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$1040 us.incividustincome tax peta” [20171 one. ween Fetmyo i, +0 7 a cbs ern 2 Sos eputs eos Tour te tame anda Tana sown OME ifa onto, spoos7s tame anda) Last ame weunza UM Rome adoress (number and sree. you Fave a P.O. box, see Instone. FACTO Tai ean ae NeW YonK, WY _10022 oe ei ia Feralgn country name Foreign province/statecounty Forign postal eade | Sine ane yt arora [vou [2] spouse Fling Status? LJ Shae 4 [Theat or nosenot wa quatning peren) the aaliying 2 ([] Nari ng joint (even ony oe a income) person isa Cid but not your depend eer ihis is checkoay 4) Maid ting spay. nt post's 8H above ame ere. nebo and fal nama et, D> 5 (1 outing wide (ss atone) Exemptions _& CE Yourselt, it someone can dain youas a dependeri, donot heck box 6a Sean oa + LE sme mean ‘tenn wanna esc = age, — ‘fore than four ie al capresso er Sickie be C] ‘ainntme ole nana of wenptons cam a | income 7 Wants, ps, eMac Form()W-2 ean e [7 Ta, 9, 8 Toable intros. tach Sinai 8 eed a [AREA b Tacexempt tees Dente one Ea ao 435. Rosen any Oh. aha E ranted rs ane tachFome,” bul didends wi 14.305.) fame 7 W20and 10. Teale emis ras or os ot se anaclincre nas SEAS S| o. tare, tt Almny ecsied mM 12 Busnes income oss tach Sched Gr CZ mH 15,050, tym diane 18 Geil ano (os) Ach Shel iraqi. nace chack hae *O De 7.520.298 SAnW2. 16 Ole guns or sss), atch Frm 4707 it 33,740, Serinswuciors, 154 RAdksrbuons 15 0 Tae amaunt Fi | 162 Person and ri 168 ' Tarblamaunt 1b a 17 Renta el tts rots, sarrstip,S aporaons ls eMac Schedle 7 | 16,165,015. 18 Fam neome oles) toh Scheduler ‘ 49. Unloyment comensaton rm 208 Sock securty beets 20a 0 Tobie maint rm 21° Ohhrincome List ype and amount _85 SEATENENT 7 | ia see a, 22_Conbine he rons in ght elu fo es 7 rough 23 Tiss your Wal lnzame Be 22 | 12839400 28 Ewaior gues 2 Adjusted 24 aianareramatainai cotinine [A — Gross 25 Heath savgs aso cect, tc Frm 880 25 Income 26 Weving expenses. tan Frm 3903 26 27 Dstt par of set-enpoymet ta Aah Sched SE a 37 5a 26 Sétremplye SEP, SIMPLE, and quale lars 2 28 Setenploye at insurance deoten 28 80 Paton ery thera of igs a0 Sta inon pid b Raspes SSW be ata 32 BAcewveton 2 38. Suter tet dcton [ss A. Tutor andes. tach Fr 8017 ot 35. Domest produton ait dad, At Form 608 a 36. Aid ines 23 trough 35, 6 97,540. con giga 47 _ Sub ne tom 72 Tas your ued os income p [sr [22,516,308 UIA For Disclosure, Privacy Act, and Paperwork eduction Act Notice, see separate instructons. Fem 1040 om Fem ieo(@o") DONALD J. © MBLANIA TRUMP aoe 2 Tax and — 38 Amount from line 37 (adjusted gross income) 38 12,916, 948 Credits soa check { (2) You wereborn bots tuary2, 103, [_] sinc. | Toalbores it [spouse was trnbefereJnuary2, 1953, [| sina, J checked .. > an |__2 | tyouspoiseenaeson a snaataretner you wee aduabsausale,aecknxe 896 TT “Zo teed deductions (orn Set or you stan deduction (ne at arco) 0 30,237,921. ‘1 Soba eA Fm i 38 218 88 42 Even, ine 38 $186,20 oes, py 4050 te rurbsr on in thw, et 2 12,150, 43 Taxable income. Subtract line 42 trom line 41. If fine 42 Is more than line 41, enter -O- 43 o. M4 Tex Chedkltany ome] Forms) 8814 8] Forma72 of] u 0. 4 Altera iniu ax, Ata Farm 6251 ra 7,857, 46. Excess advancz premium x rdtrpayent. tach Form 6962 rs 47 Ad ies A, 0d ple 705,57. 8 Foreign xr tach Fer 118i equ « 48: Credit for chil and dependent care xpos. Rach Fx 2461 9 50. Education rts rom For 863, ne 19 sa 1 oikoment savings cobutons ce tac Ferm 80, 31 £2. Chidtxcret,Aaon Shedue 882 req 5 8 oie nec reds. Ath Fur S655 ss 4 Other crests tom Form: a} 3800 bE} o001 eT} st 7 Be 07, 55 Ai lies trough 8 These re your tlre A 1,435,207 ‘56 _ Subtract line 55 irom line 47. It tine 65 is more than fine 47, enter -O- P| 56 750. ‘57 Salf-amployment tax, Attach Schedule SE ST 195,095. Other ‘58 Unreported cocil security and Medicare tax trom Form: a] 4137 6 L_] e919 58 Taxes $8 Aion taxon Rts che qui rtrerman pans, a Atach Frm £528 equeed a fa Household employment tw tam Schedule H ae a as. 1 Frt-me homebuyer ced apayment, Ach Fr 5405 igure ‘ah 61 Heath cr: Indl responsi (se instructions) Fulyearcomreve [3] 1 62 Taves tom 2 DE] For 32 8] For 8960 6 [—] ns; ner codes) 2 60, 8A ines 55 ough 62. Tis i your total tax bls 384 718 Payments 64 Federal income tax withheld trom Forms W-2 and 1098 nm 97,455. ‘STATEMENT 11 65, 2017 ested ax payments and amcurtapieé am 2916 en 5 Sencar] |rarewewe 32 ‘Evuhees 55a Eared income credit (EIC) 663, 'Wontsale combat pay ation ea 67 iiinal chi tex ceo. Mach Shots 8812 fa 8 American cpp cet ram For 868, ne & mn 68. Netpremiumtx cea. Atach For 8062 0 70 Amous pid with equst for edension te 70 5,200,008 71 ces sacl scr ander 1 RATA ax wth ene Ta e 72. Cet for eralaxoav Atach Far 4196 2 EDESUN 78. Gredts tom For: [12489 & EJ rnmue (_Jeees ¢[ 2 7A 6 res 665, ian 67 oth 7, Tse yor tal payments Plu 4,736,498 Refund 75 {line 74 is more than line 63, subtract line 63 from line 74, This is the amount you overps 75 4,431,776: eran 78 Ano ine 75 wa endl, 8 ate ha ar >i Ts =p tne Dee tne C1 cin 1 sine Bea tL ‘schustors, 77 Amount offing 75 you want applied to your 2018 estimated tex > Int 4,431,778, ‘mount 78 Amount you owe. Subtract line 74 trom line 63. For details on how to pay, see instructions: > | 3 You Owe _79_éstimated tx pea (sue instructions) {1 | z a Third Parky po you want slow enter person io diss this tern wth the FS co rctucions/? CE] ves. Complete belgu. (| No Designee 2" pooann amon WSrpisey aae-asee Mtge Sign Saat nen sa a a pS NU es aN Pe a Here Soestpre Due remem Date hearin — RESIDENT, Eerste” DP Gear tara tain [Om Sa as fn rast LADY nee | Paid eo Preparer powauo BENDER | Use Only “rovsrare PrMAZARS USK TP Tere 23 1459850 Ftorena, (316) 465-1200, op cosy Finsctose Dp WOODBURY, WY 11797-2003 SCHEDULE A Itemized Deductions fFerm 1040) co townie. gow/Schadle fr inuctins rd he ts rman 2017 parece. De atta t Ferm 1040, Ee S221 eno yo ae ett ntl es ol 06, aha cons orn 8 Sipe O7 Gs a onan aa owen 3, & MBLaNEA sae Medical Caution: Do nt incade expenses reibursed opal by oer and 1) Medical and dental expenses (so Instructions) 1 Dental 2 Enteramount rom Frm 1040, ne 33 2 Expenses 3. Multiply ine 2 by 7596 (0.075) 3 4 Subjizl ne 8 nom ne 10g 3s mare han ine 1 enter 0 2 Taxes You 5 state analocal (check ony one box: Paid 1 LE] Poco t,o gem gmarever 1s | 4.352,409, » (1 General sales taxes 6 Fal estate tae (ee instructions S88, smareuT 19 ° oun 208, 7 Poreeral property exes ka 8 Othertaxes. Uist type and ameunt be 2 2 @|__ 5,243,690 Interest 10 Home mortgage interest and paints reported to you on Form 1008 10 You Paid em anne cagt re ee yO, pal i the ei iGorbiing no and address Be eee oe a inarege"592° 12. Points not reported ie yeu an Form 1698, Se insvalons tor Spec aee na eduction may 18. Morigage insurance premiums (se instruction) Pe GS 44 nvestment interest. tach Form 49521 equied. Seoinstvctons BW 17. [ag 604, 73a REN 45 Add ines 10 through 14 Tis] 881,759. Gifts to 46 Gis by cash or check youmade ary it of $280 or mor, soe nebuctons 17860, 955, Charity 47. Otherthan by cash o check, any git of $280 or mor, 808 insinsctons. omer 18 Wyeu made a Yau must stiach Form 8289 over $500 | RMR ay cary tom pore ‘f seenatucions. 