haditional cinema verite techniques, it explores the collective nature of three familiar rites of passage-cheerleading tryouts, Friday nightlootbail games, md weddings-and conjoins them iirto something entirely unique, a retaphoric Texaslmd Amenm) fmily. ThinkDiiga Vertov in FortWorth. Nucler Family begim with a colleitive porhait of a generic type - a kind of Mom that we nay lhink we lcnow well already lt's easy to find such ilom in Texis, after iil, sitting in the bleachers at a tryout or stmding arcmd the edges at one

of those new cheerleading gym places. llr'ing past successes or {ailures vicarious}y ihrough their kids, isn't that it? Texms someiries sien truly proui to live cliches. But gradually, as we come closer to the grls who ae achrally putting their seltimages on the line here, some of the clicles fall away, md the real indluiduult behind thim befrn to emerge. By the time our wimers are mounced (md of course, this mems that losers are amounced too), smething unexpectedly moving emerges in the entire situation-in the entire institution before us. "Dad" seems a little scarier, somehow. Maybe that's because the prototypically "male" things he says, along rvith the generic high school football gme(s) we ree-mfold round'hir i. ihe second segment, fall wen nore easily into stereotype, into a very fmiliar tind of violence. But, as witlL "N4on,"imy stereoqpes fall away here as well What Dad is snuggliq with, m he talks to the camera md ihe gme moues iowarcl the inevitable "victory," is how it may be possible to express the love he feels for lris son ln this cutture. r'fld lhough he is indeed an individual caught up in a very personal situatioq the fiJn itself begins to ask iarger questiom about the collective at this stage,
about Texas

cultue in general.

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major miversities h the us md cma<ra. i'rrot$lr-the newsietter mJi"r'*.1r,,. gromdbreaking orignat st.ries 0n the impact ofil-000 bilion p* i"

ar[r"*t;"*t tuough ih. irs ..onorr-Jihe ittegal cou.rt l#:::T#lt"y:T,m-cmtr^olof i.l.::lq*lr,:*o. fn H""o"guarare of LCLA in polibca] Scimce (re73J.l\4ikeisa romerLMDmcoticsinvestigatorwhodiscoveredctAraffickingmd;;,;lrt.Ail,"#il;ffi;Jffi:i,lfti.liill;iliilil
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r he fomded m Mach.1ee8 by mailing



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i."i:.j:,:t"?1fl,::::l"Tfll:T":p."-T:ilt:"pl"i:l*:.*t:*s""t"",ril;;;i#ffi ffi"ffitffi1iesabmte1i doments Ruppert's exluustive risearch md malysLs of the ell incident"mJ also trcludes erclusive inren iew, -,* *.o"illllfrti.'j lauJ(R-fi), cpihia McKimey {D-cA), Bdrbila Lee (D-ier, profesor perer (D-GA), Barbaa re (D-CA), rrore"q pilD;;;;- (UC, Bprrprp"r pr"f.ili;ho i,^h^^: DaIe Scott, rric Be*etey), p, rocc^r r^L- M;-t .iliil'ffi;ili S.TJp of Houshg md Mmaging #,;;;''i i.;;l'iilH;'J"T'jfifr8T#l: Dillon'Readj. flt*Ji., or."a 11 f:trtT, il1"::liil'Jfi1"::h:':a::f:i1sj::r,y.:1j"::ll"*-y.l;s'; Dnectoa no on hm presenied daim. a $1,000 prize to myone who cm disprove the authenticity of my of hlrio*. rutuiut. i*,. N"l*irlu, zooi,
N4ike a

:#,fi11:'#H:*1?::i*^:3Foll*oriheencomtumsrh*;t;iJ;ild,;;:il:i,,rffi:dT"hilfiHT:; whichhave-expmdedtoincludeeconomicmatyrir.a a.iJiJ."p"r;;ffi;ffiffii.1##::; courries h the wake of the Seotemhpr l'trh ,rrrle r/ir., *-. lomtries, ih. or th.,tn,rLilT:fl il.T:t'#,ff,1t'l,T.nltjfl#',:llihX"ilf,r;ffrr';: "l^-- -r^ *--,-,^ i^ ----,-,, "ur.. oificial story.presented by- the us govement. h more thm t**ti rLoril ^,ffi:l#'*:il #;",:iili.'#i;t.ffi"ffi'Til:1ff,0#["ffi1ff; :*:*::7,:f,*::ii l;',,i1;"Y.1"*::.::*I*:':"tl*1d"ffi rr* o-ll he has rollowerl hic tpcrp.r cr.b-, ^r,,"i-^ ^-r.. 1gffi':li:H:l'?fj'*"q:i*:T*"'il:g:1':::::t".ryi:L$.rer"fiy.'1a*';;ilffi;i;":;,,;iil;:?:ru;ruX



about rhe noiion of ampuree ferishim; mputee porn mdgs and Jodorowsky ., lrck' into trsel md jn rhe process. botir become rhe suli.o .r"ti""rriy dsconcerhng to note that people ile more comfortable watching a peg_legged "r womil \hmp her way into rhe pom halt o{ fme thm tlo dea *ith td of rhm ti d."r rli,"lity trrat,s where Anderson,s feature S. o"-,hal] debut brealc $e mould For fou middleaged men who feel tilat "i o" "Llln"t, f -,"acases the lefr leg) is ,superfluous, the mswer is removal at all costs. so desierate was one that "l he br.r it *iirr u ,rrotgr& while otheis opt ior a more dinical approach, md molher simplv woiko himr' up for rh. "ii his rea Anderson maintains an almo* imocent farcinition *irn h.inuftJr-while bvpassinq the srandrd Lendenci io judge or exploit. Most of rhe chaaciere m whar psychiahisrs wouJa .. ?d obsesive limbloathing. Vmy are mmied, haverespectable jobs. rleir disorder fwhich hc ver be orficir|y recogaized b the medical know that their conditjon disnubs otieri..B", [,.y lno* ri,riir.rrg';'tr ii,r, p**y uwilted 1mb can make $m feel a whole lot better and a lot more whole. t KierLa

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j:;il a*it. ;;'iffi;r;ffiiil; ""i m n"r",l*,"1.1;;'il.;d d;.fi#il::, ."^r;tt ;irh-.';til;;;;id.;;fr.i;;
16m)A womm bom



through vegetables at $e giocery ,tolre with heifeet.

Preceded by A DAY IN THE LIFE or BoNNm coNsolo (Barry J. spinello, uSA 1925 nanates her om story a< she eoes truough her dairy routini *tu'J


*.ia* tipprg..*a , h.r.r;d r"n


CAPIITRING TTIE FRIEDMANS rarks mong th9 mgst.laTowlng md heartbreaking fihns ever made about the deshuction of mAmerican fmily (Robert Wilomky, Dallas Obsiryer) jarecki set out tomake a short firm about New york City clom, he courd scmcely have to oearth. Davld Friedman, NrYC r ioo puny had a rcret. A naitv one that could.pui a prompr end ro his predirecrio^n ro, "nt.n"r"r *-J',i',1. affluent subub of Great Neck" NY in thelale '80s: Friedran"s farh;in^.,u *.rr r""li ,"rp.n"i'r'a"fu'*'..i.1'** mested for possession of chird pomoeraphy, md the acosariom ,rg..nt.a *rtr. of hir m-hone computer classis. t'rivy'rothe rurp+ofrl"r*:o#torpu*, student described was yousesl Friedmm son Jese. a teenage.headbmger who purpo*ediy 'mit a.!ist.a ,Jtl ,i,. ii"i components comes courtesv of the veus of home movies thit """ David Friedman hmded over ro larecki lo butter, ,1. .r".ay loaded subject. The drma escajates from usavory to dowight bamhg i; r;yddm re divided and the Friedmm 6m comes to resemble a tiSht-knit Boys club from which cyrucal rirt * rtuin? ir *tne)y evcluded. we see e^" a Lively extrovert to a despondent mess, s hile screming matche" e.pirfirr"""a Ur. e, is a mystery that even a lifetime of $eir obsessrve recoiings cm sh"i Littr-. rlght o". I rapped either in front of or behind the ever-present cmera, The Friedmils reolace emotioml inistrnent with a sileshow voyeurism that shields the, rrom the dysftnctional r*ry, trtr" tl. ."pi p*.*t"t""p.ce
helJ he was about

s"i d9ry" imagined the lmilial

"*r'f *tt air;;;.\#d,il;;jii .iii.ii-i *.* *n ari.i "ir"L'iriit"a*t, r"ial .r*", ";il.;t i;;i.*
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Atlmta filmaker Bret wmd traveled to Mmfield, ohio to filn iniewiews with nule Dems and John rwiving people who made ftlms for l}e Hi$way Safety Fourdation. The.idm lud bren mercly_to jn tie 1950s dmment the 510ru behind the ]hbd<inq driver education iilm. produ(ed with the Ohio 5tare Hi$way Pahol ilero m.n' and '00s. Film such as SICNAI 30, WfoELS OF IRAGED\ ilid \4LCHAN'IZED DFATH had become ruli Urt tLe storv of thel. producrion rcmained cloaled in mystery It becme obviou' dmg tlis visit that a f,m donrflentaw would be reouired to teil tle fuI slory of the 'death on the highway driver'. ed Film Phenomenon. I he fft"ft*i"ii.wi .f reiJ accident fmtage wa m imovariorf a peoliu m]xiuri of hanh 50. moraluing with a new tiat aoietite'for veite realism ud qore. According to Mile Vrmey of Something Weird Filmc, the fi1ru ue ktsch artiladb is a grimitive f,!i. t.i* t.U* alluri, especially wi"th people whoiaw them_ firi ru adolerents or teero. There (mashed trs police lights ir the night, then get righl uP to honor in watciins the hmd-held cinera move in on flarhirg Sometimes you cm then fxten on.hittered facs covered in glxs md b)ood md bodies twisted in malural positiom Whatever heu the real mom md slrieks of tlre irjuird md dyug. Once the cmera calche. a man at the irotanl of death poropuphy tierimd its liberal um in lhe domentary,^which feahrres,sionach' *, rtrii tf,.
ln Auzust

