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RLGN 1301 SECTION OBJECTIVES Introduction Objectives: 1. What are the four tests to be in the scriptural canon? 1.

Human Relationship: book of human authors, prophets, priest or king. 2. Authenticity: facts in the book those are true. 3. Testimony: universally received by the people from God. 4. Agreement: book with continuity with other known book. 2. What is name of the Greek translation of the Hebrew Bible? [Exit Exam] Septuagint (LXX) 3. What are the Dead Sea Scrolls? [Exit Exam] a) Documents found in the late 1940s b) Manuscripts of the Hebrew Bible. c) 1000 years older than manuscripts scholars had to that time. 4. What are the eight rules of interpretation? 1. Holy Spirit 2. Definition 3. Usage 4. Context 5. Historical Background 6. Logic/Inference 7. Genre Judgment 8. Divine inspiration Acronyms: H.D.U.C.H.L.G.D. How did u climb High Like God Did? 5. How do you analyze and evaluate an interpretation using the eight rules? N/A 6. What are the three statements of a Balanced Biblical Doctrine? 1. The Bible is from God and through men. 2. Bible is a straightforward communication of Gods will for humanity; and 3. The Bible can be understood in terms of ordinary human language. 7. What are the four major sections of the English Old Testament? 1. Torah 2. Historical 3. Wisdom 4. Prophetic 8. What are the names of the three main roads? 1. Coastal Road: in-going road between Egypt and Turkey & Iraq. 2. Patriarchs Road: local road of the Middle Promise land. (Abraham/Isaac/Jacob) 3. Kings Highway: desert from Eastern Road 9. What are the stages of development for the literature of the Old Testament? 1. Oral to 2. Scroll to 3. Books 10. What are the three main divisions of the Hebrew Bible? [Exit Exam] 1. Torah (law) 2. Neviim (prophets) 3. Ketuvim (writings)

11. What body of water makes the western boundary for the Promise Land? Mediterranean Sea 12. What is the exact quote of the Old Testament Summary Statement? (68 words) God is reaching into humanity for companionship. Gods holiness requires a holy companionship. The Law defines holiness. To break the law is to sin. Sin requires judgment and punishment. Death, blood and repentance bring forgiveness and healing of the holy companionship. In the companionship there is future hope for a holy rescuer that heals the holy companionship permanently. God is saying in the old Testament, He is Coming. 13. What is the southernmost lake of the Promise Land? Dead Sea 14. What languages was the Old Testament originally written in? [Exit Exam] Hebrew Torah Objectives: 15. Who is the author of the first five books of the Old Testament? [Exit Exam] Moses 16. The term Pentateuch refers to? [Exit Exam] 1. Torah means Law 2. First 5 books of the Old Testament 3. Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers & Deuteronomy 17. What does Torah refer to? [Exit Exam] Law 18. What are the four important events of Genesis? 1. Creation 2. Fall 3. Flood 4. Deploying 19. What are the four important people of Genesis? 1. Abraham 2. Isaac 3. Jacob 4. Joseph 20. What is the theme of Genesis? Beginnings 21. What is known as primeval history? [Exit Exam] 22. What were the two trees in the Garden of Eden? Tree of Life and Tree of Knowledge 23. What was the purpose of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil? Provide choice and free will 24. What was Abrahams lifespan, birth to death? 2166 B.C. 1991 B.C. 25. What was Abrahams test of faith? [Exit Exam] The near sacrifice of Isaac on the land of Moriah 26. What was the three promises of Gods covenant with Abraham? [Exit Exam] 1. Land 2. Seed 3. Blessing 27. Who had his name changed to Israel? Jacob

28. Who is Isaacs wife? Rebekah 29. Who is the child of Abraham and the servant Hagar?
30. [Exit Exam] Ishmael Who is the promised child of Abraham and Sarah? [Exit Exam] Isaac What is the most important saving event in the Old Testament? [Exit Exam] Exodus What is the purpose of the Tabernacle? Worship & Sacrifice What is the theme of Exodus? Deliverance What passage contains the Ten Commandments? [Exit Exam] Exodus 20 Where did the tribes of Israel receive the divine law? Mount Sinai What is the theme of Leviticus? Holiness What tribe contributes priests to the religious system of Israel? Tribe of Levi What are the five offerings of Israel? 1. Burnt Offering 2. Meal/Grain Offering 3. Peace/Fellowship Offering 4. Sin Offering 5. Trespass/Guilt Offering What is the meaning of the Day of Atonement? It is the holy day of the national sin offering, it involves an escape goat and a sacrificed goat. Jesus is our sin offering, once and for all. What does the term of holiness mean? 1. Purity/Innocence 2. Clearness 3. Cutting off 4. Separation 5. Quarantine What are the four rebellions of the Book of Numbers? 1. Family Rebellion 2. Rebellion Against Entering the Promise Land 3. Rebellion of Korah, Dathan, and Abiram 4. Moses and Water From the Rock What is the theme of Numbers? Rebellions What is the timeframe of the Birth of the Nation? 1804 1404 B.C. Who were the twelve spies and what were the results? (1) The twelve spies were one tribal leader from each tribe. The results was (2) two spies for entering the land ten spies against entering land ultimately (3) resulting in 40 years of wandering.