19 Addines 16 tough 18 rr Gasuaty and 20. Cansaly or thet oss) ther han not qualfled dass oss. Aach Form a6 and Thett Losses enter he amount fom ine 1 of thal frm, See insttions 2 ‘Jb Expenses 21 _Unreinbursed employee expenses job travel, union dues, job edaclon ok, aniGertaln attach Form 2108 o 710542 Hrequiod. Seeinsitucions, Be Deductions z a 22 Taxproparaton fos 22 23 Other expanses -imvesimont, safe deposit box wi. Ut type an amount be za] 4,096,962, 2 Addinas 21 trun 3B 4,036,581, 25 Enter amount rom Form ¥040, ine 38 28 Mutpty ine 25 by 2% 0.00) o £21_Subtact ns 26 fom ne 24.1 ine 268 more than tne 2, one 9 far] 4,096,981 Other 28_Oiher tom list in instuctons, Lit ype and amount Be Miscotaneous Deductions 20 15,491 23. Is Form 1080 tne 38 over S1669007 ‘No Your deductions nt iite. Ad the aun inthe fright column Total forlnes 4 trough 28, Ao, enter tis amour on Form 1040, ine 40 20] 10,237,922. Itemized (7 ves. your deduction may be ited, See te temized Deductions Deductions Worksheet nthe instructions to figure the amount o enter. 30, Hyou elect otemize deductions even though they ae les than your standard deduction, check here » LAA rior sacase For Paperwork Reduction Act Notice, see the instructions for Form 1040, ‘Schedule A (Form 1040) 2017 7 Schedule A = Charitable Contributions Worksheet Page 1 0 . & MBLANTA THOME pomne Ja we eT 0. AGL Tia pie sa al ‘ar 700% wm a riled Appesed cut ahons Carns aad Lit Lit Limit Property 30% Limit Property 20% Lint__“"iowse Gane 2006] connbutos| Luss wes Less wo ua oR ca |—_—— £2007 contributions Less lowed Les notte. om CAP oD -——_ 2008 cantons Loss| lowed Less nce ane ca [CRP cio | ———__ £2009 contitutions ese lowed Lass ot at. ca? AP co SSSSSSeSEeSSeaE 2040] contin Lass] lowed as noc ane lore co 2014 |conrnions| Les owed Lass] nou Aon cn lonP co ee 2012 |conivation| Las Aloned Less NOU Absor. Lass] noc sen lcaryover lorP co 2013|contoutons| Less] lowed Less NOL Absorb. Las wo ana ce? carryover oP oo =ae-——Schedule A - Charitable Contributions Worksheet Page 2 aa go 00% 30% we ‘Aoorecieted Appreciated Tour Toa ti a tim petit pops COMIN Oe 2014 Less: Less Luss] Gono | Alowed NOL. Aso, canyover cP oo 2015 Less] Luss] use| conbuton owed NOL. sort Canyorer, cP on 2016 use| Less Lass Contributions owed NOL. Abort, Carryover AP on 2017 Lass Lass Less] 1,358, 563, 1358563, owe i.e es 502,400 0. 502,400. Schedule A Charitable Contributions Limitation NAME DONALD G,_& NGCANIA PRONE ‘50% Contrioutions 1. 50% of AGL 2, Contributions quality fr 50% lit 4, Allowable 50% contbutions 30% Contributions 4, Remalring 50% limit (Line t= Line 3) Less capital gen propaty - special 30% mits Balance of 50% of AG! 30% of AGI Contibutions qualifying fr 30% limit 9. Aowable 296 contributions fessor of Line 6, 7 or 8) 20% Special Contributions 40. 20% oF AGI 414. Contributions qualifying for 9096 spacial mt 42, Remaining S0%6 tnt ne 1 less ines 8 and 8) 419, Allowable 30% special contribution fassar of Line 10, 11 or 12) 20% Contributions 14, 20% of AGL 15, 20% of AGI °. 41,358,563, 502,400, 16, Alowed 30% regular contrbutions 7. Line 15 ess tne 16 18. Alowed 30% special contrbutions 49, Line 1Stessiine 18 20, Remaining 50% fit fine 1 fess the sum of lines 3, 21. Contiotions subjct tothe 20% imitation and 13) 22. Allowable 20% contibutions Qesser of Line 14,17, 19, 20 or 21) ‘50% and 100% Conservation Real Property Contributions. 23, Remaining 50% lent fie 1 less the sum oflines 8, 9,19 and 22) 24. Conservation real property contribution subject to 50% iit 25, Alawable 50% conservation real property contribution (esser of Line 23 or 24) 26, Remaining 100% of AGI 27, Conservation teal property cantrbuton subject to 100%6 limit 23, Allowable 100% conservation real property cortrbution (esser of LIne 26 or27) Qualified Disaster Contributions 29, Remaining 100% of AG! 30. Qualified isaster contributions subject to 100% int 51, Allowable qualiied dissstor contibutions asser of Line 28 or 30) 232, ‘Tota 2017 eontbutions allowed on Schedule A 132, Total prior year carryover alowed on Schedule A 24, “Total chartabl contibutons to Schedule A, Line 19 SCHEDULE B ee Interest and Ordinary Dividends ete ete D> tach to Form 10408 o 140. 2017 Recs eree” 60| > Go to wwwirs.gow/ScheduleB for instructions and the latest information. Sracenes . OB DOWALD J, 6 MELANIA MRUWE Partl 1 Uist name of payer. any intrest roma sellenanced mortgage and the buys: used he “Amount ee property 2s. personal esdence, soe theinsinuctions ands this intrest st, Also, show that bbuye’s social security number and adress be ‘see ematenen 39 PERE 1 Note: you faceted For ‘ooo. Form 108800, orsuostiut Statement fom brokarag tr, istine tee ame asthe payor and ent Beto incest shownen al” 2 "Addithe amounts on inet 2 51s, i 3 Excludabi interest on sores EE and U.S. savings bonds ssuod after 1685, Attach Form 8815 2 4 Subtract tna 8 ramine 2. Enter the reult here and on Form 16404, or Form 1040, ine Bape [a 7158 se Hote line is over 1.500, you must complet Part Ih ‘Amount Bart © Ustname ofpayor De fp sp HORGA Guage si Ordinary : DEWESCHE BANK TAUDT CO 000. ividends 5 Ds SRIPEL, WICoLAUs « OORT 2a FRGW 1 — TIPebRARY HEALEY CORP i FRCH ACA — DONALD § GME SLTaARETH TROT Tis, FROM KCI — DONALD § TRUM “PRED” amvST t004. FRO KCI ELIZABETH SRUMP_oRANDOHILDREN — DORATD 5518 Note: yoy «FROM ACL TROMP EQUITABLE PIPE ava co 5 on Teesvedlaform ROM KCL — FEFFY-SEVEN MANAGEMENT CORP 7 \eoover subst Stator fem abeokerage frm, isttne ts faeenite bayer and ortor {dora Gindends shown on that orm {6 "Add the anourts online 6, Ener the tla here and on Form 10004, & Fon 1010,lne Sa 31,384 Hote tine 6 is evr $1,500, you must compete Parti, Part IH You must complet tis pat you (a) had ovr $1.50 of mabe ost or onaryahaoas, WIPadaTee Tye] np no (c}ecevad a dstrbution rom, or were a grantor of oF aansfere to, forign tut Foreign 7a. At anytime during 2017, ck youve a financial interest in or signature authority over afnancl aooaunt (ach Accounts 28. bank account, secures account. or brakerage account located in a forign country? See instructions x and 1 Yes," ae you reuite to fle AGEN Form 114, Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts FEAR, Trusts to roport that ancl inaest or signature authory? Soe FinCEN Form 114 and its nsttutons fring recuiremarts and