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"* tumingshohotadeadbabyunderaiu,milesiitmllilepomographynor. tDavidEdelsleir,Sldie) .aJetvilm betore the smmings of Hell's Highuayi




si"l'-ri.dr;gh -a Croier Babcocl"fms the cmera lero lile a mims.oPe "-"-""i'l,i'rri:'rrr"irJ.rr u honun litelw" reet Ronall rmer, Donald wright' ud romy fo:n':lj:-1a :"-l[:]: ;;i;;;?;r;;;G;; rith the moment thdt coroners in\estigators mive. ln each cas. we hatch b a vanety ol pubhc ""1.**L,-uani*"* money and penonal"properiry. each worker helping.nrdge.rhe deceased irro non"fi#;h;:;,hxJ;;;;,;;;*r. rhe dead now. mto a more vivid md living character lhan my ot the sh1l-brcahnt cde worle6. p,ilrp;ce Shanoelu each of reclusrve l]i-"i if,. l"l.rl.i t ."e their oun urique tales within the film. lt ruru out one of ihe dead, Tomy Albert'on, wdsaahdpPy llle ha[ hr. eaminq. to a homeles'.heller. Anot]rer Ronald Tmner was a 8ay mil LvnB "*.*r.ho roumelv eare befom After that' Tmer bmly left the apartment leaving ;;;*on died"of AIDS erght vers ;?h;;; ;;;;dl'f. 5omeone w* tuou8h lre mo behind detailed olaro for his oq buial. Donald WriSht is noiable for hrs mysiery: How cm js io *'" a faie ID cardl As each lifi rcvealed to us, each is also dram heritably ilJ;..";;1;J;';";;


OF DFATH lavb bde d

flysteriow process that ges on all xound w: What hapPem to people who dre with on the elabordte

i"*.i",i"''.r."jtti'ep"i"fil'l*lin .riayproperry..cryptuorlereprepbodesfordieeo.idlhemegnlllne,tuml!111d to sbMger h no Mow a county w*ehouse where auctioneers dispe6eoenonal knickhacks of ihi aead end up lts hdd to lmagme sal he irothine o( the prior omers. Finally we wifne's the dead hauled to the ftmatory and bmed t"".1 +'" p."ple we have come to llow in tlre riln Filmmalers Blue Hadaegh and Crcver "f i,rp,'!r"ily compoed md beautitut seneb. The powerfuJ. prcise. and .igrificmce. th. J"liiur, iluuty"oieach trJe at resr. each home now empty of the spirir rhar gave u


il"i'ilril":5#;;; ir" ffi:;:i';;J;iih:.;i--i."',

This is the kind of story blues sinser

$i lt .' :j

thathd to be true, because no novelist would dare io drem it up' In San Frmriso-livs a blind nmed Piul Pena He plays ild sing' bdclup tor such legends as Muddy Waters dd B B King Late at .f"li.l!^ fr" *"t tfeep, he listeo ro the *orld'on a shortwaue rodio We "ee his fingers delrcarly touchhg the dial, .niuri." ,i iurt u tittt. ut a iime, seeking statioro hidden in the bandwidth. One night he hears strangg hauntingmusic republic of nualo Uo*.". ff. uacks it domllt is called lihmmei, or "thmai singmg" md is practiced in the tiny ". which vou cm find on the map between Mongolia md Siberia Tuvan thrcat singing he learc, involves creathg iuva, ,n ,o*d thut .o.tines different md distinct iotes ai the sme time. For yeas Paul Pena studies throat sinSin& iu.r""ri" forthe love of it. He trm.late" tlre lyric' using hlo Braille dicbondie', one io get them from Tuvan to Russim' the oi.r fror nr*iun to EnSbsh (we m'not mried lo lem there rre no Turm'Englsh djcbouies in Braillel He i.."^", p*r,tfy A" only"thrcat singer not bom in Tuva, all this tine without ever meeting anyone else who knows visits them backtage md what he ii doins. Now li u 1993 A towing goup from Tuva perfoms in San Francisco He ,i;;; ;; t"dt-* their style, in then lin"guage They m ihunde*1.u4 In 1991 Pena is invited to Tuva for the ("1 m basiolly, a tree un'uul t]roo.Ji ompetition. He is accompiroid by tle somd engineer Lemon DeGeorge oi^...l), Sun Frantsco disc jockey Mlrio Casett4 md Rolo and Adrim Belic from Evanston' who are

a-"-*".i*. n""


with this iilm. But so fa we have touched only on the amuirg facts of 'Genghis Blues " "tum be a lravelogue lt i5 about much the hlm weR oniv;bout Pena lemhg ttuoat ringing dnd SoinB to Tuva it would music. About the way Paur fena is dearly lr erbaordirary penon-wm. more. About the wa'y we commicate about the frtend he males h Tuva' a mu of it And fr""". U"i"t Uu ttt. if.^on of depression but singing hrc way who is'the leading tluo"at iirger and become. laul Pena r close lriend The luvm have not "l 0f it, as the Soviets triei $eir best to disrnanilp the nabonal ostomq. music dnd (ostumes. Now ,n f," aoU.osed, ud in Tuva, tlrey are retming to the old ostoms wilh d rierce iov To thrnl lhat.a mm ir to tl'em on the radol That lie has trritten d tluodt son8 about hiend:hip n the Tuvm way that ft"ooen aiong the way Torrential rains. Illness. ComPetitiom Parades Feasts The peoliar

iR .Lii i"""rl ora* lJ "*r'ti." ."*""itti ;;;;;;;;;I,;i"nirg i**"*r ftt nt that iil."f"-E"a*-r,"nrrjri Ri.h.d'Fqr.* "u, involved in this Tuvan itory They are all incidents, mmy colorful ,""iji" ,ir'*'.i**rins rn my other film. The heut of GENGHIS BLTIES is in the music md its sinsos Thnat in the mddle of the nr$t, ,i"""* **l*r u ri -"ri dircoi,.*d und perfected by mu<ios li!e Paul Pena, awale






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Ihe next South by Southwest film fmtival is still mon*u u*ry. Th
Depending on when vou're readirg this. that could be alrnost two whole week\ awdy: you don;t have to wait that r-g i" ixsvitttuuorit .Fortuately, moments from the past ten yeus ln one.week you cm take in tluee of the most memorable "i docuneniaries that have stood out from the pack in past SXSW festivals. And you won't evm need a wristbmd. (Hemi)


Beingarockstarishardwork Becaefirrwhatyou.wishfor,because_onceyougetityoumightfindyouserftmtired ildbewilderedtofathomapprcciatingiL. Famelsabitch. ThesearetheLhisoilesmmd"moralsudr.rrun.ruou
e\pect to take away a viewing ot ]\4EETNG PEOPLE lS EASY, which follow, Radiohead on tour to p"roniote meu cnhcauy acdmed djbm OK ComPuler Music critics love Radiohead. md their film critic comterparts must be on the sme wavelength, because they love thir domentary dbout Radjohead. 5ure, Lhey'll aJl adnit $at'vou chmei ot enloyug the hin are inffidsed dramalically if you. happen to tj\e the bmd {duht, bui they lJ also teJl you that as a piece of experimental filrnmakirg, the movie cm simd on'iL om rwo ieet. It g6t you s cinema verite, vour wide ansle. allseemg€ye, you quick, disjohted ruts. md Ce a|o iales hir cmera outside the nena during conceri footage, as #eli as into a dressing rmm. The filmwork flows with the sound design, which was obviouslv inllueiced bv the baij,s snn* that feahre so herily in th9 fi1n, md so in the end you're left wiih a dispinted whore thai f,ts id;A;i m you sit back md take it all in at once.




evm in this day md age of fshing emrnftusd"yildageofEshingpolesinevery.WalMart. Itsanoddhobbytorsoneonetopickup.suri,cause,,not a lol of people will to sdck tJreir hmd up ir a hole md get bit by something." Because o[ ihe baclwater nature ol mmy of the people featued in this docrmenta ro you rnrl/"pnoa it'" *,t peopleleatued iiYdomintary, vorr could-expect ilre whole filn *^ come of as -^+ mother chmce r^nentary, could-expec ihe -L^-^^ lor ^s ^t" film to "^-. off ^. yet ^-^1L^- chmcefor somecollege.hd filrnmaker to make.{rm of rednecla for his-own cinematic gain Beesley's m okrahom* make {rm yne;olleqq,hd Beesley,s oklahom* hj;;;rf, hj;;;lf, thougl,.md the people in his film m his pmple, md because of tha! he treats lis subjects iitl, ,.rp.,t *a tu"* th.i, dignity intact drSrutylntdct Lhatshategyistmalesitallthemorecompellingwhenyou'rewatciingthesepeoplecomeouto[*re diSnityintact. Thatshatefliutmakesiiall-themomr.-npllinowlon.,,,**,.+rlin-+L^"^-^^-r^-^6^^..r^jrL^ water with 100 lb. fish attached to their am. An they crazy? Suri. But tLat doesn't you won't be tempted to try -eir vou *onlt b" t"mDted fo trv you own had at noodling by the time the credits are rolling.