The mutiny and rebellion of Israel against God upon the bad report of the ten of the 12 spies Exit Exam # 25: the explanation for the Israelites to go through the Wilderness and Wandering period is found in the book of Genesis; Exodus; Numbers & Leviticus 46. What are the three annual pilgrim feasts? Feast of Passover Feast of Weeks Feast of Booths 47. What comprises the material in Deuteronomy? [Exit Exam] Speeches of Moses 48. What is the theme of Deuteronomy? Retelling 49. What was Moses lifespan, birth to death? 1526 - 1406 Historical Objective: 50. What categories can Joshuas conquest be divided? - Entering the Promise Land - Division of land among 12 tribes 51. What city was conquered as part of Joshuas Northern campaign? Hazor 52. What city was headquarters during the conquest? Gilgal 53. What is the theme of Joshua? Conquest 54. What tribe was Joshuas family? Ephraim/Joseph (/2 Hebrew; Egyptian 55. What was the name of the King of Jerusalem who formed the Amorite alliance to fight against Joshua? Adoni-Zedk 56. Who is the son of Nun and replaced Moses as the leader of the Israelites? Josua 57. What is the cycle of the Judges? Sin Servitude Supplication Salvation Silence 58. What is the theme of Judges? Cycles 59. What judge tested God with a fleece of wool? [Exit Exam] Gideon 60. What judge was a Nazirite? Samson 61. What is a kinsman-redeemer? - Male closest- blood relative who is required to redeem an inheritance - required to redeem his relation who had sold himself into slavery 62. What are the three weird customs of the Book of Ruth? - Farmers left crops unharvested on the edge so widows and poor could harvest - Sleeping at the feet to show interest in courtship - Passing a shoe closes business deal

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45. Why did the Israelites wander in the wilderness for forty years? [Exit Exam]

63. What are the five major Philistine cities

Gaza Ashdod Ashkelon Ekron Gath What year does Saul and his sons die? 1010 What is the theme of First Samuel? Transition What are the ten conditions in Israel when David is anointed king? (Cancelled) 1Sam What Philistine city is given to David? Ziklag (top of the mountain) What year does Saul become King of United Israel? 1050 Where was Saul crowned King of United Israel? Gilgal (hquarter for the campaign)1st City of the Promised Land Who was simultaneously prophet, judge, and priest of Israel? [Exit Exam] Samuel What city is the capital of the United Kingdom in King Solomons reign? Jerusalem also called as Mount Zion controlled by Jebosites What events aided the growing discontent with Davids kingdom? What is the theme of Second Samuel? David What son of David rebelled against him? Absolom, King of Davids son What three Israel kings held power during the united monarchy of the twelve tribes? Saul - 1050 David - 1010 Solomon - 959 What was Gods promise to David? [Exit Exam] Descendants would reign after him. (2 Sam 7 8) What year does David become King of Judah? 1010 What year does David become King of United Israel? 1003 What year does Solomon become King of United Israel? 959 Who in Second Samuel is a parallel of Gods reception of a sinner? Mephibosheth (jonathans son) What are the four events and causes of the division and civil war? What is the theme of First Kings? What were the three prohibitions Solomon disobeyed? What northern king bought a hill and built a new capital of Israel? What year was the Temple completed? Who is considered the most wicked woman in the Bible? [Exit Exam] Who was the first king of the Northern Kingdom of Israel?

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88. Who was the first king of the Southern Kingdom of Judah? 89. Whose ministry was the bases for the office of prophet? 90. What is the theme of Second Kings? 91. Why did Judah survive longer than Israel? 92. What year was the northern kingdom of Israel taken away into captivity? [Exit Exam] 93. What year was the southern kingdom of Judah taken away into captivity? [Exit Exam] 94. Who captured the northern capital after a siege of three years? 95. What empire conquered Israel and took them into captivity? 96. What empire conquered Judah and took them into captivity? 97. What is the theme of Ezra? 98. Who plucked out his hair and beard when he heard the Jews had intermarried with other races? 99. What year do the Persians destroy the Babylonians? 100.What year is Cyrus Edict for Exiles? 101.Who led the building of the second temple? [Exit Exam] 102.What is the theme of Nehemiah? 103.What is the theme of Esther? 104.What is purim? Wisdom Objectives: 105.What is the theme of Job? 106.Why do the righteous suffer? 107.What is the theme of Psalms? 108.What is worship? 109.How is fear related to wisdom? 110.What are the eight subjects addressed in the book of Proverbs? 111.What book provides us with practical guidelines for living? 112.What is the theme of Proverbs? 113.What is the purpose of life according to Ecclesiastes? 114.What is the theme of Ecclesiastes? 115.What is the theme of Song of Songs? 116.What are the three functions of sex? 117.What are the four different approaches to interpreting Song of Songs? Prophetic Objectives: 118.What is a prophet? 119.What does Messiah mean? 120.What is the legitimacy test for a biblical prophet? 121.How are the Old Testament prophetic writings used in the New Testament writings? 122.What is the meaning of the Day of the Lord? 123.What is the theme of Joel? 124.What is the theme of Isaiah? 125.What are the four servant songs of Isaiah? 126.What is the only thing prophesied exclusively in Isaiah about the Messiah? 127.What is the summary of true religion? [Exit Exam] 128.What are the two prophecies about the Messiah in the Book of Micah? 129.What is Habakkuk 2:4? 130.What is the theme of Jeremiah?

131.What are the symbolic actions of Jeremiah? 132.How does Jeremiah portray the Messiah? 133. What is the poetry of Lamentations? 134.What is the pronouncement of Amos? 135.What is the theme of Hosea? 136.How is Hoseas marriage related to the prophecy? 137.Who are the Edomites? 138.What is the theme of Jonah? 139.How does the book of Jonah portray the Messiah? 140.What is the pronouncement of Nahum? 141.What is the pronouncement of Ezekiel? 142.What does the Messianic description of Ezekiel mean? 143.What is the pronouncement of Daniel? 144.What are the seventy weeks of prophecy of Daniel 9? 145.What are Zechariahs big concepts about the Messiah?