exceptions to those requrements x bb Ifyou are required to fe FinGEN Form 114, entor the nan othe forsign cowry where tha fnancial account islocated pe wre KINGDOM, TRELAND, CHINA 8 During 2017, dd you receive a ition trom, or were you the rar of, or wansferar to, a forign Was? ioe eee 11 Yes," vou may have fla Form 3520, Soe instructions x LHR For Paperwork Reduction Act Notice, eee your tax return instructions. ‘Schedule B (Form 10408 or 1040)2017 Additional Data Software 10: ‘Spouse ss Name: OONALD) & NELANIACTRUM Form £090 Schedule 8, Port 1, Group 2 5 [panera Tap) [eoowuo mane B78 [fs |amcorcuromn 12670 | FROM 1 TRUNP TOWER WANING HENBER mC 7 23 ROW 11 ~ BEACH HAVEN APARITINTS FLING OUT GRR EF 2o_[FRow east UPSHOPPNG CENTERULE 2 [[e_ [on ean ren pom Hoven conP Ss 35_ | RON GARLOTTESMLE CATERING REVERT LE 9 [Pe [pone ocean acon eprom ino w> wa8) Fon 1 ~ TROND PARK AVENUE LIC~ TRUMP OEINONICD Tae) ET) Fon TRON PARK AVENUE LE ACRUTSTTON Bae “ai Roma Tune UTAGLE ETH NEO Tam [22 [Romer ner seven ninacoree cone 5 Additional Dat Spouse 55 Name: CONALD 3 MELANIACTRUMP [Ee GRAPHITE print 00 NOT PROCESS [LATEST DATA Production] Din TeasTeassETeCs] SCHEDULE One 0-076 Profit or Loss From Business a (Form toa) (Soe propietrship) 2017 information about Schedule Ca ah is seperate instructions i at as.aariscnaaules: | — pancrent Feces” | F’Attch te Form 3040, 1040HR or 1O4iypertershipe guneray must ic fom toss, | AEOSITERL 4 Shree popneer [ soc security nomber 58) ‘Princo tusness er peson ciing posi or aves (se Puc) amyece wary sures waives (nctsing wate or room no)» .MAARS Cyan or pos oes sae FP case ROBSOURN wr TT" accountng matod: (2) WH cast (2) Cl acenat (3) Ol omer pei) 1H aryou started racquet bese ring 2627, hock here J cena Broa my sin 207 ower yen Wee) nr eatin) Elves no 2.10%" you a you le eid Ferme 0997 eter Lees Parti —treome 1 Gon eels OF SER, Sas RTOS or Ine Lad TREE Tg mane wr Ta 4 fepevontom vit dhe Sattory enpoyee tox ont om wren >» ob 4 Coster gees ot (fom Ine 42) ated eet oiia : « {© Other incre Incuing federal 2 ste gaslie or uel ok ceo rund (ee insvuctons) s 7 Gross income: tédiinat S2086 ves ss See ae oe Ee ~ ror ait Ir expanses. enter eqenses for busnoss ize f Your Nome only oa ne 3. ‘Bhseriong ss 2 18 fen expanse (ee Raraetone) Song aa 20 Rent olen (se instructions; 2a Contino (ee nstuctons) [aa ba ae po, eat 13 Deprection and secon 179 22Suoples (ot nclced i art) a ‘retacior) : 3 24 Travel sl 9nd entertainment Aa ergloye beet pegrans atm ee es [zea {cthornan nine 19) aa Deduct meals ene asinurares(terthanheskh) "as fertanmen (ee mtacions) [24] Te Pataca lnc | 2612905 (ls employment crests) [ae miguetfes saan 27a other exerses (rom nea). [27a ass 117 tess and ptessonalenices | [37 preserved forfuture use» . [270 = a aS ET ERT RET IE RATS TEE 29. Tentatve pot or bs) Subroct ine 28m tne? 7 i (ng te sols mets (ecstacy "se Pers ee eeaaagey ‘Splifed method Merson: enter he tal sare fooge of) your tome: ard (0 pert yur home urea for ous Use Silt tos ERAT maces 51, Net pratt or (lore) Sutaet ne 39 fom ine 2, ‘+h fot, star on bath Form 4040, tina 13, (or Form X040NR, ine 13) anon Schedule SE; tne 2 (Eo che atx anne sw niion) Eaten rd ta ont on Fer 108 ‘32 you havea les, eck te tox that decree your vaste ithe atv (se isto). "you ehacked 23, te the es on Uth Porm 1080, nw 1, ("Fors LOUON ee LS nd on } 32a CIA instr Schedule st tine 2 iy checsee seta om ne tobe the hoe 88 earatons) ay ad Coss, (rer on Form 104%, ine 3 «+ Ifyou ehahee 32 you mut tan Form 6498, Your les may be iid ‘2h less names, ar Paperwork Reaction REENGTE, ee Your Fara Taio St No TSS9P Sea € Rar TORBS TAF ‘Sehasue¢ (Farm 10402017 ge? Part I Cost of Goods Sold (see nairucione] 33. Hats asta iceareiabe [bait = Coot Cl tower font or mast (1 otar atch enlanton) 134 was nr any ching eterna quaites, castor velaon eben pening an os Ivara? E Whaeatehopanton sence se ara 7 ves Ono 135 tnvertry at egnnng of eo. ferent rem as years eng Invent, il ae 26 Purchase lst cost of hems nahdeomn frpenaliee ee eee LBB 137 cost ofor. Do nt nue ary amounts pao yourself ve en 38 Mater and supplies fee we soe spin bie ¢ ues eam 4 bm 39 otters coi cee eetattaeiea es 40 Abb esd OUINIE ee 2. Lal ® ost of goods sold Subst ne 4 rm Hine 40 Enterta rast here apd on unas ss 2 o a Partiv Information on Your Vehicle. Eomotce this par only you se clsiming car or truck expenses on line 9 and are not aquired to le Form 4562 for ‘is bustess Soe the ietructions fr line 13 tod out I you must Me Form 4592 Bart V_ Other Expenses. Us: below Gusiass bxperves rot ncloded on Ines "en you place your vein service for business purposes? (orth, day, Yea ‘Orne ttt number ef mies yu Gove your vei during 2036, enter the numbers ies you uel our aie fr, Asinese Carman (se stron) © other ‘os your eh avaible for arora ue dure ofty nous? Dee ee Dyer One oyu (or your spouse) have anther etic sale pesca use? tee) Byes Ono popetweatncteneeetninddided pe rere ate = Ove (oe Yes te econ art? “otal ther expanse Erte hers ond on ne 276 rary eee ‘SCHEDULE C Profit or Loss From Business (Form 1040) (Sole Propriatastipy npr ie sony ‘> Go to wos. gow'Seheduled for instvetions an the latest information Pitea Recon See toh De tach o Foc 4040, 1O40NR, or 1041; partnerships generally mut ile Ferm 1065. DONALD J, TRUMP ‘A Prinsgal business or profession, including produ or service (see ns uation) wownoeneNn SERVICES (© Business name. no saparate business na DONALD J. TRUMP Business adress (incuding suite orroomna) Be ss Gly, tom oc posting sat, and 2P code a VOR AW TOO Accounting manos: — (1) EX] cash (2) T_] Accrual (3) [_] ter (epeiyy b> ira Dark (id you "matriy prtcnae in the operation ofthis business during 2017? "No; se instructions or nt on lasses Doe nate ENT sa2600 F & H1Htyou stared or zeeied tis busines uring 2017, hock are >o 1 bis you mac any pajnenis in 2017 that would recite you fle Far) #060 eee tcons) Five Cit6 tes you or wile equted Forms 10997 yes Flo [Part] Income “1 Goss recs rss, Soa tons or eT and heck he Bx rcome was eporadta you on Farm WD andthe ‘Statutory omploe box nat orn was checked >Olt 27,875. 2 Retes and lonances 2 ‘3 Subactiae 2 tom ne 1 2 17,875 4 Costot oot sol rom ine #2) 4 5 Gros profit. Subactline 4 tom tom 3 5 Tas 8 ota income, nud federal an ste gasae or altered rend eeinsvtons) 2H SEACH 20 ‘ 31,123, Sots income Ad ies 5nd m7 33,008, Part ll] Expenses. Enter expenses for business use of your home only on line 30, € Adveisng t 8 Ofice omens @ 8 Car ara ruck expensis 19° Pension ae prot-shring pane 2 {se intutions) 9 ‘20 Rant or ase (se instructions 10. Commissans and iors oe 4 Veils, machinery, and ecient 7 11 Contactor (se stctons) (Cat 5 ter business propery tb 12 Delton 2 21 Repats and matrance 2 18 Denes an secon 173 22 Supls (notin Pa) z ‘ogee deduction (anes n 23 Towsandiceses 2 aa Pati (eeincevctns).. 