S9" oi iinajiS emptoyment wir.hin a short time after graduating from :1-.-i: $als ,co.mfortabte college m long gone, i{ they ever existed, In today,s.Anedc4 a ;n ,o.n t ,J.n . Io get you a iob as a kifchen mildger at a high vorme downrorir resraumt lprouided"vou huue enoulh erperience ir kitche*). In this dinare of pod-graduation blue", Eric Saperston'u"rght


,:l tl

J;h?;;il;X"i4; riliiv"k;rg!"

trip that he realized thar he should be domenrhg thc advice given ro hir, -aiJ. *r;;i;j;.?*i i.; othu recent grads mth nothing better to doadthe gmg seiout across the cmhy to see what their eldeis ,heir genenrion. THE JOURNEy collects all the advice rhey,re given md also doments l" ::1d,p,i".** tnp tne mars ot the hials o{ the trip on the fitmmakers. As the tem struggies to gain adnittance firmmakers. Jnitta'nce io Mimmft md sela m to inteT:w.with,qif gates, images of Michaer Moore sprin"g'to miid, but the interoiews saperston conducts spmg to mnd, interviews Saperston ilen desrgned to. tnck ilen'tt designed to trick prominent menbers o{ the NRA into saying ihey enjoy watcling cJrildren saying they enjoy walching iiidren die. He approaches all of his subiects wi$ reped. dpfrecjltilS my wisdom that people ting -y -idoi rhir peopte night "be willing to share nighr be witLing shiie withhim. Nowifonlvhecorrldlprmtnrn."o.,,rph;-#6ni-i.rL.\,!h,,,i.LLr-, hlml only he could leam to appreciate his friendi in the vm with

WnHer, Billy Crystal, th! Jimy Indigo cirls, md a whole lot more about whai they thinr he shourd oo wi$ hi. rj,e. wrnr It ione into this

roi or s,.."itur .h.r.t",1 I::fl,.1l:11 t:j:llth:.:I,ry a,Lins Am advice rrom a whote cisrHenry people lrke tomer l-tsl llirector Bill Sssiom, Richrds, Carter,



Ginoma - {ll0 x l!010nil0 sit..onlinG


For as lons as there have been movies, thele have been people dying in movies Thank io"the magic of film, rve ve been desensitized to all sorts of horrendousll' violent acts: dism"embement, decapitaiion aspht riaiion, shots through the heart, hmpngs, flaylng'. berng drarvn and qualcred drosntng haring d 'h'l bedtrn8 h"uit rioed out"of rhe c-hest ot .ome unluch ?d\enturer. and thal r iu:t io name a tew To celebrale arl ol tli' p'y.foni beharlior' r\e Al rmo Drarlhout decided 1o DUt our heads tosether to compile the definitive list of the best kills ihat have ever

$too GASH
Anytime someone makes a list of the alllime greaiest an1'thing, there are bound to be lots of people out there l4ro disagree. That means that there u ill probabll be a bunch of y ou who rume out lo check otlt lhe 100 Besl hill' Erer'and leave feeiirg up'et thal you" very faro:ne cinemaLic Ull didnt male our cut. \\e inderstand rhdr. and rather than iu'l n:it tor the inevitable emails of complainl we'd like to try to make it up to you So
here's the plan:

ieen ort on ,.ree"n und then put those clips up on the screen agairy back to back to take back io bloody back. lf you haven t been deiensitized yel lhis program-rvili We lvon't care of that; we're goma do for vioience ivhat Shorvgirls did fu.breasts' bog you down witi plots or characters or set uPs or anvthing like that; rve're onlv delivering the pay offs.

kill wolthy of being included in our list? Lots of things Some kills made it on because theyle tunny tdwatch Others $'ere lust amazingly inventive Siill jn the bacL of-our nrglttuares others ae sinply the kinds of lmages that linger .You'll graphic kjll' undcnrated .ee shockinq i.ii'., hear-brealinB kili- nacl1
What makes a




lilr jli.



The lasi nighL..ho\vrng uf 100 Be,l Kills Fver u itl be a Bring \our Orvn KilI night. It . j,our chance io come in with a \ H5 or D\D copl o[ 1 our per'ona1 piik for greatest kill ever, and we'll pit the audience s choices against ou top ien for tlie Ultinate Ki1l Showdownind the chance to determine the de{iniie, no bullshit, 100% Greatest Kiil thoughts ever been on the silver screen lf vour kill beats our candidate for Best Kill Evet then You li be walking out of

ih. th.r,., wirh $100 carh pr;ze
For more

rn acldilion to vour elemrl braggirg righs infomation, check out tuw.drafthouse com

ilam0 [raflnoltso

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Bnng$1{orglasTr:S-1.'^{9,'j.{loj*u'*win SEpT 3: SUPERSONIC SUPERGIRLS 3-D 0gzla.etsiltimmlr,e0min,&35mrn)ln3D! ME, SWTDISH FLY GIRLT STEWARDESSES oN THE FLY
whoL ge*. ot StewiJ.ssr*ploitation novies. There rvas SWINGIiTIG STEWARDESSES, rtt l*pt. ,ouan t seem to get enough mile-tigh arhostess aci:l AUGHTy 5TEWARDESSEs, ts;;]l\aTiiwAbEssis *J livlig m solid gold mansions now from.all the money 3-D was a HUGE hit. It played {or Lems ani ymrs. l!!r-olr[et an pm'bably that started it all, THE STEWARDESSES is worth l guess it's 3-D is the sJquel to STEWARDESSE! md every bii as eood, for whatever that they made, And they deserue every pem1. SUpERSONIC SUPERGRLS ff f huu. to seil you on this oni it s omiablv not for vou But if vou cm aPPreciate went brot<e maeresimat nf $. , g.nce or tlr. n*.ri.* p"rrin. hue tlat nobody ever
the '70s there was a




g3.8,bl T"



wereSoin8up seeyouthere(Lrs)




(1ezd,|osephSmo,X, 105mi+35mm)Nobodvmadeadult

suchothergratsasRu*t,t.y.r,pr"rrun**a-n.afryurug.ts*.fl*n.u$goit*udquuteremgnitio'n hisbestfilrns samqmasterof butevennostnrlt.filmufiaonudorrrr,*lriyffi.1*iiriitl'",r. n*riytr,.fu'*"i..iltoright"thitg"*o*wmnglvsmeningoneof (Lan) #e, and her motlrer Yei itt thait<ind of pdiy. Bring a date;a raincoal or both concocts u *hopp.' , louit iJr,fr. u.*.." , r,r.url, his
kinky situabon,



Flamery o,Comor, Eudora Welry remessee wittiamimi Uary Cr.*r-**r.on crmle maid who came in to clem up all the vomit md spilled bourb*.



(19G7 d. Ioseph



downJalt of a aooked ,."uut p,.u.i,.r,'fulr.iy rom. A kind of mmo, rurt.rpi..u

(Lars) "i,;p;;;Jg?n.,ully *itl lr,.i,i"".r"**..i, ai".tl*, pr,"ffirphi, una sctipt rr6m the director of OLGA'S HOUSE oF SFIAME


teeth Asif Will'iam Faulkner' Prietq R, 35mm, 75 min) A rural southemgotlic that really kilg you in. the tothe R?ewriter by the u rtoppy, bitter three-diy drinking jag md this was fomd nilt guilt here there's mough lncesf,"rejifrous mania dark secrets and Protestant Shecausesthe Th.storyofur.he.inf"*goJlo*h"h,"ri"gsnothingiutnoubleeverywhereshegoes desttoys ih. moraifiber (however Ioosely woven) of a small muthem



pRlsoN sEpT 24: EMANUELLE lN
elossv Em-rnanuelle series

(1983d.BmoMatrei,& 90nilt35nn) Skinfliclcwentupscale,"way.upscale,"intheT0's.withJustJaeckin's

0ico'useitdidn'ttakelongforcheapjackexPloitationcoP]catst0 iesoonded. Ticketsaleswentrhroughthercof. onerheaterheidEMMANuLLfl.*i"tnmr-vf,YEARS! 'uo* *anuelte" series (note stighrJy diferent spelling all ripofs have onlv one l\4), starring luscious hrdonesian ,h. beauty and total mto *;ii situatiois in exotic locationsl Thank to lulis Gemser's astonishing model Laura Gemser a" a gtobe-uottng phi;;"rph.-t;. gets of $e last o{ the series' ro'*r, *."r. aeserved su-ccesses in bucl*lley gnn&ousm all ovs the woTld EMANLELLE IN PRlSoN, one willingness to do mythmg at ,u, the womenvrtt.j (BURIAL GR6U"ND) to combhe the flagging boro.ffie appeal of the Emmuelle mones, with 'only rcpresents a lasFgdsp attempt by ltallm"boior-r..J., s*o the strong wilJ swive this one (Lan) on th. irur.. s.*, go", n*offrilii, its all here

to sturing Sylvia Kristel. The movies were rlick enou$'and soft enough



more iesmctable'thar the usual sex filrns

md audiences

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in-pdson genre. Never


for tus

t."i..t ,.rumi, urn.l pll*



STEETE JUSTICE (j987, d. Robert -irr]i Vietnam, a master of th. tighting urt, .ia i;;; * rrr



he gets enough

liquo, in qumiity



new \tername5e memce, the

*u[r. iir't'i . *r e'l drug lords who lilled

times. Sereemt lohn Steele was a oneman-my in twelve yeLs hter, th. *ar ii "ou*i" He's a drnk, pathetic loser until against the ".ur. nrn-iLl o"ver, irs lusl changed locations Steele pads on some heary heat md gms one-man-my height of u ,urr.r] ou.ith*top spectacle wirich unsuciessf'lly mmbines the drinking u"aay. whut
Boris, R, c5 -rigr,,

nia 35m)


.ori iniri-.*...

jmgoisbc Jingoistic movies for






uiorrn . *iff. thJnui.



Th;;;i; ,*. thut it tu, g"rt.t tdn its parts. Golden crap, please do not rniss it (Iim)


t#ii[ii'iir',i|.';ffi;;.';iffi; ;'"ffiil;;il;:;;;"h;it"'urJ io run. tt still repuJsive {md snevously offensive to Ieast two or the rive "J'ir.' "ooJked ',' ^,ill *l?iJ.i ti,ldt . g-g ofl.uil.u-boy*ho qtdt !1ttqq'i by teumg hdm nsh to greasy spoon diner does have rhis one-of-akind tale ot semes) but
s at

(1967d TCP'SwicegryOFTrn'l'35n') Wt'reallprettvwellusedtogorebvnow Even Tt'spartofourmlture Butput ofbloodli*p,Li"**arui-beatingheartsberngwrcnchediiolently.frombmblirgncars'ribiages lvlerchmtlvorylilmsrefuJl mrst have seemed e roul. u,. th-r-.i., rou of flatujtox; bloodshed md"badly msfiring slapstick gags' mia-oo r, u ,o*,J.rltiltr",. vourself back in the


plt trrir, nuofrsrfiNbrv cAY, which gives certain charm. ror imtance, the und;r;;il;;[;;;;-h"* ,rr.rir to glorious life. g.i"g. ildttack, md the tarrlr '60s wonen look like ilill ward caricatures come i"f,* , ,


certain John watelsi Kuchar Bros.

