Animals, wild creatures totally governed by instinct, busy themselves with providing for themselves, but they are

not said to work, much less to be employed. We were once the same. The effort we made to live was part of living. We were free to live, or die. We instinctively and urgently wanted to live, and reproduce so as to continue life, and from that the effort to do so naturally followed. This effort became known as work when that freedom was lost to us and we were forced unwillingly to labour for masters, indirectly of our own needs and harder and longer than those needs once required. Then, when the majority were no longer forced to work for a minority of humans, we all, in our various ranks, became obliged to work for the competitive money economy of the Machine. This is known as employment, work for money, the sole means of purchasing survival. We can not now live without money, which is obtainable only from the Machine; therefore we are obliged to go cap-in-hand to the Machine for employment. The Machine is responsible for deciding what work shall be done, for it holds the pursestrings and, according to profitability, determines how much money we shall be paid for that work. We are responsible for securing the Machine's employment of us, doing its work to its satisfaction, and living according to what the amount of money it pays can buy back from it. Inwardly, we are all free to decide whether or not to conform in our minds to this automatic system. Outwardly, what freedoms we have are automated, and severely limited. We are 'free' obediently to submit to the Machine's education, or otherwise apply ourselves to gaining its approval and privileged employment, and to live in a style which this economic level makes appropriate. We are 'free', having accepted a lower level of employment and a more cramped economic style of life, to unite with fellow workers to bargain for 'fair' wages and conditions using the threat of withdrawing our labour. We are 'free' to decline employment and face starvation or, in the case of the rich nations, to live on the lowest possible income paid by welfare or charitable institutions to the unemployed. We can develop ways of supporting and enriching life independently of the Machine and its money economy, but we

almost unquestioned. without the Machine's money. in the way it requires. our reality a day-to-day practical and political adjustment to its waves. or to demand work which the Machine is not willing to provide. a creator of inequality. keep its lores and look to it for survival of our species. So we work for the competitive money economy. money economy tide. or enticed out of us. that we need employment to survive. We have not yet acquired that enlightenment which would give us the collective will to swim against the tide and to break its power over us. We are carried along by the autoprogressive. to do work that the Machine disallows. but since our work is mostly imposed on us. we are not free to feel the enthusiastic goodwill which goes with good labour voluntarily contributed to the common cause. And the practice of one human employing others for profit is morally akin to slavery. it is not interested in humanity at all as a morally aware intellectual race. to live as or where we wish. We are free to prosper by limiting our ambition to self-interest. when its objective is not whole human survival. or live at all. It directs but must rely . It is our present reality. only in autoprogression of itself by human agency. We are not free to decide overall what work shall be done. pressing back the weak. however humanly vital.can do this only on the margins of reality while still being basically Machinedependent. which translates the combined effort for the well-being of whole humanity into the separated individuals need for a specific Machine job. The Machine cannot of itselfdo anything. is as ridiculous as our concept of reality. Some of us resist and hold back against the tide. Consequently. which accrues to its detriment and possibly to its eventual destruction. There is all the difference in the world between giving our effort in that spirit of willing responsibility and toiling unwillingly in our own defence or purely for selfish gain. but mostly the economically strong push forward. humanity generally depends for its continuing life on employment. to survive or prosper when unwilling to do the work which the Machine allocates or allows. Our deeply ingrained concept of employment. and the Machine is the only employer.

then of its seed. gain degrees. This in turn is because recessions are part of an instinctive cycle which we aid and abet. We don uniforms. accept rank. and the explosive re-birth of its seed. its implosion to death. whatever it may be and whatever the circumstances. This activity characterises instinctive life. cheat one another. bulldoze rainforest. build nuclear power stations. when we have subjected our instinct to the full wisdom of our intellect. mesmerised by automation into believing they are unable to take responsibility for their own affairs into their own hands. according to the current rule. Each time a cycle touches bottom enough determination and energy has been gathered to begin striving towards the top once more. like winter as opposed to summer. Unemployment is part of the myth of the money economy which insists. argue with one another. Mostly we do anything that the Machine requires us to do. Just as the concept of employment is an economic phenomenon. That we do not prevent unemployment is because we have no control over money-economic recessions. take office.on humans to act. compete with each other. It is the cry of the mentally blind. We are asking employment of the very automatic economy which has carelessly caused our unemployment. the low point of cyclic automatic activity as it oscillates between rest and the full generation of energy. reflected in the explosive birth of a life-form. which has no motivation but the impulsion of energy to act and react. and to ask instinct to contradict itself is asking the impossible. so giving human life its true motivation. but with the difference that whilst we cannot control the seasons. crush one another . we can and should control our own economy. We shall get rid of unemployment only when we have thrown out the concept of employment. that there is no work for many of us when there is work in plenty. It is the logical accompaniment of competitive inequality. When there is unemployment we cry out for jobs. when in recession. a necessary casualty of money-economic recession. naturally. so is the occurrence of unemployment. make and use weapons. The reason behind this is that. or management.all for automatic reasons. we may not work .