18 24 Trae meals and entrant 14 Erpoyn bet programs (thar 2 Taw! 24 than one 1) “4 Deduct meals and 15 trerano (ter than eat 15 entrainment se ists) || 16 Inarest: 25 Utes [2s | 4 Mevigage ond aks ta) 18 26 ies (ess employment eis) 26 » Otter [se 27a. ier expenses (4am nw 48) za 47 _Legal and olson serees iv b_Resarved or futur se 2 28 Total expenses tefore expenses or business se ham. Ald nas 6 tough 27a > [as 31,129 28° Terat proto (s)Sutrat ina 28 fro ne? ; 24 17,875 80, Fspenses for business seo owas onl apart hiss epee eleowat.Atah or 6029 ness sing te imped meta einen). Siplted method fers ny ent theta squne footage of) our hae and (th par of cur home used or busines: Use Snplie’ Metiod Woreshoat nthe nsrucbons Yo gr th amount tert ne 30 x0 81 Netprttr Gass), ube ne 30 tm ne 2, apo, eter on oth Frm 140, tne 12 (o Form TO4ONR, ne 12) and on Sched SE, tine 2, {ifyouetaclad he bo« on ie 1, saints. Estas and st, ner on Form 144, ne 3. a 27,895. ¢ it alos, you must oto ne 32 32 you have alos, tek the box tat escrbes yor imesmart ns actly ft isto). ~ -#ltyosehekes 325 arn ss en both Form 1040, Kin 12, (Ferm “O40NR, Hine 19} anon Sehedle SE, ne 2 saa) (you cece the box one 1,50 te ne 1s ution). Estes and wus er on Form 14 ine 8 ws CO ania you checked 820, you must atch Form 6198, Your loss maybe itd. THA For Paperwork Reduction Act Note, eee he separate instruction, ‘Schedule (Form 1040) 2077 ‘Schagule (Fam 1040) 2017 _DOWALD J. TRUMP Page 2 [Part i] Cost of Goads Sold (see instructions) 38 Matos) edt ‘alte lasing inventory aD] cost b TT tower cst cr market © PT enter (tiart eptaation) u ata err i toni mo Cee On 235 Inert at becning oye, tan rama year's closing entry aah explaation % 36 Purtasestess cost often wan fx personal se 6 37 Cost oflebor, Dot nude ry amounts pai to youset a 38a ana supptes x 38 one ass x 48 ébines 35 vou 39 a 41 testry at eno year fa 42 _Costot goss sol. Subran ne 4 om ne A, nt the result hee ad on te 4 F ParlIV]| Information on Your Vehicle, Complete this part only if you are claiming car or truck expenses on line 9 and are not required to file Form 4562 for this business. See the instructions for line 18 to find Form 4562. out if you must file 43 When aid you place your vehicle in service for business purposes? (month, day, year) > om {4 Drastl mou afm y Se yer whl in 207 ete urbe oils yo vd you vo Bisse 9 Coning her 15. esyurvie aie frpesoa i gf hs Ce (ln 4 voyou (your sasha acer ice for pera ue? Cvs Cine 42 doy bveocostn set your det? Ar A 1 yess tedden wit? ; ves No Part V_| Other Expenses. List below business expenses not included on lines 8:26 or | jine 30. ye FILING FEE 25. a Total other expenses, Enlrar and on ie 27a a 25. Schedule (Form 1040) 2017 [afte GRAPHIC print BO NOT PROCESS [ LATEST DATA Production RTE CSEATTTSTTUI] peamenret Profit or Loss From Business ange om000) | sermon nar eonanee Sommer) 2017 Derepetatacremn | Piampon tas, tosduac as toa i oe a {ithe at popater ac Sema (SENT 1 rn buns peso, rena oc or aNE aE einai) TST ee ON Pitre by DONALD 3 TRUMP i (EEN (500 Instr.) i fasiers etree (nducioa sake or oom ro) ee a site tat case toe ors a {alpcimienymensnetcatceeten i ecminnss 1 2 ita tease me Se Seog ee a a {Ryu on Farm W2 and the "Statutory erotyes” box on thet form was checked + > OF Le cf ¢ ermare ela lod iin ei cs : ze Part It Expenses. Enter expenses for business use of your home only on Une 30, fe Soceceemmy Serine nome Srcirapcscee AB Instructions) 72 20 Rant or lease (see instructions) Hemmestrtersinies’ fi & otras | Semen Btontetnec) © EB Swe steno «OB =s apmoneimeeos fia Smee La SER 1 eng asieroriareetie! * [i ZEEE my [a a as os rn Bier acecnimninies ” Cee eras Bcmrecom tonnes). [Ba 25a or re SET ATR SGT eT a B tunsareaimamacne Te fe a 5o ur roanusratte tee ees Mat oi reer BEBE ce ae on cepa te mm Peiertecreoraats SS Oa amare | os, Widens satiate "EEE Sere mince a ater 32. ryouhave aos, check the bos tet deacbes your rvestinant thi acivty (se inten. Ji fou cused 3a, entar the ss on bth orm 1040, ie 13 (o ove LOAONR fine 13) 9 on } 320. Atrmsinet ah Shot n't yes Sosed te bron na srs he na nachos ote a FRSA HR, orm ie on ma te 22 Demet For Paperwork Reduction At Wola, See your Tx FUN atTUcTaRE ‘CHEN TISEGD Schaal © Farm L040) 2OTF ‘erect € (Frm 3040) 2017 Part IT Cost of Goods Sold (see marucion=] 33 ethos seo harneeblnials + Ceo 1» Di tower of cst or mance C1 nar attach extention) 34 jigs tere ay changein determining quarts, cots, & vations between opening a dosing inventory? z Fowtomin esse terse ree Ene Ove Owe 135 tnertry a beconng of yea terant tem eyes desing inven, tach explanation elias 36. Purchase lens oat of Roms inden personaluse 6 se ee vee bs 37 cost of bor 0 at nce any ammunt pad te your wee al 30 Olea ee ee a metryteidyer 66 tees e ee ne pee ese Lal “42__costof goods sold: Subvac Ine 4 fn ne 4. Eartha mest here and on ined se 2 ‘ParIV Information on Your Vehic Complete this par only if you ere claiming car or truck expenses online 9 and are not requires to fe Form 4562 for ‘is business, See tha hetuctions feline 13 fo nd out you must fle Form 4562. “EB Whew you pice your vehicle nari for busnes purposes? (meh dy, yer “24 oruetotl nnber of ies you éove your veil ring 2016, ater the numbor af mies you sed your vile fx usness 1 Commuting (Se nstrucvons) © Other “45 Mos your vei alter prsnal se during ou hous? see es Dyer Ono 146 Go you (ee your spouse) have acthar voile vale fr parson we? sees Gres One 147% ba you have avcence a supprt your deduct? se ee sees) Der Cn Birrvesnte eevee witte? es SoH wi Diver Fine, Fark V Other Expensor. Lis belon business expenses fet cluded on Ines 6-26 of ine 3. “2a_Toal ether expanses: Ge far od on ne 7a SoHEDULE & Profit or Loss From Business fore ssawe Geen toa cern cael A ont 2017 eee = E _‘Bisisss ads (inuding sola oroom na) Be C/O MAEARS Cty, town cx post ofa, iat, and ZP cade F Aecunting method: — (1) CE] cash (2) LJ Accrual (3) L_] Othe (enon Be 6 0idyou tate pttlate’ im the operation his busias during 2017 No se nstrtns it oases 1H you states or acquired this business during 2017, check Ll 1 bid younake ary payments in 2077 ht woud equ you oe Forms) 183s into) (ves Ine J 1"¥es you oF wi you tle egies Fes 10007 (elves [10 (Pant Income: 11 Grass eco or ales, Sv insur for ine and Sok he box scone was epoted To you on Form WD and te" Stauy employe hoxon at fm was cokes -ols 2 Rotuns and alowances ri 3 Siang 2 for ne 4 1 4 ast of goats sao ne #2) 4 5 Gross profi, Suva ne «om ow 8 a 8 Othar income, incu deal and ste asa or Wel acca eund (eeinsrucong) 8. TATE” 21 ‘ 1a 355, Gross income. Add lines 5 and 6 pia £02,155. [Parti] Expenses. Enter expenses for business use of your home only on line 30. @ Adrisna| ni 18 Ofer ees @ Car ad tk emenses 18 Pascian ana prot shering plans 12 (se nsruetine) a 20° Rentor ease se irstuctons: 10 Ganmissens nd ene “0 2 Yai, macho, an equine 2 11 canta br (se instucons) [at ota sess propry 20 12 pletion 12 21 Ropars and mattrance Fa 18 Doprosation and stcton 179 22 Supplns (ot indvded in Pa It) 2 ‘expense deduction (not included in 23 Taxus and licenses 23 a, Pat (su instctons). 