Cmp quali$.



nonetheless benefits {rom its barebones approach

g"th" thrlft cmi that lntludes Lemora: A Child's Tale of the Supemahnal md The th. md a sinister moog rp r"l ,1. nir s modesttudlet m$ effective atnosphere, comnlete with shakv cmera work Haurhng of M. Novak *a tlt r. gtii"*.a Ros'alie, who siends her tgbs hanging out in the local cemetery ,o , A babvsitter from the oty arrives in the bacl,woods to act as n*y score. be responsible for a rash .".^"."e the dead, md these'unh*esstdpo*tts rr"ir.t. Tums out 5tile Rosalie has psychjc abiJiEe. *rat enabie her to move itself the target of a shocking murdercus nosarre s. older drothu, ail hell breaks loose md the town finds ,rr.lruiri*.,'r,*i beats the ,1" 6t. r-d^*Jt ;ws-a dabt to both carrie md Ni$t of the Living Dead, but nothing rmoase. A senuire creep-fesr with

v*r.^- roffi rrll

(1977, d. Robed Voskania& which posits rt i"


35mm, 87 min.) Low-buclget even for.the notorious huckster Harry





;;; jt;;;ft;;?;;,


ii"i"J J..L.




men in movies like THE

THE sptDE& siart r..*g.r, productio4 and for a sec'ond. Take this rnovie for instance - a relatively big moderately expensive soecial effects look iike total shit. The tiniest child wou1ft be looled like KING KONC or SEVENTH voYAGE oF ,x ;".; Matchbor crs for his big rat-attack sequence. when.we watch a movie rotht of our own imagination and wete happy to do so because we know that effects *itn r{ in. ,1"-rr&lw. 6i *th; *to* pu*tx*g work-is a labor"o{ love. l}'ev honor md respect their audiene and manage to .r.r"r nuy riurrylrl** masters like wilrs o Bri*

GODS(1976d.Berrt.Gorclon)Writer/pmduce/direcorBertl Gordon(Mr.B.tG)hadasPecialg: in THE.BEGINNING oF THE END; a grmt spider in EARTH vs' cvcr,ops ard rnE eMazd'lc corlossar rtlan seri.s; 6unt gtushoppss is a nice guy but his vriiaCr oF THE GIANTS; and gruot *;rp;;il"kt; inJ tutJ in. *ut u"u.iievable turd. I'm sure Bert Goidon

gimtstuff Hugebald


ifi";iA. Jrffi ffi;;;;;;;-h;

;idd#;"*i"ffii ,


-a ""ror* mun.-outotauti#i;#;;d**ritlts. NotsowirhBertcoidon. (Lrs)


;;.k ;;-;uii$







Shm$ar in the '20s fron the

silent+ra, Iom,.modemity_(the serialized novels) and folkloric geme's center 0[

ashes ol Chinat imperial decline, the rnartial arts cinema blended fron is earliest, love of speed, the use o{ special-effects tedrnology, frequent adaptations hor comlc books ana

ro.1 *'fiog Hu, Kar-lemg and Chu Yum. Foi the past 20 yean, the achievements of these fil^ h*, tre.ivio;. unheralded beyond ordes of specialists md lars beiause their works, like other Sharv filns, were kept out o{ ciicJlJtim.
Chang Cheh, Lau

10m t|r:d,villains were legendary hmblenesg and loyali, were prized among all virtues, agtlity 9T was exalted pursuits o{ person body or goal were armost arways'obiessive, and fighhng;ondrcush fe,#, dance. Shaw munled anong its lminanes the genre's most innovative direcors pdol to ire'sO**J.r

pubhc fmcy tumed to combat with strewy bodres as the'pmary weapon the'following decaae. .ls th. gungste, to Wmer Brothers, so was the martial arts mone to Shaw Brothers. ihis program, a ielection of Shaw"rnirtlal arts classia 19!.61_981, sheds light on the studio's creative and box-office heyday; wien heroes and heroinr, ,or.rruuit.d

haditon (Chmese_opem md aaobatia). Post-ilrlVll md the 1sa9 cortnunist nevolutioa the grrufy shifted to Hong Kong. Ihe sharg]rai studio 1imi, remade in Hong Kong as shaw arothers. heipea pioneer the "new school" of MandairJmgrage wuia piar h the '00s, and jusr ro qui*ly led rie switch to lug fu wiren



"irnrJ*a o.r*rr".

What with faded color, panning and scaming and atrooous dubbing those prints md videot pur tt ut aia ."rt ;Jy falteslrlnSslion ol$e,titms' grgrl:l mpao. This progran remJdies the situation by presenting newly p,e$rved md archival prints, allin their origiral language with EngJish subtitles. (Cheng-Sim Lira'UtLAfih"ma





For the way it changed the look and feel ofmarhal arts, for its box offlce success, ancl for ushering in the fust wave of shaw Brothers actiory come Drink with-Me is arguabry the most significant Hon!


Girl, and a serial swordswomar of the wild River- showcased swordfighting women. But CDI{M featured the fust huly modem md convincing portrayal ofa xia ng wrth Chen! pei pei as Golden swalow (cheng Pei Pei played Jade Fox cIHD). A chinese history buff and accornplished actor and art direcor, Kini 'r filn on his own before, Hu had only directed one and cDWM was his first experience with the nartij arts gerue, wu xia pian. cheng Pei Pei was also new to swordplay, which makes their achievements
even more remarkable. combining the moves of dance and Chinese opera in the calefully designed open space of tht_ irm, and utilizing editing to conjure up some magrcaf hairprn skills, Hu l"a cr.,r^g aeate a memorable interior action scene, which will be reprised by Ang Lee and young star Zhang Zili

film evrr made. Everyone has seen Crourhing Tiger, Hidden iragon (CIHO) lit how manyif yoi lcnew that come Drink with Me (CDl4M)war lts rrin i*pirutioniGaliant ladies of the s*ora'nti; h.".T*F d the swordplay genre of Chinese literature, md the most popular Chinese sileni hd J9 filns made in late{920s and early-30s shanghai -with titles such as Red Heroine,'The Valiant

The_next big scene of CDWM takes piace in"a timple und is"simuttaoe"ousiy haditional--Golden swallow is sunounded by a cirde of foes-and modem, with cameru ,ouurrnl choreography and editing combinirg to generite a sword-fighting scene of great beauty and excitemenr.. lhe hnmg ot lhese elements -where cheng pei I'ei jumps from rnside to outsidg chased by her
pursuers- is exquisite, and the scene resonates with Hu's gmius. No director has ever displayed blend o{artand actioninfihn. (FantasiaFest 2003programGuide)



The first of many sequels, rmitators, and remakes (mosi notably Tsui Hark's superb rhe Blade) &re-Armed swordsmm is among those dassics of kung fu cinema that are hard to find and not to

pnnt will brillianily illushate why director chang Cheh was often called the ]ohn Ford of eastem cinem4 not only on a visual level but with "his macho, tortured self+acrificing characters as well. This approach profoundly affected a young John Woq u'ho was a disciple of chmg's, one-Armed Swordsman is assured its place in tlie annars ol
cinema history than}s to other elements, too: it was released under the barurer of the famous shaw Brothen studio, cast with a legendary saeen idol in its star wang yu, and features a story of near Shakespearear proportions. If there can be such a thing as ',poetic dismernbermenf,, then OneArmed Swordsman uses it generously. Its cultural mpact, too, car hardly be undersiated, as it broke all of the Asian box-office records at the time. Thii is a must-see film and a rare opportunity

be missed. The newly-restored 35mm

for fans of the genre to
Festival 2003)




it was origurally intended.

(Julien Fonfrede, Fantasia Fikn

llamo lraflio0$c Glmm| -Og


G0l0r|d0 $t . o[t[E

takes its tide from the A nominal sequel to King Hu's coME DRINK WnH ME, GOLDEN SWALLOW i,a*. fi"ifrft" Uut, ii iine wlth direCor Chang Cheh's proclivity for male-centered stories, reorients the reprised her role as Colden "f olot momd a tormented swordsman. Although popular wuria star Cheng Peipei
n-ew !*ri[*, ,f,. 6lm's hue protagonist is Silver"Roi, the brooding knight porhayed by Chmg s all ofmale star' Chmgs W;ey. e prJtotyp'. for tle conlicted heroes thit would domhate virtually iimll;

to. violence and driven by a.death subsequent frlms, Silver Roi is a psychologically complex figure,- drawn "a powerfuJ romantic yemings._F !lt-g.t wislu white at the same time possesed of po.ti. r.nriullity and q,pi.Jfl,'""S,. scheme, these wming tendencies merrtably bmg aboul ihe character's down{all Chang's md iiiriori of fio'r nuoative prioriiles ii also reflected in the directors' di{fering approaches to thematics WrItI ME is here replaced by the stvle. Hu's exDosition o{ Daoist md confucim mores in coME DRINK ihrough,violent t1l:" t-g, a masculine codc of honor that Chmg erpresses rough viSor-not to menhon the emphasizes emulate; the stu;i;d rf,ythms and poses o{ Beiiing opera, Chang both Chmg's nirir., u*..o of uioleice, includirg bodily tuitii"g *a psyt'Lological hauma Nevertheless' Kar-leung, md Hu's more Urlstered by the Jartial irts choreograpfy of Tong Kai and Lau (Jesse Zigelsteir; *outd prove equally inlluential on the futrire Hong Kong action cirema