except that in periods of recession the wages of union members may not be reduced out of hand and workers either continue on full pay or are made redundant and receive very much lower welfare payments. It is only an artificial economic difference that creates this human suffering. Let me repeat . What I am trying to demonstrate is that humanity can not be benefited effectively by automatic means. and needs would be simply provided. the manual workers. and in the case of non-members wages are again at the mercy of market forces. but we do vary in our reactions to the effects of automatic policies on people. a movement whose influence has been very much reduced in recent years.except for money. Now a little about the political division between Right and Left(more to come later). This movement has opposed employers. By no means all workers now belong to unions. Humanity in general accepts automatic reality without question. Generally speaking the former supports the authority of the Machine over the people. least privileged and most vulnerable. needful resources are the same. and that its job is to make their employment secure and to raise their rewards and privileges to the highest possible level. and our capacity for labour is the same. however. of . It has accepted that its members are employed by the money economy. The money economy is an unnecessary and inhuman intervention which upsets this straightforward voluntary equation. whose rights are represented by the trade union movement. This has relieved or re-distributed but not eliminated poverty. and the latter champions the rights of the people against the Machine. only by ridding itself of the Machine. So when there is no money to pay us we may not work. The majority of those on the Left are the least rewarded. What is the real difference between times of full employment and massive unemployment? In terms of humantruth there is no real difference. but not the Machine. it has changed but strengthened the Machine by spreading the practice of consumerism. The Machine is a system for serving the automaton by way of many institutions. The work needing to be done is the a humantrue society such labour would be done as was necessary to provide all needs. and it has had no good effect on the cycles of periodic prosperity and recession.

Those who go against automatic reality appear. to be recklessly trying to upset the applecart. By this means most are also fulfilling a family responsibility. All who are employed are busy fulfilling some function of the Machine. So they tend to occupy fully the conscious minds of the humans engaged in them. companionably satisfactory is to be content with one's lot.which the trade union movement is one. This is but a short step from realising that the Machine is unnecessary and that only it prevents us all voluntarily working for humanity. specific. Automatic functions are separated and competitive. The institution of employment. for they clearly do not work for human good. not co-operative. then. automated purposes. and if they are to give these functions their full attention. but in the end those who listen have to return to their automatic functions. As it happens. as they must do for . Each tends to deal with its own matters within its own strictly limited boundaries. more or less. priorities and profits. All vie with each other for resources. competitive. is a strong factor in our failure to realise humantruth. To be satisfactory in automatic terms is to fulfil one's function to the best of one's ability. in this light. which make sense only to minds which remain submerged in the automatic chaos. whereas we should be devoting ourselves to overthrowing the Machine. The individual whose reasoning questions this reality might be heard. In times of comparatively full employment all our work is devoted to the Machine. If all these functions were for one common human purpose they would have to take criticism of the Machine seriously. To be humanly. It has the effect of continually reinforcing our automatic conditioning. They have discovered something better than working for the Machine. often for reasons which seem good. But they all do work for their own different. some unemployed people have found that by rejecting normal automatic standards they have converted their state of unemployment from one of deprivation to one of new opportunity for understanding themselves and their world. failing in their private responsibilities by publicly opposing the Machine.

and what this book aims for. then they do not normally allow such critical comments to penetrate beyond the periphery of their minds.Machine-success. is abnormal human effort to break this deadlock. What is required. .

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