2 262,797.] 24 Trae meas, and entertainment 14 Enplye baat pragams (ahr 2 Tia PA than anne 19) 4 1 Detucie men ana 45 insure (ter han ea) 15 enersinment se insets) 2s 18 treat 25 ilies Fs 2 Mevtage oid oaks ee) st 26 Wace (st empoyment reds) 2 b Other 16b 27 a Other expenses (Irom line 48) | 272 | * 17 _Logaland protssionl aricas 2 SATO] b Reserved tor tare ne 2 28 Total egents befor expense for business sa Fe Ales 8 ough Ta > Las 186,595, 29 Tusa pot (loss) Subst re 28 om tre 7 z 24 395,560. 30. Epores or business use of your ome. Do at put tes expenses deere, Aah Frm B28 Uns sng the singled meth (senso). Simplied metod er ony ener te cal sur tage (yur Home and(b) th sar of your hae se or busiess: Us the Sint Wthod Worksheet in he st aos to ures amo ea on Ire BD | a | 31 Wet pratt oss). Suact ine 3 om ne 29, Hart, ata on oth Ferm 1040, ine 12 (or Frm 1040, ne 18) non Schedule SE, ne 2. {you cece the exon in 1, ee instants ae tats, ent on Farm 144, ine 8 at 293,560. Falss, you mes goto 32. 32 yout alse, check the boxtatdscies yor investment in his city (se nsrcions) ) yo sted 3, ene those on both Fon 1040, line 12 cr Frm TOAONR, ne 12) nd on Sedu SE, ie 2. me Oghert {you ches the boon ine tse the ine 3 stuck) Estas and rss, ener on Fam 10%, ine 3 I » Diem you seid Sb, yu must tach Form 698, You oss ny bein UA For Paperwok Redusion Act Hoe, se th separate Inet actons ‘Sebel (Form 1040) 2017 Schedule C(Form 1040) 2017 _DONALD J._TRONP Pape Part Ill | Cost of Goods Sold (see instructions) 8 ethos) used to value sing rion © (cos tb L] Loar at ont or mariat © [1] ona gatachexpanation) o eres cant hernias a cor valuations tetween pening and closing Iventary? Cre Cn 36° Inventory at beginning of yea. tterent from fast year's losing invelory, attach explanation 38 ‘96 Purchases Iss cost of tas withdrawn fr percanal use 26 {37 Cost ber. Do nat ince any amounts pad to yours Fa 38 Materials and supplies 38 99 cots, je 40 ddines 35 tough 39 His Feeerererearesese 441 lnvntory tend of year a 42 _Costot goots sold, Subtract ine 41 from fine 42 Ente the result her ad on Ene a ParIV Information on Your Vehicle. Complete this part only ifyou are claiming car or truck expenses on line 9 and are not required to file Form 4562 for this business. See the instructions for line 13 to find out if you must file Form 4562. “AW i you plas ou vido cnt orbs Upon? (rar ayaa) BLL Ofte toate ote yo ve our vel dr 2017, ena he mero is owed au vee 2 bias Commuting Ober 45. Was you, bile aval for personal use during of-aty hours? Dive Eno 46. Doyou or your spouse) hae nae ble personal vse? Cle Cn 474 Doyoutae evita ta spor yor tn? Cre [no bent dns won? z (yee [7] wa [Partv7] Other Expenses. List below business expenses not included on lines 8:26 or line 30. evrcovren expenses 42,365. ge ote expenses, iter on on. 2 2,365. ‘Shedae (Form 1040) 2017, [ea eB OT DRESS [EST OTA“ romaONT Din Fea aaSTOTETT] SoHEDULEC Ne 1545-078 Profit or Loss From Business ae (Form 1040) (ote Fropetorahin) 2017 amare” | FPAtIch t'Porm todo, Losan, er 2bed; psrershie ee ‘hectare — ST secu ar SER Ses ee Watton) reve (ochng we anna) SIRRAARE saver po oice Seen Sake” SEBEE w are7 F acouning mew: (2) een (2) Claws @) Date ncn ee , : = Eyetonreey 20nd te Sty emer” tocenthatiom nas chsed 7 Part Pearse Tor business ise Your home only oa Te 30. — 7: era a 8 Mortgage (poié to bonks, ete.) — | 26a] 2 ose (es enoaynet es) a. See — eae ae 32, yaa nae ass, cnet Dx at ecres yur veronica. : + Yohanan henson bath or S040, Foe LOCO oe) oon } 32a Cn rman naa Schedule Se, ine'2 (yma cneane the 90x ie, see Ine Merton, Eo ass, + you thecad 32, You muse atch Form 6398. Yur ss my be ts a Cl emebreeee ae Far Paparwaek RSGUCTGN RE NOC, S68 VOUT GR TIT ETTRTONS ISP Bee Ca TOOT BOTT t Seta ¢ (Form 1040) 2017 Part If Cost of Goods Sold [see lnsuclo™ 33. Hethels) uss to scomisieiasteaishc = Cont > Cloner ot cost or marist C1 other atach nlanaon) sing ond closing veneer? [34 Was tere ay change in éetominng quanti, cost, valuations tne Wen atach oxlenaton. ae raleareer tsar carats ara Cie Om 35 tnertry at besonng of ear. erent mae years can Inventory, atch explanation Sela 36 Purchase less cet of Roms iharonn for pesenalse vv ee - bss 27 Cost of tor Oo not nee any amountspaMtoyouseh vw ee ee LP 44 tovertary at end of yar ana ¥ see a 4 of goods sol. Subtract ine 1 fom tne 40. Ger he ag here and ented 2 2 a2 ‘Bait IV "information on Your Vehicle. Comte tis par only if You sre clalming car or truck expenses on tne 9 and are not required to fe Ferm 4562 for Shs business, See the Instructions for line 13 to find out you must Mile Form 4362 “GS Wher i you ple your vetice nari forsee purposes? (month ay, ye ‘44 ofthe total number of mls you drove your vec rag 201, ener he suber af ies you ued your vie or: "business 1 Commuting (cn rstrctons) other 145. Was your vee aval fer personal use during of ty hours? cee ee Dyer no 46. o> you (or yur spouse) Rave anther vehicle sao fr personal us? pene) Gee Ono ncaa suppor your ceucton? seat eerand me es Ce Ena Dives 5m Hyon the ederce weiter? Dart V Other Expenses. st ulow business exper Nor dude on les 6-26 or Ine 50 “2a_Totat other expenses. fer ee donne a OT ‘SCHEDULE C Profit or Loss From Business (Form 1040) {Sale Proprietorship) apr the ey > Goto wwis-gouSshedale for stvetios and the latest information U | lara evene Gee 2) Jb Attach to Form 1040, 1O40NR, o 144; partnerships genarally must fo Form 1056, SEES. 09 DowaLD 3, TRUM ‘A Principal business o profession, nludng produl or sre [se nso) AVIATION ‘© Gyshase ae vo sparate bus amo ave Blank Busing adres (ncliding sue orroomvo) - Gly, wn or post of, tate and 71 code‘ YORK” Ay 10022 F Accounting mato: (4) CJ Cash (2) [_] Aecual (8) [1 Over (speci) > Dis you"tnaterialypartiat’ inthe operation of this business ding 20177 I "Wo" see instructions fr Mio osses Hyoustetad or acquited this busines during 2017, check hare 1 4 ‘is you make any payrents in 2017 that would reuie yout file Form) 1099? (se instructions) 1 -Yes id vou owl you fle equed Farms 10997 oe pb s22289 Doerr ry 35-2585712 Part | Income {Gross recip or sles. Soo incrutone er fire and eheck the ben is income was reported a you on Form WD and het omplyee box nth ar was checked Ola 132,513. 