]]1T li

ir.*"*iul",i., .th.J

^"thoa UCLA Fikn md Television Archive)

revenge drma set Chang Cheh rrmsitioned fron the swordplay subgenre wth this ulha-violent -Ii I mg-Chmgs prefened againit Lhe backdrop of early 20lhtcntury thina David Chiang and a olirins of heroe- throughoui the 1970rappear here in their first filrn together' Di Long plays "perfomer uhose muder at the hands of a corrupt local cabal launches his ii^n".a Sdiin* irothera relentless, wraithlike Jiang-down the path of bloody rehibution. A


mxia piar or swordplay fiJrn on wirich Chmg built his reputatiol nanative md stylistic templates VENGEANC'EI heralded the rise of '70i kmg fu and iadically revised VENGEANCE! is energized by at the Shaw Brothers studio. A somber, hagic paem to male honor, widescreen Chang's unfailingly inventive representation of uioLn,. Chang combines expressive
cJmcious depmture irom the

rioo, *hii*rolted

editing md breathtaking use of slow moiion to forge a stylized depiction of Wstem The awash in blood' bright red in a brief appeilmcea ooils of it drawn mainly bv daggem and hatchets, although fueams do put lndeed' lrst for Chang, ,na p.t'hup' thJ ,red for his prot€te John Woo s later Smplay spectarulars the w". *""fa p.y *pfr'.tt homage to \qNGEANCEI i; HARD-BOILED (1992), honoring specifica\ J,*i which Long fights to his deaih against a horde o{ assasins. In this branna by a blinding worthy of u, Cf.*g furiously intercutsbiiongt flnal.monwts,.punctuated of death onstage-a rae O.'aipur, *ittt *" a*aders equally dramatic, if hi$ly stylized, perfomance aesthetici from a direCor who generally spumed dassical hadition in {avor ol noa ti hisownbrardof '^masarline"baroque. (JeseZigelstein,UCLAFilmmdTelevisionfudrive)

,ar.r"u _qles,




ourcide Peiknpah's valedictJry

,X",g*li "q".i





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arts {i1m ol the It often credited with injecting sunealism and mystery into the Mmdarin martial prior cmeer-in-the Cmtonere had excelled in melodrmas, iomedies md spy thriller spoofs in his 1970s; he Chu's .i".*u the ,60s. INTIMATE CONFESSIONS 0F A'CHINESE-COURTESA]T- casts h bold relief "peruerse" to such notional "r p.r..pti". gt*p generic conventiom. This remarkable, scabrous {i1m holds up the "f and disciple, and the iourtii urti chestnits m loyalty, sacrifice, revengg the relationship between mastff and exertion)' It's an audacious md inspired flip, exattution of physicutity (aweinspiring feats of boiily agility film rnto hader-boiled o* thut giu.i iONIfgiSIOt'tS lti nut*tiue lolt and emotional potenry md. propels the (which'the fjlm does too). Imagine relocating the trafficking in gauzy, soft<ore titillation ioitory it un tn a brothel, ard hansposing mutdarts school-site o{ many i s.ene oi tortuous haining o{ would-be_waniorslo (u'ho must be forcibly r to the brothel's madm and the marial arts disciple to a prostitute ttr. ,rurtiiurt,




dri]ledinthesexualartsofservicingmen)'Imaginealsothatthemadamisalesbianwhoabductsvirgimto *"* t Utotft.f, tlat she both eriloit' md is lenuinely in love rvith he.r protdgde; and that the protegee only

i;: 'ti:

agaimt all who have wronged her' no matter Uxe cost' fakes subsenience while secretly seeking bloody revenge ;f tenor The frame is that of a murder mystery, with a i, Ur"que annospherics s[ired ffr. loses in love md o"fi.. i"i,.stiertion. fh. ,lrin ard dismembered are almost ali men l\ho wins or Archive) i, *ut a r.ith a dying hss. (cheng_sin Lim, UCLA Film and Television


"fl..* *" *tirin

;th diff


llNmo ltraflnou$o Ginoma - l0g


G0l0nd0 sl. - onlino $ctGts alrilsblG 0l trsfl.drallll0llsG'G0ln




Chmg Cheh filrn While her chmacter is {prcally porhayed as a heartless temptress in other versions of the story here she is as conflicted as the men aromd her Nevertheless, the filrn's ittention constantly rehrnu to the men. From one tortured hero in 0NE-ARMED swoRDsMAN (1967) to two in VENGEAI{CH (1920), Chmg now has three protagonists, the better to indulge his passion {or the sadornasochistic display of tle male body mder duess. This threesone u,hose devotion grows into jealousy, treachery ani ievenge
prefigures John woo's BL'LLET IN TT{E HEAD 0990), ard indeed" woo served is BLOOD BROTIIERS. - (David Pendleton, UCLA Fihn md Television Archive)

This widesaeen epic of love, loyaliyand beirayal is based on actual events suromding the assassination ol grnrral in the waning yeam of ihe Qing Dynasty (late 19th century). Arcording to the Jtory the gen..ul ,us killed by one of his right-hand nen who was avenging a.brothei This retellirg finds David Ehiang ma newcomer (hen Guandai as bmdit brcthers who be{riend the mercenary warior"Ti Lmg after trying io rob him. The stage is set for tragedy when Ti Long falls for Chen's neglected wife. BLooD BROTHERS a uy fp.reslp lhmg toward ever$eater.psychologicar compreri{'. Tr Lmg is no longer a happy-golucky fighter (chen Guardai inherits that role), bui a broJdhg, tormented man. And as the ienate tiaj a"na fulcnm^of the love triangle, Jing Li gets to play a rore with more dep*r than alnost any other womm in




assistart director Jn

to the populace at rmge. An ebunient iau (ar-fai plays a reailile legend, a Han Chinese comnoner on the run from the ging .into Qrnasty's Mmchu oppressors (including a growering Luo Lie) who seelc refuge at shaolin. rhe fiimls absorbing accomt of his initiation into the two-fisted mysteries take, up u go"od tLird of tlr. {Sure
tong-.sin1e hansmuted time. The shaolin s$le is known for its emphasis on the extemal and the'phy"sical but as depiced her! OTng process is very much m of discovery: The'noni.e must work his way through a series of torturous "chambers," designed to build #ength and serf-discipline, before winning permission to acquire actual fighting slirt. The newly mintei monk, now knom as sm De (Three virtues) soon demonshates the huth o{ the adage that "ihe mind is also a nuscle,'; he rnvents a new weapor; the three-section stafi to comter a rival's 'buttertly twin swords,, style. In this tradition-


THE 36TH CHAMBER oF SHAoLIN is the most popular saeen version o{ one of the key foundation ofthe kmg.fu subgeme: the story ol the-dissemination of the top*eaet conbit techdques developed at the shaolin Temple



a diceyproposition: San De is drummed out of the corps when he suggests opening a "36th Chamber" to teich sliaolin techdques to the masses. Manv of the pupils the relucmt apostate acquires in the final reel went on to become {med martial hero., in thui, om right. some of their descendent disciples are still at work today in the Hong Kong movie industry.- (David Chute, fihn critic)

bomd milieu, howevel, innovation is always

origiml, immensely popular THE 36TH CHAMBER oF SHAOLIN (197s), this light touch to the "warrior-in-training" subgerue and ably showcases director Lau Karlemg's. considerable talent for kmg fu comedy. Lau Kar-fai reprises his starring role, but rather thm a fullquasi-sequel applies a

A freewheeling follow-up to the

fledged kmg fu master, he portrays a con nar merery impersonating a shaorin"priest. when Mmchu thugs tiuash him somdly mdexpose his imposture, he reireats to the fabled monastery, where the nonls


while.steadfastly refusing to teach him martial arts. Expelled fron the temple, he ietums to his village ard discovers that, to his great surprise, he now pos.rrur rupurb fighting skills. Indeej he realizes in the temple actually constituted in obtique form of lmg"tu trainingl RXTLTRN TO TliE 36TH CHAMBER is a delightful self-parody that pokes fun at the very convenions Lau Kl-lemg was so inshumental in establishing. The farned 36 Chambers are here only incidentally depicted, while the"clueless

a series.of merual iobs


hero is almost enhrely oblivious to the education-by-osmosis

he receives at Shaolin. Aiestament to Lau's refusal

to facilely recyde the formula of his past success, the fi1n cleverly subverts expectations while fulfilling the nmative and action requirements o{ the classic revenge plot. Along with the slapitick kmg fu films of sailmo Hung md iackie Chaa RETURN To rHE 36TH CHAMBER helped usher in the vogue for"mutial arts comedy
in the 1980s Hong Kong



Zigelstein, UCLA Film md Television Archirie)


Gin0ma - /!09 B G01010d0 sl. - 0nllnc tictot$ auellabl0 at mf,.dnflhouso.o0m

THT [N]il0ir Ciur"-.,q.nar.r, h., ,tu..a


he ru.h tit ns as Cibir lever, Detroit Rock Gry Never Been Kissed md Pleasmh.ille. When not acting in maior Hollpvood prcductions, cnmses to live in a trailer park and write, direct, edit and produce Iilms with the residents of his trailer commiry



md I'm afraid it's


cm,t possibly conceive where I would ever else
not going to be s€en by

many people

this movie, which is a shane because the film is also literally a movie that has to be seen to be believed would be a real crime." - New York Underground Film Festival as it should be

tums them WHO FLUNG pOO is m eccentric painter who collects homeless people's lecal matter at the cmrpgromds and is a sex shop into watercolors. He only paints chicken pot pies and he ms aromd tom ina gorilla mask. His wi{e Gioria nio putting his painting caleer employee who cheats on hi- *lth his pmle officer Cha Wee Wee. She talk Who llmg_Poo help of m old pom director in on irold md getting her prcgnart just s that she can star in pregnmt pom films. So with the Who Flung Poo's narcotics anonymous class, they set out to rule ihe world of pregnmt pom'

out{fr:clerct How far would you go to defend your hailer..would you go to war? Trailer Town is a sexual interpretation of imer *ort.o^.A6Ji. u"trailer park run by a soap opera itar ihe old comedians cm't work due to addiction problm Ti''er r,*r' md try society, rdth $.er o:-: :rlere being to come up with the filtluest, most oflemive routiros they cm in m ef{ort to shike out at mainshem *f,".."f Wfr* sr[, the eldest of the trvo comedims ieceives m eviction notice for having too mmy lvild Partr$ le '.ad :o hs hailer jeclares that he is a victim of an alminum holocaust. (from Andrews" own desoiPtion) Ardn*: I r:e rc time in roof with a rifle and Fromihe f.tnngt1t".uai.i..tnowwhatTrailerTownisabout:thedefendersoftrashandthesordidpleasuresofsexmdaIrro:* a tmi for disabled' senior citizen with a predilection Ior mal entry who teaches ccr.f, .*iuil"tour, ru.irt, ^isogynist'1007, love p=r: :c :: --:rer Tonn is scoring poon, to his'kinda"strmge ' brother who makes love to his own hrrds whiJe reciting pomographic Tie actom La-r-iig *itf. ur,f*gettable chiracters md iropired diaiogue sudt as 'you allowed me to alienate your 6s sr'. *tat :::' :e uarv in ski."s Uut tJr the mo"t part rhey seemioo dndclr too crazy io do mlthing but act naturally And one :r lTnt this e"l"-.rlr p"*S ,hesc people ;n; $e ieal refreshing beauty of Tnils Town is that it's irony-free. Let me be plot', our,o.umfuy *uiatr this'guy up, because so long as dialogue andcharacterization are pemitted to take prcedenct rr:: ;:rre:icral




