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The Invisible Machine

An Open Question May 2003 I am not a physicist or electrical engineer, however, I do have an inquisitive mind and a strong scientific background and exposure to oriental mystical activities. This has led me in many strange and unexplainable directions at times. One of them is described below to which I have as yet come to a scientific conclusion. Perhaps you might shed some light on this subject from your perspective.

The Beam-Me-Up Scotty Machine and the Philadelphia Experiment

Unanswered Questions of Thomas C. Kramer One of my close friends conducted a most intriguing kitchen table experiment utilizing three hand wound coils around an iron core. The electromagnetic coils were made from heavy gauge enameled copper wire scavenged from an old telephone pole transformer. These were then mounted on a plywood board in an equilateral triangular position facing the center point and the table was aligned N-S Earth magnetic. The magnets were then charged by a series of power transistors which when switched on caused an ever increasing frequency reversal in the polarization of the iron cores. When the apparatus was switched ON the table shook for a few moments and then settled down as the frequency reached higher levels. At an unrecorded (due to the lack of proper monitoring equipment) frequency, whatever was placed in the center of this electromagnetic field DISAPPEARED. In my research into anti-gravity and over-unity machines there seems to be a common thread that triggers these machines at a specific electromagnetic resonance frequency around or above 60 kilohertz. This frequency threshold is created in these machines using either spinning discs, tuned triodes, crystals or capacitors charging magnets to create a resonating high frequency and/or harmonics thereof. My friend had a pet rat, a parakeet and an old black tomcat that all were placed in the center of the table and made to disappear and then reappear repeatedly when the machine was turned on and off. He even took a non-conductive rod and swished it around in the field when his animal friends had disappeared and when he switched off the machine they all re-appeared none the worse for wear..well, except for one occasion.

On that occasion the machine was switched on with his cat sleeping in the middle and with the electromagnets aligned to N-S magnetic as usual, but this time when the cat disappeared he rotated the table and then switched the machine off. The cat did not reappear! So he switched the machine back on, waited an appropriate time, then realigned the table N-S, switched the machine off.and what do you think happened? Cat or no cat? Well, somewhere in never-never land is one pissed off black tomcat. The apparatus had several drawbacks that resulted in my friend abandoning this line of research. Firstly the iron cores would heat up to glowing red and burn out the coils and secondly, he fried a lot of power transistors, and thirdly, it used a ton of amps, eventually blowing a 60 amp fuse on the power pole outside his house, with the suspicious investigation by the local power company engineers as to the cause. He quickly pulled the jumper cable from his meter and played DaaDont know. But he decided that shorting out the local grid would not be in his best future interests. In my discussions with him I questioned whether or not one could induce a similar field in an opposing set of electromagnets and then link these via cable or microwave to another device at a distance. With both the local and remote devices on at the same time, if the local unit was turned off first, would there be a transmission of the object to the remote location when the remote is turned off later? According to my research, this experiment is a reduction of the Philadelphia Experiment which apparently was successful in bending light in a strong electromagnetic force field. Unfortunately, at that time the scientists were not too aware of the effects of microwave radiation and other electromagnetic effects on the human body, particularly in unprotected areas outside of a Faraday cage. Most of the crew got fried and stories of other crew members passing into another dimension were most likely true as I have witnessed firsthand inter-dimensional materializations. The Philadelphia Experiment also mentioned that the test ship appeared in several other locations around the globe when the machine was turned on. This suggests a reflected image or an ability to instantaneously (or at the speed of light) shift matter which has been transposed electromagnetically to a new location, where it may be possible to reconstitute such matter by reducing its electromagnetic frequency. I cannot explain the physics of this mutation of matter. Maybe you can. But I have been working with an accomplished mystic for over 30-years and seen physical materializations out of thin air and human spirit beings incarnate then the will and grace of God at all times! And this phenomena is universal at mystic levels all over the world, so it really isnt just an isolated incidence or cultural thing of magic or illusion. It is to my observation a variation in electromagnetic frequency. My mystic friend is also an accomplished healer and one night we asked the spirit that comes into him about his healing powers but instead of answering us in words he showed us. He brought his index fingers to about 1 cm apart and generated a GREEN spark! Now this is in the

tropics where static sparks are non-existent due to high relative humidity and the spark was not the typical static blue-white color, but a specific electrical frequency. Hmmm. Also, when he has been tested on medical equipment like EKGs, he has caused altered readings. And when filmed in his working state, the film is invariably over-exposed. These indicate electromagnetic force field interactions, perhaps in the standing wave fields currently being explored. From what I have personally observed, there is a parallel world of Jinn and men, in what is religiously referred to as being in spirit form. What I have observed is more of an electromagnetic-gravitational form that can coalesce and disassociate at will or with a consciousness. I further believe that this can be replicated with the machine described above, but additional experimentation under controlled conditions would be necessary. Most prophetic future predictions indicate that mankind will be transformed into a higher and hopefully purer being. Quite frankly, I know quite a few politicians that I would like to transform to a higher moral level, and if I had a booth that I could put them in to beam them up, I most certainly would! There is also another theoretical question related to this simple device which involves the defiance of gravity. No measurements of weight loss were recorded during this experiment, thus this factor is yet to be tested. However, when the objects disappeared in the force field, it can only be assumed that the apparatus should record a reduction in weight within the field and perhaps above and below as well. This was observed by the disappearance of the cat. A similar field effect is noted in the top secret TR-3B triangular shaped aircraft that uses a spinning mercury plasma to effect an electromagnetic field (?) or perhaps it is just created by simple electromagnets at each corner of the craft (?). It is said that this craft achieves 89% weight reduction and that anything within the electromagnetic field is weightless. The remaining 11% weight is in the conventional engines mounted outside the field. To me, this seems to be a bit dumb as Townsend Brown and many others have already demonstrated bi-polar electrostatic propulsion and hundreds of people have made triangular high voltage lifters. And apparently UFOs use a similar propulsion system. Gravity certainly has an effect on matter and light, but when neither are there, does it still have an effect on the transformed electro-magnetic field? Spirit beings certainly are not obstructed by gravity or walls but they have complained to us about the electrical wiring in the walls! (And the electrical fields created by them.) This is one of the reasons why caves, waterfalls and abandoned buildings are often haunted as such locations provide some screening and negative ion effects from some man-made radiation effects.

Im not sure if my friends electromagnetic field device is a bridge between worlds or dimensions, but I think that it is enough food for thought for one night of tossing and turning. It is always fun to throw a spanner in the works just to see what happens. Thats scientific investigation. I would appreciate your comments in relation to Unified Theory and perhaps as related to space and time travel. Now theres another twist. Sorry. But I will save my thoughts on that for another time and dimension. And as for the ole black tomcat..I think that he just woke up and walked off the table into another more pleasant dimension. May the force be with him.

Tom Kramer

File Update: My friend who made the above Invisible Machine replicated the same while in military service and was immediately classified Top Secret and shipped off to strange bases near Las Vegas for debriefing. This was before the Montauk Chair experiments which later used an umbrella type dish overhead instead of NS Earth magnetic to create the field effect. I have also left out some specifics of the construction due to some serious anomalies that the machine created. When turned on it would cause serious atmospheric disturbances such as major storms and tornadoes which swept a few farmers cows away nearby. Secondly and more seriously, it buggered up military and civilian radar. So if you want to play with this technology do it somewhere far away or else you will have the Feds busting down your door real quick. Be fair warned. TK