2 evens and allovaness 2 3 Subbatine2 fom in 1 3 Ta es 4 Gost ot gods sod (hom ine 42) r 5 Gross prot, Subtret ine 4 rom ine 3 A 1 513, 8 Ober icone cluding federal and stat using rut ox eed refund (ee nstvtons) SEE STAREMEE. 22 Z 3,558,403, 1 _Grosincome, Ans § 6 Sm ERSIRIEN [Parti] Expenses, Enter expenses for business use of your home only on line 30, 8 vats 8 “18 offen ence a 8 caranstuck aoanes 18. Person ard protesting pls 9 (seinstutons) A 20 Rent or ace (se instutons 10° Carmine io 2 Vea, machinery. and equpment 208 29,097. 11 contrat br (oe nstusters) it Die bsness propery 208 12 Depletion 2 21 Reps and matnarance 2 15 a7, 48. eprecition and sect 179 22 Suppl [nt indudod in Pati fet 29,664 pense dustin (ratings 28. Taeesendicaases 2 2,000. Pa Il (8 insetions) rn 254,023,] 74 Tan ma, and nthe 14 ipl ena prograns (ater 2 Travel 2 21,021. than oni 18) “ 9 Deduct eas and 15 Instore (ater tan ath) 15 12,709] enero (ee instructs) 2p 738. 18 nest: 25 Utes 28 2 Novtgage pid ons ete). | 168 25> Wages (ss wnpyment reds) 28 7s, otter 27a. Oia expenses (rom ine 8) 2a 76,385. 47 Legal ad woessional series 11 735.» Revered torture uso zh 28 Toil expnses before expanses fer busines se Heme. Add es 8 trough 27a > Las 57H 400, 29° Tonave rot rss). Subtract ke 28 rom ne? a 2 [ns 585, 80 Espanss forusiness use of your hone Do ot apd thes expenses elsner. tach For 8820 unless using te sled thos (ss ncructon) Sinplited method filers on: eit hotel sume eotae oye Home and) part of your home used busines: Use the Simple Netnod Worthen the instuaions Togo amount tener on ne 30 a 24 Netprotiter oss, Subtract in 30 rom ine 29, ‘if enter on th Form 140, ne 1 ("Frm TO40NR, ine 13) ac on Sohal E, ine 2 (iyouenectd the box on ie 1, sisson) Estates and uss enon Ferm {04S 3, Pa 1219 585, Hales you must goo fire 2. 32M youtavea os, check the box ta eserbes yor imsesiman: ths act eit. " «Mryoucteced $2, ert ose on bot Fm 1040, lin 12, (Fre O4ONR, Hine 18) and on Schedie SE, i m Oe you checked he box on fn ethene instvetns)- Estates an ws, er on Farm 14, ine 8 so Saree * tHyou hacked $28, you muct attach Form 6108, Your loss may be te HA For Paperwork Reduction Act Notice, see the saparate instruction, ale (Form 1040) 2017 Schad ffm 1040) 2017 _DowaLD J. "HUME i [Parti Cost of Goods Sold (soo instructions) —fme = Mebois) edt ‘valu losing iveiery 2 1 ons tb 7 tomer of cast omar © [1 ota atach explanation) ‘34 Wis thre any change in determining qartes, css er vaualonstetwsen opening and casing nein? Ives? atach exlantion Dives C1no 25 livery at bagi of ye. ile a last yes csng etry, at explanation 4s Purtasesles oot tems wthdraun or prsona use 6 57 Cost labor. Do etre any acu pido yourse 7 8 Nate and sppies a 58 Other cots ‘a 4) Anes 5 tra 33 “o 41 Invern tnd of yer a 42_Cottof goed sol. Subrct ne 41 tom in Erte rest here and cna 4 2 PaifV | Information on Your Vehicle. Complete this part only you are claiming ear or truck expenses on line 9 and are not required to file Form 4582 for this business: See the instructions for line 13 to find out if you must fle Form 4562, “Wan i you place your veil ise Tor bulnsspurposas? (month, day, year) L 44 Ofthetota munter of mls you erov your veil urlng 2017, ener te rub of ils you Used your veil fr: 2 bangs 1 Omang Ob 45ers ig oy st ee cE Elam 46 Doyrlaryour ssn snter tice nate porte? Cove One A Doyos he ere pr ya dete? Gr Gt vss teens ier? ve a [Parti] Other Expenses. List below business expenses not included on lines 6-26 or line 30. ork exeatce 2,488. resnces « eae nae 13. seussnone 13,404 4_ Tua oer expense. iter hare and on ne 278 “e 76,385. Tee wat ‘shod (Ferm 1040) 2017 SCHEDULED Capital Gains and Losses (Form 1040) attach to Form 1040 or Form 1040NF Ou > Go to for instructions and the latet information, fara Revon ein (5) D> Use Form 8949 to list your transactions for lines 1b, 2,3, 8,9, and 10, 2017 samt 12 easton ort DOUALD J, & MELANIA TRUMP Short-Term Capital Gains and Losses - Assets Held One Year or Less. Sen @ © glen | Baseted retrmgjencaeracomimyovnnast | ity | gules | Aemgueuen | Sea mae ine malt | oki aun seracered aun aurea 4 stant an temo 2 stm un ea 4, oat ‘ Sym Varah oohene 2 , 1 Necncamcopint ufone ins ata icc sb is rca vn ttt open i Poise 1 TET] Loo- Term Capital Gane and Losses = sets Held More Than Ore Wear QS eR eos a rates | Sout es So, | eeitttitin | Sastre iorimarenenscominraranses | cy | erlang | absdrtay | memes eran a Sieeeaem eae ro asusront sab) Hover yor chue a Bite aon orca oh ask aoc ano ‘ettuh dace tetera en apo ap Garten FoR eg pn on Fans DUTT STU od from Forms 4684, 6781, and 8624 SEE STATENENT 23 4 10, 648,170. 1 Netept inetd enpateni Sompa teh awateonscwasnees [i te aterrarm tal of aes rah has NG Gi a Ps oS an a Pars Ste Fon Schade Form 1040) 2017 DONALD J, & MSLANEA TRUMP ‘Summary 16 w 8 0 a Combine ines 7 and 15 and enter the est ‘© Ite 16is. gain enor tho amount from ine 18.0 Form 1040, no 13, or Form 1OH0NR, Bn 14 ‘Then gotoline 17 below. * Ine 181s 10s, skip ns 17 through 20 below. Then go to ino 21. Also ba eure to completa line 22 1 thine 16 zero, sip ines 17 through 21 below and enter-0-on Form 1040, Ine 19, oF Form “1040, fine 14. Thon goto line 22. ‘Ae ies 15 and 16 both gains? LE] Yes. Go toting 18. 5 no. skip tines 18 through 21, and go to tine 22, you are requ to completo the 28% Rate Gain Worksheat (cee instructions), enter the Aarmaunt, any, fom ine 7 ofthat worksheet Iryou sr required to complete the Unrecaptured Section 1250 Gain Workshest (see Intructions), enter he amount any tom line 18 of that wkshowt £23, SEAMEEND. 24 ‘Ave ines 18 and 19 both 2er or bank? C ¥es, Complete the Qualified Dividends and Capital Gain Tax Worksheet i the instructions for Form 1040, ina.44 (orn the Instructions for Form TO¢ONR, Ine 42), Dont complete las 21 and 22 below. [£1 Wo. Complete the Schedule D Tax Worksheet in the instructions. Don't complete ins 21 and 22 below. Ittine 16-2 oss, enor bere and on Form 1040, fina 13, of Fox 1O4ONR, ina 14, the smaller of: © Theloss on fina 18 or © (63,000), ori mares fing separately, (1,500) Note: When figuring which amounts smaler, teat both arrounts as postive mbes, ‘Do you have qualified dhidande on Form 1040, ne 9, oF Form YOAONR, ne 105? [1 Yos. Complete the Qualified Dividends and Capital Gain Tax Worksheet in the instructions for Form 1040, fine 48 forthe fstrections for Form 1040NR, ine 42) No. Complate the rest of Form 1040 or Form 1040NR. 6 2,316,464, om go46 017) 'Nameta) shown on return, Name and SEN or taxpayer identification no, not required shown on page 1 Downy a. & MSLANTA TRON Attachment Sequence No. 12A, Page 2 ‘Social sacurty number or taxpvar identification no. ‘Before you check Box D, E, or F beiow, see whether you received any Form(s) 1099-8 or substitute statements) ram your broker A substiuie Saternan wil have the