:.r'r.: r

:r iJs:ti:: :. -


Ardrews is one oi the best screenwiters out there. (Kierla Janisse)

order to help our readers prepm for the post-Trailer Tom Q &


A with

Giuseppe Andrews, the director recently allowed the

Alamo's own Heroi

would always be thinking about wild frmy shit i lvould when i moved into this park i became best friends titi". their friends u'ho all became the cast of hailer iom....Bil; park with a full size bath in his trailer and he'd lei me night...cause when i first moved in tlus park i was iiving befn: to;l the batl was great md Bill would be hmgmg ou: thinking o{ scenes in the tu6..when i got out we'd fi Lm them

* :15 'lll or sy r: =:--: :rcro md - -':-: s*'n ir the ia: : ::: i:t every :r :a: : -iier ir a be ':: :*S:. rd i dlint r; i r:= dre 'irt'i'iijut :: .'j ":: ": r:l'realk to asks pc:- :i:,€ or rou tell r.: =ld it to

and Kier-La

comes..i am interested in new ways to talk to each other "i each other throu$ poems md letters md ryhmes just on $e ;=*-you how you're doing md you start teiling them tluou$ a ihem to give you a minute and you write a letter then come r::< them...l believe in a new way to get shit across to one mothe:. trailer town is a new lmguage..that's what i iike about rasta ner,

opportmity to ask hin a few questions that they had brewing

HM: I think the first thing I'd like to as( just to get it out of the way for your Q & A after the flick would be:
"What the fuck?' GA: there needed to be a definiiive hailer pak movie a new drunken language and heros with beards. a respome to the pom movement md romance novels a mother

:- i: alane uP ::s hvo with a new wav to talk to each other that somds wild lvhen m r:.-rastas talking...i rvill be doing hailer town 3 at the be$mhg oi re; r:: r.d ior a

:e iioge in

amoui of time in &e film everybody will be talking like

rr'- :.::-

KJ: Do you see your acting as a meam ol finmcing you om though mmy oi your acting roles are so mainshem compueC inteists, how do you reconcile the rwo? Do you like having th,e speah or do you wish you had roles


closer to

your om

i;-'' -: :m as il r--: *mnal c:::: Ie r to *ri::.;-

fucker HM: Cml. then the other most obvious question that lve got for you is the very get simple, "How?" And that cm be split into mmy diffmnt questiom How'd you. vou acton to do all thatl How d you come up wilh $e'enlence I wmt to pul Lheir lshole md my asbhole togelher, $en fart it the 'ame hme and male the earti

GA: first of all...i'm not some mother Iucker who iust made a fiLm about a hailer oark md $en rm back to a condo...i live thic life i ve alu ay' ltt ed lhi' ]ife i was iaised in trailer part in florida my mom gave hirth to me on a tratler iloor"when i was little the orily peopie i hmg ircmd rivere ihe seruor citizens in lhe park md i

my films...when i act i just 8o into acthg nsi: r.; do the CA. wori i ve been hired tor.of course tle erperience [ee]' beher acir:': -: -;ethhg you Jike rather than sonething that sickem you bui i don't-tlLbl ah':: ;' i hen i m not acting or auditionhg my nina is thhting about- nothing but nr r crl 'md seftinq my worl relca"ed md hrming people on to them md lettlr: :--r loow ilere'ia new knd oi filrn out $ere.. i just finished hailer iown 2 dd rthn lou se it you wrlJ {ruther mdersland my quest to fuck witl lamguage md cate my orn..trailer town was m erperienie i'll never forget. .md i hope the Peolie who se it never iorgei it.. mv lilm i' ihe real merira





ilrmoItnl$o[sG clnGmi-[09


Colorail0 $t.-

0ilinG[ctcls a$ilrllG ilrwJlnl$ome.Gom

Very similar in tone to Red Dawn: serious-minded youg studs out to squash the Red Menace in the height of cold-wai freniy. This time, however,.they mostly hang out in towels in the locker room or in tight jeans with Village People mustaches. Add a slapped on romantic iears mfle, mgle, some inventive insult slinging (i.e. "You Stink!',), a cheesy g0,s synthesizer beat and some of the best flight action ever filmed and wha-la: instant 80's classic! Check online to view the Mr Sinus Theater Top Gun commercial featuring Quentin Tarmtino's analysis of the homoerotic overtones in Top Gun.

dancing costure contesl and free mullet hiircuts! become ar irotifution among Sinus fans.

betorethehlm,wetttreatyouloromsyinl.t*CrrayhailersandaloolatLorevHaiil Me,Mvselfandl.a *ploring.a day in. $e [{e of Corcy_ Haim, hi. iashion, hi. musir. hi, phitos6phy. AI.o, 9ld-!9me or:t on Friday, Ocrober 3[ for rhe VR St\LS HALLOWET\'pARTi. Loectai screemg ot L05l ts()y5 with free cmdy, porsibre nudity. bobbing for Schritz, fake Vampire Teeth, a

stmt with a dassic..vampire-as-metaphorJor-puberty storyline, add a dozen or so mulets, t]rrcw in two Loreys, a dash or tueter Sutheilmd hming it up and one kick ass sound hack. set oven temperature to 1982 let-it cook l9r 1o y9ar9 od you re go-t a heaping prare oi LosT Bo\s. Remember thi eatins oi maggotsr Kemember Birr {from Birr and redi F\ceilent Ad\enturer as row-ranring rampire cr#y? Remember Jason Pa.hick floating aromd his bed room? oh yeahr we invite you to join uc in becomine hiehflymg- menJ-go{rd,m& ri\ing-dedd teenagers.-sreep alr day. prf ari night. Never grow ord. r.,Jev"er iie.

llfldy e'lo1 make sure


out why the l,iin snvus


pARry ha;

latmight bemebaby salesmeni watch scenes ftom ttre SinJ Uoyf tavonte gutty and not-sol guilty pleasue movies, play the Mr Sinus Dating Gme, win fabuJous prizes witi yru knowledge of Mr' sinus hivi4 eat smores, md much much moreilr! you ticket also incrudes m all-vou-can-e"at breaKast buffet at 8:00 AM filled with a1l ihe sugry conlection cereals you weij-melning nm would nevu buy-, I{ you were at l6t yeil,s amiveruary paty, then you know that mythi"ng cm " md prcbably will happen. Not to be missed, md seadngis limited, so'buy tickets eulyl '

You de invited to attend the official lyeu miversary party of Mr sinus Theater, which is in fact m all-night PaFma Jmmy Jml For one special nighg,loin One4 John and Jm {or m entire g hom ot slubs ptrty madnmsl Pajmm required, pillows recomended, although sleeping is not onlhe a6enda. Come celebrete all thhgs5inm, begiming with a supersecret-surplise Sinus feature pulled deep from the vaults of tleir achivesl Relive some o{ you favorite Sinus moments as the puJled 6rom ther ;chivesr Reive soire sinu's boys_perfom boys perfom highlights from EVERY Sinu piece ever aeated. conduct onp off-sirp rc.nn hicci^n EVERy piece aeated, ionduct one off-site recon mission of ^f mschiet,play baw_dy prty nischiel play bawdy pilty gmes (ii is a ced slmber party after all), see video clips of the past (it coed party oast lives of the sinu Boys, see the guys skewer dips from john's private video conection (incrudins collection (incJuding

xanadu. lhenit'sintotherhkloryou,forhoursoffreeskatingpumpingT0'sdisiotunes,kaaoke,rollerdmce
contests, scene-reenachnents,

they trmfom the Playlmd Skate Center inio.the world's greatesidt".o puifof i"nuauf n"r.;ff U" pi."ty comedy, skating, suprises md beer! First we'll be mder thi stars to erperience skatin& surprises we'lr mderthe erpeiience the very {irst outdmr lt4r. sinus outJmr the boys talk orer the olivia Newion-John, Michael Beck and'cene ielry 19g6 roller-musical rorlermusic disaster,




details. na - 100



MrchaeJ Becl looklalike competitions, and norel Ladies vests. Get ready to skate, sing, drink, md get dwn with Sinus see lJre duck, see Johr.imp beero legs. ree Jerm hoiding onto the wall like a siued little girl. a. we all FeiJas, wear your.

olivia Newton John md

supdse specjal guest! Noihing is hrm at the time of printing, but check back to rvww.draJihouse.coir


for more


c0l01ad0 $t. - 0ntinG rbtGt$ araitaDlo at f,







AlAlll 0 ll BAtr ll 0 u s t '-ril;iins
nrCrunib ttiw


helml an animation festival with the artists themselves at the kl.ili-'"i? i. the fall o{ 2003 with its fi$t North American tout The on*""ri* Sf."* is a collection of the best animated short films from around and th" *orta, p"*onully programned by co-producers Mike.Judge.(Beavis Su,,H.;i,'Off". Space)"and Acadimy Award nominated animator Don Hertrfeldt. This yeai's line-up spans eight countries and feahrres.everything

ilrus rv uott ilEnrzltulr

G I 1l-E-lUl-E[9rU E - AlAlll_0

IluE! u!-tlgl.


tlKr lullet!


ir"- f",""u* iarsic' to lhe vcry laie'r in comPuter animdtion Plu* a iti"-"liut."a n"* .rrtoon, by bon produced erclu'ively fur lhe :how' and ;;;;%;i";;-;";" animation bv't'alke, six Academv Award nominees' most the single ot".tv of ,urprit"t. As animation continues io be ilir"irj.J"ta film medium, the animated short film is woefully and underexposed in American cinem4 despite rvidespread ;A;;fu animated


throughout the rest of the world With luck' popular manner oI very limiled iheairical play' bul arc.a]i too "o#e on fele\r\lun' or often relee,ared to onJy being tound rn chopped-uP torm \hos ;;;:";;;;"ly ".t iUii"a on"rt . internet Every yelr' The Animation oiher t. p'ut animated "hort films into more lhealers lhan any "rJt"t Li..ll"" f.'.il,rl in American historv We aim lo finallv give lhese ;il;;'ilt ih; *tde exposure their work deserves and to share these short
masterpieces on the big screen, where they belong'


sstnlBil ?004flesh human

fllilt ff$ilunl your 0n tne $Grecneftl
cilcma - {09

TENDER FTESH ocT l3 9,45
c0l0]ad0 $t. - 0nllnG fcter$ arallsflc at


llrn0 lllrflho[se

OCT 6, 7:00 & 9:45: SOYLENT GREEN

(RichardFleisher,USA1e7335m,e7min.) InTHTOMEGA

N{AN, Charlton Heston played the last human on Earth, wandering m enpty city alone. Two years later he'd have exactly the opposite problem - fighting for room in a city o{ 40 nilLion. Ihe yeu is 2022, and Heston is Detective Thorr! a Nw York cop investigating the murder oi a dlrector of the Soyleni Corporaiicn, a powerful food processing company responsible for the manuJacture of vegetable colcentrate biscuits. Thorn is impressed by the wealth ol t]re victin (in this future, "rich' means being able io afford Iming water md sirawberries), which enables comlorts ihat he and his roomate Sol (Edwud C. Robimon) cm only drem of. In such m overpopulated world, it's only to be expected that life is cheap. People crowd like refugees, living hom hand to mouth; atbactive yomg women ile rented 'fumjture. The whole film is downbeat; the future is not only oowded but also polluted (everything out with aputments and reierred to as outdoors ii filned through a green haze), economically repressed, neuly bereft of al1 natural resourceg and suffering lrom the Gremhouse effeci. Director Richard Fleischer doesn't show us huge mob scenes {apart from one rioi sequence) or $md Views of m out-of-control deraying megalopolis, but instead gives us the seme of such a futuie by iorushg on elements of daily life ihat have inevocably changed u ,onsequenci. Robinson s Sol, who is poiniedly the 'soul' of the filn, is our emotional and philosophical comection to the unspoiled past -


his memories are supposed to be ours -

md provides the fiLn's most touchiilg moments. It's a rile oleasant and nore priferable alternative than living, but in SOYLENT GREEN humanity has reached a dead endr it posits thai at a ievcl, there are no solutlons. Also stming Leigh TaylorYomg, Chuck Comors, and Joseph Cotten. (Shme R Burridge)

61n that nakes death (by euthmasia) a


\1s67 d.T.c.P. Swicegood, 53 min, R, 35mm) We're all pretty rvell used to gore by now. Even Merchant lvory filns ue full of blmdy decaPitations and still-bcating hearts being wenched violently from bumbling vicars ribcages. It's pri ol ou dture. But Put youself back in the nid-60's, a ionsiderably more naive time. A movie Like this one, fulI of gatuitous bloodshed md badly misfiring siapstick gags, lt's still must have seemed lil<e horseman of ihe apocalypse #1 to the unwitting theatergoers who stumbied into its initial repulsir,e (anrl grievously ofleroive to at least tlvo of the five senses) but this one-of-a-kind tale of a oooked undertaker with a gmg oileatherboys wfio pads his ircome by selling human flesh to a greasy spoon diner does have a certain cham. For irotmce, the undertaker ii, let s sei, how shall I put this, ASTONISHINGLY CAY which gives it a certain iohn Waters/Kuchm Bros. cmp quality. Thcre s a great garage soundhack, and the tarty '60s women look like Bill l{hrd caricatures come to glorious life.



Tleman Yau's follorv-up to the notorious Category m true-cdme gore flick The Untold Story sees him teming up again with HK cult acior Anthony Wong in what has been labeled one of the most reprehemible films ever made. When Wong is caught screwing the boss's wife and consequently pissed on md threatened with castratioo he murders nearly everyone in the rmm and escipes with his liie. The fiLrn junps ahead a decade, rqith the exiled Wong now working at a Chinese restrumt in Africa where he is corotantly berated by his employers. The customers pay the price, as Wong spits in the drinls and shmelessly masturbates into rarv meat yet to be servid. Mren Wong is sent out to buy some discount pigs ftom a Zulu hibe, the filrn rockets frcm poor taste to jaw-droppingly offensive: not realizing that the tribe is suffering from a deadly Ebola outbreak, Wong ,up", u young ,uor* as ihe lies aling on the riverbank. As luck would have i! Wong is immune to the disease, but his spi!
blood, saliva,iwcat and semen are a[ Contagrous as hell - a wild card he employs to get back at everyone in the restawant. He serves dre remaim of infected proties to the customers in the guise of African Bms, (thus the tilm's inclusion on the cmibal film fest roster), md freely rapes every womm rvho has the mislortune of meeting the shiity character A gross-out film in visceral, verbal md moral terms, The Ebola Syndrome desewes a nod for sheer audacity. (Kier-La ]anisse)




(HemmYau, Hong Kong,1ee6, 35m,



"RETLT{N OF THE LMNC DEAD is not a sequel. The premise of this complete}y reimagined be iooled by the title, rvorld lnhabited by zombies is that Romero s originai film was based on a true story that the govemeni milaged to tov_er up. So the zombies thit attack the imocent gang of teenaged punls and stereotypes are ihe sme living dead tiai attacked all those peopie in the fannhous so many years ago. ROTLD is LOADED with gore, camibalism, the 60's md punl rock- We love it!



MIDNIGHT: RETURN OF THE tlVlNG DEAD(o*o'su*ortusA1e853sm,e1

mh.) Don't

ming dimer

(l,eter Greenarvay, UK 1989 35m, 125 nin.)This film, a wildly exuberant, bitingly satirical exmination of excas, bad iaste, md (not jusi walkhg). for the erjts. great acting, is ihe kind of over-the-top experience thai will have tinid movie-goers ioughly tw-o-thirds of the film takes plaie inside the fine French restauan! Le Hollmdais. With a dungeon-like kitchen ihat lmks Regular denizem o{ the [kelt was snatched out of Terry Gillian's Brazil this is a fmtastically bizare place to eat restaurant, rvhich include, of couse, the cook; thief (also the owner of the restauant), iris wife and her lover (a regular rustomer) equallv bizarre. As visceral as it is visual CIWHL conhadicts the salmp that revenge is a dish best sened cold. In honor of Gieenaway's cmibal classic, the Texas Culinary Academy will make Big Meat Eaters 0l us all with their fmtmtic once-in-a-


lifetime Cmnibal Feastl

OCT l3:9:45



min.) Laurence Harvey (Ihe Mmchurim Cmdidate) directed starred in and co-produced this sordid tale that would become his last screen appearince. Now, Laurence Haruey had always seemed a Litile strdge, but I don't think myone expected this: a filn n'hose ads ionsisted of ihe tagline "he killed more than he couid eat." A teenager escapes from a car cash and fuds herself on Arrorv Beac[ where she e.comters a photographer (Harvey) md his sister They olfer a roon for t]re night, but she finds herself being stalked by the man, who is seeking to prey on her f1esh. It turm out he was marooned on a desert islmd during the Korcar i{ar, and rvas forced to eat the bodiei o{-his co-pilots to survive. He thus acquired the taste Ior hmm meat which [e has had to indulge cver since. A]i in all, a bizarre movie and m even more bizarre final appeamce by Larence Haruey Warner Brothers disowned the film, md other thm a brief stint on the exploitation cirruit in 1976, it has remained relatively uroeen, despite its now legendary ult status. Also stars a young Meg Foster (she of the weird eyes) as the hippie chick Havey wants to tuin into dimei At CineMuerte 2000 Tender Flesh rvowed audiences to the poht where they exited the theatre singing the theme song in unison: "Who can tell us why, why rve have to die?"

It's big screen reality, baby, md you

ren't ready for itl

The Alamo Drafthouse is


up with KNVA, Austin's WB affiliae, to bring you the $€atest thing to happen to dating

shows since Rodger Lodge. CHEMISTRY 101: HOOKING UP IN THB NEW MILLENIUM is pan gme show, part reality dating show, md your chmce to fall in love

dom our necks, so you'll get to see ALL the too-hot-for-TV actionl The girls going wild! The guys getting crazyl Even the camemen! That's right, h the Alamo's version of blind dating shows, you,ll see everything. And you ju$ miglt
have censors breathing
be responsible for helping two people find each other md

fall in love.

mmen. Every month, we're going to take 3 people out on m all-expense paid date, follow them aroud with video cameras, md then bring the daters into the theater for a live 'moment of truth' where one of the tlree will be told theyrrc
(or at least make out) on going home alone, Every month, you'll get to watch a series of profile tapes md you'll get to decide who's going out 0n the next dtte. And €very month, yOu'll get to test your

ou dating experts in the Hmk Up linal Exam. Think you cm spot a virgrn in a crowd? Cm you guess which pick up line will prove to be the most successful?
wits against Don't worry, they'll all be multiple choice questions, and we'll be providing the number 2 pencils for your scantron. At the end of the night, if you end up with the highest grade in the thater, you'll be going 0n the next date with whoever the audience decides to send you out

Wele already looking for profile tapes of anyone who wmts to go out on one of our Ifyou think you've got what it takes to find love on camera, ail you have to do is bring a VHS profile tape in that tells us all about yourselfin 2 minutes 0r less. Do you enjoy long walks on the beach? Tell us all about it! you could win the chance to go on a blind date, and that'll be m experience you never
fabulous free dates, too!

foryetl Goout,filmyourselftalkingaboutyoursel{anddropyourprofiletapeofiwith meagen at the Alamo Domtown any weekday between I and 6 pm. Make sure you give m all your contact infomation on the tape, as well, including your full
one of the

name, phone number, and email address. Othemise we won't know how to g€t in

with! It's like

the trashiest late-night

TV show you can think of, except we don't

touchwith you,see. (Hemi)