care information as Form 1089-8. Either wil Show whothar your ace (asually Your ceed) was eported 0 tha IRS by YOu Part Il Long-Term. Transactions invling capital assets you held more than 1 year are long fem: For shortteam Wansactions, 680 page 7 Note: You may ogrogato along arm tanec apetac on Forml} 1026 showing basa va pried to tna FS andr whch no aust ans codes af resured ‘Yourmuat ohack Box, Eo F belo LE} (0) Langterm ransactons reported on Forms) 1099.8 shawng bass was reported tothe IS ce. Note above) [J © Long term transactions reported on Formis) 1099-8 showing basis wasn't reported to the IRS ‘heck only one box. thefts dtetly on Schodule , tre 8a You aor requred 1a these Vancacons on Fath S649 oe Ratuclns). thebeats ha azar bon hada [1 Longer ansactions nat reported to you on Form 1050.8 1 a) © Pastner ayo vain or 4 omiplone popety [oaeacasiog| oat satar | Pretzels toe sera ict | ano oun (Example: 100 sh. XYZ Co) | (Mo. day. yr} | cposed ot | Hal me) imgeluma ere ca sac earn fe) aml: 0) | fa, day. yr} | isposed ot solu (h Bee laters Mee a Note teow ana |S sete. Va odunn () & e081 ‘andi og | eomoletna rest ‘omntroctane | Cadets | Anountot | iti column a 7ao0, oto oH — aPpuR ae | Tayoe7a3 | onyOO7aT Was] 482,505. 351613 2800,000 ei — CATERPILLAR iN SETEIIEEM SUEUIEED 35 565,| 248,355 15,038 1000, 000 SH — BREON WORE con Tanaris _| aor o7,i06,| 5,55, es 2250, 000 6H ~ ERLLERURTON Conan wri | anes i ge,[ 99,770, 705 400,000 GH — MICROSOFT CORP aerowis_| wijesra7 aoa 550] 208 eT, Ts or “300,000 6H = PRTEEEPS Se] anes | o1/no/aT a0,395,[ 99,293 11,202, 250,000 6H — eePszeo tc] 10/06/13 | OL/a2/a7 327,784 59,155, 75,126 2 Totale, Add the amounts in elunns 6 and eobtact negative amounts). Enter each tea hee and inchs on your Schedul , ine 8 (f Bex D above is checkad, ne 9 Box above is checked) or tne 10(¢BoxFabovsischecked) pe | _2,020,922.| 1,268,794. 4228. Note: f you checked Bax D above but the basis reported to the IRS was Incorrect, enter n column (a) the basis as raported tothe IRS, and enter an adjustment in colurm (g) to comet the basis. See Colum gn the separate instctions far how to figura the mount of he adjustment. Form 8949 (2017) Attachmont Sequence No. 12A Page 2 ‘Social security number or prcnevens ie at tal Form 5049 2017) "Namela) shown on return, Name and SSN or taxpayer dentifeation no. not requived if shown on page 1 DONALD J, & MELANTA TRUMP ‘Before you chack 60x D, Eo F below, soa whether You recaved any Farm) 1000-6 or substitute staerneni@) fom your broker A substitute ttomant wil havo the amo infrmaten as Form 1089-6. Ethor Wil chow whether your bass (usualy Your cos) Wat Feportod fo tho TRS by Your Bart if] Long-Term. transaction involving capital asso you Feld mare an 1 year are ang tm. For shararm vansacions, soe page T Note: You nay aggegata longum nace repaid en Pum) 1908 shows bade ws opera obo PS rd which Po austen ‘oda ne rogue er the a econ Schade Oe a you me rete to por Wane waaacara on amc bee rca ‘DI Longton Vanoatonsepoted on Fem) 10998 sowing base was epred tothe ee. Note ave (2 @) Long-term transactions reported on Form(s) 1099.8 showing basis wasn't reportad to the IRS. Z] i Longiom vanacions nt seo to you on Fam 10983 7 @ ®) amr eee a oreerntonorprpery | oatoaenured| oxosatser | Proceeds, | cost rater | ls lveedt a anal eomperioacten) [cans] copenasr | comicy | Soe Sethe |ESirnte asia flmncarnly (Mo., day, yr) Jee Column (e) in @) ‘combine the resutt The etwtans | Coasts | Amount | incon) Tsien Ta eth] ts a 70500, 000 6H — GLOBAL FASHION TECHNOLOGIES aero | ane 3,167,000, Tez, 000.5 2 Totals, Add the amounts in columns (@,@ (@) nd F) eubtract negative amounts) Enter each total re and include on your SchedileD, line Bb (f Box D above is chocked), line 9 (f Box E| above is checked} or Ine 40 (f Box F above i checked) ‘Note: you checked Box D above but the basis reported tothe IRS was incorrect arterin column (@) the basis as reported tothe IRS, and enter an adjustment in column (g) to comect tha bass. See Column (in the separat instructions for how to igure the amount ofthe adjutant, Form 8949 (2017) 3,762,000. | <3,762,000.> Additional Data ‘Software Version: Spouse 85) Name DONALD 3% MELANIA Attach to Form 1040, 1040NR, or Form 1041. FeonaRoaneGevn 0) > Go to wwiirs.qov/ScheduloE for inetctions and the latest information, al estate, royalties, partnerships, S corporations, estates, trusts, REMICe, ate.) OMB No, 1845-0074 2017 Scarce a 13 Name(s) shown on return DOBRED J. & MELANTA maUMP Part I] Income orLoss From Rental Real Estate and Royalties Nou TFyou are nthe business oF JYour sociat curity number raring poreohal property, use ‘Schedule. o C-E2 (s08 instructions) you are an individual, report farm rental incame or loss from Form 4896 on nage 2, line 40 1 Did you mae any payensin 207 that wal rete you to he Ferm) 1097 a6 insta Vex, yu oF wl You le equted Forms 1088? “el Pst asiesof ach apart, cy sate, ZP cae) Loves LIne Faves [no re Past Banc FL 39160 a Pata Brace, Fi 33480 c 10] Type ot Property | ® For eth ala ata propa ied Fic Feria] Porsonat [ouv eee |? aaceuniee omega foae| OSe ea reesultcn doy Shocking Ov: x i Say ea neces sos a3 A i SR a ene ease Si e bt © a c cr ‘Type of Property: 1 Sng Famiy Residence Vacant Tem etl 5 Land ‘Salita 2 ultram Resence 4 Commerc 6 noyates 8 ote sere) income: & 3 < 3 Finis ood 3 4 Ros ocaed 4 3 Eapenses 5 Advertsing 5 Ato and tavel os inatucions) ¢ 7 Gearing and maintenance 8 Commiions ig @ insrance ° 10 Lap and ote pros “0 Ht Management eos tt 42 Mevtoageinrest eis bark ta oe tucton) 2 a 2 43. Ofherinerst, 8 “Geo Pn Fran ra 48. Suonles ‘6 18. Tos 1 7 Unttes © ae, Te, 48 Deposition expatee or depen 8 Gl -Ghe pt eae as mae 7 Ta 3 20 Teal expneos Adinos 5 Waugh 19 20 2aes. Te 21 Subiactine 20 from ne ets) andlor 4 yaad) res isa {oss ses insutons toe! eu you must la Ferm 6408 2 2,085. “1,336. 23. 