Do you know Jack? Do you pursue trivial things? Do you thini< you're prepred for MONDO TRIVIA? Take you time. Don't mswer until you're sure that you've got it right. Mondo Trivia isn't
easy. Mondo Trivia isn'tjust some guy reading questions is even better than playing NTN at the bowling alley.

offofa crd

at your local pub. Mondo Trivia

Mondo Trivia is the best damed trivia show ever Period. We'Il have questions that make you laugh, questions that make you think, questions about sports, questions about celebrities, md questions tirat are completely uanswerable. Mondo Trivia is more thm just questions, though. Mondo Trivia also will have video segnents that'll have you guessing what the outcome of various stunts will be. Picture two kids standing in a peaceful suburban cul-de-sac, each holding a baseball bat. when we start pitching balls to these two adorable children, will you have the skills necessary to figure out which kid will break a neighbo/s window first? will you be able ro tell us which neighbor's house will be the unlucky one? We'll be using audio md video clues, too, ofcourse. The Alamo is a multi-media kind ofvenue, you klow How mmy seconds of music would you have to hear before you could identify Milli vanilli's hit, Girl, You Know lt's True? For bonus points, would you be able to tell us who actually wote the

Just in case you can't wait until October 2nd, here working:
Where in the world is the town ofFucking? (Austria)


some practice questions to get your brain

Why was Betsy Nelson accused of stealing a basketball fiom a sporting goods store in Arlington,
Virginia? (She was pregnant)
On March 2, 1978, Charlie Chaplin's coffin was dug up and stolen (with him in it) and held for rmsom. In what European country did authorities finally recover Chaplin's remains? (Switzerland)

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ontinO IGIGE


Ai tle time of this prindng the dates md fiJms are not 100,{o se! but towmds the end of Ociober, Iook for mother tluee week series of incredible fmd/filn pairings conceived by Virginia Wood, food critic Ior the Austin Cluonicle. Ihis October vre will the celebrating our fi{o year mivetsary ol this exhaordinry collabotation. "When we begm plaming the Eal Drink, Watch Movies iiln Festival as one of the events io celebraie the Cluonicles 20th miversary, we were caughi up in what a cool idea it was md how much {m it Hould be. We knew from the begiming we wmted it to be a benefit for the Capitol Area Food Bmk but when I disossed ou plm with CAIB deputy director Dm Pruett, the five-night film feast took on a whole new meming. When Pruett told me about the {ood bmk's seriously lorv supply of nonperishable food items heading into the holiday reason (see feature story for details), I realized the tining of the film festival would give everyone who paticipates the opporturity to be a irue hiend in CAIB s time of need. So for tfuee nights in laie Ociober/eilly November, local foodie fiim fans cm feast on cinema very tasiy with great meals sened by iop local restaumis in the comlort of the new Almo Drafthouse Cinema North. The menus sewed dwing ihe movies will match ihe food on the screm as much as possible md offer a real eniertaiment value for the ticket price. I\trere else could you see a movie, enjoy a delectable meal with beer md wine md make a signficmt, very necessry charitable donation at the sme time? Check out the menus below md make your reservations now at" (\trginia Wood -Amtin Cluonicle)

"l look ai ii now md i think it's the work o{ a madma4 quite frankly." (Alan Paker) Playing out )ike Guys Ard Dolls meets The Goonies, the ingenious iwist to this movi€ is that every character acts iike a fully-developed adulL but no-one in $e cast is over the age of 14! Superbly shot, with some catchy Lifile musical numbers, Bugsy Malone is Puker at his best, md one of the best nusicals of the Seventies. (A.t, DVD Review) Parker' s hown Ior some pretty mbitious musical projects, but Bugsy Malone seemed like a halfbaked idea even {or him. That' s not to say it' s bad - on ihe contra4r, the film's absud casting gimick worlc, and lends it irotmt cult appeal. With laconic Dmon Runym-style delivery mob boss lat Sam s nailation opens the pichre, which is set in tle nidst of
Fat Sam' s rival lry League gmg invents new weapon caLled a splurge gun - basically m efficient nem ol pie-iossin& the wommizing Bugsv Malone (Scott Baio) is hit up t0 operate as a gopher md niddle-mm in Sam's appropdate tle coveted weapon. The film is a veritable tieasue-hove of remakable kiddie taien! md the young casi attempts to cmies the film effortlessly. The hmoi has something of a Muppet Movie sensibitty with its choreographed slapstick sequences, md the prepubescent cast pretending to be aduits isn't quite as disconcerting in iiself as Jodie Fosier' s chmged perfommce m gm moll Tallulah (or the little black kid pretending tc be Paul Willim !?). Almost 30 yers later, ihe liln still holds up, with inspired set '70s momalies. (Kier-La Imise) design, costuming md muslcal compositioro that place it mong the finest of

m all-out prohibition-era gmg wa. When


Before he conquered space or whizzed us tluough time, filrnmaker George Pal aeated animated short films such as the world had never seen before nor seen since. Like the alchemists of old, he trmsmuted pieces of ivmd into fluid, moving beings. Ams undulated, legs arched, feet shuIfled, md faces bloomed in eight-minute busts. George Pal was a pioner in the {ie1d of animatio4 anrl created his orvn conbimtion of puppetry md mimation which he called "Puppetoons", The Puppetoon Movie is a fond compilation of some o{ George Pal's best-loved md just plain best Puppetoom. The selection covers a rmge ol storylines. Musical revues like "The Phitps Broadcast of 1938" and "Philips Cavalcade" evoke inages from Busby Berkeley filrns (fiJrning musical nmbeis from overhead) as well as the marc\y of l{amer Bros. animated ciltoom with twisting iimbs md dmcers $owing out of the Iloor "Together in the Weather" tells the tale of two climatecrossed lovere, Punchy md |udy, forever separated by their roles as weather forecasters. "Tubby the Tub4" presented here as the cromlng achievement in dre Puppetoon canort shows how m orcheshal prop foud his voice and shared it with the world.

At the heart of the Celtic

olture lies nagig mystery, and occasional mayhenl celebrated as often in 6lrn as in books and music. h honor ol its miversary, Coroadh na Caeilge, the GaeLic League of Austin presents the first Celtic Reels night at the Alamo Drafthouse, with two Irish

films to be shown. Keep watching our site because we are


to bdng in some very special guest

stils in association with the filmsl

Alam0 Drrnh0[$G Cinema - 409 B G0l0r|d0 Sl.- onlinoliclels amlloDIo alf,w'draftnouse.Gom



fm re a very special breed o{ people. They hoard their copies of Kmmdl The Ldt Boy on Earth with a certah endeaing shme, md get caught up in seemingly incoherent conversatiom about Rudy Rucker md theloutl Dineroion with their sci-fr bretluen. Bul beneath the veneer of geek is almost always the obligatory clic whose vision is m far-reaching as its fmhion seme (Sta
Sci-fi Trek was, after all, the first natioml show to star a black chick in a miniskirt). Fashion and design

re mof

sci-fi's most acessible

md miversallpappreciated quallties; from the future-cities o{ Metropolis ad Just Imagtne to the slick costuming of Plmet of the Vmpires md_Flash Gordoq sci-fi is consistentiy the perfect malgmation of styie andiubstflce. Not only that, "but sci-fi reeks of sex. And nowhere is this nore shamelessly apprent thm in Jacques Boyreau's low-budget sci-fi exhavagrua, Candy Von Dewd. Cmdy Von Dewd takes place in a barren futrre where 'Rocket Leroy' expeditions ile sent out into space med with the experimental potency drug Vakuta-16 to seek out 'seedable' life foms (which leads to quite a bit of intergalactii froJicking md all the multicolored latex that entails). The film canies inl'lumces from science fiction filns of the '50s through '70's, but has a Jertain 'beat' semibility that sets it apat from the established canon of sci-fi homages/puodies. In musical tems --md the film moves along at a lysergic musiml pace - it's [ke Scott Walker md Serge Gaimbourg collaborating on John Carpenter's Dmk Star Briming-with sexual energy md boasting the incredibly mative deplolment of its admittedly modest budge! -mdy Von Dewd marks a retum to the khd of exploitation fiirns that matter (Kierla Jmisse) Before Cmdy Von Dewd, sm m may of vintage sci-fi hailersl

Fli&er is a bi-monthly filrn lestival in Austin, TX that leatues short filns by area filrnmakers md all other enthusimts who dare submit via mail! Submissiom m free, screenings ae always only $5. Flicker submissioro mst Odginate on film (Super 8, 16m, md fikns tmfercd to VHS) AND Be mder 15 minures in length.
There is NO submission fee, but please include retum postage if you wmt your film back. There is NO submission fom; just send in you film with you name, contact info, ri$e, ruming time and original film fomat! For more bIq click

"Ishtar" is


huly dreadful Iihn, a lifeless, nassive, lmbering
-Roger Ebert

exercise in failed comedy."

"The real joke is that everyone involved is still in tlre movie business."



Mars Restaurmt in conjmction with the wircs of Domaines & Estates presmt Ishtu at tle Almo DraJthouse Cinema Lake Creek. YES, this film quite possibly gmered nore negative public opinion thm the likes of Monica Lewimky & "NUCULAR WAR" combined...but...have you really sren it? I mem REALLY seen it?l!! Better yef have you seen it, smg it, md tasted it with great food and wine? NO? Well, now's you chmce! Join us for great food prepaed by Che{ John Bullin$on md Mars Restaum! wines poured by Domaines md Estates md m Ishta sing-along before the filrn. Put you best headbmd o4 became this one deserues every bit of a recond judgment.

If you enjoy the great midnight movie progmin& but live out in the 'bubs md don't wmt to make the trek into downtow4 we have a soiution for you. Every lriday md Safurday at Almo Lake Cree( we are bringing midnight movies from the Almo domtom, complete with wacky preshow videos md vintage hailers. The calenda's schedule is m follows:


IBfft$t0ffilIns TII ]tt0utt sHI12-t3 DAn[ $m ff Iff n[HB0Ul SIPI 19-20 & SI]T IIA$il G0n[m ocr 8-f tGilt TltI r0llln OGI t0-fl
100 BrsI t011$ oGrlt-18 & oGT Ah25
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