22. Dads era rd estat ous afr natn, non Form 9580 (28 insstions) 2 2.65 136 i 230 Total ofllanounts pared on ie 3 ral proporca 2 1 Totalof a anount ported on re 4fral yay propries = € Tolle al amounts pore on ne 12 foal ropes = 4 Total of al amounts repored ont 1 ral popertas 2 Total a amour pared ono 20 feral rer 20 24" Income. Aid postive smcurs shown online 21. Do notin ary laos 25. Losees. Ai ryatylosses tom ine 21 and rt al estates rom ie 22 Err oaossos hare 25 i 25. Totalrental roa estate and royal inceme or ss). Combine nes 28 and 25 Ena tweet re. Parsi ih Iv andre a.on page? dont ay tye, alo ee ts arnt on Fry 100, se 17, o Fo sox0NR, be 18, Otnrwse,ile this amourt inthe td on ie 1 on page 2 THA For Paperwork Reduction Act Notice, se the separate insirucdone, ‘Schedule € Form 1040)2077 SCHEDULE E Supplemental Income and Loss ua No 1548074, (Form 4040) (From entarea esate royates parverstipe, S corporations estates, rusts REMICE to) eT ren etn 2017 Anterad Revenue Serve __ (5) > Go to for instructions and the latest information, Sequence No 13, Name(s) shown on return DONALD J. & ECANTA TRUMP Part] Income or Loss From Rental Heal Estate and Royalties Note: lf yau are inthe business of renting personal property, use Schedule G of O-E2 (sc insinsctions). you aro an inv, report farm ronal inceme cr loss from Form 4835 on page 2, ine 40 ‘our social security number ‘A Did you make any payments in 2017 that would require you to fils Form(s) 1098? (see instructions) Loves [x] No B "Ves, id you owl you fl oqure Fons 1089? (yes 1 1] Physical arss ofeach propery set, cy, slate, ZIP cod A 8 c wo] Typeet Property | 2 Fo sac ena on elle rope ited Far Rental] porsnat [ouv Cee Bova ter tho ruber ef rt and cca Perera —|tromiztbeow) _| Serena oe doje, Creckthe GuV bor A é Sriyifyou meet the roquiroments to fe as. A CT ale ea areas 4 c c Pr ‘Typo of Property: 1 Single Family Rosience 9 VacatoniShot-Tern Rental § Land 7 Satfotal 2 MulliEamlyfiacdence 4 Commercial 6 foyeies 8 Ofer (deste) income: Properties A a é Rents washed 2 og rani Fea a ase Tae Expenses: 8 Adrising 5 6 Auto andtavel (so nstons) 6 7 Gheaing and maintenance 7 8. Commissions 2 9 Ireuance ° 10. Legal and other pros tne 10 At Managerent een tt 42 Motgage hires pai to bars, et. see stuciens) 2 12 Otroriterst ‘8 14 Repars 1 15 Sippios 16 46 Tavs 16 17 Utites 2 18 Depreciation expense or depletion 18 te overgst p Sour 30 nm aaa 20. Total xponess, Add nes Sough 10 20 70,442, 21. Subiaco 20 rom ine 9 (ts ancior 4 foes). ost is oss), 526 instructions to find out if you must file Form 6198 i 325,074. 209,428 22 Deductba renal real estate seater tation, any, on Ferm 8882 (0 rsrctons) 22 ) 2a Total of al amounts reported on in 8 oral ental prope Za 'b Total of all amounts reported on line 4 for all royalty properties 230 745 037, i : ¢ Tota oa amounts reported on ne 12 fra ropes 220 2. ee Total of all amounts reported on line 18 for all properties | 23d se Tota ofl anounts reports on ne 20 fra propa zie 7a, f03,| 24 Income. A postive amounts shonn on ne 21. Donotinckige any ose Pm 514,595, 25 Lowes Ad oval losses tom in 21 and ntl ea eta lesos for ine 22 rer tl saa te 25 ami} 28 Totalrentalreol estate and royalty income or (oes). Combine ines 24 ard25. Ete the rast hte Parts [Near tne 40 on page? do el apy to you abo ora ti amount on Fm 1090, ine 7, of Farm 1040NR, ine 16. Otherwia,inlde this ameuntin te ttl on ne 4 on page 2 2s 530,374, THA” Fer Paperwork Reducton Act Notice, see the separate instructions. Sehedule E Form 1040) 20°7 Sseveuee rm 140 2017 tc eect. 13 aoe SSSA ne a DS TS SS TT NS TT OTT aur oval eeu nunor DONALD J. & MELANTA TRUMP ‘awion: The IRS compares amourts pared on your tac raturn wit amounts shown on Schedule] Part ii | Income or Loss From Partnerships and § Corporations Note: you repot loss ion an avvek actly Tor which any amountis not at rs you must check calumn(e) on ne 28 and attach Form 6198, Soe instructions 21 ‘re you reporting aryloss not alowed ina pra year due tothe ash exces farm lass, basi nian pric year unalowad iss ama passive att (that loss was nt reported on Frm 8582), or uneimbursed partnership expenses? H you answered "Yes en instruetions before completing this scion, Oma ec 2 (2) tare Pe a oo TL a 3 ¢ ° Passive come and Lape Nonpscive neem andosa TFs saves (a Pasa reane | hanasu iow] Sctin 13enens | () Roast name co Fm 588 tee) mstbeaneret_| famScmeuectheser tomtom ta] yaeic tn z . c A a Tous Tas Tawa Ba > Tels We 134, Tat. sa 0° Asean (and oie a Pu 31 Addclanns (9, ad) ine 25 si [7 9 233-—) 52 Tealpaterhip an cmortn name os). Conti ins 9 and. Ei he trad nin tl ton 2 | -an a. Part til | Income or Loss From Estates and Trusts 8 (2)hane idee 7 a n Passive Incone andes Noapasiv Ineome widone Te sss dtc os led (iPass noone Tteteinaries ~~] the eons am tae am sn ee) fomschedle et tam eat Sehedlet n 2 ia Taas Tons 35. tedsnuns ean oie : Epa ae 36 Abbots) () alo 3 ra } 37_Tol ext and wastincomeo os), Cots ns 35 nd it esl rs redid tein iow Eg [Pav] income or Loss From Rear E State Morigage vestont Conduits (REMC = FesTaual Holder Yes ison i teabereame | a pearo ow x (a) Nae velatoanne | Eatandaie [letter saeauoe, | Eo, 3 Garis ers anon ET enh anda no on eo 2 [PatV [Summary 4 tim etl rere os) Fon Fem 5 coves re Wow 2 41 Toatneme a as). corte. aa ene meat esr torn wna eens aie [at] TE TB 42 Reconiation of farming and fishing inceme, E>tr your quss faring and fisting income "eportad on Frm 485, Ine 7; Schedule Kt (Form 1055), box 14,20 Schedule 1 (Ferm 1120S) box 17, code V; and SchedulK-1(Frm 1041), box 1, code F gesranerony | 42 | 48 Reconciliation for veal estate professionals. # yu ora ata ene you tenet ay reser es ects) 8 ‘SchedeleE (Farm 1040) 2017 Additional Data Software 30: SN Spouse SSN Names excess AMAGTRUNP (e) creck bealarae (“lerign | dancin narnber| any amet = = ees porn re ST ec Foren sa oe = peme a a [mreooraoarnonn or aa] a eee eee ape] a + Sao aE OTE oe 2 a a ape noe RR eo ee sp] a eT 2 es = rian ae SSSR | a 5 rans co ae a = ans ie TE ae |e = ns aE ce SaaS TE Se = omar ee arta a TOT |e = aaa sea = aaa a of oeee 1 oR RCE ae [a worn ae Gena af ee | a Form 1040 Schedule 1, Lines 1 and 2= Income or Loss From Rental Real Estate and Royalities Recisntecraenvansiannnnrtvecs | een | at [Seg] ™ ae eae 5 io oe | a « f JeovacTies | a 5 homes a ‘Income or Loss From Partnership and 5 Corporations” coger ie te Aa] ee Paes = ioarawaens Pee ieee] ag > ato ocr a irene ara ea eae Paneer ao eee ere! fea anes seen esa ees caceeceeee nee ar 7 aaa aS rea a ee emer eae 2 es 1. 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EOF ROLOINGS HA TC = B09 WORTH CANON WEEE oo aS ial fee pe eae a re |esr nowbincs tic THe TRUNP FOLLIES LE > a 2aiez308 | [a aR a ae [a = [pra [oo | ee ¢ [reomen ae a ee [To Se a Fe [Rune execs paoaPan ue a aos a [moan [Oo [Rar oR ORF [eae a 2 prema RR RTRTEEREE || a} eae | a 3 [area mac Tamseneecr [=f a amo 2 [gypE mac Ta mesnmoneTwRR| = [Qf see > aa RETIN a (a Se a [stiomermue-rimrmesnonadam [=| 5 | aes] o pf ee scar oar ane a [a [pana mcuccwwearamemcneae |= |p) ram So | rn ENTE eee [a [Rae ce RCT =o ee 9 [proomnmucnenarauareaane [=] a] ame | [Lance RRP RNG = [cep] a @ [gyreons ue arene coraiecaeRR | +] | maa 9 [prison mus Tapani |= |g} ae & prema marrmmanamce® |e | ~~} mam |e | re er ROR =o | a nT aU Te eo > a = [oo ee [8 | RRO RRR soo ee BT REE cw ETE Te eo © ewe Tear arma eeRR |e] —g | annie} — aipana wi neormeTTIeee |e | gp mae sc oae-aRF RENCE Te eo © ei ns CEEOL a | EEE RETO ee 2 ARs ORSON ORE [ee] a © [gpg ue ro eccanersames |=] | mae} 7 aggoonr ic re mEearERRR | —e |g | mame 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